Men’s Propaganda War on Women: Television Sitcoms Designed to Groom Women and Girls for Male Sexual Depravity

Happy_Days_Cunningham_family1974As I mentioned in the previous post, much of what we believe about men is the result of male propaganda. Propaganda is a major aspect of any war. It is used to gain compliance from the enemy, to demoralize her and in the case of male propaganda against women and girls to groom her. This post has a lot to do with the power of fiction, which men understand very well – they live their lives in a fantasy world in which they are heroes and sages. Non-fiction is regarded as being more important by many people, but the fact is that fiction is by far more powerful than any non-fiction. I plan to discuss the power of fiction more in a future post. Propaganda through fiction is how men mold our image of them, of ourselves, and of the social order – it shapes what we see as being natural and inherent. But, it is only men’s fiction.

Men’s propaganda war against women and girls is a very broad topic because it is all around us. You’ll find it in literature, music, and art going back for century after century. You’ll see it in most of the supposed non-fiction on television and in film, such as news and documentaries (in which the propaganda war is sometimes far more apparent), as well as in all the fiction, such as movies and television series, whether they are dramas, comedies, reality television or virtually any other format. You’ll see it in the newspapers and now the online news – just take a look at an outlet like the U.K. Daily Mail any day of the week, especially look at the celebrity news and the Femail section – all you will see is anti-woman propaganda. You will see objectification of women and sometimes even little girls. You’ll see who looks good, in some man’s opinion, whether dressed or undressed, who had a “nipple slip,” who has a “baby bump,” and all kinds of reinforcement of the slave institutions of gender and marriage.

The propaganda war is perpetuated by individual men and sometimes women, too. They enforce gender restrictions on their own children and males enforce it on girls and women they don’t even know – all the time. If you go out in public, especially in a high-population concentration area, there will be a man who will remind you that you are nothing but a walking hole to him  in one way or another. He may do it in a “polite” way, even. But, the idea that there are certain roles for men and women is deeply ingrained and enforced, regularly and often, against women and girls.

In order to narrow the scope of this subject of the propaganda war on women, which is ubiquitous, I am going to limit my discussion to television. Since I don’t have television and have seen very little of it aside from clips and probably pirated posts of television shows on Youtube, I will describe the kind of programming I remember in television programs when I was growing up and the few that I have seen recently.

My favorite television series have mostly been sit-coms – in fact, I think comedies are the most insidious forms of propaganda against women and girls because they cause us and others to laugh at our oppression and abuse. I mention some examples of this in my review of the comedy series “The King of Queens.

Almost any comedy series you can think of is an offender: The Andy Griffith Show; I Love Lucy;  Leave It to Beaver; Bewitched; I Dream of Jeannie; All in the Family; Happy Days; Bosom Buddies; Three’s Company; The Roseanne Show; The George Lopez Show.

There are some older series I’ve seen only an episode or two of because they were so perverse and disturbing to me. Some of these are regarded as being very wholesome. For instance, there is an episode of Ozzie and Harriet, in which Ozzie, the ideal American father, is ogling a woman on the golf course.

There is an old television drama program called the Kraft Theater. I once watched an episode written by Rod Serling, featuring an appearance by Elizabeth Montgomery, from 1955, called “Patterns.” You can watch it at the link provided. This old program was very disturbing to me because I used to work in offices back in the 1980s and this is the same kind of mistreatment, dismissiveness, and sexism I frequently experienced. Serling often writes morality plays – many of his Twilight series episodes are modern morality plays, which deal with ethics and fair treatment, especially of oft maligned, oppressed individuals. This is the case unless, of course, the oft maligned, oppressed individuals are women – this is entirely ignored as if it does not exist and you will see that in this particular program. There is a question of a man’s business ethics in relation to other men – but, never in his treatment of women in the office, who are nothing but underpaid servants.

Other old drama series, in particular Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Perry Mason, and some other dramas include anti-woman propaganda. But, it is most insidious, and often more difficult to discern, in comedies that make us laugh – or, at least, make people who aren’t “humorless radical feminists” laugh!

Some of the nastiest comedies are those that are touted as “family” shows, in particular, The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, both of which featured a wise father imparting his “morals,” as such, to his sons. As I said two posts back, men are angry with women because what is moral to them is immoral to us – and vice versa. What is moral in a Christian-dominated, male-dominated culture is for men to have unfettered access to  and control over women’s bodies. Our resistance to this is immoral, according to them, because we are not obeying God’s command to submit to males. This makes the men angry; it makes them feel justified in raping, torturing, and killing us.

The Andy Griffith Show is extremely authoritarian. The sheriff is a gentle tyrant, who almost always knows better than everyone else. Usually, the only time he ever gets it wrong is when he over-disciplines his son, Opie. Then, he always makes good and apologizes to the boy. Girls and women are all secondary characters in this show. Aunt Bea takes the place of the boy’s mother and is the sheriff’s live-in cook and housekeeper. She’s a silly old woman, who makes bad pickles and falls for con men, which we see in several episodes.

Even though Andy is an ugly and undesirable old man, he uses his power and authority as sheriff to pick up on women, whether they are residents, have just moved to town, or are just passing through. His hilarious, bug-eyed sidekick. Barney, also, has a little gal of his own and many episodes are devoted to the sheriff and his deputies’ dating escapades.

I recall two particularly disturbing episodes of this show: “Andy and the Woman Speeder” and “The Manicurist.”

In “Andy and the Woman Speeder,” Barney and Andy pull over a woman who is speeding through town in a convertible. They take her to jail and the old trope of the attractive woman trying to use her feminine wiles to get out of a ticket unfolds. There are many sexually suggestive scenes, in particular, there is one in which the prisoner, a “stubborn female,” is shown undressing in silhouette while provocative striptease music plays in the background. The combination of patriarchal police authority and sexual situations involving male authority over an imprisoned woman make for a very perverse episode in the disguise of wholesome, all-American television viewing.

In “The Manicurist,” starring Barbara Eden, we see another testosterone-soaked morality play. The men in town all line up for manicures when a pretty, blonde, single woman, who is presumably hot for every old geezer in town, turns up in what she thinks looks like a nice, friendly town, in search of work. After all the women in town are inflamed by this woman’s existence (remember: men write these things, actresses just mouth the words they are given), due to the male’s undisguised, panting perversions, Andy advises her to go back to her possibly abusive boyfriend since that’s her rightful place – at the side of a man, not causing trouble and upsetting the system by daring to become an entrepreneur and trying to live as an independent person. She thanks Andy for his manly and fatherly wisdom.

The message is that men know best. Women have a certain limited place. Even the best, good, God-fearin’, folksy men cannot help their disgusting behavior toward women, which we see from long camera strokes up and down Barbara Eden’s legs in “The Manicurist.” It is man’s role to ogle women and it is women’s role to be ogled and to either ignore it (a big joke – and the message is that women are stupid and don’t see what men are doing to them) or to enjoy it (women are whores and love being treated as objects by males).

In Happy Days, we see a total reinforcement of “boys will be boys” type of behavior. There is the family patriarch, Mr. C, and his wife, Mrs. C, and both reinforce gender roles on their children and every one else’s. Mr. C  advises his son on how to deal with girls. The female characters including the wife and daughter are secondary to the male characters, as is common in almost every television show ever made. The Fonz is a pick-up-artist, who advises Richie and the other fellows on the show, including Potsie and Ralph Malph on how to pick up women, how to treat women, how to get what they want from these women. The Fonz is irresistible to women, as if he has some hypnotic powers – like Dracula. He snaps his fingers and women cling to him and they walk off together and it is often more than suggested that he is going off to fuck them. We never see this, but the suggestion and the assumption can be found in every show. But, the Fonz, far from being a villain, is the hero of the show who is pitied by the Cunnighams as a overgrown orphan.

One of the most disturbing episodes of this show I remember – and almost every episode is riddled with perverse filth in the name of family entertainment – is one called “Hard Cover,” in which Potsie and Ralph conduct a “panty raid,” at a local college dorm. Yes, felonious sex crimes are funny in TV Land. The two break into women’s bedrooms at night and terrorize them, chasing them around – women screaming in terror at strange men in their bedrooms at night, is humor – to men, anyway. This is a way of making sex crimes seem frivolous and funny. The victims are just humorless, falsely accusing bitches. The perpetrators are just boys having a little fun – boys being boys.

In every episode, we see the reinforcement of gender roles. We see that women long for relationships with men. They are unhappy when they are not in a relationship with a male. The goal of the young girls, all secondary characters, is to pair up with a man and the men – even those presented as the best, most wholesome examples of Americana – are sex predators, oglers, and PUAs.

There is an episode of Happy Days that I think of every time I’ve been harassed by a man in the produce section of a grocery store. In it, the Fonz teaches Richie how to pick up women at the grocery store by ramming his shopping cart into theirs and then starting up a conversation about melons and bananas. How much did this show influence males growing up in the 1970s? I would say quite a lot. I think it influenced girls, too – to look for a heroic male, however abusive, authoritarian, and perverse he is.

If you examine the television shows going back for several decades you will see a pattern of men and their sons as primary characters. The only exceptions are those relative few in which you see men fathering or foster-fathering daughters. Some of these examples are especially disturbing. For instance, if you haven’t taken a close look at some of those old shows that used to run on television featuring Shirley Temple, they are worth a second look to see the pedophilia programming. There is constant reassurance that old men can be trusted with little girls. Shirley sits on old men’s laps and tugs at their beards and the men are always gentle and kind. Statistically, we know that men who have access to little girls, especially those who are not their biological daughters, have a very high instance of rape and sexual assault of the girls. You would never guess it by watching these old programs, though.

Another one that always disturbed me – it’s not a sitcom, but a movie that always runs on television around Christmas time  – is the film, Miracle on 42nd Street, which involves a cute, little girl and a fat, old department store Santa Claus. Something is just not right about the old man in the little girl’s bedroom and his perverse interest in a fatherless little girl whose absentee mother almost makes her an orphan.

Most of the sitcoms I can recall feature men and boys, though. After all, girls aren’t good for much except sewing, cooking and being fucked by men. So we see in Lassie, My Three Sons, and the Courtship of Eddie’s Father. We, also, see that two men are very capable of raising a girl (and a boy) in A Family Affair, a 1970s sitcom. Would you trust Mr. French with your daughter? I wouldn’t. But, the message is that men are safe for girls and women to be around – and, not only safe, but this is a desirable situation. In fact, it is a dangerous situation, but this is something that no one discussed openly until, at least, the late 1970s or maybe the 1980s.

Often when I am watching a television series, I wonder about women characters who open their doors to whoever knocks. Is this something women really did back in the 1940s or ’50s? You’ll even see this in The King of Queens, in which Carrie will open her door – in Queens! in 2004! – to whoever happens to be knocking. She doesn’t even look out the peephole, but just throws the door wide open.

In both comedy and drama series, women who are concerned about men trying to kill them are portrayed as crazy – sometimes it’s even funny that women fear male predators. For instance, there is an episode of Maude, called “Maude’s Desperate Hours,” – a particularly funny one, in fact – in which Maude has hired a Greek painter, who made sexual advances at her, then threatened to kill her. The whole episode makes light and fun of her terror and that of her friend, Vivian, who quite perversely loves to hear tales of sexual abuse by men. This, too, is accompanied by a laugh track and appears in many episodes.

In this episode, Maude is shown being both sexually attracted to and terrified by the painter. The message is, again, that women secretly long to be abused and terrorized by men. Men threatening women is not a serious matter. Women who insist that it is serious, are hysterical, to be ridiculed, are over-reacting, are really wanting it, enjoy the drama, wanting the attention – all the things we hear from males whenever a woman is assaulted can probably be found somewhere in this episode. And, of course, it is all very funny – I can’t help laughing anytime I watch it, although I clearly see the programming and realize that it is at my own expense and at the expense of women and girls and it is all to the benefit of males who wish to harm us.

This the most insidious propaganda because we women buy into it, ourselves, all too often and laugh at it, despite ourselves.

The propaganda serves the purpose of numbing, desensitizing, and trivializing the abuse of women and girls, grooming us, making it easier for men to harm us, abuse us, kill us, and get away with it. It gains our compliance and the compliance of everyone around us.

This is the power of fiction. It is a demonstration of its power because all of this is simply a reflection of the male’s patriarchal system of abuse of females, which is, itself, predicated on a fictional story – a lie.

Men’s fictional propaganda goes back, at least, as far as their silly Garden of Eden story and everything we see on television and everywhere else in pop culture and all around us is a variation on this basic fictional story.

In my next post, I hope to discuss this a little further using a popular old, Gothic soap opera called “Dark Shadows,”as a further example of this propaganda and the power of fiction.

The White Supremacist Woman’s View of the White Man and the Question: What Would a “Good Man” Look Like?

This question, “What would a ‘good man’ look like?” and this entire post is inspired by another blogger, Orwell’s Daughter, who has been doing a lot of audio posts lately, as opposed to writing her blogs. She posts the topic and a description at WordPress and then double-tasks by doing an audio post while she gets in her cardio workout.

I’ve had a number of subjects that have come up that I want to blog about, but I’ve been very busy both with work and with taking care of some other important things involving dealing with contractors. I’ve only been able to check out the recent posts of my favorite bloggers and this is my first window of opportunity to sit down and write anything in a while. I’ve been keeping up with Orwell’s Daughter while fixing lunch or dinner. Audio (like radio) is a communication medium I’ve always greatly appreciated.

I think I first ran across her blog a while back when I was looking up something to do with why white males and, in particular the American white nationalists or white supremacists, hate white women so much. I’d had an experience at YouTube in which I left a comment at a video about the Muslim invasion that turned out to be some kind of white supremacist channel. That’s when I discovered how much they hate white women, how much they presume women – in particular, white women – are always hot to be fucked by any male with a functioning dick, and how they regard us as both whores and livestock.  I made what I thought was a supportive comment and, in return, received rape fantasies about me being gang-raped by Pakistanis (that’s a different twist since usually I’m told I should be gang-raped by Mexicans or niggers). The internet provides the opportunity to interact with kinds of people you’d never go near in real life! So, I had no idea that white supremacists or white nationalists were so nasty to “their own” women.

Then, I found Orwell’s Daughter’s blog, which provides some humorous and, also, undoubtedly offensive criticism and insights into this behavior. What I have learned since is that there are two main factions of white supremacists that you will find online. The have similar sounding names and I don’t recall which is which, but one of them got a leader (like all dudebros and demons they love hierarchy and look up to a leader) who is some kind of MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), which probably explains the massive crossover we see between the MRAs and their various factions and the White Supremacists.

But, all White Supremacists appear to be, essentially, MRAs and some kind of conservatives who are all about propogating “the race.” It’s just that there is one faction that is even more vicious and hateful toward women than the other group, if you can believe it. They all try to figure out how they can lure white women to impregnate and when they fail at this, they often seek Asian or Eastern European women to impregnate – Asians being a favorite choice for them. And, this is, also, very odd. To me they seem to be more of an openly racist faction of MRAs who have a special hatred for white, American women.

Just as there are a few women who are involved in AVfM or MGTOW and who call themselves FeMRAs (Female Men’s Rights Activists), there are a few (very few) white women involved in white supremacist groups. They are there despite the fact that they are subject to all kinds of abuse by the males of the group, which I have witnessed in their online discussions. I’m not sure why they are there, at all. This part is still baffling to me.

All of the world of white supremacy can apparently be divided into two other groups: Christians and pagans. The pagan ones seem to have their act together slightly better than the Christian ones. At least, they recognize that Christianity is a Jewish religion with origins in Africa, possibly Ethiopia (according to Tacitus), but most certainly Africa because, according to their own books, this is where this group of people, who had been kept as slaves, were led out of by Moses, using the power of their invisible man in the sky. The concept of White Supremacist Christians makes about as much sense as keeping the white, European race pure by impregnating large numbers of Asian women. So, at least the pagans are smart enough to figure out that hating Jews and Africans does not harmonize well with adhering to a Jewish/African religion. Most of the women involved seem to be Norse pagans, although, I’ve seen a few Christians who seem to be the breedin’-for-the-Lord type.

Again, why are these women there? I cannot say for certain, but it I believe it may be that they think the last hope for men is the white man. There are reasons why someone might come to that conclusion – all created by the white man, himself, of course.

According to white supremacists, everything good in the world was created by the white man – they sometimes say “white race” or “white people,” but they always mean the males – because, according to them, women exist only to serve men and to breed more of them, either for males to continue their wars or for males to have pretty blond girls to fuck and suck the life’s blood out of, according to the sex of the offspring. Women’s accomplishments have been erased and as feminists we are well-acquainted with this fact.

Men have always owned women and still do to a large extent. In the days even worse than the present ones, they owned us and in so doing, they owned all our property. They owned our bodies and all that we produced by them (children – which they still own under the law in most cases) and they owned all that we produced with our minds and our hands. All intellectual property, all inventions, all that we wrought – all of it was stolen by men and claimed by them as their own.

They barred us from studying at universities, stole our ideas, claimed them as their own and got prizes and awards for them – never giving credit. Such was the case with the Lise Meitner (a European woman who, also, happened to be Jewish) who first came up with the procedure to split the atom. Men stole her work, took the credit, erased her existence, then used her discovery to murder innocent women and children. This is only one such example. There are many more. For instance, Werner Heisenberg, did not discover quantum mechanics – Annie Besant did. Einstein, a complete Jewish fraud who was a patent clerk, stole every single one of his so-called theories – none of which stand up to the scrutiny of any rational, independently thinking individual. Some of the people he stole from were women – some sources say he stole ideas from his own wife, which is not unusual.

Men, also, have relied on the service of women while they did work in cases where they actually did their own work. Still, a remarkable number of household, automobile, and agricultural inventions were the products of the minds and hands of women. In the U.S., property rights for women were a little better early on, but in some other countries, like England, women could not file for patents, so anything they invented would have some man’s name on it because she was OWNED by a man and could not act independently.

Men have, also, forced women to hide our identities not only in the past – but right this very moment. We have to be very careful to protect ourselves because men want to rape and kill us simply because we exist and when we resist them, when we tell the truth, when we express opinions they don’t like, that makes them want to rape and kill us faster.

Many women in the past and even now must hide their identities to obtain paying work. Thanks to the internet, this has never been easier! But, the circumstances of our needing to keep our anonymity because of male violence has not changed, therefore, even now women and women’s accomplishments are being erased and being presumed to be that of males – because that is the only safe way for us to operate.

It is said that history is written by the victorious and this is very true. When you are looking at recorded history, especially the popularly accepted versions of it, you are looking at a propaganda machine. It is a machine run by men at the expense of women. It is run this way so that men can retain their dominance over women and ensure that they have someone to stick their dick in, beat, rape, and kill at will because this is how men roll. As TrustYourPerceptions says, this is their struggle for the human genome and when you look at history, you see the propaganda of this struggle.

The white man is especially good at, not only erasing women’s contributions to the world – women without whom they would not even exist – but, they like to ignore other people’s history and when that’s not possible, they dismiss it or ridicule it.

Recently, I saw a YouTube comment left by a white supremacist in response to a comment by an American Indian. It listed a bunch of things the white dudebro believed that Indians never accomplished. It was all lies – all white man’s propaganda, which the white man, especially, loves to believe. It was something to the effect that the Indians never developed a written language, or built anything, or did any of a whole long list of things. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence for the red race once being the technologically dominant people on the planet. Of course, you won’t find this in the white man’s history books. But, you will have trouble ignoring the evidence if you venture down to Mexico, south of the Rio Grande, where the European males did not destroy every single goddamn thing in their wake like they did north of the Rio. Down there, they just destroyed most of it. Still, you can see that these were sophisticated builders with a sophisticated mathematical system (still not understood by the W. Europeans), and a sophisticated system of language and medicine.

For instance, the Aztec language is written in pictographs, which don’t look like the Roman alphabet, but they are a written language system. In fact, it looks so unlike the Western way of writing that it is likely that a typical white man would see it and not recognize it as a written language, at all. One of the oldest surviving manuscripts of the North American continent is an Aztec herbal translated into Latin in the 16th century, called the Badianus (everything else was destroyed by white male agents of the Vatican) Manuscript, demonstrates the sophistication of both their language and their system of botany. Again, it is very different from how Western patriarchal doctors would organize plants and their characteristics, but there is a reason for the organization they used, which has to do with their sophisticated understanding of medicine. All of it was formally lost, due to the intentional and systematic destruction by the white man – who now claims that the dirty savages never accomplished anything, at all. Having survived the Mexican Inquisition (an extension of the Spanish Inquisition, which was horrible, despite the efforts of some to say it wasn’t so bad since they didn’t kill as many women as the German men did in the same period!) the old medical system is kept alive today by many women and passed from mother to daughter.

The Indians may have been the most remarkable builders on this planet. They built civilization after civilization going back for millennia. They are still the builders – I have to hire Mexicans because white men won’t climb up 3 stories! And, remember who built those skyscrapers in New York City? – it wasn’t Donald Trump or anyone who looks like him – it was Navajos with their long, black hair blowing in the wind 50 stories up walking around on 2′ x 4’s. It was, also, the Navajo language that helped the Americans win the war because the Germans, as intelligent as they are, couldn’t decode it. South of the Rio, the Indians built ancient astronomical observatories that look similar to modern Western ones. They studied the stars. All the indications are that they flew in some kind of airships or rockets. There are and were (many of these were wiped out due to European agriculture production) what appear to be aerial markers (visible only from high up in the sky) and landing strips all over this continent. You won’t find this information in the white man’s history books, though. He wants you to believe that his is the dominant race, the dominant genome.

Again, this is just one example. The white man continually ridicules or ignores the accomplishments of other people. Here’s another for instance: Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve run across. It’s an ingenious system that survived centuries in China. It is highly effective, tried and true, yet it’s hard to find a publication written by a white man who has gone to study this system, which isn’t full of arrogance and ridicule. Yet, the Chinese have remedies for many problems that Western orthodox science and medicine cannot begin to fathom.

By contrast, the white man’s medicine has accomplished very little. They are mostly purveyors of disease and pain. They set up not-for-profit companies and claim to be researching a cure for cancer or Alzheimers, or MS, or CP, or autism (which they probably created), while torturing animals and people and doing absolutely nothing else – except taking donations, of course! – and never finding a cure. When was the last time the American Cancer Society, for instance, found a cure for cancer? When did the Alzheimer’s Foundation or the Parkinson’s Association or on and on in this vein – when did they ever cure any of these diseases? They say they are incurable! Although, most have been cured by ordinary people, by folk doctors, Mexican curanderas and brujas, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in many cases by American Indians (American Indians have multiple cures for cancer that give excellent results), who have proven cures that have existed for hundreds and thousands of years and they found these cures without torturing animals or people. But, the white man says – and many white women believe it, too – that the white man’s medicine is the best. The truth is that the white man’s medicine has always been bad in every respect, beginning with it’s foundation – it’s entire philosophy being one of materialism and making war.

Now, if you go to school, whether public or private (and I’ve attended both at various levels of my education), you will learn only about the white man’s science, the white man’s history,  his literature, his accomplishments (his buildings, his bridges, etc.), his philosophy, his medicine (biology), which is all told from his perspective, and those of other people, including white women, are carefully excluded. The accomplishments of women are almost entirely excluded – all I remember is Sacajawea and Betsy Ross! Sacajawea was taken captive, first by other Indian men, then by white men, and held as a “wife” and impregnated by a Frenchman. She had the baby with her while acting as a guide to Lewis and Clark. This must have been a great hardship and you can bet she never saw a dime or her freedom for having rendered this service. Betsy Ross, stitched up a flag, and this memory is truly a slap in the face to the contributions of white women in the early colonies, who were, also, slaves – the first white women being indentured servants and wives to particularly unenlightened Englishmen. White European women gave birth, often in the fields they were tending, and, if it’s anything like today, did the work of ten men while the men drank themselves into a stupor and masturbated. The Betsy Ross story is a cruel joke – a last laugh on white women- by the white, male historians.

At this point, if I were talking to a white supremacist, they would point out to me that a whole lot of what appears to be “white men” doing bad things is actually “Jewish men” masquerading as white and influencing the white men with their movies and Jewish propaganda designed to undermine the white race. Jews are running the government and the schools and causing all the corruption and perversion. White men aren’t really all this bad, they would say. They are made to look this way by Jewish impersonators and are being influenced by Jewish-run institutions. This is how the white man diverts attention away from his own crimes, his own degeneracy and the fact that he must be one of the greatest rapists on this planet – look at the Jews. Look at her, or him, or it. They’re the real culprits, he says. Or, at least, he says, they are just as bad as I am so why are you picking on me?

When Hitler cleaned out the Bauhaus in Berlin, they all went to the Los Angeles area and thus Hollywood was born. The first studios were owned by five Jewish families and many actors, directors, pornographers, and other perverts in Hollywood to this day are Jewish. It’s a fact.

It is very interesting. If you look at who owns any of the major media, whether publications like magazines or books, or news or entertainment outlets on television, or the movies, you will find that they are entirely male and overwhelmingly Jewish! It’s the same with the private Federal Treasury, which illegally prints the U.S.Dollar. Isn’t that interesting?

If you search further, you’ll find that they have done a lot of damage to white Europeans, including the males, but mostly it is women who have suffered, as always. For instance, an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the World Wars will lead any unbiased researcher to the conclusion that the official history is a lie told by Jews in order to extort money from the nations of the West and to form the essentially Communist state of Israel, which is a center of political power – not just in the world, but in the U.S. They are manipulating politicians – all of them, including Trump, as you will surely have noticed if you watched the recent speeches to AIPAC (a lobby belonging to Israel – a whole other country) during the elections. If a politician says and does what the Jews in Israel want, they send him a big, fat check! They are lining the pockets of all kinds of politicians, both Democrat and Republican.

The so-called Jewish Holocaust is a lie – an absolute, in-your-face lie – concocted by these same people to guilt and extort the Germans and anyone who even looks like a German! They even extort Switzerland, which was neutral during the war and didn’t have an opportunity to shove any Jews into any ovens, make-believe or otherwise. This Jewish Holocaust lie is perpetuated by the ADL and by the major Ivy League universities in the U.S., in particular, Yale. They are all Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews (like Trump, for instance), but most Jews are Zionists. A few Jews over the years have blown the whistle on this thing and the whistle has been blowing for a long time, but nobody much seems to hear it. And, frankly, even knowing the truth about what I just wrote here is a little frightening. It’s another one of those things we’re not allowed to say or talk about in any way. But, if we don’t talk about it, we can’t get at the all important truth which will set us, as women, free.

I studied all of this stuff a long time ago. I read and studied the works of Marx and Hitler and I read the works of other prominent Germans, in the original language when I could obtain it. Still, I have a collection of these books on my shelves – things like The Zionist Connection, the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, the Truth About the Treaty (of Versailles), Der Bolschewismus von Moses bis Lenin by Dietrich Eckart (one of my favorites, which explains exactly what is going on in Germany and Sweden right now with the Muslim invasion. Eckart was a founding member of NASDAP and it was he who brought Hitler on board.), and multiple collectors copies of Mein Kampf, in English and the German. I, also, have lots of books on the subject of propaganda and the propaganda war because that was the essence of World War II and it is, in fact, the essence of any war.

The white man’s propaganda, which even black women and Hispanic women buy into, is that he is the best. If you are a black woman who can’t find a “good, strong black man,” you might turn your sights on a white man thinking that he is superior to the black man. If you believe the white man’s propaganda (put out by the Jewish media, which is supposedly the enemy and corrupter of the poor widdle, helpless white boys), you might find yourself a genuine Ward Cleaver or, at least, a Gilligan. Maybe he won’t hit you as hard or rape you quite as often. Maybe he can even hold down a high paying job and take you to the idyllic suburbs to live. But, this is a mirage – a false image of hope – for the black woman just as much as it is for many white women because the white man is a man just like any other.He’s just got a really good propaganda machine.

One aspect of his propaganda machine involves scapegoating. He scapegoats everybody and everything in an effort to distract from his own guilt, his own degeneracy. If you want to see some examples, just look at the news – just this past week or so, we’ve had a number of excellent examples of men scapegoating women, other men, a religion, and inanimate objects for their own wicked behavior. We had a white man at Stanford University who raped an intoxicated woman and blamed it on “party culture” and “alcohol.” Although, it doesn’t appear that he was drunk at the time of the crime (according to the two Swedish men on bicycles who caught him trying to kill a woman behind a trash dumpster) and it’s hard to understand what about the word “party” lends itself to rape and attempted murder.

We had another (undoubtedly staged event – one of many since Obama has occupied the White House, which don’t add up – literally, the numbers don’t add up on this one and there is no evidence of any actual killing presented) alleged mass shooting, this time in Orlando, Florida, in which a Muslim man somehow managed to shoot and kill 50 people at a fag bar and injure 50 more (this is where the story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, at all – but most people don’t bother to investigate). In this obvious ploy to gain public sympathy for male perverts (and disarm victims, especially women), a religion has been blamed, American gun culture has been blamed, the 2nd Amendment has been blamed, the NRA has been blamed, guns (inanimate objects) have been blamed – almost everyone has been blamed except the shooter who is a man and, as we all know, it is men who kill.

The white man, especially the white supremacist types, like to blame the Jews for their own failings. While it is true that Jewish media, including Jewish porn, and Jewish universities have caused a lot of problems for white people, especially white women, who are most often the objects of the sexed up programming, pornification, and turning the white woman into the whore of the world, the white man has not resisted – instead, he has joined his Jewish brethren. Then, he’s like a little 5-year old with his hand caught in the cookie jar who points at his friend and says, “He made me do it!” But, the truth is no one made him do anything; he is simply exercising his own nature. He is a male being a male.

Increasingly white women despise men, especially the white man, and for this he blames not himself, but white women, the Jews, black men, Hispanic men, feminism and especially radical feminism (although they appear clueless about what it is). He never blames the real culprit – himself and his depravity, violence, and hatred toward white women. He is so certain we exist for him to rape and kill that  it never enters his mind, apparently, that he is too dangerous and despicable for any white woman to be in the same room with voluntarily.

Still, there are some women – some white women, in particular – who believe the white man can somehow be redeemed. They believe that we can work it out somehow (I don’t know how!). Perhaps this is the motivation of those Nordic pagan white supremacist women. Perhaps they believe the white man’s very old propaganda about life in the icy north before the arrival of the Christians. They say the women were warriors, too, who fought alongside the men. (They say this like it’s a good thing.) They believe that the white man, the brave Vikings – who, by the way, were terrors as much as they were traders the world over, raping and pillaging where they weren’t transacting business  – were examples of true and good men. (True as in troth – meaning loyal, loyal to the tribe.) There is a whole mythology about the All-father, Odin, and there are many female goddesses that figure into it and when it is placed next to Christianity, it is relatively less horrible for women. It is a way of romanticizing the white man, but it is just that – a romance, a fantasy, something that is not real and has absolutely no foundation in reality.

Some of them believe that the white male of the north was not such an asshole before the arrival of the Jewish religion, Christianity. They believe that without these foreign influences the white male could be somehow palatable to the white woman.

But, this is all a fantasy. It’s propaganda – old propaganda, dug up and resurrected for the purposes of the white nationalist movement.

I am familiar with a lot of it because I am familiar with Norse paganism. I used to wonder why having an interest in this subject would sometimes get me called a “Nazi.” After reading some of the writings of white nationalist women, I see where the confusion comes in. But, the fact is this: The Old Norse and the Vikings are a civilization with some merits to occultists like myself. We can learn from it. But,  like the civilizations that now lay in ruins south of the Rio Grande, they are a thing of the dead past and cannot ever be resurrected.

Romanticizing men is a dangerous thing for women to do. None of them are safe to be around and it’s the same story the world over. White men are not somehow inherently better because of their mythical Nordic ancestry. The truth about the old Norsemen is that they were uncouth. They bathed in their own filth, when they bathed at all, which was rarely. (The American sense of hygiene comes from the American Indians – not the white man, as I discovered personally when I visited Europe, where they have a completely different concept of such things.) The women were slaves within their tribe. When a man could not find a woman within his own tribe, he abducted one from a neighboring one. If the woman was suspected of being unfaithful, they shaved her head and beat her and did who knows what else, but I’m sure we can all guess because men always get around to it one way or another. Her children belonged to him and both she and they were given their owners’ name.

There is no redemption for anything this evil! Plus, I haven’t even started on the white man’s colonization escapades – right now, I’m just focusing on what he has historically done to white women, which is being romanticized – amazingly! – by these white supremacist women.

In one of Orwell’s Daughter’s audio posts, she says that she thinks it might be possible for white women to work things out with white men, if these foreign influences could somehow be extracted from them. If the Jewish perversion could somehow be exorcised, they could be good for women or, at least, something we could live with. I think this is what she was trying to say.

This, of course, caused me to recall many of the things I have written about above. It, also, caused me to wonder: What would a good man look like? What would a man have to be in order for me to be able to tolerate his presence – without keeping my hand on the loaded weapon in my pocket, at all times, that is? This is a little bit like talking about what a good snake  would look like. I once had a pet snake, so it’s all relative, I can tell you.

So, I thought that a good man, one who was tolerable, at least, would have to have the following characteristics:

  • Not be a rapist – meaning he can never have raped anyone, at all. This pretty much means he must never stick his dick in a woman or girl, at all, because we (or I, at least, and there are many women like me) don’t really want this and even if “consent” is obtained, as it frequently is through coercion, lies, false promises and misrepresentations (this used to be recognized as a crime by the law).
  • Not harass women and girls, not be a street harasser or a stalker
  • Not call women and girls cunts, bitches, and whores and otherwise insist that they long to be fucked by men.
  • Not hit, slap, punch, squeeze hard enough to injure and preferably not lay hands on women or girls, at all
  • Must not view porn, participate in porn, or visit strip clubs and similar establishments that rely on the exploitation of women
  • Must not deny economic, career, and other opportunities to women and girls

Now, this is a short and I think pretty fair list. These are some pretty bare requirements for not being a degenerate, a criminal, and a pervert, however, I can’t think of a single man I know who could pass muster, regardless of race, creed, nationality or personal relationship to me or lack thereof.

There is no way to have a really good relationship with a snake, either. They bite – unexpectedly. Even though you feed them and water them and dutifully clean their habitat, they might decide to wrap themselves around your neck and strangle you while you sleep. It’s the nature of the snake. When you take one into your home and try to make friends with it, these things are all in the back of your mind. It’s the same with men.

Based on my own experiences with men, as well as observing and reading about other women’s experiences, there is no way I could trust a man. I’d sooner have another snake in my house – really, I’d much rather sleep with a snake. If we’re taking calculated risks, the snake is a safer bet than the man is!

The question, I guess for these women, is: What level of threat is acceptable to you? For me, the answer is zero. This is why I do not ever advise women or girl to have relations or even friends who are males, if this is at all avoidable. Get away from men! If you value your health and your life, figure out how you are going to do what you want to do in life without them constantly trying to sabotage your work and kill you.

The idea that the white man is superior to anyone is laughable to me. I suspect that this is a romantic fantasy to these women who just cannot let go of men – they cannot stop loving men, even though it is as plain as the nose on your face that they are killing us! They are a grave danger to us. They are a terrible drain on our lives, on our energy, on our personal resources. Men are men and they are the same to women – all are death to us, either slowly or quickly, as they choose.





The Push to Normalize Pedophilia and the Demonic Male

I was going to do separate posts about each of the two subjects in the title: The incessant male sexual perversion we female human beings are surrounded by and the demonic male. But, I have trouble separating these two subjects, anyway, and then I read a post by NoMorePaperTowels, entitled “Being Able to Say ‘No’ is Sexual Freedom, ” which is a rational refutation of an article, “Will the Left Turn on Sexual Freedom,” by Damon Linker.

Before I get to the substance of her article, I’d like to mention what stood out to me about this dudebro’s name. I laughed out loud when I read this guy’s name, which could be a pen name or maybe it’s really his legal name. But, I have noticed that men often tell us what they are in little ways. I’ve had men say, “I’m an onasshole,” under their breath while I was on a date with them, years ago, and this was my clue that they were plotting some evil against me, that some horrible, violent thoughts were going through their minds. They seem to get off on giving us clues about themselves and their motives, sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s more direct.

This guy’s name says what he is. “Damon” is an old name from Greek, which means “subduer” or “subjugater.” His last name, “Linker,” is a term frequently used in the German news these days to describe “lefties” or “left-wingers.” So, this guy’s name means “left-wing subjugater.” This made me laugh. Then, I clicked on the link to the article and there is a picture of this guy. Now, “Damon,” sounds a lot like “Demon,” and if you look at this guy’s picture and just pull away from your computer screen a little bit, he’s got little tufts of hair on each side of his head that – I swear! – look like devil-horns! LOL!

Men really are telling us who and what they are, if we only observe and listen!

Back to NMPT’s post, which is a commentary on an article written by the demonic left-wing subjugater: NMPT points out that, once again, women are not being regarded as human beings with basic human and civil rights with respect to being able to say “No” to sexually predatory males. Saying the word, “No,” to men and to contact with men is, in fact, sexual freedom. The men regularly argue that we should not be able to refuse contact with them because it is a violation of men’s rights to sex. This concept of men’s rights to sex and sexual rights, in general, is rife with problems and we are seeing the idea put forth more and more with regard to such issues as Amnesty’s International’s Refusal to acknowledge women and girls as human beings with a right not to be trafficked and prostituted, with the legally sanctioned intrusion of males into female safe spaces such as restrooms and locker rooms, and with the push to lower the legal age of consent and promote pedophilia. The push may appear to be coming from the left, but it is both the left-wing and the Christian conservatives who are pushing it. Again, the problem isn’t really left or right, it isn’t a race or even a religion, but it is MEN who are doing this.

The demonic left-wing subjugater seems to be very confused about a few things in his article. Not only does he fail to understand that women are human beings, but he uses the term, “moral libertarianism,” over and over. First of all, the idea behind Libertarianism is morality. I tried to look up the term, “moral libertarianism,” and could not find a definition. It is possible that the author is confusing the term “Libertarianism” with “libertinism.” This seems to be the case, although, his confusion carries over into his politics and he, also, refers to Rand Paul as a Libertarian. Paul is a Republican and has publicly stated that he is not a Libertarian. His father ran on the Libertarian ticket for president back in the 1990s, but he is a poor representative of the party’s platform.

The Libertarians have suffered, in the past few decades, from an influx of men who are very good at recognizing the  civil rights of men, but very bad at recognizing that those same rights apply to women. This is a problem among Republicans and Democrats, as well. All three of these parties are dominated by men. The author of the original article says that Libertarians have “a laissez-faire attitude toward sex.” I don’t know what he thinks that means. What it does mean is that Libertarians do not believe in trying to legislate sexual behaviors, in general. Although, it is a major tenet in Libertarianism that you can do what you want as long as you don’t violate the rights of others. So, not legislating the sexual behavior of adults does not mean that it’s okay to rape women and children – which is how the author of the article seems to view this statement.

I can only assume based on the context of the rest of the article he wrote that the author is actually talking about “moral libertinism,” which is an absolute contradiction in terms. A libertine is a man who is devoid of moral or sexual restraint. So, let me make a quick list of the things this guy has gotten wrong so far:

  • He thinks women have no right to say “No” because it interferes with men’s sexual freedom.
  • He thinks the Republican, Rand Paul, is a Libertarian despite the fact that Paul has repeatedly denied this and his political views reflect that he is, in fact, not a Libertarian.
  • He thinks that “Libertarian” and “libertine” are somehow equivalent terms and uses them as such after the introductory paragraphs of his article.

When I go back and read the article using the term “libertinism” in place of his “libertarianism” it begins to make slightly more sense. Although, I am still unclear on what is moral about immorality. This is an oxymoron. I re-read the article and when I got to the conclusion I was still baffled by what he is trying to say here, but I do see that he is speaking about “morality” from an entirely male perspective. Thank goodness I have NMPT to sort it out for me. It’s like having a translator. She is translating his Liberalese into something I can understand. But, it’s more than just Liberalese – this is men’s language, it’s all coming from a semen-drenched point-of-view, which is, also, why it is baffling.

The Push for Sexual Rights: The Dangers are Becoming More Evident

To me “sexual rights for all” is a lot like “patriarchal health care for all” or “freedom to worship God whichever way you choose.” These ideas are all prisons.

The idea that we all must have a sexual “orientation” is pushed – not having sexual contact is not an option, at least, not for girls and women. It’s an old sales trick. When you want someone to buy what you’re selling, you don’t give them the option to say, “No.” What you do is present them with a dichotomy: Are you heterosexual or homosexual?

This is what they started doing, in my memory, back in the 1990s. When I was in school, nobody talked much about homosexuality. “Gay” was just a word to call someone, often as a joke. I didn’t know what a lesbian was, had never even heard the term before, until probably my senior year in high school (1983 or 1984) and then I had only a vague idea. Then, I saw the media and the public schools pushing homosexuality. I remember catching a glimpse of a television show in which the teacher stood before a class and wrote on a chalkboard that we are all a little bit homosexual. He presented a chart that looked like a gasoline gauge and he asked the students to consider where they fell on this sexuality chart. This idea became prevalent – that we are all a little bit homosexual and if we deny that, we are homophobic. (Does this sound, at all familiar?! Say, “No,” to men and you are some kind of phobiac.)

What is not allowed is the possibility for women or girls to say, “No, I do not hunger for dick, neither do I have sexual urges for other girls or women.” The girls and women – who quite likely, if they were anything like me and Shere Hite’s work suggests that most are – are probably confused about what the term “sexuality” really means in anything other than an academic sense.

When you are doing sales work, you might present your prospect with more than two options. Again, this does not give them the opportunity to say, “No,” and, if they object, you have a scripted response to their objections to put them back on the track where you want their thinking to go. In sales, we don’t want to overwhelm our prospect with options or else they might walk away, but we can present them with some other ideas to sell the idea that sexuality is inherent to all, desirable for all, that there must be sexual freedom for all – although, we’ve already determined that this does not include the option to say, “No.”

So, they began to present different options: Are you bi-sexual? Are you bi-curious? Are you a trans-sexual? 

And, now, it goes on, they are adding more options: What gender are you? Then, there is a long list of supposed genders. Along with these there is a wide range of sexual orientations.

One of the new sexual orientations is “pedophile.” There is a huge push to normalize this as simply part of “sexual freedom for all.” Of course, it does not consider the child in the “all” anymore than women are considered as part of the “all.”

This hyper-sexualized, sperm-drenched world we are living in is the true meaning of “It’s a man’s world.”

We have all been “pitched” this idea by some master salesmen, some men who have mastered psychology and how people respond. They know how to overcome your objections and, of course, where women and girls are concerned, that includes violence! It includes social and religious coercion. It starts young.

To continue the analogy I made at the beginning to this idea of “sexual freedom for all” being like religion and patriarchal medicine, if you object to these other two ideas, you will get a similar salesman-like response.

For instance, I have had religious people tell me that “freedom of religion” does not include “freedom from religion.” Here in the states, this is usually a reference to our 1st Amendment, which does guarantee, in fact, freedom from religion. But, religious people will just give you a belligerent, nonsense response like that and stick with it – it’s the equivalent of calling someone a homophobe or a transphobe because they don’t want to engage in sexual behaviors, they want to keep their vaginas and other body parts to themselves. This is not an option.

In the case of Obamacare or universal health care, you get a zombie-like response from people that health insurance is a right, which makes no sense. Insurance companies do not have a right to anyone’s money simply because they say so. Even when you state your very valid objections to allopathic medicine. They will insist that their medical system is the only legitimate one and you must pay for them to use it. Since a lot of the people who object to allopathic medicine, the vocal ones, anyway, are Christians who believe in faith healing, you will likely be brushed off as a religious kook. This is a way for them to refuse to look at the facts, to think only about their own selfish motives and absolve themselves, in their own minds, from this responsibility. In a similar way, we are all pre-supposed to have sexual desires, especially girls and women are expected to have sexual desires for boys and we are not allowed to opt out. Like master salesmen, they simply refuse to hear our objection – our “No.”

When people – most people – think they have only one or two options, they will either comply or choose one of the options presented. Presenting people with a bunch of options, all of which are options you want them to choose and none of which are “No” or “I opt out” is a classic sales technique. It is manipulation and it is mind control.

What is “Morality” to Males?

Let me being by telling you what “morality” means to me as a woman. I’m, also, going to talk about what “morality” means within Libertarianism, since the demonic left-wing subjugater is trying to confuse people about this.

To me, morality is simply what is “right.” This is pretty much inherent, at least, in women. The laws and religious rules that have been set up are there to govern the predatory behavior of males toward females. The rules exit to mitigate male perversion.

To me, stealing is an example of something that is morally wrong. I don’t need a religious organization or a government entity to tell me this. But, men – who are the biggest class of thieves on this planet, who steal mostly from women – do need these laws and rules. They don’t enforce them well or at all most of the time, but they do have such rules and laws and this is why.

This is something I figured out years ago: The laws are there to control them. The “them” being the demons in the flesh – males. I really believe that if we had a nation or a society made up of entirely or mostly women, we would not need many or any laws.

Within the philosophy of Libertarianism, which really is more of a philosophy than it is a political party in many ways, morality stems from the basic concept of “right and wrong,” which is believed to be best represented by the U.S. Constitution. A whole lot of our law was based on the Magna Carta and Anglo-Saxon Common Law, which pre-dates Christianity and has a foundation in the basic concept of fairness. It means, for instance, we don’t steal from each other through taxation or other fraud. It means we don’t perpetrate acts of violence on other people. It means we do have a right to self-defense. And, we have a fundamental right to our property (the right to private property is a major concept in Libertarianism), which includes our own bodies.

Somehow, the demon left-wing subjugater seems to have the idea that Libertarianism is about Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll and this is not the case. It is, however, the natural interpretation of what I just said by a perpetually horny male who never graduated from adolescence.

“Morality” to men, more often than not, centers on their patriarchal religious establishments. They see everything in relation to the male and the male God,  who they invented and who is a reflection of their own degradation. Even men who say they are atheists hold this point of view. Even male Satanists see freedom from god as freedom from moral behavior as I described it above. They see it as license to harm other people, especially women and girls – and sometimes little boys.

We run up against this problem in paganism and it is something that has been discussed before. When you have men come into a group of pagan women, they usually see it as an opportunity to practice “libertinism” upon the women in the group – flirting, playing class clown, pawing and groping, and sometimes devising rituals or other situations in which they can sexually coerce or outright attack the women. In fact, every group starting with Gerald Gardner’s Wicca and moving on through LaVeyan Satanism and I have no idea what is going on now that I don’t want to know about – we see that men prey upon women’s liberation from Christianity. They take it as an opportunity to do more sexual harm in the name of either sexual freedom or religious freedom.

Male “morality” centers on the opportunity to fuck women and little girls. In their filthy, degenerate book, The Holy Bible, it says that men and women are to “go forth and multiply.” There are other passages about “storing treasure in heaven,” which the Quiverfull movement takes to mean providing bodies to souls and this is a way to acquire “credit” in the afterlife with God. The Mormons believe that the faster the women reproduce the sooner the Lord Jesus Christ will return to reign over them – they long for the apocalypse, which is why they are hell-bent on out-reproducing the Catholics. The Catholics do it ostensibly because they believe that sex for any other purpose than reproduction is a sin against God – that is you’re not supposed to do it recreationally. Again, this is obviously an edict for the males because it has been established (by Shere Hite, for which she was run out of the country) that most women do not derive pleasure from PIV (penis in vagina) sex. The real reason these perverts want to produce more children is because they are violent sex perverts who have sick urges to do violent things to children, especially little girls. But, more about this at a later time.

What is immoral to us is moral to men.

It is moral for men to have access to women and girls to fuck. The Bible says so. It says how to fuck us, when to fuck us, and details what is and what is not pleasing in the eyes of their perverted God character with regard to raping us. It blames us for not fighting back hard enough, for not crying out, for not choosing suicide – which they say is a mortal sin at any other time – over being fucked by a man.

Nobody ever asks our opinion about this because we are not allowed to have one. We are not allowed to opt out. Even when we scream, “No, ” we are not heard. Man’s focus remains on his dick and his sick perversions, which he projects on to women and little girls. He wants to fuck women and little girls, therefore, he believes that women and little girls want to be fucked by men. You will not be given the option to state your objection and even if you do you will be beaten down, called “slut” and “whore, be pelted with accusations and abuse. Men insist on putting their filth on women and girls.

When we are heard at all by men, from the male perspective, we have no validation because we are “immoral.” Our objections to having semen smeared on us and dicks poked into our orifices are deemed “immoral.” From his perspective, we are defying God. Our refusal to sexually submit, to be enslaved by males is a sin.

This applies even to atheist and Satanist males because they still believe that females are here to be sexually harmed by men, for their use and abuse as livestock, slaves, and vessels, and if we resist, we are doing something unnatural and wrong.

Furthermore, everything we do or don’t do with regard to males is taken as “consent” to their violence.

The Patriarchal Belief that Little Girls are Sexual Beings

The first sin was a sexual sin, according to the dominant religion. Although, there is some disagreement about what exactly happened. An earlier echo of the Biblical story says that Adam’s first female sex slave was Lilith, but she refused to be penetrated by his dick from underneath and wanted to be on top during sexual intercourse. Lilith does not object to dick, altogether, but just being on the bottom. She wants to be on top and this is evil, thus saith the Lord. So, she got in a snit, sprouted wings, and flew off to a mountain top where she had endless sex with all kinds of demons (demons must have dicks, I think it’s safe to say) and so God had to provide Adam with a second woman named Eve.

Eve, too, was an evil sexual temptress, who offered Adam an apple from a forbidden tree. This is often presumed to mean that she offered him her body to stick his dick in. At any rate, Eve is responsible for the so called “fall of man.” And, she is responsible for every other evil, horrible thing a man has ever done to her, her children, or this planet, thus saith the Lord. Because of Eve’s sexual insatiability, all girls are cursed and doomed to be a servant or “hand maiden” to a male. We are forbidden to speak during church meetings. We are accused of practicing witchcraft, as if it were a bad thing, and, of course, of desiring to be fucked by men – sometimes just one man and sometimes lots of men.

Christians (I don’t know about Jews or Muslims but that whole genital mutilation/bris thing makes me thing they have similar ideas and, of course, Judaism is the foundational religion to both Christianity and Islam) believe that little children are born with “sin.” They must be baptized so that these original sins of Eve will be washed away. There is a lot of discrepancy with regard to how soon or how late a child should be cleansed of this sin, though.

With the Mormons, it is quite late. They say 8-years old. With the Catholics and some others, the child must be saved by God, shortly after birth. The reason is that the child, unsaved, is in the hands of Satan and they believe it is Satan who acted through Eve. They, also, have a lot of writing about how girls and women are easily subject to Satan and are instruments of Satan.

In the churches, which are havens for pedophiles, it is believed that little girls tempt men to do sexually violent things to them. It is believed that the little girls, even little baby girls are temptresses, agents of the Living Devil, who work to bring down good men by means of their dicks.

This is one foundation for pedophilia in our society.  (I speak of the U.S. because it is what I know. I’m sure it applies equally well to other countries.) This is why the churches are rife with pedophiles and all manner of male perverts.

This is probably why when people hear about the results of studies like the ones conducted by Alfred C. Kinsey, they are willing to accept the idea that little girls (and I speak of little girls because I once was one and I know nothing of little boys except that they do act out with sexual violence against girls at a young age – again, because I experienced this) are temptresses, full of sexual desires, longing to be fucked by males.

They believe this because “God” said so and if they don’t buy into that, then they believe it because “Science” said so. These are the same things – absolutely the same! – both invented by men to serve the purposes of males. Science and Religion are two sides of the same coin.

Both God and Science inform us that females were made for males, were made to be fucked by males, desire to be fucked by males, at least, as much as males want to fuck us. Women are a reflection of the male, they say. Women are the “other half” of men. Women need men, they say. We need each other, they say. We long for each other, they say. This is either God’s will or natural, according to which side of the coin you’re looking at.

Either way, girls want to be fucked by men, according to men.

Everything a girl does – even a little baby girl – is taken as evidence of her “sexuality” or her supposed desire to be fucked by men, if not  now, then at some later date, not too far off because someday soon, maybe at age 9 or maybe at age 12, she will have her first period, thus signalling her overwhelming desire to be fucked, all according to men.

I did a post about a sorority a while back, which was targeted by perverted males online and by liberals. A lot of things struck me about that story. It was the same sorority house that was allegedly targeted by Elliot Rodger (I now believe that story to be a staged hoax and I say why in some other posts here), but this was the Alabama chapter. The women were targeted in part because they are white and mostly blonde and because this is the group that is largely targeted by males for pornography. I found the story interesting, too, because liberals were commenting on it and saying that the girls looked like whores that they looked like Playboy bunnies and so on.

What bothered me so much about it was that I have an entirely different perspective, especially coming from a rural and fundamentalist religious upbringing. The concept that these young women really were just older girls (somewhere between girlhood and womanhood and probably very sheltered from things that highly sex menand many liberals take for granted) who were promoting their sisterhood, which looks like a big pajama party, was lost on a lot of men and libs. They innocently put the video out on YT and a bunch of fappers showed up and made violent and sexually disturbing comments on the video. Ultimately, the video had to be pulled and it seems like the girls got in some kind of trouble for it – of course.

There are portions of the video in which the girls are blowing glitter and beckoning at the camera for other girls to come and join their sorority. It’s an advertisement with a targeted audience – which was completely lost on the perverted males and the liberal males. To them these girls, who really are just innocent girls with an extended childhood, which they should be allowed to have, were pornography. They interpreted baggy, ragged, cut-off shorts worn at the lake to be “Daisy Dukes.” This is just how males view girls and women and this was a very public incident in which a bunch of men stole a portion of these young women’s innocence. They accused them of things that existed only the men’s own sick minds.

I think about this bunch of girls every now and then when I am here alone and I’m doing traditionally “girly” things. I think about it when I am taking care of my personal hygiene and appearance, when I’m dancing, or working out, or baking cupcakes with pink frosting, or sleeping in my satin sheets, or any number of other ordinary things that I do that I know would be interpreted by men – somehow! – as sexual, as being in relation to them and their dicks. Even though I am in complete solitude, I still have a sense of my activities somehow being interpreted as sexual submission or communicating a sexual desire for men. This is the sick program men put in our heads from the time we are little girls – they tell us every thing we do is about them.

This scrutiny of our behavior for indications of “asking for it” starts young, as does the training in femininity. I have so much femininity training that, frankly, I don’t know what is me and what is the training. I am often regarded as being prissy. I was always taught to sit up straight and to behave in certain ways and there are many things for little girls to know: How to sit in a dress; how to get in and out of a car properly, how to sit down properly at the dinner table; how to walk, how to stand, how to wait for a man to open the door. All these things are training.

We are, also, trained in such things as how to groom ourselves, how to wear our hair, how to apply make-up, how to dress properly.

So, if you are a disciplined and obedient female child, you do what you are told – as I did. In so doing, however, you are perceived by men as having a sexuality, as longing to be fucked.

If you want to see an example of this kind of thing, check out some clips or old episodes from a television show that ran on TLC (The Learning Channels, interestingly enough) called, “Toddlers and Tiaras.” The little girls are trained, from infancy in some cases, to learn to be sexually appealing to men. The little girls don’t know that this is what they’re being trained for – for men to fuck them – but, this is what is going on. The little girls are shown how to “shake it” even when they don’t even have the “it” (mammary glands) and how to wiggle their hips. The girls see these as dance moves (I know because I took tumbling and dance lessons and I was into my twenties before I realized that some of these motions had a sexual meaning – again, to men the have this meaning)  only as that, as motions in dance, the same way you do heel-toe and dosey-doe in some styles of dance.

This obedient and disciplined child, in the clip below, has no idea what she is being trained to do:


The child’s only desire is to please her parents – she does not have sexual desires. She would not even understand what that means. She is dependent on her parents and her entire life, her safety, her needs (needs meaning food, water and shelter – not sex) are wrapped up in doing as they say.

This is sexual grooming – done by the parents. It’s an example of what we’ve all been subjected to, either to a lesser or greater extent. What is appalling about this television program is we see sexual abuse of girls being promoted right in front of our eyes.

How do these fathers view their little daughters? Here’s an example:


You can bet that if he’s not doing it already that at some point he is going to project his sexual arousal onto his daughter. Religion and Science both say that she exists, not only to gratify the male and serve him, but that this is natural and due to her nature, whether sinful or biological, she wants desperately to be fucked by men. If she resists this, she’s a whore (acting against God and Nature), if she goes along with it, she’s a whore – just like the men said all along.

These little girls have their every move scrutinized on stage. We, as girls and women, have our every moves scrutinized by men from the time we are very young and throughout our whole lives by men who are looking for a sign or a signal that we want them to fuck us. They are looking for indications that she wants it. She has her hair in pigtails – that’s hot! – she wants it, they say.  She is wearing a pretty dress – she’s easy – it doesn’t matter that she’s 8 or 11 or 14 or 40. She’s eating ice cream or sucking on a lollipop – to the men, this is a sex act. They can only think of their dicks, even when it is a child. She’s walking away, “Shake it for me!” – because the male believes that literally every step she takes, that every action, every gesture, is a sign that she wants his dick in her.  This is true even when it is a little baby girl – this is when the scrutiny begins. Many, many times I have heard men talk about little baby girls this way. They interpret the child’s play or childish movements or the way her mother dressed her or taught her to behave as a come on. They think she wants it. This is now considered normal – apparently.

We have religion and Kinsey and the related institutions to blame for this, but mostly we have just MEN who are promoting this. Individual men promote this idea even within their own little nuclear slave units. They are pedophiles – maybe there is a better term, but this is the term that we all know what it means when we use it.

It’s men on the left and men on the right. It’s religious men, pagan men, and atheist men. It’s Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and any other political party created and dominated by men. It’s fathers, uncles, and brothers. It’s the sick bastard next door. It runs from the lowest specimen of the human male on the planet to the highest international players. It is institutionalized. It is codified and regulated. It is normalized.

Usually only when some girls end up dead – like Jon Benet Ramsey – does anybody take much notice, at all. Maybe raped and then murdered baby girls are what the demonic left-wing subjugater is referring to when he says we must have “moral libertinism” or “moral libertarianism,” whatever that actually means. Maybe only when girls are dead is this seen as going too far and I would guess that this is the case, since to men death is the ultimate, the thing they fear most. We women have other fears because most of us know what torture at the hands of men is. We understand what humanity and compassion are, too, and we have a concern about human suffering. This is something men seem to have no understanding of, whatsoever. They are, as Valerie Solanas said, “machines,” nothing more than “walking dildos.”

There is an effort, which I have only alluded to above – I have barely scratched the surface –  by men to normalize and legalize pedophilia. There is a lot of excusing pedophilia going on. There is a lot of saying that the pedophile is the true victim. There is an effort to define pedophilia as a sexual orientation by the same sick fucks that brought us the idea that we are all a little gay – this is where that ended up. Feminists who foolishly supported gay men’s rights thinking they would somehow profit from this contributed to this effort. Instead working to free women from men, they have reinforced the false notion of gender and they have reinforced the institution of marriage, which profits only males, and they laid the foundation for the rest of this perversion. Oh, and don’t think these perverts are going to stop there!

When the gays started pushing for gay rights, some people on the Xian right said this would lead to men marrying dogs and goats. They were laughed at. But, in fact, this is right where these people are going. They want to legalize the abuse of animals, too. And, don’t think that men abusing animals is a one-off because it isn’t. Men abuse animals all the time – they rape female animals.

The Demonic Male

I have tried for a very long time to figure out why this is happening. Why are males doing this to us? There is no materially based answer to this question. It is definitely not societal or cultural because it is simply male behavior across the board. This is discussed in the previous post and laid out in the terms of the scientific establishment by TrustYourPerceptions in her recent blog series. It is borne out by other evidence, as well.

The so-called civilization we have is centered around males and their struggle to maintain control over us. Their parasitism of us is the basis for pretty much everything they do, from the sexualization and sexual grooming of baby girls to their waging of war.

I can only tell you what I have seen and what I have experienced with regard to male behavior toward women and girls. I can tell you exactly what I have seen! It is my conclusion that men are not entirely human.

I’ve seen the question posed often, “Are women human?” This begs the question: “What is a human?”  The only answer I’ve been able to find about that is that the term means “ape man.” “Hu” means “ape.” If you look at men, this is how they appear – they look like some more primitive life form. They are, in fact, more basic. Their reproductive systems are very basic and so are their brains. They are less sophisticated in every way due to their endocrine systems.

It may be that we have been made into a vehicle for a certain type of spiritual being to obtain access to the physical world. This being, although he is our creation and our offspring, is very different from ourselves. He is a mutant. He is a DNA mutation – they Y chromosome being a mutation. He is a secondary being and, by his own reckoning, if you take into account how he wrote the stories of his genesis – an inferior being, since he is secondary and has no god-like creative powers.

I have survived many sexual assaults by men by acknowledging that they are not human beings. This has been a coping mechanism for me. (There’s a line in a song by Tina Turner, “Private Dancer,” in which she says, “You don’t think of them as human.”) After all, if we are humans, then what are they? They certainly don’t act like us, anyway, especially when they rape. They have lightning fast mobility – they can snatch you  like an alligator. The are silent, sneaking up from behind you, to attack. They are emotionless, lacking all compassion or any sense of humanity, in their attacks. Also, they are fond of biting – they literally try to eat our flesh and suck our blood in some of their attacks on us. In this way, men do not seem at all like women. They really do seem like some other type of life form.

The biting thing is very, very common. I have been bitten by men numerous times and one attacker bit me and tried to suck my blood – just like a vampire. He was a guy who mainly got off on beating up women and was a serial attacker. The dancers in the club, since they have insisted on them having closer physical proximity to the male predators, are not infrequently bitten by men. One woman I’ve seen had an entire set of teeth marks, upper and lower, on her breast from a man who bit her. Bill Clinton is notorious for biting women. He is supposed to have bitten a waitress along with some other women. Recently, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewendowski, was defended by a lawyer (in the case in which he grabbed Michelle Fields from behind and bruised her arm)  who is known for having bitten a woman in a night club.

Taking big chunks of flesh out of women’s bodies and sucking blood is not usually something we associate with human beings. So, if they are human, then what are we?

Similarly, with rapists – if they are human beings, then what are we?

Men will defend other men for these actions and it’s because they all have some understanding of themselves in relation to us, which we don’t really have.

They literally see us as food. They call us “honey” and “sweetie” and talk about how we taste. This is because we are livestock.

Fathers who abuse their daughters do so for the same reason. They know  things we don’t know. Certainly, we don’t know them as children and even when we become independent, adult women, it is very baffling to many, if not most, of us. We are prey. We are groomed to be such. They know it and any insistence that we are human beings or that we don’t want to be fucked by men on our part is disregarded because they know that this is our place in the order of men’s world. It is our place to be dressed up, made-up, dancing whores. Everything we are is shaped and forced into conformity to this end and it isn’t just fathers who do it, but every man we encounter, every male teacher, every male employer, every male religious figure, every male is an authority on us – at least, in his own mind – he believes we are whores, our purpose is to be controlled and regulated, as such. He sees no other option because he is incapable of seeing women and girls as anything else. We exist only in relation to a man’s (or mens’) dick.

We “lose our innocence” when we see men for what they are. When we come to know the truth about men, we lose our childhoods forever.

For these reasons and for the fact that I can actually see them – literally see what they are and they are not like us, they are not human, whatever that word really means – I am convinced that they are nothing like us. That they are, in fact, some kind of parasite on us and on this planet. I don’t think they are a natural part of our world. They are certainly not a natural part of our lives. The only way can truly live is to get as far away from them as possible. It’s the only way to get a good, deep breath. It’s the only way to stop their violence against us.

When I say I see them as something far, far different from us, I literally mean I have had the experience of seeing them in a different physical form that appears demonic – just like all the depictions of demons you’ve seen in art from around the world, including in The Goetia. I started seeing this shortly after I left the Morgue (Mormon Organization) and my sense of everything I thought I knew was shattered and I had to start over with my perceptions of truth. At that point, I began to see men (all men, no women) walking around who are actually demons.

Carefully, I started to talk to people about this and I found out that it was a very common experience, especially among the dancers. I’ve seen entire audiences that look like they’ve been taken over by demons and I’ve seen full-blown, physical demons – as physical as any human in the flesh. They are horrifying and they have often display big, sharp teeth.

I used to go into Yahoogroups years ago, when that was a thing, and I’d find people talking about this. There is a whole discussion about “reptilians,” which has been started by David Icke and which I believe is a cover for the truth, which is that this is what men are. Lots of men talk about this subject in MUFON and conspiracy circles because they are trying to control the conversation. They try to say it’s the Illuminatti or it’s related to underground military bases, but I think this is a cover story.

Demons are not something to do with religion. A lot of Westerners automatically think of Christianity when they hear the term, but these things are very old and are found in the most ancient records and monuments going back for millennia. The depictions are all very similar.

If we just look at one famous Western text, The Goetia, which is a catalog of demons, we se that most have what we recognize as male physical characteristics. There is one or maybe two that likes to appear in a feminine form, but this is not his real form. We, also, commonly refer to the demons as “he” and “him.”

The behavior of the demons, according to grimoires, such as this one and others by Western occultists, is very similar to that of ordinary human males. The demons will try to play on human sympathy and compassion, which they see as a weakness – just as men do to women. They are very deceptive. They will try to trick the conjurer. They will try to consume the conjurer. They are strengthened by the blood and spiritual energy of women and children and by acts of sexual depravity, which cause fear in the victims. The demons feed on the energy of fear.

Men behave toward women very much like demons. The demons are seducers, who can take on a different appearance. They see humans as food, and as vessels and vehicles, just as men perceive women. We are both livestock and vessels for their demon semen.

It is well known that the demons particularly hate women. Men, also, hate us.

In every way I can think of men behave just like the demons and, of course, I have seen many of them either shape-shift into demonic form and back or I have seen the demons staring through their eyes.

If you are still reading – if I haven’t lost you – because I know how absurd this seems because it is very contradictory to how we have been told things are. It is contradictory to everything represented as a fact in media, not only now but for a very long time. But, what if what you are seeing as human men is actually just part of mind control programming? What if it isn’t the truth? What if there are some facts that, although very contradictory to how you’ve been led to believe the world works, explains it all? It explains every horrifying experience you’ve ever had with a male.

Here is an example from the Dr. Phil Show, May 17, 2016:

There are actually two episodes around this date involving the woman above and her abusive boyfriend/husband. She says something similar more than once over the course of the two episodes, you will hear it once at 4:00 (4 minutes) into the above video. She says, “I can see it.” And Dr. Phil (a psycopath in his own right) asks, “What do you see?” The woman replies, “A demon.” This is not a metaphor. She means, literally, she sees that he is a demon in the flesh.

I’ve almost gotten used to hearing these stories because I have now heard them so often always from women and the demons they see are either in the eyes of the men, in the face of the men, or more rarely, you’ll see the full, nasty, malformed body of the demon. It is always a man – always! The only time this differs is when males who are supposed authorities on demonoolgy, Ufology, the occult, or the Illuminatti conspiracy are telling the story. When I talk to individuals, it’s always the same. It is men who take on this appearance. Most of the time it is women who see it. Only one instance do I have of a male telling me this story and he was under the influence of some illicit drug at the time he saw it.

We had this discussion at my old private blog not long ago and there was a mixed response. There are lots of women who never see this. Then, there IS a whole bunch who do see it. In one case, a woman’s friend was married to one of these things. She pointed it out to her friend who said that she was aware that he was an apparent demon, but she thought he could overcome it. That woman was eventually murdered by her husband in an obviously staged “accident, which last I read (and I did follow up on the information provided), he got away with.

With the dancers, it is very common to see because the men cannot control their demonic nature, apparently, when they are sexually aroused (which seems to be anytime they are in the presence of a female human with abundant life force energy) or when they become angry. This is when the demon comes through and you see it in their faces – the face will shift – or just the eyes – and sometimes you will see the whole form shift and then shift back once they regain control.

To these men, we are like dancing sides of beef! It’s like in the Looney Toons cartoons where the coyote sees the roadrunner as a big juicy pork chop. This is how they see women and girls, in general, and this is why they are doing these things to us – to keep the food supply and the vessels close to them, under their complete domination. Men’s life force is very weak (this is known to people who study Qi Gong, but it is obvious if you work with this energy and can see it). They are often drawing energy out of the room (I see this, too) and people who have weak forces always draw off people with larger supplies of this energy who are in close proximity to them – which means women and children. Men are energy vampires – even when they are not biting us and drinking our blood or sticking their dicks in us. Even being near them is very energetically draining to us – not to mention nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing.

It is very common in cases of so-called domestic violence for the woman to see the man appearing as a demon. Certainly, it is common to see him acting like one, even when he is free of the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When men do horrible, vicious things, they like to say that someone else made them do it. They used to say, “The Devil made me do it.”  Maybe this isn’t far from the truth – except, they are the devils. They are the demons. They act the way they do because they are these things in physical form and they are using women to obtain these forms. They have tweaked our DNA just enough to make it possible for them to infiltrate us and pretend to be what we are – this seems to be a common M.O. with men.

The shapeshifting phenomenon is, also, not unusual around the world. It is not accepted in Western culture or if it is acknowledged it is seen as the work of the devil by the religious people. More often than not is dismissed. Yet, you will find it all throughout the North American continent among the indigenous people, you’ll find it in W. European witchcraft, in African spirituality, and today – right now – if you want to learn about this, look down on our southern border or in Mexico. You’ll, also, find many people having experiences with all kinds of shapeshifters in the Phillipines and probably in every other place, if you can get people to talk to you about it.

This is not a strange thing to people who are not so grounded in Western culture. For me, it’s something I have learned to accept and I, also, think that there is much more to be learned about it. From an occult science perspective, there is a fairly reasonable explanation for how this is possible and it comes back down to what we are on the sub-physical level. On that level, it is clear, that men and women are very different and this is why our physical bodies are different, even when their bodies look like ours, they are still different. They are hairy and smelly with knobby knees – just like a lot of demons! There are many different types and appearances of demons – they don’t all look exactly alike.

There are, also, hierarchies in demonology. Some people say that is from the demons that what we call “civilization” is derived. This doesn’t sound at all incredible to me!

This is why I say the only way to stop every terrible thing that is happening in the micro and in the macro is to, at least, limit the number of these things that are entering the physical plane. It is my sense that the last thing they want is for more of us to be able to see them for what they really are. Lots of us do see it, but just haven’t come to terms with it; we are not trusting our own perceptions. A lot of women are like the woman in the Dr. Phil video – they just expect these demons to act with some respect and humanity toward them. But, this is impossible for them, just as it is impossible for men, in general, to be anything other than what they are or to see us anything other than livestock and vessels for their own purposes.

Commentary on TrustYourPerceptions’ Latest Series of Blogposts

TrustYourPerceptions is a blog written a radical feminist with a background in biology, in particular, the study of genetics. This blog doesn’t publish often, but when it does, it’s a doozy. The latest post is, “Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women.” It is linked below along with two previous postings.

Semen Men’s Chemical War Against Women:

Dudes are Doomed:

Forgiveness + Positive Thinking = Eating Shit:

TrustYourPerceptions is a very good name for a radical feminist blog because what we are all dealing with is a great lot of mind control programming, which begins in infancy when we are born to mind controlled mothers, many of whom have already been sexually abused and raped since the time of their own infancy. We are repeatedly told that our own perceptions of ourselves, of males, and of our surroundings are wrong. The gaslighting starts early and persists.

When I think back at the various topics I’ve discussed at this blog, most have to deal with some sort of programming or attempted programming. I’m sure that when people stumble upon some of these articles I’ve written, they are immediately turned off because often what I have to say is at odds with the status quo – or what we are told that is.

It’s normal to be put off when you first run across a really revolutionary idea. It can be upsetting. If you’re not ready to hear what is said, you might resist, be immediately turned off. You might even feel some sort of fear, anger, or other strong emotion, however, it is something to read, to consider – even if you reject it at first – then ruminate on it and see if there is something about it that rings true. That is how deprogramming works – at first we may reject an idea, especially when it is unpleasant, but once we have the chance to think about it, to let it soak into our subconscious, it can go to work breaking down old, erroneous ideas.

There is always an ongoing discussion about what radical feminism is. For instance, I recently saw a list being passed around from a left-leaning feminist blog that was titled “Radical Feminism” and purported to explain what it is in comparison to conservativism. It was a good list except that a few of the items on it were not radical feminist, but Marxist feminist. It is generally considered that there are three types of feminism: Radical, liberal, and Marxist. They are not difficult to tell apart for me since I fall pretty firmly in the “radical” category.

When I see people extolling the virtues of choice, “sex worker’s rights,” the joys of porn, and equality with men, I know I’m looking at liberal feminism.

When I see women who want to take money out of my pocket and give it to a bunch of guys to lay around, look at porn, and impregnate whatever woman is handy, then I’m looking at a Marxist feminist. Marxist feminism uses the work of a Jewish male to analyze feminism and Marxist feminists like to talk about “wealth redistribution” and the legal right of same sex marriage (working with and for the benefit of gay men to reinforce gender and the slave institution of marriage).

Neither of the above are radical feminism. Radical feminism is, as I said in a previous post here somewhere, not so much an ideology or a political position as it is simply a state of being. It’s where you find yourself when you are finally able to get away from men and are able to sort out what has happened to you. A lot of us are older. Many of us have been prostituted, subjected to pornographers, repeatedly raped, etc. A lot among us are smart young women who, taking full advantage of the information age, have access to feminist books and articles (and, also, see first hand how men operate together to abuse, subjugate, and terrorize women since this is primarily what goes on on the internet) and choose to live their lives without men, avoiding men, as much as possible. Among us are quite a few lesbians and probably quite a few women who regard ourselves as asexual – not having any sexual orientation, at all.

We call this “radical” feminism for a couple of reasons. All true feminism is radical in nature. But, since there are these derivative forms, described above, we use the term “radical” to distinguish ourselves from them. We, also, use this term, “radical,” because it describes the aim of feminism, which is to eRADicate the problem of male domination by pulling it up by its roots, casting it aside and destroying it forever, so it can never, again, grow. The term, “radical,” is derived from the Latin word, radix, which means “root.”

Furthermore, in my own radical feminism, I do not believe it is necessary for women to wait for the permission or approval of men to do certain things which are our natural rights. For instance, we don’t need anyone’s permission to menstruate, which is my way of saying that abortion/miscarriage is a natural, innate aspect of our beings and should not  – and really cannot – be subject to legal regulation by males. We do not need the permission or approval of males to do anything else with our uteri, to defend ourselves against them with lethal force, or to, in any other way, act in accordance with our own self-preservation.

We come to radical feminism when we realize that male domination is the underlying cause of every problem we face on this planet, and as individual female humans. We arrive at this place, very often, when there is simply no other place to go – we have no other option.  Males, because of their behavior and, in fact, their very nature, have left us with no other option, no other recourse. We simply want to live, to go on living and to do so without threats, terror, and life-threatening violence.

A common argument we hear – as if it were even possible to argue with people who have no other options – is that it’s “not all men,” (NAMALT: Not all men are like that!) and I admit that this is a theory I once held. I think many of us once held this idea. We hoped, at least, that there was one man who was not a demon in the flesh. We thought there was something wrong with us because we could not locate such a man. But, we have discovered the terrible truth, each of us, in our own way – often in very similar ways, though. I would like to warn any woman who wishes to learn for herself whether or not there is a single man on this planet who is not a rapist, sodomizer, or user and abuser of women, that she undertakes that mission of discovery at the risk of her life and, at the very least, her physical, mental, and emotional health.

In TrustYourPerception’s latest post, she discusses the biological danger that males pose to females, which goes far beyond something they might, theoretically (highly theoretically!) be socialized out of. In fact, this is one of the strongest cases I’ve ever seen for what I already know – males cannot be socialized or retrained to not be a harm, a parasite, and a constant danger to women. She uses biology and genetics to make this case.

If you’ve read my other posts, then you know I’m not a fan of patriarchal science (sometimes called orthodox science) and its offshoot studies, such as allopathic (orthodox) medicine or psychology, both of which are very patriarchal and founded on the abuse of women by perverted men. I have a different, yet rational, perspective, which is grounded in esoteric science.

As I was reading TYP’s latest post, I was struck by how many of her points correspond with my esoteric view of things. The overall theme of this series of posts is that men’s semen contains a chemical cocktail that is damaging and dangerous to women and girls, not just because of the obvious possibilities of causing pregnancy or infectious disease, but because it contains constituents that alter women’s minds, emotions, and physical ability to fight off males.

I don’t think this was mentioned, but I would not be surprised if there are not parasites involved in this insidious male biological warfare agent.

At any rate, this chemical cocktail creates alterations in women’s biological chemistry, which causes us to doubt our own perceptions. It causes us to doubt our own judgement. It, also, bonds females to males, while males continue to remain as machines (borrowing an apt description from Valerie Solanas), who do not experience the same bond with the female.

This explains, too, why women betray our very selves, in relation to men, and why we betray other women. It goes a long way to explain women in relationships with abusers. It, also, explains my own experience with males with whom I had sexual relations – men remain indifferent and the only sign of anything other than that is when they turn overtly abusive and violent. This is a very common female experience, for which other women like to remind us that there are good men out there and we have to have more self-respect, not let men treat us like that, look for a checklist of qualities – all of which is a set up for more abuse, of course – and maybe the next one will kill us.

This betrayal occurs because of the chemical cocktail in the men’s sperm.  Biologically, men are a disease to us. The act of impregnation, itself, is an infection. Pregnancy cannot occur in a body that is 100% healthy, so the male has to break down our health in order to impregnate us. Now, let me tell you how I know that pregnancy is an infection. I didn’t learn it through orthodox science. I learned it by studying alternative medicine. There is an herb that is a natural pesticide that can kill sperm (that is kill the flagellating things in the nasty liquid men emit) and they kill it like it’s a pest, like it’s a bug, like it’s bacteria – because that’s what it is. As it turns out, boys really do have cooties! Men really are a walking disease. This cold pressed oil from the seed of this tree can increase a woman’s immunity if it is taken properly (have to take it for, at least, 30 days) and render her impervious to the male filth. You can do your own research on the subject. The herb is called neem. It will kill the pests in your garden, too, without harming the plants.

When women must be around males, which is an unnatural situation (but, we haven’t gotten that far, yet) we lose the ability to exercise free will. We are, also, unable to be particularly relaxed or calm around males because of the constant threat of violence, which many of us have learned at an early age.  Even now, I find this is true for myself, which is why I cannot be around men, at all. Since I am not around them except rarely, I see how my health and my psychological well-being suffers when I’m in a situation where I have to deal with them. When we are around men, we are unable to be our natural selves, to behave as we normally would.

Now, if you live your entire life in proximity with males, or must deal with males frequently, this is more difficult to notice. In order to really see the difference in your behavior and your overall health when you are away from men, you have to get yourself away from them for a long period of time. This is why a lot of women don’t fully realize how anxiety-inducing the presence of males is to them. Most of us don’t have the luxury of living away from males for an extended period of time.

The cocktail that causes the bonding, the circumstances that cause the fear, and the chemistry behind the male breakdown of female immunity and health is discussed in Part 1: This particular post in the series, also, discusses the doping, the dopamine, that is in the cocktail, which causes women to become “addicted to love.” Males who put their dicks in women or even put their semen on our skin, are killing us softly; they are using their “sub-lethal” weapons against women. Sexual relations with men, even when it is consenting (which is, as is clear from this biological discussion, impossible) is death to us. Furthermore, this biological war – this invisible war – is the foundation for every other wicked thing males to do females – everything from paying us slave wages (when they pay us, at all) to raping baby girls.

In Part 2, she talks about females have evolved in response to the male disease. In Part 3, she goes into various evolutionary theories, some silly, some sort of reasonable, all centering around early females trying to cope with male aggression.

In Part 4, she discusses concealed estrus as a possible cause for male enslavement of women. The overall point of this and the previous series of TYP’s posts is that males are trying to maintain control over the human genome. The conclusion- and this is my conclusion, too, coming from an occult perspective – is that earth women have been essentially hi-jacked. I differ from TYP in that I do not believe that women are fundamentally animals. I do believe that men are something more animal-like and somewhere along the line our DNA was fiddled with. I, also, think it can be un-fiddled. In fact, I’m quite sure it can be altered using electro-magnetic kind of frequencies. (This is another one of those things that when I first ran up on this idea many years ago, I dismissed it out of hand. Circumstances led to me being forced to look at it (circumstances of my own ill-health, at one point) and this (radionics) is a real thing, although it is dismissed by the allopaths, and last time I heard, by the patriarchal, orthodox scientific community.)

Here I’m going to wax metaphysical for a little bit:

Everything in the physical world has a connection to the metaphysical (in fact, is a result of it) and there are different levels. By altering what we call the etheric field, it is possible to effect changes in the physical. It is very easy to affect very small things – a small thing, like a virus is very easily dealt with by focusing the right out-of-phase wave harmonic at it. (This is not any kind of theory, by the way – this is my life! I have never suffered, cold, flu, or any type of infection since I learned about it nearly 20 years ago.) The same can be accomplished with the DNA. It can be altered by wave harmonics.

demheadI’m going to go out further on a limb (think Shirley McClain) and say that something tampered with our DNA to create a physical form that it could inhabit.(This is in all kinds of esoteric and historical records going back 5,000 years to Sumer.) This something is very hostile to us women. If you have done any research, at all, in the field of demonology, you know right where I’m going. Those things are real. They are walking around with us, often looking like human males. I know because I’ve seen them many times and many other women see them, too. They are not human on the energetic level – or if they are then we are not human. I don’t know what “human” really means. But, whatever we are giving birth to, about half of them, are neither physically nor metaphysically like us. The male is truly something other. He is alien to us. (Maybe you remember that old ABC television series, “V,” (1983) if not, you might want to take a look.)

When I said that all things have a counterpart in the metaphysical, this means that the male sperm does, too. Also, if there are parasites, these, too, have a metaphysical aspect. These things act on us from outside the normally visible realm. The behavior of the sperm, the drugging effects, the mind altering effects, the biologically altering effects on women, all have a counterpart in the metaphysical. They are truly an influence on women that is of a demonic nature. It is not wrong at all to call this black magic. It’s exactly what it is. The good news is that once this is recognized, they can be acted upon on this same level (by means of radionics, for example, which is a kind of machine) or by the directed will. (“Will” is a term that my sister occultists will recognize as the focus of the mental body on an aspect of the metaphysical to cause a desired outcome on the physical level.)

This leads me to what I have said before in previous posts: There is no way to stop the raping (including the sex trafficking, the prostitution of women and girls, the porn, the enslavement in other ways) and other abuses of women and girls except to stop bringing these poisonous things onto the physical plane with us. The only way to stop this train wreck is with our noggins. We have to change the way we think and how we focus our minds and our energy. We must stop complying. We must stop cooperating with our enemy. We must, above all, stop reproducing – especially males.

We have had some success. If you want to experience joy, find a white supremacist discussion online and look at the males freaking out because they cannot find a white woman to put the slow kill on. They are livid. They are afraid. They are going crazy because they are seeing themselves dying out – and it’s happening fast. Since the 1970s or so women in Western nations and especially white women have withdrawn from males. Every opportunity women get, we escape males – more and more. These men and their own perversion (increasingly more sick and depraved in their behavior toward us – and nobody hates white women more than white men do) and their never-ending violence against us is the cause of their own demise  They are going out like the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy splashed water on her!

This is what needs to happen the world over and it can, at least, to a large extent, if women re-focus our minds and our energy.

Also, in Part IV, she discusses the disabling effects of the chemical cocktail that men inject into and sometimes onto women. I have touched on the metaphysical aspect of this in a previous post, particularly in relation to rape, but it applies to any sexual relations with men, regardless of the degree of violence involved. The act of copulation is death to women on the metaphysical level. It weakens the lower will, that part of the body associated with the legs and the lower spine. This is why after rape or “consensual” sexual abuse, women cannot walk sometimes. The energy in the woman’s body is depleted – stolen – by the male. The male truly is a vampire who wants more than just your blood. He wants your essence – your life.

Men engage in sexual activity frequently with females in order to boost the bonding chemicals. This is physically and psychologically disabling. If they manage to impregnate the woman, of course, they have a whole other hold over her – especially legally.

In Part 5, she talks about how, across species, females avoid males in order to avoid rape. In fact, it’s the only way I know of to avoid it. Males rape. As far as I know, they all rape and there is no way to prove that they don’t. Therefore, it is only safe – if you value your life, your health, and your sanity – to assume that it is all.

Near the bottom of the left-hand column of this same page, she mentions that males have lost control of the genome in the past. She says it appears to have happened a few times, usually as the result of some catastrophic event. I hope she writes more on this soon.

She notes somewhere on this page that women who give birth to males are making war on other women. This is an idea, which I realize doesn’t sound very nice or very kind on the surface, where other women are concerned – nonetheless, it is an idea that I think we should nurture and grow. We should push it and there should be shame associated with a woman giving birth to a male. Right now, women are shamed in various ways when they have daughters. (In some places, it is not permitted to give birth daughters and they are forcibly aborted or exposed. Not long ago, Hitler gave medals only to women who gave birth to males.) I’ve seen discussions among childed women who say they are treated as lesser-than because they have daughters rather than sons. This has to change and the only way to change it in our favor is to reverse it, even though it seems unkind.

The last thing she urges in this entire series is for more women to become involved in this study.

This, again, is where those who have writing talent can exert some influence. Very often it is through the imagination of writers, usually writers of science fiction, that scientific breakthroughs are first manifest simply as ideas. Everything begins in the mind. It’s here we must make the first changes if we are to change anything, at all.