Thoughts Upon Watching Hoardes of Rapists Surge into Germany and Western and Central Europe

I have been watching as the media and European individuals in forums (we must confirm everything in the mainstream media with independent sources, as well, before we believe what is reported by mainstream media, who are notorious for running fake news and theatrics) report a massive influx of Muslims into Germany and other countries in the EU, as well as Poland and other countries, which are taking a relatively small number of these aggressors. I have noticed that the media focus their cameras on the few women and girls among them, while the vast majority of the interlopers are males. Even the small children are mostly male.  According to my count 80% are male. According to this article, the official count of males is 75% (only 12% women  and the rest are mostly boys). What have they done with the women and girls? My guess is that they have killed all who were not already claimed as livestock.

I imagine some Westerners, upon seeing some of these men with their wives (a single wife, it appears, although they are allowed to have 4 and among them may be children as young as 9 years) see some reflection of themselves, especially if they are Christians. But, don’t be fooled. These men are slave masters with their slaves – they’re not Ozzie and Harriet!

Some independent researchers on the ‘net are working right now to discover the origins of the propaganda picture of the child lying face down in the water. It appears that this photo, while tragic, is in no way related to this event, except that it is being used to run a sympathetic narrative for this mass of rapists who are now entering the country.

Germany is already overrun with Islamic thugs. If you are a woman who is assaulted on the street – and most of the assaults come from non-German men – you are not allowed to complain to anyone about it. You’re not allowed to talk about it or else YOU are a racist an a bigot. I haven’t been to Germany in years, but when I was there I had some greaseball try to open my car door, with the idea of pulling me out of a moving vehicle to do what, I think anyone can guess. I was followed and assaulted in the streets by Turks (thankfully,  I had smuggled an illegal weapon into the country, although it wasn’t much – only a stungun, but a scary item to anyone unfamiliar and potentially a helpful instrument when you’re a tiny woman being assaulted by a gang of huge, hairy stinking men screaming at you in a foreign language). I had an Italian immigrant say over and over to me, “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you!” In between he told me how much he hated the people in his host country. He said German people were stupid because they work. He didn’t work because the German welfare system took care of him. This left him plenty of time to threaten women walking along a sidewalk somewhere.

Back then, the Muslims men were the biggest problem women faced. Since then Germany and other countries, in particular, Sweden and Norway, have received huge numbers of these men. The rape rate in these once relatively safe countries has skyrockedted. And, of course, if you complain to anyone that you were raped and damn near killed by a Muslim, you are called a bigot and a racist. We have a similar problem here in the U.S. with the spawn of Louis Farrakhan and these #BlackLivesMatter black men and women. The rhetoric used against white women who complain about crimes being committed against us is the exact same. We are stifled. We are silenced. We are told that we deserve this, especially if we are light skinned women. We are told to shut up because what other people have to say is more important.

None of this is happening by accident or coincidence. It is all by design.

I hope that people in Germany will go against their normally law-abiding nature. It is clear that the laws are not there to protect YOU. Therefore, you have a moral right to break them. I hope you will read the books that have long been forbidden to you to read. If you do, you will learn for yourself what lies at the base of this latest attack – and make no mistake this is an attack! – on Germany and all of Western Europe. You know the book I mean.  Long forbidden to you, thanks to the internet, you can find it online in English, although the original German language version is far better. Read both volumes because history is repeating itself and the puppet master has only moved his headquarters!

When the Germans were disarmed by the Treaty of Versailles after World War II, they had to re-arm themselves. They did it secretly in Russia (this is described in that book that Germans and citizens of many other European nations are banned from reading). Now, I think is the time when the criminal class in your midst, especially in cities like Berlin, may become your allies. The German people must re-arm themselves.  Your prime minister and all the people in your government have forsaken you.

And, here in the U.S. we are dealing with multiple false flags – a psychological warfare operation – one after the other of a long, long series, which are aimed at terrorizing women. The liberals hope that women will turn away from the idea of self-defense. They believe that if they can somehow terrorize women that they will gain control of the family. This is very misguided logic from a lot of men who don’t know much about women. But, this seems to be their motive for the many staged shootings we have seen recently in the media targeting women – especially blonde women.

Instead of throwing our hands up in the air and running off screaming like the actress, Alison Bailey (the apparent name of the actress who played the role of Alison Parker in the theatrical production at WDBJ TV station in Roanoke, VA), Americans – including American women – continue to arm themselves more and more.

We must not – any of us – give into this psychological warfare, which is about to become increased physical warfare in Germany and other European countries.

What do you owe traitors?

We women must arm ourselves and keep talking, especially when we are called bigots and told to shut up. This is a cue to start talking even more. We must break free of the racist, misogynist doublebinds placed on our minds and our speech by our enemies. Remember: Anyone who wants to disarm you or silence you is an enemy!

Below are some videos and articles showing the threat to European women and girls from these monsters pouring into a country where they are, under the law, defenseless victims with no right to self-defense, no right to complain, no right to speak, no right to redress, and no hope of justice.

I understand that if you live in the U.S. anyplace anywhere there is HUD housing, which is usually Democrat-run cities with lots of gun control, you are about to receive some of these charming, handsome fellows, too. Of course, here in the U.S., they will first have to contend with the gangs and we’ll see how what tough guys they are. My guess is they won’t last long in some places like Chicago or East L.A. where they will clash with organized gangs of even more violent men.

Women have a natural and should have a legal right to say when they have been violated, regardless of the race, nationality or religious beliefs of the perpetrator. But, this right has been taken away from women in many European countries. Here in the U.S., it’s the same, especially if the perpetrator is black. Although most rape of white women is perpetrated by white men, black men, also, perpetrate a large number of rapes against white women, while white males like to save their sexual abuse almost exclusively for white women. This an example of our “white woman’s privilege!” Furthermore, it is taboo to discuss. I have to be very careful talking about a black man sneaking into my bedroom and trying to rape me while I was asleep, for instance – very careful because if I don’t enjoy being raped by a black man, then I must be a white, racist whore! Telling the truth about black rapists is “hate speech.”

The Muslims regard white women in Norway (and, in fact, everywhere in the world) as whores. According to the video below, many women there have taken to dying their hair black in hopes of lessening their chances of being raped. (I have had to employ a similar tactic in some parts of the U.S., which are overrun by dark complected men from other countries. In fact, it does help lessen the number of daily threats.) Predictably, the liberal establishment blames the victims!

Watch Muslim man-boys and some Muslim women in Sweden throw a violent tantrum in response to a film, which was apparently part of an educational course, taught by the artist, Lars Villks, who is now in hiding after multiple attempts on his life. Note the Swedish women, who do a remarkably good job restraining some of these vicious beasts.

Note the irony of the woman singing this song in the Dutch (Netherlandish) language as images of violent, foreign males are shown on the screen (The title is “More than Welcome” and she sings of their difficulties as immigrants arriving on boats, etc. – something like Neil Diamond’s “They’re Coming to America.”):

Here we see a whole entire encampment of these rapists fighting among themselves in Dresden, Germany, a city of high culture, which saw some of the most senseless destruction during World War II. But, can the city survive this?

How many of these people are paid actors?

They control what you see and how you see it. Notice how the camera focuses in on the women and children whenever possible:

If you want to know about similar things happening in the U.S., which are not being reported in the national news, look at this Youtube channel:

Just something to think about (“It’s a Set Up”):