No, Men, 12 and 13-year Old Girls Cannot Be Sluts or Tramps

girlsAccording to the online Google dictionary, “tramp” is defined as “a promiscuous woman.” A slut is defined as “a woman who has many casual sexual partners. Synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore.” The word can, also, mean a woman with poor hygiene, but that, too, has a sexual meaning – she is dirty because many men have stuck their dicks into her.

Yesterday, I was browsing the U.K. Dail Mail online, when I ran across this very sad, but not at all uncommon story of a little 13-year old girl being “bullied” – that’s what they call things like sexual assault, psychological abuse and physical violence of all kinds these days – by classmates who cut her hair, threatened to stab her and called her a “tramp.” The article is here: Cruel bullies ‘cut terrified 13-year-old schoolgirl’s hair as she sat in her classroom and threatened to stab her’ by Rachel Burford, September 7, 2016.

I read the article with a great deal of sympathy for the little child because something very similar happened to me at age 13 at a U.S. public school (an institution which should be wiped off the face of the earth), which forced me to attend private school. Private, Catholic schools are far from perfect, a lot of the male teachers were perverts, but I was far safer there. I was pretty sure I was going to be killed at the public school. I was being sexually assaulted daily and I narrowly escaped being gang raped in an isolated hallway. I was, also, stalked, harassed, and physically attacked. Furthermore, it wasn’t just the students – it was teachers and administrators who were in on it, as well, and participated in this sexual harassment of a 13-year old girl!

I thought my name was “Slut.” That’s what I was called constantly. The very day I transferred to the new private school, two big girls saw me enter the school and I heard it, again: “She looks like a slut to me.” It’s something I cannot forget.

It bothered me a lot then, of course, but what is even more bothersome, perhaps, was the response of adults. I remember asking a couple of people about it or mentioning that I was constantly called that word. A couple of older men told me that lots of little 13-year old girls really are sluts.

I remembered that, again, when I read the article about the little girl in the U.K. because this is what the father – an adult male, an older man – said in defense of his 13-year old daughter who is being called a “tramp”:

He said: ‘It started with name-calling, Then she started getting phonecalls as well, saying she was a tramp. She was only 12 at the time and had never had a boyfriend.’

He could have stopped at “She was only 12 at the time,” and that would have been just fine, but he has to mention that a little child has not had a boyfriend. I don’t know what kind of 12-year olds have boyfriends. I don’t know of any 12-year old girls who are running around joyously fucking boys or men. So, why did he feel the need to add that last bit to the sentence? Because we have to explain – to men, mostly – that a little girl, a particular little girl, is not a tramp. Why is this explanation required? Because there are men – lots of men, normal looking men, maybe men in your family – who believe that little 12 and 13-year old girls are asking for it. They believe the little girls want it.

This is men. This is the best of men.

They cannot be re-trained. They cannot be “fixed” – unless by fixed you mean neutered, which might be a good idea. They are irredeemable. They are inhuman.



My Commentary on the “Just Want Privacy” Press Conference Held in Tacoma, Washington in June 2016

I mentioned the video of the June 2016 “Just Want Privacy” Women’s Press Conference in the previous blogpost. It is posted, again, below. The subject of the conference is legislation allowing men into women’s and girl’s locker rooms, restrooms, and changing rooms, which have previously been legally protected safe spaces for women and girls. The legal protection of our rights to privacy and the provision of some legal protection against predatory males has been greatly eroded in many places in the U.S. The Seattle area almost seems to have been a testing ground for this, which is why U-dub in Tacoma is an especially good choice for a place to hold a women’s conference on this matter.

This was a press conference, so it seems safe to assume that the purpose was to obtain some publicity for this problem. Maybe this is why they did not escort those disrupting the event out of the small conference room. I guess it would look bad to someone whose sympathies they wish to gain through this conference. Women being called bigots and being scapegoated for the fictional mass murders of homosexual men in Orlando, Florida may feel that they have to be careful about not looking like thugs by ejecting men who are yelling over them while they try to speak.

I have a different perspective. I think it is good to narrow our audience and control our audience when we speak. Hitler – a highly effective persuasive speaker , a fact well-borne out by history – would never have permitted himself to be interrupted like this. When we don’t eject these men and their female enablers, we appear weak. That, again, is my non-liberal perspective. I’m not from that part of the U.S., which has always been a strange haven for liberals – liberals who hate American Indians, which I know about from my parents’ experiences living there many years ago. My red-skinned father experienced, as did my very pale-faced mother, some surprising hostility from otherwise very civilized, very kind people. But, this is how liberalism is – it’s a cult. It’s sort of a club with a hierarchical order with the interests of white males right at the top and women at the very bottom.

This press conference was very good and the women managed to get in a few good points, although nothing new – nothing we haven’t all talked about before. But, this conference would have been far more effective and the women could have communicated what they had to say far more persuasively if they had not been constantly interrupted.

There is no point in talking to men. There is no point in trying to persuade our enemy, who rapes and kills us, who tortures and torments us constantly from birth ’til death, that he should be respectful of us. It looks like the height of absurdity to me when I see women doing this because I know how sick and violent men are!

We are not the mothers of these men. If we were there mothers, we should renounce our motherhood! The only people we need to convince of anything are ourselves. The enemy and his supporters should be excluded. Those disrupting should be ejected and not kindly, not asked to leave, but forcefully and violently ejected. It can be done in a way that the complainant looks like a pathetic whiner who is just stirring up trouble, which is what he is. Men do this to us all the time! They violently exclude us and then pretend we are just troublemakers trying to ruin their good reputations. We are well-acquainted with how it is done. There is no reason not to use this tactic on our enemies.

A conference of women should be about women and women’s interests and include only women. Men are not women. Men can never be women. Therefore, men are not allowed to attend. If a man is found, he is forcefully ejected. If his balls get in a twisted bind or his shoulder gets fractured on the way out the door or on that third or fourth bounce on the concrete, well… accidents happen.

I hope the next women’s conference I see anywhere excludes men and male-centered women who only come to cause trouble. Nobody else would put up with something like this. Why would women think we are expected to?

arsch-trettenAsk yourself this: When you’ve been called slut and whore since you were a little child and you are called SWERF and TERF and bigot and racist for simply existing now, then what have you got to lose?! Men already think we are lower than animals. If they get ejected from a meeting for disrupting it and subsequently get their asses kicked in a dark parking lot, how is this going to change anything? It won’t. We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by kicking the bastards out.

Here’s the video, again:


Men Disrupt Women’s Press Conference and Run Women Off a Mother’s Support Website

This is a twofer. Below is the video of women speaking at the “Women Speak Out” press conference. This video dates back to June 16, 2016 at this Facebook page. It is a discussion on the rights of women and girls to be free of the threat of male violence and perversion in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms. It’s a very good conference and well worth a listen despite the speakers being frequently disrupted throughout. Notice their falsetto male voices. At least, one pig in a wig is ejected from the room.

Here is the full video:

According to information in the lowbar at YT for the video below, “Women Speak Out” was hosted by the Just Want Privacy’s I-1515 Campaign and Washington Women’s Network, Maya Dillard Smith, Blair Tindall, and Miriam Ben-Shalom conducted a press conference and Q&A session to address the need to bring into balance the civil rights of women and girls, but local transactivists had other plans…

The video below contains a compilation of “heckling highlights” cut from the full Press Conference (which is over an hour long and embedded above)

Transactivists tried but failed to shut down the event by claiming homophobic attack in Orlando means women shouldn’t be allowed a voice so they ultimately rocked up and gave an entitled display of heckling, tantrums, patent false accusations, hyperbolic theatrics and other age-inappropriate conduct in any attempt to shut the event down that way. The courageous female speakers being shouted down in the compilation have had their livelihoods and reputations attacked from all sides by these bigoted bulliess, so please check out the full video and show your support for them:

Meanwhile over at Mumsnet, a huge support website for women who are mothers, which is based in the U.K., a couple of men managed to run women off the site with the usual accusations of bigotry, racism and the use of invented slurs, such as TERF. Some of the women have formed a subreddit, at which you can get an idea of what happened there. This, too, seems to have occurred fairly recently. A couple of men came in and demanded that their desired pronoun usage be respected. LOL!

Here’s some more discussion about these men, who came over to the website pretending to be women, and predictably began bullying the women, making demands and using very disgusting, sexualized and sexually aggressive slurs against the mums: This sexually perverted behavior, in which men pretend to be women online and then begin calling women disgusting names, ought to have a classification of its own.

Here a woman talks about being kicked off the site for asking a question about trannies:

Men have no pride, no self-respect and are nothing but perverts and cowards. These two instances of male aggression on the part of pigs in wigs are proof positive of this. They will do anything to harm women and prevent, not only our full liberation from them, but keep us from having even the tiniest modicum of privacy. They want to keep their food supply – us – well within their grasp.

Notorious Anti-feminist, Phyllis Schlafly, is Reportedly Dead – My Tribute

It has been reported this evening that Phyllis Schlafly has died. She was 92. Evil dies hard.

Here is one of Schlafly’s most notorious quotes encouraging men to rape women:  “By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape.”

Schlafly was, also, a fierce opponent of the ERA.

It’s only right that her rotten, black soul should have a proper send-off to its final destination – HELL! So, in honor of Phyllis Schlafly, the following video:

Gene Wilder Dead – Again!: Why You Should Never Believe the Media

This post doesn’t directly pertain to anything to do with feminism and it has almost nothing to do with witchcraft, although, a lot of people think that the fact that Gene Wilder is being reported dead – again! – has something to do with quantum physics. The practice of witchcraft and quantum physics do have a strong relationship, but that’s not what’s going on here.

So, I just had another conversation in which someone tells me that someone has died who has already been dead for a while. This time I was talking to my mom, who knows I was always a fan of Gene Wilder. She told me that he just died at age 83. I said, “No, that can’t be! He’s been dead for years.”

Some people are calling this the Mandela Effect. This is supposedly a psychiatric disorder in which a person strongly remembers something happening that didn’t happen. This is absurd and really smells like a cover story to me. If this is a psychiatric disorder, then a whole lot of people are suffering from it right now, in unison, because a large number of people – like me – remember that Gene Wilder has been dead for a long time.

If you are a fan of a particular actor or actress, you tend to notice when something happens – like they die tragically of cancer! So, I remember the reports of his death well. I always liked his hapless, nice guy caught in an incriminating-looking situation themed movies. One of my favorites was “See No Evil, Hear No Evil.” I, also, loved “Haunted Honeymoon” and “Silver Streak.”

Gene’s record for dying is about every 8 years. I remember him being dead in 1999 and the special last movie production he ever made – a made-for-TV movie, called” Mystery in a Small Town” – was played in his honor. I watched it first run on television. It was pretty good.

Apparently, he was reported dead, again, in 2008.

Furthermore, there seem to be some discrepancies about his age at the time of his alleged death(s) because their are irregularities in the reports on his date of birth. Officially, it’s supposed to have been June 11, 1933:

What I think is happening is this: When a celebrity dies, his handlers, his accountants, and whoever else has a piece of him, rakes in a ton of dough. Celebrities are often worth more to the people around them dead than alive. So, they put it out in the media that he has died. They wait a few years, believing that the public is too stupid to remember anything, then they do it, again.

There’s a whole long list of these people, most are celebrities and my own short list of them includes Jack Palance, who I distinctly remember being reported dead in the newspapers, including The Enquirer, back in the late 1980s. (There’s a particular set of circumstances surrounding why I remember this so well, but I won’t go into it because it’s a long story.)  Palance reportedly died, again, in 2006. Here are a couple more who I distinctly remember being reported dead in the media, who are not celebrities: Bin Laden and Fidel Castro.

Bin Laden was supposedly killed twice before he was killed again by the fictional Seal Team 6 – I say “fictional” because that has to be the case, since it was well publicized that Bin Laden was already dead. Back in 2001, after the second World Trade Center bombing (yes, there were two, the WTC was, also, attacked back in 1993), it was reported that he was hobbling around in a cave somewhere in the Middle East attached to a kidney dialysis machine. While he may have had a kidney condition, I don’t believe for a second he was living in a cave. I do believe he probably died of kidney failure, if that part of the story was true, since most people on dialysis don’t live more than about 5 years.

Here’s Madeleine Albright talking about Bin Laden being dead on C-Span in 2007:



In one interview or another at C-Span, Albright said he was dead in 2003. But, he was reported dead back in 2001, as you can see from the following video:


Similarly, Fidel Castro was reported dead in 2011. I was surprised to learn recently that Obaama supposedly visited him in Cuba.

Here’s one more, which is very strange. Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent who was billed as a superhero chasing after Satanist and alleged pedophile, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (founder of the Temple of Set, high-ranking Col. and close friend of the Reagan family) was reported dead on July 31, 2011. A few months later, it was reported that Aquino was dead. Aquino seemed to have disappeared, no longer actively involved with the Temple of Set. Since he’s a character whose work, as such, I’ve followed for a long time, I was well-aware of the reports of his death. I dared to repeat it once in a comment section and was challenged to “prove it!” It freaked me out, frankly. I withdrew any further commentary. I still believed that he was dead for a long time because he seemed to disappear completely. Then, he re-emerged, looking like his old Satanic self, although slightly more bloated, in a bunch of recent interviews on Youtube. Apparently, he is still alive.

There are reasons why all of these people would want to appear dead or why someone else would want them to appear so. Aquino, for instance, has a lot of enemies and not for no reason.

There is no feminist purpose to this post, except to point out that you should take anything you see reported in the media with a grain of salt. They lie a lot and they have motivations to lie. There is one more thing – almost every one of them I can think of, whether celebrity or politician, who has been twice or thrice reported dead is male. Upon checking other people’s lists of dead and resurrected individuals, I see that not all, but most – strangely – are male. I have no idea the significance of that. I just noticed it.