Domestic Abuse isn’t Always About Hitting

Warning: I’m still very angry this a.m. at “feminists” who think domestic abuse is a joke or think women who have been victims, who recognize victimization, are “idiotic.” There isn’t a hot enough place in hell for these women and they should roast alongside the demon-spawn men they support with their hatred of us.

I said I wasn’t going to explain it to condescending liberal feminists, but there is one important thing that should be said in light of that asinine, hate-filled video by Teri Strange. The most deadly domestic abuse situations involve men who do not hit. Those are the men who are statistically mostly likely to kill you if you step out of line. If feminists like Teri Strange are looking for black eyes on domestic abuse victims, they are completely missing the point.

They may rape, they sexually abuse, they will traffic you (frequently through pornographic images, which you may or may not know exist), they will steal your identity and defraud you every way imaginable, they will destroy your finances so you cannot do anything for years, they will isolate you. But, hit you? No. But, dear blue-haired, up-speaking, guttaral-frying freak, who has obviously never had to deal with any of this in your whole life filled with “choices” you made freely, who has never been pursued by pornographers,  etc., etc., how dare you judge the rest of us!! Some of us didn’t get any choices! So, fuck you!

I think it’s time we kicked these women out of feminism. I thought I had kicked these assholes out of my life. (Then, yesterday I watched a video of Cathy Brennan, who looks a lot like a dude and will never have to be worried about being molested by a pervert in a locker room, say that she didn’t care if men were in the restrooms, locker rooms, etc.!) They cannot be educated, clearly, because this has been said repeatedly by many of us who have been victims of men, already. But, they not only don’t care about us, while masquerading as feminists and “radical feminists” (because apparently this is trendy to call yourself in places like Vancouver!), they hate us. They have made that clear.

If some feminist who isn’t full of hate for other women, who doesn’t look like Quasimodo, is interested in learning, she can look up the term, “coercive control.”

This upsets me so much because women like this are why victims cannot get help.  (It’s exactly why I couldn’t get help on a couple of occasions when I should have been helped by someone who had the authority to do something!) When other people fail to recognize blatant abuse – I have personal stories about this, but I don’t wish to share at this time – then they allow the abuser to do what he does to the victim.

And as far as you being poor, Teri, get off your fat, white, ass, get rid of the blue dye and the facial mangling and maybe somebody would hire you to flip a burger or sweep a floor! Your Marxist laziness and lack of ambition are not the fault of women like me!


I simply must change my YouTube preferences, ’cause I’m still getting her vids on my main page and today, she did another video talking about “like, choices…. you know” and how much deeper she is than the rest of us who just don’t get her and think she’s weird. Again, sometimes it’s a good idea just to go get a job!

Dear Liberal Feminists, Don’t Tell Me How to Feel When I Recognize an Abused Woman

This is just a quick post to express my disgust at some of the liberal feminists (not all, they’re are some who are showing a lot of compassion!) and some pretend rad-fems (they know who they are, although it’s no one I’ve ever corresponded with) who are out there making videos and talking about “choice” and “consent” in relation to Melania Trump.

Of course, what has got a lot of women talking, especially those of us familiar with what it’s like to be trapped in a terrifying abuse situation, is that clip from the inauguration video (mentioned two posts back). How I felt when I saw the look on her face is exactly how a lot of other women, apparently, felt. It’s just one of the most awful things and it has led many of us to speculate about the obvious, as I did in that past post.

Still, there are some feminists, I don’t wish to be hurtful here, but frankly these women are exactly what alienates a lot of would-be feminists. It isn’t just their appearance. Clue: They don’t look anything like Melania Trump and would probably never end up in a nudie spread in a magazine. So, it seems that that kind of exploitation is beyond their grasp. Many seem to be life-long lesbians (lucky folks) who have never had the first-hand knowledge of how diabolically abusive and debilitating relationships with men are for women.

As such, these women – these so-called feminists – are just another brick in the wall of patriarchal abuse. They are representative of the women who help keep the abuse machine going. “Don’t feel sorry for her,” they say. (Yes, they’re saying this.) “She knew what she was getting into.” She deserves abuse, they say, because she said something they  didn’t like. In fact, she said what everyone with two eyes and half an ounce of computer sense can see, which is that the Obama birth certificate was a digital fraud. Oh, you noticed that? Familiar with Photoshop, are you? Do you have the “wrong” political views? Well, then, according to these women, the’re off they hook. Your suffering is all your own fault. That’s what I’m hearing from the likes of Teri Strange, of all people, in a recent video of hers in which she repeatedly talks about Melania’s “choices” and her “consent.”  (She started losing me a few weeks ago when she came out as a Marxist – nice! Yes, that’s right, nobody has the best interests of women like egomaniacal, authoritarian Jewish men. Well, it’s good to know who your enemies are, even when you find out a little bit late.) Here is the video, which is idiotic and all I can say in defense of Teri Strange is that she is not from the U.S. and seems to have not a clue how things work here. Nonetheless, it is a very victim-blaming, gas-lighting, condescending, smug (it must be wonderful to be this pure and above women who have been sexually exploited by men from the time they were little children), hypocritical, and maybe not-so-ironically dictatorial video:

Again, this is not political for me. I’m extremely pleased with Donald Trump as president. I don’t know if we’re all being set up. I suspect maybe we are. Certainly time will tell. But, there is a reason that this dude has had two out of three wives from the old Soviet Union. It was  – and, no doubt, still is – an authoritarian regime. People were not allowed to leave the country except under extraordinary circumstances. I will never forget seeing some of those people about six months after the wall came down and they were finally free. They are beautiful people, but they looked malnourished, their teeth were in need of care in many cases, they were impoverished and their lives were very sad and they didn’t know why they were so unhappy until they saw that wall come down.

Melania Trump grew up under that kind of regime. She grew up in poverty, the daughter of a card carrying Communist. The evidence in the various papers and what we’ve seen of Melania’s early life appears to have been one of exploitation from an early age. What kind of father dresses up his little daughters and prances them around in front of men?! (See the photo of the little girls in a room full of men at this link, it looks very strange to me.) What was she being groomed for?! The same thing we’ve all been groomed for. (Some of us more than others, granted, but that doesn’t mean we deserve it. Nobody asks to be born a Communist  – or to be born into a family of authoritarian and sexually warped religious nuts, such as in my own case!)  When a young girl is entrapped this way at a very early age, she doesn’t have the ability to exercise “consent” and “choice” because she is constantly focused on this little thing called survival!

There is a reason that men go to Eastern European countries to find women like this. It’s easy to trap someone in a foreign country where they have little mastery of the language. (And, just why is her English so bad after something like 20 years here? Is it because he has so isolated her? I wonder.) Many of them are very beautiful and they have lived under the heel of tyranny, poverty, and authoritarianism. I understand the frustration and the fear of having such a woman representing this country and representing by default the women of this country. It frightens me, too. But, to have no feelings of compassion for the plight of these women, including Melania, is monstrous.

The fact is we do not know what ability this woman has had to choose or consent to anything. After all, she did not even start out her life living in a free country. Every time I see an image of her, she looks to me like she’s scared half out of her wits. It is unlikely that she is free to speak for herself. She is not in a powerful position. On the contrary, she is in a very scary position, as was the first wife. Trump’s mob ties are not exactly undocumented. We know what has happened to women trying to bring a suit against him for any reason, at all. We, also, know what happens to women who cross Trump at the hands of his “beautiful Twitter” followers. If I were in her shoes, I ‘d be scared to death right now.

Really, I’m not going to bother trying to explain this to pseudo-feminists who only care about themselves. I doubt if they read much of anything I write, anyway. Furthermore, I know that just about anyone bothering to read this gets it already and I’d just be preachin’ to the choir. Frankly, these so-called feminists mean nothing to me. The liberals disgust me more and more every day as I’m watching them practically self-immolate. I’ve got my own thing going and I suggest if you’re reading this, you do your own thing, too. Focus on your own survival, on your own needs, and your own goals. I don’t say this because I want to tell you what to do, I just think it’s sad when women waste time on other women who clearly hate our guts! They’re not much different from the male abusers in that regard.  They are keeping this system of abuse in place as much as the men are and then when they throw in the hypocrisy of claiming to care one iota for women and the oppression of women, it reeks of betrayal. In fact, they are handmaidens most of all, with their: “Don’t feel sorry for her!” 

Additional material:

This is an article from the notoriously liberal, faux-feminist site, Jezebel, telling us all how privileged Melania is and how she deserves male abuse. If you want to keep your blood pressure down, skip the article and check out some of the comments, many very compassionate and understanding from other women who have been there. They all say the same thing I said in my previous post on this – I recognized that look in her eyes. I wish I could rescue her myself! But, we all know women have to do it themselves. Still, some compassion helps! Not turning your back on someone who is suffering, scared, and confused helps. On the other hand, this nasty rhetoric from a lot of lefty women is what is killing feminism! Here’s the article:

It Must Be Hell to Be Melania Trump!

There is a little video clip of the inauguration that just came up on my radar today, which shows Melania standing behind Donald, smiling and nodding encouragingly as the preacher talks about the “blessings of rain” in the Bible (I thought that was rainbows!  But, oh, well!). He says something to her, which cannot be made out by a lip reader because he is mostly turned away from the camera. She continues smiling until he turns around and then she has this horrifyingly fearful expression. She almost looks like she’s about to cry for a split second. It is just about one of the saddest damn things I’ve ever seen next to things like videos of little animals being brutally killed. Anyone who has ever been held captive by a male abuser may recognize the emotions behind the series of expressions.

I might think he said that someone just died, based on just the look on her face, except that everyone behind her continues to smile. Here’s the clip:

There has been a lot of discussion about this clip online since, at least, yesterday. It looks to me like Donald is actually speaking to his favorite daughter, Ivanka, and then says something viperous to Melania, which – being the actresses we white women (or, at least, relatively white) learn  at a very young age to be at the hands of the violent white male – she continues to smile until he turns back around. Notice, also, his smug expression once he turns back to the camera. It looks like he has said something to her in such a way that if anyone around them heard it, at all, they would not know the meaning of it – but she knows! That’s how abusers operate.

Lest I be accused of being political in my criticism, let me say that I’m not any too fond of Donald, although I’m not entirely displeased with his initial actions since he has taken office. I do think it is unfortunate for all of us that he hates women and white women, in particular, so much, which is evident in his relatively few female appointees, only one of whom, Kellyanne Conway, is white that I’m aware of.

I can only imagine what kind of Hell it must be to be married to the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief, President Rape II, the man who has been accused of rape by his first wife, accused of raping children (lawsuit dropped due to the alleged victim being in abject terror), and has a whole bunch of highly credible women accusing him of sexually assaulting them.

This woman has been accused of marrying Donald for his money, but I think it’s a far worse situation than that. I’m certain she must have been looking for a way to stay in this country, to escape the nightmare of the former eastern block country she and her Communist parents came from. This is a woman whose desperation far exceeds the average. Such a woman would not marry out of greed, but a basic, primal drive to survive.

The clothes are beautiful, her smile is beautiful, she is perfectly poised, her posture could not be anymore erect, her steps could not be more deliberate and sure, and yet all I see when I look at this woman is the suffering of someone who has been chained in a dungeon. The whole family looks like one of Victor Frankenstein’s experiments gone awry to me and it’s not so much how they appear on the outside, like Vampires, like Eric who could have easily played Renfield in the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi. This is something I see when I look past even that veneer. It’s something truly alarming and creepy. They all seem like revenants from the grave, masquerading as the living, but none more than Melania Trump.

I honestly hope she is able to get a divorce and escape this real-life Gothic horror story without ending up in concrete shoes. There is no “privilege” for women. Anyone who cannot see this horror film that’s right in front of their eyes just isn’t looking closely enough.

Some additional material:

This is a blogpost from a few months ago. It discusses the subtle abuse of Melania by her husband at the roast. You will see, again, in the images posted there the long-suffering smile, which is a mask. How can I say, “This poor, poor woman!” But, that’s how I feel when I see this. All women’s suffering matters, including hers. What Has Once Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen by Alice:

Here’s a video clip from this roast where Melania is put on the spot by Donald, as discussed in the above post by Alice:

Late Show jokes about Melania Trump being held captive and not acting under her own power:



Update on Jeffrey Epstein, Child-rape Trial and Donald Trump’s Many Lawsuits

In recent posts, especially this one and this one, I mentioned a Palm Beach, Florida convicted child rapist, named Jeffrey- Epstein, a Jewish-American billionaire, who has a lot of wealthy and influential friends, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. There’s an update in the case against him, which has recently been re-opened, and, once again, Trump’s name is coming up.

It’s early morning and yet, this is shaping up to be quite an interesting day, if you follow the adventures of Donald Trump, who in the last 24-48 hours has accepted two endorsements, one from a guy who once used this rape metaphor, “‘I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” in an interview with Connie Chung – and another guy, Mike Tyson, a Muslim who raped a beauty contestant in Indiana and went to prison for the crime for three years. Unlike the endorsement he received from the former grand-wizard of the KKK, David Duke, no one is asking him to renounce these.

Trump, in fact, said that everybody was too hard on the rapist, Tyson, whose victim was only 17-years old at the time of the attack:

After hearing all that rape victim-blaming, it probably will not surprise you to learn that Trump has been sued for something similar. This is another case that no one much is talking about, which was filed back in the 1990s, the victim was a beauty pageant producer, and unsurprisingly she has been similarly smeared, outright lied about, in the couple of articles that have surfaced about this suit, which was filed in Manhattan:

Now, for some reason – I don’t know why – Trump decided to stand in the State of Indiana, in the very same city in which this woman was very savagely raped by Tyson and brag to the crowd there about this endorsement:

“Mike Tyson endorsed me,” Trump told the crowd. “I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike. Iron Mike. You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that, OK?

“We need toughness,” Trump is further quoted as saying after making the above statement. He appeared on stage at that rally after a lengthy speech by the “enjoy rape” guy, an obscure sports celebrity, named Bobby Knight. The whole thing, especially the comments about Tyson have been pretty well blotted out by the mainstream media, as pointed out in this article:

Meanwhile, it seems that the lawsuits are piling up. Mostly he’s being sued, but he and his Wife #3 are, also, threatening to sue other people.

Trump seems to have particular problems with female journalists and pundits. Several days ago, Cheri Jacobus, announced a $4 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Trump, his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski (the same one who battered and bruised former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, at Mar-a-Lago, on camera and with witnesses, which case was declined by the highly corrupt court system in Palm Beach, Florida), and Trump for President, which is apparently the legal entity’s name that is trying to get this psychotic clown elected – supposedly, anyway.

For a long time, this country has been becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists and, in fact, anyone who expresses an opinion that indicates they have fallen out of lockstep – usually with the left. But, now we see it here coming from Trump and his band of Men’s Rights Activists and rape supporters, presumably on the right. Here’s the latest example:

Today, an article came out in GQ magazine, which has been called a profile of Melania Trump, written by Julia Ioffe. The piece is pretty straight-forward and not especially critical of Trump’s third wife, however, this hasn’t stopped Wife #3 from threatening the author and the magazine with something “through the law.” But, perhaps more troublesome is that the author is receiving the same treatment that female reporters always get at the hands of Trump, the same treatment Michelle Fields and Cheri Jacobus (both Republicans) got. It’s the same treatment women get from Trump and his followers, all the time.

She’s being predictably threatened with death and, although, I haven’t seen specific examples yet (although, there are some interesting things in her Twitter feed this morning), it’s safe to assume that she’s being threatened with all kinds of sexual violence, as well. This is Trump’s M.O. His followers have, also, been threatening delegates in the upcoming presidential election (the actual people who cast the deciding vote on who will be president), which is an assault on the Constitutional electoral process in this country, which is being supported, wholeheartedly, by Trump-supporters who are falsely claiming to be Conservatives. (I’m not a Conservative, but I know what one is – or is supposed to be.)

At issue in the magazine article are a few things that Mrs. Trump #3 did not like. GQ did some investigative research into her Communist family (perfectly reasonable since this woman may be in our country’s White House) and discovered that her reprobate father had impregnated a woman, who he then tried to deny he impregnated, and tried to get out of paying child support for. This was all in court documents and included in the article. This is not such a big deal, except that Mrs. Trump #3 said she did not have a brother.

The other issue has to do with Mrs. Trump #3’s extensive plastic surgery, which she denies. Now, it is not unusual for models and porno mag stars (Melania Trump is both) to engage in some cosmetic enhancement. It’s almost a requirement. So, why lie, especially when it is very obvious? It looks to me like she’s had two nose jobs and, at least, one breast augmentation, which has begun to encapsulate (form scar tissue around the saline implant) and is highly noticeable in the third picture down, in which she is wearing red glasses, in the BritishGQ photo shoot from a few years ago, which was done inside Donald Trump’s own private plane before he married her.

Here is Julia Ioffe talking about the piece and the possible lawsuit:

It seems like there are no members of the Trump family, even the newcomers, who are capable of telling the truth – about even the most benign, meaningless things.

Meanwhile, here’s an article from Fusion today, detailing some of the “toughness” this female journalist, is receiving:

While everybody is talking about this and while Bruce Jenner is making a video of himself using the ladies’ room at Trump Tower– imagine running into Mike Tyson in the ladies’ room at Trump Tower!!! – while all this is going on, there is a very interesting update in the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein child-rape and sex trafficking case, which nobody much seems to be talking about, at least, not at the usual U.S. news outlets. Another one of Epstein’s many victims has filed a civil suit (they’re only allowed by the terms of the last court fiasco to bring civil suits, by the way – not criminal ones) against him, also, naming Trump as one her rapists and abusers.

It’s all like a magician’s stage show – and you are being dazzled by capricious clowns and dainty dancers, meanwhile here’s today’s headline in the U.K.:

“Donald Trump denies rape of teenage girl at ‘sex party with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein,”

When I first saw the headline, I naturally thought of Virginia Roberts. But, Roberts was 14-years old when she became Epstein’s victim. This is another girl who was 13-years old at the time she says she was held captive, physically and sexually abused and raped by both Epstein and Trump. But this victim’s name is just coming to light: Katie Johnson. You can read the articles and see the usual tactics – the victim being silenced, threatened with her own death and that of her family, if she ever speaks. You, also, see the standard response from Trump, smearing the victim and claiming it’s a “hoax.” Remember, they said “hoax” about Michelle Fields until a fourth video emerged showing Lewandowski grabbing her.

Remember the way they perform a trick in this magic show?  Here’s another little sleight of hand: Look at those dirty Mexicans crossing the border, meanwhile don’t look at the H1B visa program, which is actually where Americans, often highly skilled and educated Americans, really are losing their jobs. It’s, also, the red carpet roll out to human traffickers and has been used by Trump to bring in girls as young a 14-years to work for his agency,  which has, also, been followed by lawsuits, as mentioned in a previous post. It’s how Melania Trump got here, too.

Here’s another one at the Daily Mail in the U.K., and if you have been following Trumps other attacks on women, you will be familiar with the language and the M.O.:

In the above article, you will see a picture of Trump standing in a photo together with Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused groomer and procurer of little girls for the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Here’s another one in the U.K.:

Here in the U.S. there is dead silence about this!

Update late tonight, almost midnight, this article appeared at the conservative web site, RedState:

The media are all on board the Trump Train right now, including those on the right, who have stooped so low as to go along with Trump’s idea that it’s all right for men to use the ladies’ room.

I have no hope that these suits are going to go too awfully far in exposing the men involved in raping and trafficking in little girls. Epstein, Trump, and Clinton and all their insider friends never get in much trouble.

Although, the New York State Attorney General is still talking about bringing a suit against Trump University, which has been in limbo for years, to bear – and more quickly since if the bastard does get elected, it might be impossible to go forward with any of these suits.

We have two front runners right now and likely the two contestants in the upcoming Presidential election who will have any chance or get any significant amount of press: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both are in all kinds of legal hot water – Trump is being sued by everybody, criminally (for fraud and racketeering) and civilly, and Clinton is under investigation for her handling of emails. Trump will likely have to give a deposition in New York next month in the criminal case against him. He’s got two civil suits with something like 5,000 plaintiffs accusing him of defrauding them. One of the plaintiffs, a woman, dropped out of the suit because of harassment from someone acting on his behalf.

So, let me say about this carnival ride, it doesn’t matter who is elected President of the United States. This country is a lot of trouble. Women are in a special lot of trouble because they are coming after us on all sides. We are surrounded by criminals and perverts and no country – no women – can go on like this for long. We will have to find a solution and it won’t come through elections, or the legal system (which only serves the criminals), or any remedy that involves males, or anything but our own minds and our own will to be free.

Next post, I plan to talk about the infiltration of the Women’s Movement of the late 1960s and early ’70s by liberals. It’s been done before, but I want to put it in reference to the bizarre encroachments on women’s privacy and safety we are now seeing in the form of trannies. I’ve added an old “Feminist Resources Page” up at the top of the blog. It needs some updates and additions because I did it over a year ago. I will be updating it sometime in the near future.

Additional material:

Updated added late this evening: Trump, you may know, makes money off his casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which features strip clubs. Strip clubs ain’t what they used to be back in the 1990s. I don’t know about these clubs or the laws in Atlantic City governing them, but I do know that many clubs are now teeming with violent porn-addled johns. I don’t know why Trump’s clubs would be an exception. It turns out that he, also, has – according to the website RedState – an escort service, Trump Escorts. I am not familiar with escort services, but I know they send women (mostly women) out into situations where anything can happen to them at the hands of perverts. Here’s some information about Trump Escorts: When you read the information at this link, note that these women being sent out by Trump Escorts are referred to as “models.” You’ll probably recall the lawsuits by models who expected to come to the U.S. on H1B visas and actually “model” and actually be paid the agreed upon salary, which was discussed in a previous post, I’m sure.

Here is a direct link to a sleazy advertisement for Trump Escorts in Manhattan:

Also, here is a link to an article at Heavy, from there you can access scans of the court filing against Trump and Epstein by Katie Johnson at ScribD. The article, also, gives this information: Johnson says in another document that “in 2008 I worked as a free-lance model and earned an average of $200-$300 a month.” No other information about Johnson could be found.

Make no  mistake, this will not affect his chances of being elected one bit – we live in a country that loves rapists and loves turning little girls  – especially little white girls – into “whores” in one way or another. I know, first hand, how it goes, how exactly they do it – and it isn’t just billionaires, it’s the old farmer down the lane, his hired hand, the guys at the cafe in town who gather whenever it rains. They are all complicit.

For your amusement or horror, as it may be, an insurance commercial from 2005 featuring Mrs. Trump #3 as a “sexy female duck”:

Human and Sex Trafficking, H1B Visas, and Trump’s Modeling Agency

When I was working in the clubs, I was occasionally taken aside and warned by a sex trafficking survivor about taking jobs overseas. I heard some horrific stories from women who looked like they could be models, almost all of them blonde. What was odd was that they never addressed the two or three other dancers who had been present, but they would wait until they left and address me directly.

The fact is that there is a certain type of women and young girls who are preyed upon by men in very specific ways. These men sometimes use female handlers who will appear to befriend you and try to persuade you that doing pornographic magazines or pornographic films is a good idea. This happens to American women inside the U.S., but what happens to American women who believe they are taking a job with an entertainment or modeling agency abroad creates a whole other set of problems.

Once you are in that foreign country, anything can happen to you. You are vulnerable in ways you wouldn’t be in your own country. When women cross international boundaries, they can more easily fall prey to sex predators and pimps. I’ve mentioned before that this has happened to a surprising number of especially attractive (conforming to the ideal of male beauty standards), especially pale and blonde, American women I met working in the night clubs. They were the survivors. There’s no way to know how many more of them did not survive. At least one of them suffered from terrible health problems (cancer) quite probably as a result of her ordeal. Being repeatedly raped is very hard on your life force energy.

But,  what I want to talk about in this post is foreign girls and women being brought into the U.S. to work under suspicious circumstances. Specifically, I’m going to provide some information that is available online regarding Trump Model Management, which is said to have been founded in 1999 by Donald J. Trump.

Now, this is political season here in the U.S. and Trump is running for president of the U.S. and whenever there is a presidential race, there is a tendency for those who favor a candidate to dismiss anything bad said about him as simply “the other side” attacking their guy. But, I’m not on a team. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t vote and I’ve never voted in a presidential election because I have actually read the Constitution of the U.S. The last time I had a party affiliation, which was back in the 1980s, I was a Libertarian (lots of things have changed in that camp since then!) So, I’m not picking on Trump for any kind of political reason. It’s just that he’s made himself very difficult to ignore (most recently saying that he’s fine with men in the ladies’ room, which statement he predictably “amended” within 24 hours only to say the same thing). As I said, I recognize him very much as that “high end customer.”

I’m posting this, in part, because I’m having nightmares about him very reminiscent of the kind I used to have when Bill Clinton was in office. I had one that woke me up just a few hours ago, in which I was part of his “harem” of female employees. In the dream, I experienced the kind of psychological and sex abuse I’ve endured, in real life, from men who hate women – and not just hate us, but want to devour us!

There are some nagging questions that I just can’t get out of my mind and I don’t know why no one else is asking them. For instance, where did all those photographs of nude, 14-year old girls, hanging on the walls of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, come from?

The Jewish-American billionaire, Epstein is about to go to court, again, over the rape of some little girls, but I notice that the  media are already speaking in misleading and derogatory terms of the victims, in particular, Virginia Roberts, who has been the most vocal of his accusers, who is called “an ex-teen prostitute,” and trying to smear them and make the perps look like the “real victims.” This shows, again, how difficult it is to obtain justice in sex trafficking or rape cases – and this is a matter of both. Epstein, who I’ve blogged about previously, is reputedly a sex trafficker and his victims include very young girls, some as young as 12 years. But, 14 seems to be the magic number, as I pointed out a couple of posts ago. Why 14? I keep wondering.

Perhaps there is a connection between this magical number, 14, and the H1B Visa program, which is and has been exploited by many U.S. employers, most notoriously the tech industry and Disney World! But, Donald Trump has, also, taken advantage of the program, which sets a side a coveted number of such visas, which allow the companies to bring in foreign workers at cut rates. Lots of Americans have lost their jobs because of this visa program – but, you don’t hear a lot about it in the news, mostly they just beat the drum about all the dirty Mexicans crossing the border illegally.

But, it turns out there is even more to H1B Visas than meets the eye. Not only are American workers losing their jobs, but it is a red carpet roll out to human traffickers and, in particular, sex traffickers.

There may have been more to Mitt Romney’s comment about Ivana (Wife #1) and Melania Trump (Wife #3) than what it seems upon first hearing it: “Donald Trump has had several foreign wives,” Romney reportedly joked at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual dinner. “It turns out that there really are jobs Americans won’t do.”

In fact, Trump has had two foreign wives, both from Eastern European countries. The current wife, like the first wife and like Trump, himself, has had her resume puffed up a little bit in the press. There’s some question as to whether she was ever a “super model” anywhere. According to what I’ve seen on line, she came to the U.S. in 1996 (to New York City) on one of these H1B Visas (a specially reserved, limited visa,  supposedly for “highly skilled workers” with abilities that could not be found in a U.S. citizen, which are the necessary qualifications) and went to work for a modeling agency. These visas have a life-span of three (3) years. After that time, the worker has to leave the U.S.

Now, as an American who was born here, I have no first-hand knowledge of the procedure that is used for becoming a U.S. citizen for the foreign-born. I know quite a few people who have done it, though, and they say it isn’t easy. Even if you are a refugee from the war in Bosnia some years ago, it’s not easy. The Feds make it hard for the average person. If you have family here already, sometimes it’s easier. The entire process is, in my opinion, disgusting and needs to be revamped. The requirements are disturbing, in some cases. And, the whole process is so cumbersome and awful that I can certainly see why lots of people choose to forego it and stay here in the U.S. without permission. What I mean is that this system is making criminals out of a lot of people who would prefer to do the right thing, if the process were reasonable. Right now, it is very unreasonable, especially for the people most in need (women and children whose lives are in danger in other North American and Central American countries) and hard-working people we want to invite to our country.

Melania Trump found a legal way to stay here past the 3 years and it is something that is done, probably far more often out of desperation than love – she married an American citizen. She married a really fat, old, balding, rich guy, who was able to help her get her paperwork straightened out. This guy has been called out for his hypocrisy on immigration. In his defense, this wife (#3) said that she is in immigrant and had to “put my birth certificate” and so on, in order to go through the procedure the “right way.”

She did an interview here:

There are a couple of problems with what she said, at least, in my book. Problem #1 is pretty obvious. Most people cannot do what Melania did to obtain citizenship. They don’t have the resources to keep flying in out of the country every three months to get their passport stamped. They don’t have a boyfriend whose sister is a Federal judge and has a team of expensive lawyers at their disposal, either.

Now, I’m not for flooding the country with immigrants, especially Muslims who want to rape and kill white women. Like a lot of people, I think it’s important that the U.S., and especially certain regions of the U.S., retain our cultural identity – such as it is. I happen to think that’s important, especially as a lover of the arts. There are economic reasons why we don’t just open the gates and let everyone in, too.

But, the 2nd problem I have with this interview and this whole situation with Melania Trump is that it is pretty obvious to me that this woman is not what the media and the pro-Trump camp have tried to say she is. (For instance, she is not well-educated, she dropped out of fashion and design school, she was not a highly-paid super model, and, in fact, she did some porn – which I cannot believe has not surfaced in a big way. I’ve seen some of the milder stuff.) They have tried to paint the picture of Melania as a well-educated, highly intelligent, independent, self-sustaining, successful and well-established woman before she met Trump. But, when I listen to this woman, I do not hear a lot of either intelligence or education and, in fact, she came here from a former Soviet country, a Communist country, where she was a member of the peasant class – an underclass who speak her language, Slovenian. She came from a dirt poor background probably much worse than that of the average Mexican, whom her husband so disdains. She came in here on this Visa program and needed a way to stay. She needed a green card. She needed a way to finance her naturalization process – it’s very expensive to become a U.S. citizen. So, she found herself “a high end customer.” I don’t fault her for that, but I do fault her for making it sound like anyone could or should do what she did in order to do things “the legal way.” I think it’s disgusting.

After Melania left the first modeling agency, she went to work for Trump’s agency. According to numerous reports, Donald Trump was seen in the company of Melania (then Knauss, which was Germanized from the original Slovenian Knav) while he was still legally married to his second wife, the American actress, Marla Maples. Their daughter, Tiffany, was only about four or five-years old when this was going on. That was about 1998. The Trump Modeling agency was officially established in 1999, according to their website.

I’ve made a couple of recent posts about Trump and his connections to Epstein and he has numerous connections to other rich, old codgers who “enjoy the company” of young – sometimes very, very young – women and girls.

I’m going to lay out a little further evidence here that Trump and his agency, which brings in girls as young as 14-years, on these special Visas like the one Melania Knav/Knauss Trump came in here on, may function as a de facto sugar daddy-sugar-baby arranging business. In fact, I’m saying that his agency may function, not only as a legitimate modelling agency, but, also,  as a kind of high-end escort service or mail-order-bride type of service, hooking up rich old geezers with young women and girls, mostly foreign, in-need and highly vulnerable. Again, I wonder where those photos of 14-year old girls came from.

Here are some things for you to examine:

In the video, below, the narrator lays out a case for Trump’s agency providing rich, old men with young women:

A government worker talks in a forum discussion about gemeral abuses of the H1B Visa program:

An article and video on the subject of an apparently legitimate modeling website connected to human trafficking. The site belongs to MC2:

MC2 Modeling Agency is accused of providing female victims to Jeffrey Epstein:

This article talks about the general connections between modeling agencies, including prominent names in the business, and human trafficking:

Trump has connections to another Jewish billionaire businessman, Alexander Mashkevitch, whose yacht was raided for charges, including the trafficking of young girls:

The article and videos at this link discuss the investigation and lawsuits against Trump’s modeling agency. He is accused by some of the models of not paying them:

This 14-year old girl talks about the connection between modeling agencies and human or sex trafficking:

This article is interesting, although it is written from a political perspective. It is from the National Review, which is a Republican publication. As you may have heard, the old guard Republicans -and anyone with an ounce of common sense – doesn’t like Trump. This is not the most objective article, but it has some interesting information:

What the information at the above links establishes is that there is a connection between modeling and sex trafficking, especially when the models are going from one country to another. It, also, establishes a connection between Donald Trump and some other very dangerous, very sleazy, powerful men who abuse and exploit women and get away with it.

What it, also, shows is that women, including white women and very conforming women (some of the victims are not “white” but meet a standard of beauty that makes them particularly subject to male predators of a certain kind), are not privileged. It is not a privilege to be sex trafficked. It is not a privilege to be forced into prostitution. Far from being “privileged,” these women are special targets!

As I’ve said, we will never stop this through any legal or political channels because we are saturated with it and it runs from the bottom of the patriarchal pyramid of power all the way to the very top. All we can do is try to warn other women and girls (just as I was warned repeatedly about this from other women who were survivors) and to do everything we can to keep girls out of the hands of men – any men- but, especially these kinds of men. I am not the first feminist to suggest that the number of predators and potential predators being born must be reduced and that we have that power in our hands.