Female Motorists and Police Corruption: Toni(e) Anderson Missing in the Kansas City Area Since January 15, 2017

This is a case I’ve been trying to follow closely because it represents another one of those problems we’re not allowed to discuss. I’ve always felt that the stories about black men being shot by cops are a smokescreen for what the cops are really doing: Extortion; stalking; raping; and human trafficking. I don’t personally know any of these people or know anything about the case and I live a long distance from the area and I don’t want to say anything that would add to their pain, but I will post the facts about this case. I’ve been following it so closely because it resembles my own experience with police harassment and stalking. I, also, have witnessed police sex trafficking (literally running a prostitution ring) and extortion is a regular practice of  many city governments (of whom the police are agents – that’s who they really work for, not you and me) and individual cops.

According to reports, Toni Anderson left work at a club called, “Chrome,” where she has worked for about three years, and was driving to a gas station in a satellite town of K.C., called North Kansas City. She was stopped by the police, which was, according to a friend of hers given in a news report, a common occurrence.

According to several reports, the first stop this night occurred at 4:20 a.m. After that, she went on to the QuickTrip gas station because her tank was low. She left the gas station and got out on the highway and at 4:42, she texted a friend saying, “OMG, I just got pulled over, again.” She has been missing ever since. According to this report, the family is now searching in the direction of Parkville, MO because that’s where the last ping from her cellphone came from. Although, according to numerous reports, Toni was supposed to headed in the opposite direction to meet some friends at a hole in the wall called the Shady Lady just east of Kansas City proper.

Initially, the cops denied pulling her over, then they decided that they did pull her over for failing to use a turn signal while changing lanes and said she was given only a “warning,” of which there seems to be no record. The cop then claimed that he pointed her to the gas station and left.The police will not release the video from the QT, which apparently they have in their possession, nor will they release dash cam video of her being pulled over (the cops in question at this point are North Kansas City PD and not greater Kansas City cops).

But, the surveillance video from a business across the street shows that the cop didn’t just point the way to the gas station, he pulled in behind her. It is, also, reported that at the GPS tracking device placed on her car by the insurance company conveniently went dead at the time she was at the gas station.

Further, it is reported that someone tried and failed twice to get money using her ATM card at the station. (My question: Why would she need to use an ATM when she just left work and probably had a couple of hundred dollars or more in cash on her, regardless of whether she was waiting tables or dancing at the club? Even during the post-holiday season, you’re probably not going to walk out of there with nothing.)

Very wisely, Toni Anderon’s family immediately hired a private investigator. Now, they are battling with the police, who claim there is no evidence of any foul play, to release the video from the QT and the DashCam video. While they are shelling out dough for a private investigator and battling with the police, they are, also, having to search for her, all by themselves.

Predators try to find women they think don’t have family or friends. Toni has a lot of caring family and friends, though. So, they made a little mistake there. You see, the cops have a tendency to live in a fantasy world and they make up stories about women in their own heads. They like to refer to us as “working girls,” they look us up and down in restaurants and follow us around with a hard on and they like to do some other things I won’t mention right now, but I will say that the cops are so bad that I don’t understand why we have them. Why would any decent people want to have cops? – Brainwashing, obviously, from lots and lots of television and movies in which they are depicted as heroes.  They are a criminal gang and a very large roadblock to solving crimes or obtaining justice because they are part of a system… a rotten system that can only be eliminated by gutting it at its foundation. If you are a radical feminist, you know what that means because we know who commits virtually ALL of these crimes.

Here are some links to information about this case. You can see that she is a lovely young woman, only 20-years old, someone who is trying to do something with her life, and has been unable to do so because someone took away her “choices” and “consent.” She was supposed to show up for classes at UMKC, but didn’t make it.

Here are some links to recent reports on the case:


Although this happened in K.C., MO, Toni is originally from Wichita. This article is about the family’s petition to get the cops to release the videos they have: http://www.kansas.com/news/local/article130284679.html

Some women have gone missing and turned up a few weeks later. I keep following this case like a number of other cases of missing and abducted “privileged” white women in this country. I hope she’s okay and if someone is holding her captive, which is possible (K.C. is a center of sex trafficking – it’s been a problem for a long time and the cops and the mob are practically indistinguishable – so this doesn’t seem out of the question to me.), that she is able to escape.

Small update on 2/3/2017: 

Here is a link to a care2 petition, which is aimed at getting the police to release the video footage they have in their possession while investigating this case in which they say there is no evidence of foul play – which seems like a contradiction: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/638/830/815/missing-toni-anderson-demand-surveillance-videodash-cam/

Another WordPress Blogger has further information about this, including a little fact, which only seems logical, which is that there would have to be, at least, two people involved in this abduction. In my own experience an on-duty cop sometimes uses armed men who are not apparently cops to do his crimes. I was held at gunpoint and nearly killed a few years ago in a situation like this. (Not in K.C, but a whole other city in a far away state – this is just how cops operate, in general, that I am describing.)  This blogger’s article on the subject is worth reading and it includes this little paragraph right here: “…a friend of hers called NKCPD dispatch…recorded the conversation during which the NKCPD dispatcher said TWO COPS were involved in their first stop of Anderson and contrary to the KCPD spin on the story or “LIE”. So…either 2 SUV’s or 2 cops in 1 vehicle.”  This article makes two other points, which I agree with completely. The local media appear to be complicit in covering something up by their failure to report important details that incriminate the cops. Also, the Eff Bea Eye is, in the very best case scenario, a useless organization. I, also, have had an experience with them, which I have never told, not even at my private blog, because I feel it is too dangerous to discuss and anyway, the only people I ever told it to didn’t believe it. Nobody wants to believe what cop agencies are really up to. But, I will tell you this about cops, including that agency, in general – they are essentially there to manage what is going on in the way of serial murders and human trafficking.

At times like this, I want to talk about such things because I know some people are focused on it who might be open to the terrible truth that surrounds us, but most of the time my philosophy about such matters is that “There ain’t no point in talkin’ when there’s nobody listenin’.” Anyone who has ever heard my personal stories of harrowing violence and narrowly escaping being murdered every now and then while simply trying to live as a white woman in this country shouldn’t be surprised by anything in this case.

Thoughts on Trump as President and What It Really Means for Women: White Women as Scapegoats

I’ve been reading other bloggers’ articles on the recent election of Trump, all of which express valid concerns about the possible outcomes of having a sex predator in the White House and why so many people voted for this pervert. I’ve, also, been watching the liberal democrat meltdown, which has been pretty ugly.

The Democrats are really nasty toward white women. I noticed them ramping it up in the past year or so. They’ve organized mobs to go after white women they’ve suspected of being racist – which is all of us, by the way, we are all racist just for existing. They have run all kinds of articles about racist white college girls giving themselves charcoal-based facials and taking a group photo. Warning: If you’re a white woman, never take a picture of yourself exfoliating! There are tons of examples of such “racists” all over the internet. They defend black men attacking white women by saying she must be racist, she probably called him “nigger,” so she deserved to be hit and possibly permanently injured or killed.

Back when Trump was still running and Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart reporter was battered by Corey Lewandowski and the gang of of assorted fruits & nuts and MRAs over at Breitbart began a smear campaign against her and forced her to resign, left wing dudebros, those marvelous “feminist allies” of ours, said she basically got what she deserved for working for the Republican-dominated blog. They said the same thing when Gretchen Carlson came out with her allegations against Roger Ailes. “What do women expect when they work for right-wing men?” Some anonymous women from CNN (a left-wing news organization) said the same thing was happening to them. Of course, it is. This behavior from men is ubiquitous. This is what men do to women in the workplace, regardless of the workplace or the political views of the men who work there. Left-wing men are just as bad as right-wing ones and, in many instances, they are worse. Like the 8-year olds they are mentally, they just point their fingers at other men and say, “Look at what he’s doing” as a childish diversion. Left-wing men, after all, are the main proponents of porn and the prostitution of women and girls. We women are not blind and deaf to this fact. Right-wing women may recognize it better than some others. They are not to blame when they try to make choices that keep themselves a little more safe when they dare to pursue a career of any kind or just try to put food on the table. Yet, here is the blame from left-wing men. “She should have known better.” “What did she expect?” “She got what she deserved!”

The left wing has not been kind to women. That was before the election. Now, after the election, they are really showing us their fangs:

From the Huffington-Post (not surprising, at all): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dear-white-women-we-messed-this-up-election-2016_us_582341c9e4b0aac62488970e This lovely piece calls  American white women racists for not wanting to be raped by hoards of Muslims like so many of our sisters in Western Europe have been.

Then there is this very unfunny, hateful, race-baiting, so-called comedian from the boring, pathetic excuse for a comedy show called The Daily Show, who blamed white American women for electing Trump. Samantha Bee is a foreigner – a Canadian, in fact, which makes this seem even more offensive from my point of view:


Then, there’s this gem from alleged feminist, Lena Dunham, at her blog, Lenny: http://www.lennyletter.com/politics/a608/dont-agonize-organize/: “It’s painful to know that white women, so unable to see the unity of female identity, so unable to look past their violent privilege, and so inoculated with hate for themselves, showed up to the polls for him, too.”  I don’t know what “violent privilege” means. I don’t know if she’s trying to say – like so many liberals have been saying – that white women are inherently violent oppressors of all other people. But, that’s what I think she’s saying. So, this puts us in a spot doesn’t it? – it’s hard to even defend yourself when you are already seen as a violent instigator. Never mind the hard fact that it is white women who are the primary victims of white male violence as well as violence from other men, including black men and, not uncommonly, black women.  I, also, resent her idea that white women are self-hating, that we somehow enjoy being abused or feel that we are deserving of it, that we are masochists – and that’s why white women (by the way, it was the electoral college, not white women of the general voting population who selected the president because that’s how our representative republic works! Maybe Dunham and Samantha Bee should actually read the U.S. Constitution sometime…) elected trump.  Before the election, Dunham promised she’d move to Canada if Trump got elected. I hope she does us a favor and keeps that promise, but I’m sure we won’t be rid of her anytime soon.

Here’s another one from a liberal charmer at Courier Mail, which doesn’t even to appear to be in the U.S. – It looks like Australia!:  http://www.couriermail.com.au/rendezview/whos-to-blame-for-hillary-clintons-loss-angry-white-women/news-story/e1b924cb06b1a40752c68078bf7a13e8 This is a nice way to talk to us white women from rural areas, isn’t it? Refer to my home as “the rural backwaters of America.” Yeah, I’m ignorant, barefoot, pregnant, toothless and living in a trailer park and, with all that immense power and white privilege, I am somehow responsible for the actions of men like Donald Trump! This is not the way to gain friends and wield influence among white women. This is not a way to win my vote or my sense of fellowship. But, we’re just animals to these liberals, anyway. They’ve been making their point very clearly for a while. Strangely enough, this article sees the triumph of Trump as white women voting against Clinton’s “feminism.” Gee, Clinton’s feminism… hmmm. I don’t see Hillary Clinton as a feminist. How many feminists do you know who are married to serial rapists? How many feminists have a best friend like Huma Abedin, who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and who is, also, married to (or maybe separated from by now) a serial pervert and child sex predator? Are we white women to blame if that makes us feel uncomfortable? Are we to blame if we recognize that being a “stand by your man” kind of woman is the opposite of being a feminist? Do they think white women are so stupid that we cannot see the hatred and hypocrisy of the left and the Democrats? There is no end to their abuses of us, as evidenced by this article and so many others.

There are more links to similar articles in No More Paper Towels’ article, “When All Else Fails, Just Blame White Women.”

Liberals and Democrats seem to have the idea that their perverts are somehow more acceptable than the conservative perverts in the Republican party. Well, perverts are perverts. Men are perverts and they are everywhere, running everything. Putting Clinton in office would not have changed that, at all, since her first appointee was going the be President Rape, Bill Clinton.

So, women voters got to choose from two groups of sick, sadistic perverts. Most people I know who didn’t want Clinton in there were worried about what another 8 years of the hell Obama has put us through would lead to. The biggest problem the Democrats have is Obamacare. Many women are entrepreneurs, many of us run our own businesses or work as independent contractors – exactly because of the Roger Ailes, Anthony Weiners, Bill Clintons and Donald Trumps of the world – and we are being hit hard by Obamacare. In a recent Chapman University Survey of what Americans fear most, official corruption (which the Clinton Family is no stranger to), identity theft, and Obamacare were among the the top fears. At least, 35% of respondents indicated they feared Obamacare. Personally, Obamacare has been giving me night sweats for years! I know I’m not alone, but if I say anything about it I am automatically a “racist!” This is why the Democrats and Clinton lost. In a nutshell, this is the reason. We were give a choice between two sets of perverts – one promising (albeit falsely, I’m sure) to repeal Obamacare and the other planning to reinforce it and perhaps move us into something far, far worse. So, many women voted for Trump, many of whom are not “ignorant,” “barefoot,””backwater-dwelling” women, but entrepreneurs and self-employed women, voted against more Obamacare because it is a policy, an illegal tax, which is hurting us very badly and in very real ways right now. 

I am one of those women the liberals hate. It wouldn’t matter who I voted for or if I voted at all. (I don’t believe in voting because I know all about the government corruption!) I am a frequently barefoot, gun-totin’, genuine hillbilly and I am and proud of it! I am representative of the kind of women liberal Democrats hate most! I am expected to ignore their hatred and support these abusers, somehow. I don’t think so! That hardly qualifies me as self-hating or a masochist, but it does make liberals and Democrats really, really bad people for the most part. They are rotten to the core and no different from the Republicans who I know hate me, too.

In the end this whole thing doesn’t mean much. I’ve been working on ways to deal, on a personal level, with the corruption, the Obamacare and the probably inevitable universal healthcare. I long ago stopped dealing with men, at least, by choice. When I do have to deal with them, I frequently have one hand on a rod and I don’t turn my back on them because I know all too well what they do when you turn your back. I see the liberals and Democrats as the greatest threat to my civil rights as a white woman. Many other women, apparently, see things the same way. The threat from the Republicans is more obvious – it’s right in your face. The Democrats are more subtle, but just as dangerous, if not more so.

Furthermore, if Clinton had gotten in, things would not have changed for women in any positive way. The hatred of women, especially white, American women, that was ginned up before the election would have only gotten worse. We are living on the edge a new Burning Times, as it is. I think we may have dodged a bullet by her loss and lived to fight another day.

We can’t fix this system that was made by men. A woman as Commander-in-Chief is still a war lord – and Clinton, was sure to lead us into more wars, as surely as any man, including Trump. A lot about her ties to ISIS and the government ties to this CIA-created faux problem came out in the Wikileaks emails. Everybody who was paying attention already knew this, but the emails provided links to specifically named donors, in particular in Saudi Arabia. You may remember that the Bush Family, also, has close ties to the Saudi leaders and that it looks like this relationship (collusion is a better word) played a role in the attack on the World Trade Center. These facts, also, put a nail in the Clinton coffin. Women don’t want war. We don’t benefit from war. Which of the two candidates has a history of not just stupid rhetoric, but conducting wars? Yes, Clinton. Trump is scary with his ignorance and his casual talk about using nukes, but it is Clinton who has the record of war-mongering. Somehow the Democrats seem to have bad collective memories about this.

White women, also, don’t want a Muslim invasion. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with liberty and self-preservation. Plus, out here in the “backwater,” we don’t like to waste lead! So, this is something we don’t want to see. We don’t want the violence we have seen committed primarily by Muslim men against white women to start happening here in the U.S. Although, it has been happening in some towns where there have been attacks on white women and rapes of little white girls by Muslim males. There has, also, been sex trafficking of white girls and women by Somalis, similar to such cases in the U.K. I don’t believe Trump when he says he’s going to stop a Muslim invasion, but I understand why it is comforting to white women to hear and maybe believe when, meanwhile, Clinton is saying outright that she’s going to bring more of these violent perverts in here to attack us – us! We are their primary targets. And, why wouldn’t she be fine with bring these monsters in here? She’s fine being married to a violent pervert, herself. Again, this isn’t feminism! Hillary Clinton is no kind of feminist. On that front, she’s as big of a fraud as Trump is.

I have no idea what’s going to happen with Trump in the White House. I’m concerned about the nausea and the horrific nightmares I endured the past few months just from reading the daily news online. I really cannot cope much longer with hearing about “pussy grabbing” and “Weiner-gate” and being reminded of the nightmare of the Clinton years with its talk of cigars and semen-stained, blue dresses and jokes about Slick Willie and his dick. I’ve reduced the amount of news I read. If it looks like there are going to be more of these horrible, disgusting things coming out everyday – which seems likely with Trump – I plan to stop, not just scale back, looking at news sites.

A few months ago, I wrote some posts talking about the child-rape case against Trump involving Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted child-rapist and known sex trafficker, who is good friends with the Clintons and the Trumps. That alleged victim and some others tried, again, to bring a suit in New York. Epstein’s victims are only allowed to sue civilly. That’s part of the deal that was made and he’s settled with a number of them – recently, I read 50, but it’s probably more. These appear to be some other victims. A few days before the election, Lisa Bloom (attorney and daughter of Gloria Allred), was planning on giving a press conference with that victim, who was going to come forward in public for the first time. (Other of Epstein’s victims, those still living, are in hiding. Virginia Roberts, his most famous victim, is rumored to be in hiding somewhere in Australia.) At the last minute, the press conference was cancelled, with Bloom stating that her client is “living in fear.” Here’s a video below:


Bloom, also, said that all of her clients related to Trump cases had been threatened and her firm’s website was hacked that day.

It is not unheard of for Trump’s team to threaten women who are trying to sue him. For instance, there is this case of one of the plaintiffs from one of the many suits against “Trump University.” She was the lead plaintiff and was terrorized into dropping out.

Furthermore, there is this disturbing video of one of Trump’s alleged sexual assault victims, who is clearly scared out of her wits since he is going to be president:


The sounds Ms. Zervos is making are familiar to me. This is the kind of condition I was in after I was held at gunpoint and nearly murdered a few years ago by three huge men, one of them an on-duty cop. These uncontrollable noises this woman is making while her attorney is speaking are the result of terror that is so strong that it causes your body to sort of energetically surge, it’s a strong physical pulse of energy, and you involuntarily make these sounds. This is the fear of knowing you are surrounded by inhuman monsters who want to devour your flesh and drink your blood! I don’t know if I can take 4 years of this kind of thing, but I’m afraid this is what we are in for.

My final words to you are these: Take care of yourself. It’s all you can do. Take care of yourselves first and worry about social causes some other day. We are all in deep trouble and we were before this election was decided and it would not have mattered which one of these degenerates and their party won. The same sick, patriarchal system has its boot on our necks and they’re no different now than the were in 1692. We’ve just got to find our own way out from under. We’ve got to find our own way around these obstacles. A frontal assault is clearly futile. We are completely outnumbered. We have no allies – certainly not on the left. And you already know the right sees us as nothing more than livestock. So, we’re on our own. We must think about living to fight another day.

So, take care of yourselves, all of you!

Additional reading:

This article from The Atlantic, October 2016, “Fear of a Female President” describes some of my own concerns about a female presidency being accompanied by an increase in male violence against women, especially white women. The backlash against white women in the U.S., which was strong before the election cycle began last year, grew immensely. The talk about burning witches and so on was really hair-raising and came from men on both the left (most notoriously, the Bernie Bros) and men on the right. My personal fears were that the attacks against white women would increase if Hillary Clinton had won. This article talks about just that: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/10/fear-of-a-female-president/497564/

It turns out the assertion that white women “elected” Trump comes from a CNN exit poll of run-of-the-mill voters. Here’s a link to the article at CNN: http://www.cnn.com/election/results/exit-polls/national/president I have not been able to locate any information of the actual vote, which is the electoral vote, which is the one that elected Trump. I seriously hope that the electoral college is just the “electoral college” and is not divided by skin color and the type of genitals they have. Perhaps that is the case and maybe that’s why I cannot find any such information online. As every American knows (or should know), the only vote that counts toward the election of the president of the U.S. is that of the members of the electoral college. Also, exist polls are notoriously inaccurate. So, the liberals are just making this whole thing up to smear white women. Their hatred has never been more palpable. They are classic abusers.

The White Supremacist Woman’s View of the White Man and the Question: What Would a “Good Man” Look Like?

This question, “What would a ‘good man’ look like?” and this entire post is inspired by another blogger, Orwell’s Daughter, who has been doing a lot of audio posts lately, as opposed to writing her blogs. She posts the topic and a description at WordPress and then double-tasks by doing an audio post while she gets in her cardio workout.

I’ve had a number of subjects that have come up that I want to blog about, but I’ve been very busy both with work and with taking care of some other important things involving dealing with contractors. I’ve only been able to check out the recent posts of my favorite bloggers and this is my first window of opportunity to sit down and write anything in a while. I’ve been keeping up with Orwell’s Daughter while fixing lunch or dinner. Audio (like radio) is a communication medium I’ve always greatly appreciated.

I think I first ran across her blog a while back when I was looking up something to do with why white males and, in particular the American white nationalists or white supremacists, hate white women so much. I’d had an experience at YouTube in which I left a comment at a video about the Muslim invasion that turned out to be some kind of white supremacist channel. That’s when I discovered how much they hate white women, how much they presume women – in particular, white women – are always hot to be fucked by any male with a functioning dick, and how they regard us as both whores and livestock.  I made what I thought was a supportive comment and, in return, received rape fantasies about me being gang-raped by Pakistanis (that’s a different twist since usually I’m told I should be gang-raped by Mexicans or niggers). The internet provides the opportunity to interact with kinds of people you’d never go near in real life! So, I had no idea that white supremacists or white nationalists were so nasty to “their own” women.

Then, I found Orwell’s Daughter’s blog, which provides some humorous and, also, undoubtedly offensive criticism and insights into this behavior. What I have learned since is that there are two main factions of white supremacists that you will find online. The have similar sounding names and I don’t recall which is which, but one of them got a leader (like all dudebros and demons they love hierarchy and look up to a leader) who is some kind of MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), which probably explains the massive crossover we see between the MRAs and their various factions and the White Supremacists.

But, all White Supremacists appear to be, essentially, MRAs and some kind of conservatives who are all about propogating “the race.” It’s just that there is one faction that is even more vicious and hateful toward women than the other group, if you can believe it. They all try to figure out how they can lure white women to impregnate and when they fail at this, they often seek Asian or Eastern European women to impregnate – Asians being a favorite choice for them. And, this is, also, very odd. To me they seem to be more of an openly racist faction of MRAs who have a special hatred for white, American women.

Just as there are a few women who are involved in AVfM or MGTOW and who call themselves FeMRAs (Female Men’s Rights Activists), there are a few (very few) white women involved in white supremacist groups. They are there despite the fact that they are subject to all kinds of abuse by the males of the group, which I have witnessed in their online discussions. I’m not sure why they are there, at all. This part is still baffling to me.

All of the world of white supremacy can apparently be divided into two other groups: Christians and pagans. The pagan ones seem to have their act together slightly better than the Christian ones. At least, they recognize that Christianity is a Jewish religion with origins in Africa, possibly Ethiopia (according to Tacitus), but most certainly Africa because, according to their own books, this is where this group of people, who had been kept as slaves, were led out of by Moses, using the power of their invisible man in the sky. The concept of White Supremacist Christians makes about as much sense as keeping the white, European race pure by impregnating large numbers of Asian women. So, at least the pagans are smart enough to figure out that hating Jews and Africans does not harmonize well with adhering to a Jewish/African religion. Most of the women involved seem to be Norse pagans, although, I’ve seen a few Christians who seem to be the breedin’-for-the-Lord type.

Again, why are these women there? I cannot say for certain, but it I believe it may be that they think the last hope for men is the white man. There are reasons why someone might come to that conclusion – all created by the white man, himself, of course.

According to white supremacists, everything good in the world was created by the white man – they sometimes say “white race” or “white people,” but they always mean the males – because, according to them, women exist only to serve men and to breed more of them, either for males to continue their wars or for males to have pretty blond girls to fuck and suck the life’s blood out of, according to the sex of the offspring. Women’s accomplishments have been erased and as feminists we are well-acquainted with this fact.

Men have always owned women and still do to a large extent. In the days even worse than the present ones, they owned us and in so doing, they owned all our property. They owned our bodies and all that we produced by them (children – which they still own under the law in most cases) and they owned all that we produced with our minds and our hands. All intellectual property, all inventions, all that we wrought – all of it was stolen by men and claimed by them as their own.

They barred us from studying at universities, stole our ideas, claimed them as their own and got prizes and awards for them – never giving credit. Such was the case with the Lise Meitner (a European woman who, also, happened to be Jewish) who first came up with the procedure to split the atom. Men stole her work, took the credit, erased her existence, then used her discovery to murder innocent women and children. This is only one such example. There are many more. For instance, Werner Heisenberg, did not discover quantum mechanics – Annie Besant did. Einstein, a complete Jewish fraud who was a patent clerk, stole every single one of his so-called theories – none of which stand up to the scrutiny of any rational, independently thinking individual. Some of the people he stole from were women – some sources say he stole ideas from his own wife, which is not unusual.

Men, also, have relied on the service of women while they did work in cases where they actually did their own work. Still, a remarkable number of household, automobile, and agricultural inventions were the products of the minds and hands of women. In the U.S., property rights for women were a little better early on, but in some other countries, like England, women could not file for patents, so anything they invented would have some man’s name on it because she was OWNED by a man and could not act independently.

Men have, also, forced women to hide our identities not only in the past – but right this very moment. We have to be very careful to protect ourselves because men want to rape and kill us simply because we exist and when we resist them, when we tell the truth, when we express opinions they don’t like, that makes them want to rape and kill us faster.

Many women in the past and even now must hide their identities to obtain paying work. Thanks to the internet, this has never been easier! But, the circumstances of our needing to keep our anonymity because of male violence has not changed, therefore, even now women and women’s accomplishments are being erased and being presumed to be that of males – because that is the only safe way for us to operate.

It is said that history is written by the victorious and this is very true. When you are looking at recorded history, especially the popularly accepted versions of it, you are looking at a propaganda machine. It is a machine run by men at the expense of women. It is run this way so that men can retain their dominance over women and ensure that they have someone to stick their dick in, beat, rape, and kill at will because this is how men roll. As TrustYourPerceptions says, this is their struggle for the human genome and when you look at history, you see the propaganda of this struggle.

The white man is especially good at, not only erasing women’s contributions to the world – women without whom they would not even exist – but, they like to ignore other people’s history and when that’s not possible, they dismiss it or ridicule it.

Recently, I saw a YouTube comment left by a white supremacist in response to a comment by an American Indian. It listed a bunch of things the white dudebro believed that Indians never accomplished. It was all lies – all white man’s propaganda, which the white man, especially, loves to believe. It was something to the effect that the Indians never developed a written language, or built anything, or did any of a whole long list of things. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence for the red race once being the technologically dominant people on the planet. Of course, you won’t find this in the white man’s history books. But, you will have trouble ignoring the evidence if you venture down to Mexico, south of the Rio Grande, where the European males did not destroy every single goddamn thing in their wake like they did north of the Rio. Down there, they just destroyed most of it. Still, you can see that these were sophisticated builders with a sophisticated mathematical system (still not understood by the W. Europeans), and a sophisticated system of language and medicine.

For instance, the Aztec language is written in pictographs, which don’t look like the Roman alphabet, but they are a written language system. In fact, it looks so unlike the Western way of writing that it is likely that a typical white man would see it and not recognize it as a written language, at all. One of the oldest surviving manuscripts of the North American continent is an Aztec herbal translated into Latin in the 16th century, called the Badianus (everything else was destroyed by white male agents of the Vatican) Manuscript, demonstrates the sophistication of both their language and their system of botany. Again, it is very different from how Western patriarchal doctors would organize plants and their characteristics, but there is a reason for the organization they used, which has to do with their sophisticated understanding of medicine. All of it was formally lost, due to the intentional and systematic destruction by the white man – who now claims that the dirty savages never accomplished anything, at all. Having survived the Mexican Inquisition (an extension of the Spanish Inquisition, which was horrible, despite the efforts of some to say it wasn’t so bad since they didn’t kill as many women as the German men did in the same period!) the old medical system is kept alive today by many women and passed from mother to daughter.

The Indians may have been the most remarkable builders on this planet. They built civilization after civilization going back for millennia. They are still the builders – I have to hire Mexicans because white men won’t climb up 3 stories! And, remember who built those skyscrapers in New York City? – it wasn’t Donald Trump or anyone who looks like him – it was Navajos with their long, black hair blowing in the wind 50 stories up walking around on 2′ x 4’s. It was, also, the Navajo language that helped the Americans win the war because the Germans, as intelligent as they are, couldn’t decode it. South of the Rio, the Indians built ancient astronomical observatories that look similar to modern Western ones. They studied the stars. All the indications are that they flew in some kind of airships or rockets. There are and were (many of these were wiped out due to European agriculture production) what appear to be aerial markers (visible only from high up in the sky) and landing strips all over this continent. You won’t find this information in the white man’s history books, though. He wants you to believe that his is the dominant race, the dominant genome.

Again, this is just one example. The white man continually ridicules or ignores the accomplishments of other people. Here’s another for instance: Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve run across. It’s an ingenious system that survived centuries in China. It is highly effective, tried and true, yet it’s hard to find a publication written by a white man who has gone to study this system, which isn’t full of arrogance and ridicule. Yet, the Chinese have remedies for many problems that Western orthodox science and medicine cannot begin to fathom.

By contrast, the white man’s medicine has accomplished very little. They are mostly purveyors of disease and pain. They set up not-for-profit companies and claim to be researching a cure for cancer or Alzheimers, or MS, or CP, or autism (which they probably created), while torturing animals and people and doing absolutely nothing else – except taking donations, of course! – and never finding a cure. When was the last time the American Cancer Society, for instance, found a cure for cancer? When did the Alzheimer’s Foundation or the Parkinson’s Association or on and on in this vein – when did they ever cure any of these diseases? They say they are incurable! Although, most have been cured by ordinary people, by folk doctors, Mexican curanderas and brujas, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in many cases by American Indians (American Indians have multiple cures for cancer that give excellent results), who have proven cures that have existed for hundreds and thousands of years and they found these cures without torturing animals or people. But, the white man says – and many white women believe it, too – that the white man’s medicine is the best. The truth is that the white man’s medicine has always been bad in every respect, beginning with it’s foundation – it’s entire philosophy being one of materialism and making war.

Now, if you go to school, whether public or private (and I’ve attended both at various levels of my education), you will learn only about the white man’s science, the white man’s history,  his literature, his accomplishments (his buildings, his bridges, etc.), his philosophy, his medicine (biology), which is all told from his perspective, and those of other people, including white women, are carefully excluded. The accomplishments of women are almost entirely excluded – all I remember is Sacajawea and Betsy Ross! Sacajawea was taken captive, first by other Indian men, then by white men, and held as a “wife” and impregnated by a Frenchman. She had the baby with her while acting as a guide to Lewis and Clark. This must have been a great hardship and you can bet she never saw a dime or her freedom for having rendered this service. Betsy Ross, stitched up a flag, and this memory is truly a slap in the face to the contributions of white women in the early colonies, who were, also, slaves – the first white women being indentured servants and wives to particularly unenlightened Englishmen. White European women gave birth, often in the fields they were tending, and, if it’s anything like today, did the work of ten men while the men drank themselves into a stupor and masturbated. The Betsy Ross story is a cruel joke – a last laugh on white women- by the white, male historians.

At this point, if I were talking to a white supremacist, they would point out to me that a whole lot of what appears to be “white men” doing bad things is actually “Jewish men” masquerading as white and influencing the white men with their movies and Jewish propaganda designed to undermine the white race. Jews are running the government and the schools and causing all the corruption and perversion. White men aren’t really all this bad, they would say. They are made to look this way by Jewish impersonators and are being influenced by Jewish-run institutions. This is how the white man diverts attention away from his own crimes, his own degeneracy and the fact that he must be one of the greatest rapists on this planet – look at the Jews. Look at her, or him, or it. They’re the real culprits, he says. Or, at least, he says, they are just as bad as I am so why are you picking on me?

When Hitler cleaned out the Bauhaus in Berlin, they all went to the Los Angeles area and thus Hollywood was born. The first studios were owned by five Jewish families and many actors, directors, pornographers, and other perverts in Hollywood to this day are Jewish. It’s a fact.

It is very interesting. If you look at who owns any of the major media, whether publications like magazines or books, or news or entertainment outlets on television, or the movies, you will find that they are entirely male and overwhelmingly Jewish! It’s the same with the private Federal Treasury, which illegally prints the U.S.Dollar. Isn’t that interesting?

If you search further, you’ll find that they have done a lot of damage to white Europeans, including the males, but mostly it is women who have suffered, as always. For instance, an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the World Wars will lead any unbiased researcher to the conclusion that the official history is a lie told by Jews in order to extort money from the nations of the West and to form the essentially Communist state of Israel, which is a center of political power – not just in the world, but in the U.S. They are manipulating politicians – all of them, including Trump, as you will surely have noticed if you watched the recent speeches to AIPAC (a lobby belonging to Israel – a whole other country) during the elections. If a politician says and does what the Jews in Israel want, they send him a big, fat check! They are lining the pockets of all kinds of politicians, both Democrat and Republican.

The so-called Jewish Holocaust is a lie – an absolute, in-your-face lie – concocted by these same people to guilt and extort the Germans and anyone who even looks like a German! They even extort Switzerland, which was neutral during the war and didn’t have an opportunity to shove any Jews into any ovens, make-believe or otherwise. This Jewish Holocaust lie is perpetuated by the ADL and by the major Ivy League universities in the U.S., in particular, Yale. They are all Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews (like Trump, for instance), but most Jews are Zionists. A few Jews over the years have blown the whistle on this thing and the whistle has been blowing for a long time, but nobody much seems to hear it. And, frankly, even knowing the truth about what I just wrote here is a little frightening. It’s another one of those things we’re not allowed to say or talk about in any way. But, if we don’t talk about it, we can’t get at the all important truth which will set us, as women, free.

I studied all of this stuff a long time ago. I read and studied the works of Marx and Hitler and I read the works of other prominent Germans, in the original language when I could obtain it. Still, I have a collection of these books on my shelves – things like The Zionist Connection, the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, the Truth About the Treaty (of Versailles), Der Bolschewismus von Moses bis Lenin by Dietrich Eckart (one of my favorites, which explains exactly what is going on in Germany and Sweden right now with the Muslim invasion. Eckart was a founding member of NASDAP and it was he who brought Hitler on board.), and multiple collectors copies of Mein Kampf, in English and the German. I, also, have lots of books on the subject of propaganda and the propaganda war because that was the essence of World War II and it is, in fact, the essence of any war.

The white man’s propaganda, which even black women and Hispanic women buy into, is that he is the best. If you are a black woman who can’t find a “good, strong black man,” you might turn your sights on a white man thinking that he is superior to the black man. If you believe the white man’s propaganda (put out by the Jewish media, which is supposedly the enemy and corrupter of the poor widdle, helpless white boys), you might find yourself a genuine Ward Cleaver or, at least, a Gilligan. Maybe he won’t hit you as hard or rape you quite as often. Maybe he can even hold down a high paying job and take you to the idyllic suburbs to live. But, this is a mirage – a false image of hope – for the black woman just as much as it is for many white women because the white man is a man just like any other.He’s just got a really good propaganda machine.

One aspect of his propaganda machine involves scapegoating. He scapegoats everybody and everything in an effort to distract from his own guilt, his own degeneracy. If you want to see some examples, just look at the news – just this past week or so, we’ve had a number of excellent examples of men scapegoating women, other men, a religion, and inanimate objects for their own wicked behavior. We had a white man at Stanford University who raped an intoxicated woman and blamed it on “party culture” and “alcohol.” Although, it doesn’t appear that he was drunk at the time of the crime (according to the two Swedish men on bicycles who caught him trying to kill a woman behind a trash dumpster) and it’s hard to understand what about the word “party” lends itself to rape and attempted murder.

We had another (undoubtedly staged event – one of many since Obama has occupied the White House, which don’t add up – literally, the numbers don’t add up on this one and there is no evidence of any actual killing presented) alleged mass shooting, this time in Orlando, Florida, in which a Muslim man somehow managed to shoot and kill 50 people at a fag bar and injure 50 more (this is where the story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, at all – but most people don’t bother to investigate). In this obvious ploy to gain public sympathy for male perverts (and disarm victims, especially women), a religion has been blamed, American gun culture has been blamed, the 2nd Amendment has been blamed, the NRA has been blamed, guns (inanimate objects) have been blamed – almost everyone has been blamed except the shooter who is a man and, as we all know, it is men who kill.

The white man, especially the white supremacist types, like to blame the Jews for their own failings. While it is true that Jewish media, including Jewish porn, and Jewish universities have caused a lot of problems for white people, especially white women, who are most often the objects of the sexed up programming, pornification, and turning the white woman into the whore of the world, the white man has not resisted – instead, he has joined his Jewish brethren. Then, he’s like a little 5-year old with his hand caught in the cookie jar who points at his friend and says, “He made me do it!” But, the truth is no one made him do anything; he is simply exercising his own nature. He is a male being a male.

Increasingly white women despise men, especially the white man, and for this he blames not himself, but white women, the Jews, black men, Hispanic men, feminism and especially radical feminism (although they appear clueless about what it is). He never blames the real culprit – himself and his depravity, violence, and hatred toward white women. He is so certain we exist for him to rape and kill that  it never enters his mind, apparently, that he is too dangerous and despicable for any white woman to be in the same room with voluntarily.

Still, there are some women – some white women, in particular – who believe the white man can somehow be redeemed. They believe that we can work it out somehow (I don’t know how!). Perhaps this is the motivation of those Nordic pagan white supremacist women. Perhaps they believe the white man’s very old propaganda about life in the icy north before the arrival of the Christians. They say the women were warriors, too, who fought alongside the men. (They say this like it’s a good thing.) They believe that the white man, the brave Vikings – who, by the way, were terrors as much as they were traders the world over, raping and pillaging where they weren’t transacting business  – were examples of true and good men. (True as in troth – meaning loyal, loyal to the tribe.) There is a whole mythology about the All-father, Odin, and there are many female goddesses that figure into it and when it is placed next to Christianity, it is relatively less horrible for women. It is a way of romanticizing the white man, but it is just that – a romance, a fantasy, something that is not real and has absolutely no foundation in reality.

Some of them believe that the white male of the north was not such an asshole before the arrival of the Jewish religion, Christianity. They believe that without these foreign influences the white male could be somehow palatable to the white woman.

But, this is all a fantasy. It’s propaganda – old propaganda, dug up and resurrected for the purposes of the white nationalist movement.

I am familiar with a lot of it because I am familiar with Norse paganism. I used to wonder why having an interest in this subject would sometimes get me called a “Nazi.” After reading some of the writings of white nationalist women, I see where the confusion comes in. But, the fact is this: The Old Norse and the Vikings are a civilization with some merits to occultists like myself. We can learn from it. But,  like the civilizations that now lay in ruins south of the Rio Grande, they are a thing of the dead past and cannot ever be resurrected.

Romanticizing men is a dangerous thing for women to do. None of them are safe to be around and it’s the same story the world over. White men are not somehow inherently better because of their mythical Nordic ancestry. The truth about the old Norsemen is that they were uncouth. They bathed in their own filth, when they bathed at all, which was rarely. (The American sense of hygiene comes from the American Indians – not the white man, as I discovered personally when I visited Europe, where they have a completely different concept of such things.) The women were slaves within their tribe. When a man could not find a woman within his own tribe, he abducted one from a neighboring one. If the woman was suspected of being unfaithful, they shaved her head and beat her and did who knows what else, but I’m sure we can all guess because men always get around to it one way or another. Her children belonged to him and both she and they were given their owners’ name.

There is no redemption for anything this evil! Plus, I haven’t even started on the white man’s colonization escapades – right now, I’m just focusing on what he has historically done to white women, which is being romanticized – amazingly! – by these white supremacist women.

In one of Orwell’s Daughter’s audio posts, she says that she thinks it might be possible for white women to work things out with white men, if these foreign influences could somehow be extracted from them. If the Jewish perversion could somehow be exorcised, they could be good for women or, at least, something we could live with. I think this is what she was trying to say.

This, of course, caused me to recall many of the things I have written about above. It, also, caused me to wonder: What would a good man look like? What would a man have to be in order for me to be able to tolerate his presence – without keeping my hand on the loaded weapon in my pocket, at all times, that is? This is a little bit like talking about what a good snake  would look like. I once had a pet snake, so it’s all relative, I can tell you.

So, I thought that a good man, one who was tolerable, at least, would have to have the following characteristics:

  • Not be a rapist – meaning he can never have raped anyone, at all. This pretty much means he must never stick his dick in a woman or girl, at all, because we (or I, at least, and there are many women like me) don’t really want this and even if “consent” is obtained, as it frequently is through coercion, lies, false promises and misrepresentations (this used to be recognized as a crime by the law).
  • Not harass women and girls, not be a street harasser or a stalker
  • Not call women and girls cunts, bitches, and whores and otherwise insist that they long to be fucked by men.
  • Not hit, slap, punch, squeeze hard enough to injure and preferably not lay hands on women or girls, at all
  • Must not view porn, participate in porn, or visit strip clubs and similar establishments that rely on the exploitation of women
  • Must not deny economic, career, and other opportunities to women and girls

Now, this is a short and I think pretty fair list. These are some pretty bare requirements for not being a degenerate, a criminal, and a pervert, however, I can’t think of a single man I know who could pass muster, regardless of race, creed, nationality or personal relationship to me or lack thereof.

There is no way to have a really good relationship with a snake, either. They bite – unexpectedly. Even though you feed them and water them and dutifully clean their habitat, they might decide to wrap themselves around your neck and strangle you while you sleep. It’s the nature of the snake. When you take one into your home and try to make friends with it, these things are all in the back of your mind. It’s the same with men.

Based on my own experiences with men, as well as observing and reading about other women’s experiences, there is no way I could trust a man. I’d sooner have another snake in my house – really, I’d much rather sleep with a snake. If we’re taking calculated risks, the snake is a safer bet than the man is!

The question, I guess for these women, is: What level of threat is acceptable to you? For me, the answer is zero. This is why I do not ever advise women or girl to have relations or even friends who are males, if this is at all avoidable. Get away from men! If you value your health and your life, figure out how you are going to do what you want to do in life without them constantly trying to sabotage your work and kill you.

The idea that the white man is superior to anyone is laughable to me. I suspect that this is a romantic fantasy to these women who just cannot let go of men – they cannot stop loving men, even though it is as plain as the nose on your face that they are killing us! They are a grave danger to us. They are a terrible drain on our lives, on our energy, on our personal resources. Men are men and they are the same to women – all are death to us, either slowly or quickly, as they choose.





Playboy, Child Pornography, the Kinsey Institute and the Sexual Grooming of Women and Little Girls

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate through the example of the Kinsey Institute how the entire society has been subjected to sex programming through the public schools and the media. It is to illustrate what I said in the last post, which is that we have all been intentionally subjected to sexual perversion since we were small children, which is designed to groom us and make us more accessible and open to violent perverts.  I call  this “sex programming” and I say it is the foundational mind control program.

In my previous post, I discussed how in recent decades – probably since the 1980s – the public has experienced a greater awareness of child abuse and, in particular, the sex abuse of children. We’ve, also, experienced a greater awareness about male violence against women, girls and sometimes boys in the home, which is euphemistically dubbed “domestic violence.” My main point in the previous post is that we are saturated with mind control programming, which begins at infancy, and that for little girls, in particular, the most basic and foundational kind of programming, that which is the basis of all the rest of it (including religious – “god” and “savior” programming) is sex programming. Such programming, especially when it is very institutionalized (such as in cults, but also in the broader culture, which is saturated with similar programming) precludes “choice,” because the girl does not have full ownership of her own mind. Furthermore, the programming is held in place by coercion, psychological abuse, sex abuse, other physical violence, and threats thereof.

The sex programming, itself, is very old – it is probably, at least, 5,000 years old – but it has become very much more institutionalized in the past few decades. Orthodox science, psychiatry and the media are complicit, as are the public schools.There is, also, the problem of religion – all religions, not just the three Abrahamic ones, but, also, Buddhism, Hinduism, and every religious system founded by men – all sexually perverted men who hate women and little girls. It is always men who create these systems with the aim of getting their hands on women and children to use for their perversions, as domestic servants, and as human livestock.

Men are sick. If you have, personally, been relentlessly subjected to their violence on the basis of your sex (and, if you are female, it is quite likely you have been – the only women who seem to escape this even a little bit are life-long lesbians), then I don’t have to tell you this. It is not a social problem. It is not just a few of them who are “sociopaths” or “psychopaths,” or “narcissists,” who are the problem. It is a mass effort on the part of males against women, effectively it is a thousands of years old war on the minds and bodies of little girls. The systems of violence against girls and women are created by men and are used to encourage the inherent sickness in other males.

They create porn, including child porn, they normalize it through various media and in the public schools with their “sex education,” which as you will learn in the video below came from the institutionalized sex perversion of Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his Kinsey Institute. The only “sex education” that children should ever be taught is abstinence, and males should be taught to keep their filthy hands and their dicks off of girls and women. They should be taught not to sexually abuse the other half of the population by any means, not to threaten, not to perpetrate violence on us. That should be the only “sex education.”

Quite by accident, I ran across this interview with a woman named Dr. Judith Reisman:

In the above interview, Dr. Reisman discusses the origins of modern institutionalized sex perversion in the U.S., which she says is the Kinsey Institute, founded by a zoologist named Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey. 

The title of the interview is “Kinsey Sex Report” because she talks about an app made by the Kinsey Institute that allows men to report their sexual experiences including rape of adult women and of children. There is no legal follow up – of course, this is in no way surprising because men raping, including child-raping, is institutionalized and law enforcement at every level is active in promoting it.

According to Dr. Reisman, the Kinsey Institute, a non-profit organization, is responsible for the implementation of “sex education” in public schools. She, also, says that they promote all manner of sexual perversion and violence against women and children through the media. (This is no surprise. If you just look at the example of one billionaire child-rapist like Jeffrey Epstein,  you will see that the perversion, which includes blackmail of politicians, military men (including pretty much every high-ranking colonel or other “elite” according to Kay Griggs), and other men (almost all men, as you know – women are not wanted and you can certainly see why when you realize the true nature of males) in strategic positions in society, runs from the bottom to the top and not just of the U.S. government (see the Franklin Scandal, for instance), but into world governments and  international organizations (like the Israeli Mossad, in the Epstein example, but the FBI, CIA, and Interpol have been implicated by various whistleblowers).

Many people, including many unsuspecting women, have been led to believe that soft-core porn is not really a problem. We are called prudes, religious zealots (hilarious!), right-wing conservatives (equally hilarious!), uptight, etc., whenever we reject pornography and especially when we reject the soft-core version of it, which is exemplified by Playboy Magazine. I mean, really, what’s so bad about Playboy – it’s just some artistic nudes, some “intellectual” articles, and a hilarious cartoon in a slick publication for men. Right?! Wrong.

Moreover, the problem is not an assault on the family and marriage, as the Christian right-wingers characterize it. Marriage, as Dr. Reisman mentions in the above video, is simply sanctioned male perversion.  Society says it’s acceptable for men to rape, abuse, and otherwise enslave women, as long as they promise to do some nice things for the woman, such as love, cherish, etc. But, it is an acknowledgement of male violence and male sickness directed at females humans.

Also, the reason that we object to porn differs very much from that of the religious right (which sees us only as property, in relation to men, with no humanity and no value of our own), which has to do with the fact that we are human beings and we have a purpose in life besides being “whores,” “sluts,” and human livestock. As radical feminists, we believe foremost in our own humanity. Religious fanatics with their marriage and family have in every way betrayed our humanity, betrayed women, literally thrown us to the wolves to be devoured down to the marrow of our bones, so – I will speak for myself – I am vehemently opposed to both family and marriage because they harm women by design.

The following article discusses the nature of Playboy, which includes encouragement and instruction on how men should rape and commit incest. It discusses the harms to women and girls as a direct result of this instruction, yet it also frames it as harms against the family and the institution of marriage,  which is a way of saying that men are harmed, too (a typical male reversal and an attempt to obfuscate and protect the perpetrators), because it is within the family that many of these crimes against women and children portrayed by the magazine find their manifestation as men perpetrate these crimes very often on their own wives, daughters, and step-daughters. Playboy and other pornography is by no means an assault on the patriarchal construct of the family and the patriarchal institution of marriage, which has always existed to deprive women of our assets, of control over our own bodies, of our children which are the fruit of our own wombs, to deprive of us opportunity and of control over ever aspect of our lives, and to literally enslave us. It is in no way an assault on “the family” or on “marriage” because this is and always has been the purpose of the family and marriage,  rather it is an assault on US and this is why we object to it. This is the article:


Playboy magazine sued Dr. Reisman in the Netherlands over her allegations about the publication’s promotion of child rape through child pornography. She discusses it in the interview, above, but here is a video about the relationship between Playbody and child rape and child pornography. Hefner was inspired by the child-pervert Kinsey:

One of Kinsey’s assertions is that children are sexual, have a sexuality, and that children can have orgasms. What he described as “orgasms” were clearly attempts by his victims to escape. According to Dr. Reisman, he ritualistically raped infants to death. To be clear, children do not have a sexuality. It is very uncertain whether or not teenage girls have a sexuality (we’ve been told that we are all full of hormones that make us desire males – this is, of course, a male lie and appears to come from the work of Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute, which saturates the schools and the medical and psychiatric establishments) apart from what has been programmed into them and which manifests as the girls appearing to men to be “sluts” and “whores,” at which time we begin to perceive ourselves the same way due to relentless psychological, sexual and physical abuse – or by the girls retreating into lesbianism in an effort to escape the environment of male violence and perversion that surrounds them and penetrates their minds at a very young age.

How could we possibly know ourselves when we have been subjected to this relentless onslaught of mind control in the form of “sex programming?” It is the nature of mind control programming that we believe the programs, its thought loops and programmed responses, are really the result of our own independent thought, when they are not. Obviously, after being subjected to this programming, we cannot really know the truth about ourselves without doing a great deal of work on ourselves – isolating ourselves, meditating, and writing (as recommended in the previous post to break programming).

So, I ask you to consider your own “sexuality.” It may be that you don’t have one, at all. You won’t know until you really begin to dig into your own personal past and deep into your own psyche. As I said, this is the foundational programming, so if you have other programming on top of this (e.g. god programming, savior programming), you may have to work on those things first to get down these layers of programming. Once you are there, the world will appear to you as a very different place than it did before – it is similar to other aspects of our journey, as women, into our own liberation – our journey into radical feminism. There is constant self-discovery and rediscovery and it changes our view of the world and everyone and everything in it.

So, again, I urge you to consider the basis of all of this, which is the current order of society that is entirely dominated by males and their filth. We have already learned that we cannot reason them out of this. They cannot be shamed out of it because they have no shame. Religious organizations only institutionalize their violence and filth – allowing child abuse to go on, covering up for abusers, encouraging violence in the home against women and children (i.e. the notion that it is not possible for a man to rape his wife, despite the fact that rape cannot occur without some other kind of violence (including coercion, but often holding the victim against her will, strangling, hair-pulling, beating, and so on)  or subterfuge, such as men drugging or attacking unconscious or sleeping victims).

We must begin re-imagining the world. The order that is in place is not natural and did not come about by accident, but by sheer force. The only way to correct it is by changing our own minds first. We must begin to recognize the inherently perverse and violent nature of the male and choose what is right over what is wrong – choose to value women and girl’s lives over those of the sick, violent pervert class. We must begin to see through their subterfuge. Then, imagine a new world in which women have reduced the number of males born and reordered the society to center around women and girls and our own interests. Right now, the world is centered around males who are violent perverts. We know that’s not right and we know the only way to stop them.


Update on Jeffrey Epstein, Child-rape Trial and Donald Trump’s Many Lawsuits

In recent posts, especially this one and this one, I mentioned a Palm Beach, Florida convicted child rapist, named Jeffrey- Epstein, a Jewish-American billionaire, who has a lot of wealthy and influential friends, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. There’s an update in the case against him, which has recently been re-opened, and, once again, Trump’s name is coming up.

It’s early morning and yet, this is shaping up to be quite an interesting day, if you follow the adventures of Donald Trump, who in the last 24-48 hours has accepted two endorsements, one from a guy who once used this rape metaphor, “‘I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” in an interview with Connie Chung – and another guy, Mike Tyson, a Muslim who raped a beauty contestant in Indiana and went to prison for the crime for three years. Unlike the endorsement he received from the former grand-wizard of the KKK, David Duke, no one is asking him to renounce these.

Trump, in fact, said that everybody was too hard on the rapist, Tyson, whose victim was only 17-years old at the time of the attack:

After hearing all that rape victim-blaming, it probably will not surprise you to learn that Trump has been sued for something similar. This is another case that no one much is talking about, which was filed back in the 1990s, the victim was a beauty pageant producer, and unsurprisingly she has been similarly smeared, outright lied about, in the couple of articles that have surfaced about this suit, which was filed in Manhattan: http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/donald-trump-sexual-assault-accuser-now-reportedly-stands-by-her-allegations/

Now, for some reason – I don’t know why – Trump decided to stand in the State of Indiana, in the very same city in which this woman was very savagely raped by Tyson and brag to the crowd there about this endorsement:

“Mike Tyson endorsed me,” Trump told the crowd. “I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike. Iron Mike. You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that, OK?

“We need toughness,” Trump is further quoted as saying after making the above statement. He appeared on stage at that rally after a lengthy speech by the “enjoy rape” guy, an obscure sports celebrity, named Bobby Knight. The whole thing, especially the comments about Tyson have been pretty well blotted out by the mainstream media, as pointed out in this article: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/scott-whitlock/2016/04/28/networks-skip-trump-touting-endorsement-rapist-mike-tyson-we-need

Meanwhile, it seems that the lawsuits are piling up. Mostly he’s being sued, but he and his Wife #3 are, also, threatening to sue other people.

Trump seems to have particular problems with female journalists and pundits. Several days ago, Cheri Jacobus, announced a $4 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Trump, his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski (the same one who battered and bruised former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, at Mar-a-Lago, on camera and with witnesses, which case was declined by the highly corrupt court system in Palm Beach, Florida), and Trump for President, which is apparently the legal entity’s name that is trying to get this psychotic clown elected – supposedly, anyway.

For a long time, this country has been becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists and, in fact, anyone who expresses an opinion that indicates they have fallen out of lockstep – usually with the left. But, now we see it here coming from Trump and his band of Men’s Rights Activists and rape supporters, presumably on the right. Here’s the latest example:

Today, an article came out in GQ magazine, which has been called a profile of Melania Trump, written by Julia Ioffe. The piece is pretty straight-forward and not especially critical of Trump’s third wife, however, this hasn’t stopped Wife #3 from threatening the author and the magazine with something “through the law.” But, perhaps more troublesome is that the author is receiving the same treatment that female reporters always get at the hands of Trump, the same treatment Michelle Fields and Cheri Jacobus (both Republicans) got. It’s the same treatment women get from Trump and his followers, all the time.

She’s being predictably threatened with death and, although, I haven’t seen specific examples yet (although, there are some interesting things in her Twitter feed this morning), it’s safe to assume that she’s being threatened with all kinds of sexual violence, as well. This is Trump’s M.O. His followers have, also, been threatening delegates in the upcoming presidential election (the actual people who cast the deciding vote on who will be president), which is an assault on the Constitutional electoral process in this country, which is being supported, wholeheartedly, by Trump-supporters who are falsely claiming to be Conservatives. (I’m not a Conservative, but I know what one is – or is supposed to be.)

At issue in the magazine article are a few things that Mrs. Trump #3 did not like. GQ did some investigative research into her Communist family (perfectly reasonable since this woman may be in our country’s White House) and discovered that her reprobate father had impregnated a woman, who he then tried to deny he impregnated, and tried to get out of paying child support for. This was all in court documents and included in the article. This is not such a big deal, except that Mrs. Trump #3 said she did not have a brother.

The other issue has to do with Mrs. Trump #3’s extensive plastic surgery, which she denies. Now, it is not unusual for models and porno mag stars (Melania Trump is both) to engage in some cosmetic enhancement. It’s almost a requirement. So, why lie, especially when it is very obvious? It looks to me like she’s had two nose jobs and, at least, one breast augmentation, which has begun to encapsulate (form scar tissue around the saline implant) and is highly noticeable in the third picture down, in which she is wearing red glasses, in the BritishGQ photo shoot from a few years ago, which was done inside Donald Trump’s own private plane before he married her.

Here is Julia Ioffe talking about the piece and the possible lawsuit:

It seems like there are no members of the Trump family, even the newcomers, who are capable of telling the truth – about even the most benign, meaningless things.

Meanwhile, here’s an article from Fusion today, detailing some of the “toughness” this female journalist, is receiving: http://fusion.net/story/296757/melania-trump-julia-ioffe-antisemitic-messages/

While everybody is talking about this and while Bruce Jenner is making a video of himself using the ladies’ room at Trump Tower– imagine running into Mike Tyson in the ladies’ room at Trump Tower!!! – while all this is going on, there is a very interesting update in the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein child-rape and sex trafficking case, which nobody much seems to be talking about, at least, not at the usual U.S. news outlets. Another one of Epstein’s many victims has filed a civil suit (they’re only allowed by the terms of the last court fiasco to bring civil suits, by the way – not criminal ones) against him, also, naming Trump as one her rapists and abusers.

It’s all like a magician’s stage show – and you are being dazzled by capricious clowns and dainty dancers, meanwhile here’s today’s headline in the U.K.:

“Donald Trump denies rape of teenage girl at ‘sex party with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein,”  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/donald-trump-denies-rape-teenage-7857357

When I first saw the headline, I naturally thought of Virginia Roberts. But, Roberts was 14-years old when she became Epstein’s victim. This is another girl who was 13-years old at the time she says she was held captive, physically and sexually abused and raped by both Epstein and Trump. But this victim’s name is just coming to light: Katie Johnson. You can read the articles and see the usual tactics – the victim being silenced, threatened with her own death and that of her family, if she ever speaks. You, also, see the standard response from Trump, smearing the victim and claiming it’s a “hoax.” Remember, they said “hoax” about Michelle Fields until a fourth video emerged showing Lewandowski grabbing her.

Remember the way they perform a trick in this magic show?  Here’s another little sleight of hand: Look at those dirty Mexicans crossing the border, meanwhile don’t look at the H1B visa program, which is actually where Americans, often highly skilled and educated Americans, really are losing their jobs. It’s, also, the red carpet roll out to human traffickers and has been used by Trump to bring in girls as young a 14-years to work for his agency,  which has, also, been followed by lawsuits, as mentioned in a previous post. It’s how Melania Trump got here, too.

Here’s another one at the Daily Mail in the U.K., and if you have been following Trumps other attacks on women, you will be familiar with the language and the M.O.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3564767/Donald-Trump-furiously-denies-woman-s-claims-raped-tycoon-billionaire-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-sex-parties.html

In the above article, you will see a picture of Trump standing in a photo together with Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused groomer and procurer of little girls for the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Here’s another one in the U.K.: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/511659/donald-trump-claim-rape-sexual-assault-teenager-jeffrey-epstein

Here in the U.S. there is dead silence about this!

Update late tonight, almost midnight, this article appeared at the conservative web site, RedState: http://www.redstate.com/sweetie15/2016/04/29/donald-trump-named-lawsuit-alleging-rape-teen-girl/

The media are all on board the Trump Train right now, including those on the right, who have stooped so low as to go along with Trump’s idea that it’s all right for men to use the ladies’ room.

I have no hope that these suits are going to go too awfully far in exposing the men involved in raping and trafficking in little girls. Epstein, Trump, and Clinton and all their insider friends never get in much trouble.

Although, the New York State Attorney General is still talking about bringing a suit against Trump University, which has been in limbo for years, to bear – and more quickly since if the bastard does get elected, it might be impossible to go forward with any of these suits.

We have two front runners right now and likely the two contestants in the upcoming Presidential election who will have any chance or get any significant amount of press: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both are in all kinds of legal hot water – Trump is being sued by everybody, criminally (for fraud and racketeering) and civilly, and Clinton is under investigation for her handling of emails. Trump will likely have to give a deposition in New York next month in the criminal case against him. He’s got two civil suits with something like 5,000 plaintiffs accusing him of defrauding them. One of the plaintiffs, a woman, dropped out of the suit because of harassment from someone acting on his behalf.

So, let me say about this carnival ride, it doesn’t matter who is elected President of the United States. This country is a lot of trouble. Women are in a special lot of trouble because they are coming after us on all sides. We are surrounded by criminals and perverts and no country – no women – can go on like this for long. We will have to find a solution and it won’t come through elections, or the legal system (which only serves the criminals), or any remedy that involves males, or anything but our own minds and our own will to be free.

Next post, I plan to talk about the infiltration of the Women’s Movement of the late 1960s and early ’70s by liberals. It’s been done before, but I want to put it in reference to the bizarre encroachments on women’s privacy and safety we are now seeing in the form of trannies. I’ve added an old “Feminist Resources Page” up at the top of the blog. It needs some updates and additions because I did it over a year ago. I will be updating it sometime in the near future.

Additional material:

Updated added late this evening: Trump, you may know, makes money off his casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which features strip clubs. Strip clubs ain’t what they used to be back in the 1990s. I don’t know about these clubs or the laws in Atlantic City governing them, but I do know that many clubs are now teeming with violent porn-addled johns. I don’t know why Trump’s clubs would be an exception. It turns out that he, also, has – according to the website RedState – an escort service, Trump Escorts. I am not familiar with escort services, but I know they send women (mostly women) out into situations where anything can happen to them at the hands of perverts. Here’s some information about Trump Escorts: http://www.redstate.com/diary/imreontheissues/2016/04/28/pimping-donald-trumps-relation-trump-escorts/ When you read the information at this link, note that these women being sent out by Trump Escorts are referred to as “models.” You’ll probably recall the lawsuits by models who expected to come to the U.S. on H1B visas and actually “model” and actually be paid the agreed upon salary, which was discussed in a previous post, I’m sure.

Here is a direct link to a sleazy advertisement for Trump Escorts in Manhattan: http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.trumpescorts.com

Also, here is a link to an article at Heavy, from there you can access scans of the court filing against Trump and Epstein by Katie Johnson at ScribD. The article, also, gives this information: Johnson says in another document that “in 2008 I worked as a free-lance model and earned an average of $200-$300 a month.” No other information about Johnson could be found.

Make no  mistake, this will not affect his chances of being elected one bit – we live in a country that loves rapists and loves turning little girls  – especially little white girls – into “whores” in one way or another. I know, first hand, how it goes, how exactly they do it – and it isn’t just billionaires, it’s the old farmer down the lane, his hired hand, the guys at the cafe in town who gather whenever it rains. They are all complicit.

For your amusement or horror, as it may be, an insurance commercial from 2005 featuring Mrs. Trump #3 as a “sexy female duck”:

The All-out Assault on White Feminists/Radical Feminists Online

We’ve been handed this label, “White Feminists.” I didn’t come up with the term, someone else did – someone who hates white women and radical feminists and doesn’t want us talking about things like human trafficking (white slavery), prostitution, and the way white women and even little tiny white girls are treated as the whores of the world, fit only to be raped, used in porn, beaten, and knocked down in every way imaginable.

I just had an eye-opening experience.

I looked at some “feminist” channels at YouTube, which is usually not a good idea. (If you look up “feminism,” at YT, you will get a barrage of sexually abusive, pornographic videos, mostly by men and MRAs). There is only one radical feminist (actual feminist) I know of left over there: Terri Strange. Although, she hasn’t made any videos for quite a while. You’ll, also, find that if you do a search there are almost no videos by the likes of Andrea Dworkin or Sonia Johnson. They used to have some old material there, speeches and lectures, from years ago, but they are long gone. The radical feminists are gone!

What remains there tells you something about what is acceptable talk from women about feminism. It feeds one of two agendas:

The Right-wing: There are still some non-liberal white women talking, but they are pushing a patriarchal religious agenda and talking about the “evils” of feminism and feminists. Everyone I’ve ever followed gets around to blaming feminists for something men do. Then, of course, there are the femras – the female MRAs.

The Left-wing: These seem to be mostly women claiming to be feminist, but who are in fact liberals. They talk about feminism, but they talk about “choice” and how “white feminists,” which is apparently the new code word for “radical feminists,” are to blame for everything. And, of course, many of them defend the “rights” of tranny men, which are “men’s rights.”

Now, I ask you, if liberal feminism and white-woman-hating forms of feminism, in particular, were not serving a male agenda, then why are they allowed to exist on YT, when radical feminists, in particular white, American feminists have been expunged?

Mancheeze, a pseudo-radical feminist, just did a video for women on YT about how to post videos there and deal with the men. It’s a very good video and the advice is good. But, the fact is there are no women (with the exception of the one I mentioned) who are talking about actual feminism on YouTube.

I’m all for helping women, but I don’t see a point in helping women who want to enslave me, who want to prostitute me to men, or just want me dead so they can dance on my grave.

“Liberal feminists” are not feminists, at all. They are working against us with a hostile agenda – every time I give one of these women a chance by taking a glimpse of anything they have to say, I’m rewarded with their blatant, unashamed hatred of me.

Now, I wrote a couple of times about “enemies” and how to deal with them and I did a post on observing Donald Trump and how he deals with his enemies. I remember a comment from NMPT (NoMorePaperTowels.wordpress.com) in a discussion we were having about dealing with enemies. There really are “rules of engagement” and most well-brought up, nice, young ladies aren’t familiar with them. They should not be faulted for this.

But, don’t buy into this “Be the change you want to see in the world” crap! This kind of thinking is meant by your enemies to weaken you – it’s a psyop.

When we defend ourselves as white women, who have white women’s particular problems in this world, and when we talk about that, we are doing something – probably all we can do. We must not let these women silence us or shame us into not calling them out.  For instance, we might be accused of “going down to their level,” as a way of deterring us from telling it like it is – telling the truth.

Let me tell you, there is no way we could possibly get that low. If these women are being paid to say some of these things, I wouldn’t be surprised. We know there are people paying members of the left-wing to agitate, to cause trouble and instigate aggression. The evidence to me is the peculiar fact that these particular women are allowed to speak in online forums and we are not! We are silenced by both men and women – and when it’s women doing it, it’s mostly lefty women. Now, you have to watch a little because some of those women look suspiciously like men! But, many are clearly female.

These are our enemies! We are a very tiny minority on this planet. Here in the U.S. we are a small minority and shrinking because of male violence and depravity, especially that of the white male. So, the reason you don’t hear a lot of white women kicking up a fuss about these abuses is that there simply very, very few of us.

Plus, we are the number one, Grade A, choice food supply for the male predator. We are the one that he most does not want to escape – we are the livestock! We are the gateway to the creation of more food for his violent perversions. So, this is why we are being targeted especially heavily.

Then, we are expected to clean up this mess – essentially, clean up our own blood on the floor after we’ve been nearly killed by men. And, it’s other women – liberal feminists – who are making this demand!

Really, it cannot be over-stated what great enemies these women are to us. They hate us as much as the men do – maybe more, judging by their relentlessly hateful rhetoric.

These women are handmaidens. They are so testosterone-poisoned that there is likely no hope for them. Therefore, there is little point in engaging with them. If you must engage with them, treat them with the same level of “respect” you would give any man, and don’t get bogged down in a discussion, thus allowing them to feed on you.

Also, unlike Mancheeze, I don’t encourage their speech. (A Major Rule of Engagement is: Never Help Your Enemy!) Simply because they’re women doesn’t mean they have anything valuable for us to hear. They are highly destructive. I’d like to hear from actual feminists, but we know that’s not going to happen at YouTube or almost any other social media site except WordPress, which has a very good policy on free speech, which they actually appear to stand by.

I certainly don’t seek them out, but when I run across them, as I did today, I have no problem in calling them out on their racially based hatred of me. I won’t get bogged down in a discussion with them because it would be like trying to discuss with a brain-damaged MRA parasite. This is a form of self-defense. It’s not much, but it’s all we’ve got online.

Anyone who is trying to silence me or trying to silence other “white feminists” is fighting on the wrong side – they’re fighting on the side of the pimp, the john, and the sex trafficker. That’s something I cannot allow to happen.

I encourage you, white feminist who is reading this (and you don’t have to be “white” to be a “white feminist” as our enemy has pointed out), to keep talking. Don’t let them tell you what to say or how to say it. Keep talking even when you think no one is listening. Keep writing. Keep telling what you can of your own experiences. It’s hard some times, don’t hurt yourself doing it – don’t be a martyr because that doesn’t help anyone. But, keep writing. Write radical feminist fiction, write radical feminist non-fiction, and publish it anywhere you can.

Always protect yourself with anonymity. Don’t expect any help from law enforcement because there isn’t any. Protect yourself any way you can think of. It is your natural right endowed to you by your creator. And, remember you are worth just as much as anyone else – maybe more so. Our mothers always told us we weren’t better than other people – but, I don’t know about that – after my experiences in life, I think we are. We should, at least, always act like we are and not let these men and women tear us down and try to convince us that we are somehow guilty of things we are in no way responsible for. Our female enemies get off on this just like male sex predators do – don’t give them that satisfaction! We are NEVER responsible for what males do to us and we are NEVER responsible when they don’t stop doing it.

Update to this post: I changed some information in this post after I was blocked by Mancheeze at her YT channel, either for saying that male violence is innate, to which she responded that there is a case of a boy socialized to be a “lovely boy,” or because I left a single comment on a video at her liberal friend’s channel, stating my objection to her rabid hatred of white women and “white feminists.”  It appeared that she had shadowbanned some of my comments before they were all blocked from the view of anyone not logged into the account. At first, I thought it was a mistake – she bans men from commenting, but I am clearly a woman and a radical feminist and I don’t know why exactly I was being shadowbanned and then blocked. I am guessing it was because I objected on her friend’s channel to the hateful speech against white women and “white feminists”  -one time, I commented!  So, I revise my original position on Mancheeze – she is an incorrigible liberal. I deeply apologize to anyone I have ever misled by recommending her blog or her videos. I, also, revise what I said about YT: Radical feminists are completely silenced there – just as I was.


Human and Sex Trafficking, H1B Visas, and Trump’s Modeling Agency

When I was working in the clubs, I was occasionally taken aside and warned by a sex trafficking survivor about taking jobs overseas. I heard some horrific stories from women who looked like they could be models, almost all of them blonde. What was odd was that they never addressed the two or three other dancers who had been present, but they would wait until they left and address me directly.

The fact is that there is a certain type of women and young girls who are preyed upon by men in very specific ways. These men sometimes use female handlers who will appear to befriend you and try to persuade you that doing pornographic magazines or pornographic films is a good idea. This happens to American women inside the U.S., but what happens to American women who believe they are taking a job with an entertainment or modeling agency abroad creates a whole other set of problems.

Once you are in that foreign country, anything can happen to you. You are vulnerable in ways you wouldn’t be in your own country. When women cross international boundaries, they can more easily fall prey to sex predators and pimps. I’ve mentioned before that this has happened to a surprising number of especially attractive (conforming to the ideal of male beauty standards), especially pale and blonde, American women I met working in the night clubs. They were the survivors. There’s no way to know how many more of them did not survive. At least one of them suffered from terrible health problems (cancer) quite probably as a result of her ordeal. Being repeatedly raped is very hard on your life force energy.

But,  what I want to talk about in this post is foreign girls and women being brought into the U.S. to work under suspicious circumstances. Specifically, I’m going to provide some information that is available online regarding Trump Model Management, which is said to have been founded in 1999 by Donald J. Trump.

Now, this is political season here in the U.S. and Trump is running for president of the U.S. and whenever there is a presidential race, there is a tendency for those who favor a candidate to dismiss anything bad said about him as simply “the other side” attacking their guy. But, I’m not on a team. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t vote and I’ve never voted in a presidential election because I have actually read the Constitution of the U.S. The last time I had a party affiliation, which was back in the 1980s, I was a Libertarian (lots of things have changed in that camp since then!) So, I’m not picking on Trump for any kind of political reason. It’s just that he’s made himself very difficult to ignore (most recently saying that he’s fine with men in the ladies’ room, which statement he predictably “amended” within 24 hours only to say the same thing). As I said, I recognize him very much as that “high end customer.”

I’m posting this, in part, because I’m having nightmares about him very reminiscent of the kind I used to have when Bill Clinton was in office. I had one that woke me up just a few hours ago, in which I was part of his “harem” of female employees. In the dream, I experienced the kind of psychological and sex abuse I’ve endured, in real life, from men who hate women – and not just hate us, but want to devour us!

There are some nagging questions that I just can’t get out of my mind and I don’t know why no one else is asking them. For instance, where did all those photographs of nude, 14-year old girls, hanging on the walls of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, come from?

The Jewish-American billionaire, Epstein is about to go to court, again, over the rape of some little girls, but I notice that the  media are already speaking in misleading and derogatory terms of the victims, in particular, Virginia Roberts, who has been the most vocal of his accusers, who is called “an ex-teen prostitute,” and trying to smear them and make the perps look like the “real victims.” This shows, again, how difficult it is to obtain justice in sex trafficking or rape cases – and this is a matter of both. Epstein, who I’ve blogged about previously, is reputedly a sex trafficker and his victims include very young girls, some as young as 12 years. But, 14 seems to be the magic number, as I pointed out a couple of posts ago. Why 14? I keep wondering.

Perhaps there is a connection between this magical number, 14, and the H1B Visa program, which is and has been exploited by many U.S. employers, most notoriously the tech industry and Disney World! But, Donald Trump has, also, taken advantage of the program, which sets a side a coveted number of such visas, which allow the companies to bring in foreign workers at cut rates. Lots of Americans have lost their jobs because of this visa program – but, you don’t hear a lot about it in the news, mostly they just beat the drum about all the dirty Mexicans crossing the border illegally.

But, it turns out there is even more to H1B Visas than meets the eye. Not only are American workers losing their jobs, but it is a red carpet roll out to human traffickers and, in particular, sex traffickers.

There may have been more to Mitt Romney’s comment about Ivana (Wife #1) and Melania Trump (Wife #3) than what it seems upon first hearing it: “Donald Trump has had several foreign wives,” Romney reportedly joked at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual dinner. “It turns out that there really are jobs Americans won’t do.”

In fact, Trump has had two foreign wives, both from Eastern European countries. The current wife, like the first wife and like Trump, himself, has had her resume puffed up a little bit in the press. There’s some question as to whether she was ever a “super model” anywhere. According to what I’ve seen on line, she came to the U.S. in 1996 (to New York City) on one of these H1B Visas (a specially reserved, limited visa,  supposedly for “highly skilled workers” with abilities that could not be found in a U.S. citizen, which are the necessary qualifications) and went to work for a modeling agency. These visas have a life-span of three (3) years. After that time, the worker has to leave the U.S.

Now, as an American who was born here, I have no first-hand knowledge of the procedure that is used for becoming a U.S. citizen for the foreign-born. I know quite a few people who have done it, though, and they say it isn’t easy. Even if you are a refugee from the war in Bosnia some years ago, it’s not easy. The Feds make it hard for the average person. If you have family here already, sometimes it’s easier. The entire process is, in my opinion, disgusting and needs to be revamped. The requirements are disturbing, in some cases. And, the whole process is so cumbersome and awful that I can certainly see why lots of people choose to forego it and stay here in the U.S. without permission. What I mean is that this system is making criminals out of a lot of people who would prefer to do the right thing, if the process were reasonable. Right now, it is very unreasonable, especially for the people most in need (women and children whose lives are in danger in other North American and Central American countries) and hard-working people we want to invite to our country.

Melania Trump found a legal way to stay here past the 3 years and it is something that is done, probably far more often out of desperation than love – she married an American citizen. She married a really fat, old, balding, rich guy, who was able to help her get her paperwork straightened out. This guy has been called out for his hypocrisy on immigration. In his defense, this wife (#3) said that she is in immigrant and had to “put my birth certificate” and so on, in order to go through the procedure the “right way.”

She did an interview here:

There are a couple of problems with what she said, at least, in my book. Problem #1 is pretty obvious. Most people cannot do what Melania did to obtain citizenship. They don’t have the resources to keep flying in out of the country every three months to get their passport stamped. They don’t have a boyfriend whose sister is a Federal judge and has a team of expensive lawyers at their disposal, either.

Now, I’m not for flooding the country with immigrants, especially Muslims who want to rape and kill white women. Like a lot of people, I think it’s important that the U.S., and especially certain regions of the U.S., retain our cultural identity – such as it is. I happen to think that’s important, especially as a lover of the arts. There are economic reasons why we don’t just open the gates and let everyone in, too.

But, the 2nd problem I have with this interview and this whole situation with Melania Trump is that it is pretty obvious to me that this woman is not what the media and the pro-Trump camp have tried to say she is. (For instance, she is not well-educated, she dropped out of fashion and design school, she was not a highly-paid super model, and, in fact, she did some porn – which I cannot believe has not surfaced in a big way. I’ve seen some of the milder stuff.) They have tried to paint the picture of Melania as a well-educated, highly intelligent, independent, self-sustaining, successful and well-established woman before she met Trump. But, when I listen to this woman, I do not hear a lot of either intelligence or education and, in fact, she came here from a former Soviet country, a Communist country, where she was a member of the peasant class – an underclass who speak her language, Slovenian. She came from a dirt poor background probably much worse than that of the average Mexican, whom her husband so disdains. She came in here on this Visa program and needed a way to stay. She needed a green card. She needed a way to finance her naturalization process – it’s very expensive to become a U.S. citizen. So, she found herself “a high end customer.” I don’t fault her for that, but I do fault her for making it sound like anyone could or should do what she did in order to do things “the legal way.” I think it’s disgusting.

After Melania left the first modeling agency, she went to work for Trump’s agency. According to numerous reports, Donald Trump was seen in the company of Melania (then Knauss, which was Germanized from the original Slovenian Knav) while he was still legally married to his second wife, the American actress, Marla Maples. Their daughter, Tiffany, was only about four or five-years old when this was going on. That was about 1998. The Trump Modeling agency was officially established in 1999, according to their website.

I’ve made a couple of recent posts about Trump and his connections to Epstein and he has numerous connections to other rich, old codgers who “enjoy the company” of young – sometimes very, very young – women and girls.

I’m going to lay out a little further evidence here that Trump and his agency, which brings in girls as young as 14-years, on these special Visas like the one Melania Knav/Knauss Trump came in here on, may function as a de facto sugar daddy-sugar-baby arranging business. In fact, I’m saying that his agency may function, not only as a legitimate modelling agency, but, also,  as a kind of high-end escort service or mail-order-bride type of service, hooking up rich old geezers with young women and girls, mostly foreign, in-need and highly vulnerable. Again, I wonder where those photos of 14-year old girls came from.

Here are some things for you to examine:

In the video, below, the narrator lays out a case for Trump’s agency providing rich, old men with young women:

A government worker talks in a forum discussion about gemeral abuses of the H1B Visa program: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-egregious-examples-of-H1B-visa-abuse

An article and video on the subject of an apparently legitimate modeling website connected to human trafficking. The site belongs to MC2: http://www.abc17news.com/news/modeling-website-linked-to-disappearances-rape-and-human-trafficking/20037496

MC2 Modeling Agency is accused of providing female victims to Jeffrey Epstein: https://thestyleofthecase.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/mc2-modeling-agency-owner-accused-of-providing-jeffrey-epstein-with-under-age-models/

This article talks about the general connections between modeling agencies, including prominent names in the business, and human trafficking: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/modeling-human-trafficking-susannah-marie

Trump has connections to another Jewish billionaire businessman, Alexander Mashkevitch, whose yacht was raided for charges, including the trafficking of young girls:   http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2011/03/sex-human-trafficking-donald-trumps-partner-and-a-jewish-billionaire-345.html

The article and videos at this link discuss the investigation and lawsuits against Trump’s modeling agency. He is accused by some of the models of not paying them: http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2016/03/did-you-know-herr-trumpf-owns-modeling.html

This 14-year old girl talks about the connection between modeling agencies and human or sex trafficking: http://www.msnbc.com/melissa-harris-perry/watch/14-year-old-model-takes-on-human-trafficking-395715139879

This article is interesting, although it is written from a political perspective. It is from the National Review, which is a Republican publication. As you may have heard, the old guard Republicans -and anyone with an ounce of common sense – doesn’t like Trump. This is not the most objective article, but it has some interesting information: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/432679/donald-trump-melania-trump-immigration-h1b-visa

What the information at the above links establishes is that there is a connection between modeling and sex trafficking, especially when the models are going from one country to another. It, also, establishes a connection between Donald Trump and some other very dangerous, very sleazy, powerful men who abuse and exploit women and get away with it.

What it, also, shows is that women, including white women and very conforming women (some of the victims are not “white” but meet a standard of beauty that makes them particularly subject to male predators of a certain kind), are not privileged. It is not a privilege to be sex trafficked. It is not a privilege to be forced into prostitution. Far from being “privileged,” these women are special targets!

As I’ve said, we will never stop this through any legal or political channels because we are saturated with it and it runs from the bottom of the patriarchal pyramid of power all the way to the very top. All we can do is try to warn other women and girls (just as I was warned repeatedly about this from other women who were survivors) and to do everything we can to keep girls out of the hands of men – any men- but, especially these kinds of men. I am not the first feminist to suggest that the number of predators and potential predators being born must be reduced and that we have that power in our hands.