No, Men, 12 and 13-year Old Girls Cannot Be Sluts or Tramps

girlsAccording to the online Google dictionary, “tramp” is defined as “a promiscuous woman.” A slut is defined as “a woman who has many casual sexual partners. Synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore.” The word can, also, mean a woman with poor hygiene, but that, too, has a sexual meaning – she is dirty because many men have stuck their dicks into her.

Yesterday, I was browsing the U.K. Dail Mail online, when I ran across this very sad, but not at all uncommon story of a little 13-year old girl being “bullied” – that’s what they call things like sexual assault, psychological abuse and physical violence of all kinds these days – by classmates who cut her hair, threatened to stab her and called her a “tramp.” The article is here: Cruel bullies ‘cut terrified 13-year-old schoolgirl’s hair as she sat in her classroom and threatened to stab her’ by Rachel Burford, September 7, 2016.

I read the article with a great deal of sympathy for the little child because something very similar happened to me at age 13 at a U.S. public school (an institution which should be wiped off the face of the earth), which forced me to attend private school. Private, Catholic schools are far from perfect, a lot of the male teachers were perverts, but I was far safer there. I was pretty sure I was going to be killed at the public school. I was being sexually assaulted daily and I narrowly escaped being gang raped in an isolated hallway. I was, also, stalked, harassed, and physically attacked. Furthermore, it wasn’t just the students – it was teachers and administrators who were in on it, as well, and participated in this sexual harassment of a 13-year old girl!

I thought my name was “Slut.” That’s what I was called constantly. The very day I transferred to the new private school, two big girls saw me enter the school and I heard it, again: “She looks like a slut to me.” It’s something I cannot forget.

It bothered me a lot then, of course, but what is even more bothersome, perhaps, was the response of adults. I remember asking a couple of people about it or mentioning that I was constantly called that word. A couple of older men told me that lots of little 13-year old girls really are sluts.

I remembered that, again, when I read the article about the little girl in the U.K. because this is what the father – an adult male, an older man – said in defense of his 13-year old daughter who is being called a “tramp”:

He said: ‘It started with name-calling, Then she started getting phonecalls as well, saying she was a tramp. She was only 12 at the time and had never had a boyfriend.’

He could have stopped at “She was only 12 at the time,” and that would have been just fine, but he has to mention that a little child has not had a boyfriend. I don’t know what kind of 12-year olds have boyfriends. I don’t know of any 12-year old girls who are running around joyously fucking boys or men. So, why did he feel the need to add that last bit to the sentence? Because we have to explain – to men, mostly – that a little girl, a particular little girl, is not a tramp. Why is this explanation required? Because there are men – lots of men, normal looking men, maybe men in your family – who believe that little 12 and 13-year old girls are asking for it. They believe the little girls want it.

This is men. This is the best of men.

They cannot be re-trained. They cannot be “fixed” – unless by fixed you mean neutered, which might be a good idea. They are irredeemable. They are inhuman.