Kellyanne Conway says “Rape Would Not Exist” if Women Were Strong Enough

Apparently, Kellyanne Conway has not had the experience of having a uniformed police officer shoving a loaded service revolver in her face.

See video below:

Kellyanne Conway: “But I’ll tell you, if physical fitness – if we were physiologically – not mentally, emotionally, professionally equal to men – if we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist. You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off.

Men commonly, rape without the benefit of weapons and it is true that all my rapists have been, at least, twice my size and about three times my weight, including the uniformed, on-duty police officer, however, rape does not occur because one person is larger and stronger than the other. It occurs because men rape women.

There are many ways that men commonly rape women that have nothing to do with physical strength or weakness. For instance, they can drug you. If you go to YT and search for “I was roofied,” you will see video after video of women (90% or more are women) talking about being drugged and not knowing what happened to them. Many women and girls are raped this way and do not know it happened until the pornographic video of their rape turns up somewhere. This has become a remarkably common practice of men/rapists and you don’t necessarily have to be at a frat party for that to happen to you. See the video below from one of my favorite Youtubers. When she told her mum, she found out her mum and a bunch of her [probably all female] relatives had been drugged, too:

A couple of years ago on or near some college campus (I can’t find the article at the moment) men were sneaking up behind women walking down a sidewalk and hitting them in the back of the head with bricks and heavy rocks and then raping them. If the women were bigger and stronger than the men, it would not matter in this situation.

Men, also, use coercion. They threaten the woman, her family, her children, her livelihood. This has nothing to do with physical strength, whatsoever. (See “Roger Ailes” for well-publicized, current examples of this.)

According to Wikipedia, this degenerate-for-hire, Kellyanne Conway, became campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on August 17, 2016. Incidentally, according to Forbes online, Roger Ailes has, also, been hired by Trump as an advisor.

Conway made this idiotic statement on a PBS television program, “To the Contrary,” January 25, 2013, which you can view in its entirety at their website:;-hillary-testifies;-women-in-hollywood-