Video of White Woman Being Attacked by 20 to 30 Muslim Men

Why does it take a video like this before anyone will believe women? – especially white women who are attacked by black/Muslim men?

The following video comes with a warning to sexual assault survivors, which I imagine comprises most of my readership. The following video has just emerged on YouTube, which shows a white woman surrounded, in great pain and fear, as she is attacked by a bunch of nigger men/mokes/ Muslims – I don’t think it matters what we call them.

And, if anyone wants to call me “racist” for saying it, I will gladly remind them that I have never broken into a black man’s bedroom, sat upon him while he was sleeping and attempted to rape him. I, on the other hand, have survived being sexually assaulted, harassed, and threatened by black men and then told I am not allowed to describe them – that I’m not allowed to call them what they are. Well, that’s over!

Here’s the video, for those who need to see a white woman being attacked by a bunch of goddamned niggers before believing her:

While this is a sexual assault, is, also, a racially motivated attack. My experience has been that, despite what is reported in the news and what the liberals like to say, most racially motivated attacks – at least, every single one I have ever experienced or witnessed – are black on white.


I’ve never seen a video get pulled off of Youtube as fast as this one. It lasted less than two hours, maybe only a little longer than one hour. (I have flagged videos of white men threatening to cut women’s reproductive organs out with a razor blade and nothing ever happens to those videos – ever! Youtube is a cesspool of misogyny.) The only reason for pulling it would have been to protect the identity of the perpetrators of this crime.

Of course, it will do no good for the Cologne police to be made aware of the video. They have already shown their good will toward the perpetrators, a protected class of men.

Moreover, there is no expectation of justice for the victims by the grace of of the right-wing men of Germany who will continue to make stupid speeches, while all of them fap to porn and buy and sell white women.

If there is to be any justice, it must come from women.

Update: The video has re-emerged on Youtube today, January 9, 2016. Let’s see how long it lasts this time. Here it is:

More information on this video: Some other information online indicates that this is actually a Muslim attack on a Dutch tourist in Egypt in 2013. Nobody seems to know for sure. At any rate, we get an idea what the type of attacks described by the women in Cologne were probably like.