Radical Feminism: It is not My Job to Protect Men

It is not my job, as a radical feminist, to protect men. It does not matter what those men look like, where they come from, or what kind of twisted religious beliefs they claim to have.

Just because some black women don’t like me talking about black men’s (and sometimes black women’s – this is going on a lot!) violent crimes against white women, doesn’t make it my job to protect men. “White feminists, shut the fuck up!” means to me, stop talking about the crimes black men have committed against you.

And, for a long time, I did what most of us do. I didn’t want to hurt black women’s feelings. I didn’t want them to think I didn’t like them or didn’t care about them. But, it has become increasingly clear to me that this is simply a ruse, an aide, a way to enlist my complicity in concealing the black man’s crimes against women. By complying with the “shut the fuck up” command, I am aiding and abetting my enemy, which I will not do – not anymore.

I’m already in a corner. We all are. The only way to get out of it is to come out swinging. The truth is that there is a lot of black, male aggression toward white women and there is nothing “random” about it. It is no more random than any other male aggression toward women, except there is the additional component of race involved.

Here’s a recent example. Cops in NYC just caught the huge, black man, who sneaked up behind a small, white woman walking to work and slashed her in the face. It seemed to be another “random” (read that as targeted attack on a white woman by a black person) attack: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/01/06/chelsea-slashing/

Now, remember this, if you can. This is not a hate crime. Moreover, when I call this man a nigger – a nigger man – that is supposedly me being racist. When a black man sexually assaults me, when he terrorizes me in my bedroom while I am trying to sleep, when I am harassed, followed, and threatened, as I go about my daily business in some large cities of this country, I, the petite, white woman, am regarded as “the racist.”

It does not matter that I have never committed a crime against a black person. It does not matter that I have never been in a position to oppress a black person in my entire life – unless saying, “No,” to black male perverts counts as oppression. Some men say it does.

I am told that I am supposed to suffer abuses from black men in silence – “White feminist, shut the fuck up,” and if I say anything, at all, I must watch what I say. I must watch how I talk about that black male rapist or stalker because he is deserving of some special consideration or some special rights because his alleged “oppression” is greater than mine. His suffering is greater than mine. His life is more important than mine. I may be called all manner of abusive names and threatened, but I dare not call him any name he does not approve of or else this proves that I am a racist, white whore and a bitch who is deserving of being raped, stalked or murdered by a black man.

I have wondered for a long time why black men are so aggressive toward white women. Why the constant harassment and threats in the streets, for instance?

The main reason, of course, is that they are men and this is how men behave toward women. Being black doesn’t automatically make them precious angels who can do no wrong. Just because some of their ancestors were held by white men (and other men, too) as slaves in the U.S, doesn’t make them innocent or any better than white men.

Another reason, is that like all men, they see women as property. They tend to see black women as their own property and us as the property of white men. So, attacking us – in their pea brains – is somehow a way at getting over on the white man. It doesn’t make much sense to us, of course, because only we know how much white men really hate, despise, and loathe us.

Yet another reason – and this is something I knew about, but sort of put on the backburner until recently – is that many black people in the U.S. are Muslims or are open to Muslim Brotherhood leaders like Louis Farrakahn, who has been urging black people to go out and commit “random” crimes against white women, children, and cops and, also, against white men. This is, they say, because they are angry with white people and want us to feel their “pain.” They want to hurt innocent white people in the name of the male. demon-god figure they worship. If they die in the course of  harming or killing one of us, they believe that they will reap rewards in heaven.

The activities in Ferguson, MO, which as I mentioned have spilled over into the area I live in, are rooted in Islam and not just the Muslim Brotherhood, but they appear to be closely associated with a “charity” called CAIR, which is responsible for bringing Muslims into the U.S. This organization, also, steps forward to defend Muslims who commit crimes.

A very nasty liberal “feminist” over at the Mancheeze blog a couple of months ago told me that this action in Ferguson “needed to be started” by someone and it didn’t matter who was behind it. When feminists begin siding with Muslims and with men who want to kill white women and white girls simply because we exist, who want to create agitation in public places that directly threaten us, that intimate us, that cause us to have to leave a place or face possible violence from men, these are not feminists.

This is, also, about the same time I was being told that I sounded like “a conservative” and a member of “Stormfront.” But, here’s the deal – I don’t appreciate being terrorized in my own community by black men or any other men – or black women, for that matter.  I don’t like having to pack heat everywhere I go. I don’t like having to feel that my life is in danger every time I see a man who looks like he doesn’t belong here – like he’s about to rob, kill or rape someone – and he’s doing something weird, like intimidating a clerk or robbing a store, or saying disgusting things to me.

You see, I have this crazy idea that even though I am just a small, white woman, that I have these things called basic human rights! And, that these rights are not trumped by men and they are not trumped by black men, or Muslim men or any other men or women who believe that they are entitled to special rights and considerations on the basis of the melanin content of their skin.

I believe that I should have a right to a basic expectation of safety, which – while it wasn’t great before – has become less recently as a direct result of these activities by blacks and Muslims.  It is pretty ridiculous that I have to not only pack heat, but I have to be constantly thinking how I might get out of a situation when I perceive a hostile, mostly black, male presence.

I dislike religion. All religions – every one I can think of and certainly all of the major ones – are founded by men. They are designed so that men, especially the founder, can freely rape women and children and acquire power and admiration they do not deserve. They are institutions of mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual slavery and abuse – committed by men, usually in a top-down, hierarchical fashion, with women and girls trampled, sometimes to death, at the very, very bottom.

I have every right to hate religion. I am, in fact, an adult survivor of a very perverse, Christian religious cult, which made my childhood a living hell. I hate men. I hate their made up demon-gods. I hate their abuses. Furthermore, this is a reasonable response and it is a reasonable position to take that religion exists to enslave, abuse and defraud people – especially women and girls.

So, despite what some other black women – who have, at this point, shown themselves to be my enemies – think, including one Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States, I have every right and will exercise that right to criticize the filthy, perverted sex religions created by men. My criticism includes, but is by no means limited to, Islam and the perverted, pedophile prophet Mohammed who raped tiny little girls and whose living legacy is the rape, torture, enslavement, and murder of half of humanity.

As a woman, as a feminist, as an atheist, as a Satanist, as a witch, and as an intelligent human being, I condemn- as is my right – the living, breathing, walking, human filth of Islam.

When black or Muslim men commit crimes against women, I will not remain silent, I will not refuse to call them what they are – niggers, Muslims – simply because it might hurt the feelings of some people who have made it clear that not only do they not care about my rights or the rights of white women, but that they would like to harm me or kill me. They’ve said this and anyone who is supporting them, supports this idea. And, just because someone calls themselves something, such as a feminist or a woman – does not mean that’s what they are.

Any feminist who thinks it is her job to protect men because they are black or some other shade of darkness, or because they are adherents to some filthy, perverted, misogynistic ideology or another, is not a feminist. Such a person is an enemy of white women and and enemy of feminists.

Since we have been told that we are not allowed to criticize the Muzzies here in the U.S. (not just the “White feminist, shut the fuck up” thing, but, also threats to arrest and fine anyone who criticizes Islam, Muslims and the fag-pervert, pedophile, prophet Mohammed), and we have seen the result of “hate speech” laws in other countries, which renders it impossible to report publicly or to the police the most horrific violent crimes committed by Muslims and nigger men against white women, it is safe to say that now is the time to start talking about similar things happening here in the U.S., where we see that city governments and reporters are working to cover up the amount and degree of crimes committed by certain, protected classes (mostly black and Muslim men) against white women and girls.

Now is the time to talk about these crimes and harassment by black men and the time to call out the patriarchal religions, especially, Islam for being the perverted, heap of diseased filth it is. It is time to stop protecting, by our silence, the men and women who have stated repeatedly that they wish to harm us.

There is never a time in feminism to protect men and if you are calling yourself a feminist when your real goal is to work for the furtherance of the rights of men – any men – than you are not feminist at all. You are a mole, a infiltrator, a liar, and an enemy.

Real feminists are not cheerleaders for men, especially, at the expense of women.