Men Wreck and Burn Things in Hamburg, Germany at G20: Women and Girls Now Clean Up The Mess They Left Behind!


I wanted to point out this contrast between men and women, which I know will not be lost on my handful of readers. I have watched videos of the terrible things that were done in Hamburg, Germany over the past few days by so-called anti-facists (anti-fa) leftists.

I remember Hamburg as a beautiful city and a relatively safe and peaceful one as big cities go, but that was in the late ’90s. It was very disturbing to see what these violent leftists, almost all men did to the city. I’m posting two videos below. The first one is of their violence and destruction and you will see that the vast majority of people, if not all of the people, in the first video are males. Then, in the second video, you will see the contrast. Who is cleaning up the mess these men left behind? It’s almost all German women and their daughters.  And, this is a pattern we are all familiar with. The Germans must certainly be familiar with it. Men make war and women have to clean and rebuild in their wake.

Here, at least 1000 people are estimated to be partaking in the clean up  mission in Hamburg. These are the real Germans, almost all women, and the Germans I know and love. I’m very proud of them, but isn’t this a shame!:




The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend, Apparently: Trump Stops Non-white Rapists from Entering the U.S.!

This is why right-wing women agree to take a certain level of abuse from white men. You see, the alternatives to not taking it can be much worse. This is how we got Trump and although I am yet trepidatious, I really am pleased with the news I am getting so far about his actions in office this first few days. To my amazement, he appears to be keeping some of his promises. This is highly unusual in a president. Usually, they don’t. So, this is a pleasant surprise, so far.

Previously, I have posted about the dangers disarmed white women are facing in countries like Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and others where the Muslims have invaded. Just because it hasn’t been discussed much lately, doesn’t mean it has gotten any better. The crimes against white women continue and once these savages are allowed into the country, the native men begin joining in on the rape and murder.

The German government has gone so far as to produce public service announcements describing how the invaders should go about fucking white women and girls, complete with illustrations of black men raping white women.

So, I have been concerned about these negroes and Middle-easterners, now euphemistically referred to as  “southerners” in the German press, coming here to do the same. When they surround a woman 30 or 50 at a time and begin tearing her limb from limb like a pack of wild dogs, it’s hard to imagine how we could even shoot our way out of such a situation! We, at least, have something to shoot with. The European women have nothing.

But, now this problem may have been, at least, deferred for a little while as we see the flow of immigrants has slowed since yesterday, as reported by Refugee Resettlement Watch, which has been reporting on this menace for years. There are many reports today that questionable individuals are being banned from entering the U.S., at this time. The liberals – who are apparently not the primary targets of these violent perverts – are howling and the crocodile tears are flowing.

According to this article today at CNN, “We don’t want them here,” Trump said as he signed the order. “We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.”

This seems too good to be true. I’m not used to good things happening and justice is something I have never known. So, I’m still hold my breath a little… They may thank their lucky stars that they were not admitted very soon because women are sick of being hunted and raped! We are not Germans and Swedes here. We are Americans and we are a completely different kind of women, from my observation. The enemy is not going to fare nearly as well here as they have among the Europeans, if they were ever to be admitted in such numbers.

I’m very pleased with Trump as president, at this moment. Although, I still hope his alleged victims get their day in court.


Misogyny and Male Sexuality in Islam: A Men’s Rights Activist’s Wet Dream!

If you’ve followed the last few posts of mine, I hope you are beginning to see a logical chain of progression. We have a lot of things going on here in the U.S. right now, for instance, #Blacklivesmatter at the bottom of which you will find Farrakahn and the Muslim Brotherood, calling for violence against the police and white men, women and children, and the staging of events with a political purpose (which I, also, see going on in W. Europe, but I haven’t really investigated – for instance the Hebdo controversy and the three “heroic” Americans on the train are examples of suspicious stories). In the U.S., most of these theatrical events involve men (mostly white) shooting women and children (mostly white), after which a string of suspicious witnesses and relatives immediately begin calling for the dismantling of our 2nd Amendment. We have observed an absolute invasion of trannies and straight white men supporting trannies at our feminist blogs. We have seen that lesbians have worked for the gay rights of both sexes only to find that their rights are trumped by the rights of gay men and trannies, who demand entry to our spaces and to speak for us and silence us. Gay men have made huge progress, while lesbians have really suffered at the hands of lefties.

When I started looking into what’s been going on in countries like Sweden and England where there has been a huge influx of Muslims, I began to notice some parallels to what we’re seeing here in the U.S., in particular the silencing of crime victims when the perpetrator is of a protected class, the trampling of our free speech so others can speak over us, the same hostility toward the police and Islamic hostility toward everyone who isn’t one of them. The same thing is happening here in the U.S., but the rhetoric has been tailored to our own history and social characteristics.

At the base of it all is the desire to disarm us (I think especially to disarm women who rarely commit violent crimes with or without firearms) so that we can be successfully invaded and overtaken by Muslim ideology, which is everything that the men who hate us in our own country dream of in terms of enslaving women, raping us, and killing us with impunity.

This is why we hear men like Lindsey Graham, G.W. Bush and Tony Blair and others defend Islam as a “peaceful religion” with values similar to “ours.” Now, who are they talking about when they make statements like these. Are Islamic values women’s values? Or are they the values of perverted, violent, misogynist men – many of whom rape women and boys (if you don’t know about these scandals in the White House and in the British government, a quick Google search will bring you up to speed – both governments are filled to the brim with misogynist and pedophile males who like to rape both females and males.)

Under Islam women and girls have no rights, at all. You already know that, but you probably don’t know all the details – at least, I didn’t. I knew the men were gay or bi-sexual and I knew they were violent against white, blonde-haired, blue eyed women, because I’ve personally experienced this while trying to peacefully walk down sidewalks in W. Europe.

The following video features a woman speaking who is coming from a Christian perspective. It is unfortunate that she doesn’t realize that Christianity and Islam are closely related religions, both rooted in Judaism and both of which worship an evil entity (if it exists, at all, of course – if it does, it is the evil masculine spirit described in some Gnostic texts that pre-date the Bible, which is, in fact, the Devil or the Satan, the “enemy” (Satan means “enemy”) that they most fear). So, I hope that my atheist, Satanist, pagan and witchcraft-practicing readers will be able to excuse her Christian language and hypocrisy in order to get the core of her message, which is about the sexuality of Islamic men. Women in Islam have no sexuality, of course. It is a religion that allows for and promotes pedophilia, male-only homosexuality, necrophilia, the prostitution of women (women must belong to a man, being a concubine is an option), bestiality, all as prescribed by their holy book, the Koran, and the adjurations of their many prophets

Some further commentary on this video: I really like what this lady says about the perils of being “nice.” I don’t know whether “nice” is Christian or not, however, I worry that Christians are going to roll out the red carpet for these rapists, as they appear to have done in W. Europe and especially Germany, because there is a “nice” element in Christianity. It’s the same “nice” element that turns the other cheek and lets crime run rampant in the U.S., especially crimes against women and children. What she says about being nice is right and I hope Wiccans and other peaceful pagans will especially take note. We Satanists are already not very nice! 🙂

What she says at 14:20 into this video is true: Sharia Law is sedition. It is contrary to the laws of the U.S., however, what she says about Islam as a political system is, also, true of Christianity and Judaism. All were formed as a means of controlling a nation of people. The fear here in the U.S. is that our 1st Amendment will be used against us as it is already used against women and children by numerous Christian cults, for instance, the Mormons and the Quiverfulls (the Duggar family’s religion), which operate a lot like Islam.

At about 22:30 she talks about how much the men hate women, how it begins when they are little boys and children adopted by Canadian couples, where the male child was as young as 4-years, had to be given up for fear that the male child would murder the adoptive mother. The Christian hatred of women is intense, both groups have doctrines calling for the death of women who do not conform, but Christian hatred of us is definitely surpassed by that of the Muslims.

At about 30 minutes into the video, she discusses FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and why it is done. Warning: She uses pictures, which apparently came from elsewhere on the internet. It’s probably one of the most interesting discussions on this subject I’ve seen. She talks about how 90% of women in Muslim cultures have been subjected to this horrific violence.

At about 37 minutes in she talks about the “Thursday Night Club,” which permits men to dress up in drag and have male homosexual orgies. Men cross-dressing is a feature of Islam which is permitted under certain circumstances, but openly denied. Pedophilia is, also, a major feature. There is an effort to normalize both of these things, which we see in the U.S., which on the surface looks like an effort of the liberals or so-called progressives, but it appears that there is another motive once that top layer of the kabal is peeled back. The libs, also, love Islam. They hate Christianity, yet support and protect Islam, which is even worse!

Related to the above is this recent news article about U.S. soldiers discharged for refusing to obey orders to ignore Muslims raping boys in Afghanistan:

As she states in the video, boys are forced to dress as girls and dance like women for the Muslim men. There is no minimum age for little girls to marry an adult male and he can penetrate her vagina as soon as he feels she can bear the weight of his body. Some marriages are temporary – this is how they justify prostituting girls and women. Also, incest is a massive problem in Islam.