My Commentary on the “Just Want Privacy” Press Conference Held in Tacoma, Washington in June 2016

I mentioned the video of the June 2016 “Just Want Privacy” Women’s Press Conference in the previous blogpost. It is posted, again, below. The subject of the conference is legislation allowing men into women’s and girl’s locker rooms, restrooms, and changing rooms, which have previously been legally protected safe spaces for women and girls. The legal protection of our rights to privacy and the provision of some legal protection against predatory males has been greatly eroded in many places in the U.S. The Seattle area almost seems to have been a testing ground for this, which is why U-dub in Tacoma is an especially good choice for a place to hold a women’s conference on this matter.

This was a press conference, so it seems safe to assume that the purpose was to obtain some publicity for this problem. Maybe this is why they did not escort those disrupting the event out of the small conference room. I guess it would look bad to someone whose sympathies they wish to gain through this conference. Women being called bigots and being scapegoated for the fictional mass murders of homosexual men in Orlando, Florida may feel that they have to be careful about not looking like thugs by ejecting men who are yelling over them while they try to speak.

I have a different perspective. I think it is good to narrow our audience and control our audience when we speak. Hitler – a highly effective persuasive speaker , a fact well-borne out by history – would never have permitted himself to be interrupted like this. When we don’t eject these men and their female enablers, we appear weak. That, again, is my non-liberal perspective. I’m not from that part of the U.S., which has always been a strange haven for liberals – liberals who hate American Indians, which I know about from my parents’ experiences living there many years ago. My red-skinned father experienced, as did my very pale-faced mother, some surprising hostility from otherwise very civilized, very kind people. But, this is how liberalism is – it’s a cult. It’s sort of a club with a hierarchical order with the interests of white males right at the top and women at the very bottom.

This press conference was very good and the women managed to get in a few good points, although nothing new – nothing we haven’t all talked about before. But, this conference would have been far more effective and the women could have communicated what they had to say far more persuasively if they had not been constantly interrupted.

There is no point in talking to men. There is no point in trying to persuade our enemy, who rapes and kills us, who tortures and torments us constantly from birth ’til death, that he should be respectful of us. It looks like the height of absurdity to me when I see women doing this because I know how sick and violent men are!

We are not the mothers of these men. If we were there mothers, we should renounce our motherhood! The only people we need to convince of anything are ourselves. The enemy and his supporters should be excluded. Those disrupting should be ejected and not kindly, not asked to leave, but forcefully and violently ejected. It can be done in a way that the complainant looks like a pathetic whiner who is just stirring up trouble, which is what he is. Men do this to us all the time! They violently exclude us and then pretend we are just troublemakers trying to ruin their good reputations. We are well-acquainted with how it is done. There is no reason not to use this tactic on our enemies.

A conference of women should be about women and women’s interests and include only women. Men are not women. Men can never be women. Therefore, men are not allowed to attend. If a man is found, he is forcefully ejected. If his balls get in a twisted bind or his shoulder gets fractured on the way out the door or on that third or fourth bounce on the concrete, well… accidents happen.

I hope the next women’s conference I see anywhere excludes men and male-centered women who only come to cause trouble. Nobody else would put up with something like this. Why would women think we are expected to?

arsch-trettenAsk yourself this: When you’ve been called slut and whore since you were a little child and you are called SWERF and TERF and bigot and racist for simply existing now, then what have you got to lose?! Men already think we are lower than animals. If they get ejected from a meeting for disrupting it and subsequently get their asses kicked in a dark parking lot, how is this going to change anything? It won’t. We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by kicking the bastards out.

Here’s the video, again: