My Schadenfreude: #BlackLivesMatter, the Police, Gay Men, and Muslims

I’ve been thinking for a while that if we women just get out of the way, our enemies will kill different factions of themselves off and, eventually, we will be able to walk around  outside in peace by day or night. Glancing at the news here in the U.S. over the past few weeks seems to suggest that they are doing just that.

Tomorrow (Friday, July 15, 2016), there is supposed to be an outbreak of “peace” by members of #BlackLivesMatter, an organization closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the so-called “religion of peace,” in a number of cities around the U.S. You can check the schedule here: They are calling this “Day of Rage.” So, if you are a woman living in one of these areas or planning to visit one of them, take heed.

I have an internet friend (Hello!) who may still be in Seattle or traveling elsewhere in the country where there is supposed to be a gathering of these “peaceniks.” I hope she stays alert to what is going on mostly in larger cities on the above-linked list.

I am pretty sure that some of what we have seen in the news is being staged. But, not all of it. When events are staged, they leave behind a lot of clues for anyone who bothers to look. Common clues to their fraud include: Photoshopping of images (usually done very poorly); obviously staged crime scenes; crime scenes free of blood; crime scenes using theatrical stage “blood,” people who claim to be injured but who do not really look or act as if they are; crime scenes at which there actually appear to be dead bodies, but they appear to have been arranged or placed there (saw this in the recent Paris event – it looks like people were killed, but there are problems with the official story); the use of prop guns that are obviously that (like in the Roanoke shooting); poor timing of and incredibility of events in the incident (for instance, claims that a shooter Tweeted while being chased by police, Facebooked while holding hostages, and most recently video taped her boyfriend being shot and continued taping while handcuffed – it’s not clear who was holding the camera – and this is not how people behave in life-threatening events. This I know because I’ve been in similar life-threatening events involving police.); and the usual after-the-fact events, which involve grieving relatives immediately calling for political action and Obama usually giving a speech the same day calling for gun control.

There are many questions about the Orlando event. There’s lots of suspicious-looking video and reports that don’t make any sense. This is the hallmark of a false flag (Reichstag-style) event. There are conflicting reports about the number of perpetrators (some early reports said there were, at least, two) and there are many discrepancies about the types of weapons allegedly used (this is very typical, too. In this case, they first said it was an AR-15, then an M-15, then an AK-47, and, of course, there are questions about how these guns could have possibly made their way into a nightclub unseen, especially with large capacity magazines hanging out of them. There are, also, problems with the math – so many people shot so many times each equals a whole lot of ammo – none of it is credible.)  It seems that there may have been some actual casualties, but they may have been shot by the police later on that morning. The police admitted to shooting people in the club in a news conference. Yes, the police are in on the false flag events. There are many examples of this.

It seems likely that, at least, one of the black men said to have been shot by police actually was. That one was, Alton Sterling, in Louisiana who was, according to Reuters and this article, a convicted pedophile who owed $25,000 in child support.

In the above instance, it appears that BLM is capitalizing on an actual event involving the shooting of a black man by police, which they have been doing ever since the event in Ferguson, MO. They and their liberal co-conspirators in the mainstream media will weave a fictional tale around the fallen negro to make him appear like a saint – or, at least, not so bad. “He didn’t have no gun.” “He had his hands up when he was shot.” “He didn’t do no wrong.” “He was just a kid.” (This last narrative is combined with photographs of the hulking ogre when he was 14-years old!) Of course, the fact that Alton Sterling was a convicted child rapist with a long felony rap sheet wouldn’t phase any of his supporters, anyway. He’s their boy; he’s one of their kind.

What is always a little bit dismaying is to see women supporting any of these men’s causes – and these are all men’s causes: Support for the police; support for homosexual men; support for black men; and support for Muslims. There’s nothing there for women. In fact, these men are all enemies to women in their own unique way.

Police: The enforcers of the patriarchal establishment; extortionists; rapists; domestic abusers; stalkers of women; harassers of women, and pimps (they run prostitution rings and turn a blind eye to human traffickers – sometimes they work directly with them). They are, also, the patriarchal establishment’s first line of defence. If you are raped, they are the first obstacle you will face in your quest for justice.

Homosexual men: The enforcers of gender, gender role stereotypes, and the old Roman slave institution of marriage. They co-opt women’s energy and sympathy, try to convince lesbian women that they are one and the same with them (they are not!) in order to steal their gynergy for male causes, which harm women, such as the push for “marriage equality.” Marriage should be legally abolished, but gay men don’t want that. They want to get their hands on women’s children. They exploit poor women as surrogates. It goes on and on. Gay men hate women. They are, also, supporters of trannyism.

Black men: These men are abusers of all women. Most often, they abuse white women in public and their own wives, girlfriends, and daughters in private. They are pimps. They love calling us “bitch” and other sexually intimidating names. They are a protected class of men, who have special rights under the law. They have enjoyed civil and human rights in this country and were freed from slavery long before any of us – and many women and girls are still enslaved to men as white slavery continues on, with greater frequency than in years past. Women, including black women, have been carefully denied rights. Malcolm X was careful to include in any of his speeches only black men. He never thought of women, not even black women, who were all still enslaved and denied equal opportunities, equal pay, and equal protection under the law, at that time. Instead, he – like the negro men now – focused on the wrongs of more than a century ago, which were done to him by other men.

Muslims: These are religious fanatics who present a different kind and a different level of threat to women, especially white women. Yet, they are supported by liberals and Christians alike who are importing them into the U.S. like they’re going out of style. The kind of insanity that we’ve read about in W. Europe is now happening here. Here is a recent account of a woman who was threatened with kidnapping and rape by muzzies in a nice, upscale, Minnesota suburb and how it has been covered up in the news – along with other events, like the attack by Muslims on a 5-year old special needs girl in Idaho Falls who was kidnapped, stripped naked, and gang raped by Muslim minors. While there are marches and demonstrations all over the country in support of criminal and pedophile black men,  the little girl’s family has been threatened and the liberals say this is just a smear campaign against these darling, little angels – the filthy, stinking, misogynist Muslims.

It is important to recognize our enemies and not contribute to their cause. Do not surrender the tiniest emotion to them. Never aid or abet them – it’s a sin against yourself and against all women.

Most of all, take cover. Take care of yourselves first always and then other women in your lives, if you’re lucky enough to have any. Try to think ahead so you can get the things you need in life and stay out of harm’s way –  out of the way of men. As much as they love killing us, they love killing each other even more and I see from commentary and videos on YouTube that even men who are not directly participating in this violence seem to be getting off on it.

If you’ve been raised to be heavily dependent on the patriarchal system, you’ll have to do a little more work to get yourself free. The system wants you to be dependent.  That’s how they maintain control of a lot of individuals at once. Always be thinking of all the ways you can detach yourself from the men’s various systems: Their medical system (which is very hostile to women in every way); their law enforcement system (don’t rely on police, arm yourself, and never call them for any reason – I like some of the advice in the comment section of the article about the attacks on women by Muslims in Minnesota, above. The cops really don’t want to do any kind of work. They’re not idealists. They’re masons and they serve the government, primarily the city mayor, not you!  – and they just want to collect a check. Calling them to report anything just pisses them off and there’s a good chance they might arrest you!); their educational system; their religions and their counter-religions (these are opposames – the so-called freethinkers, the Darwinist atheists, and so on).

You don’t owe men anything. You don’t owe the system anything. You don’t owe the government any thing – and they don’t owe you. Your only obligation is to yourself. So, stay safe. Get the most you can out of this life while the gettin’ is still halfway good. Let these men kill each other and rejoice at the death of your enemies.