What is So Bad About the Human Race Dying Out?

After observing a lot of male, human filth for a while, I have come to the conclusion that humanity, as it stands, is not worth perpetuating. I think many women have come to that conclusion and that is why those who of us who are permitted education and some measure of economic self-sufficiency, have chosen not to perpetuate it.

A lot of people talk about The End in various ways, an apocalypse, a return of the E.T.s, the return of a savior of men, the complete destruction of our planet due to an asteroid or man-made disasters. But, as I watch the Muslim hordes streaming into Western nations and the men’s response to this, which has been mostly to further denigrate women, blame women, and refuse to allow justice for women and children who have been victimized by their brothers, I realize that this thing is going to come to an end because man, and particularly men, are not worth saving.

I’ve watched some videos of German women, some kind of politicians, saying they don’t care what happens to Germany.  Why don’t they care? Is it because they, as some have suggested of Angela Merkel, do not have next generation to protect because they understand the the so-called civilization we have is not worth perpetuation.

Men have no power to reproduce themselves. Only we have that ability and when we decide, we can end the filth, the denigration, the perversion, the sickness and the violence that is men. The only way to kill the thing that sucks our blood, that feeds on our energy and our bodies, is to end our own regeneration. As the host dies, so will the parasite.

It won’t happen overnight or even in a few years, but it appears to be an eventuality and the only thing I can see that might change it is if men were to learn to respect women.

But, we know this is not possible. And, it may be that this is how it will end and that is okay because we don’t need anymore men!