Human Trafficking, How Deep and Wide it Goes, and Why Activism Will Not Stop It, Part 2: The Jeffrey Epstein Evidence


Trump, Epstein and the Clintons

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’d lost the information about the actual documents in the Jeffrey Epstein child rape and human trafficking case, which is still playing out in Palm Beach, Florida. Well, I found it. I thought about just updating the previous post, but I want to make sure you see this.

The reason I want people to see it is that the information has been silenced, completely blanked out, in the U.S. mainstream media and in the U.K. news, which is where I first heard of Epstein, there has been a cover-up attempt. Mostly, it appears they are doing this on behalf of Cousin Andy, aka. the Duke of York, who is seen photographed with the little girl, Virginia Roberts, and in the background, when it isn’t cut out, there is the image of the alleged handler and procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father is reputedly an Israeli Mossad agent.  Roberts asserts that she was forced to have sexual relations, as a child, with Cousin Andy, whose name was circled in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. Maxwell is the woman who reportedly recruited Virginia Roberts from the Mar-a-Lago resort, which is owned by Trump.

Here’s one such article from the UK Guardian:

Here’s another, maybe better one:

If you want to see the legal documents related to the case, look up the Case #: 08-80736. 

Also, look up: “Jeffrey Epstein Probable Cause Statement.”

Now, the ties between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein are pretty undeniably solid. In fact, if this thing continues on, gathering a little more steam, Clinton may actually have to answer some questions about the whole thing. So far, he has been spared. The legal proceedings included some kind of clause that states that certain people involved in the perpetration of these crimes against children are untouchable.

But, Trump is, also, implicated. Admittedly, he knew and liked Epstein. His name was circled in the little black book, along with the names of some of his family members. And, Trump has visited Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, at which the photographs of nude, 14-year old girls are said to be prominently displayed on the walls. This association between Epstein and Trump has understandably been downplayed by him and his surrogates. But, you’d have to be seriously naive to believe that there isn’t a stronger connection between the two.

Furthermore, Epstein is said to have thrown parties at which young, Eastern European women “dressed worse than hookers” mixed up with men, including Donald Trump. Trump has an attraction to young Eastern European women, apparently, since he’s married and impregnated two, so far. His second wife was an American woman, who he grudgingly married only after he impregnated her.

The following video is full of information. If you are interested in the details of this case and its broader implications, give it a listen and keep a pen and notebook handy to make some notes. It’s from this video that I got the case number I provided above: