Men Committing Violence Against Women and Girls in Restrooms, Locker Rooms, and Dressing Rooms

I am dedicating this post to the blogger, ror1774, of Reclaim our Republic. Another one of my favorite bloggers, HocusPocus13, posted a comment there and I tried to reply, but my response – as usual at WordPress when I’m trying to give information about something, it seems – went down a black hole never to be seen, again. This post is a response to a couple of articles posted at, entitled, “Bathroom Wars Humiliate American Normal Majority: Proud Woman Goes Viral; Liberal Version of History.

So, I’m making a whole post about the subject here, which is mostly just a compilation of internet resources on this subject of perverted men doing things they shouldn’t be doing to women and girls in what are (or were, anyway) legally protected public spaces, such as restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms.

I will start by telling you I have recalled three personal incidents involving perverts and dressing rooms or changing rooms. I didn’t remember the third one until tonight – there may be more, because this is actually a pretty common phenomenon, that we forget very unpleasant incidents.  We women do this so that we can go on trying to be, at least, somewhat functional in our lives (and I am barely that). We often push unpleasant experiences to the back of our minds and it takes some thinking to recall them.

The worst incident involved a disc jockey who came into a dressing room at a night club, pulled out his penis and testicles, fondled himself, touched me and then wanted me to touch his privates. I got out of the room as fast as possible while trying not to upset him.(I’m very petite, he was very large, hairy and gross, and I didn’t want him to become violent.) I didn’t say anything to anyone because I knew it would be pointless. I drove home, but had to stop half way home to open my car door and vomit. I told a friend about it and she knew the manager there and insisted that this behavior would not be tolerated. She told the manager. The manager talked to me and long story short because if you are a woman reading this, you already know, they refused to fire the pervert and I never worked there, again. Usually, it is the case that if you report anything like this to anyone, even confide in a well-meaning friend, this is what happens. So, this may be why you don’t often hear about these incidents.

I had two other instances that I can recall: One involved a man jumping into the dressing room with me, saying, “I’m not going to hurt you,” while blocking my path to the door. Since I am petite, I basically just ran under his arms and out the door and a security person got the guy out. He was not forced to leave the premises, however. There were no repercussions to him, but I was very worried he was going to come back, follow me later and try to kill me, etc.

On the other occasion I can remember, things went a lot better. I got out of my car at the gym, parking near the door, so as to avoid the longer walk, which is usually more dangerous than the shorter walk. A huge, man spotted me as I got out of my car, and I saw that he saw me. I hurried inside the door and ran straight into the changing room. I could hear the conversation outside as the owner of the place stopped the man, who was not a member, as he was coming in the door and asked where he was going. The perp told the owner that he was following a woman (me) and he described me. The owner chastised him and made him leave. Not another word was said about it by anyone there, including me. I shudder to think what would have happened if this huge man had actually come into the dressing room (I was not armed on this or any other of these occasions because of highly restrictive gun laws and city ordinances in all in the three different states and their cities, in which these incidents occurred: New York City, New Jersey, and this one was in Texas), but I was waiting and listening.

Since I’ve already been deemed a racist white woman for simply existing and there’s no place for me to go from here with that, I will, also, mention that these men fit a pattern of stalking and harassment that I’ve experienced involving the majority of male predators not known to me in that they were non-white. (I do regard these events as not only sexually, but racially, motivated incidents. But, as the world’s whore, I’m supposed to accept this and not even think about it, let alone write it or say it out loud.) In order of the presentation of the events I just described, the perpetrators were a very Jewish-looking Jew, a Moroccan (probably Muslim), and an American negro.

It is, also, a pattern that most of the time when white women experience the worst violence and rape from men, it is men known to us and for white women, most of these are white men. But, there are no exceptions to male violence, only kinds and degrees of it, and all types of men, regardless of race, nationality, or religion harass, assault and rape women. This includes men who fancy themselves to be women. Strangely, – and I’m not the first “racist” radical feminist to notice this  – most of these are white men as you will see when you look at the majority of sex offenders in the category of trannies attacking women and girls in restrooms and similar places.

There are numerous radical feminist sites that have been documenting these crimes by men against women in these private spaces for quite a while. Some are entirely devoted to the bizarre new societal phenomenon of “transgender.” To be clear, men cannot become women. There is no such thing as “transgender,” just like there’s no such thing as “transspecies” and men cannot transition into or become women anymore than they can become cats or dogs. Also, unlike the term “transsexual,” which implies some surgical or chemical alteration or, at least, putting on a dress and some lipstick, a man doesn’t have to do anything to become a “transgender woman,” rather the “transition” is simply based on his feelings.

Despite the liberal rhetoric that goes something like: “You don’t think men would really dress up like men just to get into the ladies’ room, do you?” The fact is that men, at least some of them, will do anything to get into a space where they can harm a woman or little girl. They have entire websites online and there are people who call themselves PUAs (pick-up artists) who have devoted an entire career to how to get their hands on female human beings so they can harm us.

Here is a video about the problem:


In the video, above, she shows you that this transgender thing is all about men getting into the ladies’ restroom.

She provides a link to this video, which discusses a barrage of incidents involving tranny men attacking women and girls in locker rooms, restrooms, etc. (The argument of the left  – and very recently, some on the “new right” – is simply one of denial; they claim this never happens!):


The first brave women to alert us all of this problem and really sound the alarm bell were female attorneys, many of them lesbians, who were seeing the crimes in their practice and experiencing Pigs in Wigs trying to get into lesbian gatherings and complaining about the “Cotton Ceiling.” The “Cotton Ceiling” is a term that refers  to a man’s inability to put on a wig, and convince lesbians that he is one of them, male equipment and all! Lesbians who refuse to sexually accommodate the pigs in wigs are deemed “bigots.” This sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

Here’s a list of websites by some of the first women to pull the alarm:

Gender Identity Watch:

GenderTrender: – see, also,

Bug Brennan (Cathy Brennan):

The above women, along with other brave souls, spoke out and did so at the peril of their careers and their well-being. One of those brave souls is a famous academic and author of, “The Female Eunich,” Germaine Greer who was no-platformed (they may have relented, I don’t remember) at a British University for refusing to say that men can become women or that men are women. There are great costs to women who don’t fall down to their knees before these man-gods.

Men and tranny men, in particular, have tried to infiltrate any space where women gather, for instance, their intrusions appear to have destroyed the all-women musical festival, MichFest, although other reasons for its demise have been given.

Michfest is a perfect example of how men, pretending to be women, get into women’s spaces and groups to assault us and to destroy our basic right to associate freely with whomever we choose. The trannies and Men’s Rights Activists rejoiced at the death of Michfest and plotted openly online how they could continue to cause problems for women and girls. You will find their discussions about this still online. So, we know that this isn’t about anything they say it is. It really is about gaining access to girls and women for the purpose of doing some kind of harm.

I never realized trannies were much of a problem until they started infiltrating our websites online, pretending (badly) to be women and feminists. They have invented all kinds of names for us:

TERF: A redundancy, the letters stand for Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminist. It is redundant because radical feminism has always excluded men – all men. It’s similar to their other term, SWERF,” which stands for Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist, which is, also, redundant and misleading since we don’t recognize the term “sex worker” and we are abolitionists opposed to all forms of human enslavement, including our own.

CISGENDER: This is a term they’ve tried to get us to use (which I will never use, of course), which legitimizes gender role stereotypes and has something to do with how well a man or woman conforms to societal expectations of her. It’s another term they have invented to reinforce the false notion of gender, which radical feminists have been working to destroy because it is harmful to women and girls.

Transphobic: This is another term used to silence anyone who paid attention in biology class. It is used together with other terms like “bigot” and “racist” to describe any woman who says anything a tranny (or other MRA for that matter) doesn’t like.

The male tyrants, when they came into our spaces, insisted that we call them by the pronouns “she” and “her” and whenever they pretend to be offended by something they will say, “Check your pronouns.” You may remember what happened to former Breitbart reporter Ben Shapiro when he failed to use the appropriate pronoun on a television program and was charged with knowingly “provoking” a violent tranny man:

Here’s the vid:

You will find an exhausting list of incidents of violence against women perpetrated by men in ladies’ room and by trannies against women and girls, in general, among the following links:

(Note on the subject of dealing with enemies: They don’t like the term “tranny” and try to dictate how we address them. Whatever they don’t like is a signal of how to deal with them. When you say something and they don’t like it, keep saying it! That’s one way to drive any libs absolutely nuts! Also, when you allow them to dictate what you say, they are controlling you and they must never be allowed to control you, your words, your actions – because then they begin to control your mind. So, another Rule of Engagement: Respect people who deserve respect, but never show respect to an enemy!” And, if there’s something you know they don’t like, do it some more! Don’t worry about “getting down on their level” or being “just as bad” as these men because you could never in your wildest dreams be that low or bad!)

General violence against women by trannies:

Men Love the Ladies’ Room, Transgender Edition from GenderTrender:

GenderTrender, Voyeurism Incidents Lead to Closure of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Toronto College Campus, October, 6, 2015:

Autogynepheliatruth provides a list of incidents involving tranny attacks on girls and women in many settings; such men then demand access to women-only spaces such as restrooms and locker rooms:

For more information about autogynephelia visit the above website’s other articles:

Breitbart, Top Twenty-Five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women and Children, April 23, 2016:

Then there’s the problem of women claiming to be men to get into women’s shelters, including battered women’s shelters, of course. This is really a whole other aspect of this problem because there are so few shelters relative to the number of women who need them. Here’s an example:

If you just look up “woman raped in restroom,” you’ll get a ton of results on Google. For years, stand-up comics have joked about women going in pairs or groups to the ladies’ room, this is why we do it – as if they didn’t know!

Be careful what you click on though because you’ll also find results like this one:

collge girl gets raped in bathroom – Free Porn Videos –
Watch free collge girl gets raped in bathroom videos at….

I actually clicked on one similar to the above thinking it was a news story and got redirected to a  porn video of a woman apparently being raped and performing other sex  acts. So, this goes to what I’ve been saying about fighting this kind of thing through legislation or winning the hearts and minds of men. This is just all too common a problem and getting worse. This, also, shows the difficulty of talking about these kinds of things in public places. The people running the establishment would like you to think that Ted Bundy was an outlier, but he wasn’t!

Here are some legitimate results:

15-year old girl raped in Church bathroom:

Video posted at YT about tranny videotaping women in a changing room, posted April 7, 2016 by Mark Dice (he’s an idiot and a misogynist, but even some of them object to this, at least, publicly):

There is a seemingly endless number of these results. Furthermore, contrary to the claims of the trannies, studies have shown that they are, at least, as violent as other males and other information seems to indicate that they are more so.

Still, the liberals are trying to convince us that this is not about our safety, but about acceptance and tolerance – but, I don’t see any tolerance for radical feminists. I don’t see any tolerance or acceptance for little girls and women of all ages who don’t want to be sexualized or turned into breeding stock and who are living with the fallout of so many incidents of rape and sexual assault – just trying to survive and barely hanging on. Where is the tolerance for us?! Where is the acceptance for us!?

I’m, also, wondering how this is going to play out in parts of the country like the State of Kansas where the 2nd Amendment is respected, perhaps better than in any other state in the union. I’m already constantly on edge in public places. I’m never not thinking about what’s about to happen next in a public place because of my past experiences.

Furthermore, I do not see how this is going to help the economy. Many radical feminists that I’ve engaged with who are able to (lots of women entrepreneurs work from home now) don’t leave their homes, anymore. I haven’t been off my property in over three weeks! I haven’t seen another soul and this is how I live because I now live in a society in which strange men feel free to get into my personal space, make sexualized comments, and put their hands on me in public. There’s lots of touching and rubbing going on with men these days in open spaces (this was far less of a problem 15 to 20 years ago) – and no one is taking this problem seriously, at all. What do you think they’re going to do when they are free to enter the ladies’ room with you?!

Lots of women have expressed the sentiment that they will simply have to forego shopping at Target (which has since relented its stance on men in the ladies’ room, but I will never set foot in a Target store ever, again!) or anywhere else where men might be present in a restroom, perhaps lying in wait for his next victim or following you in. I, also, wont be doing whatever it is people do at Planet Fitness. And that goes for any other business that encourages men to enter a restroom or dressing room. These businesses and the polices and laws that allow this are all pro-rape – they are enabling rapists and promoting the harassment, assault, and rape of women and girls. Besides, with my history of being assaulted in such places already, wouldn’t I just be “asking for it?” Shouldn’t I “know better?” Thus, implying that women want to be assaulted by men, so, you see women lose no matter what.

Additional material:

I’m planning on doing another post soon on the subject of the liberal infiltration of the Women’s Liberation Movement of the ’60s and ’70s. The following video demonstrates that liberals and liberal feminists are absolutely an enemy to women and girls. See how the liberals handle the subject of rape enablers and pro-rapists, while pretending to be on the side of women:


And, here are some men on the right, at Fox News, who I’d wager have never been assaulted by a man in a changing room until they vomited, backing up the libs by saying this is not happening. One thing you can always count on is men sticking together when it comes to raping women and little girls: