Cowardly Cops Run from Refugees in Sweden, Meanwhile a 17-year Old Dane is Arrested for Fighting Off Her Attempted Rapist


Swedish woman spat upon by a typical, misogynist, dark invader.

This could almost as easily have happened in the U.S. One of my early posts at this blog is on why women don’t call the police and, of course, it is for all the reasons that you see in previous blogs, such as the one with videos of a young German girl describing her experience trying to report sexual assault by Muzzies to the police there. They laugh at you. They ignore you. But, if you get them to take you seriously, you run the risk of being charged with a crime yourself.

This is what happened to a young girl in Denmark: She used pepper spray to fend off a dark-skinned, male attacker who was trying to remove her clothing while she was trying to walk down a street. There are not enough details to this story, so we don’t know how the police found out about the attack. We are left to presume that she dutifully went to the police station and reported it like a good citizen. She has been charged under the firearms law there. Yes, apparently, pepperspray is a “firearm” in Denmark. And, she will likely be fined and could go to jail for three months.

This is why if you ever have to defend yourself, weigh heavily reporting anything to the police or even telling anyone you know! Unfortunately, for very young girls for whom this is a first-time experience, they don’t yet know how hated they are, how everyone around them will blame them, and will possibly do things to cause more trouble for them.  This is a lesson we all learn the first time we are sexually assaulted, even when we successfully fight off the attacker. And no matter how violent the attack, we will be told that we wanted it, we asked for it, we’re sluts, and so on.

I went through this after successfully fighting off a violent sex attacker. (One who had targeted me because I, “slut” that I am, was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book at a nice little coffee shop, and did not like it when the attacker’s friend sat down next to me and tried to talk to me. For not being “friendly” enough, I was targeted for violence by the two of them.) But, I didn’t go to the police. I already knew not to do that from earlier experiences. What happened to this attacker was that he attacked another woman who worked where I worked (she showed up with bruises all over her legs and hips) and a couple of male staff members there took it upon themselves to – I will just say this – take matters into their own hands. (I was working at a small club in a little, trendy town, at that time, and it is not unusual for the night club security to take their job of protecting the dancers very seriously. It’s business: If the dancers can’t work because they’re being beaten up and sexually assaulted, this means disappointed customers and closed doors. I used to hear a lot from night club security in many different locales, in general, that they couldn’t believe some of the things they saw – things that were just every day occurrences to me and to most women.)

This is the only kind of justice you will likely ever see if you are the victim of an attack like this. Also, I have told this story to people, years later and far away from the incident, who were disgusted at the “vigilante” justice. That was just wrong of me, they said. But, of course, it wasn’t my idea. Some men – back when we still had a couple of those lying around – took it upon themselves to do what everyone knew the police (our worst enemy, collectively) would not do. If you are the victim (or even nearly a victim of a sexual assault), you will always be blamed – always.

The attacker in the case in Denmark will likely never be found, but the whole lot of them are just as guilty. If any of those men met with some tragic “accident,” it would be a start.

Not only are the police typically unsympathetic and, at worst, dangerous to women and girls who report crimes against themselves, they are absolutely useless in cases where there is a crime taking place, due to their cowardly natures.

This is epitomized by this story from Russia Today,, which reports that the police in Sweden fled from “migrants” in a refugee asylum center. Now, frankly, I cannot even begin to imagine this. Even the police in the U.S. aren’t this cowardly. They might kill the hostages or throw a little cyanide in and kill all the little children they claim they are there to rescue. But, they would never fail to apprehend the bad guys. I can’t think of a single instance where this has occurred.

The cops were dispatched to this center to transfer a little, 10-year old boy who was being repeatedly raped by the “migrants” at this refugee center to another facility because the staff members were unable to complete this undertaking on their own due to the migrants’ “hostile attitude.” It is unclear from the article if the police succeeded in doing so before they shamefully retreated in fear and defeat.

How would you like to count on these cops to rescue you from an attack by a gang of men – or even a single man- at your home or on the street, where you are not allowed to have an actual weapon to defend yourself and if you use anything at all in your own self-defense and the cops find out about it YOU are going to be the one in trouble?

Maybe some more limp-wristed, white dudes can tell us all again how we don’t need firearms to protect ourselves – and here in the U.S. that “only cops should have guns” – and how “where one lives is a human right.” I heard that last line from a German candy pants I was dating just about right before I bought a plane ticket out of there!

Radical Feminism: Not a Political Movement But a State of Being

A few posts ago when I was writing about Feminism and Satanism, I said that both were more a state of being, something we are, rather than an ideology to which we conform. Recently, I’ve seen feminism referred to as a political movement and while this is true of liberal feminism, which has done some wonderful things for women in the past and which relies on political change through activism and lobbying, it is far less true of radical feminism.

As someone who has never been very political (haven’t voted in years because I don’t like to compromise my privacy, I’ve lived through actual ballot-box burnings (two of them) and I don’t see any point in voting for men and women who in no way represent me as a woman, a radical feminist, an atheist, a Satanist, etc.), I’ve never marched, never held up a sign, never participated in any of these kinds of activities that are traditionally associated with political activism.

Partly, this may be because I’ve never really had that opportunity. I’ve spent most of my life simply trying to survive, working impossible hours under impossible circumstances (of more male violence and persecution), and trying to navigate a labyrinth of male hostility and male violence. I spent years working and trying to get an education because I thought I might be able to get some respect that way and get a “real” job. It never happened – neither thing. (In fact, I only re-learned the lesson that professional life outside the strip clubs was more perverse, corrupt, and dangerous than on the inside.)

I even tried to escape all the violence once. I used to think that maybe I could out-run it, somehow. I thought maybe I’d find a place where male violence against women was, at least, not as bad. That is the reason I went to Western Europe, originally. But, there is no place that is free of such violence and such violence cannot be outrun. It is ubiquitous and it never runs out. There is always a bountiful supply of it.

I tend to think of the liberal feminists, many of them, the vocal ones anyway, as women who lead highly privileged lives, as ironic as that may seem. They are the women who have the luxury of talking about “consent” and “choice” and how we have to look out for the poor downtrodden menz of one class or another – Muslims, immigrants, trannies, fags, niggers, etc. They say that feminism is a movement of equality for all people. They are women who have had the luxury of caring about such things, while it seems all I’ve done is try to survive these same groups of people. Maybe they are the kind of women who don’t get hassled on subways, who don’t have to take a taxi somewhere when everyone else, including non-white, especially non-blonde women, can use public transportation or hoof it. And, maybe they have so much money that they’ve never had to care about such things – about spending that last $25 on cab fare that is needed to buy food or pay rent.

They have the luxury of complaining about how Barbie doll-looking women, so-called conforming women, are hogging all the male attention. Apparently, they’ve never had to run from abductors, or been pursued vigorously by pornographers. (I was so pursued that they sent a woman to befriend me for a week, to try to persuade me to sign a contract to do porn. I had two incidents like this and numerous warnings from other women about the dangers of being trafficked. I still haven’t been in the mood to blog about it all because it’s going to bring up a lot of things I’ve been trying to forget, and which I thought I would never talk about because it is regarded as “white woman’s privilege” and is taboo.) Really, when you are complaining because you are not being noticed by men or because the Band-aids they sell at the drug store don’t match your skin color, then you are living in a completely different world.

No wonder we are not talking about feminism the same way as the libfems are. These are people with a lot of relatively minor concerns – the same women who want us to “Shut the fuck up” and listen to them because they believe they are more important than us.

Radical feminism is something that comes from down deep. It’s not a “movement” or an “ideology” that we find, rather it seems to find us. It found me when I had finally reached the point where I was terrified to leave my house, not just for a couple of days at a time – which used to happen to me a lot due to harassment and constant stalking (including cop stalking) – but, the first time I didn’t go outside for a week. It happened after I was assaulted at a “regular job” – it was a sales job, at which my employer, also, ripped me off on my pay. It’s the same story I’ve always experienced at so-called “regular jobs.”

Some point after that, I tried to go out with a friend – a male friend. I knew I could never have relationships with men anymore, at that point. We had gone out to a restaurant and stayed ’til closing time, around 10 p.m. and when we left, there were literally cops everywhere. One ran right past me on the way back to the car and I was afraid he was coming to attack me. (I’ve been raped, strangled, beaten, held captive at gunpoint and barely survived the last attack – all by cops. So, the men I fear most are the police.) A blonde-haired woman walking in front of me, I noticed, also, tried to dodge him. I think she thought the same thing, that he was going to tackle her or something. I don’t know where he was going in a rush, but I couldn’t wait to get home and when I finally did, I had an absolute break-down. I remember crying hysterically and saying over and over, again, what I’ve said so many times since, “I never knew it was this bad.”

Truly, I never knew. I never could have conceived of so much evil and senseless violence. I always knew that something was wrong with males. I always hated them. They have always disgusted me. I have had to deal with all of that disgust, sort of push it aside, push it down, for years because I had to in order to navigate in the outside world, which is full of men and their nastiness, their filth, and their violence. It got to be a habit for a while, swimming in so much male filth.

But, at that point, I knew I couldn’t do it anymore. I could not even pretend to be what the rest of the world calls “normal.” In that world it is normal for men and women to have relationships, even if only business relationships.

I still tried to do business with men for a while after that, but that ended when I got a stalker. I had to close down my business. (Actually, I had acquired two stalkers -one of them was local, the scarier one was from out-of-state and was pretending to be a client. The local one went to jail for a while for stalking another woman.)

After that, I had to determine how to make a living without having contact with males. This is something that is now possible, thanks to modern technology. I only wish I had had this opportunity decades ago. I could have put myself out of reach of men and their violence and could have saved myself so much agony, ill-health, exhaustion, and wasted time and effort.

So, it is because of men and the nature of men that I am the way I am. I can be no other way. Separatism, however you can get it it is the only answer, if you want to survive.

Every minute you spend in men’s world, anytime their attention is on you for whatever reason, you are in danger. The best thing to do is to hide and, as I’ve said in previous posts, to prepare, in case, your efforts at maintaining your personal privacy fail.

When I hear so-called feminists complain about being plain or non-conforming or not getting enough male attention, I think they should be grateful for that. (This is what they call “white woman’s privilege” very often, so you’re not supposed to bring up what happens to “conforming” women – the sheer Hell of this life, because you will be told that blacks have it so much worse!) If you are a woman who feels invisible among men, then you are fortunate. The opposite end of that is to live your life in constant fear. Even now, as a middle aged woman, I take great efforts to protect my privacy because I have never had a time in my life since I was about 12-years old, that I haven’t dealt with the problem of male stalkers. My blonde-haired, blue-eyed mother had a stalker when I was about 5 or 6-years old, so I’ve really been dealing with stalkers surrounding my home for almost all my life.)

I do my best not to be seen. Literally, I run around in a big heavy, dark glasses and hats, year round, when I do have to go out. My experience is that it never stops – men never stop. The threat from men is never ending. I don’t let men around me at all and almost nobody knows anything, whatsoever, about my personal business. The reason for this is that, in my experience, people talk and “loose lips sink ships.”

I think, sometimes, that this is a terrible way to live. But, what are the other options? All other options are fraught with an intolerable level of danger. I have had such consistently horrific experiences around men that I cannot comfortably be in their company. This makes it difficult to make friends because most women are male-identified, in some way. They have their Nigels.

But, in fact, it is not so terrible, if you can pull it off.  That is, if you can do it and not live in abject poverty. If you have a clear purpose in life, some personal goals, something of over-reaching importance that drives and sustains you, then you can do it.

You must realize too, that your life is your own. It is not for anyone else but you. You do not have to serve other people – you don’t have to serve a so-called movement, either. You can live your life and serve only as an example to other girls and women, how to live independently, free of men, in charge of your own surroundings, your own home, your own property, and be in charge of your own security.

So, when I read MRAs and other anti-feminists like this Pamela Geller (who thinks Evangelical, Nigel-wife-beater-defending, wacko Sarah Palin is a “real” feminist!), I mentioned in a recent post, who condemns Muslim violence against women out of one side of her mouth while condemning feminism out of the other side, talk about feminism being a “failed movement” or being a fake or that it is something that is going to go away, I know I am reading the words of both fools and enemies. As long as women and girls live, as long as we yearn for freedom from enslavement, for freedom from domination, for the freedom to pursue our greatest dreams, for the highest expression of our own humanity, there will always be feminism. There will always be Women’s Liberation. It’s the core of what we are and we cannot be anything else.

Why Liberal Men and Criminals Don’t Like the Idea of Women and Girls Being Able to Defend Ourselves

Liberal men hate women. Like the men on the right, they believe we have only a couple of good uses. To the men on the left, we exist for men’s pleasure in pornography and as “sex workers,” as they so joyfully like to call trafficked women  and girls and, in fact, anyone who has ever had to provide entertainment to men for a living. (I was a career exotic dancer for the span of about 20 years. When I entered that line of work, I did it out of desperation (and I stayed because it was a safer workplace and paid better than most of the offices and other regular jobs I’d had), but at that time we were just thought of as dancers or strippers and only very ignorant people thought we were “hookers.” This belief is now mainstream and pushed, especially, by liberals who say that “sex” – remember I said, “dancing” and not “sex”so this is like trying to talk to a Christian Fundamentalist, who, also, have a one-track mind! – is a good thing.)

So, liberal men are the ones who most insist that our lives revolve around sex and that we exist for the sexual pleasure of men. At least, this is the case, at present, in the U.S. This could change when the Muslims begin to outnumber them because they, not surprisingly, have the exact same beliefs about white (especially blonde) women and Christian women.

Thinking about Germany in my last post called to mind a particular incident. I had a few incidents like this, mostly with German men, who didn’t like Americans  or the U.S. and thought this was an excuse to do violence to me. (I’ve mentioned this before, but I am very small. I have tiny wrists and fingers with bird-like bones, smaller than the average white woman, and I am very diminutive. I was often mistaken for a child by the Germans who are, by contrast, absolute giants. So, the idea of these massive men targeting me because they hate all of the United States is pretty ridiculous, but it happened occasionally. The fact is that men will use any excuse to commit violence against women.)

On this one occasion, I was with a couple of friends who met up with some people they knew at a typical German pub. The next thing I know, I’m in a conversation with this guy who, I was later told, was from a very wealthy family. He had been studying law for years and while I was sitting next to him, he decided to bring up some of the U.S.’s laws, which he didn’t like. In particular, he disliked the 2nd Amendment. Growing increasingly drunk, he expounded on why it was terrible that Americans should have a right to defend themselves. He quickly became tiresome and I remember, after explaining why we have the law (see previous post), just shrugging my shoulders and saying something like, “That’s just how it is.” After all, I didn’t make the law, even though I do support it just a I support the U.S. Constitution, in general. The Germans certainly love their laws, you’d think they would understand.

But, at one point, he drew back his arm and made a fist as if to strike me. I don’t know why he stopped, but he changed his mind, for whatever reason. Maybe it was my matter-of-fact defense of the right to self-defense or maybe it was the look in my eyes because if he had even tried to strike me, I’d have knocked his gigantic, candy ass off that bench he was sitting on and banged his head onto the concrete floor until he was unconscious or dead – whichever came first. (I’ve had to do this kind of thing before.) The legal consequences of doing something like this usually only cross my mind after the fact.

Such hypocrisy! This man, who was arguing against violence and against self-defense was, in the same moment as he was making the argument for the umpteenth time, actually in the motions of taking a swing at me.

I didn’t mention it to anyone, but when we left, one of the circle of friends told me that the man I’d been talking to – a spoiled, leftist brat of an over-grown infant – had actually hit her before. She didn’t say if he was arrested, so I’m guessing not.

Luckily for me, I have not dealt with a lot of liberal men. But, I think they are as dangerous as any and more so than other categories of men. They are very insistent about things and trying to discuss certain  matters is like talking to a brick wall. Maybe they’re really just not too bright, despite the fact that many of them are formally educated – of course, they are “educated” in increasingly wacky, liberal universities, which have pretty much killed real education, destroyed rational thought, and re-written history.  (If you don’t believe me, take a look at Mizzou!)

Most of my encounters with liberal men have been in W. Europe, where I dated a couple of these candy-asses, one of whom had, also, been a law student but never graduated. Apparently, lawyers don’t make much money there – just average salaries, like everyone else. That’s socialism. Everyone makes pretty much the same wage regardless of level of education, talent, ambition, or even if they work at all (Muslims, other dark foreigners and layabouts “earn” almost as much money each month as hard-working Germans).

I, also, met them in New York City, which is a really Europeanized city, in my view. I say this because all the liberal men I knew – and all the perverts and freaks – were either 1st generation or maybe as much as 2nd or 3rd generation from socialist Europe. So, I’ve developed the theory that the U.S. is being poisoned by Western European socialism. It’s a slow, painful death, like a little arsenic here and there. It’s in heavily Europeanized cities and chocolate cities (with lots of Muslims) that we have seen a reduction and an absolute, un-Constitutional and illegal loss of 2nd Amendment rights.

Ah, but deaths by gun shot are down in places where guns have been confiscated or cjwdseverely restricted, says the liberal, white male. Sometimes this is not true, at all, because criminal males always seem to have no trouble accessing guns and ammo even when it is severely legally restricted. Other times, the killers just find more creative ways to kill their victims – like in NYC, where they shove them out of tall windows, set them on fire in elevators, slice and dice them with a machete, or knife them to death.

There is, also, the problem of an increase in rape in these cities. You see, men don’t need a gun and, in fact, usually don’t use a gun in rape crimes against women and girls. On the other hand, women who have guns have a good chance of staving off an attack, of deterring an attack (I know this works because I’ve done it), and sometimes of killing their attackers before they can kill them or their children.

The liberals, including liberal feminists, like to cite how many domestic violence situations are escalated to murder more quickly when there is a gun in the house. But, they never think about the women whose lives could have been saved if they had had un-fettered access to a firearm, especially in cases where they have left the abuser and he keeps coming back to kill them.

In the case linked to in the above paragraph, if the woman had been able to access firearms and ammo, she might have been able to save herself from a criminal attacker who has no trouble getting a gun. Contrary to what this Huffpost article claims (and the link they gave provides no information about the laws in the state), in the State of Arkansas, it is still not that easy to own a gun and it was probably even harder about 10 or more years ago.

What this does is make it difficult for women to get self-defense items they can easily learn to use – even if they’ve never held one before. Guns, too, because of Obama’s wonderful job at causing them to fly off the shelf every time there is another staged shooting event followed by immediate threats against the 2nd Amendment, are now very expensive. You used to be able to get a very nice 12-gauge shot gun for about $100, but now it is $300 to 500. Ammo is scarce, threatened, and expensive, also. Keeping women poor and ignorant of or scared of firearms (and liberal white men and liberal feminists are always running scare stats and scare articles trying stir up more fear in women about guns and to gin up anti-gun, anti-self-defense, anti-Constitutional sentiment, especially in women) is a way of keeping the patriarchal machine of violence against women going.

Remember what they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? It’s insanity. But, in this case it’s more than that – it is a conscious attempt by males and apparently gullible or paid-off females – to keep women and children vulnerable to male perverts and male killers.

bptIf women are afraid of guns (and lots of libfems are), these people – like the libs at HuffPo – are directly to blame! It is they who have been running this fear-mongering, psychological warfare operation against women. It is a way to make women easy to rape and kill, easy for men to get their hands on the children, too. This is why men, especially criminal men and liberal men want gun control and fear-monger about gun ownership. This is why when they talk about women needing self-defense they like to give out cans of pepper spray (absolutely useless and possibly dangerous to the user) and suggest self-defense lessons – they know this is ineffectual against the enemy – and they are the enemy! Also, if women are able to defend ourselves we don’t need so many “charities” and non-profits. Oh, and we don’t need men to “protect” us, either, including the cops, when we have guns and ammo and know how to use it. Getting rid of the problem by arming women, by legally empowering women, would put a lot of liberal assholes out of a job – and it would put women out of reach of abusers, of porno heads, would-be pimps and johns, rapists and killers.

Criminals and liberal men (interesting how they fall into the same class here) do not want women to have the right to defend ourselves and our children (whom they see as sex objects to be used by men to fulfill their sexual perversions) any way we see fit. It’s not because they are anti-violence. No. On the contrary, it is because they most desperately wish to perpetrate violence upon us – just like the rich, liberal, German law-student I described above.

Let me be clear: Anyone who wants to take away your right to defend yourself, anyway you see fit, with whatever type of weapon and however many rounds you need, is an enemy. He has something bad in mind for you, something he wants to do to you –  and your daughters and maybe your sons, if you have any. These men want to feed on your flesh.

At no time do I ever hear a man talk about “reasonable” restrictions on the 2nd Amendment that I don’t see a walking, breathing, erect penis ready to strike at any moment. Anyone who wants to restrict your right to defend yourself or frighten you into not defending yourself is a particularly loathsome enemy.


More “White Woman’s Privilege” in Germany: A 16-year Old Girl Discusses Racially-motivated Sexual Assault and Harassment

I just want to share this with you quickly. Please, view the video while you can because things like this – the truth about what is happening to white women and girls at the hands of Muslims and darkies –  are being pulled of Youtube right and left.

This video is in German without subtitles. If you understand German, you’ll have no problem, otherwise see this link for a basic transcript of what she is saying in English:

The politicians have destroyed Germany, she says, but remember, folks, it’s all the fault of feminists, we damned women who believe we are human beings entitled to basic human rights and liberation from enslavement. It’s all our fault – say the men who sit on their asses fapping (I’m sure you can already imagine the sick sexual fantasies being projected on this child by adult men viewing the video on that cesspool, Youtube! – we all have firsthand familiarity with that, don’t we?!) and the Christians who are bringing them in by the busloads!

She, also, says that the police either ignore or laugh at them when they try to report crimes against themselves. This will not be unfamiliar to women in the U.S. who have ever tried to report a sex crime. (This reminds me of the first and last time I ever tried to report to the police a crime of being terrorized and harassed by black men at a mall (I was in my teens and I learned a valuable lesson about the cops and society), which shortly thereafter was guarded by SWAT teams before it was finally shut down completely because of black men harassing, assaulting, slashing, robbing and raping female shoppers. By the way, Mother Jones says that it is a myth that so many shopping malls in the U.S. have closed due to black violence, but they lie. It is the reason.)

This child and children like her and adult women are all bearing the brunt of these nefarious activities, which are being funded by big political interests (the name George Soros and his communist “charity” the Open Society Foundation come up, again and again.) At about 6 minutes and 30 seconds into this video, she makes an appeal to the men in Germany to please help the women and children because they are afraid to go outside, afraid to go to the store – “Please, help us!” Maybe nobody believes women deserve protection, but how do they justify not protecting children? I can’t imagine. I only know they do justify it in their own sick minds.

Update: I just read the disturbing commentary beneath the video and it was not what I was expecting. Usually any video with a young girl or woman like this garners a lot of disturbing sexual commentary. There’s the expected “white, racist bitch” and “you feminists asked for it….” of course. But, many of the comments are about fear of retaliation against this girl by Muslims for posting this video. They are saying she should delete the video, herself, if she wants to stay safe. (Note: She’s already not safe, which is why she made this video in the first place.)

This, apparently, is the climate there. Their idea is to censor this video, to shut her up. They’re telling each other to flag the video and suggesting how to do it so that Youtube will remove it. This is their idea of protecting her. And, of course, this answers the question, “Where are the feminists?” once again, doesn’t it?

I have seen so many videos with W. Europeans, who despise our laws, especially our 2nd Amendment. I’ve even experienced near-violence from white, liberal males in Germany, who despise our laws and see a small American woman as a convenient target, over the fact that we have a 2nd Amendment. They don’t know why we have it. Perhaps, like most liberals, including those here in the U.S., they never bothered to read it or, if they did read it, they did not understand it. When the government (“A well-regulated militia,” which is necessary to maintain the State – meaning a military organization, such as the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, etc., which were formed later, after the Constitution was written – is an instrument of the government) turns on the people, which is inevitable (and it’s only a matter of time before the Bundeswehr is unleashed on PEGIDA and the rest of the white folks in Germany – it’s coming!), the people have a right to protect themselves with deadly force. This is why the “right to keep and bear arms” must never “be infringed.” These poor people have no means of protecting themselves and, if they did have it, they have no legal right to use it, even to defend their own lives.

At this girl’s age, I was protecting my and my parents home against intruders. In one instance, a huge, gigantic, loud, fat man who had already spent time in Federal prison, who had a property dispute with my father, who saw it easier to target me instead of my father (who is kind of scary) when he knew I was home alone – at age 16 – regularly came to our house for a while and tried to knock the door down. I stood on the other side, at the ready, to kill him once he crossed the threshold. (I have never in my life – not since I was a little child of maybe 4-years old, ever felt safe – even with my mother because of male sex perverts. We had a robbery at our house when I was 5. A little boy was sodomized to death after being snatched from a play area in town when I was 4. And, my mother dealt with a stalker she acquired at P.T.A. meetings, who regularly called our house. Not to mention male leering, harassment and threats from adult men from the time I was maybe 11-years old on and even now! I have never known the concept of safety on the street, in a public place, or even in my own home where self-defense items are usually within arm’s length and always at the ready. )

On the other hand, this poor girl and all of the women of Germany have been left defenseless. The Germans – including young girls, in fact, especially the girls and women – must learn to defend themselves with deadly force. It is a natural right. It’s the only solution.

Here is Part II, in which she, again, pleads for help:

This is a 2nd Update (January 28, 2016):

There are always interesting things in the comment sections on articles and videos on this topic. I mentioned that there were people concerned about this girl’s safety (in German) beneath the comments of the first video from Muslim retaliation. But, there was, also, an indication that the German police are watching things like this.

Today I was visiting this website, which I’m going to stop doing because the owner is an anti-feminist, Jewish woman who allows Jewish men to write most horrible, filthy genocidal threats against and lies about little German girls like the one in this video, above – not the first time I’ve seen an assortment of nasty people, usually plenty of anti-feminist MRAs at this site – while writing articles regularly condemning feminists and feminism and blaming us for what is happening in W. Europe. But, it was confusing to me, at first, because they run articles condemning male violence against women, but then the author, Gellar, will frequently denounce feminists. It’s Orwellian, to say the least, to denounce the abuse of women by men while simultaneously denouncing the women fighting for their own liberation. It’s even more confusing when the writer of such an article is an outspoken woman, who would not be able to do what she is doing with out centuries of feminism having gone before.

In the article, linked here to Pamela Gellar’s site, I ran across this interesting comment:

linda bakker • 3 hours ago
in the Netherlands its also a big probleem. But our governement let more and more muslim men in. What can we do? If we protest we end in jail. Every evening we watch the TV with more and more propaganda to tell us how happy we must be with all our new muslim friends who rape us and take our land, money and homes . I dont agree with Voytek Gagalka, the men and women in germany and here in the netherlands are afraid! not feminized freaks, the governements of both lands are taking the side of the muslims. If we protest we end in jail , lose our jobs or our childeren. In Germany and the Netherlands the police visite you at your home if you write you dont want the muslim immigrants or hate them. Europe is gonna die, the work of mrs Merkel and friends, also our mr president mark (pedo) Rutte the slave of Merkel. greetings from a dying Europa, and sorry, my English is not so good, hope you can understand it.

So, this confirms for me what I read in the comments beneath the original photo above. The police are visiting Germans and Dutch, at their homes, who express “anti-Muslim” sentiment. This is, also, not the first time I have heard of women having their children taken away. (Meanwhile, Pamela Geller, MRAs, and the Christians trucking these mokes in blame feminists and feminism and demand public action from us!)

Of course, this is what the police did during the Nazi era. If you had a visit from the cops, you’d better have your state-issued copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf sitting on your coffee table and you’d better say nice things about the regime. Now, the new regime is a Muslim one, apparently.

What I still don’t understand – having carried weapons in areas many, many years ago, including German, where it is or was not only forbidden, but where the penalties are extremely harsh for doing so – why the people will not act to arm themselves. Of course, it is possible that they are doing this and we’re just not hearing about it. But, according to the above comment, the people are in such tremendous fear. The thing is this though – and I say this having lived in a veritable war zone for women since I was a tiny little girl – you have a right to self-defense, which does not come from any law made by a man or a group of men sitting around a table. It is natural and innate. If I had not taken matters into my own hands like this, I would not be typing this message because I would be dead! If you are going to be attacked – and you are going to be attacked, probably by multiple large males, probably multiple times in a short period of time – then, you have to be prepared to defend your own life no matter what men say. Men are nothing. They are not God. They are not representatives of God. There is only you and you have the right to defend the life your mother, your true Creator, gave you.





What Happens When Hardline Muslims Take Over a Country: What Some Middle Eastern Nations Used to Look Like

Some countries in the Middle East were once relatively civilized, as evidenced by the video and photographic images at the links, below, of women and girls in normal clothing, socializing normally with each other in Afghanistan and Tehran, Iran (Persia).

In the following video, you see what looks like a typical cocktail party. Such parties were popular, especially among middle class people, between the 1940s and the 1970s. (I remember my own parents throwing such parties before they became involved in a sadistic Christian cult.) People drank alcoholic beverages and sodas and feasted on all kinds of meats and cheeses, while they socialized and sometimes played party games. What is unusual about this particular party is that it took place in Tehran in the 1970s.

If you browse through modern cook books, you’ll find little of this type of celebration, anymore. It is a thing of a by-gone era here in the U.S. as taxes rose and we endured one government-engineered economic crisis after another, and people were left with little free time to socialize or money left over to buy or make hors d’oeuvres, and canapes and little stacks of meat and cheese with fancy toothpicks stuck through them.

In Iran, it all pretty much came to a screeching halt with the overthrow of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in 1979 during the Muslim Revolution.

Before that time, Iran was a secularized nation and many women lived pretty normal lives and wore normal, modern Western-style clothing. You will see more pictures of women, many of them very white, with their faces, arms and calves showing at the following link:


A photographic image of women in Kabul, Afghanistan before the Taliban.

So, while we talk about men being men, we must, also, realize that what we are all facing, especially the Europeans right now, is a Muslim cultural revolution, which has the ability to replace our normal lives with the savagery, degradation and filth of Islam. As you will see from images at the above link, and you will have noticed if you pay attention to the news at all, the Muslims destroy whatever is in their path. They destroy culture and write their own hideous story over it. They destroy art and architecture and they destroy women. None of Western culture is possible without Western women, therefore, we are all a prime target, as well. We are the base, the foundation, at which they are striking in an attempt to topple our entire civilization and what little peace we enjoy and the strides in human rights for women and girls we have made.

Here in the U.S., we know that we cannot count on the people in government to protect us. If you’ve been alive as long as I have, you remember things – like who was behind the fall of the Shah. Interests within our own government are responsible. This is not a reason to beat ourselves up or to blame ourselves because our government was hi-jacked a long time ago. The operation they are executing has been in the works for about 100 years and maybe more. The politicians, right and left, Democrat and Republican, pass the baton like runners do, as they push their way toward their goal of our destruction and complete totalitarian control.

So, while men are men, it is important to understand what is happening here. I think it is getting very confusing in countries like Germany, where they have been receiving Muslims into the country since, at least, the 1960s. They are now Germans, too. So, when we hear women in Germany say it isn’t just the refugees attacking them in the streets, this is something to take into account. This behavior is part of Muslim culture, which is not something Muslims change when they arrive in another country, even going from one generation to the next and the next. They even have a name for these street attacks: Taharrush, which translates to something like “collective harassment.” This is the practice some of us have experienced in W. Europe going back as far as, at least, 20 years ago. This is just the first time we are hearing a name for this particular type of male violence against us. It’s the first time I’m aware of that anyone in the mainstream media has ever listened to women about this problem.

This taharrush is, in fact, a form of guerrilla-style warfare. The difference being that it is being targeted on the absolutely most socially vulnerable members of Western culture: White women – who, if we try to report or even discuss this, will not only be blamed for the crimes against ourselves, but be labelled “racists,” “bigots,” and “Nazis.”

Past behavior being a good predictor of future behavior, I don’t really expect that we’ll see any action from governments or law enforcement agencies that will be effective in either protecting women and girls or providing for justice under the law for victims and survivors. Women are going to have to defend ourselves absolutely to the death and with deadly force if this problem is to ever be resolved. You see from all these images in these videos and photographs what happens when these men are allowed to go on.


An article with more images of women in Kabul in the 1970s:

Another video of Iran before 1979:




Foe Vs. Foe: How the Rapists, Johns, Pedos and Other Misogynists are Going to Save Us All – Not!

Well, we just “celebrated” Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday here in the U.S. As a white woman, I am certainly not reassured that such a black, male misogynist, woman-beater, womanizer, and serial adulterer – not to mention an absolute fraud – is so venerated that the entire U.S. Federal government has to drop what it’s doing for 24 hours. When this is what our “heroes” look like, you can see that we are all eyeball-deep in cow patties.

nigs and white woman

White woman turned into a serving table for use by alien life-forms.

Forced integration and the continual pushing in the media of the idea that white women just can’t get enough black cock has done a lot to make my life a living hell. You see, I am one of those blond-haired, blue-eyed “sluts” who, I have frequently been told, looks like a “nigger lover.”  Not only is this the equivalent of calling me a piece of trash, it’s an insult, which I’m supposed to tolerate with a nice, white lady smile.

This is where I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t, so it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me at all what they do or what they think. What I think of them, in fact, what I know about them – those black men and the black women and white liberals who defend them – is what is far more important.


The “model” white woman: What we should all aspire to be.

For men, including black men and, as you see in this article about a German woman assaulted by a moke in at the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (main train station), Muslim men, we white women exist for sex, more explicitly, we exist to be sexually abused.  Of course, the white men will be the first to agree.

If they are white men on the right, they will grit their teeth and spew saliva while they talk about their gang rape fantasies and call us “nigger-lovin’ white whores” and “trash.” When white men can’t “get” a white woman, they blame everyone else – including white women and black or foreign men.

If they are white men on the left, they will lecture us on “our racism” and talk about choice and consent and men’s needs for porn and sexual satisfaction and repeatedly call any of us were ever forced to make difficult economic choices “sex workers” – even when we repeatedly ask them not to do this. Men, and especially lefty men it seems, think that prostituting women is a human right. Men believe that white women, especially blond-haired, blue-eyed women, exist only for their sexual satisfaction.

To them, we are the blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman in the red dress from the Matrix


The woman in the red dress is not a real person, but just a hologram, who exists for the pleasure of men.  This is  an illustration of our “privilege” from a popular Hollywood movie.

movie. We are not real, conscious, sentient human beings with souls, yearning to be free! No, we are just whores who exist only in the minds of men, only in their fantasies. This movie tells a lot of truths about the male world view – this being one of the most poignant, the one that stood out to me the most.

“We have met the enemy and he’s our friend…the friends, brothers, lovers in the counterfeit male-dominated Left. The good guys who think they know what ‘Women’s Lib,’ as they so chummily call it, is all about.”  -Quote by Robin Morgan, American author, journalist and pioneering feminist, in a 1970 editorial piece titled “Goodbye to All That,” published in the January 1970 issue of the underground newspaper Rat: Subterranean News

What kind of world do we find ourselves in when our “friends” are the rapists, the johns, the pimps, the pedos and other misogynists, also, claim to be our saviors? They are the “brave” men who make wars and fight wars – for us wimmenz, so they say. They police the streets here in the U.S., of course, if you are a white woman, especially if you have blonde hair, you’d better learn how to disguise yourself if you travel far on our highways, if you want to stay safe from them. Our brave protectors are those men in our own lives – if we have any – who are our brothers, fathers, uncles and sons – but, as I said in the previous post, they hate us most of all. They are the ones beating, raping and killing us in our own homes. They have porno stashes and secret lives.

Here’s another example of “the call is coming from inside your house!” (which is a reference to an old horror movie about a woman being stalked by a killer, “When a Stranger Calls.”): Some of these brave saviors, these heroes at arms, from France, which has been a major attack site for foreign, Islamic invaders, have been busy abusing children. Apparently, this is not only a regular thing, but institutionalized, even the policy of the U.N., because the guy who blew the whistle got in a lot of trouble for flappin’ his jaws about it.  Who will save France? Can child rapists be trusted to save the “honor” of women or girls? The answer is, of course, crystal clear.

In the U.S., many military women report that their greatest enemy is the men in our own military. Much like the female refugees in the camps of Muslims pouring into W. Europe have reported a fear of going to the bathroom because of the near certainty of rape, our own female soldier live under similar circumstances in the field.

And, the police may be women’s greatest domestic enemy. Here’s a most recent example of police abuse of power that I pulled up in a quick Google search, and you might think it is extreme, but the problem of cops harassing women is huge. It’s worse in some areas of the U.S. than others. The larger cities are generally worse. Open highways are sometimes very dangerous for us, too, if we are traveling alone. No one knows how many disappearances of women in the U.S. may be attributed to law enforcement agents, some of whom participate in human trafficking rings and cover ups of such activities.

It is difficult for women to find a “friend” or an “ally” in this environment. Everywhere I look, I see enemies. I see men on the left and men on the right. I, also, see a lot of women supporting these men, especially liberal women (often claiming to be feminists) supporting all kinds of supposedly oppressed men, who are actively working against, purposely trying to harm, women like me.

The best we could hope for is that one group of our enemies would rise up and kill the other group. To some extent, I think this is what is happening with the black attacks on white police officers. I see Foe Vs. Foe and I have no strong feelings about this because experience shows that one is about as bad as the other. I have only a desire to get out of their way!

For women, I think this is the only answer. We certainly have to get ourselves out of range because, as usual, we are being completely scapegoated for what these men are doing.  (Everywhere you look online right now, especially in comment sections, you will see men blaming women for anything and everything. The “blame women” card is being whipped out and circulated even more swiftly than that tattered, old “blame whitey” card, aka. the race card. If you don’t believe me, try posting anything in the comment section of a YT video and you’ll see that it’s like leaping into a tank of piranhas! ) And, what are we guilty of? We are guilty of having uteri, which can be used to bring  more males in here. That’s about it. But, we have always been scapegoats, convenient targets for males, I think, because we have less social standing, less economic power, many of us are very isolated, and we tend to be physically much smaller than men and, therefore, less threatening, so it is easy for them to turn their rage on us instead of the huge, hairy, scary enemy. Men blame us because they are absolute cowards and worse!

This is why I say out of range is best. Then, of course, the next thing is to be prepared in every way you can think of.  Develop eyes in the back of your head, if you haven’t already. We really have to be prepared to defend ourselves because we have foes on all sides. There are no heroes – except ourselves.

The White Man’s Hatred of White Women

The members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Louis Farrakhan aren’t the only ones calling for the death of white women. No. Someone else wants us dead and the call is coming from inside the house! 

White men are, also, threatening to kill us, all of us, but especially “feminists,” in many conversations and comment sections online. They do this in the middle of a tirade of rage-filled, sexual abuse directed specifically at white women, whom they like to call “trash,” “sluts,” “whores” and worse while they indulge their rape fantasies.

Recently, I have written in a couple of posts about the disgusting sexual fetishes of men who like to abuse women online. It actually has a name and it is called “erotic humiliation,” which is apparently a part of sado-masochism, a thing that has increasingly become a mainstream trend. This explains why men, in general, attack women everywhere online that we are recognizable.

But, it’s more than that even. It is simply an echo of things we’ve heard before. White men hate white women. They especially hate blondes. I’ve heard it many times over the years stretching back for a few decades, so it’s nothing new.

What is amazing about their hatred of white women is that it is often coupled with white supremacist attitudes about race and breeding. I left a comment at a Youtube video a couple of weeks ago, which has since garnered a long stream of hate-filled sexualized abuse.  I just went back and read it this evening and it is something that, when I analyze it, makes me realize how insane white men are – how evil they are that they could say these things about their own mothers and grandmothers.

Coupled with their complaints that men of other races are breeding whites out of existence, they spew hatred at white women and brag about their “submissive” Asian wives.  (Women who are “submissive” long enough to get their paperwork in order once they arrive in the U.S. as overseas brides, then get as far away from their abusers, as possible. I was good friends with one such woman. She was in no way submissive and didn’t especially like men, either, but – like the rest of us – she was a survivor!)

The men are mostly angry that they cannot “get” white women. They are angry because, increasingly, women – and maybe especially white women – are shunning white men and often men, altogether.

Despite their attempts to destroy us. Despite making our lives sheer misery. Despite causing us to live in constant fear. Despite all the horror that is men, women are still outpacing men in education, in entrepreneurship, in home ownership, and in many other areas of life. Yes, they’re still stalking, harassing, raping and killing us, right and left. But, we are still pulling ahead and they are left behind because they really cannot do much for themselves, it seems, and instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, instead of doing something constructive with their time, they choose, instead, to harass and sexually abuse any women who come into range.

Lots of women defend their sons. It’s a problem in feminism, in general, and a barrier to more radical forms of feminism for many women. Women who have sons cannot see how evil their sons really are. They simply refuse to see it. They should venture into some of these discussions and they would have their eyes opened up wide!

More women with sons, especially white women with sons, should take a look at some of these disgusting comments by white men toward and about white women online. They should know how much their own sons and grandsons hate them – how they want to murder them. How they want to dominate them, enslave them and kill them and how they talk about doing these things in very specific ways that conjure images of the bad old days, what we call The Burning Times.

This is how much white sons hate their own mothers and grandmothers!

Yet, they cannot understand why white women stay far away from them.

As with many other things to do with men that I see online, I wonder how long it has been like this. I think it must have been this way for a very long time. I’ve experienced little but abuse and near-death at the hands of mostly white men, mostly white men known to me – trusted white men, all my life. Men, some trusted in the community, have threatened to rape me – and all that stops them now is that they know I am well fortified and prepared to defend myself with deadly force against them, if necessary.

These are our white brothers – and they want us dead! No one should ever imagine – whether on this continent or any other where there are white men – that they will come to the defense of women, especially white women. At best, they are cowards. At worst, they are johns, pimps and rapists.

So, we must always be prepared to defend ourselves and not just against the assorted darkies and Muslim men who are attacking us and calling for our deaths, but from the white males who, also, hate us – maybe even more ! – and want to subjugate or kill us, white men who are so low, so vile, that they hate and despise their own mothers!

What kind of degenerate hates his own mother this way?!

I cannot urge women strongly enough not to trust men. Do not allow yourself to be alone with one ever because we see the kind of hatred they harbor and if we did not know it before, we cannot ignore it any longer because it is everywhere online that men congregate. For your own safety and the preservation of your life, do not fall into the habit of thinking that a man of this or that race or nationality is less dangerous than any other. White men are as dangerous as any and statistically they are more likely to rape and murder white women than any other group of men. This is mainly because white women have white male relatives and white male friends and associates and live in communities more likely to be filled with white males.

Reading these horrific comments, filled with violent sex fantasies and threats of murder directed specifically at white women, really explains to me so many of my past experiences of unexpected, unprovoked attacks, especially from white males. They are absolutely desperate and rabidly sick, which is why they will attack and beat and/or rape you suddenly and without provocation. They are filled with rage at us. They want us dead.