The Liberal Myth that White Women are Not Oppressed by Black Men

There exists a popular belief among many feminists, undoubtedly liberal feminists who now make up the majority of us, that white women are oppressors of black men and black people, in general, and cannot be oppressed by black males. We are classed with white men and our systematic oppression by black males, who are, in fact, members of the patriarchal establishment, is ignored and denied.

There is, also, a push by someone to include the issues surrounding black males in feminism. For example, there are many articles like the following: , which tries to make a case that black men’s alleged problems (which usually involve them committing crimes and getting caught by cops) is an issue that women like myself should be concerned about. As you know, feminism is not about men – it’s not about black men, tranny men or any other men. So, whoever is trying to make this case is clearly not a friend to feminists or women.

My own personal experience with black male oppression mostly involves harassment, intimidation and stalking, which takes place mainly in public places, such as public streets and sidewalks and in malls, grocery stores and other commercial establishments. I have, also, been assaulted by black johns and I managed to survive a rape attempt by a black man, who attacked me while I was sleeping in my own bed.

When I complain about this, I am often accused of either being outright racist or not helping the cause of black people, who, I am told, have suffered so much more than me, a “privileged,” white woman. Therefore, I’m supposed to “shut the fuck up” about my experiences with black, male violence and systematic oppression, which black males participate in with white men as their equals.

For a long time in the U.S. , black men have enjoyed many rights that women, including white women, have not. These rights were spelled out in the 14th Amendment very carefully to exclude all women. Black men can go a lot of places women cannot go, such as masonic brotherhoods, and they get jobs women have difficulty getting, such as in policing or any other jobs from which women are excluded, usually through violence, threats and sexual intimidation.

Black men stand alongside their white brothers, and their brothers of all other colors and creeds, in their systematic oppression of women, sometimes working individually to harass and intimidate women, as I’ve commonly experienced, which I mention above – or working through patriarchal systems. They are cops, johns, pimps, racists and street harassers – this has been my own experience and observation involving black men.

In an upcoming post, I plan to talk about how the media push the notion that white women, especially blonde-haired, blue-eyed, light-skinned women like myself, are hungry for black dick. This has, I believe, been a particular problem for me throughout my life and because of it, I have been a special target for black males. I’ve been told that I “look like the kind of girl who goes for black men” and this is why I’m constantly harassed, followed and terrorized in areas where there is a high population of blacks. And, apparently, we “white bitches” all look alike because I am sometimes confused by black men for particular blonde-haired women they think they know.

Black cops are, also, a problem for white women. Where I used to live we had a black highway patrolmen who was notorious for only pulling over white women. In the following video, a white woman who is a victim of prostitution, talks about her particular fear of a black, male cop – a black sheriff – who sexually terrorizes her and other women in the area. This is about 3 minutes into the video:

The above is an example of how black men have positions of power over white women, although they do not need to be in such official power positions to terrorize us.

Black men pimp and prostitute white women in the U.S. They, also, beat and rape us. One night several years ago, I was in a larger city pumping gas (a very dangerous thing to do!) and a car pulled up next to me.  A white woman got out and tried to run from a black man, who jumped on top of her and started beating her. I have no way of knowing the circumstances, maybe the woman was being prostituted by the man, maybe she had just been abducted by him and was trying to escape – I don’t know. But, this is an example of the kind of violence and terror we face from black men as white woman.

In another instance, my grandmother rescued a white woman who came to her isolated farm house one night after being abducted in town by a black man, who took her to a remote location in the country to rape her. The woman had no clothes on and he pulled out clumps of her long, blonde hair as she made her escape. She ran underneath a locomotive to get away from him. It was late at night and I’d been there at the house doing some work upstairs and she had seen the light on. This is how she saw the house in the dark. My grandmother, always with her revolver, answered the door and let the woman in. She gave her some clothes to wear and called the sheriff’s department. TWO MEN came to get the victim. We never heard another word about her.

The above story illustrates how black men and white men work together in the patriarchal system to oppress white women.

Black men are often particularly violent and demeaning toward white women because they see us as the property of white men.

This sort of behavior and attitude is illustrated in the following video:

In the above video, the white women are harassed by black men and described as “white bitches,” among other colorful characterizations of us, which are popular among black men.

If white women were oppressors of black men, would we not be the ones terrorizing, harassing them and committing violence against them, instead of the other way around?

The answer is obvious – to everyone but liberals, of course.