Men Inciting Violence Against Women: “The Burning Times” are Never Far Behind Us

In the pagan community, there is a popular slogan: “Never, again, the Burning Times.” This is, of course, a reference to the times when men incited violence against women and sometimes males (usually the husband or children of the victims). Most people believe this is behind us.

In the U.S. most people believe the witch persecutions ended with the Salem Witchcraft trials of the 17th century. That’s not true, by any means. They continued and, in fact, still continue on this continent today. North of the Rio Grande, you can lose your job or your business and have your house or place of business vandalized, south of the Rio Grande victims are still occasionally murdered for suspicions of practicing witchcraft. Long after the Salem incident, there were persecutions and rumors whispered against women, especially, in the Ozarks and Appalachia. Marie LaVeau was persecuted by law enforcement in the 19th century in New Orleans. We had the Jesuits in old French Territory building bon fires and burning Indians not that long ago in what is now the State of Iowa and there was the Inquisition in the southwest in what was once Spanish Territory. There are many stories of the torture of women (and sometimes men) at the hands of men – entirely men – that are known by only a few researchers and some that have never been told because they hid their evil deeds from the light.

I ran across a discussion by a bunch of white supremacists, surrounding the white male’s history of violent control over white women in Sweden and elsewhere and how they plan to maintain it. It contains the kind of talk about white women that most people think died with the Malleus Maleficarum and the Spanish Inquisition. But, here it is, alive and well: Whenever I read this kind of thing from men, I am more and more convinced that male fetuses should be destroyed in the womb, that human maleness should be seen for the birth defect that it is. I see no other way to stop this horrific violence and male subjugation by these walking abortions of humanity. What they do to us daily and what they incite  other men to to do us is not without planning, structure, and pre-meditation. These things – these so-called “men” – are undeserving of life. They are using us as vehicles to this plane and we have the power to stop them, if we only had the understanding and the will.

HillaryWThe past few days, I’ve been looking at the violence incited by Gordon Ramsay and his show’s producers against Amy Bouzaglo, which resulted in witch accusations and characterizations (many memes) of her as a witch. According to the radio interviews, she, her husband, and their pets (three beautiful cats) were all threatened with being killed. Amy was subjected to the usual threats of sexual violence we are all familiar with from men online. The obvious irony is that the men threatening to murder her and her family continued to call her “crazy” and “demonic.”

Similarly, men make characterizations of political figures like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi as practitioners of the Dark Arts, in league with the devil. (The only devil is in these men!) Donald Trump (who looks like depictions of Old Scratch, especially when he’s eating “taco bowls” and “KFC“) has even told his half-cocked, poorly educated (he loves the poorly educated), fanatical followers – some of whom really believe he is the Christian savior in the flesh – that “Hillary is the Devil.

A couple of days ago, Trump was accused of inciting violence against Hillary Clinton: I don’t know if what he said about “2nd Amendment people” doing something about something they don’t like was really incitement to violence against her or not. This is because nobody knows what the term, “2nd Amendment people,” means. The 2nd Amendment is a fundamental part of the  law of the land, therefore, it should be supported by all Americans. Trump says a lot of things that seem to be just rambling, often repetitive nonsense. People can pull out if it whatever they like, however, he does have a history of inciting members of his audience to violence during his speeches and talking about how good it feels to physically injure people.

In response to Trump’s most recent idiotic communication from the podium, Katy Tur, revealed something that happened to her several months ago: According to the article at the previous link, Tur was doing her job (she’s a reporter for a major, mainstream news outlet on television), when Trump pointed a finger at her and incited a mob to violence against her. She had to be escorted out by the Secret Service agents, who were actually assigned to protect Trump – not her.

This incident is similar to the one in which Heidi Cruz (wife of Trump’s Republican competitor, Ted Cruz) had to be escorted out of a Republican National Convention event because she was being threatened with violence when her husband (not her, but her husband!) refused to endorse Donald Trump as Republican nominee:

According to this Marie Claire article about the event involving Kay Tur, “The wave of insults, harassment, and threats, via various social-media feeds, hasn’t stopped since. Many of the attacks are unprintable.” Here’s an example of one of the nicer ones: “MAYBE A FEW JOURNALISTS DO NEED TO BE WHACKED,” tweeted someone with the handle GuyScott33, two weeks after Trump lashed out. “MAYBE THEN THEYD STOP BEI[N]G BIASED HACKS. KILL EM ALL STARTING W/ KATY TUR.”

What Trump did to Tur is, also, a little reminiscent of the time in Canada that a male “comedian”, tried to incite the gang-rape of a woman who expressed her displeasure at a rape “joke” (which she paid money to be treated to, no doubt). He declared to the audience,“Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…” The targeted woman was forced to flee the crowd, while the man continued to “joke” about the men in the audience gang-raping her.

Inciting violence is supposed to be a crime, at least, in the U.S. We have very strong speech protections under our 1st Amendment, but it doesn’t cover inciting a crowd of men to commit violence against women, especially when it is very direct. Most of the time, however, the incitement is indirect. This is the day-to-day Hell of many women who try to earn a living anywhere or who try to exist somewhere, whether online or offline.

To understand why they do it, look, again, at the White Supremacists’ discussion on feminism linked to above. Without the subjugation of women – in the case of white males, they must continue to exist by targeting white women, especially blonde-haired, blue-eyed women (we are the biggest targets of their programs to turn us into both livestock and pornography) – in order to ensure their own existence and their own supremacy. Violence against us and the unceasing threats of it are they only way they can maintain their dominance.

If you are a chef of marginal talents who got where you are by virtue of a good ol’ boy’s club (the restaurant business is another industry where women suffer because of men’s hate against us), you attack your betters. Women are, overall, much better cooks and chefs, despite the fact that they are under-represented among award winners. It is my opinion that Ramsay attacked Amy Bouzaglo so hard because she is a much better chef than he is. I’ve compared his cookbooks to hers and his are full of narcissism, measurement errors (according to other reviewers at Amazon), are not very well done and, in my opinion, they present a lot of bland dishes in common, ordinary ways devoid of creativity or any real humanity or compassion for the reader, who is not a chef. He’s a guy who gets by on his reputation and is surrounded by a team of men who protect him and another massive online following of male minions who act like his attack dogs on command. That’s the only way men can beat women at anything – they have to use violence, threats of violence, and they use the power they have, whether from a podium (like Trump, who has a ready-made international fanship of MRAs and white supremacists) or from behind a microphone on a stage (like the Canadian rape-lover) or by the power of his platform on an international T.V. show, over which he and his producers and editors have total control, and by which he has acquired lots of male fans who hate women, too.

Men attack women, they use violence against us, and form lynch mobs to come after us because, alone, they are inferior to us and weak by comparison to us. The only way they can win is by this means. If a man were not inferior to a woman, he wouldn’t have to have an entire mob supporting him to attack her in an equal match.

If you can buy for a minute that there is a genuine competition between the Republican nominee (Trump) and the Democratic nominee (Clinton) –  which is not easy for me because not only are these two parties two sides of the same coin, both are enemies to women, Republicans seeing us as livestock and Democrats seeing us as natural-born whores to be prostituted and pornified – then, the characterizations of Hillary Clinton by Trump and his minions are very disturbing. Furthermore, Trump and his followers have whipped up a frenzy of misogyny, which is absolutely palpable, to any woman who has seen even a few hours of television coverage of the elections. Men are increasingly more open and violent in expressing their hatred of us. It is affecting men we know, in some cases. In my case, I saw how all the Trump coverage on television affected my own father the last time I visited my parents (I made a blogpost about it) and how he reverted back to some of his sexualized attacks (I’m a slut; I’m a whore; I want men’s dicks in me, I am Satan, etc. – actually, I am Satan. I own that, but the rest of it is lies.) that went back to my childhood, when he was under the influence of the Mormon cult. The woman-hating hangs thick around men now – more than ever.

Nor is it confined to men on the right, which we saw from the Bernie Bros and their slogans against Hillary Clinton, which were blatant in their Medieval imagery. You’d think men – and Christians, in particular – would have some shame about the evil deeds of their past, but no. They’re proud of it. They want to do it to us, again. Why else would they have the slogan: “Burn the Witch!” (They made a play on Bernie’s name – “Bern.”) The effect on actual witches and women of the use of this slogan is discussed at this article:  Even if you were a Communist, how could you vote for a man whose supporters talk about burning women as witches? Clearly they do not have our best interests in mind.

To those of us who who actually are witches, who live completely underground, under the radar, often in disguise, and in fear of discovery in our physical communities, this is a very serious matter. It’s something we fear and for good reasons. I’ve been denied a lease in the past. I’ve been denied services. I’ve been screamed at and witnessed Christians having psychotic meltdowns in front of me (similar to the Wiccan Wife Swap reality show episode – that’s happened to me twice. It’s scary!), pointing at me while going on about the devil and Satan. I know people in my physical community who have had their house vandalized. I know women who fear losing their careers in nursing and teaching. I know one woman who had to remove her articles on Wicca from the web after she was threatened with the loss of her job. There are other things, as well. So, this is a real and present thing to all of us and it’s very frightening to watch it gathering steam the way it has been, especially since the beginning of the present presidential election campaign.

It’s scary to see the online mobs who often don’t stay online. It’s scary to see them going after people who are not politicians and celebrities. It’s especially disturbing to see men like Trump going after female reporters this way. It’s unsettling to see male politicians going after their female opponents, calling them witches and devils, and inciting their minions to violence against them.

If you take away the computers, the cameras, the satellites, the radio signals and all the other technology, this is beginning to look more and more like 1692!

A few years ago, I thought the pagans who were worried about the return of the “burning times” were paranoid. I don’t think so, anymore.