A High School in Germany Sends Letter Home to Parents Warning that Female Students Must Be Dressed “Modestly”

According to a report at “The Local de,” a Gymnasium (the German term for their top level of high school – these are considered the best and brightest students) in Munich, Germany (the Bavarian region) has sent a letter home warning parents to dress their teenaged daughters “modestly” – whatever that means! – so as not to sexually arouse ¬†200 violent Islamic, misogynistic perverts who are being housed in their school’s gym. Physical Education classes have been cancelled.

According to the article, there is outrage from “some” parents. There should be outrage from all concerned.

Here’s the article, “Refugee Host School Bans Revealing Clothing,” – I think I need to take a bath now and scrub really hard. This is positively nauseating:


In another article at this site, I see a headline something to the effect of Merkel (German Prime Minister) saying that Germany is taking these perverts in because they care. Who do they care about? Certainly it isn’t the German worker or the German taxpayer. Most certainly, they have no care or concern whatsoever for women and girls in Germany!