Commentary on TrustYourPerceptions’ Latest Series of Blogposts

TrustYourPerceptions is a blog written a radical feminist with a background in biology, in particular, the study of genetics. This blog doesn’t publish often, but when it does, it’s a doozy. The latest post is, “Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women.” It is linked below along with two previous postings.

Semen Men’s Chemical War Against Women:

Dudes are Doomed:

Forgiveness + Positive Thinking = Eating Shit:

TrustYourPerceptions is a very good name for a radical feminist blog because what we are all dealing with is a great lot of mind control programming, which begins in infancy when we are born to mind controlled mothers, many of whom have already been sexually abused and raped since the time of their own infancy. We are repeatedly told that our own perceptions of ourselves, of males, and of our surroundings are wrong. The gaslighting starts early and persists.

When I think back at the various topics I’ve discussed at this blog, most have to deal with some sort of programming or attempted programming. I’m sure that when people stumble upon some of these articles I’ve written, they are immediately turned off because often what I have to say is at odds with the status quo – or what we are told that is.

It’s normal to be put off when you first run across a really revolutionary idea. It can be upsetting. If you’re not ready to hear what is said, you might resist, be immediately turned off. You might even feel some sort of fear, anger, or other strong emotion, however, it is something to read, to consider – even if you reject it at first – then ruminate on it and see if there is something about it that rings true. That is how deprogramming works – at first we may reject an idea, especially when it is unpleasant, but once we have the chance to think about it, to let it soak into our subconscious, it can go to work breaking down old, erroneous ideas.

There is always an ongoing discussion about what radical feminism is. For instance, I recently saw a list being passed around from a left-leaning feminist blog that was titled “Radical Feminism” and purported to explain what it is in comparison to conservativism. It was a good list except that a few of the items on it were not radical feminist, but Marxist feminist. It is generally considered that there are three types of feminism: Radical, liberal, and Marxist. They are not difficult to tell apart for me since I fall pretty firmly in the “radical” category.

When I see people extolling the virtues of choice, “sex worker’s rights,” the joys of porn, and equality with men, I know I’m looking at liberal feminism.

When I see women who want to take money out of my pocket and give it to a bunch of guys to lay around, look at porn, and impregnate whatever woman is handy, then I’m looking at a Marxist feminist. Marxist feminism uses the work of a Jewish male to analyze feminism and Marxist feminists like to talk about “wealth redistribution” and the legal right of same sex marriage (working with and for the benefit of gay men to reinforce gender and the slave institution of marriage).

Neither of the above are radical feminism. Radical feminism is, as I said in a previous post here somewhere, not so much an ideology or a political position as it is simply a state of being. It’s where you find yourself when you are finally able to get away from men and are able to sort out what has happened to you. A lot of us are older. Many of us have been prostituted, subjected to pornographers, repeatedly raped, etc. A lot among us are smart young women who, taking full advantage of the information age, have access to feminist books and articles (and, also, see first hand how men operate together to abuse, subjugate, and terrorize women since this is primarily what goes on on the internet) and choose to live their lives without men, avoiding men, as much as possible. Among us are quite a few lesbians and probably quite a few women who regard ourselves as asexual – not having any sexual orientation, at all.

We call this “radical” feminism for a couple of reasons. All true feminism is radical in nature. But, since there are these derivative forms, described above, we use the term “radical” to distinguish ourselves from them. We, also, use this term, “radical,” because it describes the aim of feminism, which is to eRADicate the problem of male domination by pulling it up by its roots, casting it aside and destroying it forever, so it can never, again, grow. The term, “radical,” is derived from the Latin word, radix, which means “root.”

Furthermore, in my own radical feminism, I do not believe it is necessary for women to wait for the permission or approval of men to do certain things which are our natural rights. For instance, we don’t need anyone’s permission to menstruate, which is my way of saying that abortion/miscarriage is a natural, innate aspect of our beings and should not  – and really cannot – be subject to legal regulation by males. We do not need the permission or approval of males to do anything else with our uteri, to defend ourselves against them with lethal force, or to, in any other way, act in accordance with our own self-preservation.

We come to radical feminism when we realize that male domination is the underlying cause of every problem we face on this planet, and as individual female humans. We arrive at this place, very often, when there is simply no other place to go – we have no other option.  Males, because of their behavior and, in fact, their very nature, have left us with no other option, no other recourse. We simply want to live, to go on living and to do so without threats, terror, and life-threatening violence.

A common argument we hear – as if it were even possible to argue with people who have no other options – is that it’s “not all men,” (NAMALT: Not all men are like that!) and I admit that this is a theory I once held. I think many of us once held this idea. We hoped, at least, that there was one man who was not a demon in the flesh. We thought there was something wrong with us because we could not locate such a man. But, we have discovered the terrible truth, each of us, in our own way – often in very similar ways, though. I would like to warn any woman who wishes to learn for herself whether or not there is a single man on this planet who is not a rapist, sodomizer, or user and abuser of women, that she undertakes that mission of discovery at the risk of her life and, at the very least, her physical, mental, and emotional health.

In TrustYourPerception’s latest post, she discusses the biological danger that males pose to females, which goes far beyond something they might, theoretically (highly theoretically!) be socialized out of. In fact, this is one of the strongest cases I’ve ever seen for what I already know – males cannot be socialized or retrained to not be a harm, a parasite, and a constant danger to women. She uses biology and genetics to make this case.

If you’ve read my other posts, then you know I’m not a fan of patriarchal science (sometimes called orthodox science) and its offshoot studies, such as allopathic (orthodox) medicine or psychology, both of which are very patriarchal and founded on the abuse of women by perverted men. I have a different, yet rational, perspective, which is grounded in esoteric science.

As I was reading TYP’s latest post, I was struck by how many of her points correspond with my esoteric view of things. The overall theme of this series of posts is that men’s semen contains a chemical cocktail that is damaging and dangerous to women and girls, not just because of the obvious possibilities of causing pregnancy or infectious disease, but because it contains constituents that alter women’s minds, emotions, and physical ability to fight off males.

I don’t think this was mentioned, but I would not be surprised if there are not parasites involved in this insidious male biological warfare agent.

At any rate, this chemical cocktail creates alterations in women’s biological chemistry, which causes us to doubt our own perceptions. It causes us to doubt our own judgement. It, also, bonds females to males, while males continue to remain as machines (borrowing an apt description from Valerie Solanas), who do not experience the same bond with the female.

This explains, too, why women betray our very selves, in relation to men, and why we betray other women. It goes a long way to explain women in relationships with abusers. It, also, explains my own experience with males with whom I had sexual relations – men remain indifferent and the only sign of anything other than that is when they turn overtly abusive and violent. This is a very common female experience, for which other women like to remind us that there are good men out there and we have to have more self-respect, not let men treat us like that, look for a checklist of qualities – all of which is a set up for more abuse, of course – and maybe the next one will kill us.

This betrayal occurs because of the chemical cocktail in the men’s sperm.  Biologically, men are a disease to us. The act of impregnation, itself, is an infection. Pregnancy cannot occur in a body that is 100% healthy, so the male has to break down our health in order to impregnate us. Now, let me tell you how I know that pregnancy is an infection. I didn’t learn it through orthodox science. I learned it by studying alternative medicine. There is an herb that is a natural pesticide that can kill sperm (that is kill the flagellating things in the nasty liquid men emit) and they kill it like it’s a pest, like it’s a bug, like it’s bacteria – because that’s what it is. As it turns out, boys really do have cooties! Men really are a walking disease. This cold pressed oil from the seed of this tree can increase a woman’s immunity if it is taken properly (have to take it for, at least, 30 days) and render her impervious to the male filth. You can do your own research on the subject. The herb is called neem. It will kill the pests in your garden, too, without harming the plants.

When women must be around males, which is an unnatural situation (but, we haven’t gotten that far, yet) we lose the ability to exercise free will. We are, also, unable to be particularly relaxed or calm around males because of the constant threat of violence, which many of us have learned at an early age.  Even now, I find this is true for myself, which is why I cannot be around men, at all. Since I am not around them except rarely, I see how my health and my psychological well-being suffers when I’m in a situation where I have to deal with them. When we are around men, we are unable to be our natural selves, to behave as we normally would.

Now, if you live your entire life in proximity with males, or must deal with males frequently, this is more difficult to notice. In order to really see the difference in your behavior and your overall health when you are away from men, you have to get yourself away from them for a long period of time. This is why a lot of women don’t fully realize how anxiety-inducing the presence of males is to them. Most of us don’t have the luxury of living away from males for an extended period of time.

The cocktail that causes the bonding, the circumstances that cause the fear, and the chemistry behind the male breakdown of female immunity and health is discussed in Part 1: This particular post in the series, also, discusses the doping, the dopamine, that is in the cocktail, which causes women to become “addicted to love.” Males who put their dicks in women or even put their semen on our skin, are killing us softly; they are using their “sub-lethal” weapons against women. Sexual relations with men, even when it is consenting (which is, as is clear from this biological discussion, impossible) is death to us. Furthermore, this biological war – this invisible war – is the foundation for every other wicked thing males to do females – everything from paying us slave wages (when they pay us, at all) to raping baby girls.

In Part 2, she talks about females have evolved in response to the male disease. In Part 3, she goes into various evolutionary theories, some silly, some sort of reasonable, all centering around early females trying to cope with male aggression.

In Part 4, she discusses concealed estrus as a possible cause for male enslavement of women. The overall point of this and the previous series of TYP’s posts is that males are trying to maintain control over the human genome. The conclusion- and this is my conclusion, too, coming from an occult perspective – is that earth women have been essentially hi-jacked. I differ from TYP in that I do not believe that women are fundamentally animals. I do believe that men are something more animal-like and somewhere along the line our DNA was fiddled with. I, also, think it can be un-fiddled. In fact, I’m quite sure it can be altered using electro-magnetic kind of frequencies. (This is another one of those things that when I first ran up on this idea many years ago, I dismissed it out of hand. Circumstances led to me being forced to look at it (circumstances of my own ill-health, at one point) and this (radionics) is a real thing, although it is dismissed by the allopaths, and last time I heard, by the patriarchal, orthodox scientific community.)

Here I’m going to wax metaphysical for a little bit:

Everything in the physical world has a connection to the metaphysical (in fact, is a result of it) and there are different levels. By altering what we call the etheric field, it is possible to effect changes in the physical. It is very easy to affect very small things – a small thing, like a virus is very easily dealt with by focusing the right out-of-phase wave harmonic at it. (This is not any kind of theory, by the way – this is my life! I have never suffered, cold, flu, or any type of infection since I learned about it nearly 20 years ago.) The same can be accomplished with the DNA. It can be altered by wave harmonics.

demheadI’m going to go out further on a limb (think Shirley McClain) and say that something tampered with our DNA to create a physical form that it could inhabit.(This is in all kinds of esoteric and historical records going back 5,000 years to Sumer.) This something is very hostile to us women. If you have done any research, at all, in the field of demonology, you know right where I’m going. Those things are real. They are walking around with us, often looking like human males. I know because I’ve seen them many times and many other women see them, too. They are not human on the energetic level – or if they are then we are not human. I don’t know what “human” really means. But, whatever we are giving birth to, about half of them, are neither physically nor metaphysically like us. The male is truly something other. He is alien to us. (Maybe you remember that old ABC television series, “V,” (1983) if not, you might want to take a look.)

When I said that all things have a counterpart in the metaphysical, this means that the male sperm does, too. Also, if there are parasites, these, too, have a metaphysical aspect. These things act on us from outside the normally visible realm. The behavior of the sperm, the drugging effects, the mind altering effects, the biologically altering effects on women, all have a counterpart in the metaphysical. They are truly an influence on women that is of a demonic nature. It is not wrong at all to call this black magic. It’s exactly what it is. The good news is that once this is recognized, they can be acted upon on this same level (by means of radionics, for example, which is a kind of machine) or by the directed will. (“Will” is a term that my sister occultists will recognize as the focus of the mental body on an aspect of the metaphysical to cause a desired outcome on the physical level.)

This leads me to what I have said before in previous posts: There is no way to stop the raping (including the sex trafficking, the prostitution of women and girls, the porn, the enslavement in other ways) and other abuses of women and girls except to stop bringing these poisonous things onto the physical plane with us. The only way to stop this train wreck is with our noggins. We have to change the way we think and how we focus our minds and our energy. We must stop complying. We must stop cooperating with our enemy. We must, above all, stop reproducing – especially males.

We have had some success. If you want to experience joy, find a white supremacist discussion online and look at the males freaking out because they cannot find a white woman to put the slow kill on. They are livid. They are afraid. They are going crazy because they are seeing themselves dying out – and it’s happening fast. Since the 1970s or so women in Western nations and especially white women have withdrawn from males. Every opportunity women get, we escape males – more and more. These men and their own perversion (increasingly more sick and depraved in their behavior toward us – and nobody hates white women more than white men do) and their never-ending violence against us is the cause of their own demise  They are going out like the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy splashed water on her!

This is what needs to happen the world over and it can, at least, to a large extent, if women re-focus our minds and our energy.

Also, in Part IV, she discusses the disabling effects of the chemical cocktail that men inject into and sometimes onto women. I have touched on the metaphysical aspect of this in a previous post, particularly in relation to rape, but it applies to any sexual relations with men, regardless of the degree of violence involved. The act of copulation is death to women on the metaphysical level. It weakens the lower will, that part of the body associated with the legs and the lower spine. This is why after rape or “consensual” sexual abuse, women cannot walk sometimes. The energy in the woman’s body is depleted – stolen – by the male. The male truly is a vampire who wants more than just your blood. He wants your essence – your life.

Men engage in sexual activity frequently with females in order to boost the bonding chemicals. This is physically and psychologically disabling. If they manage to impregnate the woman, of course, they have a whole other hold over her – especially legally.

In Part 5, she talks about how, across species, females avoid males in order to avoid rape. In fact, it’s the only way I know of to avoid it. Males rape. As far as I know, they all rape and there is no way to prove that they don’t. Therefore, it is only safe – if you value your life, your health, and your sanity – to assume that it is all.

Near the bottom of the left-hand column of this same page, she mentions that males have lost control of the genome in the past. She says it appears to have happened a few times, usually as the result of some catastrophic event. I hope she writes more on this soon.

She notes somewhere on this page that women who give birth to males are making war on other women. This is an idea, which I realize doesn’t sound very nice or very kind on the surface, where other women are concerned – nonetheless, it is an idea that I think we should nurture and grow. We should push it and there should be shame associated with a woman giving birth to a male. Right now, women are shamed in various ways when they have daughters. (In some places, it is not permitted to give birth daughters and they are forcibly aborted or exposed. Not long ago, Hitler gave medals only to women who gave birth to males.) I’ve seen discussions among childed women who say they are treated as lesser-than because they have daughters rather than sons. This has to change and the only way to change it in our favor is to reverse it, even though it seems unkind.

The last thing she urges in this entire series is for more women to become involved in this study.

This, again, is where those who have writing talent can exert some influence. Very often it is through the imagination of writers, usually writers of science fiction, that scientific breakthroughs are first manifest simply as ideas. Everything begins in the mind. It’s here we must make the first changes if we are to change anything, at all.