Men’s Secret Societies and Other Gangs: The Power of Men-Only Spaces Illustrates Why They Fight Against Women-Only Spaces

The following post is a reprint, from my private radfem blog, to which I’ve made a few edits and additional comments. I think a lot of what we discuss about our plans as women should be kept private, but some things, like the ideas in this post should be disseminated among women to do with whatever they might be able to do with them. Online is simply not safe for us. The more we desire freedom, the more the slave masters want to suppress us, therefore, the most radical discussions about women’s freedom are never safe discussions unless they are  done entirely privately. I suggest in this article that men’s organizations exist for the purpose of subverting female autonomy and for the object of the furtherance of our subjugation and for men to amass and participate in a power structure that has been instrumental in our near destruction. 

I think it is important to study the hierarchical structures of their secret societies and to consider the purpose of women’s covens, as they have existed in the past and may very well exist now.  It is my feeling that the only organization women can safely do must be done in secrecy, away from men, who are constantly trying to undermine our efforts to have our natural rights acknowledged – and I think it is most important that these rights are acknowledged by more and more women. What men think is of little consequence in the sense that having them as “allies” is often worse than having them as enemies.

witchesI hired a contractor to do some work at my house. One of his sometimes-helpers is a man around 30-years of age who is, also, the mayor of a small town some distance from here. Both men go to the same church, which is how they know each other and, although, the other man has other abilities, I was told he does this work from time to time because he likes working outside with his hands.

Around here everything is run by men. It is a mob mentality that prevails here, but the participants don’t see what they’re doing as mob behavior. To them, this is just how things are and are supposed to be. Men especially love top-down hierarchical structures, not only in their religious institutions, but in their military, their political systems, their corporations and inside their nuclear families where – as my contractor told me – it is the natural order that men are obedient to God and women are obedient to men. (This is actually a completely artificial, truly blasphemous, and unnatural order, which is why we have all the problems we do on this planet, please, see my previous post where I talk about this.) He told me that he and his wife have been married for 26 years (unusual these days for people in their mid-40s) and their marriage works because they abide by Christian principles – he obeys God and she obeys him. He reminded me with a slightly sheepish expression that women were little more than slaves and “help meets” to men just a few decades ago. He said it as if he thought I might not know this.

The contractor mentioned to me that the young mayor was a member of a local chapter of the freemasons. He said he tried to discourage him from this association because its values are not consistent with Christianity, but ever since he joined a lot of good, positive things have been happening for him. For instance, he became the mayor of a town and apparently some other opportunities have come his way.

I knew another man here, a “self-made” multi-millionaire with lots of property, who sits on lots of boards of banks and of a popular gated community here who told me he was a freemason. Joining them was how he networked and got opportunities and positions he would not have had a very good chance at, otherwise. You don’t have to have any morals to be a member of one of these organizations, apparently. In fact, I’d say it helps to be unethical. I soon became aware that this multi-millionaire liked to buy women as if we are objects or props. Apparently, he entertained the notion that he might be able to buy me or, at least, my “services” in some sort of informal arrangement, which is pretty typical of how most men treat women – he was just really up front about it or else my years of experience with perverts helped me understand what he was getting at faster than ever before. He told me openly about men he knew who purchased the “services” of women on Craigslist. Morality and ethics are defined differently within these organizations.

Freemasons: The Key to Success (For Men Only)

The freemasons are a club for men only. They used to be for white men only. I don’t know if this is still true, but I’ve never seen anything other than a white, male mason – ever in my life.

(Additional note: I recently met another freemason. A blood-sucking parasite of an ex-cop who has attached himself to my sick and aging aunt and is now living off of her. You see his considerable retirement pension was cut in half and is threatened with being cut in half, again, so he had to find some woman’s flesh to burrow into, some place to park his dick, a woman to suck dry. So, he has come to live with my aunt in her nice, big, warm house, where he is living rent and utility-free.

I am even less pleased about this situation than some other family members, having had the worst kinds of dealings you can imagine with the police and witnessing police corruption, which the people of the U.S. are in complete and utter denial about (if you think black, male criminals being shot by cops is the real problem with the police, then you are living in a fantasy world!), including human trafficking and extortion as a regular practice in most cities I worked in. 

As you might imagine, Thanksgiving was a little tense. But, I am a stage performer and, like a great many women, a natural actress. I had to learn to be an actress at a young age in order to survive around gigantic, violent men who wanted to hurt me simply because I lived. I noticed the freemason ring before and I began my grilling, but I did it in a way to flatter him, of course. )

According to the parasite, the freemasons were white free men (they now allow in other men, but no women, except wives and daughters of members who have their own separate group, which supports the men, of course. Black men always had their own organizations, but were simply called masons. He is a low-level member of what is called the Blue Lodge. He is a Christian and says that the the freemasons have nothing to do with the occult. (They do, but maybe not until the Scottish Rite level, as far as I can tell. Until then, maybe this is what they tell their members – those who are not deemed suitable for the upper parts of the hierarchy. This hierarchy is mentioned in this article, which talks about things only hinted of at the Blue Lodge level.) He told me this after asking me if I was familiar with Albert Pike – and, of course, I am – who wrote about the freemasons and the occult. So, if he really believes there is no connection between freemasonry and the occult, he is delusional.

This member is another example of a dudebro with a lukewarm I.Q., who only got as far as he is because he is a “joiner” of other men, he is highly corruptible, he understands the safety of allegiance to a secret, powerful group of men who’ve got his back when he has to plant a gun on someone he has shot when they were unarmed. This is how you survive to collect your pension when you are a cop. This is how you advance. It is by being a team player – one who has sworn an oath of allegiance involving the threat of your own death!) 

The masons deny that its members are allowed to use their membership in the organization to advance their business, social or religious interests. But, this is obviously a lie. In fact, it’s a simple, child-like lie, one that is told just hoping that anyone will believe it. There is no other reason for joining such an organization except the furtherance of one’s personal aims. If a man wanted to perform charity work, there are many worthy charities he could contribute to or work for without joining a secret society. I he wanted to fraternize with other men, there are plenty of night clubs and private gatherings he could attend to hang with the boys.

Like every gang, the masons exist for the mutual benefit of their members, who are involved in activities for personal profit, which they do not want other people to know about because it is either illegal or unethical – or both. Members promise their worldly goods, all they have and will ever have, and their lives, if they break the oaths and reveal secrets from the lodge.

This is very familiar to me because of my experience with the Mormon organization, which is a masonic-based religion. They have oaths, signs and tokens, secrets and hierarchies for the men (usually white only). Women can’t get anywhere in the organization on their own. Men run every aspect of the organization, including the women’s group, called Relief Society, which is akin to the Eastern Star (the masonic women’s group, run by men and established to pacify their wives and daughters). Their job is to provide support to the men in the organization – and to stay in the dark, not ask any questions and obey the men, of course.

The benefits of freemasonry are for “men-only” and their meetings are “men-only space.” If anyone questions this, they simply say that women are not permitted entry (along with “cripples, eunuchs and atheists”) because it is tradition. They will, also, point to women-only organizations like The Girls Scouts or the college sorority, P.E.O. Sisterhood, as examples of similar organizations that exclude men – although, this is obviously a false equivalency because the P.E.O., the Girl Scouts and any other women’s organization do not provide the same level of, shall we say, support to its members because they do not have that kind of hundreds-of-years-old institutionalized white male power.

Each of these individual organizations may be seen as a microcosm of the whole of our society and all its power structures. In fact, here in the U.S., our nation was founded by a lot of white men who were masons and members of masonic-style organizations. In the early 1800s, only a few decades after the nation’s founding, when Joseph Smith wanted to create his own Mormon town, he knew that he could not do it without becoming a freemason. The very construction of such a city would require him to become a member, as well as to have any authority as a mayor over the Fraternal Orders of Police and other organizations within it.

When get a glimpse of this, we see that men’s secret societies are a very big obstacle in establishing equality under the law for women. Because these organizations’ activities are secret, it is easy for many people to deny their influences and relegate them to the realm of “conspiracy theory.” But, the fact is that there are opportunities you will never have unless you are a member of an established family within one of these orders. Most opportunities are open only to men, but sometimes the daughters and wives of such men are afforded opportunities, as long as they serve the established system – which is not in our interest, as women, in the long term, of course. Many of these are “women on the right,” but there is no shortage of them “on the left,” either.

If you’ve ever wondered how so many corrupt and mediocre people manage to get into high positions in politics and in corporations, you have here, at least, a partial answer to that question. You can see why men are so anxious to preserve men-only spaces and to invade women-only spaces. They know the power they have aggregated and hoarded in their own exclusive organizations.

Secret Societies Like the Freemasons Differ Very Little from Street Gangs

Secret societies are more or less “legitimate” gangs. In effect, they are not much different from any street gang. They have initiation rites, there are certain expectations of members, there is a hierarchical structure with various ranks within the organization, service to the group is rewarded and the rules of membership may be ruthlessly enforced. Once you’re in, you don’t get to just walk away from the group without some negative consequences. When they talk about morality or ethics, their definitions are different from those of people outside such groups. The highest moral principle is loyalty to the organization – the “brotherhood” or “the family.” Members use their association with the organization to gain status – even if it is just within their own subculture – and to further their financial aims.

Gangs, like secret societies, are mostly comprised of males and whenever women are included, they are expected to serve and support the men and their goals and desires.

The following quote describing the function of women in street gangs is from the University of Hawaii website where the the document, “A Systemic Analysis of the Dynamics and Organizaton of Urban Street Gangs” may be read in its entirety (

There may be a number of females associated with a particular gang, but they usually serve as auxiliaries or branches of male gangs. They are often expected to support the male gang completely, but they are rarely able to become official members (Moore,1991) Females associated with male gangs are typically used to carry weapons provide alibis, act as spies and lures, and provide sex for male members.

The role of women in street gangs is very similar to the role of women in men-only and male-dominated secret societies, which grudgingly allow women into their circles, but always limit their participation, either officially or unofficially

These insulated and often secret organizations are at the foundation of patriarchal society. They perpetuate it from behind the scenes. They ensure that there will never be fair representation of women in politics and public life and that there will always be inequalities in corporate hierarchies.

Because they are secret societies and there activities are not publicized, it is easy to ignore them. But, when we look at how they operate now and their historical role in the development of modern society and its inherent inequity, we see why men are unwilling to share their power within such organizations. Men know the power of these gang-like associations. It is how they have acquired and maintained their power.

What Might Be Done?

As radical feminists, we should look closer at these organizations and see how theirs can be destroyed and how we can establish our own, excluding men, of course.

Women joining the patriarchal societies will not change them. Men will not permit it. They will pull the usual bait and switch and use women as cheap labor and to satisfy their sexual appetites – just like they always do. An example of this is provided by the author of this article, “Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon: A Personal Account of Sexual Harassment,” in which she describes mistreatment at the hands of men within this secret society who talk one way but act another way where women are concerned and who use their authority in the organization to prey upon women.  (Note: Someone has done a video on the aforementioned article at YT: )

One way to slowly destroy them is to deny them our service and support. Another way is for women who have been members of such organizations to publicly expose them – anonymously, of course.

I believe that women must form our own associations, exclusive of men. These organizations should be for the support and furtherance of the aims of the women who participate. In other words, we should be selfish – like the men are – because only after we have built ourselves up will we be in a position to help other women.

What Would the Ideal Women’s Society Look Like?

While I haven’t yet fully determined what the ideal women’s society would look like, I know what I think it shouldn’t look like. An example of what it should not look like is the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution). This is an organization I once considered joining, but changed my mind once I saw what they were all about. According to their website, they “are vibrant, active women who are passionate about community service, preserving history, educating children, as well as honoring and supporting those who serve our nation.” The D.A.R. is an example of a group that primarily serves the status quo and, despite the fact it is comprised entirely of women, it honors patriarchal history and the early patriarchs who founded the nation and those (mostly men) who wage men’s wars against each other and against innocent women and children in foreign nations. Each meeting begins with a pledge of allegiance to the flag of the U.S. and a Christian prayer. This is what they call their “ritual.” Most of the members I met were snooty old ladies – mostly well-to-do widows, with a few eccentric exceptions, which is what I should have expected, I suppose.

We should pledge our allegiance to each other – not to men or their toxic institutions. I believe any organization that serves women should focus on an allegiance to ourselves, and especially the members of the group first. The history that should be honored is the true history of women, the accomplishments of women, the works of radical feminists and the furtherance of our liberation from enslavement based on that history and what we have learned so far. We should honor peace and not war while we look for solutions to the problems we face as women. We should work to dismantle – not honor – the patriarchal establishment.

Charity should be aimed first at the members of our own organization, then at other women who need help, if that’s possible. The groups should be small, comprised of women with the same goals (not sharing those goals would be cause for exclusion) and they operate largely on concensus instead of a top-down hierarchy. The organizations should not be advertised, but members should be selected.

Additional material:

The following made-for-TV movie (one of my personal favorites from the 1970s) is an entertaining and probably very accurate depiction of freemasonry:

The Brotherhood of the Bell

This (below) is an old movie about the freemasons and how they use their political influence, in original French, with English subtitles. It is called “Forces Occultes” and was made in 1943:

War Officially Declared on White Women by Black Men and Women

The purpose of this post: To warn my sisters of rhetoric that has now turned to physical violence and to remind you that we do not need other people to do the feminist work that needs to be done at this time because most of it is based on dispensing information, which has been suppressed and is generally not available in the mainstream of male-dominated life.

On August 26, 2015, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Alison Parker was reportedly murdered on live-air by a black man who declared in his manifesto that he hated “white women” and he wanted a “race war.” There is nothing “senseless” about this or the unprovoked murder of a white cop in Harris County, Texas reported on the night of August 28, 2015. The problem is not “crazy people” and it isn’t a problem of access to guns. If you examine the information at the websites linked below, you will see that it makes perfect sense. Furthermore, your survival may depend on understanding it.

In the past few months various black leaders have encouraged black people to kill white people (which includes women) and police officers.

White women are being attacked by tranny men who want our space, who want to be in our very skins, by black feminists, by black men who see us as “disposable fuck toys,” by race-baiting, hetero-normative liberals and, as always, by white men who have waged war on us for thousands of years wherever we are. None of these wars have been officially declared until now.

I will provide information about this below. My advice to my white sisters, if you want to take it and I hope you will, is to stop apologizing to anyone, stop explaining yourselves to anyone who says you are not doing feminism correctly. These are not your friends and they don’t have reasonable points, anyway. The lives of white women are very different and we have every right to talk about the horrific ways in which we are being targeted. Because of the power of the liberals and their influence on feminism, I have hesitated to talk about the horrors faced by white women because many of these things are regarded as “white privilege” by men and liberal feminists and, also, I have a desire to be inclusive because I love all women and I love our diversity. But, it’s time to talk more about things like white slavery, the trafficking of white American women overseas, the objectification of ordinary women going about their business (see previous post), the pursuit of white women for pornography and other aspects of the so-called “sex industry” and the general targeting of white women. Our enemies have tried to silence us and I have stayed silent about my own experiences in the past, but no more!

Liberals hate us – male and female, they hate us! They especially hate light complected women (and any women who, by accident of birth, conform to the white male’s standard of beauty) and I don’t know how many times I’ve read about a crime committed against a black person and looked at the comment section to see people urging that the same crimes be done to a white woman. We have a lot of enemies. We must not dismiss what they are saying to us as just talk or they don’t really mean it.

Meanwhile, I encourage you, especially if you look white – because, let’s face it this is all about your appearance, not your race, not your ancestors, not who you are  (Alison Parker may have been Jewish) – especially if you are light skinned and light eyed, to take special precautions at this time. WAR HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY DECLARED ON US simply because we exist and we are perceived (not only by men, but many black women) as the property of the white man.

Since the apparent murder of Alison Parker and the shooting of another blonde woman, who was left for dead by the black male killer, for no reason other than she was a white woman, I have been doing some digging around in some areas of the World Wide Web that I would not normally venture into. What I have found there is disturbing.

Black feminists have been telling us to sit down and shut up, white bitch. But, now, it appears that lots of black women and men are calling for our deaths and acting out violence on us, which has gone mostly unreported by the national news.

Here are examples of what black feminists have been saying to white feminists: – here we are told that our experiences and our lives do not matter. – This one contains a link to the snuff video in which Rhianna kidnaps a white woman in order to get revenge on a white man (because women are male property, of course), it is full of hateful slurs against women and has been applauded by the left and many black women have defended it. We must not be silenced by our enemies, so when they tell you to “sit down and shut up,” it’s important to keep talking about our lives and our experiences and warning other targets. We must keep repeating to (to ourselves and others) that we are not objects and we are not property.

More defending the snuff video, referenced above: – the author declares, without providing one shred of evidence, that white women are harming black women and, somehow, we benefit from causing them to suffer.

Some white, liberal, “sex positive” feminists have swallowed this hateful rhetoric and are regurgitating it: – and we don’t need this, either!

Here’s another one from a #BlackLivesMatter feminist, in which the author asserts that any kindness and outreach on the part of white women is highly suspicious. So, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t, it seems – nothing new here for us: But, I don’t think these #BlackLivesMatters feminists need to worry about hordes of white women rushing to be their allies, anyway, since we generally don’t align ourselves with people who advocate or support the murder of ourselves, our children, our family members, cops or men, in general. We are women. We are powerful. We are the only ones on this planet with the power to create human life, which is exactly why we don’t need to murder anyone to achieve our goals.

Make no mistake, black feminists who harbor completely misdirected hatred toward white women, are at the foundation of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which has meshed with the New Black Panthers and other violent black groups, as discussed in this article: The contents of this article are absolutely disgusting. In it, a black feminist express venomous hatred of white women who have done nothing to them. Reading this is a lot like visiting an MRA site for the first time – it explains a whole lot of things that were not entirely clear before.

Here are videos in which they call for us to be murdered: – See the video, which was broadcast the night before the black male murdered Alison Parker and shot another blonde woman, in which a black man and woman urge black people to murder white people and cops and photograph it. Warning: Extremely profane! – more profanity (also, this video auto-plays when you go to the page).

Full length call for lynching of white people (people, in this case, includes white women and children as the property of the white man) and cops, “somebody needs to become a sacrifice”:

(Update 8:31 – Right now the above link is still working, but in case the above podcast has gone or does go missing, this might explain what happened: ) – This an influential religious leader, Louis Farrakahn, calling for the murder of white people (including women because women are people only when men say we are) and police. He is a very influential leader of primarily black men, but many black women, also, listen and obey when this man speaks.

This is from about 3 years ago. Here a man and woman call for the murder of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people (“people” includes women who are seen as property of the white man), in defense of “the black man.” Again, profanity:

In the past year or more, and increasingly in the past few months, there have been innumerable attacks on white women by black men and women. Therefore, I urge you to re-evaluate your safety at – this time.

This is an example of the kind of targeted attacks on white women that have not been making the national news while they tell us repeatedly about how only the lives of criminal black men matter:

This is from about two years ago: – these kinds of attacks have been going on for two years and finally some people rally publicly to try to stop it. Why has this not been reported in the national news? Why are we not finding it at liberal websites like RawStory and Jezebel?

My updated safety rules for women (in the U.S., which is where this black male and black female violence against women is occurring right now) are as follows:

When you are in a public place, be aware of who is watching you – more than usual. White men and black men and women are involved in movements like #BlackLivesMatter and black men and women have carried out many violent attacks on white women for their cause.

Try to keep a distance, a larger than usual personal space, between yourself and others who might perpetrate a violent act.

Avoid gatherings and avoid crowds, especially those that might contain people who have declared they want to kill you.

Stay armed and be ready to take cover or defend yourself.

Remember that you are more vulnerable alone, especially since they have said they are looking for white people alone to kill.

Try to avoid the cops whose adrenaline and testosterone is higher than ever now and who are just as likely as ever to rape and kill women and enable other men to do the same. Just because we have been named as targets along with them does not mean they are not the same anti-woman patriarchal establishment they have always been. Therefore, try to stay out of any circumstance in which you might have to have contact with them, especially now, when they are emotionally worked up and more likely than ever to be violent toward women. Also, know that despite the #blacklivesmatter and other liberal rhetoric, white women are the largest demographic raped and murdered by police. Here’s an example of a such a case, which you’ve probably not heard about: and for more information and pictures of her (she was very beautiful) see: So, don’t buy the liberal’s story that white women are not subjected to extreme police violence – they want these things to happen to white women, they say it over and over, again. (I have many personal stories, involving rape and stalking by cops – some of it is so bad, I still can’t talk about it many years later. I believe white women are especially targeted for sadistic sexual violence by cops.)

Remember that your enemy is not just the white man, who wants to hurt or kill us because we won’t lie down and let him stick his dick in us – it is all men and some women who are working side by side with them: ALL men hate us and have the potential to be violent toward us.

Stay anonymous in this new McCarthyite era.

We do not need people who hate us in our groups or in our discussions. We do not need people who keep saying, “What about me!” – whether it’s men or trannies or black women telling us to shut up. Our lives and our experiences do matter and we have the right to talk about them and to talk about possible solutions without being shouted down by narcissists who want us dead. We try to be nice, but that doesn’t work. We protest that we are all on the same team. But, they’ve already decided what we are (“racist white bitches”), so it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to include people in your groups or your circle of friends who hate you, who are trying to undermine what you are trying to accomplish.

And, what I am trying to accomplish is simply this: I want to warn other women. I want to warn young girls. I want to tell you that you do not have to have a life that centers around men or even includes men. You live your life for yourself and let your allies, whether you are lesbian, straight or asexual, be other women – those who are worthy of you, who aren’t trying to take something away from you and talking about how you don’t matter. Form your bonds with other like-minded women. You do not have to include all women, especially those who are telling you to shut up because what they have to say is more important and being targeted by white men is some kind of privilege. We don’t have to listen to this anymore or try to appease these women, anymore, because we see that their true colors are showing. They are not just telling us shut up, anymore, they are advocating and, in many cases, perpetrating violence against us. We don’t need to appease them or try to get along with them simply because WE DO NOT NEED THEM to get the message out to the women and girls who need to hear it.

I’d, also, like to remind the black men involved in this race war that they will not win. Your leaders are hired provocateurs and their entire purpose is to cooperate with the white men in power, in hopes of sharing that power, and they are setting you up. They are selling you out right now and bathing in your blood. Maybe you’ll get joy out of murdering more cops and white women for a little while, but this is not going to end well for you. See video below for why (more profanity, of course):

I am not taking any commentary from anyone on this article. I have spoken to my audience and I hope you will heed my advice. Whatever anyone else has to say on this subject, I’ve already heard and I’m done listening to it. I’m not going to appease anyone who wants to suck my blood or see me dead. My sisters are the only ones I care about and I don’t see anyone else talking about this subject yet – maybe they don’t know or maybe they are afraid to, but we already have a whole mob of white men on the net trying to kill us, so what’s a few more million black men and women.

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Woman who urges black people to kill all white people plans a special event on 9/11/2015:

(Posted 8/31/2015: Armed black men and women shout at texas cops, say they “will start creeping up on you in the darkness. )

Blonde Women at a Sorority Targeted, Again – This Time by Liberals Instead of Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger, the California mass killer who targeted “blonde sluts” at a sorority who didn’t even know he existed – literally didn’t know, until he started shooting at them – was angry with women, particular women that he projected his own sick thoughts and delusions on.

Well, it happened, again, but the perp wasn’t a mass shooter this time. Instead it was a hit opinion piece by someone named A.J. Bailey, which you will find here:

What is not mentioned in this article or ANYWHERE else that I’ve seen in the numerous articles about this that I’ve looked at is that this objectifying film – and it is objectifying – was made by two males. There is a crotch shot. And, there is a bit of film of one of the women sitting down on a wooden bench that has clearly been manipulated by the video-makers to make it look like she is twerking. Not one critic has said anything about the two perverts with cameras who made the video, although plenty has been said about the “whores,” “sluts,” “bimbos” and “racist bitches” who appear in this promotional film, which was supposed to be a recruiting tool for their sorority.

Bailey criticized this video for it’s lack of diversity. There are no apparent black men or women in it and none of the women there look like tranny men. Also, most of the women are blonde and blue-eyed and have fair, flawless skin. Apparently, this is some sort of crime for which women deserve to be tortured and die, or at least, should not be allowed to show their faces in public.

Well-groomed, well-dressed, homogenous, asexual, non-inclusive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed witch.

Well-groomed, well-dressed, homogenous, asexual, non-inclusive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed witch – not here to satisfy anyone’s lust.

I have some news for liberals. There are whole entire parts of this country filled with white people, where the women in the population look like the young women in this video. They are not “air-brushed.” They don’t look this way to “attract a man” or to tittillate anyone. They are not doing it on purpose to piss off liberals. This is just how they look. I know because I live in such an area in what liberals disparagingly call “fly-over country.” Here 97% of the population, according to the last census, is Caucasian. The rest is American Indian. We have almost no black people here – not because we killed them all! – but, because they never were here, historically. We have no history of black slavery here. Of course, this doesn’t stop the liberal hyenas in the press and in the comment sections from making historically inaccurate and disparaging remarks about us daily, if not hourly.

When I watch these videos, I see young women having fun together – doing what women wish we could do with each other without interference from men (except for those objectifying crotch shots and such from the cameramen, of course). Young women having innocent fun together is not a crime. It is something to be encouraged.

But, liberals seem to be upset at this “pornographic” video in which none of the women are taking it up the ass by a member of a minority group. Because this is not happening, a whole lot of presumptions are made about these women and their character. For instance, they must be racists! Many deeply offensive and hurtful assumptions are made about the women’s sexuality

Being born with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes does not make a person racist.

Being born female with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes does not make a person automatically heterosexual. It doesn’t make a person any kind of sexual. I can testify that blonde-haired, blue-eyed women with pale skin exist, who are positively ASEXUAL! Imagine that, if you can, you liberals and Elliot Rodgers of the world.

Such women do not NEED MINORITIES to fuck them in order to teach them some kind of a lesson.

Furthermore, simply because a woman is standing somewhere or appears in a video somewhere and she has blonde-hair and blue eyes, this does not mean that she is coming on to you, that she is offering herself to you sexually or in any other way.

Surprise! Surprise! Blonde-haired, blue-eyed women are people, too, and they exist with their own individual personalities – despite being told that they are “cookie cutter cutouts,” “clones” and “Barbies” and have no brains! – they do exist and they have a right to exist for themselves and not for you to masturbate to or to disparage or to turn their existence into one big, long porno movie.

I want to say more about this, but this right here is an example of why we need radical feminism. Often white women are accused of dominating feminism, but what else do we have? Who else will speak up for us and defend us, if not ourselves? Clearly, no one.

The person who wrote this article, this Bailey, took me back to my middle school days.I had to leave school because of all the violence and sexual assault – the pivotal issue being my blond-hair and general appearance, which I had no control over, especially at about 12 or 13-years old. I remember my mother saying to me that the reason some people acted this way toward me was because I was blonde-haired and they wished they were blonde, too. I don’t know if this is true, but the adolescent envy I experienced then – no less violent and dangerous – I re-experienced while reading this article. It’s too bad that some people, for instance, hateful liberals and violent perverts like Elliot Rodger, just can’t seem to leave other people alone. They are driven by their envy and hatred of other people who usually don’t even know they exist until they strike!

And, now this video by this sorority has been removed. It wasn’t removed because the women were performing racist chants or singing about the joys of raping dead women, like some fraternities that have recently appeared in the news. No, it was taken down because the blond-haired blue-eyed women in the video were not “inclusive” of whatever people liberals thought they should be inclusive of. It was removed because nobody can just let innocent young women be just that and because a bunch of perverted men (and the liberal women who support their point of view) think everything any woman does is about THEM! They just can’t leave women alone and they can’t stand it when other people are happy or when they think somebody else has something they don’t have.

Note: I didn’t realize it when I wrote the headline above, but the Alpha Phi sorority was the exact same one that was targeted by Elliot Rodger last year. See the article here:  Bailey should hang his or her head in shame for writing this disturbing opinion piece because it is these mean, ignorant and perverse popular characterizations of innocent women, such as those in this video, that encourage such senseless, targeted (I refuse to say “random,” when it is clear that it is targeted) male violence against women.