Human Trafficking, How Deep and Wide it Goes, and Why Activism Will Not Stop It: Trump, Clinton, Epstein, and High Ranking Military Colonels

I want to talk about human trafficking, in particular the sex trafficking of girls and women, as well as the epidemic of rape in its many forms. This is something that is very depressing, but there is a reason you should know about it. If you are a radical feminist, you’ve probably already guessed that things are this way. But, if you are a liberal feminist, or maybe coming from a more left-leaning background, one that values activism, perhaps – or maybe you know a lot of activists and liberals in your everyday life – then this is something you really must understand for your own benefit and for the benefit of other women.

It is important to understand it so that you can begin to focus your energy and the work you do, the way you speak about this problem, and the way you think about it, yourself, in the right direction. Activism will not get rid of human trafficking. Appealing to the police, the governor, the president, or an international organization (like Amnesty International, for instance) will never get rid of it.

What I’m going to try to communicate here is how bad things really are. It’s hard to grasp really. The mind naturally rebels against these facts. But, however bad you think the problem of human trafficking and the raping of children and the prostitution of adult women is – however bad you think it is! – it is  in fact, much, much worse. And, there is no savior coming. There is no cavalry. There is no great, white father. There is no one to turn to who is going to end this thing because anyone who might be in a position to do something – they, too, are all involved.

Politicians, high ranking military figures, law enforcement agents at all levels, religious figures, news media figures, celebrities, are all involved in some aspect of human trafficking. They are either perverts themselves or they are heavily invested in the trafficking and raping of women and children (mostly girls, but sometimes boys) or they are groomers and procurers. They do it because they are sick perverts, because they are power-hungry, and because of blackmail and extortion – and because if one of them goes down, potentially, they could all go down. They needn’t worry, it’s not going to happen and even if it did, there are plenty of common, everyday, low-life rapists, wife-beaters, and pedos who would quickly come to their defense. The entire MRM and an entire army of men (everyday Joes) would be right behind them – along with Fox, Breitbart, CNN and the rest of them. There’s no changing their minds. There is no appealing to their humanity. They don’t have any humanity and that’s what I want you to understand – you who think feminist activism of some kind could really make anything but a dent in this problem.

Again, I’m hearing those words, “White feminist, shut the fuck up.” I’m hearing how much “white girl privilege” we have. In fact, Bill Maher said something along those lines about former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, just a few days ago. In case you missed the circus, Michelle Fields was interviewing Donald Trump after a press conference at his private resort, Mar-a-lago, in Jupiter, Florida (which is in Palm Beach County – this resort and its location are important later in this article) when Trump’s campaign manager walked up behind her, grabbed her arm so hard he left his hand imprint on it in the form of bruises, and jerked her down and backward. There are four videos of this event, audio and a witness. I’ve seen all the videos and the reason I’m not using the word “allegedly” is because it is very obvious he did it. It only remains to be seen if he will be convicted of the misdemeanor charge of battery she filed against him. His next court date is set for May 4, 2016. Bill Maher and a lot of other men,  either claim it never happened or she’s a whiner making a big deal out of nothing. Of course, men never have to worry about being brutalized by other men sneaking up behind them (sometimes to commit rape, as this is a common M.O. of rapists) – this doesn’t happen to men, in part, because they are men and in part because they are generally too large to do this type of violence to. Plus, it is expected that women tolerate this kind of male violence. Another man, would have probably hit Lewendowski. But, “white girl” Michelle, who is 28-years old and whose mother is an immigrant from Honduras, only weighs about 100 Lbs. She’s, also, very pretty – so, the menz have decided the “whore” had it coming. She has been doxxed (by Fox News, no less, who she used to work for), threatened with death and forced to move out of her apartment for safety. I could go on about Breitbart, what a fag fest it is, how few women are employed there and how they turned viciously on Michelle Fields after this happened to her, leading to the resignations of six men. (A few men she worked with apparently couldn’t take the mendacity, anymore.) But, this information is all available online, however, you do have to sift through all the masturbation and male violence to find it.

So, it is “white girl privilege” to be abused (in Michelle Fields’s case, to be battered and bruised – which the men on the right are saying isn’t much of a crime, certainly not worthy of filing charges against a man and ruining his life!) at Trump’s resort, Mar-a-lago. I wonder if Virginia Roberts would agree? Would she say it is white girl’s privilege to be raped by a friend of the family, sent to live with an aunt, then to live with her father, a maintenance man at Mar-a-lago, where she worked as a young girl, folding towels near the swimming pool, where she  was recruited by a female groomer and became one of Jeffrey Epstein’s most prominent victims? I have a feeling that she might disagree since she, like Michelle, has had to flee her home. Reportedly, Roberts – a pretty, blonde, blue-eyed, American girl – has had to flee all the way to Australia. I’ve read she is married to a karate instructor, but somehow I still don’t feel she has escaped her abusers. I say this because I tried to escape my own abusers – government officials, they were – this way and marriage was worse than any other sexually abusive experience I’ve ever had. So, marriage is not safety – these men get off on your abuse. Anything you share with them, anything they know about you, they will use against you, to torture you, to rape you until you have barely any life left in you. So, Roberts has not escaped. I don’t know her. But, I know she is in hell right now.

And, there’s a reason I’m talking about this right now. In fact, there a few reasons.

The first reason is that Donald Trump’s name has been in the newspaper a lot lately because he’s running for President of the U.S.A. and he cannot seem to keep both of his big feet out of his big mouth. Also, Hillary Clinton, legal wife and great defender of former Pervert-in-Chief, Billy Boy, is trying to get elected to the U.S. Presidency. We have some other very nasty players in the presidential race (an avowed Marxist who writes rape fantasies in the form of essays, a fanatical Canadian Christian (we’re not even sure he’s qualified to run under the law)  with a Communist father, every one of them flawed in ways that will be damaging to the people who live in this country, of which I am one. The truth – and this is another important truth, if you are an American – is that both of these parties are one monolith that have taken over the electoral process in the U.S. The left has moved further leftward in this country (almost every person still in the presidential race has communist ties, including Trump) and the right has moved further left and into outright tyranny, especially, where women are concerned. It was the rightists who wrote Obamacare. It was they who initiated NAFTA and GATT. Republicans are one and the same with Democrats: You can say “six” or you can say “a half dozen.” It’s the same.

Another reason has to do with the fact that Jeffrey Epstein is about to be indicted, again.  At least, it looks likely. And, Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg.  He’s one major billionaire pervert with ties to the jet set and not just celebrities, but politicians, law enforcement, Federal judges and high-ranking military personnel.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein? He’s a Jewish-American man with a very nebulous background. In fact, it reminds me of the origins of George Soros, quite a bit. Nobody knows why these young boys are picked for a certain nefarious purpose, the way is paved for them by some hidden hand, no matter how badly they screw up, they still get jobs, earn billions of dollars, and amass great power over others.

In a nutshell, Epstein came from a kind of an impoverished background in Brooklyn (same place notorious “playboy” and inheritor of millions, Donald Trump, and a bunch of other big names are from, also, at about 2 hours and 14 minutes into the Kay Griggs video, below, she talks about how the Brooklyn mafia (Italian and Jewish, primarily) are connected to high-level pedophilia and human trafficking in the military), they say. He was not exactly academically gifted. Despite this, he was given scholarships to posh schools. He dropped out. He still got jobs somehow – for instance, he was once a school teacher! (Usually, you have to have a B.A. and teaching certificate to work in U.S. public schools – private schools have different requirements.) He’s friends with the guys who own Victoria’s Secret and The Limited. He’s friends with the Clintons, especially Bill. He’s friends with many other politicians and well-known musical and television celebrities, including Donald Trump (who has praised him: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in a 2002 profile of Epstein written three years before Epstein began to be investigated. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”). He has a private island and a private jet, supposedly dubbed “The Lolita Express,” and a lot of household names and some powerful behind-the-scenes names you may not have heard of (including members of the Trump and Clinton families), are circled in his little black book. The little black book is an address book, obtained by Epstein’s butler, Alfredo Rodriguez. Rodriguez reportedly attempted to sell the book for 50,000 Euros (approximately USD$50,000) and it ended up in the hands of police. Rodriguez said it was the key to blowing wide open the human sex trafficking ring run by Epstein. Unfortunately, before he could say much else, he was dead.

Now, there’s so much to this story – just Epstein – that I couldn’t  possibly write it all here, so if you’re interested, you’ll have to use Google and do a little digging. You won’t have to dig far, though. Epstein was first indicted and jailed in Palm Beach, Florida (in a jail he partly owns, the wing of which he built, and from which he was granted the privilege to come and go pretty freely, except in the evening as he served out a portion of his 13-month sentence. It seems to me he only did about 6 months, but you’ll want to check that out for yourself.), but it is clear that the people involved in the prosecution were in on this thing all the way up to the Federal judge level. The problem (for Epstein) is that they left out some of the victims. They are listed as Jane Doe #1, #2, #3, etc. One of these Jane Does published a book (something that victims of sex abuse, including Satanic ritual abuse, have been doing a lot lately, which their abusers are not happy about) and revealed her name to the public: Virginia Roberts. Roberts, along with other victims, was left out of the legal proceeding. They did not really get their day in court (but I hope they are about to!) and it’s a done deal as far as it has been determined that Epstein did what he’s accused of – not trafficking, per se, but raping little girls – as young as 12 years. He’s raped a huge number of little girls, in fact, and has settled with a bunch of them in lieu of going to court. The legal documents from Epstein’s trial in Palm Beach, Florida are available online. Here’s a link to some documentation. There is a place online where you can see the affidavits and such in the case, but I’ve lost the link for the moment. Until I find it,  again, look here:

So, my point with telling you about Epstein is to show that this problem of human trafficking goes very high. Epstein has links to members of the Israeli Mossad, for instance. It is truly an international problem. But, it is rooted right down to your next door neighbor watching porn on his PC.

The trafficking, the porn, the strip clubs, and many normal-appearing businesses, are linked into human trafficking. It’s no secret to the police, I can tell you. Some of your local police are involved in trafficking, as well, particularly in procuring victims and taking pay offs. Cops shake down businesses. They do. They shake down and extort licensed businesses, including almost every night club I ever worked for. In some places, a good part of my night was devoted to avoiding corrupt cops.

And, cops are cops. It’s isn’t just U.S. police. This is just how the system works. This is why when you are raped or battered or threatened with rape and death, or whatever, and you go to the cops, they refuse to take a report, they laugh at you, they blame you. THEY KNOW the truth. They know and it’s very funny to them that you don’t know what they are and what they are all about.

Furthermore, trying to report sex crimes against yourself or against others, including little children, is very dangerous. There are numerous examples. The Epstein case is one example.

The recently publicized case in England is another and if you follow the feminist blogs here at WP, you will already be familiar with it. I’m referring to the case in Rotherham, England, which went on for something like 20 years and involved a massive number of little girls. No one took them seriously, least of all the cops. The cops, as it turns out, were in on it. They knew what was happening. And, when finally, very recently, they tried and convicted these men who committed these atrocities against so many little children, the guys only got about 6 years a piece in jail. What I want you to see here is that the police are not just “not doing their jobs,” they are protecting the pervert class – they are part of the pervert class. Moreover, it is the police themselves who are the first obstacle any victim faces who tries to obtain justice.

Here is another from the U.K. (and I’m not picking on the U.K. here, this is happening everywhere!):  Ian Watkins is a Welsh punk rocker who preyed upon baby girls. Here’s a link to some info.: And, what I want to point out about this case – the depravity is deep, of course, but it’s nothing new – is the difficulty that his girlfriend had in trying to report him to the police. In the course of trying to obtain evidence – which the cops repeatedly ignored for over 5 years – she was arrested! She was, also, badly smeared in the British press. (Don’t think the press and the television media aren’t deeply involved in this thing – they are. I refer you to the Epstein case because that comes up! If justice for rape victims and female victims of murder is your desire, they are not your friends!) It is, also, worthy of note that Watkins’ musical sales have tripled since his conviction. Perverts have lots of support from the regular Joes. And, victims? Not so much support.

And, we know what is happening in Germany and the Netherlands and other places in W. Europe (because I’ve made previous blog posts about it in just the past few months) when white women try to report sex crimes perpetrated by black males or Muslim males. The victims are getting arrested. They are being arrested for “hate speech” when they try to describe the perpetrators. They are having police visitations at their homes and their children are being taken away. Even talking about this online can get you a little visitation.

I’ve been thinking about this a little more than usual because of Trump. I was away for a little why recently and where I was visiting there was television. I got to see a lot of Trump because up until just a few days ago, it was like he was on a long drunk. He was up late at night, tweeting and re-tweeting all kinds of crazy things like pictures of his third wife, Melania, next to his opponent’s wife and asking people to compare the appearance of the two women. He was on a rampage about Michelle Fields, talking about how her ink pen could be a bomb and how afraid he is of women – especially, pretty, petite, intelligent ones, like Michelle. He raged against Michelle repeatedly all over the television, called her a liar, called her a potential threat. Then, topped this all of by declaring that women who have abortions should be punished (this is in response to a supposedly hypothetical question, although, the problem is that it is not hypothetical and women are being jailed for miscarriages and still births in the U.S. – nobody on the T.V. mentioned that, though).

When I look at Donald Trump, I see a “high end customer.” That’s how he registers in my brain – that terrified, hungry, desperate part of my brain that was activated when I was working in the night clubs. When I look at his wife, I see a reflection of my own fear and desperation. I know what they both are in a way that the average television watcher – especially, the average Christian, family kind of working-class television watcher – cannot begin to fathom.

In fact, a surprising number of his supporters are Christians. I was surrounded by Christians, recently. I was forced to pretend pray just about every day. Everyone I had contact with believed in Trump. Even ol’ doc (an alternative doctor, elderly and very interesting) told me he believed in Trump, that he would repeal Obamacare. I automatically replied, “Yes, but he says he wants to replace it with something else – with Trumpcare.”  And, we alternative types don’t want any part of it. Many allopathic doctors don’t want it, either. It’s killing them. This year, I was taxed INTO POVERTY by Obamacare and Social Security. You see I started out above the poverty line and finished under it because of these oppressive, commerce-killing taxes. We don’t want it replaced. We want to be LEFT ALONE! Trump funded Nancy Pelosi and both Clintons and others who got us in this mess. How can these people have blind faith in Trump? Well, they’re Christians. They have blind faith in a lot of crazy things, despite being sensible and functional in other areas of their lives. They believe in the concept of a savior. They believe it is Trump. Seriously. They believe that, which is why they defend him so angrily, so vehemently.

Even when I  point out that he’s a “high end customer,” I am told that people can change. Christians believe this, too – really believe it and make it part of their lives. I do not. I’ve never seen a single person change. Horrible things have happened to me in my life – horrible. But, I’m still the same. Fundamentally, I have not changed. My “values” are the same as they have always been – being subject to “high end customers,” for instance, doesn’t change the victim. It’s only a reflection of the nature of the “high end customer” himself, his appetites, his depravity, his filth! But, in the end I am the same and he is the same.

The whole time I was around these Christians, I was thinking how much I wanted to be able to explain that to people on the left who are completely confused about how so many Christians could support a dirtbag like Trump. Trump, who is famous for fucking around on his first wife with a B-list actress named Marla Maples. Since, I don’t have television, that’s the last thing I remember about this guy. It turns out that he’s had a television program for years, which is called, “The Apprentice.” He’s become a fully-fledged celebrity and his presidential run has been based on this character who is famous for being a bully. His line is, “You’re fired!”  He has hawked all kinds of products and starred in tranny comedy skits on television. This is what happens when you live under a rock – and I literally live under a pile of them! that’s why I can’t get a radio or TV signal! – you miss out on these things. And, when I came out of my cave (almost a cave where I live) and saw what was happening on the television and how it is influencing people, I found it very startling and very disturbing.

I mention in the title of this article on human trafficking that this thing goes into the military, especially high ranking colonels. And, just in case you’re interested, I’m going to mention a couple of key figures you can research. Of course, the first is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a Satanist, former friend of Anton LaVey, founder of The Temple of Set, and a truly fascinating character. Really! He’s like a train wreck for me. Despite the horror, I haven’t been able to stop looking at him for years! But, he’s just one guy, just one colonel and just another little tip of that same big iceberg. It is simply not possible to be a high ranking military member without being involved in some way with human trafficking. Aquino is tied into a lot of things, one thing being the so-called “Franklin Cover-up.” If you look into that, remember this: They’re all involved, that includes former FBI agents and researchers/publishers.

Another reason a lot of working class people love Trump is that they imagine they could be as successful as he is if they work hard enough. Unfortunately, this is a lie. If you are not highly corruptible – and most of these highly corruptible people are male – you won’t get far. Your success will be capped. Nobody gets far without being highly corruptible. This ridiculously long interview with Kay Griggs  (she’s had a lot of “white women’s privilege,” including being battered, raped, subjected to all kinds of depravity, and nearly murdered by her faggot husband), wife of a high-ranking military colonel, George Griggs, will help inform you:

The thing to understand about human trafficking and all its components, which include porn and prostitution, is that cannot be stopped by appealing to those in the establishment, whether at a low level (your local police, for instance) or a very high level (the office of the president, other heads of state or international human rights organizations) or anywhere in between. I want you to try to grasp the level of complete saturation with violent perverts that we are experiencing.

If we want to stop playing a game of Whack-a-mole with the perverts – if we want to stop this entire system of abuse of girls and women, once and for all, the only solution is to weaken the enemy. We have that power in our hands to a great extent. What we don’t have, in most cases, is the recognition of how thoroughly evil the human male is, how he is driven to hurt and destroy us. We must reduce their numbers. We white women have had some success in this regard, I believe. Our overall population numbers are down. The white male is the chief abuser and we are the chief subjects of their porn, prostitution and trafficking – the chief victim of their abuses on every level. We know how wicked they are and we don’t want them to use us to perpetuate this evil, especially to perpetrate it on another little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who is our own daughter. We are working to eliminate him and eliminate more potential victims by not reproducing more of ourselves. We have done this without organizing. We’ve done it despite the people trying to shut us up. We’ve done it because it’s just a natural response to broad scale male abuse. What we really need is a an educational program to reduce the number of males born in this world. We need to be working on that – not on trying to change the perverts. That’s not going to happen. Our only option is to reduce their numbers, only then can we regain our rightful position and peace will be restored.