Liberal Feminists Being Abusive Toward RadFems and Occurrences Surrounding Ferguson, MO

I just lost a long version of this post down a black hole at WordPress. Apparently, they are having some problems. So, you’re going to get the Reader’s Digest Version of things.

The primary underlying difference between liberal feminists and radical feminists is that liberal feminists cannot stop sucking cock.

Since I live not far from the epicenter of black violence, St. Louis, I am not going orgasmic over the “nice” black boy’s victory over the University of Missouri at Colombia. Liberal feminists would do well to remember two things: A victory for men is never a victory for women and black male patriarchy is not better than white male patriarchy.  It is usual that when men speak, when they whine and complain about such things as being called “nigger,” they get action because they are MEN.

Such tender little feelings these black men have.  Being called “nigger” is just so monumental compared to being a small, white woman abused by huge, black men (often more than one at a time) in every way imaginable – endlessly, for years and years! I have been called all kinds of perverse and disgusting names by black men on the street, on college campuses and at my workplaces. (No one cares.) I have been followed in and out of stores by them. (No one cares.) I have been stalked by them. (No one cares.) I had to fight off one of them who I woke up in  my own bed to find straddling and restraining me while I slept. (No one cares.) I have been assaulted by them.(No one cares.)

Not only does no one care about the abuses I have suffered at the hands of black men, but because I object to being harassed, stalked, threatened, terrorized, burglarized and raped by them, I am called “racist” It is suggested by one libfem that I sound like a member of Stormfront (a white male supremacist group). But, the problem here is that I am not a white man. I am a woman. I am a white woman who refuses to suck black cock. I refuse to take joy in the victories of my enemies, my attackers, and those who have said they want to KILL me!

Recently, because actually live not far from St. Louis, where the Muslim Brotherhood and #BlackLivesMatter have been engaging in violence for about a year now, I have had some unusual and really scary experiences with black men. In one instance, I was called “blondie” and looked up and down in an aggressive way by two huge, black men who forced me out of the way while I was trying to make purchases at a small grocery store. I had to leave because of them – if I had not left, I was sure they would have done some violence to me and maybe the clerk. These two black men were dressed in African clothes with African colors and were most likely Muslims.

On another occasion, I was surrounded by a group of them while I was in my car at the outside teller station at my bank. Fortunately, I was able to get my money and leave very quickly before something bad happened. That same bank branch was armed robbed last month.

I was shopping at a T.J. Maxx and witnessed, along with about 20 other white people, who were mostly women, at least, three black men and women walk out of the store with merchandise and jump into an awaiting getaway car and speed off. This happened in the middle of the afternoon, in broad daylight.

These are unusual things because there are not many blacks where I live. It is 94% white, 3% American Indian and 3% Hispanic. We have less than 1% black people in our population. This is according to the last census. Again, none of these people look like they are from anywhere around here.

Also, on Halloween night I had to leave a gas station and a store because of another man, one of a Middle Eastern look, who had a gun in the coat of his dirty pocket and looked like had no business doing what he was doing. It’s a long story and I don’t want to go into it. The point is, once again, I had to leave somewhere because of blacks or Muslim-looking men.

Liberal feminists and liberals, in general, have no problem with women like me being terrorized by men, as long as they are black. They take great joy in it, in fact. I read it all the time in the comment sections where they regularly say horrible, sexualized, violence-promoting things about white women – especially blonde women.

It is major gaslighting and psychological abuse to call someone like myself racist because I object to abuse and domination by black men.

Again, I am not a white man. I am a woman. I do not wish to dominate other people, only to live in peace and to go about my business and to sleep in my own bed without fear, which is something I have not been able to do for years because of one of my attackers, who dare I mention it, was a black man. I never go to bed without remembering that incident. I remember it every single night!

As I’ve said in previous posts, it doesn’t matter what you do or say at this point. The people who hate us have already decided what we are. In their view, I am a racist white bitch and a white whore who deserves to be dominated, raped and killed by black men, especially if it furthers some liberal cause or other. Still, it is pretty sickening to see these women calling themselves feminists. It has made me reluctant to talk at all, but then I remember THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT! Remember: “White feminists, shut the fuck up!”