Men Wreck and Burn Things in Hamburg, Germany at G20: Women and Girls Now Clean Up The Mess They Left Behind!


I wanted to point out this contrast between men and women, which I know will not be lost on my handful of readers. I have watched videos of the terrible things that were done in Hamburg, Germany over the past few days by so-called anti-facists (anti-fa) leftists.

I remember Hamburg as a beautiful city and a relatively safe and peaceful one as big cities go, but that was in the late ’90s. It was very disturbing to see what these violent leftists, almost all men did to the city. I’m posting two videos below. The first one is of their violence and destruction and you will see that the vast majority of people, if not all of the people, in the first video are males. Then, in the second video, you will see the contrast. Who is cleaning up the mess these men left behind? It’s almost all German women and their daughters.  And, this is a pattern we are all familiar with. The Germans must certainly be familiar with it. Men make war and women have to clean and rebuild in their wake.

Here, at least 1000 people are estimated to be partaking in the clean up  mission in Hamburg. These are the real Germans, almost all women, and the Germans I know and love. I’m very proud of them, but isn’t this a shame!:




The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend, Apparently: Trump Stops Non-white Rapists from Entering the U.S.!

This is why right-wing women agree to take a certain level of abuse from white men. You see, the alternatives to not taking it can be much worse. This is how we got Trump and although I am yet trepidatious, I really am pleased with the news I am getting so far about his actions in office this first few days. To my amazement, he appears to be keeping some of his promises. This is highly unusual in a president. Usually, they don’t. So, this is a pleasant surprise, so far.

Previously, I have posted about the dangers disarmed white women are facing in countries like Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and others where the Muslims have invaded. Just because it hasn’t been discussed much lately, doesn’t mean it has gotten any better. The crimes against white women continue and once these savages are allowed into the country, the native men begin joining in on the rape and murder.

The German government has gone so far as to produce public service announcements describing how the invaders should go about fucking white women and girls, complete with illustrations of black men raping white women.

So, I have been concerned about these negroes and Middle-easterners, now euphemistically referred to as  “southerners” in the German press, coming here to do the same. When they surround a woman 30 or 50 at a time and begin tearing her limb from limb like a pack of wild dogs, it’s hard to imagine how we could even shoot our way out of such a situation! We, at least, have something to shoot with. The European women have nothing.

But, now this problem may have been, at least, deferred for a little while as we see the flow of immigrants has slowed since yesterday, as reported by Refugee Resettlement Watch, which has been reporting on this menace for years. There are many reports today that questionable individuals are being banned from entering the U.S., at this time. The liberals – who are apparently not the primary targets of these violent perverts – are howling and the crocodile tears are flowing.

According to this article today at CNN, “We don’t want them here,” Trump said as he signed the order. “We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.”

This seems too good to be true. I’m not used to good things happening and justice is something I have never known. So, I’m still hold my breath a little… They may thank their lucky stars that they were not admitted very soon because women are sick of being hunted and raped! We are not Germans and Swedes here. We are Americans and we are a completely different kind of women, from my observation. The enemy is not going to fare nearly as well here as they have among the Europeans, if they were ever to be admitted in such numbers.

I’m very pleased with Trump as president, at this moment. Although, I still hope his alleged victims get their day in court.


White Women Attacked by Muslim and Negro Men in Europe and USA: More “White Women’s Privilege”

Warning: Some news videos showing actual violence perpetrated against women by males are included in this post. Also, there is a lot of sarcasm.

It is such a privilege to be a white woman living in a supposedly 1st world nation where we have so much privilege that we never have to worry about being attacked, run down, raped, or murdered by Muslims and negro men, who are the “truly oppressed” among us.

Below are some examples of these poor, sad, oppressed men taking out all their sadness and feelings of oppression on white women. According to the liberals, we deserve this abuse for being “racist” (where racist means failing to suck enough black cock) and oppressing (where oppressing means existing and trying to mind our own business somewhere) negro and Muslim men; and according to the right-wing men, we deserve this because of feminism, which is, also, to blame for virtually everything men do to us.

In the video below you will see some sad negro men attacking two “oppressive white women.” Note how the white women oppress the black men by their mere existence, thus inducing the negroids to hit, kick and otherwise abuse them in this subway station in France. The attacks appear to have taken place in the last couple of months. The police are still investigating – yeah, that’ll help. Here is further commentary from Liveleaks on the video:

Now, there is a word that if you are white woman and you use it, black people become very angry and will use it as an excuse to do violence to you – even try to kill you. And, the liberals will say that’s okay because you are racist white bitch and you deserve to killed by black men. You know this word, it is “Nigger.”

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually say, “Nigger,” if you are a white woman, you are assumed to be a racist white whore, therefore, a black man can just accuse you of saying it as a pretext for punching you in the face, after he humps you in public and assaults you and follows you all over the room – because you are a white whore and he is deeply offended that you are not sucking his cock right now! An example of this happened in Florida  You see, black men can assault you and threaten you, they can call you all kinds of filthy sexually perverted and sexually threatening names, but when he physically attacks you and you say something like, “Get off me, you fucking nigger!”  which the woman being assaulted in the video below is accused by a witness of saying, then YOU are the racist. Yes, you understand, don’t you? The black man who is following you and assaulting you is a poor, innocent, sad oppressed, powerless little man. And, if you ever once in your entire life thought silently to yourself, “Nigger,” then it is you who are the racist. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never attacked a black man, woman or child in your life, or that you have never done harm to any person on account of their race or creed. It is you, the white woman, who is oppressing this sad, little, powerless black man.

See video of the nigger man assaulting the white woman below – remember, he’s not the racist, SHE is and don’t even think about calling this poor little nigger child a sex predator, that is not allowed. His blackness is his shield against such observations whenever his chosen victim is a “white whore.” Keep the focus on HER racism for not instantly getting down on her knees and sucking his dick:

Also, from Florida, here is another instance of a black man harassing some white women riding horses in a park near some docks. According to the accounts, he drove his Dodge pick up truck at an estimated 60 miles an hour near the docks, frightening the horses the young women were riding. One of the riders yelled at him to “slow down.” The sad, oppressed, helpless, little black man reportedly said, “Fuck you,” to her, after which one of the women called him a “stupid nigger.” At this point, he turned his vehicle on the horses and their riders and stomped on the gas pedal, ramming them, killing one of the horses, causing another of the horses to run away and so terrifying one of the women (who had not called him “nigger,” although I can think of a few other things to call him, too, that might be very appropriate) that she crawled into the woods and hid for fear that he would continue his assault. She ended up with some broken bones. And, the liberals cheered the nigger for this attempted murder of the “racist” white women.

Here’s a link to a local article on the subject:

Here’s a link to the same story at the liberal news aggregator site, RawStory, so you can see the liberals cheering on their boy – because liberals really hate white women:

Now, how calling someone “nigger” ever came to equal being racist or how a white woman using that word becomes justification for hitting, raping or murdering her (or attempting to murder women, as in the above case), I cannot understand. A word is just a word – at least, it is when men use dehumanizing, sexually threatening language at women. But, when a woman uses a word against her oppressor – and we don’t have many of these words that we can use against them to begin with – it is grounds for violence – all justified in the minds of liberals.

Since it’s already been decided that you are a racist white whore who deserves to die, you might as well use whatever language you want to use at the people who are doing this to you.

Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of “white women’s privilege,” for example, I’ve been held at gun point by men, had a gun shoved in my face by a man, been raped by men many times, been beaten by men and the last thing I have to fear after coming back from the arms of Death is being called “racist” by liberal men and women who have already shown themselves to be the worst enemies of white women and of white feminists, in particular.

Here is a montage of attacks on white women by some manner of niggers in Europe:

Now, don’t forget it’s the women who are the racists! Maybe they called the perps “Nigger” before they were attacked. You never know about racist white bitches, they’re liable to say anything to a poor, sad, oppressed man. We oppress them by our mere existence in a public place.

In the video below an older German man is attacked after intervening in an assault by Muslims males on a German woman:

Remember: The white folks here are the racists – and since the white woman being attacked is German, they are, also, “Nazis.” Yes, they are evil Nazi women who have not developed an appreciation for black cock – or being assaulted and sexually harassed and threatened on public transportation.

And, here is a nigger man – should I use a nicer description? – attacking a Hungarian woman from behind as she’s walking down a public sttreet.


And, it isn’t just happening in Europe – it’s happening all over the U.S. The video below is from an incident in August of 2014, involving a gang of niggers attacking a white woman in Springfield, MO after they had already sexually assaulted her once and she had gone to get help from her boyfriend who was working at a night club as a D.J.:

Now, to kind of deviate slightly from this discussion, I’d like to mention something that I’ve been reading about lately in relation to the “migrants” – and these are enemy invaders, of course, not “migrants” or “refugees” – in Calais, France.

I’m not very familiar with France, but I’ve been watching what is happening in the town of Calais, which is situated near the English Chunnel (the Channel tunnel), which is the place where trucks bearing European goods go, then from there many products are transported to and from England and the European mainland.

I remember years ago when the Chunnel was just being talked about in England that many English people objected to its construction because of the possibility of exactly what is happening right now. But, in every country it seems we have people in our government who are not working in our best interest. England is no exception and neither is France.

Right now, the Chunnel is being used as a point of illegal entry into England for “migrants” who are housed in Calais, France. There are videos of the “migrants” attacking trucks, trying to hijack them, attacking the drivers, trying to break into them, as they are going in and out of Calais. There are many videos depicting these attacks on drivers. Here is an English driver talking about the routine attacks and attempts to hijack his truck:


Here’s an RT report on the subject with video:

Here is another video taken by a driver in Calais:

And, here’s another in which drivers are attacked- they’re pretty much the same after a while:

Calais is the site of a massive tent city in which “migrants” live and from which they wreak havoc, not only on the truckers, but on the people of Calais. The following video is very interesting to me because it is one woman’s story of betrayal at the hands of the French police, at the hands of the French government. You can see the video for yourself. It is all in French with English subtitles. It is a little long, but it is very interesting and even if you do not understand French well (and I do not) you can still hear the frustration and the tragedy of this situation in this woman’s native language.

The shorthand version of this story is that she is the mother of two sons, one of whom was killed in the service of France and his ashes scattered at the sea. She cannot even go to visit her son at the site where his ashes were scattered, which she calls his grave, because of the male violence in Calais. The police are working against the citizens and on behalf of the “migrants.” She was nearly arrested at a Pegida demonstration, one of a very small number of people who gathered, to protest this invasion and its accompanying violence.

Her husband is dying of cancer and she is about to be evicted from her house – which it sounds like she owns – to make way for more “migrants.” The situation she describes at the police station trying to make a report is the same one we white women in the U.S. have found ourselves in for a long time.

Because the French are disarmed, she – like others – has to be afraid in her own home because the poor, oppressed, sad, little “migrants” think nothing of breaking into French people’s homes to steal, rape and kill them. Again, nothing unfamiliar to many of us in the U.S., where we have been living with a similar scourge for a long time – unable to speak about it, silenced for being “white whores” and “racist white bitches.” Remember: White feminists, shut the fuck up! We have to shut up so we don’t make the perpetrators uncomfortable, so we don’t cause them to be subjected to “racism” from more, privileged, racist white bitches like ourselves who object to sucking black cock.

So, here you have it, the face of white women’s privilege in France. It is the privilege to have your home stolen from you to house negroes. (Can anybody say “South Africa?!”) It is the privilege of being terrorized in your own town and in your own home. It is the privilege of being threatened with arrest and violence by the police you are taxed to pay for when you you object to these abuses. It is the privilege of being told by the cops that nothing can be done about you being attacked by some nigger men because they all look alike and, therefore, they cannot be identified. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt on that one!) It’s the privilege of having your children taken from you, recruited by the state or out-right forced by the state, to go to war and to die to serve this monstrous system. And, who will stand up for this privileged, white woman?




Cowardly Cops Run from Refugees in Sweden, Meanwhile a 17-year Old Dane is Arrested for Fighting Off Her Attempted Rapist


Swedish woman spat upon by a typical, misogynist, dark invader.

This could almost as easily have happened in the U.S. One of my early posts at this blog is on why women don’t call the police and, of course, it is for all the reasons that you see in previous blogs, such as the one with videos of a young German girl describing her experience trying to report sexual assault by Muzzies to the police there. They laugh at you. They ignore you. But, if you get them to take you seriously, you run the risk of being charged with a crime yourself.

This is what happened to a young girl in Denmark: She used pepper spray to fend off a dark-skinned, male attacker who was trying to remove her clothing while she was trying to walk down a street. There are not enough details to this story, so we don’t know how the police found out about the attack. We are left to presume that she dutifully went to the police station and reported it like a good citizen. She has been charged under the firearms law there. Yes, apparently, pepperspray is a “firearm” in Denmark. And, she will likely be fined and could go to jail for three months.

This is why if you ever have to defend yourself, weigh heavily reporting anything to the police or even telling anyone you know! Unfortunately, for very young girls for whom this is a first-time experience, they don’t yet know how hated they are, how everyone around them will blame them, and will possibly do things to cause more trouble for them.  This is a lesson we all learn the first time we are sexually assaulted, even when we successfully fight off the attacker. And no matter how violent the attack, we will be told that we wanted it, we asked for it, we’re sluts, and so on.

I went through this after successfully fighting off a violent sex attacker. (One who had targeted me because I, “slut” that I am, was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book at a nice little coffee shop, and did not like it when the attacker’s friend sat down next to me and tried to talk to me. For not being “friendly” enough, I was targeted for violence by the two of them.) But, I didn’t go to the police. I already knew not to do that from earlier experiences. What happened to this attacker was that he attacked another woman who worked where I worked (she showed up with bruises all over her legs and hips) and a couple of male staff members there took it upon themselves to – I will just say this – take matters into their own hands. (I was working at a small club in a little, trendy town, at that time, and it is not unusual for the night club security to take their job of protecting the dancers very seriously. It’s business: If the dancers can’t work because they’re being beaten up and sexually assaulted, this means disappointed customers and closed doors. I used to hear a lot from night club security in many different locales, in general, that they couldn’t believe some of the things they saw – things that were just every day occurrences to me and to most women.)

This is the only kind of justice you will likely ever see if you are the victim of an attack like this. Also, I have told this story to people, years later and far away from the incident, who were disgusted at the “vigilante” justice. That was just wrong of me, they said. But, of course, it wasn’t my idea. Some men – back when we still had a couple of those lying around – took it upon themselves to do what everyone knew the police (our worst enemy, collectively) would not do. If you are the victim (or even nearly a victim of a sexual assault), you will always be blamed – always.

The attacker in the case in Denmark will likely never be found, but the whole lot of them are just as guilty. If any of those men met with some tragic “accident,” it would be a start.

Not only are the police typically unsympathetic and, at worst, dangerous to women and girls who report crimes against themselves, they are absolutely useless in cases where there is a crime taking place, due to their cowardly natures.

This is epitomized by this story from Russia Today,, which reports that the police in Sweden fled from “migrants” in a refugee asylum center. Now, frankly, I cannot even begin to imagine this. Even the police in the U.S. aren’t this cowardly. They might kill the hostages or throw a little cyanide in and kill all the little children they claim they are there to rescue. But, they would never fail to apprehend the bad guys. I can’t think of a single instance where this has occurred.

The cops were dispatched to this center to transfer a little, 10-year old boy who was being repeatedly raped by the “migrants” at this refugee center to another facility because the staff members were unable to complete this undertaking on their own due to the migrants’ “hostile attitude.” It is unclear from the article if the police succeeded in doing so before they shamefully retreated in fear and defeat.

How would you like to count on these cops to rescue you from an attack by a gang of men – or even a single man- at your home or on the street, where you are not allowed to have an actual weapon to defend yourself and if you use anything at all in your own self-defense and the cops find out about it YOU are going to be the one in trouble?

Maybe some more limp-wristed, white dudes can tell us all again how we don’t need firearms to protect ourselves – and here in the U.S. that “only cops should have guns” – and how “where one lives is a human right.” I heard that last line from a German candy pants I was dating just about right before I bought a plane ticket out of there!

Foe Vs. Foe: How the Rapists, Johns, Pedos and Other Misogynists are Going to Save Us All – Not!

Well, we just “celebrated” Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday here in the U.S. As a white woman, I am certainly not reassured that such a black, male misogynist, woman-beater, womanizer, and serial adulterer – not to mention an absolute fraud – is so venerated that the entire U.S. Federal government has to drop what it’s doing for 24 hours. When this is what our “heroes” look like, you can see that we are all eyeball-deep in cow patties.

nigs and white woman

White woman turned into a serving table for use by alien life-forms.

Forced integration and the continual pushing in the media of the idea that white women just can’t get enough black cock has done a lot to make my life a living hell. You see, I am one of those blond-haired, blue-eyed “sluts” who, I have frequently been told, looks like a “nigger lover.”  Not only is this the equivalent of calling me a piece of trash, it’s an insult, which I’m supposed to tolerate with a nice, white lady smile.

This is where I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t, so it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me at all what they do or what they think. What I think of them, in fact, what I know about them – those black men and the black women and white liberals who defend them – is what is far more important.


The “model” white woman: What we should all aspire to be.

For men, including black men and, as you see in this article about a German woman assaulted by a moke in at the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (main train station), Muslim men, we white women exist for sex, more explicitly, we exist to be sexually abused.  Of course, the white men will be the first to agree.

If they are white men on the right, they will grit their teeth and spew saliva while they talk about their gang rape fantasies and call us “nigger-lovin’ white whores” and “trash.” When white men can’t “get” a white woman, they blame everyone else – including white women and black or foreign men.

If they are white men on the left, they will lecture us on “our racism” and talk about choice and consent and men’s needs for porn and sexual satisfaction and repeatedly call any of us were ever forced to make difficult economic choices “sex workers” – even when we repeatedly ask them not to do this. Men, and especially lefty men it seems, think that prostituting women is a human right. Men believe that white women, especially blond-haired, blue-eyed women, exist only for their sexual satisfaction.

To them, we are the blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman in the red dress from the Matrix


The woman in the red dress is not a real person, but just a hologram, who exists for the pleasure of men.  This is  an illustration of our “privilege” from a popular Hollywood movie.

movie. We are not real, conscious, sentient human beings with souls, yearning to be free! No, we are just whores who exist only in the minds of men, only in their fantasies. This movie tells a lot of truths about the male world view – this being one of the most poignant, the one that stood out to me the most.

“We have met the enemy and he’s our friend…the friends, brothers, lovers in the counterfeit male-dominated Left. The good guys who think they know what ‘Women’s Lib,’ as they so chummily call it, is all about.”  -Quote by Robin Morgan, American author, journalist and pioneering feminist, in a 1970 editorial piece titled “Goodbye to All That,” published in the January 1970 issue of the underground newspaper Rat: Subterranean News

What kind of world do we find ourselves in when our “friends” are the rapists, the johns, the pimps, the pedos and other misogynists, also, claim to be our saviors? They are the “brave” men who make wars and fight wars – for us wimmenz, so they say. They police the streets here in the U.S., of course, if you are a white woman, especially if you have blonde hair, you’d better learn how to disguise yourself if you travel far on our highways, if you want to stay safe from them. Our brave protectors are those men in our own lives – if we have any – who are our brothers, fathers, uncles and sons – but, as I said in the previous post, they hate us most of all. They are the ones beating, raping and killing us in our own homes. They have porno stashes and secret lives.

Here’s another example of “the call is coming from inside your house!” (which is a reference to an old horror movie about a woman being stalked by a killer, “When a Stranger Calls.”): Some of these brave saviors, these heroes at arms, from France, which has been a major attack site for foreign, Islamic invaders, have been busy abusing children. Apparently, this is not only a regular thing, but institutionalized, even the policy of the U.N., because the guy who blew the whistle got in a lot of trouble for flappin’ his jaws about it.  Who will save France? Can child rapists be trusted to save the “honor” of women or girls? The answer is, of course, crystal clear.

In the U.S., many military women report that their greatest enemy is the men in our own military. Much like the female refugees in the camps of Muslims pouring into W. Europe have reported a fear of going to the bathroom because of the near certainty of rape, our own female soldier live under similar circumstances in the field.

And, the police may be women’s greatest domestic enemy. Here’s a most recent example of police abuse of power that I pulled up in a quick Google search, and you might think it is extreme, but the problem of cops harassing women is huge. It’s worse in some areas of the U.S. than others. The larger cities are generally worse. Open highways are sometimes very dangerous for us, too, if we are traveling alone. No one knows how many disappearances of women in the U.S. may be attributed to law enforcement agents, some of whom participate in human trafficking rings and cover ups of such activities.

It is difficult for women to find a “friend” or an “ally” in this environment. Everywhere I look, I see enemies. I see men on the left and men on the right. I, also, see a lot of women supporting these men, especially liberal women (often claiming to be feminists) supporting all kinds of supposedly oppressed men, who are actively working against, purposely trying to harm, women like me.

The best we could hope for is that one group of our enemies would rise up and kill the other group. To some extent, I think this is what is happening with the black attacks on white police officers. I see Foe Vs. Foe and I have no strong feelings about this because experience shows that one is about as bad as the other. I have only a desire to get out of their way!

For women, I think this is the only answer. We certainly have to get ourselves out of range because, as usual, we are being completely scapegoated for what these men are doing.  (Everywhere you look online right now, especially in comment sections, you will see men blaming women for anything and everything. The “blame women” card is being whipped out and circulated even more swiftly than that tattered, old “blame whitey” card, aka. the race card. If you don’t believe me, try posting anything in the comment section of a YT video and you’ll see that it’s like leaping into a tank of piranhas! ) And, what are we guilty of? We are guilty of having uteri, which can be used to bring  more males in here. That’s about it. But, we have always been scapegoats, convenient targets for males, I think, because we have less social standing, less economic power, many of us are very isolated, and we tend to be physically much smaller than men and, therefore, less threatening, so it is easy for them to turn their rage on us instead of the huge, hairy, scary enemy. Men blame us because they are absolute cowards and worse!

This is why I say out of range is best. Then, of course, the next thing is to be prepared in every way you can think of.  Develop eyes in the back of your head, if you haven’t already. We really have to be prepared to defend ourselves because we have foes on all sides. There are no heroes – except ourselves.

On the Difficulty of Discussing Sexual Assault by Black or Muslim Men

I want to thank the blogger, StoryEndingNever, and praise her courage for publishing a post about her very brutal rape experience at the hands of an Arab Muslim in Canada. It is always difficult to talk about rape and this post is especially valuable because it talks about the particular ways that white women are prevented from talking about sexual assault when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.

Here is this excellent post:  My Own Personal Arab Muslim Rapist.

The author of this blog has travelled extensively and lives and works in a foreign country where she is a minority, white woman. She has written about the particular way that white women are targeted by non-white males who view us as walking porn in her White Girl Series.

She, also, wrote a very fascinating post, detailing the horrifying incident in which she was strangled and attacked by a group of Muslim men at a live music event in Belgium in 1996. This was when there were still very hostile, very aggressive Muslim men in North Western European countries, but not nearly in the great numbers that have come in recent years and especially in recent months. This article is part of her Conversations with Men series.  Click the following link to read the article: Conversations with Men: The Belt.

This entire blog is excellent and it is 100% radical feminist. I spent most of an evening and late into the night reading a lot of the articles there and I still don’t think I’ve read all of them. I highly recommend it.

Isn’t it interesting how, now matter the circumstances, there is always a reason why a woman is disbelieved or is discouraged from reporting or even discussing rape. If he’s white, we hear, “Why do you want to ruin this poor man’s life.” If he’s black or Muslim, we hear, “This man has already been picked on enough. Why do you want to make life any harder for him?”

So, whether he’s a well-connected frat boy, a Muslim, or a black man, there is always a reason for people not to believe you or to try to stop you from talking.

There is, also, the problem that white women are particular targets for these men. There is, also, the truth – a painful truth for those who wish to protect these men at all costs – that most of the time when rape crosses racial boundaries, it is black on white. White on black rape is relatively rare.

That fact is mentioned in the following video, the primary focus of which is black on white violence and why women – both black and white – are hesitant to report violent crimes committed against themselves when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.


The above video starts off talking about a white woman who was carjacked, then abducted by a black man in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. He explains to the victim that he abducted her because she is “a pretty white girl” and, he thinks, for this reason the cops won’t shoot at him.

Now, somewhere there are some stats on cops killing white women. We are the largest racial group of women murdered by police. Since I have been raped by a uniformed police officer who first put his service revolver in my face, stalked by a Highway Patrolman, strangled by another cop when I didn’t answer his questions the way he liked, harassed by another city cop, leered at, intimidated and harassed by cops in the U.S. of the course of a few decades, I’d be willing to guess that there are many other white women who have been victimized by cops in similar ways who NEVER reported it – for obvious reasons. There is no one to report it to and nobody cares because they’re busying talking about the difficult lives of poor, oppressed black men like the ones in this video.

Furthermore, victims of abductions like this are overwhelmingly white women – usually very petite and light-weight (usually 5’5″ or under and under 130 Lbs.), because we are a lot easier to grab than a taller, larger person. Young, white women are, also, favorite targets for sexual assault by unknown perpetrators, whether they are black or white. The woman in the video is a very typical-looking abduction victim. Now, according to some people on the left, who hate us and want us dead, this is “white women’s privilege.” They’re angry that so many white women get on television this way – by being abducted and frequently never heard from, ever again. But, the reason for this is that is usually who is abducted and when the abduction occurs, which almost always involves a sexual assault, there is, also, a strong likelihood that the victim is going to be murdered pretty quickly.  That is simply the pattern of these particular crimes. So, the cops – if they’re doing their jobs – are in a hurry to find the perp before he has a chance to murder the victim. Interesting, how once, again, black people get to paint themselves as victims in all this – but, there you go.

And, the worst part of it is that many young, white women  – maybe like the woman in this video – believe this bull. They believe that they have “white privilege.” Yes, being abducted, stalked, raped – not to mention sought out by pornographers, pimps and human traffickers (I haven’t even begun to tell my personal stories surrounding these issues!) is “white privilege” for according to these vicious, horrible, hateful people!

There’s a lot of information in the above video, you will hear the narrator talk about a clip of a black news reporter from a major left-wing, national news outlet in the U.S., who is explaining why black women don’t report rapes by black or Muslim men. The reason given is this same left-wing song and dance, “We don’t want to contribute to black male oppression” – as if women of any color could oppress men of any color!

The clip goes on to talk about the cover-up of the recently widely publicized mass gang sex assaults on white women in Germany (and elsewhere in Western Europe). He explains that the government people (and a contingency of what look like Communists to me) are trying to cover it up because the perpetrators are primarily Arabic, Muslim or otherwise black men. (I lump these men all together – niggers/sand niggers. It’s all about the same. The Muslim Arabs have been raping and trafficking in W. European women for centuries – they are the original slave traders and it is from their heinous crimes committed primarily against white women that we get the term “white slavery” – and the blacks from the continent of Africa who have been pouring into W. Europe, for instance, the Somalis, are said to be the absolute worst of all of them.)

As I’ve said, I have not intentions of holding back on this subject anymore. I’m not going to monitor my language. I have the right to call my oppressor any name I choose and as long as “white slavery” and black and Muslim crimes against women exist, I’m not going to make nice about the perpetrators and their enablers. I am not a racist because I am able to detect patterns of male violence against myself and other white women. The racists are the men who rape, assault, harass, etc., across racial lines, who see us as “white whores” deserving of abuse, and as scapegoats for the crimes of white males.

In the next post, I want to talk about something a little bit different: Satanism and Feminism. I’m going to define these terms and talk about why I think Feminism could use an good dose of Satanism. (Not the Satanic Temple kind, either!)

Update: Still more women are coming forward to report to the police in Germany that they were targets of the organized mass sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim men (North African and Arabic men, I believe the former police chief of Cologne called them right before he was forced out of office) on the night of New Year’s Eve.

According to information at the following link, the number of reports has reached 600 and it is believed that there were thousands more perpetrators than originally reported:

Just so much “white women’s privilege!”




“Where are the Feminists?”

“Where are the feminists?” This is the question on every misogynist’s tongue, who critiques the Muslim invasion and, especially, the recent mass, “civil war-like” attacks on women in Germany, especially Cologne.

To me the answer is an obvious one. We have been driven underground, mostly by the same men who pose this stupid question. The people who publicly claim to speak for us, most often, are not feminists. They are pro-porn, pro-tranny, pro-prostitution liberals, who have sliced and diced feminism into so many pieces – caring for this and that “marginalized” group.

But, feminism is about women – only women, women who are born women and not impostors and poseurs. It is about the fundamental, basic rights of women and its primary focus is for women to achieve full liberation from men. 

Men don’t like that idea. They’ll be the first to tell you that feminism should include them. So, they have driven us out of public spaces, pretty much completely off the internet. They have destroyed our ability to network with each other. They have silenced our speech at every turn. They have destroyed the few places women had to call our own, not only MichFest, but locker rooms and public restrooms.

Now, they want to know, “Where are the feminists?”

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but I can tell you a little bit about my position and the women I’ve been discussing with quietly. I don’t feel comfortable sharing to many private details publicly, but I will tell you enough that you can get an idea about “Where are the feminists?”

We are preparing. Some of us have been doing what the liberals hate us doing and like to ridicule us for: “Prepping.” Some women have quite a few different types of weapons, ammo, food, water, medical (a lot of alternative medical) supplies. Women are arming themselves and they, increasingly, have their eyes open for trouble.

I mentioned in a previous post that on a few occasions over this last year, I have either witnessed blacks (men and women) robbing a store I was shopping at; I had to leave a store because of overt sexual harassment and physical intimidation by two negroes directly from Africa, wearing African garb; I had to leave a gas station because of a dirty-looking Middle-eastern man who had a semi-automatic, 9mm in his pocket – this guy seemed to have no destination but the woods surrounding a Walmart in an area of the country where a bunch of propane tanks have been reported stolen, along with pipe and large numbers of cell phones purchased from Wal-marts.

So, we have our eyes open and we are ready to defend ourselves with deadly force, at all times – I mean at all times.  I used to be a little more lax about this, but no more – not since the events this year and the spill over in negro hostilities from the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Meanwhile, we have a gay, crack-smoking, mack daddy in the white house who wants to erode and compromise the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. We’ve got a Secretary of State who wants to erode free speech (1st Amendment) where Muslims are concerned. They are threatening Australian-style gun confiscation (California is scheduled to be first on the list – almost nobody but criminals has guns there anymore, anyway, so getting them out of the hands of honest citizens might be easier), while threatening to sue or jail anyone who criticizes Islam.  A whole lot of these people who hate our constitution are negroes who support Islam. So, there is another picture emerging there that I’m not supposed to notice or, at least, I’m not supposed to talk about publicly.

While some feminists did turn out in Cologne to protest the attacks and the police and mayorial response to them, most of us don’t have time for rallies. We don’t have time to argue with perverted men online, anymore, either.

We, also, want to be careful not to set ourselves up as direct targets. Believe me, even though I am a anonymous as anyone can be on the internet these days, I had night sweats after my last two posts here. It’s not wise to call attention to one’s self right now.  The things I have said are dangerous, but not saying them is even more dangerous.

Feminists have to be careful calling ourselves “feminists” publicly. It is difficult enough – nay, impossible – to be female online right now. But, if you actually call yourself a feminist, you are inviting threats and violence. This is why almost all the radfem discussions you see, and there are precious few, have few respondents. You don’t see feminists working together on projects anymore because we learned that is dangerous.

So, we are – most of us – on our own.

What I have, also, noticed is happening with feminists is that many who live in towns or suburbs are trying to get out of those places. They are trying to obtain property away from other people, where they have a little land of their own. This really is ideal, although, impossible for many women, who are stuck in a cycle of poverty or who are disabled. But, this is a trend I have noticed.

There is an increasing impatience with males, an increasing desire to get a safe distance away. Whenever males begin aggressing on each other, they invariably begin attacking us, if we are nearby. (You see this often with two men in a fight, ultimately it is the wife, girlfriend, daughter, female friend, who is most savagely attacked – and that’s how the male fight ends.)

Here in the U.S., it is a little bit easier to do these things, I think, especially to move away from the cities and acquire potentially live-saving supplies. Although, believe me, every effort – including an economic assault – is being made to prevent women from being able to achieve these goals.

I would, also, add that many of the women in a position to do this are not childed. The extra economic burden and time burden of raising a child can hinder a woman’s ability to pull this off. Some have grown children, though.

In Germany, as in many other countries in W. Europe, this is more difficult because there is a lack of elbow room (lebensraum), and while women can legally hold title to property, almost no one who doesn’t have an inheritance can afford an actual house of their own and the additional expenses of living in the country.

Life is concentrated in the cities and Germans, especially most young Germans, enjoy their more urban social lives. But, we see that this is coming to an end – has come to an end, really.

The thing I would like to see German women do – and women all over W. Europe and the U.K., of course – is to arm themselves with actual deadly force (not pepperspray or mace). I think it might be possible to obtain some weapons and to train small armies of women – (the women will have to train themselves) – to go out and do the job that the police and the pathetic fappers  and johns in their own countries will not do.

A feminist has taken heavy criticism for her statement blaming all men in the Cologne attacks.  As we all know, women, especially feminists, are not supposed to talk publicly about our personal experiences with male violence. What this feminist is saying that the men, especially men on the right, I suspect, don’t want to hear is that there has been a problem in Germany for a long time now. (I described my experiences in Germany 20 years ago.) So, the question is why is this suddenly getting attention? Also, the blow back from her very reasonable comments answer the misogynists’ question, “Where are the feminists?” perfectly.

The following is an excerpt from this article, posted at DW online:

No one is talking about the fact that this is happening to women every day,” Tanja, an activist and one of the initiators of the event told DW.

Most of the attacks took place in and around the main station in Cologne
“People are insisting on making this a political story, trying to shift the focus on pro- or anti-refugees. But in fact, no one is listening to what we have to say – the women who have been suffering from this violence in the streets on a daily basis long before refugees even came here,” she says.

The violence on New Year’s Eve was not different from that during any other big-scale celebration in the city, according to Tanja. “Because refugees are now a burning topic, the media all of a sudden report about these events, but what nobody wants to admit is that these things happen all the time. I’m sorry to break this to you, but German-born men also harass and rape.”

So now, because of this event, we are learning from women that attacks similar to these are now very commonplace, at least, in some places in Germany. So, one reason feminist are not too excited about it in Germany is that this is just another typical day for them and nobody cares at any other time when it happens.

Some reasons why I believe the Cologne attacks are getting so much attention, when this is apparently business as usual in Germany, are that it appears to have been an organized Jihad, some men were attacked and robbed (attacks on women are business as usual, but attacks on men are more newsworthy), there are reports that shots were fired at Cologne Cathedral (which, they say, has not happened since World War II), and it appears that local police, the city government, and the media got caught with their pants down!

Personally, I would not feel comfortable – based on my experiences with German men – relying on them for protection because my experience has been that most of them are misogynists, who harbor a deep hatred of women.

It doesn’t always manifest the same way as the Muslim hatred for women does – stalking, rape, sexual assault, harassment in the streets  – but, it is more often, in my experience, in their lack of concern for our safety where other men are concerned. It is in their refusal to acknowledge male harassment of us, when it happens right in front of their eyes, then their chastisement of us when we act in our own self-defense. It manifests in the German males’ sexual abuse of women, his manipulation through lies and his bedroom perversions. It manifests in the home, where he sits around smoking himself silly, abusing marijuana, while grabbing at you and trying to grope you as you walk through the living room.

It is well known that most men in Germany have been buyers of women. This was well known before it was formally made legal for German men to buy and sell women. So, I can’t imagine the situation has improved. The German man is, by law, a john and a pimp. It only stands to reason that the German male’s disrespect for women has increased since buying and selling women is now the law of the land. There are, also, probably more blonde-haired, German-born men of Muslim descent, which is something I saw 20 years ago, and I’m sure there are more of them now.

Such men are not going to be reliable aides and allies in the defense of women from rapists, molestors and human traffickers. In fact, if you stand back and take a look at the big picture, they are, in fact, one and the same.

But, there is a more immediate problem at hand, which is the hordes of men (and most of the attackers I’ve seen on video have been very dark complected – so, it is undeniable that they are the majority among the attackers, at least, in some places), who make it impossible for women to move about the country. This situation will not improve on its own and, it seems, has gotten progressively worse. So, this must be addressed by women and it must be done covertly, I believe, for it to be effective.

There is no need to make an announcement to men. Any information they get, they will only use to our detriment. This is what they always do.

So, I hope that in Germany and in all of the Euro zone, in fact, because it comprises so many more countries now than it did when it began, women arm themselves and train themselves. I think first women must train singly and you always must train yourself, every time you acquire a new weapon.

You can learn a lot about different types of weapons, how to properly hold a semi-auto vs. a revolver, how to properly shoulder a rifle or shotgun, how to properly carry and conceal such weapons – all from YouTube. You can research many different types of weapons there.

As far as training goes, I think that a lot of common sense would go into this and women, relatively few in number and well-trained, could TAKE BACK THE NIGHT in a whole new way.

And, let the corpses lie where they are, it will give the men a job. They can clean it up and dig a mass grave for them.

We already see that the police in Germany are easily overwhelmed. They cannot control a small crowed and have too few places to hold even a handful of prisoners at a time. We, also, see how cowardly the leadership and the police are, not to mention what cowards the men are, so why shouldn’t women use these facts to their advantage?

It would not be difficult. It doesn’t require great strength to operate a firearm. Any reasonably healthy woman or girl could do it. I’ve been handling them since I was 9 or 10-years old and we have girls in the States who are training at as young as 6-years.

So, dickswingers are asking, “Where are the feminists?” There’s the answer, in general.


Here are couple of updates to this post. Apparently, the Cologne Chief of Police has stepped down after admitting to a cover-up.

It is currently reported that 31 suspects are in custody, 18 of which they have admitted are relatively new refugees.

Here’s a video from today at RT:


You’ll notice that the poor menz are, once again, the REAL victims because they are being eyed suspiciously by women. Ah, but they are black and probably Muslims, so they get special treatment. They’ve had hard lives and difficult childhoods, you know. This is the same story we hear in the U.S. when black men (and sometimes black women) commit violent crimes against white women.  It is likely that nothing will be done to stop these attacks, except impose more rules on the “conduct” of women.

They report that there is, also, censorship going on where criticism of Islam or Muslims is concerned – oh, you don’t say (see my previous post to get an idea of how this censorship is working, and it is not limited just to Germany, apparently).