Men Wreck and Burn Things in Hamburg, Germany at G20: Women and Girls Now Clean Up The Mess They Left Behind!


I wanted to point out this contrast between men and women, which I know will not be lost on my handful of readers. I have watched videos of the terrible things that were done in Hamburg, Germany over the past few days by so-called anti-facists (anti-fa) leftists.

I remember Hamburg as a beautiful city and a relatively safe and peaceful one as big cities go, but that was in the late ’90s. It was very disturbing to see what these violent leftists, almost all men did to the city. I’m posting two videos below. The first one is of their violence and destruction and you will see that the vast majority of people, if not all of the people, in the first video are males. Then, in the second video, you will see the contrast. Who is cleaning up the mess these men left behind? It’s almost all German women and their daughters.  And, this is a pattern we are all familiar with. The Germans must certainly be familiar with it. Men make war and women have to clean and rebuild in their wake.

Here, at least 1000 people are estimated to be partaking in the clean up  mission in Hamburg. These are the real Germans, almost all women, and the Germans I know and love. I’m very proud of them, but isn’t this a shame!:




The All-out Assault on White Feminists/Radical Feminists Online

We’ve been handed this label, “White Feminists.” I didn’t come up with the term, someone else did – someone who hates white women and radical feminists and doesn’t want us talking about things like human trafficking (white slavery), prostitution, and the way white women and even little tiny white girls are treated as the whores of the world, fit only to be raped, used in porn, beaten, and knocked down in every way imaginable.

I just had an eye-opening experience.

I looked at some “feminist” channels at YouTube, which is usually not a good idea. (If you look up “feminism,” at YT, you will get a barrage of sexually abusive, pornographic videos, mostly by men and MRAs). There is only one radical feminist (actual feminist) I know of left over there: Terri Strange. Although, she hasn’t made any videos for quite a while. You’ll, also, find that if you do a search there are almost no videos by the likes of Andrea Dworkin or Sonia Johnson. They used to have some old material there, speeches and lectures, from years ago, but they are long gone. The radical feminists are gone!

What remains there tells you something about what is acceptable talk from women about feminism. It feeds one of two agendas:

The Right-wing: There are still some non-liberal white women talking, but they are pushing a patriarchal religious agenda and talking about the “evils” of feminism and feminists. Everyone I’ve ever followed gets around to blaming feminists for something men do. Then, of course, there are the femras – the female MRAs.

The Left-wing: These seem to be mostly women claiming to be feminist, but who are in fact liberals. They talk about feminism, but they talk about “choice” and how “white feminists,” which is apparently the new code word for “radical feminists,” are to blame for everything. And, of course, many of them defend the “rights” of tranny men, which are “men’s rights.”

Now, I ask you, if liberal feminism and white-woman-hating forms of feminism, in particular, were not serving a male agenda, then why are they allowed to exist on YT, when radical feminists, in particular white, American feminists have been expunged?

Mancheeze, a pseudo-radical feminist, just did a video for women on YT about how to post videos there and deal with the men. It’s a very good video and the advice is good. But, the fact is there are no women (with the exception of the one I mentioned) who are talking about actual feminism on YouTube.

I’m all for helping women, but I don’t see a point in helping women who want to enslave me, who want to prostitute me to men, or just want me dead so they can dance on my grave.

“Liberal feminists” are not feminists, at all. They are working against us with a hostile agenda – every time I give one of these women a chance by taking a glimpse of anything they have to say, I’m rewarded with their blatant, unashamed hatred of me.

Now, I wrote a couple of times about “enemies” and how to deal with them and I did a post on observing Donald Trump and how he deals with his enemies. I remember a comment from NMPT ( in a discussion we were having about dealing with enemies. There really are “rules of engagement” and most well-brought up, nice, young ladies aren’t familiar with them. They should not be faulted for this.

But, don’t buy into this “Be the change you want to see in the world” crap! This kind of thinking is meant by your enemies to weaken you – it’s a psyop.

When we defend ourselves as white women, who have white women’s particular problems in this world, and when we talk about that, we are doing something – probably all we can do. We must not let these women silence us or shame us into not calling them out.  For instance, we might be accused of “going down to their level,” as a way of deterring us from telling it like it is – telling the truth.

Let me tell you, there is no way we could possibly get that low. If these women are being paid to say some of these things, I wouldn’t be surprised. We know there are people paying members of the left-wing to agitate, to cause trouble and instigate aggression. The evidence to me is the peculiar fact that these particular women are allowed to speak in online forums and we are not! We are silenced by both men and women – and when it’s women doing it, it’s mostly lefty women. Now, you have to watch a little because some of those women look suspiciously like men! But, many are clearly female.

These are our enemies! We are a very tiny minority on this planet. Here in the U.S. we are a small minority and shrinking because of male violence and depravity, especially that of the white male. So, the reason you don’t hear a lot of white women kicking up a fuss about these abuses is that there simply very, very few of us.

Plus, we are the number one, Grade A, choice food supply for the male predator. We are the one that he most does not want to escape – we are the livestock! We are the gateway to the creation of more food for his violent perversions. So, this is why we are being targeted especially heavily.

Then, we are expected to clean up this mess – essentially, clean up our own blood on the floor after we’ve been nearly killed by men. And, it’s other women – liberal feminists – who are making this demand!

Really, it cannot be over-stated what great enemies these women are to us. They hate us as much as the men do – maybe more, judging by their relentlessly hateful rhetoric.

These women are handmaidens. They are so testosterone-poisoned that there is likely no hope for them. Therefore, there is little point in engaging with them. If you must engage with them, treat them with the same level of “respect” you would give any man, and don’t get bogged down in a discussion, thus allowing them to feed on you.

Also, unlike Mancheeze, I don’t encourage their speech. (A Major Rule of Engagement is: Never Help Your Enemy!) Simply because they’re women doesn’t mean they have anything valuable for us to hear. They are highly destructive. I’d like to hear from actual feminists, but we know that’s not going to happen at YouTube or almost any other social media site except WordPress, which has a very good policy on free speech, which they actually appear to stand by.

I certainly don’t seek them out, but when I run across them, as I did today, I have no problem in calling them out on their racially based hatred of me. I won’t get bogged down in a discussion with them because it would be like trying to discuss with a brain-damaged MRA parasite. This is a form of self-defense. It’s not much, but it’s all we’ve got online.

Anyone who is trying to silence me or trying to silence other “white feminists” is fighting on the wrong side – they’re fighting on the side of the pimp, the john, and the sex trafficker. That’s something I cannot allow to happen.

I encourage you, white feminist who is reading this (and you don’t have to be “white” to be a “white feminist” as our enemy has pointed out), to keep talking. Don’t let them tell you what to say or how to say it. Keep talking even when you think no one is listening. Keep writing. Keep telling what you can of your own experiences. It’s hard some times, don’t hurt yourself doing it – don’t be a martyr because that doesn’t help anyone. But, keep writing. Write radical feminist fiction, write radical feminist non-fiction, and publish it anywhere you can.

Always protect yourself with anonymity. Don’t expect any help from law enforcement because there isn’t any. Protect yourself any way you can think of. It is your natural right endowed to you by your creator. And, remember you are worth just as much as anyone else – maybe more so. Our mothers always told us we weren’t better than other people – but, I don’t know about that – after my experiences in life, I think we are. We should, at least, always act like we are and not let these men and women tear us down and try to convince us that we are somehow guilty of things we are in no way responsible for. Our female enemies get off on this just like male sex predators do – don’t give them that satisfaction! We are NEVER responsible for what males do to us and we are NEVER responsible when they don’t stop doing it.

Update to this post: I changed some information in this post after I was blocked by Mancheeze at her YT channel, either for saying that male violence is innate, to which she responded that there is a case of a boy socialized to be a “lovely boy,” or because I left a single comment on a video at her liberal friend’s channel, stating my objection to her rabid hatred of white women and “white feminists.”  It appeared that she had shadowbanned some of my comments before they were all blocked from the view of anyone not logged into the account. At first, I thought it was a mistake – she bans men from commenting, but I am clearly a woman and a radical feminist and I don’t know why exactly I was being shadowbanned and then blocked. I am guessing it was because I objected on her friend’s channel to the hateful speech against white women and “white feminists”  -one time, I commented!  So, I revise my original position on Mancheeze – she is an incorrigible liberal. I deeply apologize to anyone I have ever misled by recommending her blog or her videos. I, also, revise what I said about YT: Radical feminists are completely silenced there – just as I was.


Human Trafficking, How Deep and Wide it Goes, and Why Activism Will Not Stop It, Part 2: The Jeffrey Epstein Evidence


Trump, Epstein and the Clintons

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’d lost the information about the actual documents in the Jeffrey Epstein child rape and human trafficking case, which is still playing out in Palm Beach, Florida. Well, I found it. I thought about just updating the previous post, but I want to make sure you see this.

The reason I want people to see it is that the information has been silenced, completely blanked out, in the U.S. mainstream media and in the U.K. news, which is where I first heard of Epstein, there has been a cover-up attempt. Mostly, it appears they are doing this on behalf of Cousin Andy, aka. the Duke of York, who is seen photographed with the little girl, Virginia Roberts, and in the background, when it isn’t cut out, there is the image of the alleged handler and procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father is reputedly an Israeli Mossad agent.  Roberts asserts that she was forced to have sexual relations, as a child, with Cousin Andy, whose name was circled in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. Maxwell is the woman who reportedly recruited Virginia Roberts from the Mar-a-Lago resort, which is owned by Trump.

Here’s one such article from the UK Guardian:

Here’s another, maybe better one:

If you want to see the legal documents related to the case, look up the Case #: 08-80736. 

Also, look up: “Jeffrey Epstein Probable Cause Statement.”

Now, the ties between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein are pretty undeniably solid. In fact, if this thing continues on, gathering a little more steam, Clinton may actually have to answer some questions about the whole thing. So far, he has been spared. The legal proceedings included some kind of clause that states that certain people involved in the perpetration of these crimes against children are untouchable.

But, Trump is, also, implicated. Admittedly, he knew and liked Epstein. His name was circled in the little black book, along with the names of some of his family members. And, Trump has visited Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, at which the photographs of nude, 14-year old girls are said to be prominently displayed on the walls. This association between Epstein and Trump has understandably been downplayed by him and his surrogates. But, you’d have to be seriously naive to believe that there isn’t a stronger connection between the two.

Furthermore, Epstein is said to have thrown parties at which young, Eastern European women “dressed worse than hookers” mixed up with men, including Donald Trump. Trump has an attraction to young Eastern European women, apparently, since he’s married and impregnated two, so far. His second wife was an American woman, who he grudgingly married only after he impregnated her.

The following video is full of information. If you are interested in the details of this case and its broader implications, give it a listen and keep a pen and notebook handy to make some notes. It’s from this video that I got the case number I provided above:





Human Trafficking, How Deep and Wide it Goes, and Why Activism Will Not Stop It: Trump, Clinton, Epstein, and High Ranking Military Colonels

I want to talk about human trafficking, in particular the sex trafficking of girls and women, as well as the epidemic of rape in its many forms. This is something that is very depressing, but there is a reason you should know about it. If you are a radical feminist, you’ve probably already guessed that things are this way. But, if you are a liberal feminist, or maybe coming from a more left-leaning background, one that values activism, perhaps – or maybe you know a lot of activists and liberals in your everyday life – then this is something you really must understand for your own benefit and for the benefit of other women.

It is important to understand it so that you can begin to focus your energy and the work you do, the way you speak about this problem, and the way you think about it, yourself, in the right direction. Activism will not get rid of human trafficking. Appealing to the police, the governor, the president, or an international organization (like Amnesty International, for instance) will never get rid of it.

What I’m going to try to communicate here is how bad things really are. It’s hard to grasp really. The mind naturally rebels against these facts. But, however bad you think the problem of human trafficking and the raping of children and the prostitution of adult women is – however bad you think it is! – it is  in fact, much, much worse. And, there is no savior coming. There is no cavalry. There is no great, white father. There is no one to turn to who is going to end this thing because anyone who might be in a position to do something – they, too, are all involved.

Politicians, high ranking military figures, law enforcement agents at all levels, religious figures, news media figures, celebrities, are all involved in some aspect of human trafficking. They are either perverts themselves or they are heavily invested in the trafficking and raping of women and children (mostly girls, but sometimes boys) or they are groomers and procurers. They do it because they are sick perverts, because they are power-hungry, and because of blackmail and extortion – and because if one of them goes down, potentially, they could all go down. They needn’t worry, it’s not going to happen and even if it did, there are plenty of common, everyday, low-life rapists, wife-beaters, and pedos who would quickly come to their defense. The entire MRM and an entire army of men (everyday Joes) would be right behind them – along with Fox, Breitbart, CNN and the rest of them. There’s no changing their minds. There is no appealing to their humanity. They don’t have any humanity and that’s what I want you to understand – you who think feminist activism of some kind could really make anything but a dent in this problem.

Again, I’m hearing those words, “White feminist, shut the fuck up.” I’m hearing how much “white girl privilege” we have. In fact, Bill Maher said something along those lines about former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, just a few days ago. In case you missed the circus, Michelle Fields was interviewing Donald Trump after a press conference at his private resort, Mar-a-lago, in Jupiter, Florida (which is in Palm Beach County – this resort and its location are important later in this article) when Trump’s campaign manager walked up behind her, grabbed her arm so hard he left his hand imprint on it in the form of bruises, and jerked her down and backward. There are four videos of this event, audio and a witness. I’ve seen all the videos and the reason I’m not using the word “allegedly” is because it is very obvious he did it. It only remains to be seen if he will be convicted of the misdemeanor charge of battery she filed against him. His next court date is set for May 4, 2016. Bill Maher and a lot of other men,  either claim it never happened or she’s a whiner making a big deal out of nothing. Of course, men never have to worry about being brutalized by other men sneaking up behind them (sometimes to commit rape, as this is a common M.O. of rapists) – this doesn’t happen to men, in part, because they are men and in part because they are generally too large to do this type of violence to. Plus, it is expected that women tolerate this kind of male violence. Another man, would have probably hit Lewendowski. But, “white girl” Michelle, who is 28-years old and whose mother is an immigrant from Honduras, only weighs about 100 Lbs. She’s, also, very pretty – so, the menz have decided the “whore” had it coming. She has been doxxed (by Fox News, no less, who she used to work for), threatened with death and forced to move out of her apartment for safety. I could go on about Breitbart, what a fag fest it is, how few women are employed there and how they turned viciously on Michelle Fields after this happened to her, leading to the resignations of six men. (A few men she worked with apparently couldn’t take the mendacity, anymore.) But, this information is all available online, however, you do have to sift through all the masturbation and male violence to find it.

So, it is “white girl privilege” to be abused (in Michelle Fields’s case, to be battered and bruised – which the men on the right are saying isn’t much of a crime, certainly not worthy of filing charges against a man and ruining his life!) at Trump’s resort, Mar-a-lago. I wonder if Virginia Roberts would agree? Would she say it is white girl’s privilege to be raped by a friend of the family, sent to live with an aunt, then to live with her father, a maintenance man at Mar-a-lago, where she worked as a young girl, folding towels near the swimming pool, where she  was recruited by a female groomer and became one of Jeffrey Epstein’s most prominent victims? I have a feeling that she might disagree since she, like Michelle, has had to flee her home. Reportedly, Roberts – a pretty, blonde, blue-eyed, American girl – has had to flee all the way to Australia. I’ve read she is married to a karate instructor, but somehow I still don’t feel she has escaped her abusers. I say this because I tried to escape my own abusers – government officials, they were – this way and marriage was worse than any other sexually abusive experience I’ve ever had. So, marriage is not safety – these men get off on your abuse. Anything you share with them, anything they know about you, they will use against you, to torture you, to rape you until you have barely any life left in you. So, Roberts has not escaped. I don’t know her. But, I know she is in hell right now.

And, there’s a reason I’m talking about this right now. In fact, there a few reasons.

The first reason is that Donald Trump’s name has been in the newspaper a lot lately because he’s running for President of the U.S.A. and he cannot seem to keep both of his big feet out of his big mouth. Also, Hillary Clinton, legal wife and great defender of former Pervert-in-Chief, Billy Boy, is trying to get elected to the U.S. Presidency. We have some other very nasty players in the presidential race (an avowed Marxist who writes rape fantasies in the form of essays, a fanatical Canadian Christian (we’re not even sure he’s qualified to run under the law)  with a Communist father, every one of them flawed in ways that will be damaging to the people who live in this country, of which I am one. The truth – and this is another important truth, if you are an American – is that both of these parties are one monolith that have taken over the electoral process in the U.S. The left has moved further leftward in this country (almost every person still in the presidential race has communist ties, including Trump) and the right has moved further left and into outright tyranny, especially, where women are concerned. It was the rightists who wrote Obamacare. It was they who initiated NAFTA and GATT. Republicans are one and the same with Democrats: You can say “six” or you can say “a half dozen.” It’s the same.

Another reason has to do with the fact that Jeffrey Epstein is about to be indicted, again.  At least, it looks likely. And, Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg.  He’s one major billionaire pervert with ties to the jet set and not just celebrities, but politicians, law enforcement, Federal judges and high-ranking military personnel.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein? He’s a Jewish-American man with a very nebulous background. In fact, it reminds me of the origins of George Soros, quite a bit. Nobody knows why these young boys are picked for a certain nefarious purpose, the way is paved for them by some hidden hand, no matter how badly they screw up, they still get jobs, earn billions of dollars, and amass great power over others.

In a nutshell, Epstein came from a kind of an impoverished background in Brooklyn (same place notorious “playboy” and inheritor of millions, Donald Trump, and a bunch of other big names are from, also, at about 2 hours and 14 minutes into the Kay Griggs video, below, she talks about how the Brooklyn mafia (Italian and Jewish, primarily) are connected to high-level pedophilia and human trafficking in the military), they say. He was not exactly academically gifted. Despite this, he was given scholarships to posh schools. He dropped out. He still got jobs somehow – for instance, he was once a school teacher! (Usually, you have to have a B.A. and teaching certificate to work in U.S. public schools – private schools have different requirements.) He’s friends with the guys who own Victoria’s Secret and The Limited. He’s friends with the Clintons, especially Bill. He’s friends with many other politicians and well-known musical and television celebrities, including Donald Trump (who has praised him: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in a 2002 profile of Epstein written three years before Epstein began to be investigated. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”). He has a private island and a private jet, supposedly dubbed “The Lolita Express,” and a lot of household names and some powerful behind-the-scenes names you may not have heard of (including members of the Trump and Clinton families), are circled in his little black book. The little black book is an address book, obtained by Epstein’s butler, Alfredo Rodriguez. Rodriguez reportedly attempted to sell the book for 50,000 Euros (approximately USD$50,000) and it ended up in the hands of police. Rodriguez said it was the key to blowing wide open the human sex trafficking ring run by Epstein. Unfortunately, before he could say much else, he was dead.

Now, there’s so much to this story – just Epstein – that I couldn’t  possibly write it all here, so if you’re interested, you’ll have to use Google and do a little digging. You won’t have to dig far, though. Epstein was first indicted and jailed in Palm Beach, Florida (in a jail he partly owns, the wing of which he built, and from which he was granted the privilege to come and go pretty freely, except in the evening as he served out a portion of his 13-month sentence. It seems to me he only did about 6 months, but you’ll want to check that out for yourself.), but it is clear that the people involved in the prosecution were in on this thing all the way up to the Federal judge level. The problem (for Epstein) is that they left out some of the victims. They are listed as Jane Doe #1, #2, #3, etc. One of these Jane Does published a book (something that victims of sex abuse, including Satanic ritual abuse, have been doing a lot lately, which their abusers are not happy about) and revealed her name to the public: Virginia Roberts. Roberts, along with other victims, was left out of the legal proceeding. They did not really get their day in court (but I hope they are about to!) and it’s a done deal as far as it has been determined that Epstein did what he’s accused of – not trafficking, per se, but raping little girls – as young as 12 years. He’s raped a huge number of little girls, in fact, and has settled with a bunch of them in lieu of going to court. The legal documents from Epstein’s trial in Palm Beach, Florida are available online. Here’s a link to some documentation. There is a place online where you can see the affidavits and such in the case, but I’ve lost the link for the moment. Until I find it,  again, look here:

So, my point with telling you about Epstein is to show that this problem of human trafficking goes very high. Epstein has links to members of the Israeli Mossad, for instance. It is truly an international problem. But, it is rooted right down to your next door neighbor watching porn on his PC.

The trafficking, the porn, the strip clubs, and many normal-appearing businesses, are linked into human trafficking. It’s no secret to the police, I can tell you. Some of your local police are involved in trafficking, as well, particularly in procuring victims and taking pay offs. Cops shake down businesses. They do. They shake down and extort licensed businesses, including almost every night club I ever worked for. In some places, a good part of my night was devoted to avoiding corrupt cops.

And, cops are cops. It’s isn’t just U.S. police. This is just how the system works. This is why when you are raped or battered or threatened with rape and death, or whatever, and you go to the cops, they refuse to take a report, they laugh at you, they blame you. THEY KNOW the truth. They know and it’s very funny to them that you don’t know what they are and what they are all about.

Furthermore, trying to report sex crimes against yourself or against others, including little children, is very dangerous. There are numerous examples. The Epstein case is one example.

The recently publicized case in England is another and if you follow the feminist blogs here at WP, you will already be familiar with it. I’m referring to the case in Rotherham, England, which went on for something like 20 years and involved a massive number of little girls. No one took them seriously, least of all the cops. The cops, as it turns out, were in on it. They knew what was happening. And, when finally, very recently, they tried and convicted these men who committed these atrocities against so many little children, the guys only got about 6 years a piece in jail. What I want you to see here is that the police are not just “not doing their jobs,” they are protecting the pervert class – they are part of the pervert class. Moreover, it is the police themselves who are the first obstacle any victim faces who tries to obtain justice.

Here is another from the U.K. (and I’m not picking on the U.K. here, this is happening everywhere!):  Ian Watkins is a Welsh punk rocker who preyed upon baby girls. Here’s a link to some info.: And, what I want to point out about this case – the depravity is deep, of course, but it’s nothing new – is the difficulty that his girlfriend had in trying to report him to the police. In the course of trying to obtain evidence – which the cops repeatedly ignored for over 5 years – she was arrested! She was, also, badly smeared in the British press. (Don’t think the press and the television media aren’t deeply involved in this thing – they are. I refer you to the Epstein case because that comes up! If justice for rape victims and female victims of murder is your desire, they are not your friends!) It is, also, worthy of note that Watkins’ musical sales have tripled since his conviction. Perverts have lots of support from the regular Joes. And, victims? Not so much support.

And, we know what is happening in Germany and the Netherlands and other places in W. Europe (because I’ve made previous blog posts about it in just the past few months) when white women try to report sex crimes perpetrated by black males or Muslim males. The victims are getting arrested. They are being arrested for “hate speech” when they try to describe the perpetrators. They are having police visitations at their homes and their children are being taken away. Even talking about this online can get you a little visitation.

I’ve been thinking about this a little more than usual because of Trump. I was away for a little why recently and where I was visiting there was television. I got to see a lot of Trump because up until just a few days ago, it was like he was on a long drunk. He was up late at night, tweeting and re-tweeting all kinds of crazy things like pictures of his third wife, Melania, next to his opponent’s wife and asking people to compare the appearance of the two women. He was on a rampage about Michelle Fields, talking about how her ink pen could be a bomb and how afraid he is of women – especially, pretty, petite, intelligent ones, like Michelle. He raged against Michelle repeatedly all over the television, called her a liar, called her a potential threat. Then, topped this all of by declaring that women who have abortions should be punished (this is in response to a supposedly hypothetical question, although, the problem is that it is not hypothetical and women are being jailed for miscarriages and still births in the U.S. – nobody on the T.V. mentioned that, though).

When I look at Donald Trump, I see a “high end customer.” That’s how he registers in my brain – that terrified, hungry, desperate part of my brain that was activated when I was working in the night clubs. When I look at his wife, I see a reflection of my own fear and desperation. I know what they both are in a way that the average television watcher – especially, the average Christian, family kind of working-class television watcher – cannot begin to fathom.

In fact, a surprising number of his supporters are Christians. I was surrounded by Christians, recently. I was forced to pretend pray just about every day. Everyone I had contact with believed in Trump. Even ol’ doc (an alternative doctor, elderly and very interesting) told me he believed in Trump, that he would repeal Obamacare. I automatically replied, “Yes, but he says he wants to replace it with something else – with Trumpcare.”  And, we alternative types don’t want any part of it. Many allopathic doctors don’t want it, either. It’s killing them. This year, I was taxed INTO POVERTY by Obamacare and Social Security. You see I started out above the poverty line and finished under it because of these oppressive, commerce-killing taxes. We don’t want it replaced. We want to be LEFT ALONE! Trump funded Nancy Pelosi and both Clintons and others who got us in this mess. How can these people have blind faith in Trump? Well, they’re Christians. They have blind faith in a lot of crazy things, despite being sensible and functional in other areas of their lives. They believe in the concept of a savior. They believe it is Trump. Seriously. They believe that, which is why they defend him so angrily, so vehemently.

Even when I  point out that he’s a “high end customer,” I am told that people can change. Christians believe this, too – really believe it and make it part of their lives. I do not. I’ve never seen a single person change. Horrible things have happened to me in my life – horrible. But, I’m still the same. Fundamentally, I have not changed. My “values” are the same as they have always been – being subject to “high end customers,” for instance, doesn’t change the victim. It’s only a reflection of the nature of the “high end customer” himself, his appetites, his depravity, his filth! But, in the end I am the same and he is the same.

The whole time I was around these Christians, I was thinking how much I wanted to be able to explain that to people on the left who are completely confused about how so many Christians could support a dirtbag like Trump. Trump, who is famous for fucking around on his first wife with a B-list actress named Marla Maples. Since, I don’t have television, that’s the last thing I remember about this guy. It turns out that he’s had a television program for years, which is called, “The Apprentice.” He’s become a fully-fledged celebrity and his presidential run has been based on this character who is famous for being a bully. His line is, “You’re fired!”  He has hawked all kinds of products and starred in tranny comedy skits on television. This is what happens when you live under a rock – and I literally live under a pile of them! that’s why I can’t get a radio or TV signal! – you miss out on these things. And, when I came out of my cave (almost a cave where I live) and saw what was happening on the television and how it is influencing people, I found it very startling and very disturbing.

I mention in the title of this article on human trafficking that this thing goes into the military, especially high ranking colonels. And, just in case you’re interested, I’m going to mention a couple of key figures you can research. Of course, the first is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a Satanist, former friend of Anton LaVey, founder of The Temple of Set, and a truly fascinating character. Really! He’s like a train wreck for me. Despite the horror, I haven’t been able to stop looking at him for years! But, he’s just one guy, just one colonel and just another little tip of that same big iceberg. It is simply not possible to be a high ranking military member without being involved in some way with human trafficking. Aquino is tied into a lot of things, one thing being the so-called “Franklin Cover-up.” If you look into that, remember this: They’re all involved, that includes former FBI agents and researchers/publishers.

Another reason a lot of working class people love Trump is that they imagine they could be as successful as he is if they work hard enough. Unfortunately, this is a lie. If you are not highly corruptible – and most of these highly corruptible people are male – you won’t get far. Your success will be capped. Nobody gets far without being highly corruptible. This ridiculously long interview with Kay Griggs  (she’s had a lot of “white women’s privilege,” including being battered, raped, subjected to all kinds of depravity, and nearly murdered by her faggot husband), wife of a high-ranking military colonel, George Griggs, will help inform you:

The thing to understand about human trafficking and all its components, which include porn and prostitution, is that cannot be stopped by appealing to those in the establishment, whether at a low level (your local police, for instance) or a very high level (the office of the president, other heads of state or international human rights organizations) or anywhere in between. I want you to try to grasp the level of complete saturation with violent perverts that we are experiencing.

If we want to stop playing a game of Whack-a-mole with the perverts – if we want to stop this entire system of abuse of girls and women, once and for all, the only solution is to weaken the enemy. We have that power in our hands to a great extent. What we don’t have, in most cases, is the recognition of how thoroughly evil the human male is, how he is driven to hurt and destroy us. We must reduce their numbers. We white women have had some success in this regard, I believe. Our overall population numbers are down. The white male is the chief abuser and we are the chief subjects of their porn, prostitution and trafficking – the chief victim of their abuses on every level. We know how wicked they are and we don’t want them to use us to perpetuate this evil, especially to perpetrate it on another little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who is our own daughter. We are working to eliminate him and eliminate more potential victims by not reproducing more of ourselves. We have done this without organizing. We’ve done it despite the people trying to shut us up. We’ve done it because it’s just a natural response to broad scale male abuse. What we really need is a an educational program to reduce the number of males born in this world. We need to be working on that – not on trying to change the perverts. That’s not going to happen. Our only option is to reduce their numbers, only then can we regain our rightful position and peace will be restored.

Liberal Feminists Being Abusive Toward RadFems and Occurrences Surrounding Ferguson, MO

I just lost a long version of this post down a black hole at WordPress. Apparently, they are having some problems. So, you’re going to get the Reader’s Digest Version of things.

The primary underlying difference between liberal feminists and radical feminists is that liberal feminists cannot stop sucking cock.

Since I live not far from the epicenter of black violence, St. Louis, I am not going orgasmic over the “nice” black boy’s victory over the University of Missouri at Colombia. Liberal feminists would do well to remember two things: A victory for men is never a victory for women and black male patriarchy is not better than white male patriarchy.  It is usual that when men speak, when they whine and complain about such things as being called “nigger,” they get action because they are MEN.

Such tender little feelings these black men have.  Being called “nigger” is just so monumental compared to being a small, white woman abused by huge, black men (often more than one at a time) in every way imaginable – endlessly, for years and years! I have been called all kinds of perverse and disgusting names by black men on the street, on college campuses and at my workplaces. (No one cares.) I have been followed in and out of stores by them. (No one cares.) I have been stalked by them. (No one cares.) I had to fight off one of them who I woke up in  my own bed to find straddling and restraining me while I slept. (No one cares.) I have been assaulted by them.(No one cares.)

Not only does no one care about the abuses I have suffered at the hands of black men, but because I object to being harassed, stalked, threatened, terrorized, burglarized and raped by them, I am called “racist” It is suggested by one libfem that I sound like a member of Stormfront (a white male supremacist group). But, the problem here is that I am not a white man. I am a woman. I am a white woman who refuses to suck black cock. I refuse to take joy in the victories of my enemies, my attackers, and those who have said they want to KILL me!

Recently, because actually live not far from St. Louis, where the Muslim Brotherhood and #BlackLivesMatter have been engaging in violence for about a year now, I have had some unusual and really scary experiences with black men. In one instance, I was called “blondie” and looked up and down in an aggressive way by two huge, black men who forced me out of the way while I was trying to make purchases at a small grocery store. I had to leave because of them – if I had not left, I was sure they would have done some violence to me and maybe the clerk. These two black men were dressed in African clothes with African colors and were most likely Muslims.

On another occasion, I was surrounded by a group of them while I was in my car at the outside teller station at my bank. Fortunately, I was able to get my money and leave very quickly before something bad happened. That same bank branch was armed robbed last month.

I was shopping at a T.J. Maxx and witnessed, along with about 20 other white people, who were mostly women, at least, three black men and women walk out of the store with merchandise and jump into an awaiting getaway car and speed off. This happened in the middle of the afternoon, in broad daylight.

These are unusual things because there are not many blacks where I live. It is 94% white, 3% American Indian and 3% Hispanic. We have less than 1% black people in our population. This is according to the last census. Again, none of these people look like they are from anywhere around here.

Also, on Halloween night I had to leave a gas station and a store because of another man, one of a Middle Eastern look, who had a gun in the coat of his dirty pocket and looked like had no business doing what he was doing. It’s a long story and I don’t want to go into it. The point is, once again, I had to leave somewhere because of blacks or Muslim-looking men.

Liberal feminists and liberals, in general, have no problem with women like me being terrorized by men, as long as they are black. They take great joy in it, in fact. I read it all the time in the comment sections where they regularly say horrible, sexualized, violence-promoting things about white women – especially blonde women.

It is major gaslighting and psychological abuse to call someone like myself racist because I object to abuse and domination by black men.

Again, I am not a white man. I am a woman. I do not wish to dominate other people, only to live in peace and to go about my business and to sleep in my own bed without fear, which is something I have not been able to do for years because of one of my attackers, who dare I mention it, was a black man. I never go to bed without remembering that incident. I remember it every single night!

As I’ve said in previous posts, it doesn’t matter what you do or say at this point. The people who hate us have already decided what we are. In their view, I am a racist white bitch and a white whore who deserves to be dominated, raped and killed by black men, especially if it furthers some liberal cause or other. Still, it is pretty sickening to see these women calling themselves feminists. It has made me reluctant to talk at all, but then I remember THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT! Remember: “White feminists, shut the fuck up!”


Muslim Men Rape White Girls and Women in Germany: Feminists Try to Report it, But Media Black It Out

German, British and U.S. media are working diligently to cover up the epidemic of rape by Muslim men occurring in Germany. The victims are not only the relatively few women and children housed in refugee barracks in Germany, but it is a fairly long-standing problem in Germany that is swept under the carpet. This is done in Germany in much the same way as it is done in the U.S., whenever we white women dare to talk about our experiences of abuse and violence at the hands of non-white men.

Talking about the abuses of white men against us is difficult enough and it’s not something most women ever do without the shield of anonymity. White men are a danger to white women, perhaps even more of a danger than other men. They are certainly more of a danger to us in our homes and they are the ones most likely to be johns who harass us, proposition us on the street or in our workplaces. In feminist circles, I can feel free to talk about the nature and number of abuses I have endured at the hands of white men, but to talk about my experiences with black, Middle Eastern or other protected classes of men – although, these seem to be the two most protected classes by far – is taboo. I assure you that waking up in your bed and finding a black man grinding on you is a bad experience, it would be just as bad if he were any other color. But, there is a special way that a black and Middle Eastern-type men harass blonde-haired blue-eyed women. In their own words, they say we are bitches and whores.

Black feminists don’t want us to talk. Fun fems don’t want us talking, either, about the true nature of the porn industry or the trafficking of white, American women, because many of them are on the side of the sex-trade lobby. They have said to us, “White girl, shut up!” When we bring up this subject, we are called “Nazis” – absolutely laughable in my case for reasons I may explain someday – or we are told to shut up because other women suffer more than us. This is because in their view we were born to have our lives turned into porn. We were born to be raped. Before it became the rape capital of the world because of an invasion of Muslims, Sweden was once the porn export capital of the world. Scandinavian-looking women everywhere are regarded as the whores of the world. There are plastic surgery procedures to make other women and men look like us, to mimic us and to portray us as whores deserving of rape, subjugation, torture and death in the media (for example, “Bitch better have my money” video by Rhianna, but there are endless examples in the media).

If you are a girl or woman born with Scandinavian racial characteristics – small features, blonde-hair, blue-eyes, and fair skin – you are a special target for both black men and white men, but targeted in different ways by each group. We are, also, targeted differently because of our appearance and because of the stereotype that we are whores and porn queens. Our flesh is to be traded by men in one way or another or we are treated as some kind of prize or, ironically, as the whipping boy of the black man who sees us as property of white men.

There are great similarities between how white women and girls are targeted in Germany by blacks and Muslims of other skin shades and how we are targeted here in the U.S.

Remember: We are not allowed to talk about this! But, we have to talk about it now when they are trying to silence us and when I see how they are silencing German women and girls, silencing feminists in Germany, I see that this is coming here, too, and it is coming fast. The first thing they do is silence you, then they name call you, “racist,” and “nazi” and ridicule you and when that fails, they threaten violence. So, I’ve got to talk. We white women, especially those of us who have been victimized the most by liberal social and political policies, have got to stop walking on eggshells around liberals.

Liberals will be the death of this country, just as they are trying to kill Germany right now by silencing the German people and especially the women. They hate white women. This is why liberals push fun feminism, they push porn and prostitution on us and they pull the race card out frequently when we say that our lives have value, too. That we have the right to live our lives to the fullest and no one has the right to steal it from us whether he is black, white or any other color.

I want to discuss an article that was posted originally in German and moreso, I wish to discuss the comments made by Germans beneath that article, which you will find at a link further below. It is in these comment sections that you see what is really happening to people and especially women and girls in Germany right now.

This article, entitled “Germany: Migrant Rape Epidemic,” is posted in English at the Gatestone Institute website and is dated September 18, 2015:  It provides a pretty good English translation and explanation of another article originally posted by a German women’s lobbying group, LandesFrauenRat (LFR) Hessen, which uploaded it to its website, then abruptly removed in September 14, without explanation,” according to the Gatestone Institute. It is still available in German, with comments, at the following three websites:

The German-language article is the same at all three of the above online locations. You can read it in English at Gatesoneinstitute and you will see that there are numerous attacks on women and girls by these “refugees” and by other immigrants in Germany.

Now, let me tell you something about German culture, which differs from American culture. It’s something you must know to fully grasp the situation in Germany. In the German culture, it is considered very rude for a man to approach a woman. It would be considered un-German. And, if anyone knew he did it, he would be tisk-tisked by other Germans and called out on his bad behavior. So, German men are generally not street harassers, stalkers or street rapists. In Germany, the crimes of street attacks and harassment are almost exclusively perpetrated by foreign men. This has to do with culture.

Here in the U.S., it differs and more and more in the past couple of decades white men have become very, very aggressive toward women. It wasn’t always like this, but we never had the cultural restraints on men asking women out that exists in Germany, where this is simply not something a decent man would do. Black men in the U.S., in my experience, have always been extremely aggressive in public and white American men are becoming more like them.

So, in Germany we see stark differences between the behavior of black and white men toward women and girls. It is a much sharper difference than has ever existed in the U.S. between these same groups of men.

So, it is not just men who are following German women around while they’re trying to jog, following them in cars and on foot, trying to chase them to their homes, preventing young women from being able to ride the subways in the late evening and making it necessary that 9-year old girls must be escorted to Kindergarten because they won’t even let up on their sexual harassment and threats of little tiny girls.

It is not German men who see white, German women and little girls as “whores,” deserving of rape and death.

It is particular men who harbor hostility toward women and girls and are a protected class, protected by the media in Germany and by the Judges, who are bought and paid for, who do not penalize these men for their crimes against white women.

If you look at the comment section of the first and second postings of the article in German, you will see what is really happening in Germany. Of course, it helps to be able to read German. You could try Google Translator, but it’s not very good. But, what I’m telling you about what is happening to women is reported by some women in the comment section of those two articles. They are afraid to leave their homes, especially at certain times of the day and what’s more, they are being silenced! “White girl, shut up!”

There are many, many more interesting things in the comment section and I spent way too much time last night reading it all!

The judicial system in Germany has let women down. They are not prosecuting what we call black on white crime – the same problem we’re having here in the U.S. right now, and the same thing: It is not being reported by the mainstream media. (The same thing is happening in Norway and Sweden, according to online reports from obscure parts of the internet.)

It is sad, that before a woman talks about being harassed by men, she has to preface her statement with, “I’m not a nazi, but…” – which I would urge them to stop doing, immediately. Of course, you’re not a nazi – and so what if you were?! You still should have a right to walk down a street in your own country without fear of torture and death by strange men – strange men of any color or religious persuasion, but that’s exactly the issue. Because, as I said, it is not German men who are doing these rapes of women and children in Germany on a massive scale.

In all my walking around in Germany, I was only harassed by what appeared to be a German man on two occasions. One looked like a junkie and the other was a standard slimy subway pervert who was stalking me. They’re meek little bastards and I basically turned around and said, “Boo!” to him and he fled. The Muslim men are different, though. Their harassment is regular and they do it in packs. They get physical very quickly, too. I was assaulted on the street by groups of huge, hairy dark-complected men speaking a foreign language on a fairly regular basis – as in a couple of times per week.

I say, don’t worry about being called “nazi” or “racist” for telling the truth of your experience. The people who say these things hate you already. They’ve already decided you’re a “white whore” who’s “got it coming” just for existing, so don’t try to make nice with them. It won’t work, anyway, and it just gives them kindling for their fire.

For instance, I have the right to be in my own bed asleep without a black man coming in to try to rape me – in my own bed. Now, wouldn’t you think that would be a basic human right. Does the fact that he’s black trump my rights to sleep in my bed without a home intruder straddling me? Well, according to the liberals, the black man has the right to rape me because he had a bad childhood and many disadvantages, his parents were slaves, I’m a racist for noticing that my assailant is black, and a whole bunch of other outright lies. But, liberals love these lies and they typically use a number of predictable slurs against the victim because this is how they enable and promote the sexual abuse and degradation of white women.

What got me about the discussion on the comment section was that the Germans, especially women posters, were most afraid of the other people around them who supported this “refugee” effort, which is quickly bringing about the demise of their civilization – these people, in the U.S., we call liberals. They couldn’t talk about their experiences and in part because of another feature of German culture, which is the social policing, as I mentioned above. You will be tsk-tsked and tut-tutted and told “Das ist nicht richtig,” if you express some sentiment outside the German social mind set – whatever that is and at this time it is: “We must help these poor, downtrodden refugees.” It is important in Germany to be sozial – to be truly German, to go along to get along with whatever is happening. It is by far very un-German to kick up a fuss or to talk loudly or to protest in any fashion that would call undue attention to yourself and surely call down the charges of “nazi” on your head.

I saw in the comment section that some people were talking about getting out of Germany and going somewhere else. At least one of these people had originally come to Germany as a refugee, herself, but now, she said, she is afraid. For Germans who have their family, their friends and their entire lives tied up in Germany, and who have been conditioned to German culture, it is not going to be very easy for them to find a new place to live. And, why should they?! Simply pulling up roots and moving to another country is not an option for the vast majority.

Already, there are political groups forming to try to combat this violence against German women and girls.

But, men expressed some fears, too. Men and perhaps some women both said that they knew it was only a matter of time before the “refugees,” who are already demanding, already complaining about everything from the food to slow internet service, are going to want more. They are not going to be satisfied with Hartz4 (a relatively new aspect of the German social net, which provides a goodly sum of Euros to people each month and allows them to live in approximately a 1400 sq. ft. house and own a car of a certain value, etc. – very different from the welfare system I remember from the ’90s, which is a horror show from an American perspective. Basically, you can live like a king in Germany and never have to work a day in your life, all courtesy of the Germans who do have jobs.) and they will demand more money and more stuff. They will look at a German man or woman’s house or car and say, “Why isn’t that mine?!” These “refugees” have a very strong sense of self-entitlement – it’s much like we hear from the Muslim Brotherhood here in the U.S. – the black man should never be prosecuted for any crime, he should be free to steal, he should be free to rape and kill as many white women as he wants, the prisons should be emptied of all black men on the basis that white men once enslaved black men. On this basis, they believe, truly believe, that they are entitled to everything that other people, specifically anyone who isn’t them, have. I refer you, also, to the events in South Africa, black-on-white rape capital of the world (which we are not allowed to talk about, right?), which is what the U.S. or Germany could look like pretty quickly in these circumstances – and this is why we must talk!

In these comment sections, the Germans, also, expressed concerns about possible Jihadists coming into their country. Apparently, it has not escaped their notice that the vast majority of these “refugees” are males between the ages of 18 and 45-years. One person suggested that the men of this age group should all be sent back.

There were, also, concerns expressed that Germany would break out in a “race war” or a civil war – and a term like “race war” was actually used in the German language.

Many asked why Merkel and Co. (as they called their prime minister and her henchmen) were so unconcerned. One mentioned that Merkel does not have children, therefore, she doesn’t have to worry about her own daughters or granddaughters being raped or killed, nor does she have a vested interest in Germany’s social or economic future. They wondered what she would do when this was over. Would she leave the country? They pointed out that she and her loved ones need not fear the criminals because they have security guards and such. This reminded me of Governor Cuomo of New York – he’s got a huge, armed goon squad protecting him, but doesn’t give a damn about the epidemic of rape and other violent crimes in New York City – one of the U.S.’s fine rape capitals where women can’t even legally have a can of pepper spray to defend themselves.

One woman mentioned the need to carry a defense item, specifically pepper spray, which, by the way, is pretty useless stuff especially in an outdoor environment.

I urge American women to take some time to read the article in English. If you can manage some German, that would be better. Honestly, if Americans could speak German, I don’t think they’d have gotten the last World War off the ground. It’s really important to be able to speak and read as many other languages as you can. It’s important not to believe the mainstream media from any country. They’ve been a pack of liars ever since the emergence of radio, TV and cinema.

Look twice and then three times at things. Ask questions.

And, I really believe we’ve got to stop being afraid of taboos, we white women especially must stop censoring ourselves and we must start talking about what is happening to us and saying that is wrong. Men are not entitled to harm women simply because we are white. Men should be punished harshly and equally for their crimes against women. No women or girls deserve this kind of violence like what is happening in Germany, all over Europe, here in the U.S. and in other countries where white women exist alongside men who see us as male property or “white whores” who deserve to be raped, abused, whored out and trafficked.

Being called “racist” or “Nazi” or “bigot” is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to us if we don’t start talking right now!

Added on October 2, 2015: here is an admission of two refugee riots occurring in Germany from the Washington Post, “A Refugee Riot Puts a German Town on Edge”: Official reports are that they are not disturbing anyone outside the refugee centers, but anyone who has visited Germany in the body of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female human of any ordinary proportions knows this is not true. Women are afraid to go jogging, afraid to be in public places because of men – in this case, non-German males, which is why they can’t talk freely about it and why it is not being reported in mainstream media (a media system even more overtly and openly controlled than our own here in the U.S.).

I’ve read two reports now of German women being forced out of apartments they’ve leased for years to make way for these “refugees.” But, in the following article you see several instances reported that the private property of German people is being seized by the government to house “refugees.” This is very disturbing, to say the least. Here it is:

Something else that catches my attention in both of these last two articles is that this activity seems to be occurring all over Germany. It is not confined to any one area with problems reported in familiar cities in the south such as Munich, and Dresden in the east (not long ago behind the Berlin Wall), but also in relatively small towns in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in central Germany, and Hamburg and Berlin, which are in the northern region. There seems to be no place of refuge for actual Germans.

The following video is from ZDF, which is a major mainstream television broadcasting company in Germany, which might be likened to CBS, ABC or NBC, except they are very left leaning (almost everything in Germany is left of the anything in the U.S., for instance, I know of no real equivalent to Republicanism or Libertarianism in Germany). Nonetheless, they broadcast this documentary on the subject of the refugee influx. The English-language title given is: One Country, Two Worlds: Islam – Effects on Germany.  This film was made by a woman and the primary subject matter is Muslim misogyny. Here it is in the original German language with English subtitles:

Thoughts Upon Watching Hoardes of Rapists Surge into Germany and Western and Central Europe

I have been watching as the media and European individuals in forums (we must confirm everything in the mainstream media with independent sources, as well, before we believe what is reported by mainstream media, who are notorious for running fake news and theatrics) report a massive influx of Muslims into Germany and other countries in the EU, as well as Poland and other countries, which are taking a relatively small number of these aggressors. I have noticed that the media focus their cameras on the few women and girls among them, while the vast majority of the interlopers are males. Even the small children are mostly male.  According to my count 80% are male. According to this article, the official count of males is 75% (only 12% women  and the rest are mostly boys). What have they done with the women and girls? My guess is that they have killed all who were not already claimed as livestock.

I imagine some Westerners, upon seeing some of these men with their wives (a single wife, it appears, although they are allowed to have 4 and among them may be children as young as 9 years) see some reflection of themselves, especially if they are Christians. But, don’t be fooled. These men are slave masters with their slaves – they’re not Ozzie and Harriet!

Some independent researchers on the ‘net are working right now to discover the origins of the propaganda picture of the child lying face down in the water. It appears that this photo, while tragic, is in no way related to this event, except that it is being used to run a sympathetic narrative for this mass of rapists who are now entering the country.

Germany is already overrun with Islamic thugs. If you are a woman who is assaulted on the street – and most of the assaults come from non-German men – you are not allowed to complain to anyone about it. You’re not allowed to talk about it or else YOU are a racist an a bigot. I haven’t been to Germany in years, but when I was there I had some greaseball try to open my car door, with the idea of pulling me out of a moving vehicle to do what, I think anyone can guess. I was followed and assaulted in the streets by Turks (thankfully,  I had smuggled an illegal weapon into the country, although it wasn’t much – only a stungun, but a scary item to anyone unfamiliar and potentially a helpful instrument when you’re a tiny woman being assaulted by a gang of huge, hairy stinking men screaming at you in a foreign language). I had an Italian immigrant say over and over to me, “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you!” In between he told me how much he hated the people in his host country. He said German people were stupid because they work. He didn’t work because the German welfare system took care of him. This left him plenty of time to threaten women walking along a sidewalk somewhere.

Back then, the Muslims men were the biggest problem women faced. Since then Germany and other countries, in particular, Sweden and Norway, have received huge numbers of these men. The rape rate in these once relatively safe countries has skyrockedted. And, of course, if you complain to anyone that you were raped and damn near killed by a Muslim, you are called a bigot and a racist. We have a similar problem here in the U.S. with the spawn of Louis Farrakhan and these #BlackLivesMatter black men and women. The rhetoric used against white women who complain about crimes being committed against us is the exact same. We are stifled. We are silenced. We are told that we deserve this, especially if we are light skinned women. We are told to shut up because what other people have to say is more important.

None of this is happening by accident or coincidence. It is all by design.

I hope that people in Germany will go against their normally law-abiding nature. It is clear that the laws are not there to protect YOU. Therefore, you have a moral right to break them. I hope you will read the books that have long been forbidden to you to read. If you do, you will learn for yourself what lies at the base of this latest attack – and make no mistake this is an attack! – on Germany and all of Western Europe. You know the book I mean.  Long forbidden to you, thanks to the internet, you can find it online in English, although the original German language version is far better. Read both volumes because history is repeating itself and the puppet master has only moved his headquarters!

When the Germans were disarmed by the Treaty of Versailles after World War II, they had to re-arm themselves. They did it secretly in Russia (this is described in that book that Germans and citizens of many other European nations are banned from reading). Now, I think is the time when the criminal class in your midst, especially in cities like Berlin, may become your allies. The German people must re-arm themselves.  Your prime minister and all the people in your government have forsaken you.

And, here in the U.S. we are dealing with multiple false flags – a psychological warfare operation – one after the other of a long, long series, which are aimed at terrorizing women. The liberals hope that women will turn away from the idea of self-defense. They believe that if they can somehow terrorize women that they will gain control of the family. This is very misguided logic from a lot of men who don’t know much about women. But, this seems to be their motive for the many staged shootings we have seen recently in the media targeting women – especially blonde women.

Instead of throwing our hands up in the air and running off screaming like the actress, Alison Bailey (the apparent name of the actress who played the role of Alison Parker in the theatrical production at WDBJ TV station in Roanoke, VA), Americans – including American women – continue to arm themselves more and more.

We must not – any of us – give into this psychological warfare, which is about to become increased physical warfare in Germany and other European countries.

What do you owe traitors?

We women must arm ourselves and keep talking, especially when we are called bigots and told to shut up. This is a cue to start talking even more. We must break free of the racist, misogynist doublebinds placed on our minds and our speech by our enemies. Remember: Anyone who wants to disarm you or silence you is an enemy!

Below are some videos and articles showing the threat to European women and girls from these monsters pouring into a country where they are, under the law, defenseless victims with no right to self-defense, no right to complain, no right to speak, no right to redress, and no hope of justice.

I understand that if you live in the U.S. anyplace anywhere there is HUD housing, which is usually Democrat-run cities with lots of gun control, you are about to receive some of these charming, handsome fellows, too. Of course, here in the U.S., they will first have to contend with the gangs and we’ll see how what tough guys they are. My guess is they won’t last long in some places like Chicago or East L.A. where they will clash with organized gangs of even more violent men.

Women have a natural and should have a legal right to say when they have been violated, regardless of the race, nationality or religious beliefs of the perpetrator. But, this right has been taken away from women in many European countries. Here in the U.S., it’s the same, especially if the perpetrator is black. Although most rape of white women is perpetrated by white men, black men, also, perpetrate a large number of rapes against white women, while white males like to save their sexual abuse almost exclusively for white women. This an example of our “white woman’s privilege!” Furthermore, it is taboo to discuss. I have to be very careful talking about a black man sneaking into my bedroom and trying to rape me while I was asleep, for instance – very careful because if I don’t enjoy being raped by a black man, then I must be a white, racist whore! Telling the truth about black rapists is “hate speech.”

The Muslims regard white women in Norway (and, in fact, everywhere in the world) as whores. According to the video below, many women there have taken to dying their hair black in hopes of lessening their chances of being raped. (I have had to employ a similar tactic in some parts of the U.S., which are overrun by dark complected men from other countries. In fact, it does help lessen the number of daily threats.) Predictably, the liberal establishment blames the victims!

Watch Muslim man-boys and some Muslim women in Sweden throw a violent tantrum in response to a film, which was apparently part of an educational course, taught by the artist, Lars Villks, who is now in hiding after multiple attempts on his life. Note the Swedish women, who do a remarkably good job restraining some of these vicious beasts.

Note the irony of the woman singing this song in the Dutch (Netherlandish) language as images of violent, foreign males are shown on the screen (The title is “More than Welcome” and she sings of their difficulties as immigrants arriving on boats, etc. – something like Neil Diamond’s “They’re Coming to America.”):

Here we see a whole entire encampment of these rapists fighting among themselves in Dresden, Germany, a city of high culture, which saw some of the most senseless destruction during World War II. But, can the city survive this?

How many of these people are paid actors?

They control what you see and how you see it. Notice how the camera focuses in on the women and children whenever possible:

If you want to know about similar things happening in the U.S., which are not being reported in the national news, look at this Youtube channel:

Just something to think about (“It’s a Set Up”):