Men Disrupt Women’s Press Conference and Run Women Off a Mother’s Support Website

This is a twofer. Below is the video of women speaking at the “Women Speak Out” press conference. This video dates back to June 16, 2016 at this Facebook page. It is a discussion on the rights of women and girls to be free of the threat of male violence and perversion in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms. It’s a very good conference and well worth a listen despite the speakers being frequently disrupted throughout. Notice their falsetto male voices. At least, one pig in a wig is ejected from the room.

Here is the full video:

According to information in the lowbar at YT for the video below, “Women Speak Out” was hosted by the Just Want Privacy’s I-1515 Campaign and Washington Women’s Network, Maya Dillard Smith, Blair Tindall, and Miriam Ben-Shalom conducted a press conference and Q&A session to address the need to bring into balance the civil rights of women and girls, but local transactivists had other plans…

The video below contains a compilation of “heckling highlights” cut from the full Press Conference (which is over an hour long and embedded above)

Transactivists tried but failed to shut down the event by claiming homophobic attack in Orlando means women shouldn’t be allowed a voice so they ultimately rocked up and gave an entitled display of heckling, tantrums, patent false accusations, hyperbolic theatrics and other age-inappropriate conduct in any attempt to shut the event down that way. The courageous female speakers being shouted down in the compilation have had their livelihoods and reputations attacked from all sides by these bigoted bulliess, so please check out the full video and show your support for them:

Meanwhile over at Mumsnet, a huge support website for women who are mothers, which is based in the U.K., a couple of men managed to run women off the site with the usual accusations of bigotry, racism and the use of invented slurs, such as TERF. Some of the women have formed a subreddit, at which you can get an idea of what happened there. This, too, seems to have occurred fairly recently. A couple of men came in and demanded that their desired pronoun usage be respected. LOL!

Here’s some more discussion about these men, who came over to the website pretending to be women, and predictably began bullying the women, making demands and using very disgusting, sexualized and sexually aggressive slurs against the mums: This sexually perverted behavior, in which men pretend to be women online and then begin calling women disgusting names, ought to have a classification of its own.

Here a woman talks about being kicked off the site for asking a question about trannies:

Men have no pride, no self-respect and are nothing but perverts and cowards. These two instances of male aggression on the part of pigs in wigs are proof positive of this. They will do anything to harm women and prevent, not only our full liberation from them, but keep us from having even the tiniest modicum of privacy. They want to keep their food supply – us – well within their grasp.