More “White Woman’s Privilege” in Germany: A 16-year Old Girl Discusses Racially-motivated Sexual Assault and Harassment

I just want to share this with you quickly. Please, view the video while you can because things like this – the truth about what is happening to white women and girls at the hands of Muslims and darkies –  are being pulled of Youtube right and left.

This video is in German without subtitles. If you understand German, you’ll have no problem, otherwise see this link for a basic transcript of what she is saying in English:

The politicians have destroyed Germany, she says, but remember, folks, it’s all the fault of feminists, we damned women who believe we are human beings entitled to basic human rights and liberation from enslavement. It’s all our fault – say the men who sit on their asses fapping (I’m sure you can already imagine the sick sexual fantasies being projected on this child by adult men viewing the video on that cesspool, Youtube! – we all have firsthand familiarity with that, don’t we?!) and the Christians who are bringing them in by the busloads!

She, also, says that the police either ignore or laugh at them when they try to report crimes against themselves. This will not be unfamiliar to women in the U.S. who have ever tried to report a sex crime. (This reminds me of the first and last time I ever tried to report to the police a crime of being terrorized and harassed by black men at a mall (I was in my teens and I learned a valuable lesson about the cops and society), which shortly thereafter was guarded by SWAT teams before it was finally shut down completely because of black men harassing, assaulting, slashing, robbing and raping female shoppers. By the way, Mother Jones says that it is a myth that so many shopping malls in the U.S. have closed due to black violence, but they lie. It is the reason.)

This child and children like her and adult women are all bearing the brunt of these nefarious activities, which are being funded by big political interests (the name George Soros and his communist “charity” the Open Society Foundation come up, again and again.) At about 6 minutes and 30 seconds into this video, she makes an appeal to the men in Germany to please help the women and children because they are afraid to go outside, afraid to go to the store – “Please, help us!” Maybe nobody believes women deserve protection, but how do they justify not protecting children? I can’t imagine. I only know they do justify it in their own sick minds.

Update: I just read the disturbing commentary beneath the video and it was not what I was expecting. Usually any video with a young girl or woman like this garners a lot of disturbing sexual commentary. There’s the expected “white, racist bitch” and “you feminists asked for it….” of course. But, many of the comments are about fear of retaliation against this girl by Muslims for posting this video. They are saying she should delete the video, herself, if she wants to stay safe. (Note: She’s already not safe, which is why she made this video in the first place.)

This, apparently, is the climate there. Their idea is to censor this video, to shut her up. They’re telling each other to flag the video and suggesting how to do it so that Youtube will remove it. This is their idea of protecting her. And, of course, this answers the question, “Where are the feminists?” once again, doesn’t it?

I have seen so many videos with W. Europeans, who despise our laws, especially our 2nd Amendment. I’ve even experienced near-violence from white, liberal males in Germany, who despise our laws and see a small American woman as a convenient target, over the fact that we have a 2nd Amendment. They don’t know why we have it. Perhaps, like most liberals, including those here in the U.S., they never bothered to read it or, if they did read it, they did not understand it. When the government (“A well-regulated militia,” which is necessary to maintain the State – meaning a military organization, such as the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, etc., which were formed later, after the Constitution was written – is an instrument of the government) turns on the people, which is inevitable (and it’s only a matter of time before the Bundeswehr is unleashed on PEGIDA and the rest of the white folks in Germany – it’s coming!), the people have a right to protect themselves with deadly force. This is why the “right to keep and bear arms” must never “be infringed.” These poor people have no means of protecting themselves and, if they did have it, they have no legal right to use it, even to defend their own lives.

At this girl’s age, I was protecting my and my parents home against intruders. In one instance, a huge, gigantic, loud, fat man who had already spent time in Federal prison, who had a property dispute with my father, who saw it easier to target me instead of my father (who is kind of scary) when he knew I was home alone – at age 16 – regularly came to our house for a while and tried to knock the door down. I stood on the other side, at the ready, to kill him once he crossed the threshold. (I have never in my life – not since I was a little child of maybe 4-years old, ever felt safe – even with my mother because of male sex perverts. We had a robbery at our house when I was 5. A little boy was sodomized to death after being snatched from a play area in town when I was 4. And, my mother dealt with a stalker she acquired at P.T.A. meetings, who regularly called our house. Not to mention male leering, harassment and threats from adult men from the time I was maybe 11-years old on and even now! I have never known the concept of safety on the street, in a public place, or even in my own home where self-defense items are usually within arm’s length and always at the ready. )

On the other hand, this poor girl and all of the women of Germany have been left defenseless. The Germans – including young girls, in fact, especially the girls and women – must learn to defend themselves with deadly force. It is a natural right. It’s the only solution.

Here is Part II, in which she, again, pleads for help:

This is a 2nd Update (January 28, 2016):

There are always interesting things in the comment sections on articles and videos on this topic. I mentioned that there were people concerned about this girl’s safety (in German) beneath the comments of the first video from Muslim retaliation. But, there was, also, an indication that the German police are watching things like this.

Today I was visiting this website, which I’m going to stop doing because the owner is an anti-feminist, Jewish woman who allows Jewish men to write most horrible, filthy genocidal threats against and lies about little German girls like the one in this video, above – not the first time I’ve seen an assortment of nasty people, usually plenty of anti-feminist MRAs at this site – while writing articles regularly condemning feminists and feminism and blaming us for what is happening in W. Europe. But, it was confusing to me, at first, because they run articles condemning male violence against women, but then the author, Gellar, will frequently denounce feminists. It’s Orwellian, to say the least, to denounce the abuse of women by men while simultaneously denouncing the women fighting for their own liberation. It’s even more confusing when the writer of such an article is an outspoken woman, who would not be able to do what she is doing with out centuries of feminism having gone before.

In the article, linked here to Pamela Gellar’s site, I ran across this interesting comment:

linda bakker • 3 hours ago
in the Netherlands its also a big probleem. But our governement let more and more muslim men in. What can we do? If we protest we end in jail. Every evening we watch the TV with more and more propaganda to tell us how happy we must be with all our new muslim friends who rape us and take our land, money and homes . I dont agree with Voytek Gagalka, the men and women in germany and here in the netherlands are afraid! not feminized freaks, the governements of both lands are taking the side of the muslims. If we protest we end in jail , lose our jobs or our childeren. In Germany and the Netherlands the police visite you at your home if you write you dont want the muslim immigrants or hate them. Europe is gonna die, the work of mrs Merkel and friends, also our mr president mark (pedo) Rutte the slave of Merkel. greetings from a dying Europa, and sorry, my English is not so good, hope you can understand it.

So, this confirms for me what I read in the comments beneath the original photo above. The police are visiting Germans and Dutch, at their homes, who express “anti-Muslim” sentiment. This is, also, not the first time I have heard of women having their children taken away. (Meanwhile, Pamela Geller, MRAs, and the Christians trucking these mokes in blame feminists and feminism and demand public action from us!)

Of course, this is what the police did during the Nazi era. If you had a visit from the cops, you’d better have your state-issued copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf sitting on your coffee table and you’d better say nice things about the regime. Now, the new regime is a Muslim one, apparently.

What I still don’t understand – having carried weapons in areas many, many years ago, including German, where it is or was not only forbidden, but where the penalties are extremely harsh for doing so – why the people will not act to arm themselves. Of course, it is possible that they are doing this and we’re just not hearing about it. But, according to the above comment, the people are in such tremendous fear. The thing is this though – and I say this having lived in a veritable war zone for women since I was a tiny little girl – you have a right to self-defense, which does not come from any law made by a man or a group of men sitting around a table. It is natural and innate. If I had not taken matters into my own hands like this, I would not be typing this message because I would be dead! If you are going to be attacked – and you are going to be attacked, probably by multiple large males, probably multiple times in a short period of time – then, you have to be prepared to defend your own life no matter what men say. Men are nothing. They are not God. They are not representatives of God. There is only you and you have the right to defend the life your mother, your true Creator, gave you.