Transgenders and Transvestites Everywhere: Actual Women Disappearing

Women are disappearing from public space. We are all but gone from the internet, the exceptions being women saying what the patriarchal establishment wants them to say. When we speak, it is anonymously and from obscure corners of the internet, like this one. We are being vanished as we watch men mock us, reinforcing gender role stereotypes as they silence and threaten us.

Men who cross dress or alter their bodies with chemicals or surgery is nothing new. It’s been around for a long time. In some bigger cities, it’s a big thing. I have a friend who owns a nightclub in a major U.S. city. It’s small, but they have two altered men who pose as female dancers. It’s not a drag club. No, it’s a strip club, a small one with an average of ten dancers per shift, and you wouldn’t know that two of them are men until the end of the night when the lights go on and the music stops and then you hear their voices. I’ve known others who could pass pretty well under the bright lights of the dressing room and if I hadn’t been told that they were men, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it.

There are some tell-tale signs, though. There are things that cannot be changed because men cannot become or “transition” into women. It is impossible. So, the first thing you notice is that something is a little off about these “women.” Often, it is their behavior. The best thing a tranny who wants to pass can do is stay quiet because his voice is often the first giveaway followed closely by the things he says and the way he behaves. He mocks women, he copies what he thinks is our behavior – and men imagine all kinds of crazy things about women, how we think, how we behave, etc. – and this is when they will first reveal themselves. For instance, many men imagine that women (even strippers many of whom are lesbians and the rest of whom despise men) are fighting over males or male attention. So, they act “bitchy” or “catty.”

Other clues are physical ones. In the case of many average tranny men, they’ve had little or no surgery. Like Michael Robinson and Bruce Jenner, when while they may get breast implants and facial “feminizing” plastic surgery, they still retain their dicks, which they have to tuck (I knew one in NYC who danced as a woman, but was still in tact, so he basically shoved his dick up his ass crack during the performance – lovely!) or wear special undergarments to try to hide when they wear dresses or women’s slacks. It doesn’t work very well!

Another clue is the face and the jaw structure. Men’s faces are longer, especially near the ears. The jaws are shaped differently and are often more prominent. They have longer chins. Even their eyes are different, especially in older males. When males are younger, they look prettier and less intimidating, but as they get older, their eyes change and begin to look hard. The eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and if you look there you can see who or what you’re looking at.

Men’s bones, in general are longer in their limbs and especially in their hands and feet. Men’s feet tend to be much narrow than women’s, reflecting the difference in our skeletal structure. Male torsos are longer and their center of gravity is different from ours. They mimic the way we balance ourselves when they stand or walk, by holding their hands out in a “feminine,” way.

Men’s hands are very different from ours. They are usually longer, hairy and very paw-like, in comparison to our own. They tend to be narrower, while ours are usually wider at the palm. But, the giveaway is the size and length of their ring fingers, which is usually very large in relation to their index fingers. To hide this a tranny will slightly bend his ring finger while he mimics our balancing when he stands or walks.

Another major clue is the size of a man’s shoulders in relationship to his head. A man has very broad shoulders that are about 3 times the width of his head. Women’s shoulders are considerably narrower. This is why many trannies will turn their bodies at an angle to the camera when being photographed in an attempt to hide the massive breadth of their shoulders. The men, not only have hulking physiques and long torsos, but they have very muscular arms and, if they are thin enough, they have scrawny chicken-legs. This is because men have their strength in the upper body and women have ours in in lower bodies. So we tend to have naturally well-developed legs, although they don’t look like male body builders’ legs.

You will recognize a tranny man by any of these various clues. One thing they invariably do is go too far in some way in their mockery of women.

Real women don’t have to go out of our way to look like women. I can wear baseball caps (which I have a collection of!), shoot guns, drive tractors and trucks, wear overalls, perform maintenance around my property or perform any number of “masculine” gender role stereotyped tasks and I always look like a woman. No matter what I wear, no matter if I don’t wear make-up, no matter anything – I look like a woman because that’s what I am.

Sometimes I try to look masculine for my safety. I’ve done this a lot while travelling, but I can’t pull it off mainly, I think, because of my size. But, also, because of my face. There is no way I could ever be mistaken for a male. This is unfortunate for me because the reasons that women try to look like men is very, very different from the motive that men have when they try to look like women. For us it is about trying to avoid male violence, male threats, and male attention that might harm us in very direct, physical ways. But, for men it is a fetish and a brutal enforcement of feminine gender role stereotyping.

Below are a number of links showing trannies in politics, sports and show biz. Some are from other countries, but a lot are Americans. Trannies have long been a big thing in Brazil and I’ve known quite a few Brazilian men who dress and have been surgically altered in an attempt to appear as women. At best, this is a sickness. At worst, it is a tyranny with a broader tyrannical agenda, which we haven’t seen the worst of yet!

Joan Rivers would have loved this! Too bad she didn’t live to see it. 1st openly transgender staffer in the White House:

Serena and Venus Williams – these two are not out. But, it’s obvious what they are. (Serena has some very masculine aggression problems – in a fit of rage, he smashes a metal tennis racket like it’s a chicken egg in this video!): 

Transgender athletes seem especially insidious. They not only take away precious space from women who wish to participate in athletic competitions, but sometimes they injure women:

This man took titles away from women in power lifting competitions before he finally admitted that he is really a man – of course, this is pretty obvious, but as they say, “Denial is not a river in Egypt.” When he was fired from whatever thing he was doing that he shouldn’t have been doing he cried, “Discrimination!”:

This is a list of 15 Tranny Athletes. I didn’t page through all of them, but you can. I think you’ll notice a distinct pattern. They are men who posed as women to compete in women’s athletics. You won’t see women posing as men to do something like this because there would be no advantage to doing so:

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t see TV, so I was surprised to learn from my internet research how many tranny men are posing as women on TV shows since about 2006 or 2008 or somewhere in there. Here is one from a show aptly named “American Horror Story: Freak Show”:

Here’s another demonic-looking dude with a freaky-deaky voice trying to pass as a woman on a TV Show called, “Top Model,”:

Here’s a list with links of tranny “actresses” from Wikipedia:

This one is from a show, called “Orange is the New Black,” which must be fairly popular because I’ve actually heard of it:

Allure, which used to be a women’s magazine, has this article, “8 Transgender Models You Need to Know,” at their website. I have no idea why women need to know this, but here it is. Note the number of long, mannish faces with loads of Maybelline slatered on them :

Here’s the thing. If these dudes want to dress up like a bunch of freaks and model or do porn or fuck other men, I think that’s just fine. More power to them, especially when they’re fucking each other up the ass. Maybe we can call this the new masculinity! But, they need to stop calling themselves women and making demands of us while threatening us, destroying our safe, women-only spaces and silencing us.