A Comparison of Feminism and Satanism

Feminism and Satanism are two names for rebellion against patriarchal authority. In the following article, I will define each of these terms and talk about how philosophical Satanism might be beneficial to feminists – both the liberal and the radical.

Feminism needs little definition for most of my readership. It is the belief in our own right to freedom and self-determination as women and its goal is our total liberation from men. For most of us, feminism is something we arrived at once we had a series of experiences that led us to certain conclusions about our lives, the truth about the world we live in, and the men who run it all.

There are two main types of feminists: The liberal and the radical. The liberal feminists are most in need of liberation from restrictive ideas. The radicals could just use a little boost. This is where I believe philosophical Satanism could be of great benefit.

Let me first elaborate on what Satanism is. It is a term that can have many different meanings.

Satanism: Definitions and Modern Types Of

The term “Satan,” is a descriptor. It does not refer to any particular person or entity. It means “adversary” or “enemy” and in some definitions, it means “accuser.” The origins of the term are in dispute.

To members of patriarchal religions, Satanism means evil. It means “devil worship” and a belief in a literal Satan, just a they believe in a literal God, Allah, or Jehovah.

But, most Satanists (although this is changing) do not believe in a literal Satan. There are some – in fact, a growing number – who do. They are called “theistic Satanists,” which is really an oxymoron and they are generally dismissed by other Satanists. But, they believe that Satan is the liberator and God, Allah, or Jehovah, is the Evil One, the deceiver and slave master of mankind. They draw this belief from many ancient literary sources, including the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian texts (particularly the story of Enlil (God the Destroyer and Flood-bringer) and Enki and Ninnurshag (the brother and sister who engineered the human race), and early renditions of the Biblical Genesis story such as the one from the Nag Hammadi, which tells the story of God, the Deceiver, in the Garden, and Sophia and Samael (Satan and the Serpent of the Garden), who told them the truth and freed them.

A number of theistic Satanic churches or temples have been popping up. But, Satanism really does not lend itself well to either religion or organization since it is really the antithesis of those things. Still men – always men! – cannot help creating religions and power structures.

Satanism is not a religion. Although, there are groups and organizations that may claim to be churches or temples, true Satanism is antithetical to organization. Organizations require an authority figure. Organizations, also, usually have a lot of rules and by-laws and documents that declare their motto and what they all believe. This is absolutely contrary to the concept of Satanism, which eschews authority. Therefore, the majority of Satanists are “independent Satanists,” which is a redundant term meaning that we have no membership in an organization.

While men cannot be feminists because they are men and they are the thing women need liberation from, they make very bad, usually very evil, Satanists. Men made God in their own image, therefore, they cannot very well rebel against themselves and when they do mount a rebellion, it is almost always against established social mores, some of which are beneficial to women and girls. In particular, I am referring to social and legal attitudes toward rape and pedophilia. Men, instead of using Satanism as a road to freedom, use it is a way to get power and adulation they don’t deserve and to have sexual contact with women and sometimes children.

Men like to form Satanic organizations like the Church of Satan, The Temple of Set, and the pseudo-Satanist political activist group called The Satanic Temple. When such organizations come into existence, you will notice that they are all started and usually always run by men. The organizations always have a sinister purpose, even if this is not evident on the surface (the outer circle is usually ignorant of what goes on in the inner circles). They usually lie about their real intentions – Surprise! Surprise! – such as when the Satanic Temple says they’re trying to uphold the 1st Amendment while supporting politicians who re-insert prayer into public schools.

The exterior of these male organizations are usually propaganda machines of some kind, such as is the case with The Temple of Set and the new Satanic Temple group. Some of the worst Satanists, however, exist within the churches, themselves. There are many men who enjoy ritualized sex abuse of women and children who are operating at high levels in the U.S. military, politics and government. The Temple of Set founder, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino has most notoriously been implicated in this kind of activity and it appears that the Satanic Temple may be in place to divert public attention away from a plethora of sex abuse cases (some Satanic and some not), at the hands of powerful and often famous men. These stories have not broken into the mainstream yet, but I anticipate that, at a certain point, it will be unstoppable because of the sheer number of survivors now sharing their stories.

Most Satanists are atheists, who do not and will not worship anything or anyone. In fact, the concept of worship seems, itself, evil. While Satanists are atheists, we are not materialists, and are students and practitioners of the occult. Sometimes we call ourselves “spiritual atheists” to denote that we do not deny the existence of the metaphysical planes. We are all witches. Although many, especially male Satanists, like to call themselves “magicians” and get involved in what they call the “left hand path.” This is a reference to some early 20th century writings by men on the subject of witchcraft, mostly in an attempt to turn it into some kind of manly art. And, of course, they have their usual dick-dangling contests surrounding the subject. To the rest of us, however, we are simply witches.

In light of the emergence of the fraudulent Satanic Temple in the mainstream media, it’s important to point out that Satanists are generally apolitical. Satanic organizations, when they exist, are occult organizations at their core – not political ones. I think it’s, also, safe to say that most Satanists don’t run around calling themselves “Satanists.” It’s not the way to make friends and influence people, as a rule.

History of Satanism

It is difficult to know the history of Satanism for obvious reasons. It is something that is generally hidden. Also, the term, “Satanism,” is a pretty loaded one and it has different meanings to different people.

The definition I’m going to use here, however, revolves around the philosophy of rebellion, which started coming into vogue about the time of the American Revolution in the 18th century. In fact, I would describe the United States and the war against England as a Satanic rebellion because it was an driven by an ideology of humanism and human rights against an opponent, the King of England, who was supposedly appointed by God.

I would, also, describe the abolitionist movement in the U.S. as a Satanic movement because, again, it went against the Biblical doctrines that allow some men to believe they had the right to enslave other people.

Christians of the 19th century and before believed that if a person was born in a low position in life or a high one, this was as God wanted it. To be poor, or to be a raped and beaten wife, or to be a slave and complain about it was an affront to God. It was described by some Christian writers of the time as “Satanic.”

Feminists were regarded as Satanic (and are still regarded as Satanic by Christians, which you will find at Christian websites if you search for “Feminism and Satanism”) as was feminist literature. The critics of the time actually called the author, Charlotte Bronte, “Satanic” because her character, Jane Eyre, fought to better herself and complained of being mistreated for being female and destitute.

Much of modern philosophical Satanism comes from literature, such as numerous pieces by Lord Byron, particularly the play, “Cain,” which really epitomizes modern Satanic thought. God is demonstrated to be a patriarch with a thirst for blood.

In philosophical Satanism, the Satanic rebellion is against slavery and ignorance, which is represented by God and patriarchal religion.

Similar to Satanism, is Luciferianism, which is another philosophy altogether, however, it is related. Many Satanists are, also, Luciferians. Luciferianism is a quest for knowledge, usually occult knowledge. The term was used by Madam Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society of the 19th century, to describe her organization and its mission.  Luciferianism is the quest for enlightenment and it dares to plunder the “mysteries,” to uncover knowledge that is forbidden by the patriarchal religions and, by extension, the patriarchal medical and scientific establishment. It may, also, be seen as a quest for the Promethean fire, where the fire is symbolic of both enlightenment and a high level of spiritual attainment.

Before there was such a thing as philosophical Satanism, there was simply witchcraft, practiced by women. Women as witches, as practitioners of forbidden arts, knowledge and skills, is a theme that may be found worldwide. Male fear of women and women’s abilities, which are far beyond theirs, because even our metaphysical bodies are more powerful and energetic than their own, is a running theme from China, throughout the Indian nations of the North American continent, and on to Europe.

Women are natural rebels against the patriarchal God, who is the destroyer, the deceiver, the blood-thirsty slave master, upon whom men projected their own nature. We are constantly in a state of enmity with men and God. (This God’s first lie is that he is the Creator – but, as we all know, men are not a source of life, they cannot create life and are far more often the cause of death.) This epic male hatred is not only found in all the books upon which religions are founded, but in the books written by men to describe their hatred and loathing of women and their desire to enslave or kill us, such as the notorious Malleus Maleficarum. And, we don’t even need their books to tell us this because we have our own experiences with rape, threats, violence and humiliation at their hands. We know how much they hate us.

Satanism Acknowledges No Authority

As I said, there is no real Satanic organization. Organizations and hierarchies are loved and cherished by men because they seek power over others.

Much like radical feminism, Satanism is something that we simply recognize in ourselves. We don’t have to try to adhere to any rules or conform to any pre-established ideas. We are already these things because our experiences and our logical thought processes as a result of those experiences have brought us to this place.

Like radical feminism, Satanism is not so much an ideology. We are Satanists because we can be nothing else. We are Satanists because we have an enemy and if that enemy ceased to exist, there would be no need for Satanism. Satanism is reactionary. It is a reaction to tyranny.

Satanism is a disregard for authority, particularly in cases where such authority is detrimental to humanity. Obviously, some rules exist for our benefit. But, many rules, laws, social norms, etc., exist to trap us, to keep us from exercising our freedom, even from telling the truth when the truth most needs to be told.

Things Satanist Tend to Have in Common

Satanists, I should point out, are not really nice people, but we are almost always interesting people. When you are a Satanist you can easily recognize other Satanists by certain characteristics.

While there are no rules and no dogma associated with Satanism (we are simply atheists who are, also, witches and occultists), we have certain tendencies, certain things that we gravitate toward, for whatever reason. Like feminism, it is less an ideology, than it is simply what we are.

One of the things that Satanists share in common is a voracious appetite for knowledge, the more obscure it is the better. Many of us speak more than one or two languages, often this is related to our occult studies.

We despise hypocrisy – absolutely hate it.

We do not believe in “turning the other cheek.” This is one of the doctrines of Christianity that I most despise. I think it is the main reason we have criminals everywhere. Remember God forgives, the blood of Jesus washes away sins, but it is Satan who renders justice – and it is justice that is most needed!

We deal very harshly with our enemies. We certainly never help them. We don’t, for instance, offer to escort Muslims to the grocery store for their safety like the hoaxers of the Satanic Temple do. We do practice witchcraft for the purpose of harming our enemies. It is common for Satanists to be demonologists and to use – never worship, but use – such forces to accomplish their ends.

We don’t do charity, as a rule. You won’t find many Satanists either doing charity work or accepting charity. Now, of course, this does not mean that we don’t help our friends, our family members or our neighbors when they really need it. But, most of us see through Christian charity and the ruse of non-profits. We don’t like people who don’t pull their own weight, generally. Most Satanists are very hard-working people.

How Philosophical Satanism is Beneficial to Feminism

Feminism, and especially liberal feminism, could benefit from a big dose of Satanic rebellion. Far too many liberal feminist women bow down to the Holy Penis, especially if he is gay, black, Muslim, or wearing lipstick and a wig. They engage in phallus worship by promoting pornography and the prostitution of women and girls in hopes of appeasing the patriarchal god and his perverted priesthood of johns, pimps and fappers.

Even those of us who see through all of this have difficulty finding our voice when it comes to telling the truth about certain categories of men. Some of this may have to do with a fear of losing an audience because there are certain things you can say that trigger a cult-like, stop-think response in those socially conditioned to the mass cult that is the patriarchal left. If they hear certain key terms, they are conditioned to name-call you, then dismiss anything else you have to say.

Fortunately, we are now in an age when things that once were hidden can more easily come to the light of day. It is much more difficult for evil people to hide their evil deeds. The old lies, the old name-calling techniques, the old routines used by the controllers aren’t working as well right now. Even the highly successful race card is tattered, worn and almost completely played out.

In fact, a whole mess of lies and cover-ups are coming undone – and not just the most recent events in W. Europe surrounding the organized, mass rape Jihad by negroes, Arabs and Muslims against white women. There are other scandals, which are bursting at the seams, surrounding high level sex abusers, white slavery, and pedophilia in the churches, in the military, among celebrities, and in government, both here in the U.S. and in W. Europe. Also, the mass media cover-up of the huge number of violent crimes committed by black males and sometimes black females against primarily white women is coming out – it is flowing out like a burst dam.

We have a chorus of survivors behind us right now. People are ready to hear the truth – they have no choice but to face it, now. It cannot be hidden any longer.

The right to rebel against patriarchal tyranny, against any authority that seeks to enslave our minds and restrain our words or actions, is not just a birthright – it is who we are!

Feminism Unbound

It is time for all of us to speak frankly and without restraint on our words regarding what is happening, and what has happened to us personally. In order to speak without self-monitoring, it is necessary to adapt a Satanic attitude. We must not acknowledge any authority over us because, in fact, there is none and what is in our heads that stops us from speaking the absolute pure, undiluted truth, is as imaginary as their patriarchal “God.” It does not exist except as a shadow. It is a paper tiger.

When someone tells you, “White feminist, shut the fuck up!” you know this is your cue to start singing like a canary. There is no good motive for certain women wanting to shut up certain other women. You can bet that whatever is behind such a command is nefarious and necessarily patriarchal.

Just as we see in Germany and Sweden, the liberals in the government are keeping quiet and covering up instances of mass sex abuses by certain protected classes of men against women in order to promote a nefarious political agenda and to avoid fueling the political agenda of their opponents. “White feminists, shut the fuck up!” about the men who are groping, stalking, threatening, raping, severely injuring and sometimes murdering you.

Also, there is silencing of radical feminists. There has been a very deafening silencing of German feminists who are working to re-criminalize pimps and johns. I wouldn’t know they existed if not for the complaints of men, who do not want to have their “right” to rape women and commodify women’s bodies taken away from them. There is a silencing of radical feminist who try to report on the upsurge in male violence since the increasing intake of black, Arab and Muslim males.

Many countries in W. Europe have moved or are moving to criminalize speech, however much truth it contains, that is negative in any way toward the black (and black-ish) invaders.  Yet, some women continue to speak, although they are faced with lawsuits, and threatened with arrest, fines and imprisonment for doing so.

This is a symptom of the enemy’s panic. Their fear is tangible – you can almost smell it!

Their old tactics will not work in this new age – in this Information Age – in this Age of Aquarius! Time is on our side.

This is why I say, we must speak now without restraint – especially, those of us living in countries where there are no “hate speech” laws. We are in less danger and when we speak for ourselves, we are speaking for the victims and survivors of male crimes in Europe and elsewhere.

When we speak, we should strive to do so without apology and without prefacing our statements with things like, “I’m not a Nazi, but…” (“Ich bin kein Nazi, aber…” is something commonly seen when German victims of black male crimes describe what has happened to them.) or “I’m not a racist, but…” There is no need to make a denial. The accusing authority figure is only a shadow – a shadow of a bully, but it is not real and it has absolutely no authority and no power over you. When you speak out the truth, loud and clear, directly, accusingly, placing the blame squarely where it belongs, with self-righteous indignation, without apology, in your own words that come natural to you, unbound, without restraint, you bring down the wall of silence and shame that the enemy has built around you – and around all of us!

The patriarchal authority, which channels itself through accusations of racism, or Nazi-ism, or TERF-ism, or misandry, or trans-misogyny, is only a pathetic illusion. It’s just a stage magician’s trick – nothing more.

So, when you speak out, do it with Satanic liberty. Say what you really feel! To do otherwise is to remain a slave to the man-God in your head – because there is nothing else that is really stopping you.