The Difference Between Men’s Rights (MRM) and Islam is Negligible

The Men’s Rights Movement and Islam have a lot in common. The men in both groups hate women and girls and believe in the abuse, rape and enslavement of us.

The following video has supposedly been made by an Iranian man who talks about the amazing benefits of Islamic enslavement to women, how women are given all kinds of special rights at the expense of men, and the men are the truly oppressed ones.

Yes, Muslim women are the oppressors of Muslim men. Really!!!

You will notice as you listen to this video, that it could easily have been made by any Men’s Rights Activist or supporter of the MRM. Among other things, he is amazed the the women have no respect for men and have no sense of humor. Sound at all familiar?

Here’s the video. It is full of anti-woman hatred. You’ve probably heard it before from the men in your own country, but you can see that Western men are not different from Muslim men or any others. They are nothing more than living, breathing filth and they attempt to project their filth onto women in their many reversals.