How Liberals Infiltrated Feminism in the early 1970s

It is not possible to be either a liberal or a conservative and a radical feminist – or really any kind of feminist. Feminism centers on women and girls and our struggle for freedom from the other half of the population, who have regarded us as livestock, possessions, domestic slaves, and sexual entertainment, since long before anyone can remember.

Liberalism, on the other hand, is anyone’s game. Here in the U.S., they work to undermine property rights for women, rights to self-defense for women, to reinforce gender by means of trannyism, to reinforce the patriarchal institution of marriage by working for “gay marriage” and “marriage equality,” and seek to co-opt women’s energy, which should be used to free ourselves, to assist black males and Muslims in fighting racism and religious bias, and literally any other kind of charity case that comes along. That is liberalism, as it functions, at least, here in the U.S.

Liberalism is, in fact, as much an enemy of women and feminists as conservativism is. Both work to keep women subordinate to men. Conservatives are more open about it and often wrap their hatred of women in religion and faux concern for women’s welfare. Liberals on the other hand, encourage women’s subordination by denying the abusive nature of men, and by pretending very often that there is equality between men and women, when there is clearly not and can never be.

It is Christian conservativism that is largely responsible for undermining women’s legal rights to bodily autonomy, although, these are natural rights, which is why stripping our legal rights from us often results in a lot of death and injury. But, this doesn’t bother Christian conservatives because they believe in God’s will and the disposability of women as mere helpmeets and servants to men. I think of the right as the primary purveyors of violence against women in our own homes, because this is where the man rules women in their way of thinking. There are many sex abusers among them who use their patriarchal authority to hurt women and girls.

But, the liberals are primarily responsible for taking us into some of the worst depravity that we have to deal with outside our homes. They have taken their gay rights movement and turned it into a gender rights movement, wherein “gender,” which we know is an artificial social construct to begin with, is whatever they say it is. Furthermore, they have enlisted members of the patriarchal medical and scientific establishments to back up their enormous fraud.

I like to try to think of ways to deal with these people, usually my thoughts always come back around to a couple of points: Get safely away from men and then start talking about all the things they don’t want you to talk about.

A lot of what we’re going through has happened to women before us and if you look at the article, “The Liberal Takeover of Women’s Liberation,” which was first published in 1973, at this link: you can see the tactics of our enemies and reverse-engineer possible solutions.

In this article, the author describes how the liberals manipulated or tried to manipulate women and, if we look at this article, we see what works and what does not. The liberals did everything to undermine the women and to try to channel their energy into ideas that did not work, that wasted the women’s time and depleted their energy.

One thing I noticed about this article that I thought was especially important has to do with writing and publishing. The liberals tried to encourage the women to form groups and teach what they knew, thus limiting their audience and circle of influence. But, when you write and publish, you have something that reaches many  more women and lives on for generations, maybe forever.

I hope you will read it and come to your own conclusions, but it looks to me like this: Writing and publishing, which has never been easier, is our best avenue. I, also, do not think we require “icons” or central leadership. Nor do I think it is wise to politicize what we do. Anytime you have a group or a leader, it is easier for others to manipulate and obfuscate.

Feminism should always center, single-mindedly, on women and girls and on our natural rights.