The Nightmare of Legalized Prostitution in Germany and Teenyland

wantJust in time for the increased flow of Stone Age men bent on rape coming into the country, the German government legalized the prostitution of women and girls by men in 2002. This legalization is not the “Nordic Model,” which originated in Sweden and has proven successful in decreasing sex trafficking by decriminalizing the victims of human trafficking, but penalizing the johns and pimps. Rather, it is an all out legalization of the sale and trade of women by men, in fact, the legalization of white slavery, which is the enslavement of women by men for the purpose of legalized sex abuse and rape.

The effects of this legalization of female abuse have been devastating and simply could not have come at a worse time in order to completely undermine the liberty and inherent freedoms of women and girls in Germany. This is surely no coincidence.

As I’ve been watching the German news very closely the past few months, I have noticed an uptick in sex attacks on little girls, some of them very young. The attacks often take place outside the child’s home or in a place where there are bushes – yes, quite literally, they are jumping out of bushes – to hide behind and grab a little, tiny girl. The attacks are not all perpetrated by Muzzies. Although, the Muzzie invasion has complicated matters for feminists, what has been largely hidden from the mainstream media discussion of rape and sexual assault in Germany is this background of the legalization of the male abuse of women under certain, government-regulated conditions.

Brothel owners, pimps, and johns who were once on the wrong side of the law are now entitled to legal protections under the law and things have gotten much worse for women, despite the cheery, mainstream media “documentaries” by the BBC and others, showing how nice, clean, harmless and even good and helpful highly regulated German brothels are.

One of the disturbing highlights in the massive pile of information on this subject involves a place called “Teenyland.” This is a brothel located in Cologne (the city that was the MSM focus of the mass attacks by men on women and girls on New Year’s Eve 2015), sandwiched in between some normal-looking buildings and across the street from a beautiful pasture or field. It is a place where men go to rape young women or, at least, women who appear very young. (The women must be under the age of 30.) Many of the rooms of the brothel are decorated in pink and filled with toys and stuffed animals to give the man the feeling of raping a child.


(Note: Right now these are all direct links to these disgusting sites. I am unable to access DoNotLink at this time. Later, I’ll try to makes these donotlinks.)

Direct link to a forum for johns:

Direct link to EroticReview:

In the above-linked discussion, you will see the abbreviation FKK used, which is a reference to a Frei Koerper Kultur club – this means Free Body Culture Club and is another term for an upscale bordello that has a little different business model. Teenyland is a standard brothel.

Review and discussion of a john’s visit to Teenyland if you scroll down:

A link to the official Website of Teenyland showing “available women” – they’re all pretty white, despite the fact that I’m hearing there are lots of Asians and Africans being imported for this purpose. Preferred meat is still white – yes, “white woman’s privilege” is on display here at this link: 

You’ll notice that the above links are all in English, many of them travelling to Germany from English-speaking countries.

Here’s a link to some German men talking about the place, recommending it to other men:

The German reviewers I’ve read mostly complained about the cleanliness of Teenyland. They didn’t like the “dishonesty” of the women not telling their real ages because they would really like to rape some kids. They thought the women and the entire establishment was rude – yeah, must be polite to your rapists, you know.

At the above-linked discussion at Bordellcommunity, the john talks about the procedure of calling ahead to the brothel to see which of the women were available at that time. He was told seven were available and one was a woman he particularly wanted to rape from looking at her image online. He talked about the nature of the rape experience he wanted to have, which he called “Girlfriend” sex. When he got there, he was told that she was busy being raped by another john. So, he ended up with a woman from Poland. She would not allow him to do things he wanted to do. He reported his dissatisfaction to the woman at the front desk. Lots of dissatisfaction stemming from the woman not looking exactly like her picture, having shorter hair than was portrayed. Also, disappointment that the women will not allow themselves to raped exactly according to rapist’s specifications.

German legalization of prostitution and pimping has resulted in the brothel-owners having complete control over the women. The brothel owners threaten their families in order to keep them in line. The women are enslaved in every sense of that word and unable to make enough money to feed themselves. One woman from a foreign country said she would allow herself to be raped by a john for a cheeseburger. Violence is not unusual, of course. Also, the women are suffering from a startling range of internal injuries and STDs from being repeatedly raped. The country is, also, dealing with massive cases of women who have been trafficked and are now suffering from P.T.S.D. (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result.

Additional material:

Below are videos glorifying and advertising Teenyland. Amazing how this sort of thing is out in the open, these disgusting men are out in the open, and most of us are in hiding!:


Another ad: The 5-year Anniversary party at Teenyland –