Why I Want to Hire Women, But I Can’t: A Rant

I would like to hire women to do work around my house, but I can’t. Why? Because there are no women available to hire. Why?  Well, let me tell you, although I think you probably know the answer. Just ask yourself why you didn’t/couldn’t become a plumber or a house painter. The answer is: For the same reason that you can’t walk down a sidewalk in peace, or shop for produce at the grocery store in peace, or go into an establishment and sit down to have a drink and reflect on your day in peace.

I’m, also, going to talk about the hell that it is not being able to hire anything but very stupid, lazy white men. At least, this is mostly the case where I live, which is predominantly white. I like to hire Mexicans (still can’t hire Mexican women, though – ’cause there aren’t any) to do work whenever I can because they tend to be slightly less condescending and patronizing for some reason.

But, a couple of months ago I was in Stupid, Lazy White Man Hell. What else can I call it? My local water company sent a surge through the pipes. I was sitting near the area  where the strongest impact occurred when it happened. I called them about it right at that moment. It damaged a part of my sink and some other things around the kitchen, and my water pressure was never the same. But, the real damage didn’t start showing up until the weather cooled off. That’s when a major pipe burst. They came and fixed it, but left several other breaks un- repaired, which they were responsible for and which they left for me to find on my own. One of these things was a broken water shut-off valve.

I didn’t discover it was broken until I had water on the floor and couldn’t get the water to shut off. There were numerous breaks in pipes in a particular area, due to the trauma. I explained this over and over, again, to a parade of the dumbest damn white men I’ve ever met in my life. These guys couldn’t locate drips, couldn’t hear drips, couldn’t detect water on the ground or on the floor or saturating a board, couldn’t hear water tapping on a ceiling board, etc. They were, without exception, complete and utter morons.

Furthermore, they gaslighted, they pretended skepticism at what I told them about what was happening and where the repairs needed to be made, they over-charged me during the course of 6 (six) visits to try to get the water from the same damned ruptured pipes off my floor. They failed to listen. I wrote out what had happened in detail. I did everything but draw them pictures. They were condescending. They were patronizing. They were apparently disbelieving. They were utterly moronic. Most of all, they just would not listen. They would insist something was repaired and refused to listen to what I was telling them, over and over, again!

Now, there is a reputation that tradesmen of all kinds have of being stupid. They don’t like that reputation, but there is a reason they have it. And, going to college isn’t going to fix it. Going to college is not going to enable a man who cannot identify water to suddenly be able to do so. There are some things that just cannot be taught, if they didn’t learn them by about age 5. But, this is where these men are.

I have a Mexican-born plumber. He was very ill when all this was going on. I plan to call him the next time I need anything because I don’t get that American white male condescension and bullshit-artistry from him. But, how I wish I could hire a woman.

I really believe a woman would have listened to me and would have been able to resolve the problem in one visit – two, at most. Instead, I have to hire men – men I am afraid of, by the way. I’m terrified of them. They have to be in my house. I have to be alone with them and it is utterly terrifying to me, even though I am always ready – and you know what I mean by ready. It’s very scary. If I could hire a woman, I would not have this fear.

But, the reason I cannot hire a woman is because she, too, would have to go  into situations where she would be alone with a man or men. It is likely that a woman plumber, for instance, would actually be targeted by men for such violence, called out to a home simply so she could be raped or murdered by men.

Also, men don’t like us, so they wouldn’t allow us to work with them in any industry – they don’t even let us work without problems in traditionally women-dominated industries.

It is very frustrating to me and this is one reason I have been absent from blogging several weeks ago – I was dealing with these stupid, horrible, idiotic white men for several weeks. I didn’t blog about it, too, because I was afraid I might have to sue someone before it was all over. But, it has turned out kind of okay. I only fear that they’ll fuck up something else (because this all happened because some dumb white men did something destructive in the first place, then refused to acknowledge they did it) and I’ll have to deal with any kind of men, especially white men – because they are the absolute biggest assholes – again.

After I got the problem resolved, I took a break. I really couldn’t cope with anymore Stupid.

Men, in general, are very stupid. I don’t know many intelligent ones. All they are good for is causing problems and threatening violence and then they wonder why they can’t persuade white women to come anywhere near them!

Thank you for reading this rant – it was a long-time coming. I’ve wanted to rage about these morons for quite a while, but this has been my first real opportunity to do so.