Liberal Feminists and “Mean Girls”

Warning: My last message to the Liberal Feminists, which includes some unkind and unpleasant language at the end.

I look at some of the women who are calling themselves feminists and even radical feminists and who claim that they care about women like me and I have very serious doubts. I know they don’t care about women like me because they say so repeatedly while claiming they are against sexual exploitation. But, the truth is they are just like the mean girls in middle school. It never changes.

I wondered how this would work, really. Because I see them and I look in the mirror and I know my own history and what has happened to me better than anyone and I know they’d hate my guts. Women like them have always hated me. I was called “privileged” when I was little and being abused and my mother was nearly dying. But, because of my appearance and because men wanted to fuck me at 12-years old, I was called names and treated like that’s what I’m here for by other girls and by adults who were counselors and teachers at the public school I once attended.

So, I’ve wondered how can it be that all of a sudden these women are my friends? How can that be? Did they grow up? No. They’re still the mean girls they always were. But, now they’re hypocrites making a few bucks on the ‘net while claiming to support victims of porn, trafficking, and domestic abuse. But, I guarantee you  that even now, even  in my older age, if they saw me they would hate me just like women like them have always hated me.

The strip clubs were always my refuge. There were lots of women there just like me. But, there were some women who hated me there, too, and I was called names and treated like dirt by them because the truth is the club owners liked me a lot and I could walk on stage and clean out all the cash in the room. I was an attraction for the clubs – kind of like a circus animal. It’s a “privilege” to be the biggest attraction in the circus.

I’ve never been allowed a normal life (whatever that is, although, I’m thinking it’s one where you get to have “choices” and “consent” to things) because I grew up in a cult where you don’t got to heaven if you don’t marry, become one of multiple wives, and spawn for all eternity. I AM Satan, just as like they called me then. It’s true because I think that despite the fact that I apparently looked like Miss January at 12 or 13-years old, I have a brain and quite a good one (I excel at everything, academically) and they only thing I ever needed was half a chance, which I never got because some people – men and women just like those liberal feminists who say “Don’t feel sorry for Melania” – made sure I didn’t get a chance. They decided a long time ago that I was meant to be a whore and you just can’t fight millions of people. Nobody can take on that many enemies, especially enemies in your own house when you are just a child, and win.

So, here’s a big FUCK YOU to all you motherfucking bulldykes out there who have made my life a living Hell! I hate you right back you hypocritical pieces of shit. You are no better than the men and the Christians who hate me or anyone else I have to tip-toe around and live in fear of. I won’t ever listen to a goddamn word you have to say ever, again! You are liars and frauds. It’s clear that deep down, you really hate the victims of patriarchy – you with all your “choices” and your “consent.” I hope you rot in Hell!

A Final Word: It is important for women, as soon as they are able, to understand what men and the women who help them all are. The best way to do that is to ignore the freaky-looking scammers and frauds talking about nonsense like Marxist feminism, and liberal feminism, and calling themselves “radical feminists” because it’s cool somewhere to do so, but to read as much as you can, as soon as you can, by women like Andrea Dworkin and Sonia Johnson. Read things like “Caliban and the Witch” and “Loving to Survive” by Graham. And, don’t worry about activism and organizing and supposedly helping poor women who really need the help of sad sacks who can’t even handle their own affairs. It’s all a bunch of bull invented by pinkos and liberals to waste your time and keep you from your own self-realization.

Instead,  read the books and organize your life accordingly the best you can. If you have relationships with men, cut them off. Don’t feel bad about it. The life you save may be your own. You’ll probably have to change all your phone numbers, though – if you try to even dump your male “friends,” you’ll find out what they are right away. But, you’ll be glad you did.

Dear Liberal Feminists, Don’t Tell Me How to Feel When I Recognize an Abused Woman

This is just a quick post to express my disgust at some of the liberal feminists (not all, they’re are some who are showing a lot of compassion!) and some pretend rad-fems (they know who they are, although it’s no one I’ve ever corresponded with) who are out there making videos and talking about “choice” and “consent” in relation to Melania Trump.

Of course, what has got a lot of women talking, especially those of us familiar with what it’s like to be trapped in a terrifying abuse situation, is that clip from the inauguration video (mentioned two posts back). How I felt when I saw the look on her face is exactly how a lot of other women, apparently, felt. It’s just one of the most awful things and it has led many of us to speculate about the obvious, as I did in that past post.

Still, there are some feminists, I don’t wish to be hurtful here, but frankly these women are exactly what alienates a lot of would-be feminists. It isn’t just their appearance. Clue: They don’t look anything like Melania Trump and would probably never end up in a nudie spread in a magazine. So, it seems that that kind of exploitation is beyond their grasp. Many seem to be life-long lesbians (lucky folks) who have never had the first-hand knowledge of how diabolically abusive and debilitating relationships with men are for women.

As such, these women – these so-called feminists – are just another brick in the wall of patriarchal abuse. They are representative of the women who help keep the abuse machine going. “Don’t feel sorry for her,” they say. (Yes, they’re saying this.) “She knew what she was getting into.” She deserves abuse, they say, because she said something they  didn’t like. In fact, she said what everyone with two eyes and half an ounce of computer sense can see, which is that the Obama birth certificate was a digital fraud. Oh, you noticed that? Familiar with Photoshop, are you? Do you have the “wrong” political views? Well, then, according to these women, the’re off they hook. Your suffering is all your own fault. That’s what I’m hearing from the likes of Teri Strange, of all people, in a recent video of hers in which she repeatedly talks about Melania’s “choices” and her “consent.”  (She started losing me a few weeks ago when she came out as a Marxist – nice! Yes, that’s right, nobody has the best interests of women like egomaniacal, authoritarian Jewish men. Well, it’s good to know who your enemies are, even when you find out a little bit late.) Here is the video, which is idiotic and all I can say in defense of Teri Strange is that she is not from the U.S. and seems to have not a clue how things work here. Nonetheless, it is a very victim-blaming, gas-lighting, condescending, smug (it must be wonderful to be this pure and above women who have been sexually exploited by men from the time they were little children), hypocritical, and maybe not-so-ironically dictatorial video:

Again, this is not political for me. I’m extremely pleased with Donald Trump as president. I don’t know if we’re all being set up. I suspect maybe we are. Certainly time will tell. But, there is a reason that this dude has had two out of three wives from the old Soviet Union. It was  – and, no doubt, still is – an authoritarian regime. People were not allowed to leave the country except under extraordinary circumstances. I will never forget seeing some of those people about six months after the wall came down and they were finally free. They are beautiful people, but they looked malnourished, their teeth were in need of care in many cases, they were impoverished and their lives were very sad and they didn’t know why they were so unhappy until they saw that wall come down.

Melania Trump grew up under that kind of regime. She grew up in poverty, the daughter of a card carrying Communist. The evidence in the various papers and what we’ve seen of Melania’s early life appears to have been one of exploitation from an early age. What kind of father dresses up his little daughters and prances them around in front of men?! (See the photo of the little girls in a room full of men at this link, it looks very strange to me.) What was she being groomed for?! The same thing we’ve all been groomed for. (Some of us more than others, granted, but that doesn’t mean we deserve it. Nobody asks to be born a Communist  – or to be born into a family of authoritarian and sexually warped religious nuts, such as in my own case!)  When a young girl is entrapped this way at a very early age, she doesn’t have the ability to exercise “consent” and “choice” because she is constantly focused on this little thing called survival!

There is a reason that men go to Eastern European countries to find women like this. It’s easy to trap someone in a foreign country where they have little mastery of the language. (And, just why is her English so bad after something like 20 years here? Is it because he has so isolated her? I wonder.) Many of them are very beautiful and they have lived under the heel of tyranny, poverty, and authoritarianism. I understand the frustration and the fear of having such a woman representing this country and representing by default the women of this country. It frightens me, too. But, to have no feelings of compassion for the plight of these women, including Melania, is monstrous.

The fact is we do not know what ability this woman has had to choose or consent to anything. After all, she did not even start out her life living in a free country. Every time I see an image of her, she looks to me like she’s scared half out of her wits. It is unlikely that she is free to speak for herself. She is not in a powerful position. On the contrary, she is in a very scary position, as was the first wife. Trump’s mob ties are not exactly undocumented. We know what has happened to women trying to bring a suit against him for any reason, at all. We, also, know what happens to women who cross Trump at the hands of his “beautiful Twitter” followers. If I were in her shoes, I ‘d be scared to death right now.

Really, I’m not going to bother trying to explain this to pseudo-feminists who only care about themselves. I doubt if they read much of anything I write, anyway. Furthermore, I know that just about anyone bothering to read this gets it already and I’d just be preachin’ to the choir. Frankly, these so-called feminists mean nothing to me. The liberals disgust me more and more every day as I’m watching them practically self-immolate. I’ve got my own thing going and I suggest if you’re reading this, you do your own thing, too. Focus on your own survival, on your own needs, and your own goals. I don’t say this because I want to tell you what to do, I just think it’s sad when women waste time on other women who clearly hate our guts! They’re not much different from the male abusers in that regard.  They are keeping this system of abuse in place as much as the men are and then when they throw in the hypocrisy of claiming to care one iota for women and the oppression of women, it reeks of betrayal. In fact, they are handmaidens most of all, with their: “Don’t feel sorry for her!” 

Additional material:

This is an article from the notoriously liberal, faux-feminist site, Jezebel, telling us all how privileged Melania is and how she deserves male abuse. If you want to keep your blood pressure down, skip the article and check out some of the comments, many very compassionate and understanding from other women who have been there. They all say the same thing I said in my previous post on this – I recognized that look in her eyes. I wish I could rescue her myself! But, we all know women have to do it themselves. Still, some compassion helps! Not turning your back on someone who is suffering, scared, and confused helps. On the other hand, this nasty rhetoric from a lot of lefty women is what is killing feminism! Here’s the article:

The All-out Assault on White Feminists/Radical Feminists Online

We’ve been handed this label, “White Feminists.” I didn’t come up with the term, someone else did – someone who hates white women and radical feminists and doesn’t want us talking about things like human trafficking (white slavery), prostitution, and the way white women and even little tiny white girls are treated as the whores of the world, fit only to be raped, used in porn, beaten, and knocked down in every way imaginable.

I just had an eye-opening experience.

I looked at some “feminist” channels at YouTube, which is usually not a good idea. (If you look up “feminism,” at YT, you will get a barrage of sexually abusive, pornographic videos, mostly by men and MRAs). There is only one radical feminist (actual feminist) I know of left over there: Terri Strange. Although, she hasn’t made any videos for quite a while. You’ll, also, find that if you do a search there are almost no videos by the likes of Andrea Dworkin or Sonia Johnson. They used to have some old material there, speeches and lectures, from years ago, but they are long gone. The radical feminists are gone!

What remains there tells you something about what is acceptable talk from women about feminism. It feeds one of two agendas:

The Right-wing: There are still some non-liberal white women talking, but they are pushing a patriarchal religious agenda and talking about the “evils” of feminism and feminists. Everyone I’ve ever followed gets around to blaming feminists for something men do. Then, of course, there are the femras – the female MRAs.

The Left-wing: These seem to be mostly women claiming to be feminist, but who are in fact liberals. They talk about feminism, but they talk about “choice” and how “white feminists,” which is apparently the new code word for “radical feminists,” are to blame for everything. And, of course, many of them defend the “rights” of tranny men, which are “men’s rights.”

Now, I ask you, if liberal feminism and white-woman-hating forms of feminism, in particular, were not serving a male agenda, then why are they allowed to exist on YT, when radical feminists, in particular white, American feminists have been expunged?

Mancheeze, a pseudo-radical feminist, just did a video for women on YT about how to post videos there and deal with the men. It’s a very good video and the advice is good. But, the fact is there are no women (with the exception of the one I mentioned) who are talking about actual feminism on YouTube.

I’m all for helping women, but I don’t see a point in helping women who want to enslave me, who want to prostitute me to men, or just want me dead so they can dance on my grave.

“Liberal feminists” are not feminists, at all. They are working against us with a hostile agenda – every time I give one of these women a chance by taking a glimpse of anything they have to say, I’m rewarded with their blatant, unashamed hatred of me.

Now, I wrote a couple of times about “enemies” and how to deal with them and I did a post on observing Donald Trump and how he deals with his enemies. I remember a comment from NMPT ( in a discussion we were having about dealing with enemies. There really are “rules of engagement” and most well-brought up, nice, young ladies aren’t familiar with them. They should not be faulted for this.

But, don’t buy into this “Be the change you want to see in the world” crap! This kind of thinking is meant by your enemies to weaken you – it’s a psyop.

When we defend ourselves as white women, who have white women’s particular problems in this world, and when we talk about that, we are doing something – probably all we can do. We must not let these women silence us or shame us into not calling them out.  For instance, we might be accused of “going down to their level,” as a way of deterring us from telling it like it is – telling the truth.

Let me tell you, there is no way we could possibly get that low. If these women are being paid to say some of these things, I wouldn’t be surprised. We know there are people paying members of the left-wing to agitate, to cause trouble and instigate aggression. The evidence to me is the peculiar fact that these particular women are allowed to speak in online forums and we are not! We are silenced by both men and women – and when it’s women doing it, it’s mostly lefty women. Now, you have to watch a little because some of those women look suspiciously like men! But, many are clearly female.

These are our enemies! We are a very tiny minority on this planet. Here in the U.S. we are a small minority and shrinking because of male violence and depravity, especially that of the white male. So, the reason you don’t hear a lot of white women kicking up a fuss about these abuses is that there simply very, very few of us.

Plus, we are the number one, Grade A, choice food supply for the male predator. We are the one that he most does not want to escape – we are the livestock! We are the gateway to the creation of more food for his violent perversions. So, this is why we are being targeted especially heavily.

Then, we are expected to clean up this mess – essentially, clean up our own blood on the floor after we’ve been nearly killed by men. And, it’s other women – liberal feminists – who are making this demand!

Really, it cannot be over-stated what great enemies these women are to us. They hate us as much as the men do – maybe more, judging by their relentlessly hateful rhetoric.

These women are handmaidens. They are so testosterone-poisoned that there is likely no hope for them. Therefore, there is little point in engaging with them. If you must engage with them, treat them with the same level of “respect” you would give any man, and don’t get bogged down in a discussion, thus allowing them to feed on you.

Also, unlike Mancheeze, I don’t encourage their speech. (A Major Rule of Engagement is: Never Help Your Enemy!) Simply because they’re women doesn’t mean they have anything valuable for us to hear. They are highly destructive. I’d like to hear from actual feminists, but we know that’s not going to happen at YouTube or almost any other social media site except WordPress, which has a very good policy on free speech, which they actually appear to stand by.

I certainly don’t seek them out, but when I run across them, as I did today, I have no problem in calling them out on their racially based hatred of me. I won’t get bogged down in a discussion with them because it would be like trying to discuss with a brain-damaged MRA parasite. This is a form of self-defense. It’s not much, but it’s all we’ve got online.

Anyone who is trying to silence me or trying to silence other “white feminists” is fighting on the wrong side – they’re fighting on the side of the pimp, the john, and the sex trafficker. That’s something I cannot allow to happen.

I encourage you, white feminist who is reading this (and you don’t have to be “white” to be a “white feminist” as our enemy has pointed out), to keep talking. Don’t let them tell you what to say or how to say it. Keep talking even when you think no one is listening. Keep writing. Keep telling what you can of your own experiences. It’s hard some times, don’t hurt yourself doing it – don’t be a martyr because that doesn’t help anyone. But, keep writing. Write radical feminist fiction, write radical feminist non-fiction, and publish it anywhere you can.

Always protect yourself with anonymity. Don’t expect any help from law enforcement because there isn’t any. Protect yourself any way you can think of. It is your natural right endowed to you by your creator. And, remember you are worth just as much as anyone else – maybe more so. Our mothers always told us we weren’t better than other people – but, I don’t know about that – after my experiences in life, I think we are. We should, at least, always act like we are and not let these men and women tear us down and try to convince us that we are somehow guilty of things we are in no way responsible for. Our female enemies get off on this just like male sex predators do – don’t give them that satisfaction! We are NEVER responsible for what males do to us and we are NEVER responsible when they don’t stop doing it.

Update to this post: I changed some information in this post after I was blocked by Mancheeze at her YT channel, either for saying that male violence is innate, to which she responded that there is a case of a boy socialized to be a “lovely boy,” or because I left a single comment on a video at her liberal friend’s channel, stating my objection to her rabid hatred of white women and “white feminists.”  It appeared that she had shadowbanned some of my comments before they were all blocked from the view of anyone not logged into the account. At first, I thought it was a mistake – she bans men from commenting, but I am clearly a woman and a radical feminist and I don’t know why exactly I was being shadowbanned and then blocked. I am guessing it was because I objected on her friend’s channel to the hateful speech against white women and “white feminists”  -one time, I commented!  So, I revise my original position on Mancheeze – she is an incorrigible liberal. I deeply apologize to anyone I have ever misled by recommending her blog or her videos. I, also, revise what I said about YT: Radical feminists are completely silenced there – just as I was.


Why Liberal Men and Criminals Don’t Like the Idea of Women and Girls Being Able to Defend Ourselves

Liberal men hate women. Like the men on the right, they believe we have only a couple of good uses. To the men on the left, we exist for men’s pleasure in pornography and as “sex workers,” as they so joyfully like to call trafficked women  and girls and, in fact, anyone who has ever had to provide entertainment to men for a living. (I was a career exotic dancer for the span of about 20 years. When I entered that line of work, I did it out of desperation (and I stayed because it was a safer workplace and paid better than most of the offices and other regular jobs I’d had), but at that time we were just thought of as dancers or strippers and only very ignorant people thought we were “hookers.” This belief is now mainstream and pushed, especially, by liberals who say that “sex” – remember I said, “dancing” and not “sex”so this is like trying to talk to a Christian Fundamentalist, who, also, have a one-track mind! – is a good thing.)

So, liberal men are the ones who most insist that our lives revolve around sex and that we exist for the sexual pleasure of men. At least, this is the case, at present, in the U.S. This could change when the Muslims begin to outnumber them because they, not surprisingly, have the exact same beliefs about white (especially blonde) women and Christian women.

Thinking about Germany in my last post called to mind a particular incident. I had a few incidents like this, mostly with German men, who didn’t like Americans  or the U.S. and thought this was an excuse to do violence to me. (I’ve mentioned this before, but I am very small. I have tiny wrists and fingers with bird-like bones, smaller than the average white woman, and I am very diminutive. I was often mistaken for a child by the Germans who are, by contrast, absolute giants. So, the idea of these massive men targeting me because they hate all of the United States is pretty ridiculous, but it happened occasionally. The fact is that men will use any excuse to commit violence against women.)

On this one occasion, I was with a couple of friends who met up with some people they knew at a typical German pub. The next thing I know, I’m in a conversation with this guy who, I was later told, was from a very wealthy family. He had been studying law for years and while I was sitting next to him, he decided to bring up some of the U.S.’s laws, which he didn’t like. In particular, he disliked the 2nd Amendment. Growing increasingly drunk, he expounded on why it was terrible that Americans should have a right to defend themselves. He quickly became tiresome and I remember, after explaining why we have the law (see previous post), just shrugging my shoulders and saying something like, “That’s just how it is.” After all, I didn’t make the law, even though I do support it just a I support the U.S. Constitution, in general. The Germans certainly love their laws, you’d think they would understand.

But, at one point, he drew back his arm and made a fist as if to strike me. I don’t know why he stopped, but he changed his mind, for whatever reason. Maybe it was my matter-of-fact defense of the right to self-defense or maybe it was the look in my eyes because if he had even tried to strike me, I’d have knocked his gigantic, candy ass off that bench he was sitting on and banged his head onto the concrete floor until he was unconscious or dead – whichever came first. (I’ve had to do this kind of thing before.) The legal consequences of doing something like this usually only cross my mind after the fact.

Such hypocrisy! This man, who was arguing against violence and against self-defense was, in the same moment as he was making the argument for the umpteenth time, actually in the motions of taking a swing at me.

I didn’t mention it to anyone, but when we left, one of the circle of friends told me that the man I’d been talking to – a spoiled, leftist brat of an over-grown infant – had actually hit her before. She didn’t say if he was arrested, so I’m guessing not.

Luckily for me, I have not dealt with a lot of liberal men. But, I think they are as dangerous as any and more so than other categories of men. They are very insistent about things and trying to discuss certain  matters is like talking to a brick wall. Maybe they’re really just not too bright, despite the fact that many of them are formally educated – of course, they are “educated” in increasingly wacky, liberal universities, which have pretty much killed real education, destroyed rational thought, and re-written history.  (If you don’t believe me, take a look at Mizzou!)

Most of my encounters with liberal men have been in W. Europe, where I dated a couple of these candy-asses, one of whom had, also, been a law student but never graduated. Apparently, lawyers don’t make much money there – just average salaries, like everyone else. That’s socialism. Everyone makes pretty much the same wage regardless of level of education, talent, ambition, or even if they work at all (Muslims, other dark foreigners and layabouts “earn” almost as much money each month as hard-working Germans).

I, also, met them in New York City, which is a really Europeanized city, in my view. I say this because all the liberal men I knew – and all the perverts and freaks – were either 1st generation or maybe as much as 2nd or 3rd generation from socialist Europe. So, I’ve developed the theory that the U.S. is being poisoned by Western European socialism. It’s a slow, painful death, like a little arsenic here and there. It’s in heavily Europeanized cities and chocolate cities (with lots of Muslims) that we have seen a reduction and an absolute, un-Constitutional and illegal loss of 2nd Amendment rights.

Ah, but deaths by gun shot are down in places where guns have been confiscated or cjwdseverely restricted, says the liberal, white male. Sometimes this is not true, at all, because criminal males always seem to have no trouble accessing guns and ammo even when it is severely legally restricted. Other times, the killers just find more creative ways to kill their victims – like in NYC, where they shove them out of tall windows, set them on fire in elevators, slice and dice them with a machete, or knife them to death.

There is, also, the problem of an increase in rape in these cities. You see, men don’t need a gun and, in fact, usually don’t use a gun in rape crimes against women and girls. On the other hand, women who have guns have a good chance of staving off an attack, of deterring an attack (I know this works because I’ve done it), and sometimes of killing their attackers before they can kill them or their children.

The liberals, including liberal feminists, like to cite how many domestic violence situations are escalated to murder more quickly when there is a gun in the house. But, they never think about the women whose lives could have been saved if they had had un-fettered access to a firearm, especially in cases where they have left the abuser and he keeps coming back to kill them.

In the case linked to in the above paragraph, if the woman had been able to access firearms and ammo, she might have been able to save herself from a criminal attacker who has no trouble getting a gun. Contrary to what this Huffpost article claims (and the link they gave provides no information about the laws in the state), in the State of Arkansas, it is still not that easy to own a gun and it was probably even harder about 10 or more years ago.

What this does is make it difficult for women to get self-defense items they can easily learn to use – even if they’ve never held one before. Guns, too, because of Obama’s wonderful job at causing them to fly off the shelf every time there is another staged shooting event followed by immediate threats against the 2nd Amendment, are now very expensive. You used to be able to get a very nice 12-gauge shot gun for about $100, but now it is $300 to 500. Ammo is scarce, threatened, and expensive, also. Keeping women poor and ignorant of or scared of firearms (and liberal white men and liberal feminists are always running scare stats and scare articles trying stir up more fear in women about guns and to gin up anti-gun, anti-self-defense, anti-Constitutional sentiment, especially in women) is a way of keeping the patriarchal machine of violence against women going.

Remember what they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? It’s insanity. But, in this case it’s more than that – it is a conscious attempt by males and apparently gullible or paid-off females – to keep women and children vulnerable to male perverts and male killers.

bptIf women are afraid of guns (and lots of libfems are), these people – like the libs at HuffPo – are directly to blame! It is they who have been running this fear-mongering, psychological warfare operation against women. It is a way to make women easy to rape and kill, easy for men to get their hands on the children, too. This is why men, especially criminal men and liberal men want gun control and fear-monger about gun ownership. This is why when they talk about women needing self-defense they like to give out cans of pepper spray (absolutely useless and possibly dangerous to the user) and suggest self-defense lessons – they know this is ineffectual against the enemy – and they are the enemy! Also, if women are able to defend ourselves we don’t need so many “charities” and non-profits. Oh, and we don’t need men to “protect” us, either, including the cops, when we have guns and ammo and know how to use it. Getting rid of the problem by arming women, by legally empowering women, would put a lot of liberal assholes out of a job – and it would put women out of reach of abusers, of porno heads, would-be pimps and johns, rapists and killers.

Criminals and liberal men (interesting how they fall into the same class here) do not want women to have the right to defend ourselves and our children (whom they see as sex objects to be used by men to fulfill their sexual perversions) any way we see fit. It’s not because they are anti-violence. No. On the contrary, it is because they most desperately wish to perpetrate violence upon us – just like the rich, liberal, German law-student I described above.

Let me be clear: Anyone who wants to take away your right to defend yourself, anyway you see fit, with whatever type of weapon and however many rounds you need, is an enemy. He has something bad in mind for you, something he wants to do to you –  and your daughters and maybe your sons, if you have any. These men want to feed on your flesh.

At no time do I ever hear a man talk about “reasonable” restrictions on the 2nd Amendment that I don’t see a walking, breathing, erect penis ready to strike at any moment. Anyone who wants to restrict your right to defend yourself or frighten you into not defending yourself is a particularly loathsome enemy.