White Women Attacked by Muslim and Negro Men in Europe and USA: More “White Women’s Privilege”

Warning: Some news videos showing actual violence perpetrated against women by males are included in this post. Also, there is a lot of sarcasm.

It is such a privilege to be a white woman living in a supposedly 1st world nation where we have so much privilege that we never have to worry about being attacked, run down, raped, or murdered by Muslims and negro men, who are the “truly oppressed” among us.

Below are some examples of these poor, sad, oppressed men taking out all their sadness and feelings of oppression on white women. According to the liberals, we deserve this abuse for being “racist” (where racist means failing to suck enough black cock) and oppressing (where oppressing means existing and trying to mind our own business somewhere) negro and Muslim men; and according to the right-wing men, we deserve this because of feminism, which is, also, to blame for virtually everything men do to us.

In the video below you will see some sad negro men attacking two “oppressive white women.” Note how the white women oppress the black men by their mere existence, thus inducing the negroids to hit, kick and otherwise abuse them in this subway station in France. The attacks appear to have taken place in the last couple of months. The police are still investigating – yeah, that’ll help. Here is further commentary from Liveleaks on the video:

Now, there is a word that if you are white woman and you use it, black people become very angry and will use it as an excuse to do violence to you – even try to kill you. And, the liberals will say that’s okay because you are racist white bitch and you deserve to killed by black men. You know this word, it is “Nigger.”

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually say, “Nigger,” if you are a white woman, you are assumed to be a racist white whore, therefore, a black man can just accuse you of saying it as a pretext for punching you in the face, after he humps you in public and assaults you and follows you all over the room – because you are a white whore and he is deeply offended that you are not sucking his cock right now! An example of this happened in Florida  You see, black men can assault you and threaten you, they can call you all kinds of filthy sexually perverted and sexually threatening names, but when he physically attacks you and you say something like, “Get off me, you fucking nigger!”  which the woman being assaulted in the video below is accused by a witness of saying, then YOU are the racist. Yes, you understand, don’t you? The black man who is following you and assaulting you is a poor, innocent, sad oppressed, powerless little man. And, if you ever once in your entire life thought silently to yourself, “Nigger,” then it is you who are the racist. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never attacked a black man, woman or child in your life, or that you have never done harm to any person on account of their race or creed. It is you, the white woman, who is oppressing this sad, little, powerless black man.

See video of the nigger man assaulting the white woman below – remember, he’s not the racist, SHE is and don’t even think about calling this poor little nigger child a sex predator, that is not allowed. His blackness is his shield against such observations whenever his chosen victim is a “white whore.” Keep the focus on HER racism for not instantly getting down on her knees and sucking his dick:


Also, from Florida, here is another instance of a black man harassing some white women riding horses in a park near some docks. According to the accounts, he drove his Dodge pick up truck at an estimated 60 miles an hour near the docks, frightening the horses the young women were riding. One of the riders yelled at him to “slow down.” The sad, oppressed, helpless, little black man reportedly said, “Fuck you,” to her, after which one of the women called him a “stupid nigger.” At this point, he turned his vehicle on the horses and their riders and stomped on the gas pedal, ramming them, killing one of the horses, causing another of the horses to run away and so terrifying one of the women (who had not called him “nigger,” although I can think of a few other things to call him, too, that might be very appropriate) that she crawled into the woods and hid for fear that he would continue his assault. She ended up with some broken bones. And, the liberals cheered the nigger for this attempted murder of the “racist” white women.

Here’s a link to a local article on the subject: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/deland-man-faces-35-prison-killing-horse-his-truck/nqJPm/

Here’s a link to the same story at the liberal news aggregator site, RawStory, so you can see the liberals cheering on their boy – because liberals really hate white women: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/02/all-i-did-was-i-called-him-a-nr-florida-man-faces-35-years-for-running-over-racist-riders-horse/

Now, how calling someone “nigger” ever came to equal being racist or how a white woman using that word becomes justification for hitting, raping or murdering her (or attempting to murder women, as in the above case), I cannot understand. A word is just a word – at least, it is when men use dehumanizing, sexually threatening language at women. But, when a woman uses a word against her oppressor – and we don’t have many of these words that we can use against them to begin with – it is grounds for violence – all justified in the minds of liberals.

Since it’s already been decided that you are a racist white whore who deserves to die, you might as well use whatever language you want to use at the people who are doing this to you.

Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of “white women’s privilege,” for example, I’ve been held at gun point by men, had a gun shoved in my face by a man, been raped by men many times, been beaten by men and the last thing I have to fear after coming back from the arms of Death is being called “racist” by liberal men and women who have already shown themselves to be the worst enemies of white women and of white feminists, in particular.

Here is a montage of attacks on white women by some manner of niggers in Europe:

Now, don’t forget it’s the women who are the racists! Maybe they called the perps “Nigger” before they were attacked. You never know about racist white bitches, they’re liable to say anything to a poor, sad, oppressed man. We oppress them by our mere existence in a public place.

In the video below an older German man is attacked after intervening in an assault by Muslims males on a German woman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEfW9dh5DZE

Remember: The white folks here are the racists – and since the white woman being attacked is German, they are, also, “Nazis.” Yes, they are evil Nazi women who have not developed an appreciation for black cock – or being assaulted and sexually harassed and threatened on public transportation.

And, here is a nigger man – should I use a nicer description? – attacking a Hungarian woman from behind as she’s walking down a public sttreet.


And, it isn’t just happening in Europe – it’s happening all over the U.S. The video below is from an incident in August of 2014, involving a gang of niggers attacking a white woman in Springfield, MO after they had already sexually assaulted her once and she had gone to get help from her boyfriend who was working at a night club as a D.J.:

Now, to kind of deviate slightly from this discussion, I’d like to mention something that I’ve been reading about lately in relation to the “migrants” – and these are enemy invaders, of course, not “migrants” or “refugees” – in Calais, France.

I’m not very familiar with France, but I’ve been watching what is happening in the town of Calais, which is situated near the English Chunnel (the Channel tunnel), which is the place where trucks bearing European goods go, then from there many products are transported to and from England and the European mainland.

I remember years ago when the Chunnel was just being talked about in England that many English people objected to its construction because of the possibility of exactly what is happening right now. But, in every country it seems we have people in our government who are not working in our best interest. England is no exception and neither is France.

Right now, the Chunnel is being used as a point of illegal entry into England for “migrants” who are housed in Calais, France. There are videos of the “migrants” attacking trucks, trying to hijack them, attacking the drivers, trying to break into them, as they are going in and out of Calais. There are many videos depicting these attacks on drivers. Here is an English driver talking about the routine attacks and attempts to hijack his truck:


Here’s an RT report on the subject with video: https://www.rt.com/news/326509-calais-migrants-attack-drivers/

Here is another video taken by a driver in Calais: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-amDKfV5Hdw

And, here’s another in which drivers are attacked- they’re pretty much the same after a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ESI4pTDI9g

Calais is the site of a massive tent city in which “migrants” live and from which they wreak havoc, not only on the truckers, but on the people of Calais. The following video is very interesting to me because it is one woman’s story of betrayal at the hands of the French police, at the hands of the French government. You can see the video for yourself. It is all in French with English subtitles. It is a little long, but it is very interesting and even if you do not understand French well (and I do not) you can still hear the frustration and the tragedy of this situation in this woman’s native language.

The shorthand version of this story is that she is the mother of two sons, one of whom was killed in the service of France and his ashes scattered at the sea. She cannot even go to visit her son at the site where his ashes were scattered, which she calls his grave, because of the male violence in Calais. The police are working against the citizens and on behalf of the “migrants.” She was nearly arrested at a Pegida demonstration, one of a very small number of people who gathered, to protest this invasion and its accompanying violence.

Her husband is dying of cancer and she is about to be evicted from her house – which it sounds like she owns – to make way for more “migrants.” The situation she describes at the police station trying to make a report is the same one we white women in the U.S. have found ourselves in for a long time.

Because the French are disarmed, she – like others – has to be afraid in her own home because the poor, oppressed, sad, little “migrants” think nothing of breaking into French people’s homes to steal, rape and kill them. Again, nothing unfamiliar to many of us in the U.S., where we have been living with a similar scourge for a long time – unable to speak about it, silenced for being “white whores” and “racist white bitches.” Remember: White feminists, shut the fuck up! We have to shut up so we don’t make the perpetrators uncomfortable, so we don’t cause them to be subjected to “racism” from more, privileged, racist white bitches like ourselves who object to sucking black cock.

So, here you have it, the face of white women’s privilege in France. It is the privilege to have your home stolen from you to house negroes. (Can anybody say “South Africa?!”) It is the privilege of being terrorized in your own town and in your own home. It is the privilege of being threatened with arrest and violence by the police you are taxed to pay for when you you object to these abuses. It is the privilege of being told by the cops that nothing can be done about you being attacked by some nigger men because they all look alike and, therefore, they cannot be identified. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt on that one!) It’s the privilege of having your children taken from you, recruited by the state or out-right forced by the state, to go to war and to die to serve this monstrous system. And, who will stand up for this privileged, white woman?




Cowardly Cops Run from Refugees in Sweden, Meanwhile a 17-year Old Dane is Arrested for Fighting Off Her Attempted Rapist


Swedish woman spat upon by a typical, misogynist, dark invader.

This could almost as easily have happened in the U.S. One of my early posts at this blog is on why women don’t call the police and, of course, it is for all the reasons that you see in previous blogs, such as the one with videos of a young German girl describing her experience trying to report sexual assault by Muzzies to the police there. They laugh at you. They ignore you. But, if you get them to take you seriously, you run the risk of being charged with a crime yourself.

This is what happened to a young girl in Denmark: http://www.tvsyd.dk/artikel/brugte-peberspray-ved-overfald-17-aarig-sigtes-formentlig She used pepper spray to fend off a dark-skinned, male attacker who was trying to remove her clothing while she was trying to walk down a street. There are not enough details to this story, so we don’t know how the police found out about the attack. We are left to presume that she dutifully went to the police station and reported it like a good citizen. She has been charged under the firearms law there. Yes, apparently, pepperspray is a “firearm” in Denmark. And, she will likely be fined and could go to jail for three months.

This is why if you ever have to defend yourself, weigh heavily reporting anything to the police or even telling anyone you know! Unfortunately, for very young girls for whom this is a first-time experience, they don’t yet know how hated they are, how everyone around them will blame them, and will possibly do things to cause more trouble for them.  This is a lesson we all learn the first time we are sexually assaulted, even when we successfully fight off the attacker. And no matter how violent the attack, we will be told that we wanted it, we asked for it, we’re sluts, and so on.

I went through this after successfully fighting off a violent sex attacker. (One who had targeted me because I, “slut” that I am, was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book at a nice little coffee shop, and did not like it when the attacker’s friend sat down next to me and tried to talk to me. For not being “friendly” enough, I was targeted for violence by the two of them.) But, I didn’t go to the police. I already knew not to do that from earlier experiences. What happened to this attacker was that he attacked another woman who worked where I worked (she showed up with bruises all over her legs and hips) and a couple of male staff members there took it upon themselves to – I will just say this – take matters into their own hands. (I was working at a small club in a little, trendy town, at that time, and it is not unusual for the night club security to take their job of protecting the dancers very seriously. It’s business: If the dancers can’t work because they’re being beaten up and sexually assaulted, this means disappointed customers and closed doors. I used to hear a lot from night club security in many different locales, in general, that they couldn’t believe some of the things they saw – things that were just every day occurrences to me and to most women.)

This is the only kind of justice you will likely ever see if you are the victim of an attack like this. Also, I have told this story to people, years later and far away from the incident, who were disgusted at the “vigilante” justice. That was just wrong of me, they said. But, of course, it wasn’t my idea. Some men – back when we still had a couple of those lying around – took it upon themselves to do what everyone knew the police (our worst enemy, collectively) would not do. If you are the victim (or even nearly a victim of a sexual assault), you will always be blamed – always.

The attacker in the case in Denmark will likely never be found, but the whole lot of them are just as guilty. If any of those men met with some tragic “accident,” it would be a start.

Not only are the police typically unsympathetic and, at worst, dangerous to women and girls who report crimes against themselves, they are absolutely useless in cases where there is a crime taking place, due to their cowardly natures.

This is epitomized by this story from Russia Today, https://www.rt.com/news/330180-police-violent-refugees-sweden/, which reports that the police in Sweden fled from “migrants” in a refugee asylum center. Now, frankly, I cannot even begin to imagine this. Even the police in the U.S. aren’t this cowardly. They might kill the hostages or throw a little cyanide in and kill all the little children they claim they are there to rescue. But, they would never fail to apprehend the bad guys. I can’t think of a single instance where this has occurred.

The cops were dispatched to this center to transfer a little, 10-year old boy who was being repeatedly raped by the “migrants” at this refugee center to another facility because the staff members were unable to complete this undertaking on their own due to the migrants’ “hostile attitude.” It is unclear from the article if the police succeeded in doing so before they shamefully retreated in fear and defeat.

How would you like to count on these cops to rescue you from an attack by a gang of men – or even a single man- at your home or on the street, where you are not allowed to have an actual weapon to defend yourself and if you use anything at all in your own self-defense and the cops find out about it YOU are going to be the one in trouble?

Maybe some more limp-wristed, white dudes can tell us all again how we don’t need firearms to protect ourselves – and here in the U.S. that “only cops should have guns” – and how “where one lives is a human right.” I heard that last line from a German candy pants I was dating just about right before I bought a plane ticket out of there!

When Liberal Men Refuse to Believe White Women: Feminists are Not White Supremacists

More continues to come out about the events around Cologne Cathedral on the Night of New Year’s Eve (Silvester). The Muslim male violence was extreme and well-organized.

I’ve had to descend into Man Land to find some of the information about this event that the very controlled mainstream news media are not reporting on and are, in fact, covering up and trying to do damage control on.

Consistently, I see the finger pointed, by white men, at women and especially feminists. The white man refuses to look at his own complicity in the abuse of women.

Although, the right-wing men are angry with women, even express their rage as they describe the horror of these attacks, it is clear that they would do no differently to us, if given the opportunity. As white women, we know what they are capable of better than any other women do because they have been our first and last abusers, usually in our homes and our workplaces. They are the johns and the would-be johns.

The left-wing men are the ones I blame the most, though, for the fact that we are unable to express what has been happening to us. They are the ones who tell us how terrible it is when a white man rapes us, but we are “racists” and “bigots” when we acknowledge that men of other races are, also, rapists, consumers of pornography, stalkers and abusers of white women.

It is the liberal-male who will be the first to shout us down and shut us out completely when we, as white women, talk about our experiences with black men. We are not allowed to name or describe this oppressor. Even that he is chief among male oppressors in some regions is not permitted to be discussed.

And, if you describe your experiences with such men, you will be summarily dismissed: “Racist.” You will be classed with the other segment of your oppressors: The white, male supremacist, who has utter contempt for all women and sees us as his property. This is where it becomes obvious that the liberal male and the black male, also, see us as the white man’s property.

In the context of the civil war-like violence directed at the women of Cologne, Germany, I mentioned a witness, who was a bouncer working in the area that night. He did an interview describing the events of that night, December 31, 2015, in German. Last night,  I ran across a portion of that video, to which someone added English subtitles. Here it is:


I can only guess at the motive for cutting off the first few minutes of this video, which you won’t see here. In the original version of it, this man states that he is, himself, a refugee of 40 years, originally from Croatia. I suspect that whatever white man is responsible for doing the subtitled version of this video did not want to make it too obvious that this man is, himself, a refugee.

This whole video is very interesting, but what struck me upon seeing it the second time around, after digesting all the violence that he describes, is that this man, apparently, thought that stories of white women being assaulted by mokes – a regular thing in Germany, even when I was there 20 years ago – was something made up by right-wing, white supremacist, neo-nazi types.

So, what we are seeing here is the genuine article, I think: The liberal, white male, who has to see something with his own eyes before he can believe a white woman. ‘Cause, as you know, we white bitches secretly lust after all shades of chocolate dick, which is why we make up stories about being raped, chased and assaulted by niggers. This is what is, apparently, in the mind of the liberal male. And, in the mind of the conservative white male is the myth that we have fantasies of being raped by white men, which is why we lie about being raped, assaulted, beaten, held captive, and nearly murdered by white dudes all the time.

(Now, you will notice that I’m making free use of forbidden words here because I’m going to break down these taboos, even if I do it only in my own life. I’m going to speak the truth, the way it is, and with the little bit of language I have to express myself in the context of the situation I have found myself in. And, it doesn’t matter if I say “nigger” or I don’t say “nigger” because I am already damned – I am already condemned as a white racist bitch – a white whore. So, why should it matter what language I use to describe my oppressors?)

I hear the white men talking about this asking why, when feminists talk about these attacks publicly, we only say “Men.” They ask why the one female German politician in some other city in Germany, when she condemned these attacks, referred to the attackers only as “Men.” Not as “Muslim men” or any number of apt descriptions of these men apart from their sex, which might be applied.

The reason, of course, is the condemnation that would come down on her head from the only group, who publicly purport to support the rights of women: The liberals – the left. Now, I don’t think they actually do support women’s rights at all because they are in love with pornography, the prostitution of women and girls and they like to use terms like “consent” and “choice” in antithetical ways. But, they are the only ones who even pretend to treat women like human beings. We don’t get that much from the right, do we?

Furthermore, the problem is, in fact, men! Just because there is a spotlight, at present, on a particular group of men abusing women and girls, this does not absolve other men from their role in abusing women. While the streets are clearly not safe from Muslim men, our homes and workplaces are not safe from white men – including German men. Germany is not immune from the problem of domestic violence by any means! Moreover, the German man is now legally, a buyer and seller of women. Even before it was formally legal in Germany, the prostitution of women was tolerated. (I even had a German man try to prostitute me while I was in Germany. He took me to a brothel and tried to get me a “job.”)

So, the problem is men. This is true. The men on the right don’t want us to talk about that – that it is ALL men. And, the men on the left are the ones who will shout you down as a “racist” or simply dismiss you as a white supremacist (classing you with your white male oppressors) if you talk about your experiences with the mokes.

So, we see here the guilt of the men on the left by their complicity in this male violence in their refusal to believe us! And, not only disbelieve us, but to abuse us the way liberals do when we try to talk about it.

That’s the thing that really stands out to me the most about the above video. How many times do you think women he knew told him about their experiences with Muslims and other dark foreigners in Germany harassing them, assaulting them, threatening them, and he simply dismissed these women as racists and liars?






Muslim Men Rape White Girls and Women in Germany: Feminists Try to Report it, But Media Black It Out

German, British and U.S. media are working diligently to cover up the epidemic of rape by Muslim men occurring in Germany. The victims are not only the relatively few women and children housed in refugee barracks in Germany, but it is a fairly long-standing problem in Germany that is swept under the carpet. This is done in Germany in much the same way as it is done in the U.S., whenever we white women dare to talk about our experiences of abuse and violence at the hands of non-white men.

Talking about the abuses of white men against us is difficult enough and it’s not something most women ever do without the shield of anonymity. White men are a danger to white women, perhaps even more of a danger than other men. They are certainly more of a danger to us in our homes and they are the ones most likely to be johns who harass us, proposition us on the street or in our workplaces. In feminist circles, I can feel free to talk about the nature and number of abuses I have endured at the hands of white men, but to talk about my experiences with black, Middle Eastern or other protected classes of men – although, these seem to be the two most protected classes by far – is taboo. I assure you that waking up in your bed and finding a black man grinding on you is a bad experience, it would be just as bad if he were any other color. But, there is a special way that a black and Middle Eastern-type men harass blonde-haired blue-eyed women. In their own words, they say we are bitches and whores.

Black feminists don’t want us to talk. Fun fems don’t want us talking, either, about the true nature of the porn industry or the trafficking of white, American women, because many of them are on the side of the sex-trade lobby. They have said to us, “White girl, shut up!” When we bring up this subject, we are called “Nazis” – absolutely laughable in my case for reasons I may explain someday – or we are told to shut up because other women suffer more than us. This is because in their view we were born to have our lives turned into porn. We were born to be raped. Before it became the rape capital of the world because of an invasion of Muslims, Sweden was once the porn export capital of the world. Scandinavian-looking women everywhere are regarded as the whores of the world. There are plastic surgery procedures to make other women and men look like us, to mimic us and to portray us as whores deserving of rape, subjugation, torture and death in the media (for example, “Bitch better have my money” video by Rhianna, but there are endless examples in the media).

If you are a girl or woman born with Scandinavian racial characteristics – small features, blonde-hair, blue-eyes, and fair skin – you are a special target for both black men and white men, but targeted in different ways by each group. We are, also, targeted differently because of our appearance and because of the stereotype that we are whores and porn queens. Our flesh is to be traded by men in one way or another or we are treated as some kind of prize or, ironically, as the whipping boy of the black man who sees us as property of white men.

There are great similarities between how white women and girls are targeted in Germany by blacks and Muslims of other skin shades and how we are targeted here in the U.S.

Remember: We are not allowed to talk about this! But, we have to talk about it now when they are trying to silence us and when I see how they are silencing German women and girls, silencing feminists in Germany, I see that this is coming here, too, and it is coming fast. The first thing they do is silence you, then they name call you, “racist,” and “nazi” and ridicule you and when that fails, they threaten violence. So, I’ve got to talk. We white women, especially those of us who have been victimized the most by liberal social and political policies, have got to stop walking on eggshells around liberals.

Liberals will be the death of this country, just as they are trying to kill Germany right now by silencing the German people and especially the women. They hate white women. This is why liberals push fun feminism, they push porn and prostitution on us and they pull the race card out frequently when we say that our lives have value, too. That we have the right to live our lives to the fullest and no one has the right to steal it from us whether he is black, white or any other color.

I want to discuss an article that was posted originally in German and moreso, I wish to discuss the comments made by Germans beneath that article, which you will find at a link further below. It is in these comment sections that you see what is really happening to people and especially women and girls in Germany right now.

This article, entitled “Germany: Migrant Rape Epidemic,” is posted in English at the Gatestone Institute website and is dated September 18, 2015:  http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6527/migrants-rape-germany  It provides a pretty good English translation and explanation of another article originally posted by a German women’s lobbying group, LandesFrauenRat (LFR) Hessen, which uploaded it to its website, then abruptly removed in September 14, without explanation,” according to the Gatestone Institute. It is still available in German, with comments, at the following three websites:




The German-language article is the same at all three of the above online locations. You can read it in English at Gatesoneinstitute and you will see that there are numerous attacks on women and girls by these “refugees” and by other immigrants in Germany.

Now, let me tell you something about German culture, which differs from American culture. It’s something you must know to fully grasp the situation in Germany. In the German culture, it is considered very rude for a man to approach a woman. It would be considered un-German. And, if anyone knew he did it, he would be tisk-tisked by other Germans and called out on his bad behavior. So, German men are generally not street harassers, stalkers or street rapists. In Germany, the crimes of street attacks and harassment are almost exclusively perpetrated by foreign men. This has to do with culture.

Here in the U.S., it differs and more and more in the past couple of decades white men have become very, very aggressive toward women. It wasn’t always like this, but we never had the cultural restraints on men asking women out that exists in Germany, where this is simply not something a decent man would do. Black men in the U.S., in my experience, have always been extremely aggressive in public and white American men are becoming more like them.

So, in Germany we see stark differences between the behavior of black and white men toward women and girls. It is a much sharper difference than has ever existed in the U.S. between these same groups of men.

So, it is not just men who are following German women around while they’re trying to jog, following them in cars and on foot, trying to chase them to their homes, preventing young women from being able to ride the subways in the late evening and making it necessary that 9-year old girls must be escorted to Kindergarten because they won’t even let up on their sexual harassment and threats of little tiny girls.

It is not German men who see white, German women and little girls as “whores,” deserving of rape and death.

It is particular men who harbor hostility toward women and girls and are a protected class, protected by the media in Germany and by the Judges, who are bought and paid for, who do not penalize these men for their crimes against white women.

If you look at the comment section of the first and second postings of the article in German, you will see what is really happening in Germany. Of course, it helps to be able to read German. You could try Google Translator, but it’s not very good. But, what I’m telling you about what is happening to women is reported by some women in the comment section of those two articles. They are afraid to leave their homes, especially at certain times of the day and what’s more, they are being silenced! “White girl, shut up!”

There are many, many more interesting things in the comment section and I spent way too much time last night reading it all!

The judicial system in Germany has let women down. They are not prosecuting what we call black on white crime – the same problem we’re having here in the U.S. right now, and the same thing: It is not being reported by the mainstream media. (The same thing is happening in Norway and Sweden, according to online reports from obscure parts of the internet.)

It is sad, that before a woman talks about being harassed by men, she has to preface her statement with, “I’m not a nazi, but…” – which I would urge them to stop doing, immediately. Of course, you’re not a nazi – and so what if you were?! You still should have a right to walk down a street in your own country without fear of torture and death by strange men – strange men of any color or religious persuasion, but that’s exactly the issue. Because, as I said, it is not German men who are doing these rapes of women and children in Germany on a massive scale.

In all my walking around in Germany, I was only harassed by what appeared to be a German man on two occasions. One looked like a junkie and the other was a standard slimy subway pervert who was stalking me. They’re meek little bastards and I basically turned around and said, “Boo!” to him and he fled. The Muslim men are different, though. Their harassment is regular and they do it in packs. They get physical very quickly, too. I was assaulted on the street by groups of huge, hairy dark-complected men speaking a foreign language on a fairly regular basis – as in a couple of times per week.

I say, don’t worry about being called “nazi” or “racist” for telling the truth of your experience. The people who say these things hate you already. They’ve already decided you’re a “white whore” who’s “got it coming” just for existing, so don’t try to make nice with them. It won’t work, anyway, and it just gives them kindling for their fire.

For instance, I have the right to be in my own bed asleep without a black man coming in to try to rape me – in my own bed. Now, wouldn’t you think that would be a basic human right. Does the fact that he’s black trump my rights to sleep in my bed without a home intruder straddling me? Well, according to the liberals, the black man has the right to rape me because he had a bad childhood and many disadvantages, his parents were slaves, I’m a racist for noticing that my assailant is black, and a whole bunch of other outright lies. But, liberals love these lies and they typically use a number of predictable slurs against the victim because this is how they enable and promote the sexual abuse and degradation of white women.

What got me about the discussion on the comment section was that the Germans, especially women posters, were most afraid of the other people around them who supported this “refugee” effort, which is quickly bringing about the demise of their civilization – these people, in the U.S., we call liberals. They couldn’t talk about their experiences and in part because of another feature of German culture, which is the social policing, as I mentioned above. You will be tsk-tsked and tut-tutted and told “Das ist nicht richtig,” if you express some sentiment outside the German social mind set – whatever that is and at this time it is: “We must help these poor, downtrodden refugees.” It is important in Germany to be sozial – to be truly German, to go along to get along with whatever is happening. It is by far very un-German to kick up a fuss or to talk loudly or to protest in any fashion that would call undue attention to yourself and surely call down the charges of “nazi” on your head.

I saw in the comment section that some people were talking about getting out of Germany and going somewhere else. At least one of these people had originally come to Germany as a refugee, herself, but now, she said, she is afraid. For Germans who have their family, their friends and their entire lives tied up in Germany, and who have been conditioned to German culture, it is not going to be very easy for them to find a new place to live. And, why should they?! Simply pulling up roots and moving to another country is not an option for the vast majority.

Already, there are political groups forming to try to combat this violence against German women and girls.

But, men expressed some fears, too. Men and perhaps some women both said that they knew it was only a matter of time before the “refugees,” who are already demanding, already complaining about everything from the food to slow internet service, are going to want more. They are not going to be satisfied with Hartz4 (a relatively new aspect of the German social net, which provides a goodly sum of Euros to people each month and allows them to live in approximately a 1400 sq. ft. house and own a car of a certain value, etc. – very different from the welfare system I remember from the ’90s, which is a horror show from an American perspective. Basically, you can live like a king in Germany and never have to work a day in your life, all courtesy of the Germans who do have jobs.) and they will demand more money and more stuff. They will look at a German man or woman’s house or car and say, “Why isn’t that mine?!” These “refugees” have a very strong sense of self-entitlement – it’s much like we hear from the Muslim Brotherhood here in the U.S. – the black man should never be prosecuted for any crime, he should be free to steal, he should be free to rape and kill as many white women as he wants, the prisons should be emptied of all black men on the basis that white men once enslaved black men. On this basis, they believe, truly believe, that they are entitled to everything that other people, specifically anyone who isn’t them, have. I refer you, also, to the events in South Africa, black-on-white rape capital of the world (which we are not allowed to talk about, right?), which is what the U.S. or Germany could look like pretty quickly in these circumstances – and this is why we must talk!

In these comment sections, the Germans, also, expressed concerns about possible Jihadists coming into their country. Apparently, it has not escaped their notice that the vast majority of these “refugees” are males between the ages of 18 and 45-years. One person suggested that the men of this age group should all be sent back.

There were, also, concerns expressed that Germany would break out in a “race war” or a civil war – and a term like “race war” was actually used in the German language.

Many asked why Merkel and Co. (as they called their prime minister and her henchmen) were so unconcerned. One mentioned that Merkel does not have children, therefore, she doesn’t have to worry about her own daughters or granddaughters being raped or killed, nor does she have a vested interest in Germany’s social or economic future. They wondered what she would do when this was over. Would she leave the country? They pointed out that she and her loved ones need not fear the criminals because they have security guards and such. This reminded me of Governor Cuomo of New York – he’s got a huge, armed goon squad protecting him, but doesn’t give a damn about the epidemic of rape and other violent crimes in New York City – one of the U.S.’s fine rape capitals where women can’t even legally have a can of pepper spray to defend themselves.

One woman mentioned the need to carry a defense item, specifically pepper spray, which, by the way, is pretty useless stuff especially in an outdoor environment.

I urge American women to take some time to read the article in English. If you can manage some German, that would be better. Honestly, if Americans could speak German, I don’t think they’d have gotten the last World War off the ground. It’s really important to be able to speak and read as many other languages as you can. It’s important not to believe the mainstream media from any country. They’ve been a pack of liars ever since the emergence of radio, TV and cinema.

Look twice and then three times at things. Ask questions.

And, I really believe we’ve got to stop being afraid of taboos, we white women especially must stop censoring ourselves and we must start talking about what is happening to us and saying that is wrong. Men are not entitled to harm women simply because we are white. Men should be punished harshly and equally for their crimes against women. No women or girls deserve this kind of violence like what is happening in Germany, all over Europe, here in the U.S. and in other countries where white women exist alongside men who see us as male property or “white whores” who deserve to be raped, abused, whored out and trafficked.

Being called “racist” or “Nazi” or “bigot” is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to us if we don’t start talking right now!

Added on October 2, 2015: here is an admission of two refugee riots occurring in Germany from the Washington Post, “A Refugee Riot Puts a German Town on Edge”: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/a-refugee-riot-puts-a-german-town-on-edge/2015/10/01/fa9075bc-65f5-11e5-bdb6-6861f4521205_story.html Official reports are that they are not disturbing anyone outside the refugee centers, but anyone who has visited Germany in the body of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female human of any ordinary proportions knows this is not true. Women are afraid to go jogging, afraid to be in public places because of men – in this case, non-German males, which is why they can’t talk freely about it and why it is not being reported in mainstream media (a media system even more overtly and openly controlled than our own here in the U.S.).

I’ve read two reports now of German women being forced out of apartments they’ve leased for years to make way for these “refugees.” But, in the following article you see several instances reported that the private property of German people is being seized by the government to house “refugees.” This is very disturbing, to say the least. Here it is: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6583/germany-migrants-housing

Something else that catches my attention in both of these last two articles is that this activity seems to be occurring all over Germany. It is not confined to any one area with problems reported in familiar cities in the south such as Munich, and Dresden in the east (not long ago behind the Berlin Wall), but also in relatively small towns in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in central Germany, and Hamburg and Berlin, which are in the northern region. There seems to be no place of refuge for actual Germans.

The following video is from ZDF, which is a major mainstream television broadcasting company in Germany, which might be likened to CBS, ABC or NBC, except they are very left leaning (almost everything in Germany is left of the anything in the U.S., for instance, I know of no real equivalent to Republicanism or Libertarianism in Germany). Nonetheless, they broadcast this documentary on the subject of the refugee influx. The English-language title given is: One Country, Two Worlds: Islam – Effects on Germany.  This film was made by a woman and the primary subject matter is Muslim misogyny. Here it is in the original German language with English subtitles:

Misogyny and Male Sexuality in Islam: A Men’s Rights Activist’s Wet Dream!

If you’ve followed the last few posts of mine, I hope you are beginning to see a logical chain of progression. We have a lot of things going on here in the U.S. right now, for instance, #Blacklivesmatter at the bottom of which you will find Farrakahn and the Muslim Brotherood, calling for violence against the police and white men, women and children, and the staging of events with a political purpose (which I, also, see going on in W. Europe, but I haven’t really investigated – for instance the Hebdo controversy and the three “heroic” Americans on the train are examples of suspicious stories). In the U.S., most of these theatrical events involve men (mostly white) shooting women and children (mostly white), after which a string of suspicious witnesses and relatives immediately begin calling for the dismantling of our 2nd Amendment. We have observed an absolute invasion of trannies and straight white men supporting trannies at our feminist blogs. We have seen that lesbians have worked for the gay rights of both sexes only to find that their rights are trumped by the rights of gay men and trannies, who demand entry to our spaces and to speak for us and silence us. Gay men have made huge progress, while lesbians have really suffered at the hands of lefties.

When I started looking into what’s been going on in countries like Sweden and England where there has been a huge influx of Muslims, I began to notice some parallels to what we’re seeing here in the U.S., in particular the silencing of crime victims when the perpetrator is of a protected class, the trampling of our free speech so others can speak over us, the same hostility toward the police and Islamic hostility toward everyone who isn’t one of them. The same thing is happening here in the U.S., but the rhetoric has been tailored to our own history and social characteristics.

At the base of it all is the desire to disarm us (I think especially to disarm women who rarely commit violent crimes with or without firearms) so that we can be successfully invaded and overtaken by Muslim ideology, which is everything that the men who hate us in our own country dream of in terms of enslaving women, raping us, and killing us with impunity.

This is why we hear men like Lindsey Graham, G.W. Bush and Tony Blair and others defend Islam as a “peaceful religion” with values similar to “ours.” Now, who are they talking about when they make statements like these. Are Islamic values women’s values? Or are they the values of perverted, violent, misogynist men – many of whom rape women and boys (if you don’t know about these scandals in the White House and in the British government, a quick Google search will bring you up to speed – both governments are filled to the brim with misogynist and pedophile males who like to rape both females and males.)

Under Islam women and girls have no rights, at all. You already know that, but you probably don’t know all the details – at least, I didn’t. I knew the men were gay or bi-sexual and I knew they were violent against white, blonde-haired, blue eyed women, because I’ve personally experienced this while trying to peacefully walk down sidewalks in W. Europe.

The following video features a woman speaking who is coming from a Christian perspective. It is unfortunate that she doesn’t realize that Christianity and Islam are closely related religions, both rooted in Judaism and both of which worship an evil entity (if it exists, at all, of course – if it does, it is the evil masculine spirit described in some Gnostic texts that pre-date the Bible, which is, in fact, the Devil or the Satan, the “enemy” (Satan means “enemy”) that they most fear). So, I hope that my atheist, Satanist, pagan and witchcraft-practicing readers will be able to excuse her Christian language and hypocrisy in order to get the core of her message, which is about the sexuality of Islamic men. Women in Islam have no sexuality, of course. It is a religion that allows for and promotes pedophilia, male-only homosexuality, necrophilia, the prostitution of women (women must belong to a man, being a concubine is an option), bestiality, all as prescribed by their holy book, the Koran, and the adjurations of their many prophets

Some further commentary on this video: I really like what this lady says about the perils of being “nice.” I don’t know whether “nice” is Christian or not, however, I worry that Christians are going to roll out the red carpet for these rapists, as they appear to have done in W. Europe and especially Germany, because there is a “nice” element in Christianity. It’s the same “nice” element that turns the other cheek and lets crime run rampant in the U.S., especially crimes against women and children. What she says about being nice is right and I hope Wiccans and other peaceful pagans will especially take note. We Satanists are already not very nice! 🙂

What she says at 14:20 into this video is true: Sharia Law is sedition. It is contrary to the laws of the U.S., however, what she says about Islam as a political system is, also, true of Christianity and Judaism. All were formed as a means of controlling a nation of people. The fear here in the U.S. is that our 1st Amendment will be used against us as it is already used against women and children by numerous Christian cults, for instance, the Mormons and the Quiverfulls (the Duggar family’s religion), which operate a lot like Islam.

At about 22:30 she talks about how much the men hate women, how it begins when they are little boys and children adopted by Canadian couples, where the male child was as young as 4-years, had to be given up for fear that the male child would murder the adoptive mother. The Christian hatred of women is intense, both groups have doctrines calling for the death of women who do not conform, but Christian hatred of us is definitely surpassed by that of the Muslims.

At about 30 minutes into the video, she discusses FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and why it is done. Warning: She uses pictures, which apparently came from elsewhere on the internet. It’s probably one of the most interesting discussions on this subject I’ve seen. She talks about how 90% of women in Muslim cultures have been subjected to this horrific violence.

At about 37 minutes in she talks about the “Thursday Night Club,” which permits men to dress up in drag and have male homosexual orgies. Men cross-dressing is a feature of Islam which is permitted under certain circumstances, but openly denied. Pedophilia is, also, a major feature. There is an effort to normalize both of these things, which we see in the U.S., which on the surface looks like an effort of the liberals or so-called progressives, but it appears that there is another motive once that top layer of the kabal is peeled back. The libs, also, love Islam. They hate Christianity, yet support and protect Islam, which is even worse!

Related to the above is this recent news article about U.S. soldiers discharged for refusing to obey orders to ignore Muslims raping boys in Afghanistan: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/gop-congressman-demands-reinstatement-of-green-beret-who-blew-whistle-on-afghans-raping-boys/

As she states in the video, boys are forced to dress as girls and dance like women for the Muslim men. There is no minimum age for little girls to marry an adult male and he can penetrate her vagina as soon as he feels she can bear the weight of his body. Some marriages are temporary – this is how they justify prostituting girls and women. Also, incest is a massive problem in Islam.

Thoughts Upon Watching Hoardes of Rapists Surge into Germany and Western and Central Europe

I have been watching as the media and European individuals in forums (we must confirm everything in the mainstream media with independent sources, as well, before we believe what is reported by mainstream media, who are notorious for running fake news and theatrics) report a massive influx of Muslims into Germany and other countries in the EU, as well as Poland and other countries, which are taking a relatively small number of these aggressors. I have noticed that the media focus their cameras on the few women and girls among them, while the vast majority of the interlopers are males. Even the small children are mostly male.  According to my count 80% are male. According to this article, the official count of males is 75% (only 12% women  and the rest are mostly boys). What have they done with the women and girls? My guess is that they have killed all who were not already claimed as livestock.

I imagine some Westerners, upon seeing some of these men with their wives (a single wife, it appears, although they are allowed to have 4 and among them may be children as young as 9 years) see some reflection of themselves, especially if they are Christians. But, don’t be fooled. These men are slave masters with their slaves – they’re not Ozzie and Harriet!

Some independent researchers on the ‘net are working right now to discover the origins of the propaganda picture of the child lying face down in the water. It appears that this photo, while tragic, is in no way related to this event, except that it is being used to run a sympathetic narrative for this mass of rapists who are now entering the country.

Germany is already overrun with Islamic thugs. If you are a woman who is assaulted on the street – and most of the assaults come from non-German men – you are not allowed to complain to anyone about it. You’re not allowed to talk about it or else YOU are a racist an a bigot. I haven’t been to Germany in years, but when I was there I had some greaseball try to open my car door, with the idea of pulling me out of a moving vehicle to do what, I think anyone can guess. I was followed and assaulted in the streets by Turks (thankfully,  I had smuggled an illegal weapon into the country, although it wasn’t much – only a stungun, but a scary item to anyone unfamiliar and potentially a helpful instrument when you’re a tiny woman being assaulted by a gang of huge, hairy stinking men screaming at you in a foreign language). I had an Italian immigrant say over and over to me, “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you!” In between he told me how much he hated the people in his host country. He said German people were stupid because they work. He didn’t work because the German welfare system took care of him. This left him plenty of time to threaten women walking along a sidewalk somewhere.

Back then, the Muslims men were the biggest problem women faced. Since then Germany and other countries, in particular, Sweden and Norway, have received huge numbers of these men. The rape rate in these once relatively safe countries has skyrockedted. And, of course, if you complain to anyone that you were raped and damn near killed by a Muslim, you are called a bigot and a racist. We have a similar problem here in the U.S. with the spawn of Louis Farrakhan and these #BlackLivesMatter black men and women. The rhetoric used against white women who complain about crimes being committed against us is the exact same. We are stifled. We are silenced. We are told that we deserve this, especially if we are light skinned women. We are told to shut up because what other people have to say is more important.

None of this is happening by accident or coincidence. It is all by design.

I hope that people in Germany will go against their normally law-abiding nature. It is clear that the laws are not there to protect YOU. Therefore, you have a moral right to break them. I hope you will read the books that have long been forbidden to you to read. If you do, you will learn for yourself what lies at the base of this latest attack – and make no mistake this is an attack! – on Germany and all of Western Europe. You know the book I mean.  Long forbidden to you, thanks to the internet, you can find it online in English, although the original German language version is far better. Read both volumes because history is repeating itself and the puppet master has only moved his headquarters!

When the Germans were disarmed by the Treaty of Versailles after World War II, they had to re-arm themselves. They did it secretly in Russia (this is described in that book that Germans and citizens of many other European nations are banned from reading). Now, I think is the time when the criminal class in your midst, especially in cities like Berlin, may become your allies. The German people must re-arm themselves.  Your prime minister and all the people in your government have forsaken you.

And, here in the U.S. we are dealing with multiple false flags – a psychological warfare operation – one after the other of a long, long series, which are aimed at terrorizing women. The liberals hope that women will turn away from the idea of self-defense. They believe that if they can somehow terrorize women that they will gain control of the family. This is very misguided logic from a lot of men who don’t know much about women. But, this seems to be their motive for the many staged shootings we have seen recently in the media targeting women – especially blonde women.

Instead of throwing our hands up in the air and running off screaming like the actress, Alison Bailey (the apparent name of the actress who played the role of Alison Parker in the theatrical production at WDBJ TV station in Roanoke, VA), Americans – including American women – continue to arm themselves more and more.

We must not – any of us – give into this psychological warfare, which is about to become increased physical warfare in Germany and other European countries.

What do you owe traitors?

We women must arm ourselves and keep talking, especially when we are called bigots and told to shut up. This is a cue to start talking even more. We must break free of the racist, misogynist doublebinds placed on our minds and our speech by our enemies. Remember: Anyone who wants to disarm you or silence you is an enemy!

Below are some videos and articles showing the threat to European women and girls from these monsters pouring into a country where they are, under the law, defenseless victims with no right to self-defense, no right to complain, no right to speak, no right to redress, and no hope of justice.

I understand that if you live in the U.S. anyplace anywhere there is HUD housing, which is usually Democrat-run cities with lots of gun control, you are about to receive some of these charming, handsome fellows, too. Of course, here in the U.S., they will first have to contend with the gangs and we’ll see how what tough guys they are. My guess is they won’t last long in some places like Chicago or East L.A. where they will clash with organized gangs of even more violent men.

Women have a natural and should have a legal right to say when they have been violated, regardless of the race, nationality or religious beliefs of the perpetrator. But, this right has been taken away from women in many European countries. Here in the U.S., it’s the same, especially if the perpetrator is black. Although most rape of white women is perpetrated by white men, black men, also, perpetrate a large number of rapes against white women, while white males like to save their sexual abuse almost exclusively for white women. This an example of our “white woman’s privilege!” Furthermore, it is taboo to discuss. I have to be very careful talking about a black man sneaking into my bedroom and trying to rape me while I was asleep, for instance – very careful because if I don’t enjoy being raped by a black man, then I must be a white, racist whore! Telling the truth about black rapists is “hate speech.”

The Muslims regard white women in Norway (and, in fact, everywhere in the world) as whores. According to the video below, many women there have taken to dying their hair black in hopes of lessening their chances of being raped. (I have had to employ a similar tactic in some parts of the U.S., which are overrun by dark complected men from other countries. In fact, it does help lessen the number of daily threats.) Predictably, the liberal establishment blames the victims!

Watch Muslim man-boys and some Muslim women in Sweden throw a violent tantrum in response to a film, which was apparently part of an educational course, taught by the artist, Lars Villks, who is now in hiding after multiple attempts on his life. Note the Swedish women, who do a remarkably good job restraining some of these vicious beasts.

Note the irony of the woman singing this song in the Dutch (Netherlandish) language as images of violent, foreign males are shown on the screen (The title is “More than Welcome” and she sings of their difficulties as immigrants arriving on boats, etc. – something like Neil Diamond’s “They’re Coming to America.”):

Here we see a whole entire encampment of these rapists fighting among themselves in Dresden, Germany, a city of high culture, which saw some of the most senseless destruction during World War II. But, can the city survive this?

How many of these people are paid actors?

They control what you see and how you see it. Notice how the camera focuses in on the women and children whenever possible:

If you want to know about similar things happening in the U.S., which are not being reported in the national news, look at this Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJyXMkbUb1d3ofQu6SxVpPg

Just something to think about (“It’s a Set Up”):

Breaking Free of Doublebinds to Talk Frankly About My Experiences

A double bind is situation in which a person is prevented from expressing herself because she is receiving two conflicting messages about what she is allowed to say.  Doublebinds are a method of controlling and limiting a person’s speech. It is tool of domination that is sometimes subtle and sometimes very obvious. A double bind is a “catch 22” a situation in which you are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” No matter what you do, you will be criticized and penalized.

As women, we are familiar with double binds, for example:

Women who work are taking jobs away from men; but women who don’t work are mooching off men, are “welfare queens,” and parasites.

Women who have sex with men are whores and sluts; women who don’t are frigid, tight-ass bitches or hairy lezbos.

Assertive women are bitches; unassertive women are submissive doormats.

Another big double bind, we as white women and other non-black women face is this one: If we talk about our own experiences as women, we are accused of not recognizing the oppression of black women; but when we make extra efforts to include black women, then we are accused of “appropriation.” Much like the tranny man thing, this is something I have walked on eggshells about before. I was cautious with the tranny men because I didn’t really understand what they were all about until recently. I didn’t understand their motives. And, it is much the same thing here. I have been cautious because saying the “wrong thing” (which could be anything at all) in the presence of black women or men can cause a lot of trouble for white women – even when we’re trying to be very respectful and careful with our words. But, now I see through this web of emotional blackmail and subtle threats.

The double bind is, also, sometimes a double standard in which certain people are allowed to do or say certain things and that’s okay – even praised, but when another group of people do or say the same things, they are denigrated. As feminists we face many double standards in relation to men. As white feminist women we, also, face double standards from other women, in which these women are permitted to talk about their experiences, but when we talk about ours we are accused of being “exclusionary.”

All women should have the opportunity to tell the story of whatever has happened to us, especially when we are doing it in our own space and we are sharing our stories to help other women. We should be free to tell the truth without criticism.This is how we piece a lot of things together, as women, because the patriarchal structure often makes it very difficult for us to talk to each other about our experiences. The men who want to continue dominating us don’t want us speaking freely to each other and learning from each other.

The fact that we, as white women, cannot speak freely about certain things – even to other women, in light of some recent information I’ve run across, is not a coincidence. I believe we are intentionally being silenced, again, by the pro-prostitution, pro-porn, pro-human trafficking political crowd. So, this is not about the hurt feelings of certain women so much as is it is about these women cooperating with pimps, johns, pornographers, traffickers and other people who hate and wish to degrade and exploit innocent women and children. I’m not going to let them do it – at least, I’m not going to let them do it to me, anymore.

As a woman – and a white woman – I am sick and tired of being scapegoated for the failures of men and boys. I’m, also, not going to be blamed for the failures of black women who, heeding not the lessons handed down to us by our foremothers, have decided they would rather give their energy to further the cause of the black man than allow the voices of other women to be heard.

White women are not oppressing black women. We certainly are not oppressing black men. The black man is as misogynist and inclined to commit violence against women as any other men and last time I checked white women are included among “women.”

Now that I have come to understand that the silencing of white feminists by black women is not about their hurt feelings, but rather about a political movement or political ideology that wants me dead, I don’t see any need to hold back. I have stories which I would not have dared talk about before for fear of unnecessarily alienating black women, but whenever I feel like it, from now on, I am going to talk about it because it is another aspect of how women, in this case those with a certain appearance, are targeted by men. That’s exactly what we feminists need to be talking with other women. It is important.

So, when the urge hits me, I’m going to talk about some things that have happened to me that relate to how certain women, white women who fit certain physical criteria, mostly blonde-haired and light-haired, light-skinned women, are specifically targeted for pornography and overseas human trafficking, sought out and even set up by adult entertainment agencies (big ones!), that provide feature dancers for night clubs in the U.S. I’m talking about it because it is my personal experience and, fortunately, other women warned me about some of these things. I want to talk about the details of that and some other things that are hard to talk about – when I’m ready.

There are other things, too, that I’d like to talk about because I don’t see why certain women should feel isolated in their experiences and told, when we do dare to talk about these things, that the abuse and oppression we have suffered is “white privilege.” It is not. It is not a special privilege to be the favorite flavor of dead meat for cannibalistic men who consume the flesh and blood of women.

I urge everyone concerned with the topic to take a good hard look at the feminists at the foundation of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Recognize that the Democratic National Party (the party of the liberals and the liberal feminists in the U.S.) has given this group their stamp of approval. Understand that the attempts by black feminists to guilt trip and scapegoat other women is politically motivated and these women are working side by side with men – and all men are one in their thirst for power over women and other men.

We’ve been told: “White feminists, shut the fuck up” and listen to black women’s experiences.

I think we should listen to all women’s experiences, but we white women must not be silenced, especially when we are being targeted from every direction. Our voices are important. Our stories are important. A lot of us have been through unspeakable torture at the hands of men and when we feel we can or we desire to talk about it, we should be allowed to do that without abuse, especially from other women who claim to be feminists. It’s simply not acceptable.

This is unacceptable: