Muslim Men Rape White Girls and Women in Germany: Feminists Try to Report it, But Media Black It Out

German, British and U.S. media are working diligently to cover up the epidemic of rape by Muslim men occurring in Germany. The victims are not only the relatively few women and children housed in refugee barracks in Germany, but it is a fairly long-standing problem in Germany that is swept under the carpet. This is done in Germany in much the same way as it is done in the U.S., whenever we white women dare to talk about our experiences of abuse and violence at the hands of non-white men.

Talking about the abuses of white men against us is difficult enough and it’s not something most women ever do without the shield of anonymity. White men are a danger to white women, perhaps even more of a danger than other men. They are certainly more of a danger to us in our homes and they are the ones most likely to be johns who harass us, proposition us on the street or in our workplaces. In feminist circles, I can feel free to talk about the nature and number of abuses I have endured at the hands of white men, but to talk about my experiences with black, Middle Eastern or other protected classes of men – although, these seem to be the two most protected classes by far – is taboo. I assure you that waking up in your bed and finding a black man grinding on you is a bad experience, it would be just as bad if he were any other color. But, there is a special way that a black and Middle Eastern-type men harass blonde-haired blue-eyed women. In their own words, they say we are bitches and whores.

Black feminists don’t want us to talk. Fun fems don’t want us talking, either, about the true nature of the porn industry or the trafficking of white, American women, because many of them are on the side of the sex-trade lobby. They have said to us, “White girl, shut up!” When we bring up this subject, we are called “Nazis” – absolutely laughable in my case for reasons I may explain someday – or we are told to shut up because other women suffer more than us. This is because in their view we were born to have our lives turned into porn. We were born to be raped. Before it became the rape capital of the world because of an invasion of Muslims, Sweden was once the porn export capital of the world. Scandinavian-looking women everywhere are regarded as the whores of the world. There are plastic surgery procedures to make other women and men look like us, to mimic us and to portray us as whores deserving of rape, subjugation, torture and death in the media (for example, “Bitch better have my money” video by Rhianna, but there are endless examples in the media).

If you are a girl or woman born with Scandinavian racial characteristics – small features, blonde-hair, blue-eyes, and fair skin – you are a special target for both black men and white men, but targeted in different ways by each group. We are, also, targeted differently because of our appearance and because of the stereotype that we are whores and porn queens. Our flesh is to be traded by men in one way or another or we are treated as some kind of prize or, ironically, as the whipping boy of the black man who sees us as property of white men.

There are great similarities between how white women and girls are targeted in Germany by blacks and Muslims of other skin shades and how we are targeted here in the U.S.

Remember: We are not allowed to talk about this! But, we have to talk about it now when they are trying to silence us and when I see how they are silencing German women and girls, silencing feminists in Germany, I see that this is coming here, too, and it is coming fast. The first thing they do is silence you, then they name call you, “racist,” and “nazi” and ridicule you and when that fails, they threaten violence. So, I’ve got to talk. We white women, especially those of us who have been victimized the most by liberal social and political policies, have got to stop walking on eggshells around liberals.

Liberals will be the death of this country, just as they are trying to kill Germany right now by silencing the German people and especially the women. They hate white women. This is why liberals push fun feminism, they push porn and prostitution on us and they pull the race card out frequently when we say that our lives have value, too. That we have the right to live our lives to the fullest and no one has the right to steal it from us whether he is black, white or any other color.

I want to discuss an article that was posted originally in German and moreso, I wish to discuss the comments made by Germans beneath that article, which you will find at a link further below. It is in these comment sections that you see what is really happening to people and especially women and girls in Germany right now.

This article, entitled “Germany: Migrant Rape Epidemic,” is posted in English at the Gatestone Institute website and is dated September 18, 2015:  It provides a pretty good English translation and explanation of another article originally posted by a German women’s lobbying group, LandesFrauenRat (LFR) Hessen, which uploaded it to its website, then abruptly removed in September 14, without explanation,” according to the Gatestone Institute. It is still available in German, with comments, at the following three websites:

The German-language article is the same at all three of the above online locations. You can read it in English at Gatesoneinstitute and you will see that there are numerous attacks on women and girls by these “refugees” and by other immigrants in Germany.

Now, let me tell you something about German culture, which differs from American culture. It’s something you must know to fully grasp the situation in Germany. In the German culture, it is considered very rude for a man to approach a woman. It would be considered un-German. And, if anyone knew he did it, he would be tisk-tisked by other Germans and called out on his bad behavior. So, German men are generally not street harassers, stalkers or street rapists. In Germany, the crimes of street attacks and harassment are almost exclusively perpetrated by foreign men. This has to do with culture.

Here in the U.S., it differs and more and more in the past couple of decades white men have become very, very aggressive toward women. It wasn’t always like this, but we never had the cultural restraints on men asking women out that exists in Germany, where this is simply not something a decent man would do. Black men in the U.S., in my experience, have always been extremely aggressive in public and white American men are becoming more like them.

So, in Germany we see stark differences between the behavior of black and white men toward women and girls. It is a much sharper difference than has ever existed in the U.S. between these same groups of men.

So, it is not just men who are following German women around while they’re trying to jog, following them in cars and on foot, trying to chase them to their homes, preventing young women from being able to ride the subways in the late evening and making it necessary that 9-year old girls must be escorted to Kindergarten because they won’t even let up on their sexual harassment and threats of little tiny girls.

It is not German men who see white, German women and little girls as “whores,” deserving of rape and death.

It is particular men who harbor hostility toward women and girls and are a protected class, protected by the media in Germany and by the Judges, who are bought and paid for, who do not penalize these men for their crimes against white women.

If you look at the comment section of the first and second postings of the article in German, you will see what is really happening in Germany. Of course, it helps to be able to read German. You could try Google Translator, but it’s not very good. But, what I’m telling you about what is happening to women is reported by some women in the comment section of those two articles. They are afraid to leave their homes, especially at certain times of the day and what’s more, they are being silenced! “White girl, shut up!”

There are many, many more interesting things in the comment section and I spent way too much time last night reading it all!

The judicial system in Germany has let women down. They are not prosecuting what we call black on white crime – the same problem we’re having here in the U.S. right now, and the same thing: It is not being reported by the mainstream media. (The same thing is happening in Norway and Sweden, according to online reports from obscure parts of the internet.)

It is sad, that before a woman talks about being harassed by men, she has to preface her statement with, “I’m not a nazi, but…” – which I would urge them to stop doing, immediately. Of course, you’re not a nazi – and so what if you were?! You still should have a right to walk down a street in your own country without fear of torture and death by strange men – strange men of any color or religious persuasion, but that’s exactly the issue. Because, as I said, it is not German men who are doing these rapes of women and children in Germany on a massive scale.

In all my walking around in Germany, I was only harassed by what appeared to be a German man on two occasions. One looked like a junkie and the other was a standard slimy subway pervert who was stalking me. They’re meek little bastards and I basically turned around and said, “Boo!” to him and he fled. The Muslim men are different, though. Their harassment is regular and they do it in packs. They get physical very quickly, too. I was assaulted on the street by groups of huge, hairy dark-complected men speaking a foreign language on a fairly regular basis – as in a couple of times per week.

I say, don’t worry about being called “nazi” or “racist” for telling the truth of your experience. The people who say these things hate you already. They’ve already decided you’re a “white whore” who’s “got it coming” just for existing, so don’t try to make nice with them. It won’t work, anyway, and it just gives them kindling for their fire.

For instance, I have the right to be in my own bed asleep without a black man coming in to try to rape me – in my own bed. Now, wouldn’t you think that would be a basic human right. Does the fact that he’s black trump my rights to sleep in my bed without a home intruder straddling me? Well, according to the liberals, the black man has the right to rape me because he had a bad childhood and many disadvantages, his parents were slaves, I’m a racist for noticing that my assailant is black, and a whole bunch of other outright lies. But, liberals love these lies and they typically use a number of predictable slurs against the victim because this is how they enable and promote the sexual abuse and degradation of white women.

What got me about the discussion on the comment section was that the Germans, especially women posters, were most afraid of the other people around them who supported this “refugee” effort, which is quickly bringing about the demise of their civilization – these people, in the U.S., we call liberals. They couldn’t talk about their experiences and in part because of another feature of German culture, which is the social policing, as I mentioned above. You will be tsk-tsked and tut-tutted and told “Das ist nicht richtig,” if you express some sentiment outside the German social mind set – whatever that is and at this time it is: “We must help these poor, downtrodden refugees.” It is important in Germany to be sozial – to be truly German, to go along to get along with whatever is happening. It is by far very un-German to kick up a fuss or to talk loudly or to protest in any fashion that would call undue attention to yourself and surely call down the charges of “nazi” on your head.

I saw in the comment section that some people were talking about getting out of Germany and going somewhere else. At least one of these people had originally come to Germany as a refugee, herself, but now, she said, she is afraid. For Germans who have their family, their friends and their entire lives tied up in Germany, and who have been conditioned to German culture, it is not going to be very easy for them to find a new place to live. And, why should they?! Simply pulling up roots and moving to another country is not an option for the vast majority.

Already, there are political groups forming to try to combat this violence against German women and girls.

But, men expressed some fears, too. Men and perhaps some women both said that they knew it was only a matter of time before the “refugees,” who are already demanding, already complaining about everything from the food to slow internet service, are going to want more. They are not going to be satisfied with Hartz4 (a relatively new aspect of the German social net, which provides a goodly sum of Euros to people each month and allows them to live in approximately a 1400 sq. ft. house and own a car of a certain value, etc. – very different from the welfare system I remember from the ’90s, which is a horror show from an American perspective. Basically, you can live like a king in Germany and never have to work a day in your life, all courtesy of the Germans who do have jobs.) and they will demand more money and more stuff. They will look at a German man or woman’s house or car and say, “Why isn’t that mine?!” These “refugees” have a very strong sense of self-entitlement – it’s much like we hear from the Muslim Brotherhood here in the U.S. – the black man should never be prosecuted for any crime, he should be free to steal, he should be free to rape and kill as many white women as he wants, the prisons should be emptied of all black men on the basis that white men once enslaved black men. On this basis, they believe, truly believe, that they are entitled to everything that other people, specifically anyone who isn’t them, have. I refer you, also, to the events in South Africa, black-on-white rape capital of the world (which we are not allowed to talk about, right?), which is what the U.S. or Germany could look like pretty quickly in these circumstances – and this is why we must talk!

In these comment sections, the Germans, also, expressed concerns about possible Jihadists coming into their country. Apparently, it has not escaped their notice that the vast majority of these “refugees” are males between the ages of 18 and 45-years. One person suggested that the men of this age group should all be sent back.

There were, also, concerns expressed that Germany would break out in a “race war” or a civil war – and a term like “race war” was actually used in the German language.

Many asked why Merkel and Co. (as they called their prime minister and her henchmen) were so unconcerned. One mentioned that Merkel does not have children, therefore, she doesn’t have to worry about her own daughters or granddaughters being raped or killed, nor does she have a vested interest in Germany’s social or economic future. They wondered what she would do when this was over. Would she leave the country? They pointed out that she and her loved ones need not fear the criminals because they have security guards and such. This reminded me of Governor Cuomo of New York – he’s got a huge, armed goon squad protecting him, but doesn’t give a damn about the epidemic of rape and other violent crimes in New York City – one of the U.S.’s fine rape capitals where women can’t even legally have a can of pepper spray to defend themselves.

One woman mentioned the need to carry a defense item, specifically pepper spray, which, by the way, is pretty useless stuff especially in an outdoor environment.

I urge American women to take some time to read the article in English. If you can manage some German, that would be better. Honestly, if Americans could speak German, I don’t think they’d have gotten the last World War off the ground. It’s really important to be able to speak and read as many other languages as you can. It’s important not to believe the mainstream media from any country. They’ve been a pack of liars ever since the emergence of radio, TV and cinema.

Look twice and then three times at things. Ask questions.

And, I really believe we’ve got to stop being afraid of taboos, we white women especially must stop censoring ourselves and we must start talking about what is happening to us and saying that is wrong. Men are not entitled to harm women simply because we are white. Men should be punished harshly and equally for their crimes against women. No women or girls deserve this kind of violence like what is happening in Germany, all over Europe, here in the U.S. and in other countries where white women exist alongside men who see us as male property or “white whores” who deserve to be raped, abused, whored out and trafficked.

Being called “racist” or “Nazi” or “bigot” is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to us if we don’t start talking right now!

Added on October 2, 2015: here is an admission of two refugee riots occurring in Germany from the Washington Post, “A Refugee Riot Puts a German Town on Edge”: Official reports are that they are not disturbing anyone outside the refugee centers, but anyone who has visited Germany in the body of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female human of any ordinary proportions knows this is not true. Women are afraid to go jogging, afraid to be in public places because of men – in this case, non-German males, which is why they can’t talk freely about it and why it is not being reported in mainstream media (a media system even more overtly and openly controlled than our own here in the U.S.).

I’ve read two reports now of German women being forced out of apartments they’ve leased for years to make way for these “refugees.” But, in the following article you see several instances reported that the private property of German people is being seized by the government to house “refugees.” This is very disturbing, to say the least. Here it is:

Something else that catches my attention in both of these last two articles is that this activity seems to be occurring all over Germany. It is not confined to any one area with problems reported in familiar cities in the south such as Munich, and Dresden in the east (not long ago behind the Berlin Wall), but also in relatively small towns in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in central Germany, and Hamburg and Berlin, which are in the northern region. There seems to be no place of refuge for actual Germans.

The following video is from ZDF, which is a major mainstream television broadcasting company in Germany, which might be likened to CBS, ABC or NBC, except they are very left leaning (almost everything in Germany is left of the anything in the U.S., for instance, I know of no real equivalent to Republicanism or Libertarianism in Germany). Nonetheless, they broadcast this documentary on the subject of the refugee influx. The English-language title given is: One Country, Two Worlds: Islam – Effects on Germany.  This film was made by a woman and the primary subject matter is Muslim misogyny. Here it is in the original German language with English subtitles:

Transgenders and Transvestites Everywhere: Actual Women Disappearing

Women are disappearing from public space. We are all but gone from the internet, the exceptions being women saying what the patriarchal establishment wants them to say. When we speak, it is anonymously and from obscure corners of the internet, like this one. We are being vanished as we watch men mock us, reinforcing gender role stereotypes as they silence and threaten us.

Men who cross dress or alter their bodies with chemicals or surgery is nothing new. It’s been around for a long time. In some bigger cities, it’s a big thing. I have a friend who owns a nightclub in a major U.S. city. It’s small, but they have two altered men who pose as female dancers. It’s not a drag club. No, it’s a strip club, a small one with an average of ten dancers per shift, and you wouldn’t know that two of them are men until the end of the night when the lights go on and the music stops and then you hear their voices. I’ve known others who could pass pretty well under the bright lights of the dressing room and if I hadn’t been told that they were men, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it.

There are some tell-tale signs, though. There are things that cannot be changed because men cannot become or “transition” into women. It is impossible. So, the first thing you notice is that something is a little off about these “women.” Often, it is their behavior. The best thing a tranny who wants to pass can do is stay quiet because his voice is often the first giveaway followed closely by the things he says and the way he behaves. He mocks women, he copies what he thinks is our behavior – and men imagine all kinds of crazy things about women, how we think, how we behave, etc. – and this is when they will first reveal themselves. For instance, many men imagine that women (even strippers many of whom are lesbians and the rest of whom despise men) are fighting over males or male attention. So, they act “bitchy” or “catty.”

Other clues are physical ones. In the case of many average tranny men, they’ve had little or no surgery. Like Michael Robinson and Bruce Jenner, when while they may get breast implants and facial “feminizing” plastic surgery, they still retain their dicks, which they have to tuck (I knew one in NYC who danced as a woman, but was still in tact, so he basically shoved his dick up his ass crack during the performance – lovely!) or wear special undergarments to try to hide when they wear dresses or women’s slacks. It doesn’t work very well!

Another clue is the face and the jaw structure. Men’s faces are longer, especially near the ears. The jaws are shaped differently and are often more prominent. They have longer chins. Even their eyes are different, especially in older males. When males are younger, they look prettier and less intimidating, but as they get older, their eyes change and begin to look hard. The eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and if you look there you can see who or what you’re looking at.

Men’s bones, in general are longer in their limbs and especially in their hands and feet. Men’s feet tend to be much narrow than women’s, reflecting the difference in our skeletal structure. Male torsos are longer and their center of gravity is different from ours. They mimic the way we balance ourselves when they stand or walk, by holding their hands out in a “feminine,” way.

Men’s hands are very different from ours. They are usually longer, hairy and very paw-like, in comparison to our own. They tend to be narrower, while ours are usually wider at the palm. But, the giveaway is the size and length of their ring fingers, which is usually very large in relation to their index fingers. To hide this a tranny will slightly bend his ring finger while he mimics our balancing when he stands or walks.

Another major clue is the size of a man’s shoulders in relationship to his head. A man has very broad shoulders that are about 3 times the width of his head. Women’s shoulders are considerably narrower. This is why many trannies will turn their bodies at an angle to the camera when being photographed in an attempt to hide the massive breadth of their shoulders. The men, not only have hulking physiques and long torsos, but they have very muscular arms and, if they are thin enough, they have scrawny chicken-legs. This is because men have their strength in the upper body and women have ours in in lower bodies. So we tend to have naturally well-developed legs, although they don’t look like male body builders’ legs.

You will recognize a tranny man by any of these various clues. One thing they invariably do is go too far in some way in their mockery of women.

Real women don’t have to go out of our way to look like women. I can wear baseball caps (which I have a collection of!), shoot guns, drive tractors and trucks, wear overalls, perform maintenance around my property or perform any number of “masculine” gender role stereotyped tasks and I always look like a woman. No matter what I wear, no matter if I don’t wear make-up, no matter anything – I look like a woman because that’s what I am.

Sometimes I try to look masculine for my safety. I’ve done this a lot while travelling, but I can’t pull it off mainly, I think, because of my size. But, also, because of my face. There is no way I could ever be mistaken for a male. This is unfortunate for me because the reasons that women try to look like men is very, very different from the motive that men have when they try to look like women. For us it is about trying to avoid male violence, male threats, and male attention that might harm us in very direct, physical ways. But, for men it is a fetish and a brutal enforcement of feminine gender role stereotyping.

Below are a number of links showing trannies in politics, sports and show biz. Some are from other countries, but a lot are Americans. Trannies have long been a big thing in Brazil and I’ve known quite a few Brazilian men who dress and have been surgically altered in an attempt to appear as women. At best, this is a sickness. At worst, it is a tyranny with a broader tyrannical agenda, which we haven’t seen the worst of yet!

Joan Rivers would have loved this! Too bad she didn’t live to see it. 1st openly transgender staffer in the White House:

Serena and Venus Williams – these two are not out. But, it’s obvious what they are. (Serena has some very masculine aggression problems – in a fit of rage, he smashes a metal tennis racket like it’s a chicken egg in this video!): 

Transgender athletes seem especially insidious. They not only take away precious space from women who wish to participate in athletic competitions, but sometimes they injure women:

This man took titles away from women in power lifting competitions before he finally admitted that he is really a man – of course, this is pretty obvious, but as they say, “Denial is not a river in Egypt.” When he was fired from whatever thing he was doing that he shouldn’t have been doing he cried, “Discrimination!”:

This is a list of 15 Tranny Athletes. I didn’t page through all of them, but you can. I think you’ll notice a distinct pattern. They are men who posed as women to compete in women’s athletics. You won’t see women posing as men to do something like this because there would be no advantage to doing so:

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t see TV, so I was surprised to learn from my internet research how many tranny men are posing as women on TV shows since about 2006 or 2008 or somewhere in there. Here is one from a show aptly named “American Horror Story: Freak Show”:

Here’s another demonic-looking dude with a freaky-deaky voice trying to pass as a woman on a TV Show called, “Top Model,”:

Here’s a list with links of tranny “actresses” from Wikipedia:

This one is from a show, called “Orange is the New Black,” which must be fairly popular because I’ve actually heard of it:

Allure, which used to be a women’s magazine, has this article, “8 Transgender Models You Need to Know,” at their website. I have no idea why women need to know this, but here it is. Note the number of long, mannish faces with loads of Maybelline slatered on them :

Here’s the thing. If these dudes want to dress up like a bunch of freaks and model or do porn or fuck other men, I think that’s just fine. More power to them, especially when they’re fucking each other up the ass. Maybe we can call this the new masculinity! But, they need to stop calling themselves women and making demands of us while threatening us, destroying our safe, women-only spaces and silencing us.

Misogyny and Male Sexuality in Islam: A Men’s Rights Activist’s Wet Dream!

If you’ve followed the last few posts of mine, I hope you are beginning to see a logical chain of progression. We have a lot of things going on here in the U.S. right now, for instance, #Blacklivesmatter at the bottom of which you will find Farrakahn and the Muslim Brotherood, calling for violence against the police and white men, women and children, and the staging of events with a political purpose (which I, also, see going on in W. Europe, but I haven’t really investigated – for instance the Hebdo controversy and the three “heroic” Americans on the train are examples of suspicious stories). In the U.S., most of these theatrical events involve men (mostly white) shooting women and children (mostly white), after which a string of suspicious witnesses and relatives immediately begin calling for the dismantling of our 2nd Amendment. We have observed an absolute invasion of trannies and straight white men supporting trannies at our feminist blogs. We have seen that lesbians have worked for the gay rights of both sexes only to find that their rights are trumped by the rights of gay men and trannies, who demand entry to our spaces and to speak for us and silence us. Gay men have made huge progress, while lesbians have really suffered at the hands of lefties.

When I started looking into what’s been going on in countries like Sweden and England where there has been a huge influx of Muslims, I began to notice some parallels to what we’re seeing here in the U.S., in particular the silencing of crime victims when the perpetrator is of a protected class, the trampling of our free speech so others can speak over us, the same hostility toward the police and Islamic hostility toward everyone who isn’t one of them. The same thing is happening here in the U.S., but the rhetoric has been tailored to our own history and social characteristics.

At the base of it all is the desire to disarm us (I think especially to disarm women who rarely commit violent crimes with or without firearms) so that we can be successfully invaded and overtaken by Muslim ideology, which is everything that the men who hate us in our own country dream of in terms of enslaving women, raping us, and killing us with impunity.

This is why we hear men like Lindsey Graham, G.W. Bush and Tony Blair and others defend Islam as a “peaceful religion” with values similar to “ours.” Now, who are they talking about when they make statements like these. Are Islamic values women’s values? Or are they the values of perverted, violent, misogynist men – many of whom rape women and boys (if you don’t know about these scandals in the White House and in the British government, a quick Google search will bring you up to speed – both governments are filled to the brim with misogynist and pedophile males who like to rape both females and males.)

Under Islam women and girls have no rights, at all. You already know that, but you probably don’t know all the details – at least, I didn’t. I knew the men were gay or bi-sexual and I knew they were violent against white, blonde-haired, blue eyed women, because I’ve personally experienced this while trying to peacefully walk down sidewalks in W. Europe.

The following video features a woman speaking who is coming from a Christian perspective. It is unfortunate that she doesn’t realize that Christianity and Islam are closely related religions, both rooted in Judaism and both of which worship an evil entity (if it exists, at all, of course – if it does, it is the evil masculine spirit described in some Gnostic texts that pre-date the Bible, which is, in fact, the Devil or the Satan, the “enemy” (Satan means “enemy”) that they most fear). So, I hope that my atheist, Satanist, pagan and witchcraft-practicing readers will be able to excuse her Christian language and hypocrisy in order to get the core of her message, which is about the sexuality of Islamic men. Women in Islam have no sexuality, of course. It is a religion that allows for and promotes pedophilia, male-only homosexuality, necrophilia, the prostitution of women (women must belong to a man, being a concubine is an option), bestiality, all as prescribed by their holy book, the Koran, and the adjurations of their many prophets

Some further commentary on this video: I really like what this lady says about the perils of being “nice.” I don’t know whether “nice” is Christian or not, however, I worry that Christians are going to roll out the red carpet for these rapists, as they appear to have done in W. Europe and especially Germany, because there is a “nice” element in Christianity. It’s the same “nice” element that turns the other cheek and lets crime run rampant in the U.S., especially crimes against women and children. What she says about being nice is right and I hope Wiccans and other peaceful pagans will especially take note. We Satanists are already not very nice! 🙂

What she says at 14:20 into this video is true: Sharia Law is sedition. It is contrary to the laws of the U.S., however, what she says about Islam as a political system is, also, true of Christianity and Judaism. All were formed as a means of controlling a nation of people. The fear here in the U.S. is that our 1st Amendment will be used against us as it is already used against women and children by numerous Christian cults, for instance, the Mormons and the Quiverfulls (the Duggar family’s religion), which operate a lot like Islam.

At about 22:30 she talks about how much the men hate women, how it begins when they are little boys and children adopted by Canadian couples, where the male child was as young as 4-years, had to be given up for fear that the male child would murder the adoptive mother. The Christian hatred of women is intense, both groups have doctrines calling for the death of women who do not conform, but Christian hatred of us is definitely surpassed by that of the Muslims.

At about 30 minutes into the video, she discusses FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and why it is done. Warning: She uses pictures, which apparently came from elsewhere on the internet. It’s probably one of the most interesting discussions on this subject I’ve seen. She talks about how 90% of women in Muslim cultures have been subjected to this horrific violence.

At about 37 minutes in she talks about the “Thursday Night Club,” which permits men to dress up in drag and have male homosexual orgies. Men cross-dressing is a feature of Islam which is permitted under certain circumstances, but openly denied. Pedophilia is, also, a major feature. There is an effort to normalize both of these things, which we see in the U.S., which on the surface looks like an effort of the liberals or so-called progressives, but it appears that there is another motive once that top layer of the kabal is peeled back. The libs, also, love Islam. They hate Christianity, yet support and protect Islam, which is even worse!

Related to the above is this recent news article about U.S. soldiers discharged for refusing to obey orders to ignore Muslims raping boys in Afghanistan:

As she states in the video, boys are forced to dress as girls and dance like women for the Muslim men. There is no minimum age for little girls to marry an adult male and he can penetrate her vagina as soon as he feels she can bear the weight of his body. Some marriages are temporary – this is how they justify prostituting girls and women. Also, incest is a massive problem in Islam.

What Joan Rivers Actually Said About the Gay President and His Tranny Wife

I don’t have television. I hate it. So, I purposely miss a lot of things that are going on in the outside world, which I regard as one big freak show. Not only do I despise most of what passes for entertainment on the tube, but I hate the news and politics. This is why I’m sometimes very late to the party when it comes to hot topics.

If Joan Rivers had not turned up all dead about a month after the clip below was filmed on July 3, 2014, I wouldn’t have known about it. I wouldn’t have bothered to look for this original bit of film  at all except that I finally took a good look at some things to do with both the Muslims, who are invading W. Europe and who have been doing so for some time, in fact, and the transgender issue or what I now think of as the transgender agenda, a feature of which is the disappearance of actual women from public space and our replacement with tranny men – some convincing and some not so.

According to various news reports, Rivers died on September 4, 2014 in New York City as a result of a botched “emergency” throat biopsy. In effect, her throat was slit by a man in a white coat.

She was a big advocate for gay rights.

Here’s the clip. Please, watch carefully and notice her demeanor.

You clearly see that she was not joking, as she later stated on a TV show. She was serious. She had just come from officiating a gay wedding and was approached by some silly paparazzo, who giggles at her comments, which seems to make her a little annoyed. He asks if we will ever see a gay president, which seems like a provoking question because, of course, in 2012 Newsweek ran a cover with Obama on the cover with the title “The First Gay President” and you’d have to be living under a proverbial rock not to know about Larry Sinclair’s (now deceased due to being run down by a car in a convenient hit and run incident) allegations in his book and the string of crack-smoking, mostly prematurely deceased, gay men associated with Obama. Rivers replies that we already have one with Obama, then she turns away and says, “So, let’s just calm down.” Then, she adds that Michelle is a tranny. When the paparazzo seems not to understand, she says it more clearly, a little annoyance in her voice, “… a transgender. We all know!” The paparazzo says, “Oh, my gosh.” Rivers repeats, “Oh, my gosh,” in a quiet mocking tone as she walks away up the steps saying, “It’s okay,” with an air of smug condescension. She seems to be gloating, almost bragging about the gay man and his tranny-man wife in the White House and she seems annoyed with the man for asking questions about things that seem pretty obvious to anyone who isn’t in a television-induced trance.

About 6 weeks or so later, she is dead. Her daughter has reportedly filed a suit against the hospital because, despite the fact that she was 81-years old, there is no reason she should be dead right now.

But, what’s going on here? We have a flood of tranny men harassing actual women online. We have men – total pricks – running Reddit groups and blogs like WeHuntedtheMammoth, who are kicking actual women off their feminist/anti-MRA sites when they refuse to call men “she” or otherwise submit to male tyranny in the form of transgenderism. More and more I see a reporter or some other public figure using their full feminine-sounding name (a dead-giveaway to it’s probably a tranny because actual women are not safe using our full names, anywhere) only to take a second look and realize that it’s actually a man – sometimes he’s in a wig and lipstick and other times I recognize the patriarchal language he expresses himself with. It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatachers. Real women are disappearing and pigs in wigs are appearing in our stead.

So, I took a close look at some of these dick-wielding brutes in dresses. I’ve concluded that, at least, a handful of public figures that most people think are women are actually men.  They have broad shoulders, man hands and their bodily proportions are all wrong. A lot of them seem to have the same plastic surgeon, too. They commonly have cheek implants like we apparently see on Bruce Jenner.

I haven’t had television since before Obama was put in the White House, so I haven’t seen too much of these two people, Barack and Michelle. I remember my first impressions of them, though. The first time I heard him speak, I knew he was not a native English speaker. His cadence is all wrong and he mispronounces common words when he reads them off the teleprompter, in ways which no native English speaker would ever do. When I first saw an image of Michelle on the cover of a magazine, I remarked that she had a demonic presence the likes of which I have never seen in a woman.

After examining a whole lot of badly photoshopped official photos of the Obamas released on their official website and Facebook account and images from one of Obama’s alleged biographies, I am convinced that Michelle is actually “Michael.” He has a dick and dresses to the right when he wears slacks, has unmistakable man hands and broad shoulders like a linebacker. But, you should by no means take my word for this. Look for yourself.

In the following video, notice a clip of Obama addressing a bunch of military brass and referring to his “wife” as Michael at about 48 seconds in. Afterward, you see and hear Larry Sinclair:

Here are some badly photoshopped pictures of Obama and his fake family members, as well as a photoshopped pic of “Mooch” (Michael L. Robinson aka. Michelle Obama) or, at least, an out-dated picture of an actual woman photoshopped to look like him.  Look carefully at the pics – it’s like a game, what’s wrong with these pictures?:

Another collection of strange-looking Obama “family” photos – note too-big heads, shrunken heads, strange proportions to limbs in most of these photos:

Very old-looking picture of a young girl in ballerina tights, who is supposed to be Michelle Obama, who was supposedly born in 1964.  Note in the quotation, she complains that she could not become a ballerina because there were only 2 black teachers on the east coast in the 1950s. Here it is, it’s an image-capture of a Tweet supposedly from LaToya Jackson: The only thing that matches up here is that the photo does look like it’s from the 1950s.

The thing I’ve noticed repeatedly about alleged pics of “Michelle” is that they all look about 10 to 15 years older than than they should be.  “She” was born in 1964. I was born in 1965. Most pictures of me as a child or teenager are in color. All the pics of “Michelle” are in black and white. That’s because not only is that not “Michelle,” the pics are of a woman who resembles him, but is much older – if she is still alive.

The “president’s” official papers from Indonesia where he attended a Muslim school:

Homosexuality is a feature of Islam. Similar to what we find with the rape of women in the Judeo-Christian bible, it is permissible and even pleasing in the eyes of God/Allah as long as it is performed in certain prescribed ways. In Islam, which is like Judeo-Christianity on steroids, women are cattle, we are “fields” to be “plowed.” Rape of women and girls is common, but the highest pleasure is the sodomy of boys and the truth about Muslims that is rarely discussed, but which anyone who has lived around them for very long (for example, it is well-known in Germany where there are lots of Turks) knows very well, is that the men prefer homosexuality.

Why does any of this matter? Firstly, it matters because the entire presidency is built on a foundation of lies that run so deep that it is difficult to comprehend. Literally none of the people purported to be related to this Obama guy, whoever he is, are actual relatives. If they were his actual relatives, they wouldn’t have to create photoshopped images and try to pass them off as official state documents and family photos. Secondly, it matters because we women have literally no representation in government, whatsoever. We are being vanished! We are being disappeared! And, these hideous caricatures of women are being put in our stead. They mimic us and mock us. The pretend to be us, to speak for us, to act on our behalf. They pretend to be women, but they are all men and their human rights always trump our own. Thirdly, it matters because this is clearly part of a greater agenda. The TV shooting hoaxes and the trannies everywhere are related to a long-term plan to destroy women (and some men) and to destroy our lives. The Christians were right when they said that Sharia Law is what is coming eventually. This, I believe, is what Obama and his tranny man and the numerous actors and athletes passing themselves off to the public as female humans are all about.

What do we do about it? I don’t know exactly what to tell you. My first impulse, as always is to distance myself from it as much as possible. But, I know that I need to be aware of what they’re doing because it is affecting me directly – it is affecting my safety and my finances in a big way.  I think once you look at this – if you come to the same conclusion (and, if you look at it closely, there is no other possible conclusion) you will have to figure out how much it affects your life and what you need to do to protect yourself.


How to tell a man from a woman with Michael L. Robinson aka. Michelle Obama as an example:

Obama’s Tranny Nanny in Indonesia, a videography from AP, Associated Press:

Larry Sinclair’s 2008 Press Conference:

Larry Sinclair Interview with American Free Press, Part 1:

Larry Sinclair Interview with American Free Press, Part 2:

Debate, As Such, Between a Tranny Man and Cynthia Yockey, a Lesbian and Conservative

I apologize for this so-called debate video being as old as it is. It is from June 2015. But, I just found it this evening and I liked what Cynthia had to say and the way she said it. She simply states the facts and refuses to play the game that the two men (the tranny and the host) are trying to get her to join in on.

I don’t know much about Cynthia Yockey. She calls herself a conservative lesbian and has a blog,, which I read a little bit of. She seems to be far less conservative than I (a former Republican from back in the days before the Moral Majority got the party by the throat!) am. I consider myself apolitical these days, as well as asexual. Most of my sisters seem to come from the left, although I notice that many of them now abandoning the leftist politics in the country because it is clear that there is no political home for women in the U.S.!

This video provides a good example of how to debate on the subject of trannies. It’s just this simple. Men are men; they cannot “transition” into another sex. They cannot “become” women anymore than they can become humpback whales or pink angora bunny rabbits. It is delusion. It is fair to call it mental illness because the psychiatric community, which has a lot to answer for in this, calls it that.

We are not allowed to tell the truth about how men victimize women and she doesn’t do that here. Instead, she expresses her displeasure at men inappropriately entering women’s space. She mentions the destruction of MichFest, which it has been argued simply came to an organic end. I have trouble believing that, though, given all the interference from men and attacks on women by men that were reported in the years prior to its ending.

Here is the video, I hope you enjoy it.

I want to talk some more about trannies and Islam in the next few posts. I actually ran across this video while looking up something to do with this subject. I’ve been running into some very disturbing things to do with a connection between the tranny agenda – and there is clearly one – and the Muslims. My conclusions are so bizarre that I don’t know how to even begin presenting them. I’m going to start in the next post, though.

The “Poor” Refugees Invading Western Europe Have Fancy Cell Phones

As loads of aggressive-looking dudebros pile into Western Europe, one noticeable feature is not only how well-dressed some of them appear, but that many of them have fancy cell phones.

Here’s a news clip from that pinnacle of fair and honest reporting in England called the BBC:

You see, it’s perfectly normal for refugees to have fancy cell phones.

Here’s an article from a pinko website called “The Independent”

Here’s the charming headline of that article, which I know automatically was written by a liberal dudebro because it is full of insults and self-satisfied condescension: “Surprised that Syrian refugees have smartphones? Sorry to break this to you, but you’re an idiot”

Here’s a little excerpt from that article:

“The world isn’t a binary split between “rich” and “poor” – and we should adjust our assumptions about the countries in the middle accordingly.”

My response to this is as follows: Adjust this, motherfucker. A whole lot of hard-working, supposedly rich, blonde-haired, “white privileged” people like myself, living in 1st world countries, cannot afford such cellphones. For example, I have a cheap 10-dollar per month flip-phone, which I use only for emergencies. I got rid of my traditional land line years ago because I could not afford it!

What kind of refugees come wearing Adidas and running around with expensive cell phones?- so many of these men (and it’s all dudes in the pics) have these phones that they had to set up special cell phone charging stations for them.

Moreover, what company in their home country, which has supposedly been devastated in a takeover from ISIS, is providing their cellphone service?

If you haven’t noticed that there is something very strange about these “refugees” by now, then you are not paying close enough attention!


Video from the island of Lesbos ( a small Greek island with limited resources, already under the strain of the EU austerity agreements), where these so-called refugees landed without permission, complained about their reception, overwhelmed the island, then ran wild breaking things and entering people’s homes:

List of U.S. Media Hoaxes: Shootings Staged to Frame the Mentally Ill and Citizens Who Exercise 2nd Amendment Rights

Examination of the two videos involving the alleged shooting of “Alison Parker,” another reporter and a woman being “interviewed” in Roanoke, Virginia reveals that the the videos were shot on two different occasions (not two videos of the same event as we were told) and that the gun used by the man they called Vester Flanagan, aka. Bryce Williams is a movie prop, not a Gock 19. No one and nothing was struck by a bullet, no trajectory issued forth from the barrel of the gun whatsoever and no spent shell casings were released from the right side of the gun, which would be the case with the Glock 19.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with this absurd theatrical event, you will find the evidence below (Note: there are more such videos, but they are constantly being removed by Youtube):

Comparison of Glock 19 Vs. Fake Gun Used in Hoax Shooting in Roanoke

Side-by-side-comparison of the two videos, note that Alison and the other woman nod in the 1st video (to the right), but not in the 2nd video (to the left) right before “Flanagan” begins firing the prop gun. Notice, also, that no one is shot. If someone were to be hit by a 9mm hollow point, there would be holes in the clothing and flesh. This is a Hollywood production!:

But, this is only one of many staged shooting events. Most of these events involve, for some reason, the “murder” of mostly women and children, such as the Sandy Hook theatrical event. If you are not already familiar with the body of evidence surrounding this staged event, you will find plenty of information about it at YouTube. A man named Wolfgang Halbig has been trying (foolishly, in my opinion) to force the participants of this hoax into a courtroom to get them under oath.

The following is a list of events that have either been proven to be hoaxes, or as I like to call them, staged events, or which are highly suspicious.

The “Murder” of Sharon Tate in 1969, which is suspicious because of the alleged crime scene and morgue photos:

Patty Hurst Alleged Kidnapping of the ’70s (Major magazine heiress allegedly kidnapped and forced to rob banks – no firm evidence, but highly suspicious):

Gabby Giffords alleged shooting in Tucson, AZ, which is very highly suspicious:

Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooting, clearly staged, actors – mostly very bad actors – were used. Some of these actors were recycled for use in the Sandy Hook event. Here’s an example of Anderson Cooper interviewing an alleged shooting victim, of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll have to do your own online investigation because the evidence is mountainous:

Sandy Hook or Newtown, an absolutely absurd narrative formed around a drill, clearly planned years in advance by politicians and others in Connecticut. No evidence of any deaths, whatsoever. This is a good recent doumentary:

The Boston Bombing, which is clearly a set up with lots of actors:

Houston “Mass Shooting” from 2014, which is highly suspicious:

Elliot Rodger and the alleged shooting of Isla Vista in Santa Barbara, California – this story and the pictures that go with it have big problems. It was obviously staged: – more green screens when the “grieving father” is supposed to be on location.

Charleston, North Carolina alleged church shooting by racist “redneck,” Dylan Roof, who has not a spot of red on him and looks more like an East German or a Russian than he does a southern redneck. This shooting was referenced WWF-style by the fake Flanagan in the Roanoke shooting:

This Blue/Green Screen composition reveals hoaxes going back to CNN’s coverage of the Persian Gulf War. It opens with actors who are actually in a studio in Atlanta, Georgia pretending to be on location in Egypt or somewhere in the Middle East where they are under siege by SCUD missiles:

In the more recent staged events, not only do we sometimes see actors re-used as if it’s a Monty Python sketch, but we see that the alleged family members of survivors are immediately on the television, crying without tears, calling for tighter gun regulations and blaming the mentally ill, the NRA and anybody who believes in the 2nd Amendment. We, also, see they set up charities and fund raising websites. Why does a dead child need a huge charity fund? Obviously, they don’t.

Another thing we see is obviously photoshopped pictures of these suspicious families. In the case of the Sharon Tate morgue photo, we see that an image of her head was literally cut out of a photograph and Scotch taped on to a picture of an actual deceased woman’s morgue photo. So, the idea of faking photos is nothing new and none of these people are very good at using the technology available to them.

Most of the time, the shooter commits suicide. Those “shooters” who appear insane or drugged (Jared Loughner and the Aurora alleged shooter, for example) seem to be being used as patsies, a la Lee Harvey Oswald.

Should you wish to stage your own fake shooting, you can rent a prop gun like the one shown in the Roanoke, Virginia “shooting” videos. Here’s more information:

Liberal feminist Naomi Wolf talks about media staged events or hoaxes in this surprisingly candid question and answer session: