Misogynists at Amnesty International Support the Prostitution of Women by Men and I’m Not Surprised!

The cavalry is not coming. There are no heroes. There are no good guys. It’s a stark reality, but anyone who has been paying attention shouldn’t be surprised by this.

I remember the first time I ever heard of Amnesty International. It was about 25 years ago. I had stopped at a little coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado on my way to a job and I was the only one sitting there in the afternoon. The woman who ran the place had a lot of posters and slogans, some of them very derogatory toward a neighboring town the name of which I can’t remember and some were for causes she and her business supported – one was Amnesty International. She told me with a self-congratulatory smile that she was a proud supporter of these great champions of humanity while in the next breath running down the people who lived in the neighboring town, calling them “rednecks” (Definition of redneck: Poor, white, people of the working class- in other words, me!)  because they still did not have “No smoking” laws in restaurants and other business establishments there like the “progressive” liberals in Boulder did. She went maniacally on and on about how stupid and horrible the people in this other town were. Needless to say, none of this left a very good impression on me, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from self-described “liberals.”

So, I’m not surprised that this liberal organization, whose U.S. headquarters are in San Francisco (that totally figures!), is rife with mean-spirited people who are concerned with protecting the rights of men to abuse women and girls on the basis that, ““Sexual desire and activity are a fundamental human need. To criminalise those who are unable or unwilling to fulfil that need through more traditionally recognised means and thus purchase sex, may amount to a violation of the right to privacy and undermine the rights to free expression and health.” (Bindel, Julie, “Women in Prostitution Won’t Be Protected By Amnesty’s Plan,” The Guardian, August 4, 2015. (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/04/sex-workers-amnesty-international-prostitution-decriminalisation )

We heard a similar argument from the prostitution lobby and its pimps and johns about a year ago or so when Canada adopted legal measures similar to those of the Nordic model. Like the rest of the pro-prostitution and pro-porn crowd, they simply cannot recognize the humanity of women. Only men are human; only men have rights, according to them. If you are a woman who does not enjoy being stalked by johns on the street or at your workplace (again, like me!) then you are a bigot. I guess that’s a step up from being called “slut” and “whore,” so I should thank these liberals for that.

But, the worst name a liberal ever called me, the most hurtful and damaging name I can remember was “sex worker.” That’s the term used throughout liberal discussions about trafficked and prostituted women and girls – women and girls who did not prostitute themselves! Men did this. Men assault women. Men rape women. Men harass and stalk women. Men perpetrate all manner of violence and discrimination against us, economically forcing us to make “choices” no woman or girl would otherwise ever have to make, then they call us pretty names like “sex worker,” with the intention of normalizing their violence against us,

I don’t know how dancing on a stage ever got translated to “sex” or “sex work,” but it did and it started on the west coast. I remember driving to yet another job way back in the 1990s. I passed by San Francisco and heard this kind of propaganda for the first time on a radio station, not too far from Amnesty International’s headquarters. I haven’t put it all together, yet, but I have to believe that there was a plot against us then. It was a plot to flood my once fairly safe (although disgusting and demeaning and not really what I wanted to be having to do for a living and to pay for college, it was once relatively safe) workplace with johns and pimps. It took them about 20 years to get the job done, but they did just that – whoever they were. On the radio they were talking about what messed up people we dancers are, how we’re a bunch of rejects and we really need regulation and a union. They talked about how we were all sexually molested by our parents and that’s why we became “sex workers.” Of course, all of this was a dehumanizing narrative, designed to make anyone listening see us – pretty normal women mostly, many from working class backgrounds just trying to get a college education and make a better life for ourselves – seem like inhuman trash, like objects worthy of having our miserable lives extinguished by serial killers.

If you are a woman, liberals are not your friends. They have some very bad things in mind for you, but they’re not going to come right out and say that you’re the spawn of the devil and you deserve to be either dominated or killed like those men on the Christian right. Instead, they are very passive-aggressive. They are very insistent, too. You ARE a “sex worker” if they say you are. You work in sex. You do sex for a living. Dancing is sex, apparently, You are sex. You are what they SAY you are. They know best. Men always know best.

So, my reaction to this latest news about Amnesty International, sad though it is, is about what I expected. That’s, also, pretty sad. It’s sad that a lot of women put energy into organizations like this. Any organization purporting to fight for human rights (and women’s rights are human rights!) with a man in it – even one man in a low-level position – is doomed to failure.

Men only care about themselves. They don’t care about human rights and they don’t care about women except when they want something to stick their dick in, steal from or to use as an outlet for their rage.

Before this latest Amnesty International scandal, there was another woman who had to leave the organization because of its misogyny. Here’s the article, also, from The Guardian, April 25, 2010, “Gita Sahgal’s dispute with Amnesty International puts human rights group in the dock”:


From the above article, you can see that Amnesty has had a very big misogyny problem for quite a while.

The following is another recent article, also, from The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/02/sex-trade-amnesty-vote

The comment section at the above article is a minefield, so be forewarned. This is an example from one of one of our liberal supporters’ of women’s rights taken from the top of the comments list. (I didn’t have the stomach to read much further.):

This is massively illiberal position. If consenting adults want to exchange money for sex then they should be able to. Making it illegal only helps criminal gangs as it creates a revenue stream and incentives to exploit vulnerable people.

Prostitution should legal, regulated and taxed with workers should undergo mandatory STD checks and should be paying income tax.

This person thinks the government should be our pimps and we should be forcefully subjected to patriarchal medical doctors – that’s real humanitarianism, huh? Men want to make sure that the women they abuse are free of disease and that a good portion of the money they receive in exchange for being abused is taken from them by men in government to redistribute of as they see fit. I shiver to think at how else he thinks prostituted women should be “regulated.” You see, this is a world of upside downs and inside outs where “human rights” really means “slavery,” where “dancing” is “fucking” and “men” are “women” if they say so. This is the bizarre world liberals want to impose on us all. It’s a world of absolute horror.