Human and Sex Trafficking, H1B Visas, and Trump’s Modeling Agency

When I was working in the clubs, I was occasionally taken aside and warned by a sex trafficking survivor about taking jobs overseas. I heard some horrific stories from women who looked like they could be models, almost all of them blonde. What was odd was that they never addressed the two or three other dancers who had been present, but they would wait until they left and address me directly.

The fact is that there is a certain type of women and young girls who are preyed upon by men in very specific ways. These men sometimes use female handlers who will appear to befriend you and try to persuade you that doing pornographic magazines or pornographic films is a good idea. This happens to American women inside the U.S., but what happens to American women who believe they are taking a job with an entertainment or modeling agency abroad creates a whole other set of problems.

Once you are in that foreign country, anything can happen to you. You are vulnerable in ways you wouldn’t be in your own country. When women cross international boundaries, they can more easily fall prey to sex predators and pimps. I’ve mentioned before that this has happened to a surprising number of especially attractive (conforming to the ideal of male beauty standards), especially pale and blonde, American women I met working in the night clubs. They were the survivors. There’s no way to know how many more of them did not survive. At least one of them suffered from terrible health problems (cancer) quite probably as a result of her ordeal. Being repeatedly raped is very hard on your life force energy.

But,  what I want to talk about in this post is foreign girls and women being brought into the U.S. to work under suspicious circumstances. Specifically, I’m going to provide some information that is available online regarding Trump Model Management, which is said to have been founded in 1999 by Donald J. Trump.

Now, this is political season here in the U.S. and Trump is running for president of the U.S. and whenever there is a presidential race, there is a tendency for those who favor a candidate to dismiss anything bad said about him as simply “the other side” attacking their guy. But, I’m not on a team. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t vote and I’ve never voted in a presidential election because I have actually read the Constitution of the U.S. The last time I had a party affiliation, which was back in the 1980s, I was a Libertarian (lots of things have changed in that camp since then!) So, I’m not picking on Trump for any kind of political reason. It’s just that he’s made himself very difficult to ignore (most recently saying that he’s fine with men in the ladies’ room, which statement he predictably “amended” within 24 hours only to say the same thing). As I said, I recognize him very much as that “high end customer.”

I’m posting this, in part, because I’m having nightmares about him very reminiscent of the kind I used to have when Bill Clinton was in office. I had one that woke me up just a few hours ago, in which I was part of his “harem” of female employees. In the dream, I experienced the kind of psychological and sex abuse I’ve endured, in real life, from men who hate women – and not just hate us, but want to devour us!

There are some nagging questions that I just can’t get out of my mind and I don’t know why no one else is asking them. For instance, where did all those photographs of nude, 14-year old girls, hanging on the walls of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, come from?

The Jewish-American billionaire, Epstein is about to go to court, again, over the rape of some little girls, but I notice that the  media are already speaking in misleading and derogatory terms of the victims, in particular, Virginia Roberts, who has been the most vocal of his accusers, who is called “an ex-teen prostitute,” and trying to smear them and make the perps look like the “real victims.” This shows, again, how difficult it is to obtain justice in sex trafficking or rape cases – and this is a matter of both. Epstein, who I’ve blogged about previously, is reputedly a sex trafficker and his victims include very young girls, some as young as 12 years. But, 14 seems to be the magic number, as I pointed out a couple of posts ago. Why 14? I keep wondering.

Perhaps there is a connection between this magical number, 14, and the H1B Visa program, which is and has been exploited by many U.S. employers, most notoriously the tech industry and Disney World! But, Donald Trump has, also, taken advantage of the program, which sets a side a coveted number of such visas, which allow the companies to bring in foreign workers at cut rates. Lots of Americans have lost their jobs because of this visa program – but, you don’t hear a lot about it in the news, mostly they just beat the drum about all the dirty Mexicans crossing the border illegally.

But, it turns out there is even more to H1B Visas than meets the eye. Not only are American workers losing their jobs, but it is a red carpet roll out to human traffickers and, in particular, sex traffickers.

There may have been more to Mitt Romney’s comment about Ivana (Wife #1) and Melania Trump (Wife #3) than what it seems upon first hearing it: “Donald Trump has had several foreign wives,” Romney reportedly joked at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual dinner. “It turns out that there really are jobs Americans won’t do.”

In fact, Trump has had two foreign wives, both from Eastern European countries. The current wife, like the first wife and like Trump, himself, has had her resume puffed up a little bit in the press. There’s some question as to whether she was ever a “super model” anywhere. According to what I’ve seen on line, she came to the U.S. in 1996 (to New York City) on one of these H1B Visas (a specially reserved, limited visa,  supposedly for “highly skilled workers” with abilities that could not be found in a U.S. citizen, which are the necessary qualifications) and went to work for a modeling agency. These visas have a life-span of three (3) years. After that time, the worker has to leave the U.S.

Now, as an American who was born here, I have no first-hand knowledge of the procedure that is used for becoming a U.S. citizen for the foreign-born. I know quite a few people who have done it, though, and they say it isn’t easy. Even if you are a refugee from the war in Bosnia some years ago, it’s not easy. The Feds make it hard for the average person. If you have family here already, sometimes it’s easier. The entire process is, in my opinion, disgusting and needs to be revamped. The requirements are disturbing, in some cases. And, the whole process is so cumbersome and awful that I can certainly see why lots of people choose to forego it and stay here in the U.S. without permission. What I mean is that this system is making criminals out of a lot of people who would prefer to do the right thing, if the process were reasonable. Right now, it is very unreasonable, especially for the people most in need (women and children whose lives are in danger in other North American and Central American countries) and hard-working people we want to invite to our country.

Melania Trump found a legal way to stay here past the 3 years and it is something that is done, probably far more often out of desperation than love – she married an American citizen. She married a really fat, old, balding, rich guy, who was able to help her get her paperwork straightened out. This guy has been called out for his hypocrisy on immigration. In his defense, this wife (#3) said that she is in immigrant and had to “put my birth certificate” and so on, in order to go through the procedure the “right way.”

She did an interview here:

There are a couple of problems with what she said, at least, in my book. Problem #1 is pretty obvious. Most people cannot do what Melania did to obtain citizenship. They don’t have the resources to keep flying in out of the country every three months to get their passport stamped. They don’t have a boyfriend whose sister is a Federal judge and has a team of expensive lawyers at their disposal, either.

Now, I’m not for flooding the country with immigrants, especially Muslims who want to rape and kill white women. Like a lot of people, I think it’s important that the U.S., and especially certain regions of the U.S., retain our cultural identity – such as it is. I happen to think that’s important, especially as a lover of the arts. There are economic reasons why we don’t just open the gates and let everyone in, too.

But, the 2nd problem I have with this interview and this whole situation with Melania Trump is that it is pretty obvious to me that this woman is not what the media and the pro-Trump camp have tried to say she is. (For instance, she is not well-educated, she dropped out of fashion and design school, she was not a highly-paid super model, and, in fact, she did some porn – which I cannot believe has not surfaced in a big way. I’ve seen some of the milder stuff.) They have tried to paint the picture of Melania as a well-educated, highly intelligent, independent, self-sustaining, successful and well-established woman before she met Trump. But, when I listen to this woman, I do not hear a lot of either intelligence or education and, in fact, she came here from a former Soviet country, a Communist country, where she was a member of the peasant class – an underclass who speak her language, Slovenian. She came from a dirt poor background probably much worse than that of the average Mexican, whom her husband so disdains. She came in here on this Visa program and needed a way to stay. She needed a green card. She needed a way to finance her naturalization process – it’s very expensive to become a U.S. citizen. So, she found herself “a high end customer.” I don’t fault her for that, but I do fault her for making it sound like anyone could or should do what she did in order to do things “the legal way.” I think it’s disgusting.

After Melania left the first modeling agency, she went to work for Trump’s agency. According to numerous reports, Donald Trump was seen in the company of Melania (then Knauss, which was Germanized from the original Slovenian Knav) while he was still legally married to his second wife, the American actress, Marla Maples. Their daughter, Tiffany, was only about four or five-years old when this was going on. That was about 1998. The Trump Modeling agency was officially established in 1999, according to their website.

I’ve made a couple of recent posts about Trump and his connections to Epstein and he has numerous connections to other rich, old codgers who “enjoy the company” of young – sometimes very, very young – women and girls.

I’m going to lay out a little further evidence here that Trump and his agency, which brings in girls as young as 14-years, on these special Visas like the one Melania Knav/Knauss Trump came in here on, may function as a de facto sugar daddy-sugar-baby arranging business. In fact, I’m saying that his agency may function, not only as a legitimate modelling agency, but, also,  as a kind of high-end escort service or mail-order-bride type of service, hooking up rich old geezers with young women and girls, mostly foreign, in-need and highly vulnerable. Again, I wonder where those photos of 14-year old girls came from.

Here are some things for you to examine:

In the video, below, the narrator lays out a case for Trump’s agency providing rich, old men with young women:

A government worker talks in a forum discussion about gemeral abuses of the H1B Visa program:

An article and video on the subject of an apparently legitimate modeling website connected to human trafficking. The site belongs to MC2:

MC2 Modeling Agency is accused of providing female victims to Jeffrey Epstein:

This article talks about the general connections between modeling agencies, including prominent names in the business, and human trafficking:

Trump has connections to another Jewish billionaire businessman, Alexander Mashkevitch, whose yacht was raided for charges, including the trafficking of young girls:

The article and videos at this link discuss the investigation and lawsuits against Trump’s modeling agency. He is accused by some of the models of not paying them:

This 14-year old girl talks about the connection between modeling agencies and human or sex trafficking:

This article is interesting, although it is written from a political perspective. It is from the National Review, which is a Republican publication. As you may have heard, the old guard Republicans -and anyone with an ounce of common sense – doesn’t like Trump. This is not the most objective article, but it has some interesting information:

What the information at the above links establishes is that there is a connection between modeling and sex trafficking, especially when the models are going from one country to another. It, also, establishes a connection between Donald Trump and some other very dangerous, very sleazy, powerful men who abuse and exploit women and get away with it.

What it, also, shows is that women, including white women and very conforming women (some of the victims are not “white” but meet a standard of beauty that makes them particularly subject to male predators of a certain kind), are not privileged. It is not a privilege to be sex trafficked. It is not a privilege to be forced into prostitution. Far from being “privileged,” these women are special targets!

As I’ve said, we will never stop this through any legal or political channels because we are saturated with it and it runs from the bottom of the patriarchal pyramid of power all the way to the very top. All we can do is try to warn other women and girls (just as I was warned repeatedly about this from other women who were survivors) and to do everything we can to keep girls out of the hands of men – any men- but, especially these kinds of men. I am not the first feminist to suggest that the number of predators and potential predators being born must be reduced and that we have that power in our hands.

Human Trafficking, How Deep and Wide it Goes, and Why Activism Will Not Stop It, Part 2: The Jeffrey Epstein Evidence


Trump, Epstein and the Clintons

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’d lost the information about the actual documents in the Jeffrey Epstein child rape and human trafficking case, which is still playing out in Palm Beach, Florida. Well, I found it. I thought about just updating the previous post, but I want to make sure you see this.

The reason I want people to see it is that the information has been silenced, completely blanked out, in the U.S. mainstream media and in the U.K. news, which is where I first heard of Epstein, there has been a cover-up attempt. Mostly, it appears they are doing this on behalf of Cousin Andy, aka. the Duke of York, who is seen photographed with the little girl, Virginia Roberts, and in the background, when it isn’t cut out, there is the image of the alleged handler and procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father is reputedly an Israeli Mossad agent.  Roberts asserts that she was forced to have sexual relations, as a child, with Cousin Andy, whose name was circled in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. Maxwell is the woman who reportedly recruited Virginia Roberts from the Mar-a-Lago resort, which is owned by Trump.

Here’s one such article from the UK Guardian:

Here’s another, maybe better one:

If you want to see the legal documents related to the case, look up the Case #: 08-80736. 

Also, look up: “Jeffrey Epstein Probable Cause Statement.”

Now, the ties between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein are pretty undeniably solid. In fact, if this thing continues on, gathering a little more steam, Clinton may actually have to answer some questions about the whole thing. So far, he has been spared. The legal proceedings included some kind of clause that states that certain people involved in the perpetration of these crimes against children are untouchable.

But, Trump is, also, implicated. Admittedly, he knew and liked Epstein. His name was circled in the little black book, along with the names of some of his family members. And, Trump has visited Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, at which the photographs of nude, 14-year old girls are said to be prominently displayed on the walls. This association between Epstein and Trump has understandably been downplayed by him and his surrogates. But, you’d have to be seriously naive to believe that there isn’t a stronger connection between the two.

Furthermore, Epstein is said to have thrown parties at which young, Eastern European women “dressed worse than hookers” mixed up with men, including Donald Trump. Trump has an attraction to young Eastern European women, apparently, since he’s married and impregnated two, so far. His second wife was an American woman, who he grudgingly married only after he impregnated her.

The following video is full of information. If you are interested in the details of this case and its broader implications, give it a listen and keep a pen and notebook handy to make some notes. It’s from this video that I got the case number I provided above:





Human Trafficking, How Deep and Wide it Goes, and Why Activism Will Not Stop It: Trump, Clinton, Epstein, and High Ranking Military Colonels

I want to talk about human trafficking, in particular the sex trafficking of girls and women, as well as the epidemic of rape in its many forms. This is something that is very depressing, but there is a reason you should know about it. If you are a radical feminist, you’ve probably already guessed that things are this way. But, if you are a liberal feminist, or maybe coming from a more left-leaning background, one that values activism, perhaps – or maybe you know a lot of activists and liberals in your everyday life – then this is something you really must understand for your own benefit and for the benefit of other women.

It is important to understand it so that you can begin to focus your energy and the work you do, the way you speak about this problem, and the way you think about it, yourself, in the right direction. Activism will not get rid of human trafficking. Appealing to the police, the governor, the president, or an international organization (like Amnesty International, for instance) will never get rid of it.

What I’m going to try to communicate here is how bad things really are. It’s hard to grasp really. The mind naturally rebels against these facts. But, however bad you think the problem of human trafficking and the raping of children and the prostitution of adult women is – however bad you think it is! – it is  in fact, much, much worse. And, there is no savior coming. There is no cavalry. There is no great, white father. There is no one to turn to who is going to end this thing because anyone who might be in a position to do something – they, too, are all involved.

Politicians, high ranking military figures, law enforcement agents at all levels, religious figures, news media figures, celebrities, are all involved in some aspect of human trafficking. They are either perverts themselves or they are heavily invested in the trafficking and raping of women and children (mostly girls, but sometimes boys) or they are groomers and procurers. They do it because they are sick perverts, because they are power-hungry, and because of blackmail and extortion – and because if one of them goes down, potentially, they could all go down. They needn’t worry, it’s not going to happen and even if it did, there are plenty of common, everyday, low-life rapists, wife-beaters, and pedos who would quickly come to their defense. The entire MRM and an entire army of men (everyday Joes) would be right behind them – along with Fox, Breitbart, CNN and the rest of them. There’s no changing their minds. There is no appealing to their humanity. They don’t have any humanity and that’s what I want you to understand – you who think feminist activism of some kind could really make anything but a dent in this problem.

Again, I’m hearing those words, “White feminist, shut the fuck up.” I’m hearing how much “white girl privilege” we have. In fact, Bill Maher said something along those lines about former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, just a few days ago. In case you missed the circus, Michelle Fields was interviewing Donald Trump after a press conference at his private resort, Mar-a-lago, in Jupiter, Florida (which is in Palm Beach County – this resort and its location are important later in this article) when Trump’s campaign manager walked up behind her, grabbed her arm so hard he left his hand imprint on it in the form of bruises, and jerked her down and backward. There are four videos of this event, audio and a witness. I’ve seen all the videos and the reason I’m not using the word “allegedly” is because it is very obvious he did it. It only remains to be seen if he will be convicted of the misdemeanor charge of battery she filed against him. His next court date is set for May 4, 2016. Bill Maher and a lot of other men,  either claim it never happened or she’s a whiner making a big deal out of nothing. Of course, men never have to worry about being brutalized by other men sneaking up behind them (sometimes to commit rape, as this is a common M.O. of rapists) – this doesn’t happen to men, in part, because they are men and in part because they are generally too large to do this type of violence to. Plus, it is expected that women tolerate this kind of male violence. Another man, would have probably hit Lewendowski. But, “white girl” Michelle, who is 28-years old and whose mother is an immigrant from Honduras, only weighs about 100 Lbs. She’s, also, very pretty – so, the menz have decided the “whore” had it coming. She has been doxxed (by Fox News, no less, who she used to work for), threatened with death and forced to move out of her apartment for safety. I could go on about Breitbart, what a fag fest it is, how few women are employed there and how they turned viciously on Michelle Fields after this happened to her, leading to the resignations of six men. (A few men she worked with apparently couldn’t take the mendacity, anymore.) But, this information is all available online, however, you do have to sift through all the masturbation and male violence to find it.

So, it is “white girl privilege” to be abused (in Michelle Fields’s case, to be battered and bruised – which the men on the right are saying isn’t much of a crime, certainly not worthy of filing charges against a man and ruining his life!) at Trump’s resort, Mar-a-lago. I wonder if Virginia Roberts would agree? Would she say it is white girl’s privilege to be raped by a friend of the family, sent to live with an aunt, then to live with her father, a maintenance man at Mar-a-lago, where she worked as a young girl, folding towels near the swimming pool, where she  was recruited by a female groomer and became one of Jeffrey Epstein’s most prominent victims? I have a feeling that she might disagree since she, like Michelle, has had to flee her home. Reportedly, Roberts – a pretty, blonde, blue-eyed, American girl – has had to flee all the way to Australia. I’ve read she is married to a karate instructor, but somehow I still don’t feel she has escaped her abusers. I say this because I tried to escape my own abusers – government officials, they were – this way and marriage was worse than any other sexually abusive experience I’ve ever had. So, marriage is not safety – these men get off on your abuse. Anything you share with them, anything they know about you, they will use against you, to torture you, to rape you until you have barely any life left in you. So, Roberts has not escaped. I don’t know her. But, I know she is in hell right now.

And, there’s a reason I’m talking about this right now. In fact, there a few reasons.

The first reason is that Donald Trump’s name has been in the newspaper a lot lately because he’s running for President of the U.S.A. and he cannot seem to keep both of his big feet out of his big mouth. Also, Hillary Clinton, legal wife and great defender of former Pervert-in-Chief, Billy Boy, is trying to get elected to the U.S. Presidency. We have some other very nasty players in the presidential race (an avowed Marxist who writes rape fantasies in the form of essays, a fanatical Canadian Christian (we’re not even sure he’s qualified to run under the law)  with a Communist father, every one of them flawed in ways that will be damaging to the people who live in this country, of which I am one. The truth – and this is another important truth, if you are an American – is that both of these parties are one monolith that have taken over the electoral process in the U.S. The left has moved further leftward in this country (almost every person still in the presidential race has communist ties, including Trump) and the right has moved further left and into outright tyranny, especially, where women are concerned. It was the rightists who wrote Obamacare. It was they who initiated NAFTA and GATT. Republicans are one and the same with Democrats: You can say “six” or you can say “a half dozen.” It’s the same.

Another reason has to do with the fact that Jeffrey Epstein is about to be indicted, again.  At least, it looks likely. And, Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg.  He’s one major billionaire pervert with ties to the jet set and not just celebrities, but politicians, law enforcement, Federal judges and high-ranking military personnel.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein? He’s a Jewish-American man with a very nebulous background. In fact, it reminds me of the origins of George Soros, quite a bit. Nobody knows why these young boys are picked for a certain nefarious purpose, the way is paved for them by some hidden hand, no matter how badly they screw up, they still get jobs, earn billions of dollars, and amass great power over others.

In a nutshell, Epstein came from a kind of an impoverished background in Brooklyn (same place notorious “playboy” and inheritor of millions, Donald Trump, and a bunch of other big names are from, also, at about 2 hours and 14 minutes into the Kay Griggs video, below, she talks about how the Brooklyn mafia (Italian and Jewish, primarily) are connected to high-level pedophilia and human trafficking in the military), they say. He was not exactly academically gifted. Despite this, he was given scholarships to posh schools. He dropped out. He still got jobs somehow – for instance, he was once a school teacher! (Usually, you have to have a B.A. and teaching certificate to work in U.S. public schools – private schools have different requirements.) He’s friends with the guys who own Victoria’s Secret and The Limited. He’s friends with the Clintons, especially Bill. He’s friends with many other politicians and well-known musical and television celebrities, including Donald Trump (who has praised him: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in a 2002 profile of Epstein written three years before Epstein began to be investigated. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”). He has a private island and a private jet, supposedly dubbed “The Lolita Express,” and a lot of household names and some powerful behind-the-scenes names you may not have heard of (including members of the Trump and Clinton families), are circled in his little black book. The little black book is an address book, obtained by Epstein’s butler, Alfredo Rodriguez. Rodriguez reportedly attempted to sell the book for 50,000 Euros (approximately USD$50,000) and it ended up in the hands of police. Rodriguez said it was the key to blowing wide open the human sex trafficking ring run by Epstein. Unfortunately, before he could say much else, he was dead.

Now, there’s so much to this story – just Epstein – that I couldn’t  possibly write it all here, so if you’re interested, you’ll have to use Google and do a little digging. You won’t have to dig far, though. Epstein was first indicted and jailed in Palm Beach, Florida (in a jail he partly owns, the wing of which he built, and from which he was granted the privilege to come and go pretty freely, except in the evening as he served out a portion of his 13-month sentence. It seems to me he only did about 6 months, but you’ll want to check that out for yourself.), but it is clear that the people involved in the prosecution were in on this thing all the way up to the Federal judge level. The problem (for Epstein) is that they left out some of the victims. They are listed as Jane Doe #1, #2, #3, etc. One of these Jane Does published a book (something that victims of sex abuse, including Satanic ritual abuse, have been doing a lot lately, which their abusers are not happy about) and revealed her name to the public: Virginia Roberts. Roberts, along with other victims, was left out of the legal proceeding. They did not really get their day in court (but I hope they are about to!) and it’s a done deal as far as it has been determined that Epstein did what he’s accused of – not trafficking, per se, but raping little girls – as young as 12 years. He’s raped a huge number of little girls, in fact, and has settled with a bunch of them in lieu of going to court. The legal documents from Epstein’s trial in Palm Beach, Florida are available online. Here’s a link to some documentation. There is a place online where you can see the affidavits and such in the case, but I’ve lost the link for the moment. Until I find it,  again, look here:

So, my point with telling you about Epstein is to show that this problem of human trafficking goes very high. Epstein has links to members of the Israeli Mossad, for instance. It is truly an international problem. But, it is rooted right down to your next door neighbor watching porn on his PC.

The trafficking, the porn, the strip clubs, and many normal-appearing businesses, are linked into human trafficking. It’s no secret to the police, I can tell you. Some of your local police are involved in trafficking, as well, particularly in procuring victims and taking pay offs. Cops shake down businesses. They do. They shake down and extort licensed businesses, including almost every night club I ever worked for. In some places, a good part of my night was devoted to avoiding corrupt cops.

And, cops are cops. It’s isn’t just U.S. police. This is just how the system works. This is why when you are raped or battered or threatened with rape and death, or whatever, and you go to the cops, they refuse to take a report, they laugh at you, they blame you. THEY KNOW the truth. They know and it’s very funny to them that you don’t know what they are and what they are all about.

Furthermore, trying to report sex crimes against yourself or against others, including little children, is very dangerous. There are numerous examples. The Epstein case is one example.

The recently publicized case in England is another and if you follow the feminist blogs here at WP, you will already be familiar with it. I’m referring to the case in Rotherham, England, which went on for something like 20 years and involved a massive number of little girls. No one took them seriously, least of all the cops. The cops, as it turns out, were in on it. They knew what was happening. And, when finally, very recently, they tried and convicted these men who committed these atrocities against so many little children, the guys only got about 6 years a piece in jail. What I want you to see here is that the police are not just “not doing their jobs,” they are protecting the pervert class – they are part of the pervert class. Moreover, it is the police themselves who are the first obstacle any victim faces who tries to obtain justice.

Here is another from the U.K. (and I’m not picking on the U.K. here, this is happening everywhere!):  Ian Watkins is a Welsh punk rocker who preyed upon baby girls. Here’s a link to some info.: And, what I want to point out about this case – the depravity is deep, of course, but it’s nothing new – is the difficulty that his girlfriend had in trying to report him to the police. In the course of trying to obtain evidence – which the cops repeatedly ignored for over 5 years – she was arrested! She was, also, badly smeared in the British press. (Don’t think the press and the television media aren’t deeply involved in this thing – they are. I refer you to the Epstein case because that comes up! If justice for rape victims and female victims of murder is your desire, they are not your friends!) It is, also, worthy of note that Watkins’ musical sales have tripled since his conviction. Perverts have lots of support from the regular Joes. And, victims? Not so much support.

And, we know what is happening in Germany and the Netherlands and other places in W. Europe (because I’ve made previous blog posts about it in just the past few months) when white women try to report sex crimes perpetrated by black males or Muslim males. The victims are getting arrested. They are being arrested for “hate speech” when they try to describe the perpetrators. They are having police visitations at their homes and their children are being taken away. Even talking about this online can get you a little visitation.

I’ve been thinking about this a little more than usual because of Trump. I was away for a little why recently and where I was visiting there was television. I got to see a lot of Trump because up until just a few days ago, it was like he was on a long drunk. He was up late at night, tweeting and re-tweeting all kinds of crazy things like pictures of his third wife, Melania, next to his opponent’s wife and asking people to compare the appearance of the two women. He was on a rampage about Michelle Fields, talking about how her ink pen could be a bomb and how afraid he is of women – especially, pretty, petite, intelligent ones, like Michelle. He raged against Michelle repeatedly all over the television, called her a liar, called her a potential threat. Then, topped this all of by declaring that women who have abortions should be punished (this is in response to a supposedly hypothetical question, although, the problem is that it is not hypothetical and women are being jailed for miscarriages and still births in the U.S. – nobody on the T.V. mentioned that, though).

When I look at Donald Trump, I see a “high end customer.” That’s how he registers in my brain – that terrified, hungry, desperate part of my brain that was activated when I was working in the night clubs. When I look at his wife, I see a reflection of my own fear and desperation. I know what they both are in a way that the average television watcher – especially, the average Christian, family kind of working-class television watcher – cannot begin to fathom.

In fact, a surprising number of his supporters are Christians. I was surrounded by Christians, recently. I was forced to pretend pray just about every day. Everyone I had contact with believed in Trump. Even ol’ doc (an alternative doctor, elderly and very interesting) told me he believed in Trump, that he would repeal Obamacare. I automatically replied, “Yes, but he says he wants to replace it with something else – with Trumpcare.”  And, we alternative types don’t want any part of it. Many allopathic doctors don’t want it, either. It’s killing them. This year, I was taxed INTO POVERTY by Obamacare and Social Security. You see I started out above the poverty line and finished under it because of these oppressive, commerce-killing taxes. We don’t want it replaced. We want to be LEFT ALONE! Trump funded Nancy Pelosi and both Clintons and others who got us in this mess. How can these people have blind faith in Trump? Well, they’re Christians. They have blind faith in a lot of crazy things, despite being sensible and functional in other areas of their lives. They believe in the concept of a savior. They believe it is Trump. Seriously. They believe that, which is why they defend him so angrily, so vehemently.

Even when I  point out that he’s a “high end customer,” I am told that people can change. Christians believe this, too – really believe it and make it part of their lives. I do not. I’ve never seen a single person change. Horrible things have happened to me in my life – horrible. But, I’m still the same. Fundamentally, I have not changed. My “values” are the same as they have always been – being subject to “high end customers,” for instance, doesn’t change the victim. It’s only a reflection of the nature of the “high end customer” himself, his appetites, his depravity, his filth! But, in the end I am the same and he is the same.

The whole time I was around these Christians, I was thinking how much I wanted to be able to explain that to people on the left who are completely confused about how so many Christians could support a dirtbag like Trump. Trump, who is famous for fucking around on his first wife with a B-list actress named Marla Maples. Since, I don’t have television, that’s the last thing I remember about this guy. It turns out that he’s had a television program for years, which is called, “The Apprentice.” He’s become a fully-fledged celebrity and his presidential run has been based on this character who is famous for being a bully. His line is, “You’re fired!”  He has hawked all kinds of products and starred in tranny comedy skits on television. This is what happens when you live under a rock – and I literally live under a pile of them! that’s why I can’t get a radio or TV signal! – you miss out on these things. And, when I came out of my cave (almost a cave where I live) and saw what was happening on the television and how it is influencing people, I found it very startling and very disturbing.

I mention in the title of this article on human trafficking that this thing goes into the military, especially high ranking colonels. And, just in case you’re interested, I’m going to mention a couple of key figures you can research. Of course, the first is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a Satanist, former friend of Anton LaVey, founder of The Temple of Set, and a truly fascinating character. Really! He’s like a train wreck for me. Despite the horror, I haven’t been able to stop looking at him for years! But, he’s just one guy, just one colonel and just another little tip of that same big iceberg. It is simply not possible to be a high ranking military member without being involved in some way with human trafficking. Aquino is tied into a lot of things, one thing being the so-called “Franklin Cover-up.” If you look into that, remember this: They’re all involved, that includes former FBI agents and researchers/publishers.

Another reason a lot of working class people love Trump is that they imagine they could be as successful as he is if they work hard enough. Unfortunately, this is a lie. If you are not highly corruptible – and most of these highly corruptible people are male – you won’t get far. Your success will be capped. Nobody gets far without being highly corruptible. This ridiculously long interview with Kay Griggs  (she’s had a lot of “white women’s privilege,” including being battered, raped, subjected to all kinds of depravity, and nearly murdered by her faggot husband), wife of a high-ranking military colonel, George Griggs, will help inform you:

The thing to understand about human trafficking and all its components, which include porn and prostitution, is that cannot be stopped by appealing to those in the establishment, whether at a low level (your local police, for instance) or a very high level (the office of the president, other heads of state or international human rights organizations) or anywhere in between. I want you to try to grasp the level of complete saturation with violent perverts that we are experiencing.

If we want to stop playing a game of Whack-a-mole with the perverts – if we want to stop this entire system of abuse of girls and women, once and for all, the only solution is to weaken the enemy. We have that power in our hands to a great extent. What we don’t have, in most cases, is the recognition of how thoroughly evil the human male is, how he is driven to hurt and destroy us. We must reduce their numbers. We white women have had some success in this regard, I believe. Our overall population numbers are down. The white male is the chief abuser and we are the chief subjects of their porn, prostitution and trafficking – the chief victim of their abuses on every level. We know how wicked they are and we don’t want them to use us to perpetuate this evil, especially to perpetrate it on another little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who is our own daughter. We are working to eliminate him and eliminate more potential victims by not reproducing more of ourselves. We have done this without organizing. We’ve done it despite the people trying to shut us up. We’ve done it because it’s just a natural response to broad scale male abuse. What we really need is a an educational program to reduce the number of males born in this world. We need to be working on that – not on trying to change the perverts. That’s not going to happen. Our only option is to reduce their numbers, only then can we regain our rightful position and peace will be restored.

Radical Feminism: Not a Political Movement But a State of Being

A few posts ago when I was writing about Feminism and Satanism, I said that both were more a state of being, something we are, rather than an ideology to which we conform. Recently, I’ve seen feminism referred to as a political movement and while this is true of liberal feminism, which has done some wonderful things for women in the past and which relies on political change through activism and lobbying, it is far less true of radical feminism.

As someone who has never been very political (haven’t voted in years because I don’t like to compromise my privacy, I’ve lived through actual ballot-box burnings (two of them) and I don’t see any point in voting for men and women who in no way represent me as a woman, a radical feminist, an atheist, a Satanist, etc.), I’ve never marched, never held up a sign, never participated in any of these kinds of activities that are traditionally associated with political activism.

Partly, this may be because I’ve never really had that opportunity. I’ve spent most of my life simply trying to survive, working impossible hours under impossible circumstances (of more male violence and persecution), and trying to navigate a labyrinth of male hostility and male violence. I spent years working and trying to get an education because I thought I might be able to get some respect that way and get a “real” job. It never happened – neither thing. (In fact, I only re-learned the lesson that professional life outside the strip clubs was more perverse, corrupt, and dangerous than on the inside.)

I even tried to escape all the violence once. I used to think that maybe I could out-run it, somehow. I thought maybe I’d find a place where male violence against women was, at least, not as bad. That is the reason I went to Western Europe, originally. But, there is no place that is free of such violence and such violence cannot be outrun. It is ubiquitous and it never runs out. There is always a bountiful supply of it.

I tend to think of the liberal feminists, many of them, the vocal ones anyway, as women who lead highly privileged lives, as ironic as that may seem. They are the women who have the luxury of talking about “consent” and “choice” and how we have to look out for the poor downtrodden menz of one class or another – Muslims, immigrants, trannies, fags, niggers, etc. They say that feminism is a movement of equality for all people. They are women who have had the luxury of caring about such things, while it seems all I’ve done is try to survive these same groups of people. Maybe they are the kind of women who don’t get hassled on subways, who don’t have to take a taxi somewhere when everyone else, including non-white, especially non-blonde women, can use public transportation or hoof it. And, maybe they have so much money that they’ve never had to care about such things – about spending that last $25 on cab fare that is needed to buy food or pay rent.

They have the luxury of complaining about how Barbie doll-looking women, so-called conforming women, are hogging all the male attention. Apparently, they’ve never had to run from abductors, or been pursued vigorously by pornographers. (I was so pursued that they sent a woman to befriend me for a week, to try to persuade me to sign a contract to do porn. I had two incidents like this and numerous warnings from other women about the dangers of being trafficked. I still haven’t been in the mood to blog about it all because it’s going to bring up a lot of things I’ve been trying to forget, and which I thought I would never talk about because it is regarded as “white woman’s privilege” and is taboo.) Really, when you are complaining because you are not being noticed by men or because the Band-aids they sell at the drug store don’t match your skin color, then you are living in a completely different world.

No wonder we are not talking about feminism the same way as the libfems are. These are people with a lot of relatively minor concerns – the same women who want us to “Shut the fuck up” and listen to them because they believe they are more important than us.

Radical feminism is something that comes from down deep. It’s not a “movement” or an “ideology” that we find, rather it seems to find us. It found me when I had finally reached the point where I was terrified to leave my house, not just for a couple of days at a time – which used to happen to me a lot due to harassment and constant stalking (including cop stalking) – but, the first time I didn’t go outside for a week. It happened after I was assaulted at a “regular job” – it was a sales job, at which my employer, also, ripped me off on my pay. It’s the same story I’ve always experienced at so-called “regular jobs.”

Some point after that, I tried to go out with a friend – a male friend. I knew I could never have relationships with men anymore, at that point. We had gone out to a restaurant and stayed ’til closing time, around 10 p.m. and when we left, there were literally cops everywhere. One ran right past me on the way back to the car and I was afraid he was coming to attack me. (I’ve been raped, strangled, beaten, held captive at gunpoint and barely survived the last attack – all by cops. So, the men I fear most are the police.) A blonde-haired woman walking in front of me, I noticed, also, tried to dodge him. I think she thought the same thing, that he was going to tackle her or something. I don’t know where he was going in a rush, but I couldn’t wait to get home and when I finally did, I had an absolute break-down. I remember crying hysterically and saying over and over, again, what I’ve said so many times since, “I never knew it was this bad.”

Truly, I never knew. I never could have conceived of so much evil and senseless violence. I always knew that something was wrong with males. I always hated them. They have always disgusted me. I have had to deal with all of that disgust, sort of push it aside, push it down, for years because I had to in order to navigate in the outside world, which is full of men and their nastiness, their filth, and their violence. It got to be a habit for a while, swimming in so much male filth.

But, at that point, I knew I couldn’t do it anymore. I could not even pretend to be what the rest of the world calls “normal.” In that world it is normal for men and women to have relationships, even if only business relationships.

I still tried to do business with men for a while after that, but that ended when I got a stalker. I had to close down my business. (Actually, I had acquired two stalkers -one of them was local, the scarier one was from out-of-state and was pretending to be a client. The local one went to jail for a while for stalking another woman.)

After that, I had to determine how to make a living without having contact with males. This is something that is now possible, thanks to modern technology. I only wish I had had this opportunity decades ago. I could have put myself out of reach of men and their violence and could have saved myself so much agony, ill-health, exhaustion, and wasted time and effort.

So, it is because of men and the nature of men that I am the way I am. I can be no other way. Separatism, however you can get it it is the only answer, if you want to survive.

Every minute you spend in men’s world, anytime their attention is on you for whatever reason, you are in danger. The best thing to do is to hide and, as I’ve said in previous posts, to prepare, in case, your efforts at maintaining your personal privacy fail.

When I hear so-called feminists complain about being plain or non-conforming or not getting enough male attention, I think they should be grateful for that. (This is what they call “white woman’s privilege” very often, so you’re not supposed to bring up what happens to “conforming” women – the sheer Hell of this life, because you will be told that blacks have it so much worse!) If you are a woman who feels invisible among men, then you are fortunate. The opposite end of that is to live your life in constant fear. Even now, as a middle aged woman, I take great efforts to protect my privacy because I have never had a time in my life since I was about 12-years old, that I haven’t dealt with the problem of male stalkers. My blonde-haired, blue-eyed mother had a stalker when I was about 5 or 6-years old, so I’ve really been dealing with stalkers surrounding my home for almost all my life.)

I do my best not to be seen. Literally, I run around in a big heavy, dark glasses and hats, year round, when I do have to go out. My experience is that it never stops – men never stop. The threat from men is never ending. I don’t let men around me at all and almost nobody knows anything, whatsoever, about my personal business. The reason for this is that, in my experience, people talk and “loose lips sink ships.”

I think, sometimes, that this is a terrible way to live. But, what are the other options? All other options are fraught with an intolerable level of danger. I have had such consistently horrific experiences around men that I cannot comfortably be in their company. This makes it difficult to make friends because most women are male-identified, in some way. They have their Nigels.

But, in fact, it is not so terrible, if you can pull it off.  That is, if you can do it and not live in abject poverty. If you have a clear purpose in life, some personal goals, something of over-reaching importance that drives and sustains you, then you can do it.

You must realize too, that your life is your own. It is not for anyone else but you. You do not have to serve other people – you don’t have to serve a so-called movement, either. You can live your life and serve only as an example to other girls and women, how to live independently, free of men, in charge of your own surroundings, your own home, your own property, and be in charge of your own security.

So, when I read MRAs and other anti-feminists like this Pamela Geller (who thinks Evangelical, Nigel-wife-beater-defending, wacko Sarah Palin is a “real” feminist!), I mentioned in a recent post, who condemns Muslim violence against women out of one side of her mouth while condemning feminism out of the other side, talk about feminism being a “failed movement” or being a fake or that it is something that is going to go away, I know I am reading the words of both fools and enemies. As long as women and girls live, as long as we yearn for freedom from enslavement, for freedom from domination, for the freedom to pursue our greatest dreams, for the highest expression of our own humanity, there will always be feminism. There will always be Women’s Liberation. It’s the core of what we are and we cannot be anything else.

Foe Vs. Foe: How the Rapists, Johns, Pedos and Other Misogynists are Going to Save Us All – Not!

Well, we just “celebrated” Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday here in the U.S. As a white woman, I am certainly not reassured that such a black, male misogynist, woman-beater, womanizer, and serial adulterer – not to mention an absolute fraud – is so venerated that the entire U.S. Federal government has to drop what it’s doing for 24 hours. When this is what our “heroes” look like, you can see that we are all eyeball-deep in cow patties.

nigs and white woman

White woman turned into a serving table for use by alien life-forms.

Forced integration and the continual pushing in the media of the idea that white women just can’t get enough black cock has done a lot to make my life a living hell. You see, I am one of those blond-haired, blue-eyed “sluts” who, I have frequently been told, looks like a “nigger lover.”  Not only is this the equivalent of calling me a piece of trash, it’s an insult, which I’m supposed to tolerate with a nice, white lady smile.

This is where I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t, so it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me at all what they do or what they think. What I think of them, in fact, what I know about them – those black men and the black women and white liberals who defend them – is what is far more important.


The “model” white woman: What we should all aspire to be.

For men, including black men and, as you see in this article about a German woman assaulted by a moke in at the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (main train station), Muslim men, we white women exist for sex, more explicitly, we exist to be sexually abused.  Of course, the white men will be the first to agree.

If they are white men on the right, they will grit their teeth and spew saliva while they talk about their gang rape fantasies and call us “nigger-lovin’ white whores” and “trash.” When white men can’t “get” a white woman, they blame everyone else – including white women and black or foreign men.

If they are white men on the left, they will lecture us on “our racism” and talk about choice and consent and men’s needs for porn and sexual satisfaction and repeatedly call any of us were ever forced to make difficult economic choices “sex workers” – even when we repeatedly ask them not to do this. Men, and especially lefty men it seems, think that prostituting women is a human right. Men believe that white women, especially blond-haired, blue-eyed women, exist only for their sexual satisfaction.

To them, we are the blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman in the red dress from the Matrix


The woman in the red dress is not a real person, but just a hologram, who exists for the pleasure of men.  This is  an illustration of our “privilege” from a popular Hollywood movie.

movie. We are not real, conscious, sentient human beings with souls, yearning to be free! No, we are just whores who exist only in the minds of men, only in their fantasies. This movie tells a lot of truths about the male world view – this being one of the most poignant, the one that stood out to me the most.

“We have met the enemy and he’s our friend…the friends, brothers, lovers in the counterfeit male-dominated Left. The good guys who think they know what ‘Women’s Lib,’ as they so chummily call it, is all about.”  -Quote by Robin Morgan, American author, journalist and pioneering feminist, in a 1970 editorial piece titled “Goodbye to All That,” published in the January 1970 issue of the underground newspaper Rat: Subterranean News

What kind of world do we find ourselves in when our “friends” are the rapists, the johns, the pimps, the pedos and other misogynists, also, claim to be our saviors? They are the “brave” men who make wars and fight wars – for us wimmenz, so they say. They police the streets here in the U.S., of course, if you are a white woman, especially if you have blonde hair, you’d better learn how to disguise yourself if you travel far on our highways, if you want to stay safe from them. Our brave protectors are those men in our own lives – if we have any – who are our brothers, fathers, uncles and sons – but, as I said in the previous post, they hate us most of all. They are the ones beating, raping and killing us in our own homes. They have porno stashes and secret lives.

Here’s another example of “the call is coming from inside your house!” (which is a reference to an old horror movie about a woman being stalked by a killer, “When a Stranger Calls.”): Some of these brave saviors, these heroes at arms, from France, which has been a major attack site for foreign, Islamic invaders, have been busy abusing children. Apparently, this is not only a regular thing, but institutionalized, even the policy of the U.N., because the guy who blew the whistle got in a lot of trouble for flappin’ his jaws about it.  Who will save France? Can child rapists be trusted to save the “honor” of women or girls? The answer is, of course, crystal clear.

In the U.S., many military women report that their greatest enemy is the men in our own military. Much like the female refugees in the camps of Muslims pouring into W. Europe have reported a fear of going to the bathroom because of the near certainty of rape, our own female soldier live under similar circumstances in the field.

And, the police may be women’s greatest domestic enemy. Here’s a most recent example of police abuse of power that I pulled up in a quick Google search, and you might think it is extreme, but the problem of cops harassing women is huge. It’s worse in some areas of the U.S. than others. The larger cities are generally worse. Open highways are sometimes very dangerous for us, too, if we are traveling alone. No one knows how many disappearances of women in the U.S. may be attributed to law enforcement agents, some of whom participate in human trafficking rings and cover ups of such activities.

It is difficult for women to find a “friend” or an “ally” in this environment. Everywhere I look, I see enemies. I see men on the left and men on the right. I, also, see a lot of women supporting these men, especially liberal women (often claiming to be feminists) supporting all kinds of supposedly oppressed men, who are actively working against, purposely trying to harm, women like me.

The best we could hope for is that one group of our enemies would rise up and kill the other group. To some extent, I think this is what is happening with the black attacks on white police officers. I see Foe Vs. Foe and I have no strong feelings about this because experience shows that one is about as bad as the other. I have only a desire to get out of their way!

For women, I think this is the only answer. We certainly have to get ourselves out of range because, as usual, we are being completely scapegoated for what these men are doing.  (Everywhere you look online right now, especially in comment sections, you will see men blaming women for anything and everything. The “blame women” card is being whipped out and circulated even more swiftly than that tattered, old “blame whitey” card, aka. the race card. If you don’t believe me, try posting anything in the comment section of a YT video and you’ll see that it’s like leaping into a tank of piranhas! ) And, what are we guilty of? We are guilty of having uteri, which can be used to bring  more males in here. That’s about it. But, we have always been scapegoats, convenient targets for males, I think, because we have less social standing, less economic power, many of us are very isolated, and we tend to be physically much smaller than men and, therefore, less threatening, so it is easy for them to turn their rage on us instead of the huge, hairy, scary enemy. Men blame us because they are absolute cowards and worse!

This is why I say out of range is best. Then, of course, the next thing is to be prepared in every way you can think of.  Develop eyes in the back of your head, if you haven’t already. We really have to be prepared to defend ourselves because we have foes on all sides. There are no heroes – except ourselves.

On the Difficulty of Discussing Sexual Assault by Black or Muslim Men

I want to thank the blogger, StoryEndingNever, and praise her courage for publishing a post about her very brutal rape experience at the hands of an Arab Muslim in Canada. It is always difficult to talk about rape and this post is especially valuable because it talks about the particular ways that white women are prevented from talking about sexual assault when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.

Here is this excellent post:  My Own Personal Arab Muslim Rapist.

The author of this blog has travelled extensively and lives and works in a foreign country where she is a minority, white woman. She has written about the particular way that white women are targeted by non-white males who view us as walking porn in her White Girl Series.

She, also, wrote a very fascinating post, detailing the horrifying incident in which she was strangled and attacked by a group of Muslim men at a live music event in Belgium in 1996. This was when there were still very hostile, very aggressive Muslim men in North Western European countries, but not nearly in the great numbers that have come in recent years and especially in recent months. This article is part of her Conversations with Men series.  Click the following link to read the article: Conversations with Men: The Belt.

This entire blog is excellent and it is 100% radical feminist. I spent most of an evening and late into the night reading a lot of the articles there and I still don’t think I’ve read all of them. I highly recommend it.

Isn’t it interesting how, now matter the circumstances, there is always a reason why a woman is disbelieved or is discouraged from reporting or even discussing rape. If he’s white, we hear, “Why do you want to ruin this poor man’s life.” If he’s black or Muslim, we hear, “This man has already been picked on enough. Why do you want to make life any harder for him?”

So, whether he’s a well-connected frat boy, a Muslim, or a black man, there is always a reason for people not to believe you or to try to stop you from talking.

There is, also, the problem that white women are particular targets for these men. There is, also, the truth – a painful truth for those who wish to protect these men at all costs – that most of the time when rape crosses racial boundaries, it is black on white. White on black rape is relatively rare.

That fact is mentioned in the following video, the primary focus of which is black on white violence and why women – both black and white – are hesitant to report violent crimes committed against themselves when the perpetrator is black or Muslim.


The above video starts off talking about a white woman who was carjacked, then abducted by a black man in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. He explains to the victim that he abducted her because she is “a pretty white girl” and, he thinks, for this reason the cops won’t shoot at him.

Now, somewhere there are some stats on cops killing white women. We are the largest racial group of women murdered by police. Since I have been raped by a uniformed police officer who first put his service revolver in my face, stalked by a Highway Patrolman, strangled by another cop when I didn’t answer his questions the way he liked, harassed by another city cop, leered at, intimidated and harassed by cops in the U.S. of the course of a few decades, I’d be willing to guess that there are many other white women who have been victimized by cops in similar ways who NEVER reported it – for obvious reasons. There is no one to report it to and nobody cares because they’re busying talking about the difficult lives of poor, oppressed black men like the ones in this video.

Furthermore, victims of abductions like this are overwhelmingly white women – usually very petite and light-weight (usually 5’5″ or under and under 130 Lbs.), because we are a lot easier to grab than a taller, larger person. Young, white women are, also, favorite targets for sexual assault by unknown perpetrators, whether they are black or white. The woman in the video is a very typical-looking abduction victim. Now, according to some people on the left, who hate us and want us dead, this is “white women’s privilege.” They’re angry that so many white women get on television this way – by being abducted and frequently never heard from, ever again. But, the reason for this is that is usually who is abducted and when the abduction occurs, which almost always involves a sexual assault, there is, also, a strong likelihood that the victim is going to be murdered pretty quickly.  That is simply the pattern of these particular crimes. So, the cops – if they’re doing their jobs – are in a hurry to find the perp before he has a chance to murder the victim. Interesting, how once, again, black people get to paint themselves as victims in all this – but, there you go.

And, the worst part of it is that many young, white women  – maybe like the woman in this video – believe this bull. They believe that they have “white privilege.” Yes, being abducted, stalked, raped – not to mention sought out by pornographers, pimps and human traffickers (I haven’t even begun to tell my personal stories surrounding these issues!) is “white privilege” for according to these vicious, horrible, hateful people!

There’s a lot of information in the above video, you will hear the narrator talk about a clip of a black news reporter from a major left-wing, national news outlet in the U.S., who is explaining why black women don’t report rapes by black or Muslim men. The reason given is this same left-wing song and dance, “We don’t want to contribute to black male oppression” – as if women of any color could oppress men of any color!

The clip goes on to talk about the cover-up of the recently widely publicized mass gang sex assaults on white women in Germany (and elsewhere in Western Europe). He explains that the government people (and a contingency of what look like Communists to me) are trying to cover it up because the perpetrators are primarily Arabic, Muslim or otherwise black men. (I lump these men all together – niggers/sand niggers. It’s all about the same. The Muslim Arabs have been raping and trafficking in W. European women for centuries – they are the original slave traders and it is from their heinous crimes committed primarily against white women that we get the term “white slavery” – and the blacks from the continent of Africa who have been pouring into W. Europe, for instance, the Somalis, are said to be the absolute worst of all of them.)

As I’ve said, I have not intentions of holding back on this subject anymore. I’m not going to monitor my language. I have the right to call my oppressor any name I choose and as long as “white slavery” and black and Muslim crimes against women exist, I’m not going to make nice about the perpetrators and their enablers. I am not a racist because I am able to detect patterns of male violence against myself and other white women. The racists are the men who rape, assault, harass, etc., across racial lines, who see us as “white whores” deserving of abuse, and as scapegoats for the crimes of white males.

In the next post, I want to talk about something a little bit different: Satanism and Feminism. I’m going to define these terms and talk about why I think Feminism could use an good dose of Satanism. (Not the Satanic Temple kind, either!)

Update: Still more women are coming forward to report to the police in Germany that they were targets of the organized mass sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim men (North African and Arabic men, I believe the former police chief of Cologne called them right before he was forced out of office) on the night of New Year’s Eve.

According to information at the following link, the number of reports has reached 600 and it is believed that there were thousands more perpetrators than originally reported:

Just so much “white women’s privilege!”




When Liberal Men Refuse to Believe White Women: Feminists are Not White Supremacists

More continues to come out about the events around Cologne Cathedral on the Night of New Year’s Eve (Silvester). The Muslim male violence was extreme and well-organized.

I’ve had to descend into Man Land to find some of the information about this event that the very controlled mainstream news media are not reporting on and are, in fact, covering up and trying to do damage control on.

Consistently, I see the finger pointed, by white men, at women and especially feminists. The white man refuses to look at his own complicity in the abuse of women.

Although, the right-wing men are angry with women, even express their rage as they describe the horror of these attacks, it is clear that they would do no differently to us, if given the opportunity. As white women, we know what they are capable of better than any other women do because they have been our first and last abusers, usually in our homes and our workplaces. They are the johns and the would-be johns.

The left-wing men are the ones I blame the most, though, for the fact that we are unable to express what has been happening to us. They are the ones who tell us how terrible it is when a white man rapes us, but we are “racists” and “bigots” when we acknowledge that men of other races are, also, rapists, consumers of pornography, stalkers and abusers of white women.

It is the liberal-male who will be the first to shout us down and shut us out completely when we, as white women, talk about our experiences with black men. We are not allowed to name or describe this oppressor. Even that he is chief among male oppressors in some regions is not permitted to be discussed.

And, if you describe your experiences with such men, you will be summarily dismissed: “Racist.” You will be classed with the other segment of your oppressors: The white, male supremacist, who has utter contempt for all women and sees us as his property. This is where it becomes obvious that the liberal male and the black male, also, see us as the white man’s property.

In the context of the civil war-like violence directed at the women of Cologne, Germany, I mentioned a witness, who was a bouncer working in the area that night. He did an interview describing the events of that night, December 31, 2015, in German. Last night,  I ran across a portion of that video, to which someone added English subtitles. Here it is:


I can only guess at the motive for cutting off the first few minutes of this video, which you won’t see here. In the original version of it, this man states that he is, himself, a refugee of 40 years, originally from Croatia. I suspect that whatever white man is responsible for doing the subtitled version of this video did not want to make it too obvious that this man is, himself, a refugee.

This whole video is very interesting, but what struck me upon seeing it the second time around, after digesting all the violence that he describes, is that this man, apparently, thought that stories of white women being assaulted by mokes – a regular thing in Germany, even when I was there 20 years ago – was something made up by right-wing, white supremacist, neo-nazi types.

So, what we are seeing here is the genuine article, I think: The liberal, white male, who has to see something with his own eyes before he can believe a white woman. ‘Cause, as you know, we white bitches secretly lust after all shades of chocolate dick, which is why we make up stories about being raped, chased and assaulted by niggers. This is what is, apparently, in the mind of the liberal male. And, in the mind of the conservative white male is the myth that we have fantasies of being raped by white men, which is why we lie about being raped, assaulted, beaten, held captive, and nearly murdered by white dudes all the time.

(Now, you will notice that I’m making free use of forbidden words here because I’m going to break down these taboos, even if I do it only in my own life. I’m going to speak the truth, the way it is, and with the little bit of language I have to express myself in the context of the situation I have found myself in. And, it doesn’t matter if I say “nigger” or I don’t say “nigger” because I am already damned – I am already condemned as a white racist bitch – a white whore. So, why should it matter what language I use to describe my oppressors?)

I hear the white men talking about this asking why, when feminists talk about these attacks publicly, we only say “Men.” They ask why the one female German politician in some other city in Germany, when she condemned these attacks, referred to the attackers only as “Men.” Not as “Muslim men” or any number of apt descriptions of these men apart from their sex, which might be applied.

The reason, of course, is the condemnation that would come down on her head from the only group, who publicly purport to support the rights of women: The liberals – the left. Now, I don’t think they actually do support women’s rights at all because they are in love with pornography, the prostitution of women and girls and they like to use terms like “consent” and “choice” in antithetical ways. But, they are the only ones who even pretend to treat women like human beings. We don’t get that much from the right, do we?

Furthermore, the problem is, in fact, men! Just because there is a spotlight, at present, on a particular group of men abusing women and girls, this does not absolve other men from their role in abusing women. While the streets are clearly not safe from Muslim men, our homes and workplaces are not safe from white men – including German men. Germany is not immune from the problem of domestic violence by any means! Moreover, the German man is now legally, a buyer and seller of women. Even before it was formally legal in Germany, the prostitution of women was tolerated. (I even had a German man try to prostitute me while I was in Germany. He took me to a brothel and tried to get me a “job.”)

So, the problem is men. This is true. The men on the right don’t want us to talk about that – that it is ALL men. And, the men on the left are the ones who will shout you down as a “racist” or simply dismiss you as a white supremacist (classing you with your white male oppressors) if you talk about your experiences with the mokes.

So, we see here the guilt of the men on the left by their complicity in this male violence in their refusal to believe us! And, not only disbelieve us, but to abuse us the way liberals do when we try to talk about it.

That’s the thing that really stands out to me the most about the above video. How many times do you think women he knew told him about their experiences with Muslims and other dark foreigners in Germany harassing them, assaulting them, threatening them, and he simply dismissed these women as racists and liars?