There is No Such Thing as Islamaphobia: Why are Liberals Supporting Right-wing Extremist Religious Fanatics?

If you are a woman or a girl, any fears you may have of Islam and especially Muslim men are completely justified. Islam is a political and religious system that enslaves, maims, rapes and murders girls and women simply for being born female. If you are a white woman, you are in particular danger from these men because while we might be able to avoid allowing white men into our homes to rape us, it is much more difficult to deal with the onslaught of daily terror if you have live surrounded by Muslim men, to have to shop where they shop, to have to walk down a sidewalk where they walk. There is no safety for women where Muslim men exist and they have a special hatred for white women.

The left in the U.S. and W. Europe, claim to fear the right – especially in countries like Germany where the right is (wrongly, as anyone who knows W. European history is aware) blamed for starting WWII – yet, they have no fear of right-wing, Muslim extremists. They love them. They welcome them with bags of chocolates and kisses from little blonde-haired girls. (By the way, the parents of the girl coerced into giving kisses to disease-ridden Muslim boys as they arrive in Germany should be cursed to the depths of Hell! They are child abusers!)

The pseudo-Satanist group that calls itself The Satanic Temple has extended their hand to these right-wing religious extremists. The Satanic Temple frauds are not occultists of any kind, but a disinformation group. No Satanists abide the Muslims, who were the first in the Old Testament to invent the concept of Satan (or Sheitan), believed by some to be the Yazidis or people like the Yazidis, whom the Muslims have been murdering, enslaving, prostituting and raping the women and girls to death! By the way, this has been going on for a long, long time, but only recently made international news. So, they are very great enemies of all Satanists and we Satanists do not help our enemies!

Joining the pseudo-Satanist, pretend-occultists, skep-dick, left-wing political group are the Catholics, the Lutherans and, somewhat surprisingly, a lot of Evangelicals, who are welcoming Muslims into the U.S. (And the Catholics, led by their filthy, perverted, misogynist old pope and the Lutherans are, of course, complicit in bringing their fellow, misogynist, right-wing extremists into Germany, as well.)

On this same crazy train, are hordes of liberals from all over the world – all supporting right-wing, extremist religious fanatics who hate women and girls and have said – repeatedly! – that they want to either convert or kill us. (See Louis Farrakhan and his Muslim Brotherhood and their cohorts, #BlackLivesMatter, #FuckYoFlag, etc. and the rest of the “kill whitey” brigade who are committing all kinds of crimes against white women, including a shocking number of attacks and rapes on elderly white women.)

What sort of hellish chorus-line is this?

Since when do liberals, especially U.S. liberals, openly defend right-wing extremists?!

They are wonderful, these liberals, at coining silly, victim-blaming, reality-distorting terms, like “Islamaphobia.” They’ve, also, invented Trans-phobia to try to shame women who are afraid of being attacked by men in previously-all women spaces like locker rooms and rest rooms. They came up with Whore-phobia in a pathetic attempt to shame women who have survived being prostituted by men and want to talk about it. Oh, you don’t like being raped by johns? Then, you are “whorephobic.”

Islamaphobia is the fear that every Muslim you see is a terrorist, they say. In fact, relatively few Muslims are terrorists and the chances of being the victim of a terror attack by anyone is fairly slim. This is true.

But, there are many more victims of Islam – women who have been assaulted, attacked and raped by Muslim men – many of us are white Western women, but the liberals have made it clear that our lives don’t matter.  We are “Islamaphobes!” they say. And what about the children raped by old men, the women and girls sexually mutilated and tortured by Muslims and their patriarchal political, social and religious system? What are they? Are they Islamaphobes, too?

Here in the U.S., wherever there are Somali refugees, very black Muslims directly from Africa, there is the human trafficking of little white girls and white women. Are these trafficking victims both “Islamaphobes” and “Whorephobes?” The liberals say, “Yes.”

Who are liberals, exactly? What kind of people harbor this much hatred for women and girls and so much love for those who want to hurt and kill us?

The liberals in this country and in W. Europe have a lot to answer for. The best that we can hope for is that they are simply ignorant people who will become educated, at some point, and reform themselves. But, this seems unlikely from my observations. What I see is Evil – the same evil that the pseudo-Satanist fraud, Greaves, of the Satanic Temple social justice warrior group, says does not exist. Being assaulted by Muslim men, being threatened by them, the rape and trafficking of white, American girls and women – it is all simply a figment of my “superstitious” and “phobiac” imagination, apparently.