“Where are the Feminists?”

“Where are the feminists?” This is the question on every misogynist’s tongue, who critiques the Muslim invasion and, especially, the recent mass, “civil war-like” attacks on women in Germany, especially Cologne.

To me the answer is an obvious one. We have been driven underground, mostly by the same men who pose this stupid question. The people who publicly claim to speak for us, most often, are not feminists. They are pro-porn, pro-tranny, pro-prostitution liberals, who have sliced and diced feminism into so many pieces – caring for this and that “marginalized” group.

But, feminism is about women – only women, women who are born women and not impostors and poseurs. It is about the fundamental, basic rights of women and its primary focus is for women to achieve full liberation from men. 

Men don’t like that idea. They’ll be the first to tell you that feminism should include them. So, they have driven us out of public spaces, pretty much completely off the internet. They have destroyed our ability to network with each other. They have silenced our speech at every turn. They have destroyed the few places women had to call our own, not only MichFest, but locker rooms and public restrooms.

Now, they want to know, “Where are the feminists?”

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but I can tell you a little bit about my position and the women I’ve been discussing with quietly. I don’t feel comfortable sharing to many private details publicly, but I will tell you enough that you can get an idea about “Where are the feminists?”

We are preparing. Some of us have been doing what the liberals hate us doing and like to ridicule us for: “Prepping.” Some women have quite a few different types of weapons, ammo, food, water, medical (a lot of alternative medical) supplies. Women are arming themselves and they, increasingly, have their eyes open for trouble.

I mentioned in a previous post that on a few occasions over this last year, I have either witnessed blacks (men and women) robbing a store I was shopping at; I had to leave a store because of overt sexual harassment and physical intimidation by two negroes directly from Africa, wearing African garb; I had to leave a gas station because of a dirty-looking Middle-eastern man who had a semi-automatic, 9mm in his pocket – this guy seemed to have no destination but the woods surrounding a Walmart in an area of the country where a bunch of propane tanks have been reported stolen, along with pipe and large numbers of cell phones purchased from Wal-marts.

So, we have our eyes open and we are ready to defend ourselves with deadly force, at all times – I mean at all times.  I used to be a little more lax about this, but no more – not since the events this year and the spill over in negro hostilities from the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Meanwhile, we have a gay, crack-smoking, mack daddy in the white house who wants to erode and compromise the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. We’ve got a Secretary of State who wants to erode free speech (1st Amendment) where Muslims are concerned. They are threatening Australian-style gun confiscation (California is scheduled to be first on the list – almost nobody but criminals has guns there anymore, anyway, so getting them out of the hands of honest citizens might be easier), while threatening to sue or jail anyone who criticizes Islam.  A whole lot of these people who hate our constitution are negroes who support Islam. So, there is another picture emerging there that I’m not supposed to notice or, at least, I’m not supposed to talk about publicly.

While some feminists did turn out in Cologne to protest the attacks and the police and mayorial response to them, most of us don’t have time for rallies. We don’t have time to argue with perverted men online, anymore, either.

We, also, want to be careful not to set ourselves up as direct targets. Believe me, even though I am a anonymous as anyone can be on the internet these days, I had night sweats after my last two posts here. It’s not wise to call attention to one’s self right now.  The things I have said are dangerous, but not saying them is even more dangerous.

Feminists have to be careful calling ourselves “feminists” publicly. It is difficult enough – nay, impossible – to be female online right now. But, if you actually call yourself a feminist, you are inviting threats and violence. This is why almost all the radfem discussions you see, and there are precious few, have few respondents. You don’t see feminists working together on projects anymore because we learned that is dangerous.

So, we are – most of us – on our own.

What I have, also, noticed is happening with feminists is that many who live in towns or suburbs are trying to get out of those places. They are trying to obtain property away from other people, where they have a little land of their own. This really is ideal, although, impossible for many women, who are stuck in a cycle of poverty or who are disabled. But, this is a trend I have noticed.

There is an increasing impatience with males, an increasing desire to get a safe distance away. Whenever males begin aggressing on each other, they invariably begin attacking us, if we are nearby. (You see this often with two men in a fight, ultimately it is the wife, girlfriend, daughter, female friend, who is most savagely attacked – and that’s how the male fight ends.)

Here in the U.S., it is a little bit easier to do these things, I think, especially to move away from the cities and acquire potentially live-saving supplies. Although, believe me, every effort – including an economic assault – is being made to prevent women from being able to achieve these goals.

I would, also, add that many of the women in a position to do this are not childed. The extra economic burden and time burden of raising a child can hinder a woman’s ability to pull this off. Some have grown children, though.

In Germany, as in many other countries in W. Europe, this is more difficult because there is a lack of elbow room (lebensraum), and while women can legally hold title to property, almost no one who doesn’t have an inheritance can afford an actual house of their own and the additional expenses of living in the country.

Life is concentrated in the cities and Germans, especially most young Germans, enjoy their more urban social lives. But, we see that this is coming to an end – has come to an end, really.

The thing I would like to see German women do – and women all over W. Europe and the U.K., of course – is to arm themselves with actual deadly force (not pepperspray or mace). I think it might be possible to obtain some weapons and to train small armies of women – (the women will have to train themselves) – to go out and do the job that the police and the pathetic fappers  and johns in their own countries will not do.

A feminist has taken heavy criticism for her statement blaming all men in the Cologne attacks.  As we all know, women, especially feminists, are not supposed to talk publicly about our personal experiences with male violence. What this feminist is saying that the men, especially men on the right, I suspect, don’t want to hear is that there has been a problem in Germany for a long time now. (I described my experiences in Germany 20 years ago.) So, the question is why is this suddenly getting attention? Also, the blow back from her very reasonable comments answer the misogynists’ question, “Where are the feminists?” perfectly.

The following is an excerpt from this article, posted at DW online:

No one is talking about the fact that this is happening to women every day,” Tanja, an activist and one of the initiators of the event told DW.

Most of the attacks took place in and around the main station in Cologne
“People are insisting on making this a political story, trying to shift the focus on pro- or anti-refugees. But in fact, no one is listening to what we have to say – the women who have been suffering from this violence in the streets on a daily basis long before refugees even came here,” she says.

The violence on New Year’s Eve was not different from that during any other big-scale celebration in the city, according to Tanja. “Because refugees are now a burning topic, the media all of a sudden report about these events, but what nobody wants to admit is that these things happen all the time. I’m sorry to break this to you, but German-born men also harass and rape.”

So now, because of this event, we are learning from women that attacks similar to these are now very commonplace, at least, in some places in Germany. So, one reason feminist are not too excited about it in Germany is that this is just another typical day for them and nobody cares at any other time when it happens.

Some reasons why I believe the Cologne attacks are getting so much attention, when this is apparently business as usual in Germany, are that it appears to have been an organized Jihad, some men were attacked and robbed (attacks on women are business as usual, but attacks on men are more newsworthy), there are reports that shots were fired at Cologne Cathedral (which, they say, has not happened since World War II), and it appears that local police, the city government, and the media got caught with their pants down!

Personally, I would not feel comfortable – based on my experiences with German men – relying on them for protection because my experience has been that most of them are misogynists, who harbor a deep hatred of women.

It doesn’t always manifest the same way as the Muslim hatred for women does – stalking, rape, sexual assault, harassment in the streets  – but, it is more often, in my experience, in their lack of concern for our safety where other men are concerned. It is in their refusal to acknowledge male harassment of us, when it happens right in front of their eyes, then their chastisement of us when we act in our own self-defense. It manifests in the German males’ sexual abuse of women, his manipulation through lies and his bedroom perversions. It manifests in the home, where he sits around smoking himself silly, abusing marijuana, while grabbing at you and trying to grope you as you walk through the living room.

It is well known that most men in Germany have been buyers of women. This was well known before it was formally made legal for German men to buy and sell women. So, I can’t imagine the situation has improved. The German man is, by law, a john and a pimp. It only stands to reason that the German male’s disrespect for women has increased since buying and selling women is now the law of the land. There are, also, probably more blonde-haired, German-born men of Muslim descent, which is something I saw 20 years ago, and I’m sure there are more of them now.

Such men are not going to be reliable aides and allies in the defense of women from rapists, molestors and human traffickers. In fact, if you stand back and take a look at the big picture, they are, in fact, one and the same.

But, there is a more immediate problem at hand, which is the hordes of men (and most of the attackers I’ve seen on video have been very dark complected – so, it is undeniable that they are the majority among the attackers, at least, in some places), who make it impossible for women to move about the country. This situation will not improve on its own and, it seems, has gotten progressively worse. So, this must be addressed by women and it must be done covertly, I believe, for it to be effective.

There is no need to make an announcement to men. Any information they get, they will only use to our detriment. This is what they always do.

So, I hope that in Germany and in all of the Euro zone, in fact, because it comprises so many more countries now than it did when it began, women arm themselves and train themselves. I think first women must train singly and you always must train yourself, every time you acquire a new weapon.

You can learn a lot about different types of weapons, how to properly hold a semi-auto vs. a revolver, how to properly shoulder a rifle or shotgun, how to properly carry and conceal such weapons – all from YouTube. You can research many different types of weapons there.

As far as training goes, I think that a lot of common sense would go into this and women, relatively few in number and well-trained, could TAKE BACK THE NIGHT in a whole new way.

And, let the corpses lie where they are, it will give the men a job. They can clean it up and dig a mass grave for them.

We already see that the police in Germany are easily overwhelmed. They cannot control a small crowed and have too few places to hold even a handful of prisoners at a time. We, also, see how cowardly the leadership and the police are, not to mention what cowards the men are, so why shouldn’t women use these facts to their advantage?

It would not be difficult. It doesn’t require great strength to operate a firearm. Any reasonably healthy woman or girl could do it. I’ve been handling them since I was 9 or 10-years old and we have girls in the States who are training at as young as 6-years.

So, dickswingers are asking, “Where are the feminists?” There’s the answer, in general.


Here are couple of updates to this post. Apparently, the Cologne Chief of Police has stepped down after admitting to a cover-up.

It is currently reported that 31 suspects are in custody, 18 of which they have admitted are relatively new refugees.

Here’s a video from today at RT:


You’ll notice that the poor menz are, once again, the REAL victims because they are being eyed suspiciously by women. Ah, but they are black and probably Muslims, so they get special treatment. They’ve had hard lives and difficult childhoods, you know. This is the same story we hear in the U.S. when black men (and sometimes black women) commit violent crimes against white women.  It is likely that nothing will be done to stop these attacks, except impose more rules on the “conduct” of women.

They report that there is, also, censorship going on where criticism of Islam or Muslims is concerned – oh, you don’t say (see my previous post to get an idea of how this censorship is working, and it is not limited just to Germany, apparently).