The “Poor” Refugees Invading Western Europe Have Fancy Cell Phones

As loads of aggressive-looking dudebros pile into Western Europe, one noticeable feature is not only how well-dressed some of them appear, but that many of them have fancy cell phones.

Here’s a news clip from that pinnacle of fair and honest reporting in England called the BBC:

You see, it’s perfectly normal for refugees to have fancy cell phones.

Here’s an article from a pinko website called “The Independent”

Here’s the charming headline of that article, which I know automatically was written by a liberal dudebro because it is full of insults and self-satisfied condescension: “Surprised that Syrian refugees have smartphones? Sorry to break this to you, but you’re an idiot”

Here’s a little excerpt from that article:

“The world isn’t a binary split between “rich” and “poor” – and we should adjust our assumptions about the countries in the middle accordingly.”

My response to this is as follows: Adjust this, motherfucker. A whole lot of hard-working, supposedly rich, blonde-haired, “white privileged” people like myself, living in 1st world countries, cannot afford such cellphones. For example, I have a cheap 10-dollar per month flip-phone, which I use only for emergencies. I got rid of my traditional land line years ago because I could not afford it!

What kind of refugees come wearing Adidas and running around with expensive cell phones?- so many of these men (and it’s all dudes in the pics) have these phones that they had to set up special cell phone charging stations for them.

Moreover, what company in their home country, which has supposedly been devastated in a takeover from ISIS, is providing their cellphone service?

If you haven’t noticed that there is something very strange about these “refugees” by now, then you are not paying close enough attention!


Video from the island of Lesbos ( a small Greek island with limited resources, already under the strain of the EU austerity agreements), where these so-called refugees landed without permission, complained about their reception, overwhelmed the island, then ran wild breaking things and entering people’s homes: