The White Man’s Hatred of White Women

The members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Louis Farrakhan aren’t the only ones calling for the death of white women. No. Someone else wants us dead and the call is coming from inside the house! 

White men are, also, threatening to kill us, all of us, but especially “feminists,” in many conversations and comment sections online. They do this in the middle of a tirade of rage-filled, sexual abuse directed specifically at white women, whom they like to call “trash,” “sluts,” “whores” and worse while they indulge their rape fantasies.

Recently, I have written in a couple of posts about the disgusting sexual fetishes of men who like to abuse women online. It actually has a name and it is called “erotic humiliation,” which is apparently a part of sado-masochism, a thing that has increasingly become a mainstream trend. This explains why men, in general, attack women everywhere online that we are recognizable.

But, it’s more than that even. It is simply an echo of things we’ve heard before. White men hate white women. They especially hate blondes. I’ve heard it many times over the years stretching back for a few decades, so it’s nothing new.

What is amazing about their hatred of white women is that it is often coupled with white supremacist attitudes about race and breeding. I left a comment at a Youtube video a couple of weeks ago, which has since garnered a long stream of hate-filled sexualized abuse.  I just went back and read it this evening and it is something that, when I analyze it, makes me realize how insane white men are – how evil they are that they could say these things about their own mothers and grandmothers.

Coupled with their complaints that men of other races are breeding whites out of existence, they spew hatred at white women and brag about their “submissive” Asian wives.  (Women who are “submissive” long enough to get their paperwork in order once they arrive in the U.S. as overseas brides, then get as far away from their abusers, as possible. I was good friends with one such woman. She was in no way submissive and didn’t especially like men, either, but – like the rest of us – she was a survivor!)

The men are mostly angry that they cannot “get” white women. They are angry because, increasingly, women – and maybe especially white women – are shunning white men and often men, altogether.

Despite their attempts to destroy us. Despite making our lives sheer misery. Despite causing us to live in constant fear. Despite all the horror that is men, women are still outpacing men in education, in entrepreneurship, in home ownership, and in many other areas of life. Yes, they’re still stalking, harassing, raping and killing us, right and left. But, we are still pulling ahead and they are left behind because they really cannot do much for themselves, it seems, and instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, instead of doing something constructive with their time, they choose, instead, to harass and sexually abuse any women who come into range.

Lots of women defend their sons. It’s a problem in feminism, in general, and a barrier to more radical forms of feminism for many women. Women who have sons cannot see how evil their sons really are. They simply refuse to see it. They should venture into some of these discussions and they would have their eyes opened up wide!

More women with sons, especially white women with sons, should take a look at some of these disgusting comments by white men toward and about white women online. They should know how much their own sons and grandsons hate them – how they want to murder them. How they want to dominate them, enslave them and kill them and how they talk about doing these things in very specific ways that conjure images of the bad old days, what we call The Burning Times.

This is how much white sons hate their own mothers and grandmothers!

Yet, they cannot understand why white women stay far away from them.

As with many other things to do with men that I see online, I wonder how long it has been like this. I think it must have been this way for a very long time. I’ve experienced little but abuse and near-death at the hands of mostly white men, mostly white men known to me – trusted white men, all my life. Men, some trusted in the community, have threatened to rape me – and all that stops them now is that they know I am well fortified and prepared to defend myself with deadly force against them, if necessary.

These are our white brothers – and they want us dead! No one should ever imagine – whether on this continent or any other where there are white men – that they will come to the defense of women, especially white women. At best, they are cowards. At worst, they are johns, pimps and rapists.

So, we must always be prepared to defend ourselves and not just against the assorted darkies and Muslim men who are attacking us and calling for our deaths, but from the white males who, also, hate us – maybe even more ! – and want to subjugate or kill us, white men who are so low, so vile, that they hate and despise their own mothers!

What kind of degenerate hates his own mother this way?!

I cannot urge women strongly enough not to trust men. Do not allow yourself to be alone with one ever because we see the kind of hatred they harbor and if we did not know it before, we cannot ignore it any longer because it is everywhere online that men congregate. For your own safety and the preservation of your life, do not fall into the habit of thinking that a man of this or that race or nationality is less dangerous than any other. White men are as dangerous as any and statistically they are more likely to rape and murder white women than any other group of men. This is mainly because white women have white male relatives and white male friends and associates and live in communities more likely to be filled with white males.

Reading these horrific comments, filled with violent sex fantasies and threats of murder directed specifically at white women, really explains to me so many of my past experiences of unexpected, unprovoked attacks, especially from white males. They are absolutely desperate and rabidly sick, which is why they will attack and beat and/or rape you suddenly and without provocation. They are filled with rage at us. They want us dead.