Targeted Violent Attacks on Women by Men in the U.S. – Some Apparently Staged and Some Legit

We have a problem in the U.S. (also, in Canada and probably every other country) with violent targeted attacks on women by men. Not only do we have the day to day violence in our homes, the street violence, rape of epidemic proportions (I’m convinced it’s just what white men do to white women because it seems to be as common as breathing with them) , but we have recently had numerous mass murders, most involving the use of a gun, some involving knives and other weapons.

Some of these stories are very credible. For instance, the Elliot Rodger case is one that no woman familiar with the Men’s Rights Movements didn’t expect. We are familiar, also, with how violent men become if you say, “No,” to them for any reason. Other mass killings perfectly reflect our own personal experiences with men. So, it is difficult to know what part of these stories are real and authentic and which parts are staged or are being manipulated by actors in some way.

After looking again and again at the most recent apparent murders on live television in Roanoke, Virginia, it seems to me that something is very wrong with this story. The first red flag is the behavior of the woman reporter’s father (if this is her father) in the media. It turns out he is an actor – and a familiar one to me. I remember seeing some of the commercials he did for cereal and Miller beer back in the 1970s or ’80s.  He, also, has an acting company which specializes in procuring actors for banks.

You’ll find this information below, if you care to look for it. I don’t know if this woman, Alison Parker, is alive or dead.  The same is true of the Sandy Hook alleged victims, who were almost entirely women and children. There were many actors involved there – literally actors from acting companies, with agents and profiles. Some those actors appeared at other high profile events, such as the Aurora, Colorado theater mass murder. This information is positively mountainous online and you will lose hours and days of your life if you choose to delve into it because it is endlessly fascinating.

Below are some links and videos regarding the latest, apparently staged event.

The next question is why are women and, especially blonde or, at least, very conventionally attractive women, being targeted in these events – some of which may be real events and some of which may involve actors? Why are they especially targeting women at this time?

The Charleston shooting, also, appears highly suspicious and may be part of a soap opera-like, continuing narrative in the media that includes this latest event. In the Charleston shooting, many of us radfems remarked that while the white male shooter condemned black men raping white women in his manifesto, he then went on target nine (9) women in the attack! Women were the majority of those murdered – if this attack even took place. A lot of YouTubers have delved into this one, I have not. I usually assume these events are staged ever since the Sandy Hook event. This seems to me to be an effort to terrorize both black and white woman and to scapegoat white women (white man’s chattel), once again, for the white man’s violence against black people.

One theory I’ve heard from some man at YouTube talking about this subject (…and since about the time of this event on December 14, 2015 there are very few women, especially American women, talking about these subjects left on Youtube and I know of, at least, one who had to quit her research because of stalking and threats of physical violence….) is that someone is staging shootings of women, thereby inciting more such violence against women (than exists already organically because we are under siege by men in this county!), in the belief that this will cause women to jump on the victim disarmament bandwagon.

Of course, this theory makes no sense at all until you consider how men regard women – how they never listen to us, but decide in their own weak minds for us what we are, how we think and how we feel. The highly misogynistic and predominant (especially among liberals who associate guns with violence) gender role stereotype is that girls don’t like guns – girls like dollies and pink sparkly things. The fact is that many women enjoy shooting and collecting guns – we just don’t enjoy being molested by men while we’re trying to enjoy our hobby, so we tend to stay away from the men and women often have separate events. It’s not because we can’t out shoot the men in a competition (many of us are naturally good shots and can easily out shoot men) but because the men don’t like that kind of competition from us and they become aggressive, which really takes the joy out of a hobby, I can tell you.

If this is what is going on, the white dudes running the show are in for a rude awakening.

Sisters, if you want to stay safe, live your life every day like you have someone stalking you, waiting to kill you – because you do! This means keeping a low profile while buying more guns, more ammunition and practice! – practice! – practice! – hitting the target.

The links and videos are below, you can judge for yourself what really happened. (Update: Someone posted this excellent article featuring a comparison of a Glock19 actually releasing 9mm bullets vs. the televised reporter shooting. It appears conclusive that this was a staged event and none of these three people were actually shot as you can see that no cartridge is ejected when the video is slowed down.) Whether she was shot and is dead or not, somebody sure wants us to know that we are in the cross-hairs, for whatever reason (race war, victim disarmament or something else). I’ll start below with the peculiarities of her alleged father, a familiar face if you’re old enough to remember TV commercials from the ’70s.

Broadway and commercial actor, Andy Parker – I remember his “Ew-eee!” commercial from the 1970s along with the Miller beer commercial:

More on Andy Parker:

I don’t have TV, so I saw the article about this incident at the liberal misogynist news aggregator, RawStory.  I saw the first video, which was the one from the TV cameraman’s perspective. I would not have looked twice at it, except I couldn’t understand why the woman was screaming. The screaming did not seem realistic to me. No one would scream like that unless they were actually hit. Later examination of the second video seems to show that she was not hit, at least, not while the cameras were on her. If she had been hit, holes would have been ripped in her clothing by the bullets and biological matter would have issued forth. We never actually see this because the cameras go black – it’s like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.  Allison’s behavior on the camera was odd to me because I have been held at gunpoint twice. In neither of these incidents did I scream like a banshee. I kept cool and calm because my survival depended on it. In one of the incidents I was strangled, so I could not speak – then he began to rape. In the other incident, a man (working with other men) pulled me out of my vehicle and held me at gunpoint for about an hour, threatening me. I kept calm, tried to get in his head and tried to reason with him, while refusing to obey commands and attempting to get the gun out of his hand, after which I planned to shoot him in the head along with his accomplices. I almost did not survive that attack. I’ve, also, dodged gunfire in notorious “gun-free” areas of this country. When someone brandishes a gun or starts shooting, you don’t throw your hands in the air and run screaming – this is Hollywood stuff. How Allison behaved in this incident is how men in Hollywood think women act when someone pulls a gun or starts shooting. It bears no resemblance, whatsoever, to how women really act in life threatening circumstances like this.

Here’s another woman’s opinion, she did this video shortly after the airing of the incident. It was later explained that the killer went to elaborate lengths to buy himself time to upload the video to Facebook and to make some incendiary tweets about his apparent victims. Note, also, that some BBC reporters were on the scene when the alleged perp’s car crashed and filmed it. The local cops confiscated that tape and threatened the reporters, according to a report.

Andy Parker’s performance from the absolutely disgusting Broadway production, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”:

In case you’re not sure that’s him, here’s the playbill information:

More details on Andy Parker and others involved in this absurdity:

Some more suspicious characters from previous mass violence events in the U.S.:

This guy, Robbie Parker, made a lot of internetters look twice at the Sandy Hook shooting, which by the way could not possibly have happened the way they said it did, if it happened at all.  Photos of Adam Lanza were actually pics of his brother, which someone photoshopped – badly! Adam must have existed at one time, as a very tiny boy, but he had blue eyes. His brother has brown eyes. Numerous shockingly badly photoshopped pictures of the Parker family and other actors (and I mean literally actors) from Sandy Hook began to surface with very bizarre photoshop errors in them (a woman with three legs, for example) and we are seeing similar bad photoshops emerge in the last day or two surrounding the Roanoke, VA alleged shooting.  Here’s Parker preparing himself, getting into character – and everyone involved here seems to know what’s going on, or at least, fails to notice it. By the way, there is every reason to believe that this little girl, whoever she is, is still alive – evidence is all over the net. You won’t have to look far to find it. The photoshopped images of “Emilie,” if that’s her name, at different ages into pictures – again, very badly and very obviously, as if they wanted people to notice.

Gene Rosen, a very bad community theater actor, was one of the worst actors of the Sandy Hook non-event:

Alleged Sandy Hook child victim’s picture (identical photo) shows up in Pakistan massacre where he is shown as a victim. Apparently, this kid is a Jesus Christ, died, arose, then died, again. It seems the frauds at the BBC didn’t coordinate their efforts with their American media counterparts:

Updated documentary on Sandy Hook (very good):

Note to readers who do not live in the U.S. (and clueless American liberals who never leave the concrete jungle): When I was traveling in Europe years ago, I used to have people ask me if I knew certain actors or entertainers. A lot of people outside the U.S. don’t realize how gigantic this country is in geographic terms. Major American media, such as national news and most movies, come out of two main cities in the U.S.: Hollywood in California and New York City in New York.  These are two fairly small geographical areas, situated 2,500 miles (about 4,000 km) apart from each other with a huge, diverse area rich in its own history and traditions in between. Most Americans do not know any or rub elbows with any actors – famous or not. Yet, we see professional actors with credentials, resumes, agencies and so on, associated with all these very high media profile events in towns all throughout the country.

Furthermore, thinking about the clearest motive for all  of this skulduggery and while I’m on the subject of the middle of the country, I have a black bear stalking the woods that closely surround my house and here this bastard, Andy Parker, along with a bunch of other Hollywood bastards and political men, are trying to take away my right to self-defense. These men are scum! Liberals on either coast like to pretend that the middle of the country – filled with poisonous snakes, big wild cats and wild dogs and bears! – doesn’t exist. They like to pretend that those of us who live here are “bitter Bible-clingers,” “gun nuts,” and “ammoxexual” men who don’t really need guns to defend ourselves from anything – and then they talk about how the conservatives don’t understand women! Meanwhile regular, ordinary men are raping and murdering women at an alarming rate. They have stepped up their aggression against us, they are making more and more violent pornography, instructing other men how to rape and murder us and now Andy Parker and other men want to take away women’s rights to defend ourselves from monsters like themselves!

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Not all women are our sisters, some are working with men to harm us. Why the push to disarm women when 90% of reported violence (and we know it’s more than this because this often cited FBI statistic doesn’t include the massive number of incidents of unreported male violence against women and girls – we’ve all got our own personal stories) is committed by men?! How much are they getting paid to sell us out?:

Only 10% of violent crimes committed in the U.S. involve firearms. Nearly 100% of those crimes are committed by men. So, why do they want to take away women’s right to keep and bear arms?!