Where are All the Women?: Women have gone missing from politics, journalism, are being enslaved, and our lives are being literally snuffed out.


I haven’t posted for a little while and I wonder if my three (approximately) readers wonder where I’ve been. I’ve been working and not just in ordinary ways, but really planning and plotting, as I’ve done in the past by degrees, how to get out of the grasp of men and their criminal filth. Essentially, what is on my mind is how to escape slavery, not the sex kind, but the financial kind, although these two forms of enslavement frequently go together. At least, I don’t have men attacking me at my workplace or chasing me around my house with a knife and a dick. So, things in my life and in my “relations” with men are much better than they used to be, simply because I have, thus far, managed to arrange my life so that I can go weeks at a time without even having to look at an actual man. I suggest that this should be the ultimate goal for all women who want to stay alive.

Tax time was rough for me. My business was hit hard beginning about three years ago when they first began implementing Obamacare. If you look around you, at least in some places in the U.S., it will probably not escape your notice that retail is dying by degrees. There are empty strip malls,  each empty spot is one that some commercial real estate entrepreneur will not be able to lease out, and will eventually not be able to pay the outrageous property taxes on, and it will eventually end up in the hands of the local government. And, I can testify that the media are lying when they blame it on internet sales. Everything is down compared to where it was in about 2014, including ecommerce.

Furthermore, I can tell you that the outlook is even worse in the U.K. and those countries caught in the snare of the E.U. They are suffering economically, although, this is not being discussed too much, I think, because, firstly, they have their draconian social welfare systems so they don’t feel it as acutely essentially because they are already too damn poor to notice (having been born into this system) and, secondly, because it has been overshadowed by news of Muslim and leftist violence. I realize that is not how it is being characterized in the mainstream news, but that is what is happening, at least, in Germany, which is the financial keystone of the E.U. The implementation of an overly complex system of VAT taxes, which were raised to outrageous proportions back in about 2014(?), have also crushed whatever entrepreneurial spirit that once existed – and not just their spirits, they simply cannot afford to be in business anymore because of the heavy taxes.

Here in the U.S. it is reported that business owners are paying the highest tax rate in the allegedly free world. The self-employed (which is many, if not most, women, who are the bulk of entrepreneurs in the U.S.) are being taxed at the highest rate. I read a report (which I cannot find) that freelancers are paying a rate of 45% in income tax and now, if anyone pays you $400 USD, you are to be reported to the IRS and forced to pay them a percentage of it. It doesn’t matter if you are on the poverty line, as I am since they began enforcing Obamacare and my earnings plummeted.

So, I was under a lot of stress this year because apparently it is now essentially illegal to earn a living in the U.S., you will be fined and taxed, every way from Sunday, and that’s just the bogus Social Security taxes and state and Fed income taxes. On top of these income-based taxes, there are now exorbitant sales taxes on everything, including food, which initially they did not tax or taxed at a lower rate. There are, also, personal and outtasight real property taxes you have to pay, if you want to have a roof over your head and don’t have the stamina to walk 20 miles to the nearest grocery store. And, if you don’t pay those taxes, you will take your house and eventually put you in jail for failure to license a vehicle (can’t get the license if you don’t pay all your taxes).

As you will remember if you live in the U.S. and pay taxes (which only about half of us do, anymore) right before tax filing time, the Feds still couldn’t decide whether we have Obamacare or don’t have it. I had an asinine discussion with an authoritarian (male) tax accountant who is a proponent of allopathic medicine (and who subsequently caught the flu, because the patriarchal medical establishment is so remarkably deficient that they have not yet “discovered” how to prevent or treat it (something we witch doctors and savages know well), and which delayed my taxes being done in a timely manner, thus causing me great distress).  So, I discovered that my family’s tax accountant is a complete moron. I’m planning on hiring an very intelligent-seeming woman for next year.

So, it very strongly occurred to me, more than ever before, that how much of my hard, hard-earned money – because it is not easy for women to earn money off our backs in this country – I was going to be forced to hand over to the plantation owners was entirely in the hands of a bunch of men and a handful of Commie-sympathizing women like Nancy “We’ve got to pass it so we can read what’s in it” Pelosi.  Would I be fined $800 I don’t have or not? Will I have to pay $1,300 I’m even less likely to have next year (because every utility, every necessity of life, has gone up and not just for me, but for everyone!)?  And, as this progressive Obamcare thing goes on (I use the present tense because I am still not yet assured that it has been entirely repealed yet – repealed by all dudes, of course), they are going to increase the fines and eventually confiscate homes and imprison people (witches – really, witches, who don’t practice or believe in patriarchal medicine or religion) like me. I even had thoughts of joining some wack job patriarchal religious group that’s on the exemption list, except I don’t think there’s a single one within a 100 mile radius of here.

Well, I was saved by the stroke of Donald Trump’s presidential pen, which made an exemption for those of us living in areas where there is no affordable (using an arbitrary percentage decided by men to determine what is affordable for me) Obamacare option. Luckily, in some mostly rural and sparsely populated places there is no longer a Fed-approved insurance company and I’m in one of those areas. What’s so fucking scary is that I actually had feelings of gratitude toward that man, Trump. I recognized it as “the protection racket” and as Stockholm Syndrome. You have to be away from men for a while before you begin to recognize it because when you are around them, you experience it all the time whenever they do something helpful and not apparently-at-that-moment abusive. It’s the feeling of being held captive (and I have been, at gunpoint) by men and literally having bad cop and good cop thrown into the mix and you are so grateful to “good cop” even though you know he’s one of the criminal abusers. But, you “love” good cop, no matter how repulsive he is, because he appears (the key is “appears”) to be doing something to help you, to mitigate the crimes being perpetrated against you by bad cop and his gun-wielding, penis-wielding henchmen.

I am – or was, anyway – a member of the middle class. I use the term in a non-Marxist way, of course, because it is not possible to understand the economic and social order of things in the U.S. in Marxist or European terms. Marx did not invent those terms and there were middle classes in Europe long before he was born – and some of them were, also, my ancestors. In the European Middle Ages, I would be, at least, a baroness. We don’t have titles here and it is normal for people to own property and to own the things by which they earn a living. Our middle classes are some kind of working people, whether we work with our hands or our minds, and I would argue that all of us whether we are farmers or artists do both of these things. It is my very strong opinion that poverty or not poverty is, to some degree, a state of mind. Of course, there must be opportunities, which I have certainly been denied as a small, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman.

But, what is important is what is in the mind. And, I’m going to tell you, my dear internet feminist friends, what that is that is in my mind and which has been turning over and over in my mind since I so poignantly realized that my financial fate, my very life, in fact, is in the hands of a vague group of male perverts in Washington D.C. who are sharing a wolf pack’s meal with other men who have corporate and banking interests and who are literally eating my lunch! I want to start with the warped concept of the “American Dream,” which is a steaming pile of commercialized bull dung. I’m not sure when this concept emerged, but I strongly associate it with things like Ellis Island and mass immigration from countries where people are crawling with lice and infested with easily prevented communicable diseases. I, also, have a vague Chevrolet commercial jingle, “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet,” running through my head whenever I hear the words, “American Dream.”

I understand that in the last 100 or so years a lot of people came to the U.S. hoping to get out of some kind of poverty or to escape alleged persecution somewhere (often a projection, since many of these people were themselves the agitators and criminals wherever they came from). They brought some lovely gifts with them, too, such as the mafia, socialism/Communism, pedo-run Hollywood, and policing, which like socialism, serial killers, and international banking tyranny seems to be a British “gift.” (Although, we know there are other actors involved in these things, and we know who they are and regardless of their nebulous national origin, these conspirators have all been MEN.)

They came up with this American Dream, which consists of owning a house, maybe with a white picket fence, 2.4 children, and a dog. The American Dream, is supposedly about the opportunity to achieve material success through hard work, the pulling up of one’s boot straps. But, that was not the dream of my American ancestors.

No, it wasn’t. There was one dream my Muscogee and Cherokee ancestors shared and that was firstly and foremostly to be left the hell alone by the European invaders. My European ancestors fell into two different main groups. One group were early English who fought in the American Revolution and some of them were granted land as payment in the deep South, where they mingled the bloodline with the natives. Some of my early European ancestors were the leaders of what is known in England as The Wyatt Rebellion. They would be considered patriots here and leaders, some of the men were heads of state, although apparently they are still regarded as criminals in England, which says a lot about England and how little it has changed. (I have an uncle who is practically a dead ringer for the leader of the rebellion, his nose, his eyes, his coloring, the shape of his face!)  Their crime? They wanted to be left the hell alone by Mary Queen of Scots and not be taxed into an early grave, not to have their homes taken, not to be imprisoned and beheaded as some of my direct ancestors were. Since the 17th century English middle class (landed noblemen) was so small, since the average English person (then as today) lived in grinding poverty with little besides the clothes on their backs to call their own, my ancestors were unable to get the English commoners behind them in their cause. (And, I cannot tell you how much this resembles the state of affairs here in the U.S. today as this descendants of this same rabble with their European socialist (enslavement) mentality has been coming to our shores now for a long time and they are the ones who want to tax me, personally, into an early grave, to take all I have, all I’ve worked for, and what little my ancestors have been able to preserve of our heritage and our know-how, and put me in a prison because I will not go along with their atrocities.)

Another group of my European ancestors came later. With a degree of wealth, they came from France to what was, at that time, also France. With what was in their minds as much as with their hands, they began a settlement in the wilderness on the outskirts of the frontier – not the frontier, not yet – but wilderness, with various Indian tribes surrounding them on all sides and along the banks of a very great and terrifying river. With their minds – and I emphasis this because it is important here because they could not have done it by their hands, alone – they began building and they eventually erected a town, surrounded by orchards and fields in which they grew wheat, grapes, and other fruit. They made wine and established the first agricultural trading network in the region and they lived at peace, to my knowledge, with the natives. And, I have many French-looking relatives, but also some who are probably native and this would likely have been hidden because my family on that side, to this day, is very Old World, conservative, and proper.  This place has a hidden history. I ran across it a few years ago and it blew my mind, but I don’t know what to do with the information, so I’ve done nothing. But, suffice it to say there was a good dose of “savage” and “witch doctory” in my ancestors. And, why do you suppose they went, not to the frontier, but to the outskirts of it, in the wilderness, in the middle of Nowhere, to re-establish themselves while the guillotines fell in France?! What was their dream? It was to be left the hell alone. They just wanted to live their lives in peace and do what they did, which was farm and drink a little wine now and then.

The real “American Dream” is not about things, nor is it about acquiring things, whether through hard work or the establishment of a cartel system of some kind. It is not about getting out of poverty. It is not about acquiring real estate. It’s not about eating hot dogs and driving Chevrolets. No, it is about this one elusive state of being, which is simply to be left the hell alone! The true American dream is the desire not to be robbed, raped, or assassinated! And, let me tell you, it has been extremely elusive, at least, for me it has been. And, like my great American ancestors before me, all I can think of is how to get the hell away from this criminal filth. Far, far away! But, now, they are not just coming with their earthly feet, they are coming with their patriarchal systems of control and they have all kinds. As we see, they have their patriarchal medical system with its roots in their, leeching, bleeding, deeply perverse witch-burning days, which they charge outrageous fees for and then insist that we all purchase insurance to support or they’re going to take our money, our livelihood, our food and shelter, our freedom, and eventually our lives on the basis of it. They have their fraudulent, Jewish-run financial system, which they have embedded in their fraudulent system of appalling so-called laws. And, of course, they have their highly sexualized, perverse, social system, which they insist on inflicting on us from the time we draw our first breath.  Oh, yes, the Great White Father, his Jewish mafia family and their many associates have ways of reaching us no matter how hard we try to move out further and further away from them.

So, for weeks now (and really months and months before) since pre-tax time, I have been thinking. What is the answer? And, all I can come up with is this: Fewer and fewer personal expenditures and less and less taxable income. And, I have been thinking day and night about how to achieve this and while I, unfortunately, cannot directly tell you what I have come up with, I have come up with something and I have been busy implementing it. It is a plan to escape men’s attempts to enslave me, once again.

The men who came here to this continent, even early on, were about enslaving other people. They brought white women with them as slaves. The tribes and the Europeans both kidnapped, raped, and enslaved women of both races. And, this was not long ago, as my great-great grandmother and my great-grandfather were once kidnapped by a hostile tribe near their settlement, but managed to escape as their captors were severely inebriated. And, I have another white grandmother who disappeared, who was taken captive by another tribe. So, this targeting, abuse, and enslavement of women and little girls, whether white or red, has gone on on this continent for along time. And, to me the oppressor’s race is interchangeable and mostly immaterial. That’s because the primary problem is not one of race or nationality, but of men. Until we eliminate males, we will always be devising ways to escape enslavement by them.

And, of course, as every radical feminist knows, the worst aspect of this enslavement is what they do to our minds. They do these things to our minds through abuses, directly through rape, by one or more of them deciding to bring us close to Death, every so often, and they do it through more subtle means of communication. It’s not just the indoctrination into femininity, but everything you are in contact with in the culture, even high culture, classical art, literature, music, etc. It is inescapable. It surrounds us like a dense fog. The only way I can tell you to begin to escape is to detach from society. This is not easy to do, primarily because you’ve got to have money to live.

Because we have to have money to live, it is not easy to completely detach from men’s society and system. Men invented this heinous economic system. Men erected and permitted the illegal entity known as the Federal Treasury and its violent enforcer, the IRS. By now, everyone knows it’s illegal, but it doesn’t really matter what is legal or not when there are men determined to do evil.

So, long story short, I’ve been absent from blogging here because I have been running from poverty and criminality. I have been think very hard how to get free from all of these snares and traps.  I’ve been scheming and devising ways to carry out my plans because I refuse to live my life at the whim of a bunch of goddamn male perverts in Washington D.C. or anywhere else. Moreover, I think it is clear, as radical feminists, the best we are going to be able to do is save ourselves.  We’ll be lucky if we can do that. We are certainly in no position to be able to save other women. And, in writing this, all I can give you is my words and what is in my mind, which I am not able to communicate well and some of which I cannot tell. But I think it is important that women, who want to stay alive, detach themselves as much as possible from men and their systems. As it was in Europe many centuries ago when women were being systematically, openly murdered by men, I think it is important that we play our cards close to our vests, that we make the most of the nighttime and the darkness. I urge you to consider how you can free yourself from this treacherous evil that pursues us, even at a distance, in remote places over rock and hill. Put your mind to it 100% – think! How can you free yourself from them. You will find answers because those answers are there to be found.

I have been absent from this blog for a while because I’ve been working to stay alive and trying to work these problems out. I have wondered where the other radical feminists have gone? I only read the writings of a very few lately and I can only imagine that they are going through something similar to what I am going through right now. All I see now, anywhere, are men. All of YouTube is men now. There are almost no American women, at all, and very few white American ones who aren’t doing make-up tutorials or telling stories about attending drug parties – and these are youngsters. Where are the women? Well, of course, they are working and dodging stalkers – that’s pretty much what we all do.

Women’s Lives Snuffed Out

Of course, some women are missing because they have been murdered by men. Quite a few of them are being murdered by police. A few posts back I was talking about Toni Anderson, missing in the Kansas City area back in January. The story is both horrible and predictable. The media there in K.C. and it appears a national media outlet have worked to defame her and to cover up what happened. It appears that there were two cops in the SUV behind her, that they were there for 15 minutes, and I believe one of them may have captured her car’s radio-frequency key code (this is only my theory) and slipped into her car, which is why it went the wrong direction on the highway. She was mysteriously found, in her car, submerged in water, after the cops couldn’t find her and private investigators were called in by family and boyfriend and his father. The cops took her body and the badly (strangely) mangled car away by tow truck, failing to preserve evidence and without the provision of a private coroner’s report, and her body was almost immediately cremated. You can read this story over and over again with different women, all good-looking and athletic (all dancers, cheerleaders, or other types of athletes) throughout the U.S., with basically the same M.O. once the heat is on the cops. In short, a whole lot of pretty women and little girls are missing in the country and a whole lot of cops seem to be involved.

Another reason I have not posted is that I was personally pretty torn up over what happened to Toni Anderson and I really can’t bear to write too much more about it. I’m, also, dismayed by the reaction of her parents and I think they are either extremely delusional, suburban, white-bread folks with no real life experience or else they have been threatened by the cops. The statement read by her mother to the media was like something out of original Manchurian Candidate movie with Frank Sinatra: “[Cops are] the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I’ve ever known in my life.”

But, you should know that if you have a car with a radio frequency on its key or ignition, it is easy for a rapist or killer to use a cheap device to capture the signal and relay it, at will, to get into your car after you have locked it using your radio-frequency-emitting-key chain device, especially when he’s sitting behind you for 15 minutes while you’re putting gas in your car late at night in North Kansas City, MO.

The pattern of events that followed Toni Anderson’s apparent abduction is similar to that of  Mitrice Richardson (a pretty, young black woman from California who studied dance and was a competitive dancer) and others I’ve looked at, in which women were apparently abducted and usually raped and murdered by cops. And, of course, there are many other similar, attractive (not always white, but always pretty and in great physical condition) young women who have gone missing.

If anyone thinks the witch hunting is over, they need to look twice at this! I see Obamacare and the allopathic medical cartel as another manifestation of it, as well. This thing has never ended, it’s just morphed.

Women Missing from Journalism and Politics

Also, with regard to absentee women, the fields of both more mainstream journalism and politics have become more and more male-dominated (and you may have noticed that these men on television, radio, and internet videos are yelling, constantly yelling at the top of their lungs! They run everything, but they are still very, very angry for some reason), more than I can remember since maybe the early 1970s. By all appearances, whatever apparent progress our foremothers made, has been mostly decimated. I wonder where the women are, but at the same time, I know the answer. For one thing, all the groping, rubbing, patting, and sexual innuendo that we deal with when ever we have to interact with males is an obvious reason for this outcome. The horrifying behavior of men toward even sexually conforming (apparently heterosexual and femininity-performing, and even cock-sucking) women at FoxNews has brought it all before the eyes of the public. Also, the same is true with many of the male politicians, notably Joe Biden, and I always think whenever I see a gathering of political men in the media, that the women are absent simply because they do not want to deal with all the rubbing, groping, and ape-like sexual behaviors of those men in suits who are making all the governmental decisions for us. I think women are missing from these places and from every place because we are sick and tired of being threatened and felt up.

Personally, I am in a state of perpetual disgust. I’m sick of men slathering their bodily fluids all over me, all over other women and little girls (this pizza-pedo-gate thing has brought some disturbing, although predictable things to the surface – mostly data gathered by other men who laughably claim to be anti-pedo and anti-rape and placed all over YouTube), and all over everything while systematically trying to rob me. That’s pretty much the definition of “domestic abuse.” We are all being domestically abused by men on a grand scale! At this moment, I am being abused by them financially and through their patriarchal medical system, which literally makes me sick to my stomach. It just so horrifying. I am so repelled and that is why all I can think about is how to get free! It seems like my whole life, since I was 5-years old, has been about how to get away from nasty, sick males. I can only imagine that a whole lot of other women are MIA because, they are either already abducted or dead at the hands of men, or are working on a plan to escape and stay alive.

White Women in Sweden Afraid and Being Silenced by “Feminists” – and How to Identify an Actual Feminist

Here are is a news clip from Fox, discussing what has been going on in Sweden. Interesting because it blames “feminists” for silencing female victims of crimes committed by “migrants” or “men with migrant” backgrounds or whatever euphemism they are using to describe the non-white invaders in Western Europe, who are mostly male and who regard white women as whores. Here’s the clip:

Here’s a related article by Katie Hopkins in the UK Daily Mail, in which she discussed the “privilege” of white women in Sweden: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4269576/KATIE-HOPKINS-reports-Scandi-lib-paradise-Sweden.html

Obviously, the women (and maybe men) calling themselves feminists are not feminists. How to tell when someone is a fake feminist:

  1. They’re liberals. They insist that being a feminist means believing in patriarchal science (ie. man-made climate change, the moon landing, and other pseudo-scientific fraud, of which there is no verifiable proof) and patriarchal medicine (ie. gynecology, obstetrics, and allopathy, in general), socialism, and Marxism, which have nothing to do with the human rights of women and girls, but are tools of an authoritarian, patriarchal regime.
  2. They insist that being a feminist means being a sex pervert and sexual abuser of women because they are perverts who want to molest and rape you just like men do and they hate you if you are a non-lesbian. Feminists are not sex predators.
  3. They insist that being a feminist means looking like a man. They are angry if you don’t look like a mountain troll and call you “heterosexual,” whether you are or not just because they think you look too “feminine.” (I’ve been observing this in a radfem poseur’s comment section, and I quote, “I hate feminine women.” So, if you are a woman or girl who doesn’t look like a knuckledragging, hairy-backed smelly freak, these women hate you. Calling you “hetero” is just another way of calling you “slut” and “whore.” They’re saying you want dick just because you don’t look like a hairy truck driver with a big, bushy, black moustache.)
  4. They call you a racist, which they will do for any reason. You noticed that your rapist was black or Arabic? Then, you are a “racist.” A black man beat you up or raped you and then said he did it because you said, “Nigger,” once, then you are a “racist” and deserve to be beaten or raped because you are a white whore – so saith the liberals. You don’t like street harassment? You are a “racist” In fact, if you disagree with any idiotic thing that comes out of their mouths, you’re a “racist.”
  5. They defend pedophiles and homosexual men. They spend time talking about how it’s terrible that gay men are “slandered” when they admit to being pedophiles. They do this because, as perverts themselves, they have to defend the male perverts – ie. gay men and chicken lovers. Defending men, gay men and pedophiles tells you where these freaks’ heads are at!  So, take heed.
  6. They occupy themselves with absurd, imagined wrongs, instead of focusing on actual wrongs. For example, recently Terri Strange advised women not to take seriously the concerns of actual domestic abuse victims who recognize the signs of abuse in her disgusting video, “Melania Trump is not a victim,” while being terribly concerned about the objectification of fictional beings in her video, “Stop objectifying fairies.”

Feminists are concerned about women – actual women and little girls. They are not pushing some other agenda. They are not acting like abusers, themselves. They are not allying themselves with men, including gay men, tranny men, pedophiles, rapists, and other perverts.

Feminists listen when women who have some experience with male abuse talk. They don’t ridicule these women. They don’t act like serious matters are a joke. They don’t demean and dismiss the voices of women who have experienced horrific crimes.

Feminists put women first – always! They don’t reinforce male abuse. They don’t act like male abusers. They don’t insist that you believe men’s lies about government systems, science, or medicine, or religion.(Remember: Women were murdered for centuries by men in order to erect and enforce all of these systems.) They do not reinforce the slavery that is marriage. They don’t reinforce the sexual enslavement of women. They don’t dismiss the abuse of women because she has some imagined “privilege,” whether “white privilege” or “heterosexual privilege.” I kid you not, I’ve heard  liberal and so-called lesbian feminists say that! Sexual enslavement by men is not a “privilege,” of course, unless you think women are masochists who exist to be fucked by men – just like men do. Also, clearly, being perceived as a “white whore” is not a privilege. No actual feminist thinks that systemic rape and sexual abuse is a privilege.

So, these “feminists” I keep hearing about in Sweden are not feminists, at all. They are liberals, Socialists, and ultimately their goal is Communism, which always leads to a Bolschevic-style purge of the educated, the intelligent, those who might have the brains or the ability to fight back. This is why they have let these invaders loose on the white women of Sweden and other countries. And, before they did this, they made sure they had no means to defend themselves! No guns allowed – can’t have women able to match a man, to destroy a perpetrator before he gets his filthy hands and dick on her. No, can’t have that. This is not feminism. It is Bolschevism and it has already begun in Sweden and other places in W. Europe where women are living in fear and being attacked daily in some areas.

We don’t need to change ourselves or what we call ourselves. But, it is handy to be able to recognize these poseurs and charlatans.

Thoughts on Trump as President and What It Really Means for Women: White Women as Scapegoats

I’ve been reading other bloggers’ articles on the recent election of Trump, all of which express valid concerns about the possible outcomes of having a sex predator in the White House and why so many people voted for this pervert. I’ve, also, been watching the liberal democrat meltdown, which has been pretty ugly.

The Democrats are really nasty toward white women. I noticed them ramping it up in the past year or so. They’ve organized mobs to go after white women they’ve suspected of being racist – which is all of us, by the way, we are all racist just for existing. They have run all kinds of articles about racist white college girls giving themselves charcoal-based facials and taking a group photo. Warning: If you’re a white woman, never take a picture of yourself exfoliating! There are tons of examples of such “racists” all over the internet. They defend black men attacking white women by saying she must be racist, she probably called him “nigger,” so she deserved to be hit and possibly permanently injured or killed.

Back when Trump was still running and Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart reporter was battered by Corey Lewandowski and the gang of of assorted fruits & nuts and MRAs over at Breitbart began a smear campaign against her and forced her to resign, left wing dudebros, those marvelous “feminist allies” of ours, said she basically got what she deserved for working for the Republican-dominated blog. They said the same thing when Gretchen Carlson came out with her allegations against Roger Ailes. “What do women expect when they work for right-wing men?” Some anonymous women from CNN (a left-wing news organization) said the same thing was happening to them. Of course, it is. This behavior from men is ubiquitous. This is what men do to women in the workplace, regardless of the workplace or the political views of the men who work there. Left-wing men are just as bad as right-wing ones and, in many instances, they are worse. Like the 8-year olds they are mentally, they just point their fingers at other men and say, “Look at what he’s doing” as a childish diversion. Left-wing men, after all, are the main proponents of porn and the prostitution of women and girls. We women are not blind and deaf to this fact. Right-wing women may recognize it better than some others. They are not to blame when they try to make choices that keep themselves a little more safe when they dare to pursue a career of any kind or just try to put food on the table. Yet, here is the blame from left-wing men. “She should have known better.” “What did she expect?” “She got what she deserved!”

The left wing has not been kind to women. That was before the election. Now, after the election, they are really showing us their fangs:

From the Huffington-Post (not surprising, at all): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dear-white-women-we-messed-this-up-election-2016_us_582341c9e4b0aac62488970e This lovely piece calls  American white women racists for not wanting to be raped by hoards of Muslims like so many of our sisters in Western Europe have been.

Then there is this very unfunny, hateful, race-baiting, so-called comedian from the boring, pathetic excuse for a comedy show called The Daily Show, who blamed white American women for electing Trump. Samantha Bee is a foreigner – a Canadian, in fact, which makes this seem even more offensive from my point of view:


Then, there’s this gem from alleged feminist, Lena Dunham, at her blog, Lenny: http://www.lennyletter.com/politics/a608/dont-agonize-organize/: “It’s painful to know that white women, so unable to see the unity of female identity, so unable to look past their violent privilege, and so inoculated with hate for themselves, showed up to the polls for him, too.”  I don’t know what “violent privilege” means. I don’t know if she’s trying to say – like so many liberals have been saying – that white women are inherently violent oppressors of all other people. But, that’s what I think she’s saying. So, this puts us in a spot doesn’t it? – it’s hard to even defend yourself when you are already seen as a violent instigator. Never mind the hard fact that it is white women who are the primary victims of white male violence as well as violence from other men, including black men and, not uncommonly, black women.  I, also, resent her idea that white women are self-hating, that we somehow enjoy being abused or feel that we are deserving of it, that we are masochists – and that’s why white women (by the way, it was the electoral college, not white women of the general voting population who selected the president because that’s how our representative republic works! Maybe Dunham and Samantha Bee should actually read the U.S. Constitution sometime…) elected trump.  Before the election, Dunham promised she’d move to Canada if Trump got elected. I hope she does us a favor and keeps that promise, but I’m sure we won’t be rid of her anytime soon.

Here’s another one from a liberal charmer at Courier Mail, which doesn’t even to appear to be in the U.S. – It looks like Australia!:  http://www.couriermail.com.au/rendezview/whos-to-blame-for-hillary-clintons-loss-angry-white-women/news-story/e1b924cb06b1a40752c68078bf7a13e8 This is a nice way to talk to us white women from rural areas, isn’t it? Refer to my home as “the rural backwaters of America.” Yeah, I’m ignorant, barefoot, pregnant, toothless and living in a trailer park and, with all that immense power and white privilege, I am somehow responsible for the actions of men like Donald Trump! This is not the way to gain friends and wield influence among white women. This is not a way to win my vote or my sense of fellowship. But, we’re just animals to these liberals, anyway. They’ve been making their point very clearly for a while. Strangely enough, this article sees the triumph of Trump as white women voting against Clinton’s “feminism.” Gee, Clinton’s feminism… hmmm. I don’t see Hillary Clinton as a feminist. How many feminists do you know who are married to serial rapists? How many feminists have a best friend like Huma Abedin, who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and who is, also, married to (or maybe separated from by now) a serial pervert and child sex predator? Are we white women to blame if that makes us feel uncomfortable? Are we to blame if we recognize that being a “stand by your man” kind of woman is the opposite of being a feminist? Do they think white women are so stupid that we cannot see the hatred and hypocrisy of the left and the Democrats? There is no end to their abuses of us, as evidenced by this article and so many others.

There are more links to similar articles in No More Paper Towels’ article, “When All Else Fails, Just Blame White Women.”

Liberals and Democrats seem to have the idea that their perverts are somehow more acceptable than the conservative perverts in the Republican party. Well, perverts are perverts. Men are perverts and they are everywhere, running everything. Putting Clinton in office would not have changed that, at all, since her first appointee was going the be President Rape, Bill Clinton.

So, women voters got to choose from two groups of sick, sadistic perverts. Most people I know who didn’t want Clinton in there were worried about what another 8 years of the hell Obama has put us through would lead to. The biggest problem the Democrats have is Obamacare. Many women are entrepreneurs, many of us run our own businesses or work as independent contractors – exactly because of the Roger Ailes, Anthony Weiners, Bill Clintons and Donald Trumps of the world – and we are being hit hard by Obamacare. In a recent Chapman University Survey of what Americans fear most, official corruption (which the Clinton Family is no stranger to), identity theft, and Obamacare were among the the top fears. At least, 35% of respondents indicated they feared Obamacare. Personally, Obamacare has been giving me night sweats for years! I know I’m not alone, but if I say anything about it I am automatically a “racist!” This is why the Democrats and Clinton lost. In a nutshell, this is the reason. We were give a choice between two sets of perverts – one promising (albeit falsely, I’m sure) to repeal Obamacare and the other planning to reinforce it and perhaps move us into something far, far worse. So, many women voted for Trump, many of whom are not “ignorant,” “barefoot,””backwater-dwelling” women, but entrepreneurs and self-employed women, voted against more Obamacare because it is a policy, an illegal tax, which is hurting us very badly and in very real ways right now. 

I am one of those women the liberals hate. It wouldn’t matter who I voted for or if I voted at all. (I don’t believe in voting because I know all about the government corruption!) I am a frequently barefoot, gun-totin’, genuine hillbilly and I am and proud of it! I am representative of the kind of women liberal Democrats hate most! I am expected to ignore their hatred and support these abusers, somehow. I don’t think so! That hardly qualifies me as self-hating or a masochist, but it does make liberals and Democrats really, really bad people for the most part. They are rotten to the core and no different from the Republicans who I know hate me, too.

In the end this whole thing doesn’t mean much. I’ve been working on ways to deal, on a personal level, with the corruption, the Obamacare and the probably inevitable universal healthcare. I long ago stopped dealing with men, at least, by choice. When I do have to deal with them, I frequently have one hand on a rod and I don’t turn my back on them because I know all too well what they do when you turn your back. I see the liberals and Democrats as the greatest threat to my civil rights as a white woman. Many other women, apparently, see things the same way. The threat from the Republicans is more obvious – it’s right in your face. The Democrats are more subtle, but just as dangerous, if not more so.

Furthermore, if Clinton had gotten in, things would not have changed for women in any positive way. The hatred of women, especially white, American women, that was ginned up before the election would have only gotten worse. We are living on the edge a new Burning Times, as it is. I think we may have dodged a bullet by her loss and lived to fight another day.

We can’t fix this system that was made by men. A woman as Commander-in-Chief is still a war lord – and Clinton, was sure to lead us into more wars, as surely as any man, including Trump. A lot about her ties to ISIS and the government ties to this CIA-created faux problem came out in the Wikileaks emails. Everybody who was paying attention already knew this, but the emails provided links to specifically named donors, in particular in Saudi Arabia. You may remember that the Bush Family, also, has close ties to the Saudi leaders and that it looks like this relationship (collusion is a better word) played a role in the attack on the World Trade Center. These facts, also, put a nail in the Clinton coffin. Women don’t want war. We don’t benefit from war. Which of the two candidates has a history of not just stupid rhetoric, but conducting wars? Yes, Clinton. Trump is scary with his ignorance and his casual talk about using nukes, but it is Clinton who has the record of war-mongering. Somehow the Democrats seem to have bad collective memories about this.

White women, also, don’t want a Muslim invasion. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with liberty and self-preservation. Plus, out here in the “backwater,” we don’t like to waste lead! So, this is something we don’t want to see. We don’t want the violence we have seen committed primarily by Muslim men against white women to start happening here in the U.S. Although, it has been happening in some towns where there have been attacks on white women and rapes of little white girls by Muslim males. There has, also, been sex trafficking of white girls and women by Somalis, similar to such cases in the U.K. I don’t believe Trump when he says he’s going to stop a Muslim invasion, but I understand why it is comforting to white women to hear and maybe believe when, meanwhile, Clinton is saying outright that she’s going to bring more of these violent perverts in here to attack us – us! We are their primary targets. And, why wouldn’t she be fine with bring these monsters in here? She’s fine being married to a violent pervert, herself. Again, this isn’t feminism! Hillary Clinton is no kind of feminist. On that front, she’s as big of a fraud as Trump is.

I have no idea what’s going to happen with Trump in the White House. I’m concerned about the nausea and the horrific nightmares I endured the past few months just from reading the daily news online. I really cannot cope much longer with hearing about “pussy grabbing” and “Weiner-gate” and being reminded of the nightmare of the Clinton years with its talk of cigars and semen-stained, blue dresses and jokes about Slick Willie and his dick. I’ve reduced the amount of news I read. If it looks like there are going to be more of these horrible, disgusting things coming out everyday – which seems likely with Trump – I plan to stop, not just scale back, looking at news sites.

A few months ago, I wrote some posts talking about the child-rape case against Trump involving Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted child-rapist and known sex trafficker, who is good friends with the Clintons and the Trumps. That alleged victim and some others tried, again, to bring a suit in New York. Epstein’s victims are only allowed to sue civilly. That’s part of the deal that was made and he’s settled with a number of them – recently, I read 50, but it’s probably more. These appear to be some other victims. A few days before the election, Lisa Bloom (attorney and daughter of Gloria Allred), was planning on giving a press conference with that victim, who was going to come forward in public for the first time. (Other of Epstein’s victims, those still living, are in hiding. Virginia Roberts, his most famous victim, is rumored to be in hiding somewhere in Australia.) At the last minute, the press conference was cancelled, with Bloom stating that her client is “living in fear.” Here’s a video below:


Bloom, also, said that all of her clients related to Trump cases had been threatened and her firm’s website was hacked that day.

It is not unheard of for Trump’s team to threaten women who are trying to sue him. For instance, there is this case of one of the plaintiffs from one of the many suits against “Trump University.” She was the lead plaintiff and was terrorized into dropping out.

Furthermore, there is this disturbing video of one of Trump’s alleged sexual assault victims, who is clearly scared out of her wits since he is going to be president:


The sounds Ms. Zervos is making are familiar to me. This is the kind of condition I was in after I was held at gunpoint and nearly murdered a few years ago by three huge men, one of them an on-duty cop. These uncontrollable noises this woman is making while her attorney is speaking are the result of terror that is so strong that it causes your body to sort of energetically surge, it’s a strong physical pulse of energy, and you involuntarily make these sounds. This is the fear of knowing you are surrounded by inhuman monsters who want to devour your flesh and drink your blood! I don’t know if I can take 4 years of this kind of thing, but I’m afraid this is what we are in for.

My final words to you are these: Take care of yourself. It’s all you can do. Take care of yourselves first and worry about social causes some other day. We are all in deep trouble and we were before this election was decided and it would not have mattered which one of these degenerates and their party won. The same sick, patriarchal system has its boot on our necks and they’re no different now than the were in 1692. We’ve just got to find our own way out from under. We’ve got to find our own way around these obstacles. A frontal assault is clearly futile. We are completely outnumbered. We have no allies – certainly not on the left. And you already know the right sees us as nothing more than livestock. So, we’re on our own. We must think about living to fight another day.

So, take care of yourselves, all of you!

Additional reading:

This article from The Atlantic, October 2016, “Fear of a Female President” describes some of my own concerns about a female presidency being accompanied by an increase in male violence against women, especially white women. The backlash against white women in the U.S., which was strong before the election cycle began last year, grew immensely. The talk about burning witches and so on was really hair-raising and came from men on both the left (most notoriously, the Bernie Bros) and men on the right. My personal fears were that the attacks against white women would increase if Hillary Clinton had won. This article talks about just that: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/10/fear-of-a-female-president/497564/

It turns out the assertion that white women “elected” Trump comes from a CNN exit poll of run-of-the-mill voters. Here’s a link to the article at CNN: http://www.cnn.com/election/results/exit-polls/national/president I have not been able to locate any information of the actual vote, which is the electoral vote, which is the one that elected Trump. I seriously hope that the electoral college is just the “electoral college” and is not divided by skin color and the type of genitals they have. Perhaps that is the case and maybe that’s why I cannot find any such information online. As every American knows (or should know), the only vote that counts toward the election of the president of the U.S. is that of the members of the electoral college. Also, exist polls are notoriously inaccurate. So, the liberals are just making this whole thing up to smear white women. Their hatred has never been more palpable. They are classic abusers.

The White Supremacist Woman’s View of the White Man and the Question: What Would a “Good Man” Look Like?

This question, “What would a ‘good man’ look like?” and this entire post is inspired by another blogger, Orwell’s Daughter, who has been doing a lot of audio posts lately, as opposed to writing her blogs. She posts the topic and a description at WordPress and then double-tasks by doing an audio post while she gets in her cardio workout.

I’ve had a number of subjects that have come up that I want to blog about, but I’ve been very busy both with work and with taking care of some other important things involving dealing with contractors. I’ve only been able to check out the recent posts of my favorite bloggers and this is my first window of opportunity to sit down and write anything in a while. I’ve been keeping up with Orwell’s Daughter while fixing lunch or dinner. Audio (like radio) is a communication medium I’ve always greatly appreciated.

I think I first ran across her blog a while back when I was looking up something to do with why white males and, in particular the American white nationalists or white supremacists, hate white women so much. I’d had an experience at YouTube in which I left a comment at a video about the Muslim invasion that turned out to be some kind of white supremacist channel. That’s when I discovered how much they hate white women, how much they presume women – in particular, white women – are always hot to be fucked by any male with a functioning dick, and how they regard us as both whores and livestock.  I made what I thought was a supportive comment and, in return, received rape fantasies about me being gang-raped by Pakistanis (that’s a different twist since usually I’m told I should be gang-raped by Mexicans or niggers). The internet provides the opportunity to interact with kinds of people you’d never go near in real life! So, I had no idea that white supremacists or white nationalists were so nasty to “their own” women.

Then, I found Orwell’s Daughter’s blog, which provides some humorous and, also, undoubtedly offensive criticism and insights into this behavior. What I have learned since is that there are two main factions of white supremacists that you will find online. The have similar sounding names and I don’t recall which is which, but one of them got a leader (like all dudebros and demons they love hierarchy and look up to a leader) who is some kind of MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), which probably explains the massive crossover we see between the MRAs and their various factions and the White Supremacists.

But, all White Supremacists appear to be, essentially, MRAs and some kind of conservatives who are all about propogating “the race.” It’s just that there is one faction that is even more vicious and hateful toward women than the other group, if you can believe it. They all try to figure out how they can lure white women to impregnate and when they fail at this, they often seek Asian or Eastern European women to impregnate – Asians being a favorite choice for them. And, this is, also, very odd. To me they seem to be more of an openly racist faction of MRAs who have a special hatred for white, American women.

Just as there are a few women who are involved in AVfM or MGTOW and who call themselves FeMRAs (Female Men’s Rights Activists), there are a few (very few) white women involved in white supremacist groups. They are there despite the fact that they are subject to all kinds of abuse by the males of the group, which I have witnessed in their online discussions. I’m not sure why they are there, at all. This part is still baffling to me.

All of the world of white supremacy can apparently be divided into two other groups: Christians and pagans. The pagan ones seem to have their act together slightly better than the Christian ones. At least, they recognize that Christianity is a Jewish religion with origins in Africa, possibly Ethiopia (according to Tacitus), but most certainly Africa because, according to their own books, this is where this group of people, who had been kept as slaves, were led out of by Moses, using the power of their invisible man in the sky. The concept of White Supremacist Christians makes about as much sense as keeping the white, European race pure by impregnating large numbers of Asian women. So, at least the pagans are smart enough to figure out that hating Jews and Africans does not harmonize well with adhering to a Jewish/African religion. Most of the women involved seem to be Norse pagans, although, I’ve seen a few Christians who seem to be the breedin’-for-the-Lord type.

Again, why are these women there? I cannot say for certain, but it I believe it may be that they think the last hope for men is the white man. There are reasons why someone might come to that conclusion – all created by the white man, himself, of course.

According to white supremacists, everything good in the world was created by the white man – they sometimes say “white race” or “white people,” but they always mean the males – because, according to them, women exist only to serve men and to breed more of them, either for males to continue their wars or for males to have pretty blond girls to fuck and suck the life’s blood out of, according to the sex of the offspring. Women’s accomplishments have been erased and as feminists we are well-acquainted with this fact.

Men have always owned women and still do to a large extent. In the days even worse than the present ones, they owned us and in so doing, they owned all our property. They owned our bodies and all that we produced by them (children – which they still own under the law in most cases) and they owned all that we produced with our minds and our hands. All intellectual property, all inventions, all that we wrought – all of it was stolen by men and claimed by them as their own.

They barred us from studying at universities, stole our ideas, claimed them as their own and got prizes and awards for them – never giving credit. Such was the case with the Lise Meitner (a European woman who, also, happened to be Jewish) who first came up with the procedure to split the atom. Men stole her work, took the credit, erased her existence, then used her discovery to murder innocent women and children. This is only one such example. There are many more. For instance, Werner Heisenberg, did not discover quantum mechanics – Annie Besant did. Einstein, a complete Jewish fraud who was a patent clerk, stole every single one of his so-called theories – none of which stand up to the scrutiny of any rational, independently thinking individual. Some of the people he stole from were women – some sources say he stole ideas from his own wife, which is not unusual.

Men, also, have relied on the service of women while they did work in cases where they actually did their own work. Still, a remarkable number of household, automobile, and agricultural inventions were the products of the minds and hands of women. In the U.S., property rights for women were a little better early on, but in some other countries, like England, women could not file for patents, so anything they invented would have some man’s name on it because she was OWNED by a man and could not act independently.

Men have, also, forced women to hide our identities not only in the past – but right this very moment. We have to be very careful to protect ourselves because men want to rape and kill us simply because we exist and when we resist them, when we tell the truth, when we express opinions they don’t like, that makes them want to rape and kill us faster.

Many women in the past and even now must hide their identities to obtain paying work. Thanks to the internet, this has never been easier! But, the circumstances of our needing to keep our anonymity because of male violence has not changed, therefore, even now women and women’s accomplishments are being erased and being presumed to be that of males – because that is the only safe way for us to operate.

It is said that history is written by the victorious and this is very true. When you are looking at recorded history, especially the popularly accepted versions of it, you are looking at a propaganda machine. It is a machine run by men at the expense of women. It is run this way so that men can retain their dominance over women and ensure that they have someone to stick their dick in, beat, rape, and kill at will because this is how men roll. As TrustYourPerceptions says, this is their struggle for the human genome and when you look at history, you see the propaganda of this struggle.

The white man is especially good at, not only erasing women’s contributions to the world – women without whom they would not even exist – but, they like to ignore other people’s history and when that’s not possible, they dismiss it or ridicule it.

Recently, I saw a YouTube comment left by a white supremacist in response to a comment by an American Indian. It listed a bunch of things the white dudebro believed that Indians never accomplished. It was all lies – all white man’s propaganda, which the white man, especially, loves to believe. It was something to the effect that the Indians never developed a written language, or built anything, or did any of a whole long list of things. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence for the red race once being the technologically dominant people on the planet. Of course, you won’t find this in the white man’s history books. But, you will have trouble ignoring the evidence if you venture down to Mexico, south of the Rio Grande, where the European males did not destroy every single goddamn thing in their wake like they did north of the Rio. Down there, they just destroyed most of it. Still, you can see that these were sophisticated builders with a sophisticated mathematical system (still not understood by the W. Europeans), and a sophisticated system of language and medicine.

For instance, the Aztec language is written in pictographs, which don’t look like the Roman alphabet, but they are a written language system. In fact, it looks so unlike the Western way of writing that it is likely that a typical white man would see it and not recognize it as a written language, at all. One of the oldest surviving manuscripts of the North American continent is an Aztec herbal translated into Latin in the 16th century, called the Badianus (everything else was destroyed by white male agents of the Vatican) Manuscript, demonstrates the sophistication of both their language and their system of botany. Again, it is very different from how Western patriarchal doctors would organize plants and their characteristics, but there is a reason for the organization they used, which has to do with their sophisticated understanding of medicine. All of it was formally lost, due to the intentional and systematic destruction by the white man – who now claims that the dirty savages never accomplished anything, at all. Having survived the Mexican Inquisition (an extension of the Spanish Inquisition, which was horrible, despite the efforts of some to say it wasn’t so bad since they didn’t kill as many women as the German men did in the same period!) the old medical system is kept alive today by many women and passed from mother to daughter.

The Indians may have been the most remarkable builders on this planet. They built civilization after civilization going back for millennia. They are still the builders – I have to hire Mexicans because white men won’t climb up 3 stories! And, remember who built those skyscrapers in New York City? – it wasn’t Donald Trump or anyone who looks like him – it was Navajos with their long, black hair blowing in the wind 50 stories up walking around on 2′ x 4’s. It was, also, the Navajo language that helped the Americans win the war because the Germans, as intelligent as they are, couldn’t decode it. South of the Rio, the Indians built ancient astronomical observatories that look similar to modern Western ones. They studied the stars. All the indications are that they flew in some kind of airships or rockets. There are and were (many of these were wiped out due to European agriculture production) what appear to be aerial markers (visible only from high up in the sky) and landing strips all over this continent. You won’t find this information in the white man’s history books, though. He wants you to believe that his is the dominant race, the dominant genome.

Again, this is just one example. The white man continually ridicules or ignores the accomplishments of other people. Here’s another for instance: Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve run across. It’s an ingenious system that survived centuries in China. It is highly effective, tried and true, yet it’s hard to find a publication written by a white man who has gone to study this system, which isn’t full of arrogance and ridicule. Yet, the Chinese have remedies for many problems that Western orthodox science and medicine cannot begin to fathom.

By contrast, the white man’s medicine has accomplished very little. They are mostly purveyors of disease and pain. They set up not-for-profit companies and claim to be researching a cure for cancer or Alzheimers, or MS, or CP, or autism (which they probably created), while torturing animals and people and doing absolutely nothing else – except taking donations, of course! – and never finding a cure. When was the last time the American Cancer Society, for instance, found a cure for cancer? When did the Alzheimer’s Foundation or the Parkinson’s Association or on and on in this vein – when did they ever cure any of these diseases? They say they are incurable! Although, most have been cured by ordinary people, by folk doctors, Mexican curanderas and brujas, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in many cases by American Indians (American Indians have multiple cures for cancer that give excellent results), who have proven cures that have existed for hundreds and thousands of years and they found these cures without torturing animals or people. But, the white man says – and many white women believe it, too – that the white man’s medicine is the best. The truth is that the white man’s medicine has always been bad in every respect, beginning with it’s foundation – it’s entire philosophy being one of materialism and making war.

Now, if you go to school, whether public or private (and I’ve attended both at various levels of my education), you will learn only about the white man’s science, the white man’s history,  his literature, his accomplishments (his buildings, his bridges, etc.), his philosophy, his medicine (biology), which is all told from his perspective, and those of other people, including white women, are carefully excluded. The accomplishments of women are almost entirely excluded – all I remember is Sacajawea and Betsy Ross! Sacajawea was taken captive, first by other Indian men, then by white men, and held as a “wife” and impregnated by a Frenchman. She had the baby with her while acting as a guide to Lewis and Clark. This must have been a great hardship and you can bet she never saw a dime or her freedom for having rendered this service. Betsy Ross, stitched up a flag, and this memory is truly a slap in the face to the contributions of white women in the early colonies, who were, also, slaves – the first white women being indentured servants and wives to particularly unenlightened Englishmen. White European women gave birth, often in the fields they were tending, and, if it’s anything like today, did the work of ten men while the men drank themselves into a stupor and masturbated. The Betsy Ross story is a cruel joke – a last laugh on white women- by the white, male historians.

At this point, if I were talking to a white supremacist, they would point out to me that a whole lot of what appears to be “white men” doing bad things is actually “Jewish men” masquerading as white and influencing the white men with their movies and Jewish propaganda designed to undermine the white race. Jews are running the government and the schools and causing all the corruption and perversion. White men aren’t really all this bad, they would say. They are made to look this way by Jewish impersonators and are being influenced by Jewish-run institutions. This is how the white man diverts attention away from his own crimes, his own degeneracy and the fact that he must be one of the greatest rapists on this planet – look at the Jews. Look at her, or him, or it. They’re the real culprits, he says. Or, at least, he says, they are just as bad as I am so why are you picking on me?

When Hitler cleaned out the Bauhaus in Berlin, they all went to the Los Angeles area and thus Hollywood was born. The first studios were owned by five Jewish families and many actors, directors, pornographers, and other perverts in Hollywood to this day are Jewish. It’s a fact.

It is very interesting. If you look at who owns any of the major media, whether publications like magazines or books, or news or entertainment outlets on television, or the movies, you will find that they are entirely male and overwhelmingly Jewish! It’s the same with the private Federal Treasury, which illegally prints the U.S.Dollar. Isn’t that interesting?

If you search further, you’ll find that they have done a lot of damage to white Europeans, including the males, but mostly it is women who have suffered, as always. For instance, an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the World Wars will lead any unbiased researcher to the conclusion that the official history is a lie told by Jews in order to extort money from the nations of the West and to form the essentially Communist state of Israel, which is a center of political power – not just in the world, but in the U.S. They are manipulating politicians – all of them, including Trump, as you will surely have noticed if you watched the recent speeches to AIPAC (a lobby belonging to Israel – a whole other country) during the elections. If a politician says and does what the Jews in Israel want, they send him a big, fat check! They are lining the pockets of all kinds of politicians, both Democrat and Republican.

The so-called Jewish Holocaust is a lie – an absolute, in-your-face lie – concocted by these same people to guilt and extort the Germans and anyone who even looks like a German! They even extort Switzerland, which was neutral during the war and didn’t have an opportunity to shove any Jews into any ovens, make-believe or otherwise. This Jewish Holocaust lie is perpetuated by the ADL and by the major Ivy League universities in the U.S., in particular, Yale. They are all Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews (like Trump, for instance), but most Jews are Zionists. A few Jews over the years have blown the whistle on this thing and the whistle has been blowing for a long time, but nobody much seems to hear it. And, frankly, even knowing the truth about what I just wrote here is a little frightening. It’s another one of those things we’re not allowed to say or talk about in any way. But, if we don’t talk about it, we can’t get at the all important truth which will set us, as women, free.

I studied all of this stuff a long time ago. I read and studied the works of Marx and Hitler and I read the works of other prominent Germans, in the original language when I could obtain it. Still, I have a collection of these books on my shelves – things like The Zionist Connection, the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, the Truth About the Treaty (of Versailles), Der Bolschewismus von Moses bis Lenin by Dietrich Eckart (one of my favorites, which explains exactly what is going on in Germany and Sweden right now with the Muslim invasion. Eckart was a founding member of NASDAP and it was he who brought Hitler on board.), and multiple collectors copies of Mein Kampf, in English and the German. I, also, have lots of books on the subject of propaganda and the propaganda war because that was the essence of World War II and it is, in fact, the essence of any war.

The white man’s propaganda, which even black women and Hispanic women buy into, is that he is the best. If you are a black woman who can’t find a “good, strong black man,” you might turn your sights on a white man thinking that he is superior to the black man. If you believe the white man’s propaganda (put out by the Jewish media, which is supposedly the enemy and corrupter of the poor widdle, helpless white boys), you might find yourself a genuine Ward Cleaver or, at least, a Gilligan. Maybe he won’t hit you as hard or rape you quite as often. Maybe he can even hold down a high paying job and take you to the idyllic suburbs to live. But, this is a mirage – a false image of hope – for the black woman just as much as it is for many white women because the white man is a man just like any other.He’s just got a really good propaganda machine.

One aspect of his propaganda machine involves scapegoating. He scapegoats everybody and everything in an effort to distract from his own guilt, his own degeneracy. If you want to see some examples, just look at the news – just this past week or so, we’ve had a number of excellent examples of men scapegoating women, other men, a religion, and inanimate objects for their own wicked behavior. We had a white man at Stanford University who raped an intoxicated woman and blamed it on “party culture” and “alcohol.” Although, it doesn’t appear that he was drunk at the time of the crime (according to the two Swedish men on bicycles who caught him trying to kill a woman behind a trash dumpster) and it’s hard to understand what about the word “party” lends itself to rape and attempted murder.

We had another (undoubtedly staged event – one of many since Obama has occupied the White House, which don’t add up – literally, the numbers don’t add up on this one and there is no evidence of any actual killing presented) alleged mass shooting, this time in Orlando, Florida, in which a Muslim man somehow managed to shoot and kill 50 people at a fag bar and injure 50 more (this is where the story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, at all – but most people don’t bother to investigate). In this obvious ploy to gain public sympathy for male perverts (and disarm victims, especially women), a religion has been blamed, American gun culture has been blamed, the 2nd Amendment has been blamed, the NRA has been blamed, guns (inanimate objects) have been blamed – almost everyone has been blamed except the shooter who is a man and, as we all know, it is men who kill.

The white man, especially the white supremacist types, like to blame the Jews for their own failings. While it is true that Jewish media, including Jewish porn, and Jewish universities have caused a lot of problems for white people, especially white women, who are most often the objects of the sexed up programming, pornification, and turning the white woman into the whore of the world, the white man has not resisted – instead, he has joined his Jewish brethren. Then, he’s like a little 5-year old with his hand caught in the cookie jar who points at his friend and says, “He made me do it!” But, the truth is no one made him do anything; he is simply exercising his own nature. He is a male being a male.

Increasingly white women despise men, especially the white man, and for this he blames not himself, but white women, the Jews, black men, Hispanic men, feminism and especially radical feminism (although they appear clueless about what it is). He never blames the real culprit – himself and his depravity, violence, and hatred toward white women. He is so certain we exist for him to rape and kill that  it never enters his mind, apparently, that he is too dangerous and despicable for any white woman to be in the same room with voluntarily.

Still, there are some women – some white women, in particular – who believe the white man can somehow be redeemed. They believe that we can work it out somehow (I don’t know how!). Perhaps this is the motivation of those Nordic pagan white supremacist women. Perhaps they believe the white man’s very old propaganda about life in the icy north before the arrival of the Christians. They say the women were warriors, too, who fought alongside the men. (They say this like it’s a good thing.) They believe that the white man, the brave Vikings – who, by the way, were terrors as much as they were traders the world over, raping and pillaging where they weren’t transacting business  – were examples of true and good men. (True as in troth – meaning loyal, loyal to the tribe.) There is a whole mythology about the All-father, Odin, and there are many female goddesses that figure into it and when it is placed next to Christianity, it is relatively less horrible for women. It is a way of romanticizing the white man, but it is just that – a romance, a fantasy, something that is not real and has absolutely no foundation in reality.

Some of them believe that the white male of the north was not such an asshole before the arrival of the Jewish religion, Christianity. They believe that without these foreign influences the white male could be somehow palatable to the white woman.

But, this is all a fantasy. It’s propaganda – old propaganda, dug up and resurrected for the purposes of the white nationalist movement.

I am familiar with a lot of it because I am familiar with Norse paganism. I used to wonder why having an interest in this subject would sometimes get me called a “Nazi.” After reading some of the writings of white nationalist women, I see where the confusion comes in. But, the fact is this: The Old Norse and the Vikings are a civilization with some merits to occultists like myself. We can learn from it. But,  like the civilizations that now lay in ruins south of the Rio Grande, they are a thing of the dead past and cannot ever be resurrected.

Romanticizing men is a dangerous thing for women to do. None of them are safe to be around and it’s the same story the world over. White men are not somehow inherently better because of their mythical Nordic ancestry. The truth about the old Norsemen is that they were uncouth. They bathed in their own filth, when they bathed at all, which was rarely. (The American sense of hygiene comes from the American Indians – not the white man, as I discovered personally when I visited Europe, where they have a completely different concept of such things.) The women were slaves within their tribe. When a man could not find a woman within his own tribe, he abducted one from a neighboring one. If the woman was suspected of being unfaithful, they shaved her head and beat her and did who knows what else, but I’m sure we can all guess because men always get around to it one way or another. Her children belonged to him and both she and they were given their owners’ name.

There is no redemption for anything this evil! Plus, I haven’t even started on the white man’s colonization escapades – right now, I’m just focusing on what he has historically done to white women, which is being romanticized – amazingly! – by these white supremacist women.

In one of Orwell’s Daughter’s audio posts, she says that she thinks it might be possible for white women to work things out with white men, if these foreign influences could somehow be extracted from them. If the Jewish perversion could somehow be exorcised, they could be good for women or, at least, something we could live with. I think this is what she was trying to say.

This, of course, caused me to recall many of the things I have written about above. It, also, caused me to wonder: What would a good man look like? What would a man have to be in order for me to be able to tolerate his presence – without keeping my hand on the loaded weapon in my pocket, at all times, that is? This is a little bit like talking about what a good snake  would look like. I once had a pet snake, so it’s all relative, I can tell you.

So, I thought that a good man, one who was tolerable, at least, would have to have the following characteristics:

  • Not be a rapist – meaning he can never have raped anyone, at all. This pretty much means he must never stick his dick in a woman or girl, at all, because we (or I, at least, and there are many women like me) don’t really want this and even if “consent” is obtained, as it frequently is through coercion, lies, false promises and misrepresentations (this used to be recognized as a crime by the law).
  • Not harass women and girls, not be a street harasser or a stalker
  • Not call women and girls cunts, bitches, and whores and otherwise insist that they long to be fucked by men.
  • Not hit, slap, punch, squeeze hard enough to injure and preferably not lay hands on women or girls, at all
  • Must not view porn, participate in porn, or visit strip clubs and similar establishments that rely on the exploitation of women
  • Must not deny economic, career, and other opportunities to women and girls

Now, this is a short and I think pretty fair list. These are some pretty bare requirements for not being a degenerate, a criminal, and a pervert, however, I can’t think of a single man I know who could pass muster, regardless of race, creed, nationality or personal relationship to me or lack thereof.

There is no way to have a really good relationship with a snake, either. They bite – unexpectedly. Even though you feed them and water them and dutifully clean their habitat, they might decide to wrap themselves around your neck and strangle you while you sleep. It’s the nature of the snake. When you take one into your home and try to make friends with it, these things are all in the back of your mind. It’s the same with men.

Based on my own experiences with men, as well as observing and reading about other women’s experiences, there is no way I could trust a man. I’d sooner have another snake in my house – really, I’d much rather sleep with a snake. If we’re taking calculated risks, the snake is a safer bet than the man is!

The question, I guess for these women, is: What level of threat is acceptable to you? For me, the answer is zero. This is why I do not ever advise women or girl to have relations or even friends who are males, if this is at all avoidable. Get away from men! If you value your health and your life, figure out how you are going to do what you want to do in life without them constantly trying to sabotage your work and kill you.

The idea that the white man is superior to anyone is laughable to me. I suspect that this is a romantic fantasy to these women who just cannot let go of men – they cannot stop loving men, even though it is as plain as the nose on your face that they are killing us! They are a grave danger to us. They are a terrible drain on our lives, on our energy, on our personal resources. Men are men and they are the same to women – all are death to us, either slowly or quickly, as they choose.





Radical Feminist Analysis of Class and Feminism in the Television Show, “Roseanne”

cast of roseThe television show, “Roseanne,” ran in the U.S. between 1988 and 1997. Like many comedy TV series, it featured an idealized, traditional nuclear family. The biggest difference between “Roseanne,” and other shows before or since, is that it focused on a class of people in an area of the country who are not usually not well-represented in entertainment media. “Roseanne” was the first successful show to feature a poor to lower-middle class, small town, mid-western family and the first to treat the people of this huge swath of the country with respect and a sense of realism.

Many of the actors were originally from Illinois or other mid-western states. John Goodman (Dan Conner) is originally from St. Louis and attended college in Missouri. Laurie Metcalf (Jackie) and Lecy Goransen (Becky) are both originally from towns in Illinois. Goransen studied acting in Chicago and Metcalf was involved with Chicago live theater before she joined the cast of “Roseanne.” Natalie West (Crystal) is originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota and became involved in acting in Chicago. A few others involved in the show were originally from Chicago. Roseanne grew up in Utah and moved to Colorado at the age of 18, of course, neither of these locations are in the midwest, but they are all part of what is designated “fly-over country” by the liberal elite who were represented among most of the producers and writers for the show.

In the article, “And I Should Know,” New York Magazine, May 15, 2011: http://nymag.com/arts/tv/upfronts/2011/roseanne-barr-2011-5/ , Roseanne talks about both the sexism and the classism she experienced daily on the set of Roseanne. Since most of the decision-makers were from Ivy League schools and from one coast or the other, they lacked an understanding of both mid-western culture and the lives of the lower classes. If this is true, then it may mean that their other portrayals of mid-westerners in television series may be coming not from a place of mockery and disdain as much as it is simply a manifestation of their classist ignorance. (A classic example of this is the show, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” from the 1970s, which portrayed a small town in Ohio full of caricatures drawn from its class-bigoted New York City producer’s twisted vision of what working-class mid-westerners would probably look and act like.)

“Roseanne” takes place in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois, which seems to be a few hours south of Chicago. It’s a place of limited educational and economic opportunities and it might be an amalgam of any number of small to mid-size cities in the mid-west in the late 1980s to early ’90s. Factories provide(d) the primary source of liveable income and after that the opportunities were limited to construction jobs (for men) and minimum wage jobs in fast food restaurants and banks (for women and men). In such places, blue and pink collar workers greatly outnumber white collar professionals (architects, doctors, accountants).

Roseanne Barr has commented that the Conner family represents a socioeconomic class that no longer exists as the income gap between rich and poor in the U.S. has widened. As portrayed in the television show, many factories and businesses closed in small and mid-sized mid-western towns in the 1990s with Bill Clinton’s signing of NAFTA and GATT, which saw an exodus of businesses to Mexico and overseas. Small towns like Lanford suffered very acutely as factories and businesses were lost and never replaced. The fall out of these job losses has continued for years until the present. Towns represented by “Lanford” became very depressing places to live and almost impossible to get out of. Being born and raised in such a town means a lifetime of limited opportunities and no way out – at least, no reasonable way. As you watch the television show, “Roseanne,” from one season to the next you see that the characters’ hope, especially Becky and Darlene, for achieving the feminist dream of self-realization and financial independence begins to fade more and more from one season to the next as the economy declines.

The circumstances of the Conner family’s lives are so dismal that by the last season, Roseanne as the main character begins to rewrite the story in an entire season of fantasy in which the impoverished Conner family wins the lottery, domestic-abuse survivor Jackie meets a real Prince, her mother learns to appreciate her own sexuality when she comes out as a lesbian, husband Dan has an affair instead of dying of a heart attack, Roseanne and Jackie use their lottery winnings to re-open the factory that was once the life’s blood of the town’s economy; and Roseanne single-handedly saves the world from misogynistic terrorists. The very last episode of the series revealed the truth and now we can see the nature of Roseanne’s unfulfilled dreams both as a person and a woman.

The “Roseanne” show portrays mid-westerners and their lives with sympathy and sometimes painful accuracy. It shows the limitations of people’s lives and especially on women’s lives in towns like Lanford. Roseanne’s life allows her an expression of feminism, but only within a restricted boundary. She hopes for a better life for her own daughters, but their opportunities, which once looked bright as small children, begin to dwindle and the light of hope dims as the series progresses. Becky, the academically gifted, studious daughter, is faced with the fact that because of job losses, she is unable to attend college as she had been promised by her teachers and parents as a reward for her hard academic work. This is a revelation to her that she has been lied to all along about her opportunities, which she now sees are extremely limited. Her choices are limited by her parents’ financial status, by the hopelessness of the economically depressed town she was born in and by her sex. Feeling that she has little other option, she marries a dimwitted man who, at least, can get a job that pays above minimum wage (meanwhile, her job opportunities involve being a cashier at the “Buy and Bag” where she is sexually harassed and called obscene names by her male boss) and he will take his place as her protector in place of her failed father (who just lost his bike shop to the worsening local economy and can’t afford to keep the lights on at the house).

“Roseanne” demonstrates the restrictions that being of a lower economic class place on a girl or woman’s ability to fully live her feminism. Women in working-class towns like fictional Lanford do not have the same degree of “choice” as women from more advantaged backgrounds. In fact, their opportunities to make good choices, which lead to their self-autonomy and self-actualization, are extremely limited and often non-existent, despite claims, especially among liberal feminists, that women have achieved autonomy.

“Roseanne,” also, demonstrates the limitations of women and feminist characters on television, which is a male-dominated industry that produces images of itself to a male-dominated society. As you watch the series from beginning to end, you see the greater autonomy acheived by Roseanne Barr, herself, to give a voice to working-class women. In the first season of the show, Roseanne was more submissive to Dan. She even purchases a perfume, called “Submission,” in an episoded called, “We’re in the Money.” The earliest episodes of Roseanne seemed to focus more on class than on women. But, this changes in the later seasons when Roseanne Barr wins the power struggle behind the scenes of the show.

In fiction, one way to demonstrate differences is to create characters that are mirrors of each other. In Roseanne, you see numerous mirrored pairs.

Married Roseanne’s feminism is mirrored by that of her single sister Jackie.

The tomboy Darlene is mirrored by Becky, who enjoys wearing make-up and dresses.

Darlene is, also, mirrored by the neighbor Molly, who flirts with David. This is seen especially in the episodes “Good Girls, Bad Girls” and “Pretty in Black.”

Roseanne is similarly mirrored by her snooty neighbor Cathy Bowman, as seen especially in “Trouble with the Rubbles” and “Tolerate Thy Neighbor.”

Becky’s Feminism

How her economic class effects a girl’s expression of her feminism may be seen in the episode called “Becky’s Choice (Season 1, Episode 17), in which Becky has been seeing a boy whose parents are middle class and Roseanne invites them to a fancy home-cooked meal at the house without telling Becky. The differences in lifestyle between the lower class Conners and the middle class Langs (Edgar, Bonnie and Chip) are demonstrated in this episode. The professional class Lang family is a mirror to the working-class Conners. We, also, have the chance to see how the differences in financial status between the Conners and the Langs might affect Becky’s dating choices.

It’s important to mention that in the U.S., class is not perceived as it is in other countries like, for example, England, where class has to do with circumstances of birth and is revealed through manners and speech. In the U.S., where there is a dying myth of class mobility, we usually think of class firstly as financial status.

There are other perceptions about class that have to do with race and personal appearance, but these are usually more subtle and manifest as stereotypes of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people as wealthy and advantaged and black-haired, dark-eyed people as poor and disadvantaged. These notions are based largely on ideas propagated through the media and the truth is that the largest portion of poor and working poor in the United States more closely resembles the fictional Conner family in terms of demographics. The majority are white people living in rural areas or hopeless, former-industrial towns like Lanford, Illinois, many of whom are employed, but still struggling to make ends meet. If you don’t know much about them, it is because, apart from “Roseanne,” they’ve never had a voice in the media. Roseanne Barr has said this is because “Hollywood hates labor and hates shows about labor worse than any other thing.”

Education can, also, be an indicator of class and it often is in the “Roseanne” show with the divide being between (“them”) the professional, white collar people who have attended college and the laboring classes, (“us”) who only achieved a high school diploma or maybe a G.E.D. (passed a test, usually in adulthood in order to receive a General Equivalency Diploma). Having lots of children and being over-weight are, also, subtly associated with being lower class in the U.S. The difference between Roseanne and Bonnie Lang is highlighted in this episode when the Langs talk about their strict dietary habits. In another scene, Mrs. Lang, also, comes to the door dressed in an aerobics outfit, apologizing for her appearance because she’s just come from a class.

These differences in class still have financial class basis because people who have enough money can buy higher education, high-quality food, and a gym membership, which those in the lower financial class would, of course, also like to have, but cannot afford. We, also, see that there is little or no upward mobility in “Roseanne,” and both wealth and poverty are talked about as being inter-generational.

In this episode, Becky has secretly made a date to meet another boy, Johnny Swanko, whom we’ve never heard of before. When Roseanne brings the groceries in, she announces to Dan that she invited Bonnie and Edgar for dinner that night. She’s bought dinner candles and a special marinated swordfish, which she doesn’t really know how to prepare. But, she’s trying to make a good impression on them and to thank them for taking Becky out to eat at many nice restaurants. Roseanne says to Jackie, “You never know, Sis. Bonnie and Edgar could be family someday.” This is an expression of hope for Becky’s upward mobility through marriage.

Dan jokes about the billiard table, the study and expensive liquor, which they don’t have. Darlene who has just been practicing her pitching, complains that she has to wear a dress (not just something nice, but specifically a dress) to dinner. We are reminded that gender role conformity is something prized by the middle and upper classes. In fact, all the girls and women are in dresses for dinner.

When the Langs arrive and Dan offers them a drink, they assume that the Conners have a big, wet bar stocked with plenty of liquor when Edgar requests a complex mixed drink. Bonnie says mineral water would be fine with her. Both of these are luxuries the Langs take for granted everyone has in their home, but they are not things the Conners can either afford or prioritize in their life style. Dan and Roseanne offer them domestic beer and tap water, instead. Roseanne jokes, “I’ll have some of that Muscatel in the fridge.” Muscatel is a cheap, sweet wine favored by winos.

While they’re waiting on dinner, the two families try to make small talk. But, they find there is a gap of lifestyle and experience between them, which seems to be more noticeable to the Conners than to the Langs, who seem oblivious to what the Conners lack.

Edgar jokes that he and Dan have something in common. They both do “digging” because Dan is a contractor and he is a dentist. The Langs’ friends are dentists and other white collar professionals. The only relationship the Conners have to such people is when they need their services and we see from the conversation that they, in fact, do not often visit dentists since they don’t know that theirs has moved to a new professional building. Edgar talks about the new building full of his many professional associates. Bonnie says that a friend of hers decorated it. (Interior decorating is a job associated with middle-class, suburban housewives) and, by way of contrast, Dan says that his friend, Rocko, poured the foundation for the building.

Again, seemingly oblivious to the Conner’s financial class, the Langs talk about their exciting vacation to Hawaii, a place the Conners have never visited and probably have no hope of ever seeing. The Conners have difficulty contributing to the conversation because of their limited life experiences – limitations deriving from their economic class. Meanwhile, Roseanne discovers she has burned the swordfish and Becky is nowhere to be found.

Roseanne yells for Becky, which is not something a middle-class woman would do, so this is a demonstration of her class. After yelling, “Becky,” at the top of her lungs in the living room, she goes outside where she finds her making out with a lower class boy, Johnny Swanko. “Becky, get your butt in the house now,” she says, which is also telling of her class because this is not a phrase you’d expect to hear from a middle class woman like, for instance, Mrs. Lang.

The title of this episode, “Becky’s Choice,” may not mean simply the choice between two different boys, but two different classes of associates. Since the Conners are not able to reciprocate the generosity of the Langs, this may lead to feelings of discomfort for Becky. By dating a lower class boy, one of perhaps even a lower class than her own, she is letting herself off the hook. She states at the end of the episode that her parents like Chip and she must certainly feel the pressure to go with a boy of a higher socio-econmic class, since this is one way she could realistically achieve upward mobility. Certainly, Becky must feel resentment, perhaps toward the Langs and certainly toward her own parents for trying to push her together with the boy.

middle-class-was-fun.gifThe first two episodes of Season 5 are called,”Terms of Estrangement” Parts One and Two. By this time, we see that Becky, now a high school senior preparing for college, really has had very few choices and opportunities. By this time, the Wellman factory has closed for a while and the entire town is facing a sharp economic downturn with the “trickle down” effect of the loss of stable labor jobs. Dan can’t keep his bike shop open much longer. Rodbell’s in the mall, where Roseanne was employed as a waitress, closed last season and now she is struggling to find a new job, to take care of the house and children, and to help Dan sell motorcycles at the shop, all at the same time. Since they took out a second mortgage on the house in order to open up their bike shop, the Conners are now in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. Roseanne and Jackie peruse the classified ads and Roseanne jokes about “crappy jobs” and Jackie says, quite seriously, that it’s too bad there isn’t a holiday weekend coming up, which is an expression of the very real hopelessness when there are so few jobs available that someone has to die before you have a chance.

Becky realizes that there is no money for her to attend college on. Certainly, she can’t afford tuition by working at the Buy ‘n’ Bag (where she is sexually harassed by her boss in another episode). Life at home is miserable and since the bike shop is closing, this means her boyfriend, Mark, is also out of a job. When he is offered a job as a mechanic in Minneapolis, Becky begs him to stay in Lanford. Darlene ridicules Becky for keeping him in “this hole,” Lanford, when he has an opportunity to get out.

The first episode of the season ends with a big surprise when we learn that Becky has dropped out of high school and eloped with Mark. Dan is upset because he feels his failures are the cause for Becky’s poor choices. Although, Becky’s choices aren’t stupid, if you consider what her options are. “It’s all ’cause of you,” Becky tells her father. “If you knew how to run a business, he’d still have a job and he wouldn’t be leaving. Now, I don’t have Mark, I don’t have college, I don’t have anything! You blew it, Dad. You blew it for everyone in this family.” These were her last words before storming out the door.

In the next episode, Becky and Mark return married. The Conners have never liked Mark, who they describe frequently as a “punk.” He is of a low class, similar to their their own, although possibly even a little lower. He’s drunk in a few episodes, including one in which he is drinking underage using a fake I.D. and punches the glass on a juke box at the Lobo Lounge. He pressures Becky to have sex with him. It’s not clear if he finished high school, but he was thrown out of the house by his alcoholic parents at age 16. In a later episode, he flunks out of trade school and Roseanne constantly makes jokes about how stupid he is.

If not for the financial circumstances of the Conner family, Becky probably would have made different choices. But, her opportunities are limited and she takes the only avenue out, which seems to provide a ray of hope. After all, he has a good job and maybe she can go to community college in Minnesota.

By Season 6, Mark and Becky are arguing a lot because of money and Mark’s macho ways. By the 7th season, he’s lost his good job and they end up moving in with Dan and Roseanne.

Finally, Becky’s life hits rock bottom when she and Mark move into a trailer, thus fulfilling the stereotype of white trailer trash.

To what extent is this poverty Becky’s fault? She married an idiot. But, what were her options in a town with no decent jobs and no opportunity to escape?

She had no reasonable options – only unreasonable ones. For example, many young women from places like Lanford end up working in strip clubs and this is their only way out of the trap. In fact, when I was Becky’s age, I took a look at the landscape in the nearby town, saw all the low-class men, and many people either of a much lower economic class who I had little in common with in terms of dreams and aspirations or of a much higher one than mine, who were very traditional, conventional thinkers. The strip clubs were my only way out and while it worked for me, it isn’t for everyone (like, for instance, it helps to be groomed for several years in a pedophile-run religious cult) and it was simply a matter of survival because I could not live like the people around me. I simply refused. The “Roseanne” show has ended about 15 years ago and now, even those opportunities aren’t there, since the money simply isn’t there and lots of the dancers have been replaced with prostituted women (some with pimps who beat them up and burn them with cigarettes) because of the increasingly restrictive laws against dancing in many states.

Another way out for a woman like Becky might be an upwardly mobile marriage. But, this is not a reasonable option, either. We see in the episode, “Becky’s Choice,” that she is aware of the limitations of her class and she’s not a “gold digger” who will marry for money.

These struggles of working class women and their daughters are exactly what Roseanne Barr set out to show us. Women can only express their feminism within certain limitations, based on economic class. Becky expresses her feminism mostly in her ambitions and aspirations, all of which were dashed to pieces by the economic downturn. She never has the chance to become the independent, educated, well-traveled woman she wants to be.

For me, the strip clubs were an expression of feminism within the boundaries I was permitted by the limitations of my sex and economic class and it was a means to an end, to an education and a final escape. It was something I had to do in order for my feminism – my most radical feminism, especially – to eventually be able to express itself. It is not a reasonable choice and it was not an especially free choice. It was a terrible option and a last resort, but one I am grateful for since it was all I had and it really was my ticket out of a place a lot like Lanford.

We don’t see this option presented in “Roseanne” and the closest thing we see to it is when Becky, living under Roseanne’s roof, again, takes a job as a waitress at “Buns,” which seems to be something like “Hooters.” Dan is angry that Mark would allow her to work there because he’s “seen the kind of things that go on in that place.” Roseanne is surprised that he’s been there, which alludes to the misogynistic secrets men keep from women, especially their wives and daughters. Becky is working there because she’s earning $15 an hour to support her family. So, we see that even though the Conner’s are poor, they only believe in degrading themselves so far for the sake of money, and their “dignity” is not “for sale.”

Darlene’s Feminism

darlenes-feminismDarlene is probably one of the most obviously feminist characters on the show and the real reflection of her creator’s (Roseanne Barr’s) own early feminism. She is most resistant to gender role stereotypes, especially as the show progresses and the writer and actress, Roseanne Barr, begins to gain more power over the script and other aspects of the show.

Each of the girls seems to have a moment when she realizes something is terribly wrong. For Becky it seems to be in Season 2, Episode 2, “The Little Sister,” in which she finds her father’s Playboy Magazines. Later in the episode after a big family blow-up, in which Darlene goes to stay with Aunt Jackie, we see Becky looking very sad, leaning her head on her mother’s shoulder and asking why men want to look at women in magazines? Roseanne doesn’t provide any serious answers because the truth – that men, even beloved, trusted and respected fathers, exploit women for their own twisted pleasure – is not something that could be said during prime time. Becky says she feels sorry for the women in the magazines and Roseanne quips, “Me, too,” although with an expression and intonation that leads us to believe that she actually envies them.

Becky fits the idealized image of the feminine woman more naturally than either Roseanne or Darlene. Moreover, Darlene’s interests are outside the bounds of her gender. She’s referred to as her father’s “son.” He calls her “Sport.” But, he calls Becky “Princess.”

There are numerous episodes devoted to Darlene’s either inability or unwillingness to conform to female gender stereotypes. But, the episodes that most reveal Darlene’s dilemma in trying to adjust her true self and what she wants to be to the gender and class restrictions placed upon her are the several episodes that deal with her sinking into a depression in Season 4, from which she does not recover until she befriends Karen, a woman who runs a bookstore and encourages her to write science fiction stories. (Incidentally, Sci-fi is a genre that is particularly hostile to women as writers.)

The first one of these episodes is Season 4, Episode 4, “Darlene Fades to Black,” in which she is seen lying on the sofa, “watching one dumb rerun after another,” about which she quips: “And I do it as well as any man!”

This episode is partly about Dan’s resistance to Becky getting a little motor scooter because she’s his “daughter.” Becky says that it isn’t really about the scooter, but “women being exploited by men for centuries,” which is followed by audience laughter.

We don’t know exactly why Darlene is depressed and she reveals in a later episode that even she isn’t exactly certain what is wrong. She simply wants to be left alone. She stops playing basketball at school after not making first string. She begins spending a lot of time in her room, dressing in black, dying her hair black and not coming out of her room. Dan and Roseanne seem to think this is related to her quitting the basketball team. Roseanne even accuses her of using drugs.

The patriarchy and the obstacles that it erects for women are like trees in a forest. When you encounter the first few trees it’s hard to put it all together, to realize how big, deep and labyrinthine the forest is. Darlene has encountered a number of these trees: She’s “Too short to be quarterback,  too plain to be queen,” as she writes in a poem from an earlier episode (Braindead Poet’s Society). In “Darlene Fades to Black,” Roseanne confronts her directly and asks her what the problem is. Darlene responds, “It’s school. It’s my friends. It’s the way I look. It’s you. It’s Dad. It’s everything.”

Darlene’s character is a little reminiscent of George Elliot’s character, Maggie Tulliver, in her famous book, “The Mill on the Floss,” who failed to be the idealized Victorian daughter in her classic novel. Like Maggie Tulliver, Darlene’s beauty is unconventional, her hair is “uncontrollable” and she becomes “bad tempered” and “sharp tongued” when feminine gender role stereotypes are cast upon her. She expresses her feminism through wise cracks and insults, very much like her mother does, in a frustrated response to her surroundings.

Both Becky and Darlene resist patriarchy, but to different degrees and in different ways. None of the female characters in this series truly succeeds in overcoming the detrimental effects of patriarchy.

Ultimately, Darlene is the daughter with the best chance of breaking the cycle and finding even greater expression for her feminism. We see in the episode, Season 8, Episode 8, “White Sheep of the Family,” that she turned down a great job as an advertising copywriter, making $500 per week (not really a lot of money, but a lot to the working class Conners). The family is appalled that she would turn down such a lucrative opportunity. But, Darlene argues that she wants to finish college first, then she can get an even better job.

This particular episode is a lot about class and the lower classes’ envy of any class above themselves. In it we see another obstacle for Darlene to escape the traps of her sex and class, which is her own family and their working class values. Mark and Becky are living in a trailer and the Conners are struggling for money with Roseanne and Jackie doing odd jobs, like giving out samples in the grocery store.

Although, Dan and Roseanne have always hoped their daughters would “make it,” at the same time they are resentful toward the small successes that Darlene has achieved. They begin to interpret her usual sarcastic comments as a slam against their working-class family. In this episode Roseanne gives a short speech to Darlene about her failures as a feminist and acknowledges her resentment.

“First of all, I’m really glad that you’re going to school and getting an education like I never got because I got caught up in all that love and peace crap from the ’60s. Then 10 years later I realized I should have listened to all those women who said learn to support yourself or you’re going to be screwed.” She admits that she resents that she had to work in factories, salons, and restaurants to help Darlene get that far.

Darlene talks about how she’s surrounded by rich kids who don’t have to work hard because “Daddy’s there to bail them out.” This is a statement about the fact that college is a thing that usually runs in families and Darlene is an exception being from a working class family in which both she and her sister dropped out of high school.

In the background of this episode, D.J. tries to seduce a girl at school using a trombone he bought with some inheritance money. Dan approves, but Jackie and Becky try to explain to him that this is wrong, which is also met with laughter as D.J. makes a sexual gesture with the trombone before going into the other room with the girl.

In the next episode, Becky realizes that she may have made a mistake by dropping out of school and marrying Mark. She’s not sure she wants to stay married to him (and we can understand why), she wants to go back to school and dreams of becoming a doctor.

The Roseanne Show ended at Season 9, which was all a fantasy written by the character Roseanne. It highlights the various aspects of the plight of the working class Conner family, which we’ve seen coated in humor for all the preceding seasons. Not only does Roseanne become a feminist heroine, but the family becomes fabulously wealthy after winning the lottery and we do not see if Darlene graduates college or if Becky ever gets to go back to school. But, Darlene becomes pregnant and marries David, which seems to bring an end to her personal ambitions.

Roseanne’s Feminism

Roseanne’s feminism is demonstrated within the context of the patriarchal restraints of the traditional nuclear family and the limitations of her class.

cathyMy favorite episodes of “Roseanne” involve the snooty neighbor, Cathy Bowman. Cathy is blonde, slim, and married to Jerry Bowman, with whom she has a son. Cathy doesn’t have to work outside her home to support her family like Roseanne does and in the first episode introducing the Bowmans, “Troubles with the Rubbles,” we see the contrast between the parenting styles of the two women, which is a reflection of each woman’s class.

The episode opens with Roseanne complaining about the fact that she has three children and a husband and still ends up doing all the grunt work. Roseanne’s kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher, nor does it have an inset shelf in the living room by the front door. Roseanne’s furniture is old, the sofa is worn with its iconic, acrylic, multi-colored afghan laid across the back of it and her kitchen table looks like it came from the ’60s. The kitchen walls and cabinets look aged.

By contrast Cathy’s house has neat, modern furnishings and a modern-looking, bright kitchen. At the end of this episode, a hilarious contrast is made, with corresponding musical background, to the two homes, showing the differences between the living rooms and kitchens in the otherwise identical houses.

Roseanne is a bad house keeper, while Cathy’s house is neat and orderly. Cathy speaks quietly and makes cute, small sneezes. But, Roseanne is loud with a grating voice.

Cathy is humorless. She is a Stepford Wife and Roseanne makes a contrastng joke about “the Lanford Wives,” in the episode, “Tolerate Thy Neighbor.”

In “Troubles with the Rubbles,” Roseanne enters Cathy’s home for the first time and says, “Man, this is the house I could have had if I’d married someone better.” In a later episode we learn that Cathy did not marry up, rather its her family who provided a job for her husband back in Chicago. But, until then we were left with this sexist assumption.

Cathy appears to be a traditionalist. There is nothing very feminist about her character, which seems to be drawn as a mirror of Roseanne’s class and the traditional role of wife and mother..In fact, because of her relatively privileged economic status, she is a stay-at-home mom and seems even more traditional than Roseanne who has to work to help support her family. She confronts Roseanne over the lack of supervision her son receives when he stays at Roseanne’s house. She clearly perceives Roseanne as a lower class of person and a less capable parent.

In a final episode with the Bowmans, their house is broken into in broad daylight. This is the last straw for Cathy in this low class neighborhood. She wants to move back to Chicago and we learn toward the end of the episode, “Tolerate Thy Neighbor,” that she controls her husband through sexual intercourse. He doesn’t really respect his wife and regularly disrespects her with Dan’s encouragement.

The contrast between Cathy and Roseanne is not so much about a traditionalist vs. a feminist or one type of feminist vs. another, but the contrast between two relatively traditionalist women of two slightly different classes. Roseanne’s class envy manifests as she calls Cathy “a witch” and “a bitch.”. When she sees Cathy’s house being broken into, it doesn’t occur to her that the house is being robbed, instead she believes that Cathy is just giving things away “to show off.”

A major feminist moment in the show for Roseanne occurs in Season 1, Episode 23, “Let’s Call it Quits,” when Roseanne tries to reach a compromise with an abusive supervisor at Wellman’s, but instead ends up leading a walk-out of the women workers at the factory.

Roseanne and Jackie

The biggest mirror of Roseanne’s character throughout the series is her sister, Jackie, who is single and, for most of the series, does not have children.

jackie.gifRoseanne is always trying to match-make, but the matches don’t often turn out well. In fact, Roseanne and Dan are the only successful couple in the series with the exception of “happily married” Vonda and Phil from Seasons 2 and 3. D.J. mentions in one episode that he’s the only kid in his class whose parents are still married to each other. Roseanne’s father messed around on her mom. Dan’s father messed around on his mom. Roseanne calls men pigs a number of times, but she still tries to shove her sister together with a number of men. She, also, manipulates her daughters, especially Darlene, to be with particular men.

This represents the kind of cognitive dissonance many of us have experienced at one time or another as women in relation to men when, despite all information to the contrary, we continue to hope that there is just one who is not a degenerate.

Jackie, too, bangs her head against a wall repeatedly, believing that there is something wrong with her because she can’t find a man. This is something that both Roseanne and her mother constantly harass Jackie about. Roseanne spouts Oprah-style psycho-babble at Jackie in Season 4, Episode 18, “This Old House,” when she says that their father’s abuse is why she is fat and Jackie “can’t have any decent relationship with any man.” Of course, Jackie isn’t really the problem and their father’s abuse is not happening in a vacuum – but they can’t tell us this on television! The men Jackie dates and eventually marries are representative of a variety of different types of male abusers. One of them beats her up, one is her sexually harassing boss at the factory (played by George Clooney) and in one episode she becomes the victim of date rape at the hands of Arnie, which is such a normal thing that it made a big joke of in Season 4, Episode 3, “Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker.”

Jackie frequently expresses her envy of Roseanne’s mostly happy marriage to Dan. In “An Officer and a Gentleman,” she takes Roseanne’s place while their dad is in the hospital and performs a parody performance of June Cleaver in “Leave It to Beaver.”

But, Jackie’s independent nature and her refusal to conform to certain gender role identities often stands in the way of her relationships with men who want to dominate her or who disrespect her humanity in other ways.

Perhaps one of the most repellent men Jackie is paired with is Fred who, in Season 6, Episode 17, “Don’t Make Room for Daddy,” tries to sue her for custody of her unborn child. “He’s suing me for custody of my stomach!” Jackie says. He insists on being involved in “his” child’s life. He tries to control Jackie in various ways even after their divorce. With her cognitive dissonance in relation to men, Roseanne interferes and pushes Jackie together with Fred. Jackie is very reluctant at first. She just wants to raise her child alone without interference. Eventually, Jackie succumbs to the pressure and, against her better judgement, she marries Fred who she doesn’t really know. Fred expresses a lot of sentiments that seem to come directly from “Father’s Rights” advocates. Fred says, “I’m fighting for my rights and my kid’s rights.” He even refers to himself as a “nice” guy at the end of the episode.

In “Don’t Make Room for Daddy,” we see how deeply embedded patriarchal ideas about male/female couples are in Roseanne’s mind. We see that women who rebel are always brought into line one way or another. She says to Jackie: “If you don’t snap out of this man-hating stuff of yours, you’re going to be old and alone and thinking you can stay with me!” Jackie says, “You don’t know what I went through.” Roseanne defends men, “They’re not all like Fisher. They’re not all like Dad.” So we see how traditional Roseanne is compared to Jackie. In the last scene, we see that Jackie is in bed with Fred, again, and talking about how he’s a “nice guy.” The patriarchy triumphs despite Jackie’s resistance to it.

Jackie best expresses her feminism through her pursuit of jobs that are traditionally “male only.” She becomes a Landford City police officer and she becomes an over-the-road truck driver. She, also, stands up for herself against her boyfriend, Gary, who wants her to quit the Lanford Police Department. She asserts herself for the last time against Fred when they agree to a divorce.

Some Conclusions

roseanne-powerI’m amazed that “Roseanne” is considered to be a feminist television show because, apart from the fact that Roseanne Barr is an amazing, powerful woman and a strong feminist, this show is about a very traditional nuclear family. But, the feminism of this show has to be considered in the context of what has been allowed on television in the past. It is a testimony to the fact that women have not come a long way.

For women, television is the modern-day equivalent of the Medieval European witch burnings. It’s a way to keep women in line on a mass scale. The trauma, humiliation, subjugation and violence meted out to women on television has a similar effect on the subconscious that seeing the brutal eroticized torture of women by men had on European women in the Middle Ages in that it keeps women “in their place” by mocking and reinforcing our subjugation at the hands of men. Women are not only objectified, they are seen in traditional roles or, at least, sexual roles.

I believe Roseanne Barr did the best she could to give a voice to women, especially women of the lower classes, and really to a whole bunch of people (like myself) in the middle part of the country, which is very much ignored except when it is maligned by elitists in the media situated on either coast.

Some other aspects of feminism in Roseanne, which I’d like to analyze in the future, are the promotion of allopathic medicine (obstetrics and gynecology) to women and the promotion of the male protection racket.

Additional material:

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“Mary, Roseanne and Carrie: Television and Fictionalized Feminism,” by Rachael Horowitz – http://michiganjournalhistory.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/horowitz_rachel.pdf

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Note: The above article is a reprint from by private blog, which was first published on November 4, 2014.

The White Man’s Hatred of White Women

The members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Louis Farrakhan aren’t the only ones calling for the death of white women. No. Someone else wants us dead and the call is coming from inside the house! 

White men are, also, threatening to kill us, all of us, but especially “feminists,” in many conversations and comment sections online. They do this in the middle of a tirade of rage-filled, sexual abuse directed specifically at white women, whom they like to call “trash,” “sluts,” “whores” and worse while they indulge their rape fantasies.

Recently, I have written in a couple of posts about the disgusting sexual fetishes of men who like to abuse women online. It actually has a name and it is called “erotic humiliation,” which is apparently a part of sado-masochism, a thing that has increasingly become a mainstream trend. This explains why men, in general, attack women everywhere online that we are recognizable.

But, it’s more than that even. It is simply an echo of things we’ve heard before. White men hate white women. They especially hate blondes. I’ve heard it many times over the years stretching back for a few decades, so it’s nothing new.

What is amazing about their hatred of white women is that it is often coupled with white supremacist attitudes about race and breeding. I left a comment at a Youtube video a couple of weeks ago, which has since garnered a long stream of hate-filled sexualized abuse.  I just went back and read it this evening and it is something that, when I analyze it, makes me realize how insane white men are – how evil they are that they could say these things about their own mothers and grandmothers.

Coupled with their complaints that men of other races are breeding whites out of existence, they spew hatred at white women and brag about their “submissive” Asian wives.  (Women who are “submissive” long enough to get their paperwork in order once they arrive in the U.S. as overseas brides, then get as far away from their abusers, as possible. I was good friends with one such woman. She was in no way submissive and didn’t especially like men, either, but – like the rest of us – she was a survivor!)

The men are mostly angry that they cannot “get” white women. They are angry because, increasingly, women – and maybe especially white women – are shunning white men and often men, altogether.

Despite their attempts to destroy us. Despite making our lives sheer misery. Despite causing us to live in constant fear. Despite all the horror that is men, women are still outpacing men in education, in entrepreneurship, in home ownership, and in many other areas of life. Yes, they’re still stalking, harassing, raping and killing us, right and left. But, we are still pulling ahead and they are left behind because they really cannot do much for themselves, it seems, and instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, instead of doing something constructive with their time, they choose, instead, to harass and sexually abuse any women who come into range.

Lots of women defend their sons. It’s a problem in feminism, in general, and a barrier to more radical forms of feminism for many women. Women who have sons cannot see how evil their sons really are. They simply refuse to see it. They should venture into some of these discussions and they would have their eyes opened up wide!

More women with sons, especially white women with sons, should take a look at some of these disgusting comments by white men toward and about white women online. They should know how much their own sons and grandsons hate them – how they want to murder them. How they want to dominate them, enslave them and kill them and how they talk about doing these things in very specific ways that conjure images of the bad old days, what we call The Burning Times.

This is how much white sons hate their own mothers and grandmothers!

Yet, they cannot understand why white women stay far away from them.

As with many other things to do with men that I see online, I wonder how long it has been like this. I think it must have been this way for a very long time. I’ve experienced little but abuse and near-death at the hands of mostly white men, mostly white men known to me – trusted white men, all my life. Men, some trusted in the community, have threatened to rape me – and all that stops them now is that they know I am well fortified and prepared to defend myself with deadly force against them, if necessary.

These are our white brothers – and they want us dead! No one should ever imagine – whether on this continent or any other where there are white men – that they will come to the defense of women, especially white women. At best, they are cowards. At worst, they are johns, pimps and rapists.

So, we must always be prepared to defend ourselves and not just against the assorted darkies and Muslim men who are attacking us and calling for our deaths, but from the white males who, also, hate us – maybe even more ! – and want to subjugate or kill us, white men who are so low, so vile, that they hate and despise their own mothers!

What kind of degenerate hates his own mother this way?!

I cannot urge women strongly enough not to trust men. Do not allow yourself to be alone with one ever because we see the kind of hatred they harbor and if we did not know it before, we cannot ignore it any longer because it is everywhere online that men congregate. For your own safety and the preservation of your life, do not fall into the habit of thinking that a man of this or that race or nationality is less dangerous than any other. White men are as dangerous as any and statistically they are more likely to rape and murder white women than any other group of men. This is mainly because white women have white male relatives and white male friends and associates and live in communities more likely to be filled with white males.

Reading these horrific comments, filled with violent sex fantasies and threats of murder directed specifically at white women, really explains to me so many of my past experiences of unexpected, unprovoked attacks, especially from white males. They are absolutely desperate and rabidly sick, which is why they will attack and beat and/or rape you suddenly and without provocation. They are filled with rage at us. They want us dead.






On the Difficulty of Discussing Sexual Assault by Black or Muslim Men

I want to thank the blogger, StoryEndingNever, and praise her courage for publishing a post about her very brutal rape experience at the hands of an Arab Muslim in Canada. It is always difficult to talk about rape and this post is especially valuable because it talks about the particular ways that white women are prevented from talking about sexual assault when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.

Here is this excellent post:  My Own Personal Arab Muslim Rapist.

The author of this blog has travelled extensively and lives and works in a foreign country where she is a minority, white woman. She has written about the particular way that white women are targeted by non-white males who view us as walking porn in her White Girl Series.

She, also, wrote a very fascinating post, detailing the horrifying incident in which she was strangled and attacked by a group of Muslim men at a live music event in Belgium in 1996. This was when there were still very hostile, very aggressive Muslim men in North Western European countries, but not nearly in the great numbers that have come in recent years and especially in recent months. This article is part of her Conversations with Men series.  Click the following link to read the article: Conversations with Men: The Belt.

This entire blog is excellent and it is 100% radical feminist. I spent most of an evening and late into the night reading a lot of the articles there and I still don’t think I’ve read all of them. I highly recommend it.

Isn’t it interesting how, now matter the circumstances, there is always a reason why a woman is disbelieved or is discouraged from reporting or even discussing rape. If he’s white, we hear, “Why do you want to ruin this poor man’s life.” If he’s black or Muslim, we hear, “This man has already been picked on enough. Why do you want to make life any harder for him?”

So, whether he’s a well-connected frat boy, a Muslim, or a black man, there is always a reason for people not to believe you or to try to stop you from talking.

There is, also, the problem that white women are particular targets for these men. There is, also, the truth – a painful truth for those who wish to protect these men at all costs – that most of the time when rape crosses racial boundaries, it is black on white. White on black rape is relatively rare.

That fact is mentioned in the following video, the primary focus of which is black on white violence and why women – both black and white – are hesitant to report violent crimes committed against themselves when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.


The above video starts off talking about a white woman who was carjacked, then abducted by a black man in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. He explains to the victim that he abducted her because she is “a pretty white girl” and, he thinks, for this reason the cops won’t shoot at him.

Now, somewhere there are some stats on cops killing white women. We are the largest racial group of women murdered by police. Since I have been raped by a uniformed police officer who first put his service revolver in my face, stalked by a Highway Patrolman, strangled by another cop when I didn’t answer his questions the way he liked, harassed by another city cop, leered at, intimidated and harassed by cops in the U.S. of the course of a few decades, I’d be willing to guess that there are many other white women who have been victimized by cops in similar ways who NEVER reported it – for obvious reasons. There is no one to report it to and nobody cares because they’re busying talking about the difficult lives of poor, oppressed black men like the ones in this video.

Furthermore, victims of abductions like this are overwhelmingly white women – usually very petite and light-weight (usually 5’5″ or under and under 130 Lbs.), because we are a lot easier to grab than a taller, larger person. Young, white women are, also, favorite targets for sexual assault by unknown perpetrators, whether they are black or white. The woman in the video is a very typical-looking abduction victim. Now, according to some people on the left, who hate us and want us dead, this is “white women’s privilege.” They’re angry that so many white women get on television this way – by being abducted and frequently never heard from, ever again. But, the reason for this is that is usually who is abducted and when the abduction occurs, which almost always involves a sexual assault, there is, also, a strong likelihood that the victim is going to be murdered pretty quickly.  That is simply the pattern of these particular crimes. So, the cops – if they’re doing their jobs – are in a hurry to find the perp before he has a chance to murder the victim. Interesting, how once, again, black people get to paint themselves as victims in all this – but, there you go.

And, the worst part of it is that many young, white women  – maybe like the woman in this video – believe this bull. They believe that they have “white privilege.” Yes, being abducted, stalked, raped – not to mention sought out by pornographers, pimps and human traffickers (I haven’t even begun to tell my personal stories surrounding these issues!) is “white privilege” for according to these vicious, horrible, hateful people!

There’s a lot of information in the above video, you will hear the narrator talk about a clip of a black news reporter from a major left-wing, national news outlet in the U.S., who is explaining why black women don’t report rapes by black or Muslim men. The reason given is this same left-wing song and dance, “We don’t want to contribute to black male oppression” – as if women of any color could oppress men of any color!

The clip goes on to talk about the cover-up of the recently widely publicized mass gang sex assaults on white women in Germany (and elsewhere in Western Europe). He explains that the government people (and a contingency of what look like Communists to me) are trying to cover it up because the perpetrators are primarily Arabic, Muslim or otherwise black men. (I lump these men all together – niggers/sand niggers. It’s all about the same. The Muslim Arabs have been raping and trafficking in W. European women for centuries – they are the original slave traders and it is from their heinous crimes committed primarily against white women that we get the term “white slavery” – and the blacks from the continent of Africa who have been pouring into W. Europe, for instance, the Somalis, are said to be the absolute worst of all of them.)

As I’ve said, I have not intentions of holding back on this subject anymore. I’m not going to monitor my language. I have the right to call my oppressor any name I choose and as long as “white slavery” and black and Muslim crimes against women exist, I’m not going to make nice about the perpetrators and their enablers. I am not a racist because I am able to detect patterns of male violence against myself and other white women. The racists are the men who rape, assault, harass, etc., across racial lines, who see us as “white whores” deserving of abuse, and as scapegoats for the crimes of white males.

In the next post, I want to talk about something a little bit different: Satanism and Feminism. I’m going to define these terms and talk about why I think Feminism could use an good dose of Satanism. (Not the Satanic Temple kind, either!)

Update: Still more women are coming forward to report to the police in Germany that they were targets of the organized mass sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim men (North African and Arabic men, I believe the former police chief of Cologne called them right before he was forced out of office) on the night of New Year’s Eve.

According to information at the following link, the number of reports has reached 600 and it is believed that there were thousands more perpetrators than originally reported: http://pamelageller.com/2016/01/nye-terror-attacks-sexualcriminal-rapefugee-complaints-climb-to-600-and-growing.html/

Just so much “white women’s privilege!”