A Thousand or More Muslims Attack German Women: Women and Feminism are Blamed

I just cannot stop watching what is going on in Germany, although I am so many thousands of miles away, nestled in, quite safe although quite isolated – it’s true. Germany to me is still this wonderful place that I fell in love with so long ago and I still love it, although from a distance and mostly silently.

When I was in Germany, which was back in the late 1990s, Germans always seemed surprised at how many and how much Americans admired them. Probably some of them didn’t believe me, but it is true. Americans – most Americans – respect and admire Germans. We admire them for their intelligent, creative minds, their beauty, and their high level of civilization.

Personal Musings

A lot of Americans have some thread of German ancestry. I have such a thread long lost before the beginning of the American Revolution. Another thread of mine is wound from Germany to 14th century Switzerland and then to the U.S. around the time of the American Revolution.

But, I am not European. I am an American. I learned that, as much as I learned about Germany and Western Europe when I was there. We are not a pure-blooded European people, many of us, especially those of us who have ancestry in the old Far West and the southlands. My great-grandfather was a half-breed Indian who manufactured White Lightning during the Prohibition era. He spent a little time in Ft. Leavenworth for it when he sold it across state lines.

I’m descended from two of the so-called Civilized Tribes and from French settlers who came to the middle of nowhere, way back when this was French Territory, when the U.S. had not yet been formed. Eventually, the United States and its laws came to us. But, we are still these people and I see it in my neighbors. I see it in my family members – especially the Indian side of the family. None of us were ever put on a reservation and there is something – something in me that loves hard whiskey and shotguns. There’s something a little “mean.” As one of my relatives said about this branch of the family: “They’ve got a mean streak up and down their backs.” This comes from being a survivor – from adapting and not allowing ourselves to be either put on a reservation or ever entirely constrained by artificial, unnatural laws.

But, I don’t look like that side of the family. I look like my mother’s side. They were the Germans and the English who took a northern route of settlement. There is a difference between us: North and South. There is something in my southern side, the Indian side, the prairie settler side, that is different. It is something less “civilized” in the European sense and it stood out to me in high relief when I was in Germany. (It’s the thing that I say gives us much more in common with the people of Mexico than the W. Europeans.)

As I am watching all that is going on over there with these so-called refugees – and I call them “refugees,” although we all know the truth, which is that this is a Muslim invasion of Western Europe. It is an invasion of a highly civilized nation by low-IQ, rock-throwing, lower life forms, who have only enough human intelligence to be very, very dangerous.

It occurs to me that too much civilization is a dangerous thing. Now, I’m not referring to things like technological advancements, which I’m all for, or the cultivation of high art and music. Those things may be the outgrowths of civilization sometimes. But, civilization, itself, seems fraught with dangers.

One danger of being overly civilized is naivete.

Personal Experiences in Germany

I remember having conversations with people about some of the things going on here in the U.S. – because they would ask me –  and I would talk about what was going on where I’d been – places like El Paso, Texas, where we had (and probably still have) problems with a lot of crime. Women disappear off the face of the earth there – women I knew, not just unknown names in the newspaper. People get chased through the city by gangs and there are some people there who will literally cut you up for the $5 you’ve got in your wallet.

The Germans did not believe me when I told them about this life – my life, in El Paso, where you won’t find a white woman who hasn’t been raped, at least, once.

Truly civilized German people have trouble imagining this kind of thing happening. Although, something tells me that their grandparents and great-grandparents might have had less naivete and more of an idea of what goes on in the world outside of “civilization.” But, the Germans my age never listened to their grandparents much. “Old Nazis,” they called them and I thought they really disrespected them. They resented them instead of listening to them. It’s usually a mistake to disrespect our elders.

But, in civilization, there is an official story. There is official history. There are rules for society and the Germans I knew were very social people, much more social than Americans, and there is much more pressure to conform – or, at least, give the appearance of conformity. I think here, it is easier for people to hold dissenting viewpoints because we only see each other at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and nearly all of us agree that the official story is a lie and that the government cannot and should never be trusted.

In civilized Europe (and among many “civilized” Americans of pure European descent, many of whom are 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants to this country), the government is regarded as much more trustworthy. Oh, the Germans have that moment, where they lower their voices as if they fear someone might be listening in and say – to me, an outsider, an anti-government American – “I feel watched. I don’t feel comfortable with what is going on here.” But, almost as quickly they return to their sozial, German selves, with their casual, civilized German demeanor.  They are Germans, after all, first and foremost.

Every German knows that the major media in Germany are controlled by the government. It is not a secret. They don’t even try to make it a secret the way they do in the U.S., where the media outlets are privately/corporately owned. In Germany, the government owns and directly controls major media. It’s not that the Germans trust their government all this much, they just don’t have much choice. The government-owned media is a direct result of the events at the end of WWII, when Germany was being rebuilt with the “assistance” of outside forces – many from the U.S. This is a whole other area of study, but it comes down to this: We can all thank Eisenhower for the  centrally-controlled, pinko media in Germany.

In Germany, it’s very often like here in the U.S., most people strongly suspect they are being lied to by the media, they just don’t know all the details. The similarities, in fact, are quite striking, when I compare how news is reported in the U.S to how it is reported in Germany.

German News Reporting and Muslim Male Attacks on German Women and Girls

So, when I look for news of events, either in the U.S. or elsewhere, I look to alternative sources, to what appear to be individuals with no monetary motive. I only look at CNN or FoxNews to see what they are keeping silent about or distorting, doing damage control on, depending on which side of the paradigm, right or left, requires controlling at that time. Youtube, Facebook (although, Facebook is directly censoring posts about Muslim attacks, they’re often not very quick on the draw) and Twitter are sometimes good sources of grass roots news, of actual people reporting on actual events that they either experienced or witnessed.

Usually when something happens the major media don’t want to report on, they just try to kill the story with silence. The internet makes that harder for them and very often I’ll see what looks like a big story on the ‘net, which hardly anyone is talking about, until about 3 to 5 days later. Then, it all blows up in their faces and they have to try to do damage control.

A couple of days after New Year’s Eve (called “Silvester” in Germany), I noticed an article about thousands of Muslim men attacking German Women on the night of New Year’s Eve in the City of Cologne. Here is an original German article, published January 1, 2016 in the Koelnische Rundshau:


Here’s pretty much the same information in English a couple of days later at the website of Pamela Gellar, who you may or may not remember was the subject of a well-publicized attack by Muslims in Texas:


And after this story began to circulate, more and more footage of these attacks in Cologne have surfaced:


Also, on Youtube, there are accounts – all in German – of individuals who witnessed the attacks, including an amateur-looking interview given by a bouncer at a nightclub on or near the square of Cologne Cathedral, who is himself a refugee from Croatia of 40 years. He talks about how some women were chased by Muslim men and sought refuge near him, asking if they could stand near him. Shortly thereafter, an attack on the women perpetrated by a huge number of Muslim men ensued, and the police were called, who apparently did little despite the fact that the Muslim men were spitting on everyone, including one of the officers. (Imagine someone spitting on an American cop! LOL!)

There were, also, similar attacks, although on a smaller scale reported in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

It is, also, reported that many cities cancelled their fireworks celebrations events for Silvester out of concern the Muslims might be offended. Interestingly, they said that the fireworks might remind them of the allegedly war torn countries from which they are allegedly fleeing. Interesting! I never heard anyone voice concern over the terror the fireworks impose on the German elders who survived World War II. But, these are Muslim men, so they must be handled with care and coddled to the nth.

What I noticed about many of the early mainstream German media reports on this attacks was that the attacks were characterized as “harassment.” Also, apparently, German laws defining rape must be a little different than most of the ones we have here in the States, which differ, of course, state by state. Only one of the 60 attacks reported (so far, last time I looked – they are expecting many more reports) to the police qualified as rape, which I believe they define as PIV. There were many more attacks, which would be considered rape in another jurisdiction because they involved the penetration of orifices – as one victim put it, “every orifice,” – with fingers or objects. The men tore the clothes off the women’s bodies.

But, these attacks, which might, at first, appear to be another case of just Muslims being Muslims, seem to have been very well organized. This is less reported and some German YouTubers are suggesting a couple of uncomfortable things:

The police were told to stand down. Apparently, there was a police presence, but this did nothing to deter them and so far there have been very few (5, I read, most recently) arrests. Since this became public, the mayor,  a woman named “Recker” – no kidding “Recker” just like it sounds (do you ever wonder if this is a Hollywood script?) – says that there is no evidence that the perpetrators were Muslims. She, also, says that she’s going to do everything to make sure women and girls are safe in her city in the future. Apparently, she decided to do this by blaming the victims, which I’ll get to below, by issuing a sort of “Code of Conduct” for German women to follow so that gangs of Muslim men might not beat, rob, and rape them.

Henriette Recker, is the German Mayorial candidate who was stabbed by an anti-Muslim German citizen (some people think this was a publicity stunt and possibly a hoax and the day after this alleged stabbing, she was made mayor of Cologne.) a few months ago. She is now Mayor of Cologne, a major German city, and she a big supporter of the “refugees.” There is no doubt in my mind that Recker and her comrades are getting a massive kickback from a wealthy benefactor to pursue this path of treachery in Germany. I suggest that Recker is helping to wreck Germany this way for pay and for whatever else she has been promised. It has, also, crossed my mind that people like her are Communist ideologues.

It appears, and increasingly the major media have been forced to admit, that these attacks were well-organized and pre-planned. (Rape is usually pre-planned, of course.)  Since it was staged around Cologne Cathedral, around the square, near the main train station, it appears that it was not just some nice Muslim boys having fun but a political attack on Germany, itself. Some Youtubers have called it more like an act of “civil war.”

The nice Muslim boys did not just harass the German women and girls, they “hunted” them and “herded” them “like cattle.” While some white males were injured in these attacks and robbed, the Muslim men mainly targeted the women, great numbers of them at a time jumping on a single woman, assaulting, beating, raping and robbing her.

It is now reported that one to two thousand Muslim men are thought to have been involved and that there are, at least, 90 victims.

The major news outlets and many Germans will not name the perpetrators: Muslim men.

Who is being blamed for this attack by the German men, most of them, that I’ve run across reporting on this on Youtube? Feminists.

Feminists and Women Blamed for Muslim Male Attacks on German Women

Yes, you read that correctly. I said: Feminists.

Yes, you and I and all of us damnable women who believe in our own humanity and right to self-determination. We are to blame for hordes of Muslim men launching an all-out war on German women.

Furthermore, the victims and potential victims of Muslim male attacks are blamed and are now being saddled with the prevention of such crimes. Apparently, this is all part of the brilliant plan that Mayor Henriette Recker came up with to ensure the future safety of women and girls who dare to venture into the City of Cologne.

Recker has introduced certain Codes of Conduct, as reported on by the U.K. Telegraph today, right here:


You will recognize these codes of conduct as the usual patriarchal bullshit, but they have a few interesting twists:

The proposed code of conduct includes staying an arm’s length away from strangers, remaining within your own group, and asking bystanders for intervene or to help as a witness.

Staying an arm’s length away from a man is good advice, if you can take it. It’s pretty hard to do when you are being chased down as part of an organized attack, when you are being “hunted,” and “herded like cattle” as an act of war by an invading army of men.

And, by the way, at least a couple of women did ask for help from a man – women need to ask for help from men, don’t we? – when they went to the Croatian-German bar bouncer. They were still attacked! The cops came! They were still attacked right there and the police did absolutely nothing! (This is according to the interview given by the bouncer, himself, and placed at Youtube.)

Such a code for young women and girls was designed ” so that such things do not happen to them,” said Ms Reker, who added that it would soon be available online.

Yes, it is the women’s “conduct,” although we don’t really know what they are accused of doing, which led to this organized act of war perpetrated by Muslim men. Furthermore, if you are attacked in the future, know that it was because of your own failure to adhere to this “code of conduct.” Your conduct is the problem – always. I don’t know if the word “conduct” has the same smack of prudery and misogyny in this context that it does in English, but it really sounds like something that would come out of a Christian girls’s school of another century. It is very insulting to women.

Her words immediately provoked anger among those who said she appeared to be blaming the victims for the attacks.

However, she also said that visitors from “other cultures” should also be educated on acceptable conduct.

She and her police and her city are, in fact, directly placing the blame and the onus of any future attacks on the shoulders of the victims. Yes, about being a visitor in your city.

I was a visitor in your city and in your country about 20 years ago when these Turks and other assorted niggers were running the streets attacking me about once or twice a week. I never called on a cop. Let me tell you what I did – I’m sure the statue of limitations has run out by now: I had a 100,000 volt stun gun, which I carried along with a sharpened screwdriver, in my pockets. I had my hand on that thing all the time when I was walking on the streets with it. Yes, I know it’s illegal in your country, it was illegal in  most of my country, at the time, as well. But, I am still alive because I did this. I disassembled it and shoved it down into one of my leather boots (a heavy Harley-Davidson brand boot with very thick leather and thick Vibram heels) and that’s how I used to go through airport security. Those idiots can’t see a damn thing with their X-ray machines and if they do search you, they are far more interested in getting their hands on your breasts and crotch and sniffing your underwear. It’s all for show. This is an unusual weapon – nowhere near as good as a gun, but it’s not bad, and it’s made of mostly plastic, which is how you can get away with carrying it so easily in some places where you are banned by unnatural laws from protecting yourself – and if you ever have to use it, the first thing to do is hold it up and push the button. It makes a terrible noise and a visible electric current. Sometimes that is enough to make your attackers back off. That’s how I had to walk on your streets – still assaulted – but, that’s how I survived. Pathetic, really!

“We need to prevent confusion about what constitutes happy behaviour and what is utterly separate from openness, especially in sexual behaviour,” she said.

The above comment is incomprehensible to me, it may be due to a bad translation from German to English. But, it is clear that what we have here is an assault on happiness. Men, in general, represent an assault of women’s and girl’s happiness. Muslim men and Islam are this same problem times ten, at least, ten. This attack was not only an act of war against Germany by the Muslim invaders, it was an attack on German celebrations, on German happiness, on the Germans’ – and especially German women’s – general sense of well-being.

Anti-immigration politicians have linked the crimes to the million refugees that arrived in Germany during the past year.

This is more B.S. here from the Telegraph in the U.K. calling the people who notice that the perpetrators of these crimes are a bunch of Muslim men from the Middle East and Africa, “anti-immigration politicians.” Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows what the problem is and who is causing it. It’s not about being “anti-immigration,”or “xenophobic” or “Islamophobic” or any similar liberal B.S., at all. This is a red herring or a straw man or whatever you want to call it. It’s a distraction from the truth and essentially a kind of lie on the part of the Telegraph.

So, if you visit the links above, and, of course, read the comments sections, you will get a really good idea of what happened and how it is being reported and mis-reported and how both the victims and the perpetrators are being mischaracterized in order to serve a political agenda, which is destructive to Germany, to Europe, and to the achievements of the German feminists, who had been making some impressive strides in these countries.

In the mainstream media, the victims are directly blamed and held responsible for the attacks. The perpetrators cannot be directly named and they use all kinds of obfuscating language in German, such as something like “of a refugee background.” They never come out and say the truth as it is, as we all know it to be.

A lot of the German individuals reporting on this, many of them appear to be neo-nazis or MRAs, are blaming feminism. They don’t seem to have an explanation for why it is the fault of feminism. They will cite that some politicians behind the refugee invasions in W. European nations call themselves feminists. Of course, we have men calling themselves women and feminists, now, but that doesn’t make that true, either. In fact, it is a popular tactic of subversives to claim to be someone, then act in ways that are detrimental to that group. We radical feminists are very, very familiar with this tactic.

Feminism is simply a convenient scapegoat.

I, also, hear the men asking, “Where are the feminists?,” when these attacks on women by men are reported and I find this very disingenuous since it is often this same class of men who are responsible for driving us completely underground. See: Men’s Rights Movement, Men’s Rights Activists, Father’s Rights, Red Pill Philosophy and MGTOW, if you are somehow not already familiar. I don’t dare link to any of these. You can, also, look at just about any alternative news group like Infowars, and, also, more mainstream news sites such a Fox, to see how much they appreciate feminism and women, in general. These men know very well why there is feminist silencing surrounding Islam and other anti-woman crime syndicates. You can, also, search for “women harassed off the internet” to find out why there are so few women, at all, left in public places – of course, if you don’t already know about this, you’re probably a man and probably have not read this far.

As, I mentioned in a previous post, there has been an effort by genuine feminists in Germany to make publicly known the very great number of attacks perpetrated by Muslims on women, but these efforts have been thwarted by the mainstream media. Furthermore, men online – and it is mostly men on line – have their own alternative news networks that purposely exclude women, especially radical feminists,, except to call us “sluts,” c*nts,” and talk about how we’re ruining the world and we should all just submit to men’s will. You have probably, also, noticed that almost all feminists and especially radical feminists, even archived material, has been removed from YouTube. Women and feminists, in particular, have been run off the internet by violent men – mobs of them, some of them with high security clearances. This has very much had a chilling effect on women’s speech.

So, here I am, a radical feminist – one of a dwindling number – reporting to you on what is happening and giving you my view of it. That’s about all there is left of us. And, we’re here as long as we are able to be until the next level of internet terror by men takes away the last of our ability to communicate with the world.

I hope the German women can find something deep in themselves, something ancestral that they can call upon. German women were once very great, formiddable warriors in their own right. The German men are pretty much a bunch of liberal, limp-wristed, candy-pants who have more fear of being called “Nazi” than they have care or concern for women or for their own culture. These johns and pimps of Germany and their patriarchal system have already proven unreliable, at best. So, as before, it will be on the shoulders of women to protect themselves and to protect their own children.

It is going to be difficult for people as civilized and refined as the Germans to come to that point where they must forget their love of rules and laws. The Germans love law and order, it’s one reason they are so civilized. But, when your government’s laws don’t serve you, you have to look to natural laws.

My hearts are really with the victims of these crimes who are now being re-victimized by their mayor – a woman and a commie sell-out, no doubt – and by the police, judges and other aspects of the system there in Germany and elsewhere in W. Europe.

We know it is coming here. We already have something similar with the Muslim Brotherhood and crimes perpetrated by black men (and sometimes black women) against white people are not reported in the mainstream media. People know. They’re angry about it. They’re angry with the media. There is an increasing impatience among white people where black people are concerned. The end result will be bad – it’s going to be bad for blacks, really, because like I said,many of us are not Europeans. We’re a lot closer to something less civilized and, when it comes to surviving, that can be a good thing. It’s a benefit to be able to walk between those two worlds: The highly civilized and the savage.

A Final Thought

I pushed “publish” on this post and then I began to think: What would I do if I were a woman in Germany right now. I’m thinking, of course, not as a civilized German, but as an only semi-civilized American.

The first thing to realize, of course, is that the state has declared you an enemy. Ask yourself what obligations you have to such a government? I’d be thinking along these lines.

Based on what I know about Germany, I’d arm myself with anything I could – even makeshift things like an awl or screwdriver. But, these are really not good weapons. They’re just something.  You can’t rely on them. Pepper spray is junk – just junk. It’s more likely to get you in trouble than if you had nothing at all in a struggle.

I was in two particularly criminal cities in Germany back in the 1990s. I think I might make a trip there and make some friends from the wrong side of the tracks – very carefully, of course. There were weapons coming into Hamburg and Berlin from the east, particularly Russia, when I was there.  It might be possible to make some friends and make a purchase. There are lots of good things being manufactured in nearby countries, including Austria, Russia and even Turkey. I’d try to get my hands on something small that has packs a big punch.

You see how the cops are – cowards and do-nothings. The media want to keep things quiet. Think about how you can use these facts to your advantage in any situation.

That’s what I might do, if I were in this situation.