Rape Among the Mormons and What Women Can Learn from Trump: A Two for the Price of One Post

This really is going to be a mixture of topics that I’ve been wanting to mention or maybe even talk about in greater detail, but I’ve got some things going on – like actual work I need to be doing so I can try to get out of poverty next year in the face of a growing mountain of U.S. taxation – still, I find that it helps me to clear my head sometimes to get these things down in black and white.

So, I’m just going to give a couple of these things a mention and maybe I’ll talk about them later in greater detail or not:

The first university I ever attended was Brigham Young, but I left pretty soon after because of a whole bunch of rapes of my friends and being stalked by a man who was reputedly a known rapist in his own country (he was from Korea). I had to leave mid-semester and shortly after that I left the organization – not an easy task back then, especially for a young, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman because they regard us as walking factories for more”white and delightsome” victims. Back when I did this there was no formal exit procedure – they wouldn’t agree to disagree and just let me go. I was harassed for a little while and eventually unjustly ex-communicated by these evil, sex-obsessed men who run this Islam-like religious corporation. Then, I was harassed some more until I finally left the state and left my family (who were converts – they came to their senses a few years later!) for a while. Rape among Mormons is nothing new, in fact, the organization is founded on the rape of 14-year old girls and the enslavement of white women, and covering it up is as just as old a concept among them. Girls and women exposed to Mormonism get a heavy dose of “white woman’s privilege.”

Here’s a fine example and, as far as I know, the most recent prominent case of rape in Provo, Utah where the main campus for BYU is located: http://fox13now.com/2016/04/15/man-accused-of-raping-byu-student-identified/

The Mormons are great masters of victim-blaming, especially when the victim is female. Women are to blame for literally everything that’s ever gone wrong, including a man’s erection. They have an Honor Code, which sounds like a fine idea on the surface (you promise not to drink, smoke or fornicate), but it is really a big set up for female human beings who become the victims of male violence – and male stalkers. I had more than one stalker during the time I was at BYU (I’ve been a magnet for them most of my life!), for which I was blamed – not protected, not anyone concerned for my safety (besides me) only blamed. Mormonism really is the next best thing to Islam and the two religions/cultures/systems have a lot in common. You can read about Mormons and the Honor Code here: http://www.sltrib.com/news/3770084-155/byu-students-say-victims-of-sexual 

Right now, according to numerous accounts about this story online, the Morgue (shorthand for the Mormon Org.) is using the old-boy system and the Honor Code to derail the legal investigation into this rape. This case is, also, an example of how white women do not have privilege where any men are concerned, since the victim is white and the perpetrators and members of the old-boy network are negro men. The fact that the alleged perpetrator and those allegedly covering up in the case are black has, also, added to the difficulties, because we’re just a few years behind Sweden and Germany where you cannot even describe the perpetrator of the crime if you’re white and he’s not.

Here’s an interesting reddit discussion on this case, which contains more details: https://www.reddit.com/r/exmormon/comments/4ey472/byu_rape_story_it_goes_deeper/

Next topic: 

What we radfems can learn from Donald Trump.

This alleged Billionaire is pretty much unavoidable in the U.S. right now as he is the present Republican front runner in the upcoming presidential election. A lot of people, like myself, believe he is a plant, essentially strategically placed to ensure that Hillary Clinton easily becomes the next U.S. President. There’s a lot of evidence to support this idea, too. He has ties to both Clintons and to a number of unpopular Democrats, like Nancy “We’ve got to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it” Pelosi, who have been instrumental in the passage of a mountain of new Federal taxes, including Obamacare, which has created utter wreckage out of a lot of people’s lives, especially entrepreneurs and those who are reliant on allopathic medicine, which amounts to most people. Another reason many people think he’s a plant and this is all a set up is his absurd, over-the-top, public mistreatment of women.

More than one female journalist has said she was subjected to a campaign of harassment after she said or did something he didn’t like. His two most recent targets have been Megyn Kelly and Michelle Fields. Kelly is still employed by Fox, but Fields resigned (along with a half dozen of her male colleagues) from Breitbart, a popular neo-con website that’s really in the tank for Trump, and has never been invited to return to Fox since the battery incident involving Trump’s campaign manager. A journalist and documentary-maker, Libby Handros, described something very similar to what Megyn Kelly went through with Trump when she tried to make a documentary series on celebrity businessmen for television back in the 1980s. You can hear her talking about this experience and Trump, in general, in a recent interview with Ed Opperman, entitled Trump – What’s the Deal: http://www.oppermanreport.com/forpayingmembersonly

This appears to be the old documentary, referred to by Handros, that did not get aired because Trump threw a big tantrum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rgc2qgKDr-I  It is worth watching because it is not only entertaining, but it lends insights into the nature of one of the very worst specimens of human males. It, also, shows that he has not changed – he’s the same then as he is now.

So, this guy is very disrespectful to female journalists. But, there are some other very strange things about him, which I can’t get out of my mind. I mention in a couple of recent posts that he has a connection to the convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton is connected, too, as are a bunch of other celebrities and politicians. Trump has been the subject of some recent lawsuits by young women. Reportedly, his modeling agency has brought in a whole bunch of young girls on specially set aside, difficult to obtain work visas and many of them are very young. The magic number seems to be 14. That number comes up a lot in the stories about pedophiles, for instance, photographs of nude 14-year old girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion walls. Here’s an article about one model who said she was treated like a slavehttp://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/manhattan/judge-throws-model-wage-lawsuit-trump-agency-article-1.2575686

Trump doesn’t win every lawsuit, but he wins a lot of them. His older sister MaryAnn Trump Barry is a Federal Judge. Coincidence? Also, despite his claims that he never settles, he has in fact settled with some of his victims. He’s, also, being sued/investigated over his fraudulent Trump University. He has harassed one woman who brought such a suit against him until she wanted to back out, according to this and similar articles: http://www.latimes.com/local/orangecounty/la-me-trump-university-plaintiff-20160325-story.html

It remains to be seen what will happen to Michelle Fields. She gave an interview today to some dude on CNN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnPG2J6X4Fs  In this interview, she states that she has not ruled out a defamation suit against Trump and Lewandowski. She has most certainly been smeared and an army of loudmouth, perverts have unloaded their violent fantasies on her online. Reportedly, she had to move from her apartment because of death threats, which are being investigated by D.C. police – I’m not holding my breath that anyone will be charged, let alone convicted for this, of course.

But, there was a woman, named Vera Coking, who defied Donald Trump. I’d like to say she won, but nobody who tangles with this pile of hair and lipids really ever wins. Her story gives an example of what he does to people pretty much everywhere he goes. You see, he really likes eminent domain. This is something that inspires fear in people who own a home or a farm (a property which functions both as your home and your livelihood). It’s one of those things I cannot understand about his supposedly conservative supporters since private property is a fundamental and dearly held right in this country. Right after free speech and the right to defend yourself comes property rights of all kinds in our most fundamental law of the land.

Trump tried to take her house in Atlantic City, New Jersey, by eminent domain, in order to build a parking garage for limousines. Here’s an another, more recent article about her: http://www.phillymag.com/news/2016/02/08/donald-trump-vera-coking-house/

Vera Coking – not Trump – is a great hero, a champion of the people. She is a relatively powerless older woman, a widow – and the world is not kind to older women and women alone – who held her own against this monster.

Lest you think I call him “monster” with any lightness of meaning, take a look at how he similarly harassed and threatened some older women and an older man (quite famous now, by the name of Michael Forbes) who stood fast against Trump’s attempt to use Scotland’s brand of eminent domain, which is called a CPO or “Compulsory Purchase Order” to try to force them to sell their property to him for very little money. There is an excellent documentary on this subject, well worth the watching if only for the images of the marvelous landscape on the Scottish shoreline of the North Sea before it was utterly destroyed, along with the natural wildlife, by Trump. Here it is, it’s called “You’ve Been Trumped” and it was made in 2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fACFeqRisXY

What you’ll learn is that this guy is a heartless con man. He seems to be a chronic liar. He constantly exaggerates his achievements and those of his many wives, often using superlatives, such as “the best,” “the greatest,” when there is all evidence to the contrary and likes to talk about “winning,” even when he’s obviously losing. For instance, he claimed that Ivana Trump (Wife #1) was a championship skier, apparently, there is nothing to back up this assertion. Similarly, outrageous claims about the achievements of his Wife #3 abound. It is a constant theme that he projects himself and those around them as being much better than they are. He’s certainly not afraid to lie.

Moreover, he’s not afraid to lie about or exaggerate the weaknesses of anyone he deems an enemy. In fact, he often projects his own weaknesses onto his enemies. This you will see is a recurrent theme that continues until the present.

I really think women could learn a few things from this classless blowhard, though. We are mostly far too self-deprecating, lacking or failing to project confidence, lacking in brag, possessing a sense of fairness, far too honest, far to unwilling to deliver the low blows. Maybe we could learn a few things about dealing with men, in general, by observing Trump. Trump hates his betters; he hates women. Perhaps if we women adopted these same attitudes and social trategies toward those who are our actual inferiors, men and especially men like Trump, we could put them back in their place.