When Liberal Men Refuse to Believe White Women: Feminists are Not White Supremacists

More continues to come out about the events around Cologne Cathedral on the Night of New Year’s Eve (Silvester). The Muslim male violence was extreme and well-organized.

I’ve had to descend into Man Land to find some of the information about this event that the very controlled mainstream news media are not reporting on and are, in fact, covering up and trying to do damage control on.

Consistently, I see the finger pointed, by white men, at women and especially feminists. The white man refuses to look at his own complicity in the abuse of women.

Although, the right-wing men are angry with women, even express their rage as they describe the horror of these attacks, it is clear that they would do no differently to us, if given the opportunity. As white women, we know what they are capable of better than any other women do because they have been our first and last abusers, usually in our homes and our workplaces. They are the johns and the would-be johns.

The left-wing men are the ones I blame the most, though, for the fact that we are unable to express what has been happening to us. They are the ones who tell us how terrible it is when a white man rapes us, but we are “racists” and “bigots” when we acknowledge that men of other races are, also, rapists, consumers of pornography, stalkers and abusers of white women.

It is the liberal-male who will be the first to shout us down and shut us out completely when we, as white women, talk about our experiences with black men. We are not allowed to name or describe this oppressor. Even that he is chief among male oppressors in some regions is not permitted to be discussed.

And, if you describe your experiences with such men, you will be summarily dismissed: “Racist.” You will be classed with the other segment of your oppressors: The white, male supremacist, who has utter contempt for all women and sees us as his property. This is where it becomes obvious that the liberal male and the black male, also, see us as the white man’s property.

In the context of the civil war-like violence directed at the women of Cologne, Germany, I mentioned a witness, who was a bouncer working in the area that night. He did an interview describing the events of that night, December 31, 2015, in German. Last night,  I ran across a portion of that video, to which someone added English subtitles. Here it is:


I can only guess at the motive for cutting off the first few minutes of this video, which you won’t see here. In the original version of it, this man states that he is, himself, a refugee of 40 years, originally from Croatia. I suspect that whatever white man is responsible for doing the subtitled version of this video did not want to make it too obvious that this man is, himself, a refugee.

This whole video is very interesting, but what struck me upon seeing it the second time around, after digesting all the violence that he describes, is that this man, apparently, thought that stories of white women being assaulted by mokes – a regular thing in Germany, even when I was there 20 years ago – was something made up by right-wing, white supremacist, neo-nazi types.

So, what we are seeing here is the genuine article, I think: The liberal, white male, who has to see something with his own eyes before he can believe a white woman. ‘Cause, as you know, we white bitches secretly lust after all shades of chocolate dick, which is why we make up stories about being raped, chased and assaulted by niggers. This is what is, apparently, in the mind of the liberal male. And, in the mind of the conservative white male is the myth that we have fantasies of being raped by white men, which is why we lie about being raped, assaulted, beaten, held captive, and nearly murdered by white dudes all the time.

(Now, you will notice that I’m making free use of forbidden words here because I’m going to break down these taboos, even if I do it only in my own life. I’m going to speak the truth, the way it is, and with the little bit of language I have to express myself in the context of the situation I have found myself in. And, it doesn’t matter if I say “nigger” or I don’t say “nigger” because I am already damned – I am already condemned as a white racist bitch – a white whore. So, why should it matter what language I use to describe my oppressors?)

I hear the white men talking about this asking why, when feminists talk about these attacks publicly, we only say “Men.” They ask why the one female German politician in some other city in Germany, when she condemned these attacks, referred to the attackers only as “Men.” Not as “Muslim men” or any number of apt descriptions of these men apart from their sex, which might be applied.

The reason, of course, is the condemnation that would come down on her head from the only group, who publicly purport to support the rights of women: The liberals – the left. Now, I don’t think they actually do support women’s rights at all because they are in love with pornography, the prostitution of women and girls and they like to use terms like “consent” and “choice” in antithetical ways. But, they are the only ones who even pretend to treat women like human beings. We don’t get that much from the right, do we?

Furthermore, the problem is, in fact, men! Just because there is a spotlight, at present, on a particular group of men abusing women and girls, this does not absolve other men from their role in abusing women. While the streets are clearly not safe from Muslim men, our homes and workplaces are not safe from white men – including German men. Germany is not immune from the problem of domestic violence by any means! Moreover, the German man is now legally, a buyer and seller of women. Even before it was formally legal in Germany, the prostitution of women was tolerated. (I even had a German man try to prostitute me while I was in Germany. He took me to a brothel and tried to get me a “job.”)

So, the problem is men. This is true. The men on the right don’t want us to talk about that – that it is ALL men. And, the men on the left are the ones who will shout you down as a “racist” or simply dismiss you as a white supremacist (classing you with your white male oppressors) if you talk about your experiences with the mokes.

So, we see here the guilt of the men on the left by their complicity in this male violence in their refusal to believe us! And, not only disbelieve us, but to abuse us the way liberals do when we try to talk about it.

That’s the thing that really stands out to me the most about the above video. How many times do you think women he knew told him about their experiences with Muslims and other dark foreigners in Germany harassing them, assaulting them, threatening them, and he simply dismissed these women as racists and liars?