Men Wreck and Burn Things in Hamburg, Germany at G20: Women and Girls Now Clean Up The Mess They Left Behind!


I wanted to point out this contrast between men and women, which I know will not be lost on my handful of readers. I have watched videos of the terrible things that were done in Hamburg, Germany over the past few days by so-called anti-facists (anti-fa) leftists.

I remember Hamburg as a beautiful city and a relatively safe and peaceful one as big cities go, but that was in the late ’90s. It was very disturbing to see what these violent leftists, almost all men did to the city. I’m posting two videos below. The first one is of their violence and destruction and you will see that the vast majority of people, if not all of the people, in the first video are males. Then, in the second video, you will see the contrast. Who is cleaning up the mess these men left behind? It’s almost all German women and their daughters.  And, this is a pattern we are all familiar with. The Germans must certainly be familiar with it. Men make war and women have to clean and rebuild in their wake.

Here, at least 1000 people are estimated to be partaking in the clean up  mission in Hamburg. These are the real Germans, almost all women, and the Germans I know and love. I’m very proud of them, but isn’t this a shame!:




The Nightmare of Legalized Prostitution in Germany and Teenyland

wantJust in time for the increased flow of Stone Age men bent on rape coming into the country, the German government legalized the prostitution of women and girls by men in 2002. This legalization is not the “Nordic Model,” which originated in Sweden and has proven successful in decreasing sex trafficking by decriminalizing the victims of human trafficking, but penalizing the johns and pimps. Rather, it is an all out legalization of the sale and trade of women by men, in fact, the legalization of white slavery, which is the enslavement of women by men for the purpose of legalized sex abuse and rape.

The effects of this legalization of female abuse have been devastating and simply could not have come at a worse time in order to completely undermine the liberty and inherent freedoms of women and girls in Germany. This is surely no coincidence.

As I’ve been watching the German news very closely the past few months, I have noticed an uptick in sex attacks on little girls, some of them very young. The attacks often take place outside the child’s home or in a place where there are bushes – yes, quite literally, they are jumping out of bushes – to hide behind and grab a little, tiny girl. The attacks are not all perpetrated by Muzzies. Although, the Muzzie invasion has complicated matters for feminists, what has been largely hidden from the mainstream media discussion of rape and sexual assault in Germany is this background of the legalization of the male abuse of women under certain, government-regulated conditions.

Brothel owners, pimps, and johns who were once on the wrong side of the law are now entitled to legal protections under the law and things have gotten much worse for women, despite the cheery, mainstream media “documentaries” by the BBC and others, showing how nice, clean, harmless and even good and helpful highly regulated German brothels are.

One of the disturbing highlights in the massive pile of information on this subject involves a place called “Teenyland.” This is a brothel located in Cologne (the city that was the MSM focus of the mass attacks by men on women and girls on New Year’s Eve 2015), sandwiched in between some normal-looking buildings and across the street from a beautiful pasture or field. It is a place where men go to rape young women or, at least, women who appear very young. (The women must be under the age of 30.) Many of the rooms of the brothel are decorated in pink and filled with toys and stuffed animals to give the man the feeling of raping a child.


(Note: Right now these are all direct links to these disgusting sites. I am unable to access DoNotLink at this time. Later, I’ll try to makes these donotlinks.)

Direct link to a forum for johns:

Direct link to EroticReview:

In the above-linked discussion, you will see the abbreviation FKK used, which is a reference to a Frei Koerper Kultur club – this means Free Body Culture Club and is another term for an upscale bordello that has a little different business model. Teenyland is a standard brothel.

Review and discussion of a john’s visit to Teenyland if you scroll down:

A link to the official Website of Teenyland showing “available women” – they’re all pretty white, despite the fact that I’m hearing there are lots of Asians and Africans being imported for this purpose. Preferred meat is still white – yes, “white woman’s privilege” is on display here at this link: 

You’ll notice that the above links are all in English, many of them travelling to Germany from English-speaking countries.

Here’s a link to some German men talking about the place, recommending it to other men:

The German reviewers I’ve read mostly complained about the cleanliness of Teenyland. They didn’t like the “dishonesty” of the women not telling their real ages because they would really like to rape some kids. They thought the women and the entire establishment was rude – yeah, must be polite to your rapists, you know.

At the above-linked discussion at Bordellcommunity, the john talks about the procedure of calling ahead to the brothel to see which of the women were available at that time. He was told seven were available and one was a woman he particularly wanted to rape from looking at her image online. He talked about the nature of the rape experience he wanted to have, which he called “Girlfriend” sex. When he got there, he was told that she was busy being raped by another john. So, he ended up with a woman from Poland. She would not allow him to do things he wanted to do. He reported his dissatisfaction to the woman at the front desk. Lots of dissatisfaction stemming from the woman not looking exactly like her picture, having shorter hair than was portrayed. Also, disappointment that the women will not allow themselves to raped exactly according to rapist’s specifications.

German legalization of prostitution and pimping has resulted in the brothel-owners having complete control over the women. The brothel owners threaten their families in order to keep them in line. The women are enslaved in every sense of that word and unable to make enough money to feed themselves. One woman from a foreign country said she would allow herself to be raped by a john for a cheeseburger. Violence is not unusual, of course. Also, the women are suffering from a startling range of internal injuries and STDs from being repeatedly raped. The country is, also, dealing with massive cases of women who have been trafficked and are now suffering from P.T.S.D. (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result.

Additional material:

Below are videos glorifying and advertising Teenyland. Amazing how this sort of thing is out in the open, these disgusting men are out in the open, and most of us are in hiding!:


Another ad: The 5-year Anniversary party at Teenyland –





White Women Attacked by Muslim and Negro Men in Europe and USA: More “White Women’s Privilege”

Warning: Some news videos showing actual violence perpetrated against women by males are included in this post. Also, there is a lot of sarcasm.

It is such a privilege to be a white woman living in a supposedly 1st world nation where we have so much privilege that we never have to worry about being attacked, run down, raped, or murdered by Muslims and negro men, who are the “truly oppressed” among us.

Below are some examples of these poor, sad, oppressed men taking out all their sadness and feelings of oppression on white women. According to the liberals, we deserve this abuse for being “racist” (where racist means failing to suck enough black cock) and oppressing (where oppressing means existing and trying to mind our own business somewhere) negro and Muslim men; and according to the right-wing men, we deserve this because of feminism, which is, also, to blame for virtually everything men do to us.

In the video below you will see some sad negro men attacking two “oppressive white women.” Note how the white women oppress the black men by their mere existence, thus inducing the negroids to hit, kick and otherwise abuse them in this subway station in France. The attacks appear to have taken place in the last couple of months. The police are still investigating – yeah, that’ll help. Here is further commentary from Liveleaks on the video:

Now, there is a word that if you are white woman and you use it, black people become very angry and will use it as an excuse to do violence to you – even try to kill you. And, the liberals will say that’s okay because you are racist white bitch and you deserve to killed by black men. You know this word, it is “Nigger.”

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually say, “Nigger,” if you are a white woman, you are assumed to be a racist white whore, therefore, a black man can just accuse you of saying it as a pretext for punching you in the face, after he humps you in public and assaults you and follows you all over the room – because you are a white whore and he is deeply offended that you are not sucking his cock right now! An example of this happened in Florida  You see, black men can assault you and threaten you, they can call you all kinds of filthy sexually perverted and sexually threatening names, but when he physically attacks you and you say something like, “Get off me, you fucking nigger!”  which the woman being assaulted in the video below is accused by a witness of saying, then YOU are the racist. Yes, you understand, don’t you? The black man who is following you and assaulting you is a poor, innocent, sad oppressed, powerless little man. And, if you ever once in your entire life thought silently to yourself, “Nigger,” then it is you who are the racist. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never attacked a black man, woman or child in your life, or that you have never done harm to any person on account of their race or creed. It is you, the white woman, who is oppressing this sad, little, powerless black man.

See video of the nigger man assaulting the white woman below – remember, he’s not the racist, SHE is and don’t even think about calling this poor little nigger child a sex predator, that is not allowed. His blackness is his shield against such observations whenever his chosen victim is a “white whore.” Keep the focus on HER racism for not instantly getting down on her knees and sucking his dick:

Also, from Florida, here is another instance of a black man harassing some white women riding horses in a park near some docks. According to the accounts, he drove his Dodge pick up truck at an estimated 60 miles an hour near the docks, frightening the horses the young women were riding. One of the riders yelled at him to “slow down.” The sad, oppressed, helpless, little black man reportedly said, “Fuck you,” to her, after which one of the women called him a “stupid nigger.” At this point, he turned his vehicle on the horses and their riders and stomped on the gas pedal, ramming them, killing one of the horses, causing another of the horses to run away and so terrifying one of the women (who had not called him “nigger,” although I can think of a few other things to call him, too, that might be very appropriate) that she crawled into the woods and hid for fear that he would continue his assault. She ended up with some broken bones. And, the liberals cheered the nigger for this attempted murder of the “racist” white women.

Here’s a link to a local article on the subject:

Here’s a link to the same story at the liberal news aggregator site, RawStory, so you can see the liberals cheering on their boy – because liberals really hate white women:

Now, how calling someone “nigger” ever came to equal being racist or how a white woman using that word becomes justification for hitting, raping or murdering her (or attempting to murder women, as in the above case), I cannot understand. A word is just a word – at least, it is when men use dehumanizing, sexually threatening language at women. But, when a woman uses a word against her oppressor – and we don’t have many of these words that we can use against them to begin with – it is grounds for violence – all justified in the minds of liberals.

Since it’s already been decided that you are a racist white whore who deserves to die, you might as well use whatever language you want to use at the people who are doing this to you.

Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of “white women’s privilege,” for example, I’ve been held at gun point by men, had a gun shoved in my face by a man, been raped by men many times, been beaten by men and the last thing I have to fear after coming back from the arms of Death is being called “racist” by liberal men and women who have already shown themselves to be the worst enemies of white women and of white feminists, in particular.

Here is a montage of attacks on white women by some manner of niggers in Europe:

Now, don’t forget it’s the women who are the racists! Maybe they called the perps “Nigger” before they were attacked. You never know about racist white bitches, they’re liable to say anything to a poor, sad, oppressed man. We oppress them by our mere existence in a public place.

In the video below an older German man is attacked after intervening in an assault by Muslims males on a German woman:

Remember: The white folks here are the racists – and since the white woman being attacked is German, they are, also, “Nazis.” Yes, they are evil Nazi women who have not developed an appreciation for black cock – or being assaulted and sexually harassed and threatened on public transportation.

And, here is a nigger man – should I use a nicer description? – attacking a Hungarian woman from behind as she’s walking down a public sttreet.


And, it isn’t just happening in Europe – it’s happening all over the U.S. The video below is from an incident in August of 2014, involving a gang of niggers attacking a white woman in Springfield, MO after they had already sexually assaulted her once and she had gone to get help from her boyfriend who was working at a night club as a D.J.:

Now, to kind of deviate slightly from this discussion, I’d like to mention something that I’ve been reading about lately in relation to the “migrants” – and these are enemy invaders, of course, not “migrants” or “refugees” – in Calais, France.

I’m not very familiar with France, but I’ve been watching what is happening in the town of Calais, which is situated near the English Chunnel (the Channel tunnel), which is the place where trucks bearing European goods go, then from there many products are transported to and from England and the European mainland.

I remember years ago when the Chunnel was just being talked about in England that many English people objected to its construction because of the possibility of exactly what is happening right now. But, in every country it seems we have people in our government who are not working in our best interest. England is no exception and neither is France.

Right now, the Chunnel is being used as a point of illegal entry into England for “migrants” who are housed in Calais, France. There are videos of the “migrants” attacking trucks, trying to hijack them, attacking the drivers, trying to break into them, as they are going in and out of Calais. There are many videos depicting these attacks on drivers. Here is an English driver talking about the routine attacks and attempts to hijack his truck:


Here’s an RT report on the subject with video:

Here is another video taken by a driver in Calais:

And, here’s another in which drivers are attacked- they’re pretty much the same after a while:

Calais is the site of a massive tent city in which “migrants” live and from which they wreak havoc, not only on the truckers, but on the people of Calais. The following video is very interesting to me because it is one woman’s story of betrayal at the hands of the French police, at the hands of the French government. You can see the video for yourself. It is all in French with English subtitles. It is a little long, but it is very interesting and even if you do not understand French well (and I do not) you can still hear the frustration and the tragedy of this situation in this woman’s native language.

The shorthand version of this story is that she is the mother of two sons, one of whom was killed in the service of France and his ashes scattered at the sea. She cannot even go to visit her son at the site where his ashes were scattered, which she calls his grave, because of the male violence in Calais. The police are working against the citizens and on behalf of the “migrants.” She was nearly arrested at a Pegida demonstration, one of a very small number of people who gathered, to protest this invasion and its accompanying violence.

Her husband is dying of cancer and she is about to be evicted from her house – which it sounds like she owns – to make way for more “migrants.” The situation she describes at the police station trying to make a report is the same one we white women in the U.S. have found ourselves in for a long time.

Because the French are disarmed, she – like others – has to be afraid in her own home because the poor, oppressed, sad, little “migrants” think nothing of breaking into French people’s homes to steal, rape and kill them. Again, nothing unfamiliar to many of us in the U.S., where we have been living with a similar scourge for a long time – unable to speak about it, silenced for being “white whores” and “racist white bitches.” Remember: White feminists, shut the fuck up! We have to shut up so we don’t make the perpetrators uncomfortable, so we don’t cause them to be subjected to “racism” from more, privileged, racist white bitches like ourselves who object to sucking black cock.

So, here you have it, the face of white women’s privilege in France. It is the privilege to have your home stolen from you to house negroes. (Can anybody say “South Africa?!”) It is the privilege of being terrorized in your own town and in your own home. It is the privilege of being threatened with arrest and violence by the police you are taxed to pay for when you you object to these abuses. It is the privilege of being told by the cops that nothing can be done about you being attacked by some nigger men because they all look alike and, therefore, they cannot be identified. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt on that one!) It’s the privilege of having your children taken from you, recruited by the state or out-right forced by the state, to go to war and to die to serve this monstrous system. And, who will stand up for this privileged, white woman?




Cowardly Cops Run from Refugees in Sweden, Meanwhile a 17-year Old Dane is Arrested for Fighting Off Her Attempted Rapist


Swedish woman spat upon by a typical, misogynist, dark invader.

This could almost as easily have happened in the U.S. One of my early posts at this blog is on why women don’t call the police and, of course, it is for all the reasons that you see in previous blogs, such as the one with videos of a young German girl describing her experience trying to report sexual assault by Muzzies to the police there. They laugh at you. They ignore you. But, if you get them to take you seriously, you run the risk of being charged with a crime yourself.

This is what happened to a young girl in Denmark: She used pepper spray to fend off a dark-skinned, male attacker who was trying to remove her clothing while she was trying to walk down a street. There are not enough details to this story, so we don’t know how the police found out about the attack. We are left to presume that she dutifully went to the police station and reported it like a good citizen. She has been charged under the firearms law there. Yes, apparently, pepperspray is a “firearm” in Denmark. And, she will likely be fined and could go to jail for three months.

This is why if you ever have to defend yourself, weigh heavily reporting anything to the police or even telling anyone you know! Unfortunately, for very young girls for whom this is a first-time experience, they don’t yet know how hated they are, how everyone around them will blame them, and will possibly do things to cause more trouble for them.  This is a lesson we all learn the first time we are sexually assaulted, even when we successfully fight off the attacker. And no matter how violent the attack, we will be told that we wanted it, we asked for it, we’re sluts, and so on.

I went through this after successfully fighting off a violent sex attacker. (One who had targeted me because I, “slut” that I am, was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book at a nice little coffee shop, and did not like it when the attacker’s friend sat down next to me and tried to talk to me. For not being “friendly” enough, I was targeted for violence by the two of them.) But, I didn’t go to the police. I already knew not to do that from earlier experiences. What happened to this attacker was that he attacked another woman who worked where I worked (she showed up with bruises all over her legs and hips) and a couple of male staff members there took it upon themselves to – I will just say this – take matters into their own hands. (I was working at a small club in a little, trendy town, at that time, and it is not unusual for the night club security to take their job of protecting the dancers very seriously. It’s business: If the dancers can’t work because they’re being beaten up and sexually assaulted, this means disappointed customers and closed doors. I used to hear a lot from night club security in many different locales, in general, that they couldn’t believe some of the things they saw – things that were just every day occurrences to me and to most women.)

This is the only kind of justice you will likely ever see if you are the victim of an attack like this. Also, I have told this story to people, years later and far away from the incident, who were disgusted at the “vigilante” justice. That was just wrong of me, they said. But, of course, it wasn’t my idea. Some men – back when we still had a couple of those lying around – took it upon themselves to do what everyone knew the police (our worst enemy, collectively) would not do. If you are the victim (or even nearly a victim of a sexual assault), you will always be blamed – always.

The attacker in the case in Denmark will likely never be found, but the whole lot of them are just as guilty. If any of those men met with some tragic “accident,” it would be a start.

Not only are the police typically unsympathetic and, at worst, dangerous to women and girls who report crimes against themselves, they are absolutely useless in cases where there is a crime taking place, due to their cowardly natures.

This is epitomized by this story from Russia Today,, which reports that the police in Sweden fled from “migrants” in a refugee asylum center. Now, frankly, I cannot even begin to imagine this. Even the police in the U.S. aren’t this cowardly. They might kill the hostages or throw a little cyanide in and kill all the little children they claim they are there to rescue. But, they would never fail to apprehend the bad guys. I can’t think of a single instance where this has occurred.

The cops were dispatched to this center to transfer a little, 10-year old boy who was being repeatedly raped by the “migrants” at this refugee center to another facility because the staff members were unable to complete this undertaking on their own due to the migrants’ “hostile attitude.” It is unclear from the article if the police succeeded in doing so before they shamefully retreated in fear and defeat.

How would you like to count on these cops to rescue you from an attack by a gang of men – or even a single man- at your home or on the street, where you are not allowed to have an actual weapon to defend yourself and if you use anything at all in your own self-defense and the cops find out about it YOU are going to be the one in trouble?

Maybe some more limp-wristed, white dudes can tell us all again how we don’t need firearms to protect ourselves – and here in the U.S. that “only cops should have guns” – and how “where one lives is a human right.” I heard that last line from a German candy pants I was dating just about right before I bought a plane ticket out of there!

More “White Woman’s Privilege” in Germany: A 16-year Old Girl Discusses Racially-motivated Sexual Assault and Harassment

I just want to share this with you quickly. Please, view the video while you can because things like this – the truth about what is happening to white women and girls at the hands of Muslims and darkies –  are being pulled of Youtube right and left.

This video is in German without subtitles. If you understand German, you’ll have no problem, otherwise see this link for a basic transcript of what she is saying in English:

The politicians have destroyed Germany, she says, but remember, folks, it’s all the fault of feminists, we damned women who believe we are human beings entitled to basic human rights and liberation from enslavement. It’s all our fault – say the men who sit on their asses fapping (I’m sure you can already imagine the sick sexual fantasies being projected on this child by adult men viewing the video on that cesspool, Youtube! – we all have firsthand familiarity with that, don’t we?!) and the Christians who are bringing them in by the busloads!

She, also, says that the police either ignore or laugh at them when they try to report crimes against themselves. This will not be unfamiliar to women in the U.S. who have ever tried to report a sex crime. (This reminds me of the first and last time I ever tried to report to the police a crime of being terrorized and harassed by black men at a mall (I was in my teens and I learned a valuable lesson about the cops and society), which shortly thereafter was guarded by SWAT teams before it was finally shut down completely because of black men harassing, assaulting, slashing, robbing and raping female shoppers. By the way, Mother Jones says that it is a myth that so many shopping malls in the U.S. have closed due to black violence, but they lie. It is the reason.)

This child and children like her and adult women are all bearing the brunt of these nefarious activities, which are being funded by big political interests (the name George Soros and his communist “charity” the Open Society Foundation come up, again and again.) At about 6 minutes and 30 seconds into this video, she makes an appeal to the men in Germany to please help the women and children because they are afraid to go outside, afraid to go to the store – “Please, help us!” Maybe nobody believes women deserve protection, but how do they justify not protecting children? I can’t imagine. I only know they do justify it in their own sick minds.

Update: I just read the disturbing commentary beneath the video and it was not what I was expecting. Usually any video with a young girl or woman like this garners a lot of disturbing sexual commentary. There’s the expected “white, racist bitch” and “you feminists asked for it….” of course. But, many of the comments are about fear of retaliation against this girl by Muslims for posting this video. They are saying she should delete the video, herself, if she wants to stay safe. (Note: She’s already not safe, which is why she made this video in the first place.)

This, apparently, is the climate there. Their idea is to censor this video, to shut her up. They’re telling each other to flag the video and suggesting how to do it so that Youtube will remove it. This is their idea of protecting her. And, of course, this answers the question, “Where are the feminists?” once again, doesn’t it?

I have seen so many videos with W. Europeans, who despise our laws, especially our 2nd Amendment. I’ve even experienced near-violence from white, liberal males in Germany, who despise our laws and see a small American woman as a convenient target, over the fact that we have a 2nd Amendment. They don’t know why we have it. Perhaps, like most liberals, including those here in the U.S., they never bothered to read it or, if they did read it, they did not understand it. When the government (“A well-regulated militia,” which is necessary to maintain the State – meaning a military organization, such as the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, etc., which were formed later, after the Constitution was written – is an instrument of the government) turns on the people, which is inevitable (and it’s only a matter of time before the Bundeswehr is unleashed on PEGIDA and the rest of the white folks in Germany – it’s coming!), the people have a right to protect themselves with deadly force. This is why the “right to keep and bear arms” must never “be infringed.” These poor people have no means of protecting themselves and, if they did have it, they have no legal right to use it, even to defend their own lives.

At this girl’s age, I was protecting my and my parents home against intruders. In one instance, a huge, gigantic, loud, fat man who had already spent time in Federal prison, who had a property dispute with my father, who saw it easier to target me instead of my father (who is kind of scary) when he knew I was home alone – at age 16 – regularly came to our house for a while and tried to knock the door down. I stood on the other side, at the ready, to kill him once he crossed the threshold. (I have never in my life – not since I was a little child of maybe 4-years old, ever felt safe – even with my mother because of male sex perverts. We had a robbery at our house when I was 5. A little boy was sodomized to death after being snatched from a play area in town when I was 4. And, my mother dealt with a stalker she acquired at P.T.A. meetings, who regularly called our house. Not to mention male leering, harassment and threats from adult men from the time I was maybe 11-years old on and even now! I have never known the concept of safety on the street, in a public place, or even in my own home where self-defense items are usually within arm’s length and always at the ready. )

On the other hand, this poor girl and all of the women of Germany have been left defenseless. The Germans – including young girls, in fact, especially the girls and women – must learn to defend themselves with deadly force. It is a natural right. It’s the only solution.

Here is Part II, in which she, again, pleads for help:

This is a 2nd Update (January 28, 2016):

There are always interesting things in the comment sections on articles and videos on this topic. I mentioned that there were people concerned about this girl’s safety (in German) beneath the comments of the first video from Muslim retaliation. But, there was, also, an indication that the German police are watching things like this.

Today I was visiting this website, which I’m going to stop doing because the owner is an anti-feminist, Jewish woman who allows Jewish men to write most horrible, filthy genocidal threats against and lies about little German girls like the one in this video, above – not the first time I’ve seen an assortment of nasty people, usually plenty of anti-feminist MRAs at this site – while writing articles regularly condemning feminists and feminism and blaming us for what is happening in W. Europe. But, it was confusing to me, at first, because they run articles condemning male violence against women, but then the author, Gellar, will frequently denounce feminists. It’s Orwellian, to say the least, to denounce the abuse of women by men while simultaneously denouncing the women fighting for their own liberation. It’s even more confusing when the writer of such an article is an outspoken woman, who would not be able to do what she is doing with out centuries of feminism having gone before.

In the article, linked here to Pamela Gellar’s site, I ran across this interesting comment:

linda bakker • 3 hours ago
in the Netherlands its also a big probleem. But our governement let more and more muslim men in. What can we do? If we protest we end in jail. Every evening we watch the TV with more and more propaganda to tell us how happy we must be with all our new muslim friends who rape us and take our land, money and homes . I dont agree with Voytek Gagalka, the men and women in germany and here in the netherlands are afraid! not feminized freaks, the governements of both lands are taking the side of the muslims. If we protest we end in jail , lose our jobs or our childeren. In Germany and the Netherlands the police visite you at your home if you write you dont want the muslim immigrants or hate them. Europe is gonna die, the work of mrs Merkel and friends, also our mr president mark (pedo) Rutte the slave of Merkel. greetings from a dying Europa, and sorry, my English is not so good, hope you can understand it.

So, this confirms for me what I read in the comments beneath the original photo above. The police are visiting Germans and Dutch, at their homes, who express “anti-Muslim” sentiment. This is, also, not the first time I have heard of women having their children taken away. (Meanwhile, Pamela Geller, MRAs, and the Christians trucking these mokes in blame feminists and feminism and demand public action from us!)

Of course, this is what the police did during the Nazi era. If you had a visit from the cops, you’d better have your state-issued copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf sitting on your coffee table and you’d better say nice things about the regime. Now, the new regime is a Muslim one, apparently.

What I still don’t understand – having carried weapons in areas many, many years ago, including German, where it is or was not only forbidden, but where the penalties are extremely harsh for doing so – why the people will not act to arm themselves. Of course, it is possible that they are doing this and we’re just not hearing about it. But, according to the above comment, the people are in such tremendous fear. The thing is this though – and I say this having lived in a veritable war zone for women since I was a tiny little girl – you have a right to self-defense, which does not come from any law made by a man or a group of men sitting around a table. It is natural and innate. If I had not taken matters into my own hands like this, I would not be typing this message because I would be dead! If you are going to be attacked – and you are going to be attacked, probably by multiple large males, probably multiple times in a short period of time – then, you have to be prepared to defend your own life no matter what men say. Men are nothing. They are not God. They are not representatives of God. There is only you and you have the right to defend the life your mother, your true Creator, gave you.





What Happens When Hardline Muslims Take Over a Country: What Some Middle Eastern Nations Used to Look Like

Some countries in the Middle East were once relatively civilized, as evidenced by the video and photographic images at the links, below, of women and girls in normal clothing, socializing normally with each other in Afghanistan and Tehran, Iran (Persia).

In the following video, you see what looks like a typical cocktail party. Such parties were popular, especially among middle class people, between the 1940s and the 1970s. (I remember my own parents throwing such parties before they became involved in a sadistic Christian cult.) People drank alcoholic beverages and sodas and feasted on all kinds of meats and cheeses, while they socialized and sometimes played party games. What is unusual about this particular party is that it took place in Tehran in the 1970s.

If you browse through modern cook books, you’ll find little of this type of celebration, anymore. It is a thing of a by-gone era here in the U.S. as taxes rose and we endured one government-engineered economic crisis after another, and people were left with little free time to socialize or money left over to buy or make hors d’oeuvres, and canapes and little stacks of meat and cheese with fancy toothpicks stuck through them.

In Iran, it all pretty much came to a screeching halt with the overthrow of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in 1979 during the Muslim Revolution.

Before that time, Iran was a secularized nation and many women lived pretty normal lives and wore normal, modern Western-style clothing. You will see more pictures of women, many of them very white, with their faces, arms and calves showing at the following link:


A photographic image of women in Kabul, Afghanistan before the Taliban.

So, while we talk about men being men, we must, also, realize that what we are all facing, especially the Europeans right now, is a Muslim cultural revolution, which has the ability to replace our normal lives with the savagery, degradation and filth of Islam. As you will see from images at the above link, and you will have noticed if you pay attention to the news at all, the Muslims destroy whatever is in their path. They destroy culture and write their own hideous story over it. They destroy art and architecture and they destroy women. None of Western culture is possible without Western women, therefore, we are all a prime target, as well. We are the base, the foundation, at which they are striking in an attempt to topple our entire civilization and what little peace we enjoy and the strides in human rights for women and girls we have made.

Here in the U.S., we know that we cannot count on the people in government to protect us. If you’ve been alive as long as I have, you remember things – like who was behind the fall of the Shah. Interests within our own government are responsible. This is not a reason to beat ourselves up or to blame ourselves because our government was hi-jacked a long time ago. The operation they are executing has been in the works for about 100 years and maybe more. The politicians, right and left, Democrat and Republican, pass the baton like runners do, as they push their way toward their goal of our destruction and complete totalitarian control.

So, while men are men, it is important to understand what is happening here. I think it is getting very confusing in countries like Germany, where they have been receiving Muslims into the country since, at least, the 1960s. They are now Germans, too. So, when we hear women in Germany say it isn’t just the refugees attacking them in the streets, this is something to take into account. This behavior is part of Muslim culture, which is not something Muslims change when they arrive in another country, even going from one generation to the next and the next. They even have a name for these street attacks: Taharrush, which translates to something like “collective harassment.” This is the practice some of us have experienced in W. Europe going back as far as, at least, 20 years ago. This is just the first time we are hearing a name for this particular type of male violence against us. It’s the first time I’m aware of that anyone in the mainstream media has ever listened to women about this problem.

This taharrush is, in fact, a form of guerrilla-style warfare. The difference being that it is being targeted on the absolutely most socially vulnerable members of Western culture: White women – who, if we try to report or even discuss this, will not only be blamed for the crimes against ourselves, but be labelled “racists,” “bigots,” and “Nazis.”

Past behavior being a good predictor of future behavior, I don’t really expect that we’ll see any action from governments or law enforcement agencies that will be effective in either protecting women and girls or providing for justice under the law for victims and survivors. Women are going to have to defend ourselves absolutely to the death and with deadly force if this problem is to ever be resolved. You see from all these images in these videos and photographs what happens when these men are allowed to go on.


An article with more images of women in Kabul in the 1970s:

Another video of Iran before 1979:




On the Difficulty of Discussing Sexual Assault by Black or Muslim Men

I want to thank the blogger, StoryEndingNever, and praise her courage for publishing a post about her very brutal rape experience at the hands of an Arab Muslim in Canada. It is always difficult to talk about rape and this post is especially valuable because it talks about the particular ways that white women are prevented from talking about sexual assault when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.

Here is this excellent post:  My Own Personal Arab Muslim Rapist.

The author of this blog has travelled extensively and lives and works in a foreign country where she is a minority, white woman. She has written about the particular way that white women are targeted by non-white males who view us as walking porn in her White Girl Series.

She, also, wrote a very fascinating post, detailing the horrifying incident in which she was strangled and attacked by a group of Muslim men at a live music event in Belgium in 1996. This was when there were still very hostile, very aggressive Muslim men in North Western European countries, but not nearly in the great numbers that have come in recent years and especially in recent months. This article is part of her Conversations with Men series.  Click the following link to read the article: Conversations with Men: The Belt.

This entire blog is excellent and it is 100% radical feminist. I spent most of an evening and late into the night reading a lot of the articles there and I still don’t think I’ve read all of them. I highly recommend it.

Isn’t it interesting how, now matter the circumstances, there is always a reason why a woman is disbelieved or is discouraged from reporting or even discussing rape. If he’s white, we hear, “Why do you want to ruin this poor man’s life.” If he’s black or Muslim, we hear, “This man has already been picked on enough. Why do you want to make life any harder for him?”

So, whether he’s a well-connected frat boy, a Muslim, or a black man, there is always a reason for people not to believe you or to try to stop you from talking.

There is, also, the problem that white women are particular targets for these men. There is, also, the truth – a painful truth for those who wish to protect these men at all costs – that most of the time when rape crosses racial boundaries, it is black on white. White on black rape is relatively rare.

That fact is mentioned in the following video, the primary focus of which is black on white violence and why women – both black and white – are hesitant to report violent crimes committed against themselves when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.


The above video starts off talking about a white woman who was carjacked, then abducted by a black man in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. He explains to the victim that he abducted her because she is “a pretty white girl” and, he thinks, for this reason the cops won’t shoot at him.

Now, somewhere there are some stats on cops killing white women. We are the largest racial group of women murdered by police. Since I have been raped by a uniformed police officer who first put his service revolver in my face, stalked by a Highway Patrolman, strangled by another cop when I didn’t answer his questions the way he liked, harassed by another city cop, leered at, intimidated and harassed by cops in the U.S. of the course of a few decades, I’d be willing to guess that there are many other white women who have been victimized by cops in similar ways who NEVER reported it – for obvious reasons. There is no one to report it to and nobody cares because they’re busying talking about the difficult lives of poor, oppressed black men like the ones in this video.

Furthermore, victims of abductions like this are overwhelmingly white women – usually very petite and light-weight (usually 5’5″ or under and under 130 Lbs.), because we are a lot easier to grab than a taller, larger person. Young, white women are, also, favorite targets for sexual assault by unknown perpetrators, whether they are black or white. The woman in the video is a very typical-looking abduction victim. Now, according to some people on the left, who hate us and want us dead, this is “white women’s privilege.” They’re angry that so many white women get on television this way – by being abducted and frequently never heard from, ever again. But, the reason for this is that is usually who is abducted and when the abduction occurs, which almost always involves a sexual assault, there is, also, a strong likelihood that the victim is going to be murdered pretty quickly.  That is simply the pattern of these particular crimes. So, the cops – if they’re doing their jobs – are in a hurry to find the perp before he has a chance to murder the victim. Interesting, how once, again, black people get to paint themselves as victims in all this – but, there you go.

And, the worst part of it is that many young, white women  – maybe like the woman in this video – believe this bull. They believe that they have “white privilege.” Yes, being abducted, stalked, raped – not to mention sought out by pornographers, pimps and human traffickers (I haven’t even begun to tell my personal stories surrounding these issues!) is “white privilege” for according to these vicious, horrible, hateful people!

There’s a lot of information in the above video, you will hear the narrator talk about a clip of a black news reporter from a major left-wing, national news outlet in the U.S., who is explaining why black women don’t report rapes by black or Muslim men. The reason given is this same left-wing song and dance, “We don’t want to contribute to black male oppression” – as if women of any color could oppress men of any color!

The clip goes on to talk about the cover-up of the recently widely publicized mass gang sex assaults on white women in Germany (and elsewhere in Western Europe). He explains that the government people (and a contingency of what look like Communists to me) are trying to cover it up because the perpetrators are primarily Arabic, Muslim or otherwise black men. (I lump these men all together – niggers/sand niggers. It’s all about the same. The Muslim Arabs have been raping and trafficking in W. European women for centuries – they are the original slave traders and it is from their heinous crimes committed primarily against white women that we get the term “white slavery” – and the blacks from the continent of Africa who have been pouring into W. Europe, for instance, the Somalis, are said to be the absolute worst of all of them.)

As I’ve said, I have not intentions of holding back on this subject anymore. I’m not going to monitor my language. I have the right to call my oppressor any name I choose and as long as “white slavery” and black and Muslim crimes against women exist, I’m not going to make nice about the perpetrators and their enablers. I am not a racist because I am able to detect patterns of male violence against myself and other white women. The racists are the men who rape, assault, harass, etc., across racial lines, who see us as “white whores” deserving of abuse, and as scapegoats for the crimes of white males.

In the next post, I want to talk about something a little bit different: Satanism and Feminism. I’m going to define these terms and talk about why I think Feminism could use an good dose of Satanism. (Not the Satanic Temple kind, either!)

Update: Still more women are coming forward to report to the police in Germany that they were targets of the organized mass sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim men (North African and Arabic men, I believe the former police chief of Cologne called them right before he was forced out of office) on the night of New Year’s Eve.

According to information at the following link, the number of reports has reached 600 and it is believed that there were thousands more perpetrators than originally reported:

Just so much “white women’s privilege!”