Why I Want to Hire Women, But I Can’t: A Rant

I would like to hire women to do work around my house, but I can’t. Why? Because there are no women available to hire. Why?  Well, let me tell you, although I think you probably know the answer. Just ask yourself why you didn’t/couldn’t become a plumber or a house painter. The answer is: For the same reason that you can’t walk down a sidewalk in peace, or shop for produce at the grocery store in peace, or go into an establishment and sit down to have a drink and reflect on your day in peace.

I’m, also, going to talk about the hell that it is not being able to hire anything but very stupid, lazy white men. At least, this is mostly the case where I live, which is predominantly white. I like to hire Mexicans (still can’t hire Mexican women, though – ’cause there aren’t any) to do work whenever I can because they tend to be slightly less condescending and patronizing for some reason.

But, a couple of months ago I was in Stupid, Lazy White Man Hell. What else can I call it? My local water company sent a surge through the pipes. I was sitting near the area  where the strongest impact occurred when it happened. I called them about it right at that moment. It damaged a part of my sink and some other things around the kitchen, and my water pressure was never the same. But, the real damage didn’t start showing up until the weather cooled off. That’s when a major pipe burst. They came and fixed it, but left several other breaks un- repaired, which they were responsible for and which they left for me to find on my own. One of these things was a broken water shut-off valve.

I didn’t discover it was broken until I had water on the floor and couldn’t get the water to shut off. There were numerous breaks in pipes in a particular area, due to the trauma. I explained this over and over, again, to a parade of the dumbest damn white men I’ve ever met in my life. These guys couldn’t locate drips, couldn’t hear drips, couldn’t detect water on the ground or on the floor or saturating a board, couldn’t hear water tapping on a ceiling board, etc. They were, without exception, complete and utter morons.

Furthermore, they gaslighted, they pretended skepticism at what I told them about what was happening and where the repairs needed to be made, they over-charged me during the course of 6 (six) visits to try to get the water from the same damned ruptured pipes off my floor. They failed to listen. I wrote out what had happened in detail. I did everything but draw them pictures. They were condescending. They were patronizing. They were apparently disbelieving. They were utterly moronic. Most of all, they just would not listen. They would insist something was repaired and refused to listen to what I was telling them, over and over, again!

Now, there is a reputation that tradesmen of all kinds have of being stupid. They don’t like that reputation, but there is a reason they have it. And, going to college isn’t going to fix it. Going to college is not going to enable a man who cannot identify water to suddenly be able to do so. There are some things that just cannot be taught, if they didn’t learn them by about age 5. But, this is where these men are.

I have a Mexican-born plumber. He was very ill when all this was going on. I plan to call him the next time I need anything because I don’t get that American white male condescension and bullshit-artistry from him. But, how I wish I could hire a woman.

I really believe a woman would have listened to me and would have been able to resolve the problem in one visit – two, at most. Instead, I have to hire men – men I am afraid of, by the way. I’m terrified of them. They have to be in my house. I have to be alone with them and it is utterly terrifying to me, even though I am always ready – and you know what I mean by ready. It’s very scary. If I could hire a woman, I would not have this fear.

But, the reason I cannot hire a woman is because she, too, would have to go  into situations where she would be alone with a man or men. It is likely that a woman plumber, for instance, would actually be targeted by men for such violence, called out to a home simply so she could be raped or murdered by men.

Also, men don’t like us, so they wouldn’t allow us to work with them in any industry – they don’t even let us work without problems in traditionally women-dominated industries.

It is very frustrating to me and this is one reason I have been absent from blogging several weeks ago – I was dealing with these stupid, horrible, idiotic white men for several weeks. I didn’t blog about it, too, because I was afraid I might have to sue someone before it was all over. But, it has turned out kind of okay. I only fear that they’ll fuck up something else (because this all happened because some dumb white men did something destructive in the first place, then refused to acknowledge they did it) and I’ll have to deal with any kind of men, especially white men – because they are the absolute biggest assholes – again.

After I got the problem resolved, I took a break. I really couldn’t cope with anymore Stupid.

Men, in general, are very stupid. I don’t know many intelligent ones. All they are good for is causing problems and threatening violence and then they wonder why they can’t persuade white women to come anywhere near them!

Thank you for reading this rant – it was a long-time coming. I’ve wanted to rage about these morons for quite a while, but this has been my first real opportunity to do so.

White Women Attacked by Muslim and Negro Men in Europe and USA: More “White Women’s Privilege”

Warning: Some news videos showing actual violence perpetrated against women by males are included in this post. Also, there is a lot of sarcasm.

It is such a privilege to be a white woman living in a supposedly 1st world nation where we have so much privilege that we never have to worry about being attacked, run down, raped, or murdered by Muslims and negro men, who are the “truly oppressed” among us.

Below are some examples of these poor, sad, oppressed men taking out all their sadness and feelings of oppression on white women. According to the liberals, we deserve this abuse for being “racist” (where racist means failing to suck enough black cock) and oppressing (where oppressing means existing and trying to mind our own business somewhere) negro and Muslim men; and according to the right-wing men, we deserve this because of feminism, which is, also, to blame for virtually everything men do to us.

In the video below you will see some sad negro men attacking two “oppressive white women.” Note how the white women oppress the black men by their mere existence, thus inducing the negroids to hit, kick and otherwise abuse them in this subway station in France. The attacks appear to have taken place in the last couple of months. The police are still investigating – yeah, that’ll help. Here is further commentary from Liveleaks on the video:

Now, there is a word that if you are white woman and you use it, black people become very angry and will use it as an excuse to do violence to you – even try to kill you. And, the liberals will say that’s okay because you are racist white bitch and you deserve to killed by black men. You know this word, it is “Nigger.”

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually say, “Nigger,” if you are a white woman, you are assumed to be a racist white whore, therefore, a black man can just accuse you of saying it as a pretext for punching you in the face, after he humps you in public and assaults you and follows you all over the room – because you are a white whore and he is deeply offended that you are not sucking his cock right now! An example of this happened in Florida  You see, black men can assault you and threaten you, they can call you all kinds of filthy sexually perverted and sexually threatening names, but when he physically attacks you and you say something like, “Get off me, you fucking nigger!”  which the woman being assaulted in the video below is accused by a witness of saying, then YOU are the racist. Yes, you understand, don’t you? The black man who is following you and assaulting you is a poor, innocent, sad oppressed, powerless little man. And, if you ever once in your entire life thought silently to yourself, “Nigger,” then it is you who are the racist. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never attacked a black man, woman or child in your life, or that you have never done harm to any person on account of their race or creed. It is you, the white woman, who is oppressing this sad, little, powerless black man.

See video of the nigger man assaulting the white woman below – remember, he’s not the racist, SHE is and don’t even think about calling this poor little nigger child a sex predator, that is not allowed. His blackness is his shield against such observations whenever his chosen victim is a “white whore.” Keep the focus on HER racism for not instantly getting down on her knees and sucking his dick:


Also, from Florida, here is another instance of a black man harassing some white women riding horses in a park near some docks. According to the accounts, he drove his Dodge pick up truck at an estimated 60 miles an hour near the docks, frightening the horses the young women were riding. One of the riders yelled at him to “slow down.” The sad, oppressed, helpless, little black man reportedly said, “Fuck you,” to her, after which one of the women called him a “stupid nigger.” At this point, he turned his vehicle on the horses and their riders and stomped on the gas pedal, ramming them, killing one of the horses, causing another of the horses to run away and so terrifying one of the women (who had not called him “nigger,” although I can think of a few other things to call him, too, that might be very appropriate) that she crawled into the woods and hid for fear that he would continue his assault. She ended up with some broken bones. And, the liberals cheered the nigger for this attempted murder of the “racist” white women.

Here’s a link to a local article on the subject: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/deland-man-faces-35-prison-killing-horse-his-truck/nqJPm/

Here’s a link to the same story at the liberal news aggregator site, RawStory, so you can see the liberals cheering on their boy – because liberals really hate white women: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/02/all-i-did-was-i-called-him-a-nr-florida-man-faces-35-years-for-running-over-racist-riders-horse/

Now, how calling someone “nigger” ever came to equal being racist or how a white woman using that word becomes justification for hitting, raping or murdering her (or attempting to murder women, as in the above case), I cannot understand. A word is just a word – at least, it is when men use dehumanizing, sexually threatening language at women. But, when a woman uses a word against her oppressor – and we don’t have many of these words that we can use against them to begin with – it is grounds for violence – all justified in the minds of liberals.

Since it’s already been decided that you are a racist white whore who deserves to die, you might as well use whatever language you want to use at the people who are doing this to you.

Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of “white women’s privilege,” for example, I’ve been held at gun point by men, had a gun shoved in my face by a man, been raped by men many times, been beaten by men and the last thing I have to fear after coming back from the arms of Death is being called “racist” by liberal men and women who have already shown themselves to be the worst enemies of white women and of white feminists, in particular.

Here is a montage of attacks on white women by some manner of niggers in Europe:

Now, don’t forget it’s the women who are the racists! Maybe they called the perps “Nigger” before they were attacked. You never know about racist white bitches, they’re liable to say anything to a poor, sad, oppressed man. We oppress them by our mere existence in a public place.

In the video below an older German man is attacked after intervening in an assault by Muslims males on a German woman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEfW9dh5DZE

Remember: The white folks here are the racists – and since the white woman being attacked is German, they are, also, “Nazis.” Yes, they are evil Nazi women who have not developed an appreciation for black cock – or being assaulted and sexually harassed and threatened on public transportation.

And, here is a nigger man – should I use a nicer description? – attacking a Hungarian woman from behind as she’s walking down a public sttreet.


And, it isn’t just happening in Europe – it’s happening all over the U.S. The video below is from an incident in August of 2014, involving a gang of niggers attacking a white woman in Springfield, MO after they had already sexually assaulted her once and she had gone to get help from her boyfriend who was working at a night club as a D.J.:

Now, to kind of deviate slightly from this discussion, I’d like to mention something that I’ve been reading about lately in relation to the “migrants” – and these are enemy invaders, of course, not “migrants” or “refugees” – in Calais, France.

I’m not very familiar with France, but I’ve been watching what is happening in the town of Calais, which is situated near the English Chunnel (the Channel tunnel), which is the place where trucks bearing European goods go, then from there many products are transported to and from England and the European mainland.

I remember years ago when the Chunnel was just being talked about in England that many English people objected to its construction because of the possibility of exactly what is happening right now. But, in every country it seems we have people in our government who are not working in our best interest. England is no exception and neither is France.

Right now, the Chunnel is being used as a point of illegal entry into England for “migrants” who are housed in Calais, France. There are videos of the “migrants” attacking trucks, trying to hijack them, attacking the drivers, trying to break into them, as they are going in and out of Calais. There are many videos depicting these attacks on drivers. Here is an English driver talking about the routine attacks and attempts to hijack his truck:


Here’s an RT report on the subject with video: https://www.rt.com/news/326509-calais-migrants-attack-drivers/

Here is another video taken by a driver in Calais: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-amDKfV5Hdw

And, here’s another in which drivers are attacked- they’re pretty much the same after a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ESI4pTDI9g

Calais is the site of a massive tent city in which “migrants” live and from which they wreak havoc, not only on the truckers, but on the people of Calais. The following video is very interesting to me because it is one woman’s story of betrayal at the hands of the French police, at the hands of the French government. You can see the video for yourself. It is all in French with English subtitles. It is a little long, but it is very interesting and even if you do not understand French well (and I do not) you can still hear the frustration and the tragedy of this situation in this woman’s native language.

The shorthand version of this story is that she is the mother of two sons, one of whom was killed in the service of France and his ashes scattered at the sea. She cannot even go to visit her son at the site where his ashes were scattered, which she calls his grave, because of the male violence in Calais. The police are working against the citizens and on behalf of the “migrants.” She was nearly arrested at a Pegida demonstration, one of a very small number of people who gathered, to protest this invasion and its accompanying violence.

Her husband is dying of cancer and she is about to be evicted from her house – which it sounds like she owns – to make way for more “migrants.” The situation she describes at the police station trying to make a report is the same one we white women in the U.S. have found ourselves in for a long time.

Because the French are disarmed, she – like others – has to be afraid in her own home because the poor, oppressed, sad, little “migrants” think nothing of breaking into French people’s homes to steal, rape and kill them. Again, nothing unfamiliar to many of us in the U.S., where we have been living with a similar scourge for a long time – unable to speak about it, silenced for being “white whores” and “racist white bitches.” Remember: White feminists, shut the fuck up! We have to shut up so we don’t make the perpetrators uncomfortable, so we don’t cause them to be subjected to “racism” from more, privileged, racist white bitches like ourselves who object to sucking black cock.

So, here you have it, the face of white women’s privilege in France. It is the privilege to have your home stolen from you to house negroes. (Can anybody say “South Africa?!”) It is the privilege of being terrorized in your own town and in your own home. It is the privilege of being threatened with arrest and violence by the police you are taxed to pay for when you you object to these abuses. It is the privilege of being told by the cops that nothing can be done about you being attacked by some nigger men because they all look alike and, therefore, they cannot be identified. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt on that one!) It’s the privilege of having your children taken from you, recruited by the state or out-right forced by the state, to go to war and to die to serve this monstrous system. And, who will stand up for this privileged, white woman?




“Where are the Feminists?”

“Where are the feminists?” This is the question on every misogynist’s tongue, who critiques the Muslim invasion and, especially, the recent mass, “civil war-like” attacks on women in Germany, especially Cologne.

To me the answer is an obvious one. We have been driven underground, mostly by the same men who pose this stupid question. The people who publicly claim to speak for us, most often, are not feminists. They are pro-porn, pro-tranny, pro-prostitution liberals, who have sliced and diced feminism into so many pieces – caring for this and that “marginalized” group.

But, feminism is about women – only women, women who are born women and not impostors and poseurs. It is about the fundamental, basic rights of women and its primary focus is for women to achieve full liberation from men. 

Men don’t like that idea. They’ll be the first to tell you that feminism should include them. So, they have driven us out of public spaces, pretty much completely off the internet. They have destroyed our ability to network with each other. They have silenced our speech at every turn. They have destroyed the few places women had to call our own, not only MichFest, but locker rooms and public restrooms.

Now, they want to know, “Where are the feminists?”

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but I can tell you a little bit about my position and the women I’ve been discussing with quietly. I don’t feel comfortable sharing to many private details publicly, but I will tell you enough that you can get an idea about “Where are the feminists?”

We are preparing. Some of us have been doing what the liberals hate us doing and like to ridicule us for: “Prepping.” Some women have quite a few different types of weapons, ammo, food, water, medical (a lot of alternative medical) supplies. Women are arming themselves and they, increasingly, have their eyes open for trouble.

I mentioned in a previous post that on a few occasions over this last year, I have either witnessed blacks (men and women) robbing a store I was shopping at; I had to leave a store because of overt sexual harassment and physical intimidation by two negroes directly from Africa, wearing African garb; I had to leave a gas station because of a dirty-looking Middle-eastern man who had a semi-automatic, 9mm in his pocket – this guy seemed to have no destination but the woods surrounding a Walmart in an area of the country where a bunch of propane tanks have been reported stolen, along with pipe and large numbers of cell phones purchased from Wal-marts.

So, we have our eyes open and we are ready to defend ourselves with deadly force, at all times – I mean at all times.  I used to be a little more lax about this, but no more – not since the events this year and the spill over in negro hostilities from the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Meanwhile, we have a gay, crack-smoking, mack daddy in the white house who wants to erode and compromise the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. We’ve got a Secretary of State who wants to erode free speech (1st Amendment) where Muslims are concerned. They are threatening Australian-style gun confiscation (California is scheduled to be first on the list – almost nobody but criminals has guns there anymore, anyway, so getting them out of the hands of honest citizens might be easier), while threatening to sue or jail anyone who criticizes Islam.  A whole lot of these people who hate our constitution are negroes who support Islam. So, there is another picture emerging there that I’m not supposed to notice or, at least, I’m not supposed to talk about publicly.

While some feminists did turn out in Cologne to protest the attacks and the police and mayorial response to them, most of us don’t have time for rallies. We don’t have time to argue with perverted men online, anymore, either.

We, also, want to be careful not to set ourselves up as direct targets. Believe me, even though I am a anonymous as anyone can be on the internet these days, I had night sweats after my last two posts here. It’s not wise to call attention to one’s self right now.  The things I have said are dangerous, but not saying them is even more dangerous.

Feminists have to be careful calling ourselves “feminists” publicly. It is difficult enough – nay, impossible – to be female online right now. But, if you actually call yourself a feminist, you are inviting threats and violence. This is why almost all the radfem discussions you see, and there are precious few, have few respondents. You don’t see feminists working together on projects anymore because we learned that is dangerous.

So, we are – most of us – on our own.

What I have, also, noticed is happening with feminists is that many who live in towns or suburbs are trying to get out of those places. They are trying to obtain property away from other people, where they have a little land of their own. This really is ideal, although, impossible for many women, who are stuck in a cycle of poverty or who are disabled. But, this is a trend I have noticed.

There is an increasing impatience with males, an increasing desire to get a safe distance away. Whenever males begin aggressing on each other, they invariably begin attacking us, if we are nearby. (You see this often with two men in a fight, ultimately it is the wife, girlfriend, daughter, female friend, who is most savagely attacked – and that’s how the male fight ends.)

Here in the U.S., it is a little bit easier to do these things, I think, especially to move away from the cities and acquire potentially live-saving supplies. Although, believe me, every effort – including an economic assault – is being made to prevent women from being able to achieve these goals.

I would, also, add that many of the women in a position to do this are not childed. The extra economic burden and time burden of raising a child can hinder a woman’s ability to pull this off. Some have grown children, though.

In Germany, as in many other countries in W. Europe, this is more difficult because there is a lack of elbow room (lebensraum), and while women can legally hold title to property, almost no one who doesn’t have an inheritance can afford an actual house of their own and the additional expenses of living in the country.

Life is concentrated in the cities and Germans, especially most young Germans, enjoy their more urban social lives. But, we see that this is coming to an end – has come to an end, really.

The thing I would like to see German women do – and women all over W. Europe and the U.K., of course – is to arm themselves with actual deadly force (not pepperspray or mace). I think it might be possible to obtain some weapons and to train small armies of women – (the women will have to train themselves) – to go out and do the job that the police and the pathetic fappers  and johns in their own countries will not do.

A feminist has taken heavy criticism for her statement blaming all men in the Cologne attacks.  As we all know, women, especially feminists, are not supposed to talk publicly about our personal experiences with male violence. What this feminist is saying that the men, especially men on the right, I suspect, don’t want to hear is that there has been a problem in Germany for a long time now. (I described my experiences in Germany 20 years ago.) So, the question is why is this suddenly getting attention? Also, the blow back from her very reasonable comments answer the misogynists’ question, “Where are the feminists?” perfectly.

The following is an excerpt from this article, posted at DW online:

No one is talking about the fact that this is happening to women every day,” Tanja, an activist and one of the initiators of the event told DW.

Most of the attacks took place in and around the main station in Cologne
“People are insisting on making this a political story, trying to shift the focus on pro- or anti-refugees. But in fact, no one is listening to what we have to say – the women who have been suffering from this violence in the streets on a daily basis long before refugees even came here,” she says.

The violence on New Year’s Eve was not different from that during any other big-scale celebration in the city, according to Tanja. “Because refugees are now a burning topic, the media all of a sudden report about these events, but what nobody wants to admit is that these things happen all the time. I’m sorry to break this to you, but German-born men also harass and rape.”

So now, because of this event, we are learning from women that attacks similar to these are now very commonplace, at least, in some places in Germany. So, one reason feminist are not too excited about it in Germany is that this is just another typical day for them and nobody cares at any other time when it happens.

Some reasons why I believe the Cologne attacks are getting so much attention, when this is apparently business as usual in Germany, are that it appears to have been an organized Jihad, some men were attacked and robbed (attacks on women are business as usual, but attacks on men are more newsworthy), there are reports that shots were fired at Cologne Cathedral (which, they say, has not happened since World War II), and it appears that local police, the city government, and the media got caught with their pants down!

Personally, I would not feel comfortable – based on my experiences with German men – relying on them for protection because my experience has been that most of them are misogynists, who harbor a deep hatred of women.

It doesn’t always manifest the same way as the Muslim hatred for women does – stalking, rape, sexual assault, harassment in the streets  – but, it is more often, in my experience, in their lack of concern for our safety where other men are concerned. It is in their refusal to acknowledge male harassment of us, when it happens right in front of their eyes, then their chastisement of us when we act in our own self-defense. It manifests in the German males’ sexual abuse of women, his manipulation through lies and his bedroom perversions. It manifests in the home, where he sits around smoking himself silly, abusing marijuana, while grabbing at you and trying to grope you as you walk through the living room.

It is well known that most men in Germany have been buyers of women. This was well known before it was formally made legal for German men to buy and sell women. So, I can’t imagine the situation has improved. The German man is, by law, a john and a pimp. It only stands to reason that the German male’s disrespect for women has increased since buying and selling women is now the law of the land. There are, also, probably more blonde-haired, German-born men of Muslim descent, which is something I saw 20 years ago, and I’m sure there are more of them now.

Such men are not going to be reliable aides and allies in the defense of women from rapists, molestors and human traffickers. In fact, if you stand back and take a look at the big picture, they are, in fact, one and the same.

But, there is a more immediate problem at hand, which is the hordes of men (and most of the attackers I’ve seen on video have been very dark complected – so, it is undeniable that they are the majority among the attackers, at least, in some places), who make it impossible for women to move about the country. This situation will not improve on its own and, it seems, has gotten progressively worse. So, this must be addressed by women and it must be done covertly, I believe, for it to be effective.

There is no need to make an announcement to men. Any information they get, they will only use to our detriment. This is what they always do.

So, I hope that in Germany and in all of the Euro zone, in fact, because it comprises so many more countries now than it did when it began, women arm themselves and train themselves. I think first women must train singly and you always must train yourself, every time you acquire a new weapon.

You can learn a lot about different types of weapons, how to properly hold a semi-auto vs. a revolver, how to properly shoulder a rifle or shotgun, how to properly carry and conceal such weapons – all from YouTube. You can research many different types of weapons there.

As far as training goes, I think that a lot of common sense would go into this and women, relatively few in number and well-trained, could TAKE BACK THE NIGHT in a whole new way.

And, let the corpses lie where they are, it will give the men a job. They can clean it up and dig a mass grave for them.

We already see that the police in Germany are easily overwhelmed. They cannot control a small crowed and have too few places to hold even a handful of prisoners at a time. We, also, see how cowardly the leadership and the police are, not to mention what cowards the men are, so why shouldn’t women use these facts to their advantage?

It would not be difficult. It doesn’t require great strength to operate a firearm. Any reasonably healthy woman or girl could do it. I’ve been handling them since I was 9 or 10-years old and we have girls in the States who are training at as young as 6-years.

So, dickswingers are asking, “Where are the feminists?” There’s the answer, in general.


Here are couple of updates to this post. Apparently, the Cologne Chief of Police has stepped down after admitting to a cover-up.

It is currently reported that 31 suspects are in custody, 18 of which they have admitted are relatively new refugees.

Here’s a video from today at RT:


You’ll notice that the poor menz are, once again, the REAL victims because they are being eyed suspiciously by women. Ah, but they are black and probably Muslims, so they get special treatment. They’ve had hard lives and difficult childhoods, you know. This is the same story we hear in the U.S. when black men (and sometimes black women) commit violent crimes against white women.  It is likely that nothing will be done to stop these attacks, except impose more rules on the “conduct” of women.

They report that there is, also, censorship going on where criticism of Islam or Muslims is concerned – oh, you don’t say (see my previous post to get an idea of how this censorship is working, and it is not limited just to Germany, apparently).



Women and Homeownership: Hurdles of Refinancing

Adèle_Söderberg_-_Easter_cardI started this blog a few months ago, but failed to write much because of a series of events. One of these included a re-financing of my house at this time when mortgage rates in the U.S. are at a remarkable low.  Obtaining a loan to purchase a home is no walk in the park and for weeks I dealt graciously with one demand after another from the bank for proof of various things – sometimes multiple times. Sometimes they lost things I sent them or failed to send me something they wanted to have signed, etc. So, apparently, it’s no cake walk for the people doing the spade work on the loan, either, or else they’d have their act better together.

As I went through this stressful process, I thought about how I would not have been able to obtain a mortgage at all if I had been born a few years earlier.  When I was a child, just approaching the right age to begin being sexually harassed by adult men while shopping at the store with my mother, banks did not lend to women. If a woman wanted a mortgage on a house, she could not acquire it on her own. No. She had to have a husband, a brother or a father with her – and if you were a woman with none of those willing to sign his name next to yours as a co-sign, you wouldn’t even dream of going to a bank for a mortgage on a house.

When I was born, which was not all that long ago, women had far fewer rights where both finance and education were concerned. This is because we were slaves in the established order. Fortunately, some things have gotten better for us. For instance, back then there was no Title IX and no one would have considered something like boys sexually assaulting us in school a problem to even be discussed. At least, now it is being discussed – even if it is not being taken seriously – and that is another big difference between then and now.

In the U.S., we’ve always been a little ahead of things in England and maybe elsewhere in Europe with regard to women having rights to our own property – surprisingly, because things have been pretty bad for women here ever since the beginning of European colonization! It was back in 1862 that the white men running the show agreed that we could be allowed to hold and keep (to “have and hold”) our own property. Whether or not women could inherit property, be permitted to keep property once married to a man, open a bank account of her own, or obtain credit to purchase something like a home or business, are pretty much settled issues as far as I know in the U.S. For instance, in my state we women don’t really own our own bodies when it comes to rape or health matters, but we do have equal real property rights and the right to defend it to the death, if need be, under certain circumstances – and that is some progress.

But, it’s not this good everywhere. For instance, at no time would I expect to be asked any sexualized or sexually harassing questions by the loan officer at a bank here, but apparently this is something a woman trying to obtain a loan or mortgage without the assistance of man may very well be asked in the U.K. right now according to this shocking article from the UK Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3094966/Why-having-baby-block-chances-getting-mortgage-Mums-say-picked-loan-firms.html  What’s more disturbing than the article is all the dudebros commenting beneath the article that this is perfectly fair and reasonable. Here it would get a bank sued. In fact, it would be so illegal that your mortgage lender would have to be not only morally but mentally impaired in some way to even have such a thought enter into his perverted head.

Now, as a woman living post-1974, I can get on the phone and call up a bank offering a low interest rate and discuss with another woman (working as a loan officer) how I can get the best deal on a mortgage right now and be treated with some respect and regard for my human dignity. And, that’s what I did.

Despite the fact that women make less money than men, we are far more likely to own our own homes than men. We are more likely to have better credit than men (unless maybe we’ve been roped into a marriage contract with one of these dick-wielding parasites whose main aim is to suck a woman’s finances, labor and credit dry) and to manage the relatively little money we make better than men do. We are more likely to be single-heads of households, whether we own our own homes or not. Women are more likely to be independent, adult people living on their own – as opposed to living in mom’s converted garage or dank basement.

The same leaps in progress we have made in education, we have made in finances, as well. This is amazing since it was not long ago we were denied scholarships, diplomas, bank accounts – and in some places even service in a restaurant, lest we might be whores waiting for a john to come a long.

Still there are some ordinary obstacles to be overcome. The world of mortgage loans is the world of the manliest men, the most psychotic men, on the planet. It is a web of sticky snares, slick deception, and tricky, tricky devices.

Anytime you go to negotiate a mortgage, you’re going to have to deal with whatever dirty tricks the patriarchal banking establishment is dealing out at that particular time and, believe me, they always have another ace up their sleeve!

The Tricks Banks Use

If you live in the U.S. and you’re thinking about obtaining a mortgage or doing a re-finance on an existing mortgage, I’d like to give you a little heads up. If you’re outside the U.S., what I say here may apply to you or it may not. I have no idea what’s going on with mortgage lending and the housing markets outside the U.S. or what kind of laws might pertain. I only know what little I know about what’s going on where I live, which just happens to be in the U.S. Furthermore, my perspective is probably very colored by my experiences in the region of the country where I live, which is a very rural one that was specifically targeted for illicit bank activity back in the 1980s. People here who have faced off with crooked bankers before are less trusting of bankers than people who live in someplace like Los Angeles or New York City.

Every time the bankers get caught with their pants down and get a little slap on the wrist as a result of their criminal actions aimed at defrauding the people they lend to, the Fed comes out with some more papers for you to sign, which are called “disclosures,” whenever you go to obtain a mortgage. A few of those papers you sign when you get your mortgage, particularly the RESPA form regarding your right to be told if your note is sold and to whom it was sold, is a result of what they did to farmers out here in the heartland back in the 1980s. Before the 1980s, one of the bankers’ tricks was to sell your loan to someone else without your knowledge, then continue to accept payments from you, while your property was foreclosed on by some banking outfit you’d never heard of. They can’t do that particular trick, anymore.

But, your note still can and will be sold, especially if it is a traditional mortgage backed by Fannie Mae or a similar Federal charter. The banks make money, 1% of the loan, when they sell it. Now, they have a law that says that they have to advise you that your note may be sold (if it may be sold) and that they must notify you to whom it was sold. Now, a word of advice from someone who has been there. If you go to obtain a mortgage or refinance, look for a bank that continues to service the loan that they issued you, even after they sell it. It’s better to have it serviced locally by people you can go into the bank and talk to face to face, then to have it serviced by a faceless entity of some kind, which is often the case. Usually, whenever the loan is sold, so is the servicing on the loan and this can be very undesirable. To be clear, the loan service provider is the entity that collects payment from you monthly and manages your escrow account (the account containing your annual taxes and insurance on the property).

Be aware that while mortgage rates are very low, you have to have a very good credit score (most people’s credit has been trashed by banking fraud of some kind in the past few years as both credit card companies and mortgage companies did a lot fraudulent things to otherwise good, paying lendees and got away with it) and you have to be able to provide proof of income for the past two years and that income has to be sufficiently high in order to qualify for the lowest rate on the amount you wish to borrow.

That said, there is one other possible hurdle, which I saw coming at me like a freight train, but could do nothing to stop, of course. That is the collusion of bankers and appraisers. About 10 years ago, when I bought my house and got the first appraisal on it by some really dopey, clueless-seeming appraiser, who I wondered if he had even visited the property (he had written down the wrong number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the square footage was way, way off), appraised it pretty high – I thought, at the time, too high – but there’s not much to do about an appraisal. You’re pretty much stuck with it under even the best circumstances. I remember asking the lender before-hand, point blank, when I was getting ready to make the purchase on this house which was listed about $10,000 higher than other nearby comps if it would appraise out to that amount. Without as much as a blink she said to me, “It’ll appraise out where we say it will appraise out.” This is called “collusion.” It is illegal and a whole bunch of appraisers got sued – not mine – but some others.

The reason the banks wanted these inflated appraisals 10 years ago was simply that they wanted to write the mortgages and lock people into paying a hellacious amount of interest very, very fast. They did a lot of sloppy paperwork and if you pointed it out to them – as I did – they would simply tell you not to worry about that fine detail. The lenders knew they were going to bundle the loans and sell them and they knew that they were getting ready to crash the market like an engineer driving a locomotive at high speed off a cliff, straight down into a gaping chasm!

The old words of wisdom in real estate went something like this: “Banks don’t want your house.” But, this is a lie. This sort of banker-appraiser collusion was a way to make a whole lot of money selling little pink houses across the country, particularly with Class D loans to very high risk borrowers in a market that they knew they, themselves, were going to crash. After which, they would obtain that property. Notice I said, “obtain” not “take back” the property. I said, “Obtain” because this is how the banks got into the real estate business in the U.S. Banks don’t traditionally own houses they only write up mortgages on them, therefore, they can’t “take them back” when they foreclose, but they can obtain houses that way and that’s exactly what they did on a grand scale in about 2008.

The bankers got a good little wrist-slapping a few years ago, so this time when I refinanced and went through both the mortgage-obtaining procedure and the title company procedure I had to sign inches-thick more paperwork than before. There about are about 300 and some pages to the closing documents and there were a good 80-plus pages to the mortgage-lending application, itself. That was a little surprise. I knew it would be more, but I didn’t expect that much more. It won’t stop the next round of banking fraud that’s coming, whatever it is, I can tell you – because it never does.

Right now, the banks are making it very, very hard for most people to obtain a mortgage or a refinance at those low, low rates. It’s a vicious cycle: The banks won’t lend, so nobody much can buy, at least, not at retail price. So, even though there were several houses sold near mine in the past year, none of the buyers were able to obtain bank financing. They were all cash deals – all wholesale. This means that my house appraised pretty low – at least, an honest appraisal on my house is fairly low.

Although, it is not as low as the figure I was given by the dopey appraiser. This is the new rub! This is the new potential obstacle you will encounter if you are going to try to re-fi right now or to obtain a first mortgage on a house – or to sell your house!

I cannot prove it, but I still believe that the banks and the appraisers are colluding. Here’s what they do to you when you go to get a re-fi on your old mortgage, which you acquired when rates were higher and home values were artificially inflated. You have to show them everything you’ve got – all your assets, all your bank accounts and what’s in them. This gives the bankers the chance to assess what they believe you can or will pay to obtain the mortgage.

If you have a lot of money in those accounts, they want to get it up front now, by deflating the appraisal. Previously, they were getting it in inflated interest on the back end by inflating the appraisal value. Now, it’s the opposite. When they see that you have the money to pay, they send appraisers to your house to stumble around, snap some pictures and make up a bunch of bullshit to ensure that the appraisal on your house is low enough to obtain a very large down payment. Since the deal on a traditional, fixed-rate mortgage is a loan of 80% of the home’s value and a 20% down payment, they examine your personal coffers and determine that you have the money to pay a larger down, then the falsify the appraisal to an artificially low amount of money.

This is how it works:

So, let’s say that you know your house is worth $100,000. Up front, they’ll tell you that they’re going to lend you $80,000 and you need a $20,000 down payment. You agree to that in pre-approval. Then, they put you through the wringer looking at your financial documentation – and you must disclose everything you own, or else there are severe penalties – and if the determine you can pay more, they send appraisers to your house with a goal in mind to reduce the appraised value of your property. The appraisers come back with a fictional account of your home that says it’s only worth $80,000. Of course, the amount of money you have to borrow is higher than that (close to the $100,000 figure) because, in fact, the house is worth more and you have a mortgage to pay off, which was obtained when the banks were fraudulently inflating appraisals. So, now you have to borrow more – maybe a lot more – than they say your house is actually worth.. (Furthermore, if you were trying to sell your house under these circumstances you simply could not – it could not be done – because no one can obtain a loan to cover the amount you have to have to be able to sell it. A lot of real estate deals are being lost right now, just shattering to pieces, once the appraisers are done trashing the property and falsifying information on the appraisal.)

So your $20,000 down payment just turned into a $40,000 down payment to cover for the banks’ previous collusion when they inflated the value of the home and their present apparent collusion when they deflated the value of the home.

Now, none of this is really a problem if you can kind of see it coming (and I did) and you have the money to make the inflated down payment. In fact, this all good in the end – if you can pull it off. This is because in the end, if you can do a short-term re-fi for a one of those ultra-low rates they’re offering right now, you end up getting your mortgage payment super-low and you end up feeding very little interest to the banking beast by the end of it all.

Furthermore, my new mortgage allows me to pay a huge annual lump sum toward the principle amount, thus shortening the life of the loan and reducing the total amount of interest paid even further.

So far, I am thrilled with this whole thing – except the fictional appraisal. That’s the one thing that has kind of stuck in my craw simply because I hate lies and I despise liars and there’s something especially disgusting about professional liars – people with certifications who lie for a living.

The appraisal on my house began with the appraisers claiming that I live in the suburbs. The fact is I’m a country gal, born and bred and I’ve only ever lived two kinds of places: The big city, as in The Big Apple and in the country. I’m a little extreme I guess. I’ve never liked the suburbs. I don’t like manicured lawns, screaming kids, barking dogs and barbeque grills. I live far from any city of any size  – at least, a good hour’s drive from a mid-sized city. Furthermore, I am surrounded by trees. My house is in the trees. When I bought it, it was accurately described as a “cabin in the woods,” and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a nice little cabin. I just put a brand new, attractive and highly durable metal roof on it. I’m here by a waterfall on a mountainside surrounded by hooting owls and gobbling turkeys. You can’t plant anything outside because the deer will come and eat it. I can keep chickens, but if I try, the foxes and coyotes will come and get them one by one until they’ve eaten every last one of them. It is so rural here, in fact, and so wild that I can’t get a television signal and barely a radio or cell phone tower signal. It is the very picture of rural life. Yet, for some reason the real estate appraiser checked the box that said “suburbs” on my appraisal document. (The government’s definition of “suburba” is residing in a municipality outside a city larger than 50,000 people. I’m a 4-hour drive away from such a city!)

That’s a head shaker, all right. They, also, called my new metal roof “average,” even though most neighboring houses and all the comps they used have 20-year asphalt roofs that are at the end of their natural lives. They said I have a fireplace, although I don’t – I had the leaking chimney removed when I re-did the roof. This is a modern cabin in the woods and I’m planning on getting an electric or propane fireplace insert at some point in the future. They asked about other improvements I made on the house, which are numerous, but they blatantly ignored everything I told them.

They, also, deducted a big sum of money from the value of my house on account of it not having a “lake view.” They claimed that three of the comps they used had lake views, although this is not true. Only one of them has property that runs down by the lake. I was surprised they didn’t deduct for my lack of a tennis court or helicopter landing pad.

After they walked around my place, which is full or charming rocks and wild things, but not a blade of actual grass or any fancy flowers, because it is too dark and densely forested where I live to be able to grow either the semblance of a lawn or flowers or, in fact, much of anything except more trees and vines, then one of them looked me straight in the face, totally dead pan, and asked, “Do you have landscaping?” Witty, witty folks these were! And, clearly up to something!!!  Nobody who can walk and breathe at the same time is this stupid so the only alternative had to be that they were up to something, which didn’t surprise me because they were just like the bullshit artists who appraised the house the first time, only clearly they’d been given different instructions than last time. (Last time, they were focused on my windows and my lighting. When I bought the house, it had 4 new energy efficient windows – I’ve since replaced all of them – and it does have very pretty light fixtures, not fancy, but nice. And, this was the reason for inflating the appraisal the first time around!)

Still I was surprised at the low, low appraisal, which has some other imaginative and fictional things written on it, and had my house appraised out at a value lower than other houses sold here in the last year, which were not in nearly as good condition. On the other hand, in addition to the new roof and brand new windows and the addition of new doors and security doors,  I recently added on an entire room. Still, my house somehow appraised at the bottom of the barrel. There’s definitely something fishy about that.

Now, of course, these imaginative fiction writers did me a favor, because I’m now paying less than a 10th of the interest on this mortgage than the previous one I had, but I did have to come up with a little more money up front than I was expecting. I, also, immediately submitted this official appraisal to my local county real estate appraiser and they called back in a few hours, agreeing to lower my property taxes!

I simply want to say this to you: If you go hunting for a mortgage and especially a re-fi on your house that you financed when the appraisals were inflated, be aware of this potential pitfall.

My final piece of unsolicited and wholly unprofessional financial advice to other women who may be reading this, no matter where you live, is this: Reduce your debt and if possible get out of debt. I say this because I see what is going on with the mortgage lending right now and I’m interpreting a possible long-term motive on the part of the bankers, which doesn’t bode well for regular, tax-paying folks who work hard and try to do the right things. I’m not an economist or a lawyer or an accountant or any of those things, but I have some experience and I was involved in real estate during the last round of criminal activity – and what I know about it scares me.

At least, try to position yourself where you can pay off your debts quickly if something goes haywire – and it could anytime – because much the same way we see men redefining women and redefining language, they just as quickly redefine the laws and redefine the terms of financing and lending with the flourish of a fountain pen. When they can get away with it, which is most of the time, they just act illegally and don’t say a word about it  – and they go on with their crimes.

Most women cannot buy their homes, especially their first homes, without a mortgage. Being able to get financing, to be able to call up a lender, to be allowed to have a bank account, to be able to get a house this way, is a great benefit. But, remember we are dealing with the devil – as in THE DEVIL. The most manly of all manly institutions: Banking. They’re wily and duplicitous and even when you can guess what they’re going to do next, you don’t know all the details of it and there’s always a little surprise.

The best way to avoid surprises is to be utterly solvent. That’s a goal to strive for and one I hope to eventually obtain.